Wolverine & Daken take sibling rivalry to a whole new level in Orphans of X!

When it comes to families, complications naturally follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “standard nuclear” version or the kind revolving around claws and being the best there is at what you do.

With Logan as a patriarch, you can imagine that big holidays would prove about as non-traditional as possible especially when it comes to his son Daken and clone Laura, currently known as Wolverine.

The two “siblings” will come together once again in the pages of ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #25 as Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal kick off the new “Orphans of X” story, a title that not only refers in a sense to Laura and Daken, but also specifically to a new group looking to cause trouble. We talk to both creators about this unique family dynamic, the Legacy idea and working with other to put all of that and more on the page!

Marvel.com: Tom, how does “Orphans of X” fit into the overall idea of Marvel Legacy?

Tom Taylor: Orphans of X deals with Legacy everywhere. The core cast are Laura, Gabby and Daken–Logan’s Legacy. And Logan, Laura and Daken’s pasts are all converging to haunt them in a big way.

Marvel.com: Juann, Daken and Laura are pretty different in a lot of ways, but what unites them in their physicality and the way they literally attack a problem?

Juann Cabal: I’m going for the obvious: The claws, period. From here the interest, in my opinion, is to depict the contrasts between them. We’re focusing on showing their different body languages, in boldly contrasting their fighting styles–how the work can be done differently despite having (almost) the same tools. I think it’s very challenging and, most important, fun! And about attacking a problem I think they both are like Logan, they want the problem solved and they want it solved NOW.

Marvel.com: Tom, what drives Laura to save Daken as this story kicks off?

Tom Taylor: They’ve had some rocky moments in their relationship, but Laura is one of the few people Daken is genuinely close to. “Orphans of X” is all about family. And Laura and Daken are family. Sure, they may have tried to kill each other a few times, but what families haven’t?

Marvel.com: It might be a stretch to say that Daken and Laura are siblings, but the connection could be made. Does a traditional sibling vibe come into play at all when these two are together?

Tom Taylor: I wouldn’t call anything about Daken “traditional,” and there are some pretty shocking moments coming for everyone in this series. Yes, they’re close. And we will see this a bit. But, at the end of this arc, it’s hard to say whether their relationship will be stronger or completely torn apart. I won’t even confirm everyone survives this.

Marvel.com: What can you tell us about the Orphans of X and what they want with our leads?

Tom Taylor: The Orphans of X are a complete mystery. But one thing is clear, they are wide-reaching, resourceful, and intent on Laura and Daken’s destruction. And they have the means to destroy them.

Marvel.com: Juann, what was the design process like for the Orphans of X?

Juann Cabal: You know, the Orphans of X are a mystery even for me! Christina Harrington sent me a line of script and a tiny reference from a previous issue and said, “Here you go.” I just revamped their masks to look a bit leathery and more creepy. I also added some subtle lodge-esque motifs to their environment.

Marvel.com: How has it been working with each other on this project so far?

Tom Taylor: Juann is incredible. He’s a great visual storyteller, and he’s adding so much to this along with colorist Nolan Woodard. I’ve been floored by some of their pages and, honestly, I’m having to lift my game to keep up with them. As a creative team, we’re really jamming, and it feels good. We’re a far more functional (storytelling) family than Logan’s offspring.

Juann Cabal: It’s been an absolute delight so far. His scripts are so enjoyable. He’s got a great sense of pacing and suspense. But above all, his characterization and dialogue are pure gold. He makes you fall in love with the characters from page one. From the visual point of view he’s given me total freedom which has developed in an amazing feedback. I’m positive readers are going to notice it.

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Get a tease of what's in store!

All the cool kids read Secret Empire–where the action’s at in the Marvel Universe these days. So of course, we had plenty to chat about during the Secret Empire panel at San Diego Comic-Con last Friday. For those of you who couldn’t attend, check out this recap of all the latest news.

Secret Empire #7

This week’s SECRET EMPIRE #7 will continue the super dramatic events we’ve seen unfold over the last year. And you really, really need to read it for one important reason. Remember way back in Civil War II when Ulysses had a vision of Miles Morales killing Steve Rogers? That finally comes to fruition in this issue, so true believers should definitely check it out.

Secret Empire (2017) #7

Secret Empire (2017) #7

Captain America

As we know, Steve Rogers finds himself at the center of Secret Empire, and this has totally blown up the Cap corner of the Marvel Universe! If you plan to read one Secret Empire tie-in, make it the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 to see how Steve’s saga continues to develop.

Secret Empire Omega

When Secret Empire wraps up, we’ll have an epilogue that ties up the loose ends in SECRET EMPIRE OMEGA. This oversized issue will serve as an important finale, allowing the story to come to a close in a way that’s exciting and emotionally satisfying for readers who have followed the story since the beginning.


As a major event in the Marvel U., Secret EmpireE has plenty of tie-ins. AVENGERS has given us a look at a team we think of as, in a sense, the “Dark Avengers”–the team Steve Rogers has put together in his current, Hydra-influenced state. The team includes Scarlet Witch, Thor Odinson, Vision, Black Ant, Deadpool, Taskmaster, and Superior Octapus. Lots of interesting character dynamics here–particularly between Ock and Wade!


We’ve seen the Champions getting involved in the Secret Empire storyline in some pretty significant ways, and that will continue with the upcoming issue. After Civil War II, we saw the young heroes strike out on their own, hoping to serve the public in their own way. Now, they have to reunite with the old guard in order to help take down Hydra.

Secret Warriors

The Champions aren’t the only group pooling their efforts to fight Hydra. The Inhumans Quake, Karnak, Moon Girl, Ms. Marvel, and Inferno also put their plans into action in order to fight the villains. But unlike the Champions, these characters don’t necessarily see themselves as a “team.” They’ve got different agendas and different approaches to accomplishing their goals. The pragmatic Quake and the idealistic Kamala clash frequently, and Karnak has started doing his own thing, too (though we don’t know why yet–stay tuned!).

Amazing Spider-Man

The Secret Empire story has ramifications for Peter Parker, as well. In the upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31, we’ll see the story continue to play out. How could it not, with Superior Octopus in the mix? Parker Industries, headed by Peter, has built some pretty awesome spider equipment, which played an important role recently in overthrowing an actual government! If that equipment gets into the hands of someone like Ock, bad things would definitely happen–especially now that he has jumped on board with Hydra!

U.S. Avengers

Plenty of drama going on for the U.S. Avengers as a result of Secret Empire! Toni finds herself trapped in a cell with a dying Roberto, and she’ll have some important decisions to make (will she follow in her father’s footsteps??). Also, Squirrel Girl and Enigma go to Europe and have delightful adventures in Paris! Check it out in the upcoming issue #9.

Doctor Strange

When it comes to formidable Marvel U baddies, we’d consider Baron Mordo pretty near the top of the list (you know, maybe not at the Galactus level, but still). Now, Mordo has taken over the Sanctum Santorum–definitely not a good thing! How will that play out? In the upcoming DOCTOR STRANGE #25, we’ll get to see our favorite sorcerer take on his foe and team up with Spider-Woman.


Another character whose story has been pretty profoundly impacted by Secret Empire. On orders from Steve Rogers, Deadpool has killed one of the sweethearts of the Marvel Universe – Phil Coulson! To see how this impacts the fate of the Merc with a Mouth, pick up the next issue, DEADPOOL #35.

Mighty Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers has found herself at the center of the Secret Empire action–and things certainly haven’t always gone well for her. As we’ve seen, Steve trapped Carol and her team outside the shield that now surrounds the Earth, introduced by Maria Hill and intended to protect the planet from hostile aliens. As a result, they’ve had to fight of wave after wave of Chitauri invaders. To catch the latest in Carol’s story, check out MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #8.

Big Announcement!

It wouldn’t be a Comic Con panel without a big announcement! Secret Empire will come to a close relatively soon, but the story of Steve Rogers will continue. And here’s the amazing news–Marvel has tapped writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee to bring Steve into the next chapter of CAPTAIN AMERICA! The story will feel, in a lot of ways, like a return home to the Cap we know and love, and it will explore Steve’s identity and role in the Marvel U. after the events of Secret Empire. As Mark Waid explained during the panel, “Steve is tired of being the couch surfer of the Marvel Universe. He’s hasn’t had a place that he’d call his own, except for Avengers Mansion, for a long time.” We’ll see Steve trying to figure out where he belongs–and with these two at the helm, the story won’t disappoint!

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The Academy and Avengers can't escape Vulture's tech!

With Vulture defeated and the Midtown Sci-Tech Homecoming dance saved, Spidey and the rest of the students at the Academy might have thought they’d have some time to relax. Unfortunately, a few new foes with a shared grudge against Tony Stark have gotten their hands on Vulture’s tech and started building their own suits of power armor. Their new factory can be seen from the Academy and the Avengers need to band together (along with some new friends) to tackle this new threat.

Marvel.com: Vulture’s been dispatched, but everyone at Avengers Academy is still feeling the effects of his tech. What do these familiar villains have in store for our heroes?

Allen Warner: At the end of the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ event, we found out that Vulture had been selling some of his scavenged tech and weapons to clients across the globe.  A few of these buyers are known enemies of Tony Stark who are using these materials to create new armor and weapons based on his designs.  Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash have personal vendettas against Iron Man while Yellowjacket orchestrates everything in an attempt to finally get Cross Technologies out of the shadow of Stark Industries.  They each have powerful armors of their own, but Crimson Dynamo is also attempting to build the most powerful armor that’s ever existed based on a stolen Hulkbuster prototype.

Marvel.com: Where are they going to hole up to launch their attacks on the campus?

Allen Warner: The armored trio have built a massive factory turned fortress where they each have their own work areas, and Crimson Dynamo is constructing her armored behemoth.  It’s really cool-looking structure where everyone has a section that fits their personality and skillset.

Marvel.com: With their foes decked out in new armor, surely some of the students will don new armor of their own?

Allen Warner: Yes!  There are new outfits for Wasp, Captain America, Enchantress, and Iron Man, including the debut of Tony’s iconic Hulkbuster armor.  I’m really excited about getting armored outfits for Wasp and Cap as Tony’s best friend and best frenemy.  It made too much sense that he would want to design custom armors for each of them, and the art team knocked it out of the park with their designs.  Enchantress has her own very Enchantress take on Iron Man armor, and we’ll also be bringing back one of Loki’s coolest armored outfits.  As anyone who plays the game knows, Tony is always eager to outfit his fellow heroes in customized armor, so we’ll also be bringing back some of our awesome armored outfits and characters from previous events.

Marvel.com: And who can players expect to join the fight (and the Academy) in the effort to stop Whiplash, Yellowjacket, and Crimson Dynamo?

Allen Warner: Iron Lad and Ironheart will be coming to the Academy to join the fight.  Iron Lad is a really interesting character who continues to build our roster of ‘Young Avengers,’ and of course couldn’t be more closely tied to one of our previous villains, Kang the Conqueror.  We’ll learn that Kang is more involved in these Armor Wars than you might expect.  Everyone is really excited about bringing Riri Williams to Avengers Academy.  She’s such a cool new character, and while her dynamic with Tony in the current comics is really interesting, her relationship with this younger version of Tony is something different altogether.  Both of these characters look great, and have some really fun animations, and I think people will be really pleased to make them a part of their campus.  As the Armor Wars are waged, Iron Man’s enemies will begin to see the error of their ways, and players will also be able to recruit Yellowjacket, Whiplash, and Crimson Dynamo.  They all turned out awesome.  Crimson Dynamo will be an early access character who will later be available as part of the main game, and I honestly believe she’s one of our coolest reimagined creations in this world.  I love her personality, and all three of her visual levels are some of the best we’ve ever made.  She’s no doubt one of my favorite characters in the game.

Marvel.com: The Armor Wars will end a little more swiftly than the last few events, so players are certainly eager to know what’s coming next. What can you tell us about the myriad threats on the horizon for Avengers Academy?

Allen Warner: We’ll be returning to Hell’s Kitchen to meet some new recruits, make some new enemies, and bring some iconic outfits to some old friends.

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Black Panther, Kids Costumes and more from SDCC!

Photography by Nicole Ciaramella, Pat Loika and AJ Grier.

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Marvel Legacy continues!

You know their powers. You know their origins. This fall, Marvel is proud to introduce Trading Card Variant Covers for select Legacy titles. These covers contain all the facts of your favorite Marvel characters, carefully catalogued in a way that’s fun and informative – including a list of their key comic appearances throughout the years!

These variant covers feature a stunning and all-new design from the imagination of John Tyler Christopher, who created the successful line of action figure variant covers.

“There is kind of a funny story about my relationship to Marvel Trading Cards,” explains the artist. To properly announce these variant covers, Marvel is proud to share this story below:

I’ve said this before, but all I ever wanted to do since I was a kid was draw. Growing up in a small town in Indiana, I was constantly met with people who told me I could never do it. Outside of my parents, virtually no adult figure in my life encouraged me to pursue my passion. It was a really crushing feeling at such a critical time in a kid’s life. However, one of those critical moments in a person’s life was about to happen. My buddy Mike and I were nerding out in eigth grade science class. We were looking at the Marvel Masterpiece series 1 by Joe Jusko.

They were our first encounter with the Marvel Universe in a more realistic, painterly stye. You have to keep in mind, we’re ’90s kids, so we were used to the more “hatchy” style of art, with all the glorious pouches and super crazy anatomy. So to see Mr. Jusko’s work was just mind blowing to us! It was a crossing of my love for comics, with my love of art, and it had a huge impact on me. I don’t want to say it validated comics as a legitimate art form, but rather it showed me the possibility of what this medium was capable of. It took these characters and in one iconic image made them feel alive and real.

So as Mike and I were having our minds blown by this book of nine-grid sheets of plastic–and not the atomic weight of Strontium–our teacher, Mr. Douglas came over to see what we were talking about. We were really terrified that we were going to get in trouble, but to our shock, he was super into the card’s art. He asked us questions about the characters, and it was one of the first times an adult, authority figure (outside of art teachers) showed any interest in comics as a legit form of art. It had a huge impact on me, but it paled in comparison to what came next. He knew I liked to draw, so he asked if I would be interested in doing a piece of art for him based on the Psylocke card. He even offered to pay me! It was the first time anyone ever offered to pay me for art, and my jaw just hit the floor. Here was someone I respected, offering to give me money to do the one thing everyone told me I would never get paid to do. It was the opportunity of a lifetime!

Needless to say, I tried to knock that piece out of the park (in a middle school kind of way). I rarely ever used colored pencils, but I tried to create blending and gradients with them to best match Mr. Jusko’s style. I tried to get the shadows and even the shine on her swords down perfectly.

It’s surreal to think that my first piece of “professional” art was a Psylocke card; and George, not knowing this story, assigned the first card for this line as her as well. It’s really come full circle.

I’ll never forget that piece, or that card. It truly empowered me to continue trying to do art in my life. But more importantly, I’ll never forget my eigth grade science teacher offering me my first gig. In a young boy’s world of “you can’t do this,” it was the first “yes, you can.” I wouldn’t be were I am today without a 2.5” x 3.5” picture of a mutant ninja, and a teacher who believed in me. Thank you Mr. Douglas, I hope I’ve made you proud.

Don’t miss your chance to collect your own Trading Card Variant Covers for these select Marvel Legacy titles:

Marvel Legacy #1
All-New Wolverine #25
Champions #13
Falcon #1
Invincible Iron Man #593
Jessica Jones #13
Luke Cage #166
Mighty Thor #700
Royals #9
Spider-Gwen #25
Spirits of Vengeance #1
Uncanny Avengers #28
Venom #155
X-Men Gold #13

Coming to your local comic shop this October!

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Thor: Ragnarok, Defenders and Costume Contest from SDCC!

Photography by Nicole Ciaramella, Pat Loika and AJ Grier.

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Spidey goes up against a classic super villain in the Battlerealm!

Soaring above Battlerealm the Vulture picks his targets with a bird of prey’s ruthless precision, and with all that alien tech at his disposal, takes them out with brutal efficiency. Coming off the success of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, Vulture’s found a place to roost in “Marvel Contest of Champions” and Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron chatted with us about all his in-game goodies.

Marvel.com: You know at first I was wondering what the Collector would want with a guy in a bird suit, but then I remembered all the people in spider suits he’s wrangled in the past. He’s building a regular menagerie isn’t he?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Collector wants to catch them all! His favorite Champion is Spider-Man, and he wouldn’t miss on having the web-head’s awesome gallery of rogues. A complete set is much more valuable, and that includes the Vulture and his crazy mechanical wings. But he’s just the beginning. More Super Villains are coming soon…

Marvel.com: I have to admit, the Vulture and his killer outfit were the highlight of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” for me, mostly because his getup was just so awesome! What was it like translating it for the contest?

Gabriel Frizzera: To be honest, we had our doubts in the beginning. Initially, all we could see from the trailers was this crazy-looking dude with wings much bigger than we could ever fit on screen! But then we got some very detailed reference material from our friends at Marvel Studios, and we saw great gameplay potential. We still had to reduce those wings a bit to make them fit our maximum size rig, but the rest is pretty close to the movie version. Once we saw the Vulture moving in game, we all became converts.

Marvel.com: And the team already had the wing tech from Archangel, so do we get to see the turbine wings on at all times?

Gabriel Frizzera: Flying is the Vulture’s defining trait, so yes, he’s in the air all the time. His wings are actually more complicated than Archangel’s because the rotors are connected to a smaller second set of wings, and move independently from the main ones. And the wings also detach from his body, so we made sure to have them do that in one of the special attacks. Add to that those giant foot claws and the “ferry-cutter” gun, and his arsenal becomes even more fearsome.

Marvel.com: Appearance aside, when it comes to his kit, what does Vulture do best?

Simon Cameron: Vulture’s Kit is best used to counter Champions with access to a lot of Power, or Champions who need power, he’s also a hard counter to Incinerate. His Critical Hits build charge in the Chitauri Reactor which powers his suit. He will later spend this charge in several different ways, such as Power Drains, Incinerates, or a new Buff, Decoy. He also has a built in Dexterity effect, which can even spend his Chitauri Charge to Incinerate his Opponent as he dashes away.

Marvel.com: Can you go over his different abilities and how players should be looking to maximize his damage potential?

Simon Cameron: Vulture’s new Buff, Decoy, causes the next attack against Vulture that would otherwise hit, to miss. He also has a couple of new Debuffs, Siphon Charge and Thermal Feedback. Both of these Debuffs cause him to immediately drain a portion off all Power that his opponent gains, great for slowing down a Power Gain Champion, or just allowing him to land more hits per Special his Opponent builds up.

Siphon Charge converts the drained Power into Vulture’s Chitauri Charge making it great for utility and power control, whereas Thermal Feedback converts it into damage making it the way to go for err… damage. Finally his Signature Ability allows him to gain Power while his opponent is Incinerated, to help keep his Opponent suffering under these Debuffs as often as possible, and allows him to consume any Incinerate placed on using it to power his Chitauri Charge as well.

Marvel.com: And when do we get to take the Vulture out for a spin?

Simon Cameron: Vulture has entered The Contest; you can grab him up right now!

Stay tuned to Marvel.com and follow us @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews!

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Defenders, Black Eye Peas, Cosplay and more from SDCC!

Photography by Nicole Ciaramella, Pat Loika and AJ Grier.

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Mockingbird infiltrates the smash game!

Mockingbird joins the long list of “Marvel Puzzle Quest” heroines ready and raring to take a bite out of crime. Armed with her battle staves and a badass attitude, she’ll fit right in. We chatted with D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin about Bobbi Morse and what she brings to the “MPQ” U.

Marvel.com: Mockingbird is a really cool choice for “MPQ.” How’d she make the cut?

Josh Austin: We receive various character requests from our players and we are very excited to introduce the highly requested Mockingbird to “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) was just in the right time and right place to make it into the 4-Star roster!

Marvel.com: When a character doesn’t have the most high profile of histories, like Bobbi here, what does the team do to nail down their abilities?

Josh Austin: There are a lot of rabid Marvel fans in the design team, they share a multitude of interesting variations of characters and we choose one to focus on. Then we work closely with Marvel until we find the one that fits “Marvel Puzzle Quest” the best. Sometimes it’s down to the color scheme and what will make the character pop more, or just the way the character in a particular area fits in with the other “MPQ” characters. A lot goes into choosing the right version for the game, from AP color, abilities and how they can add to the current roster (ex: do they stand alone, get supported or help support other players), and how they look.

Marvel.com: And since we are talking about abilities, what can Mockingbird do in game?

Josh Austin: Mockingbird’s first ability is called Bombshell and it costs 9 Red AP. This ability has a chance to do some great damage with a risk to it. Mockingbird sets up a bomb and walks away without looking back. This creates a Fortified Red Countdown tile. If the Countdown tile expires while another one exists it can do a lot of damage to the enemy, however if there aren’t two of them on the board when one goes off it does less damage and even damages Mockingbird.

Bobbi’s second power is called Opportunist and is a PASSIVE Yellow ability. For this ability, Mockingbird deflects attacks with her battle staves to provide tactical openings for her team. What this means game-wise is if the enemy matches four or more of an AP color and the player has some AP in that color (including Team-Up) then it fires off a random friendly power at no cost! If not, the team gains AP in the color that was matched.

Mockingbird’s final power is called Secret Mission and it costs 8 Purple AP. For this ability, Mockingbird destroys some of the enemy’s strongest color and also generates AP in the player’s team’s strongest color. Also there is a PASSIVE with this ability that triggers if the player has some AP in the team’s strongest color, giving friendly matches more damage.

Marvel.com: She feels a little like Agent Coulson, capable of big damage while also manipulating the team’s AP. What makes her different than the chief S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?

Josh Austin: The big differentiator is the Opportunist power, which triggers a random free power from any hero on the players team when the enemy matches 4 or more tiles and the player has AP in that color (depending on level of ability). This makes Mockingbird sort of a cross between Agent Coulson and Doctor Strange (3 or 5-Star) since a power is used automatically based on an action done by the opponent.

Marvel.com: Who are we teaming her up with? I actually like how insidious she would be with Loki (God of Mischief). Any four match nets you either a free power or AP from Mockingbird, and stolen AP from Loki. You’d be rolling in AP!

Josh Austin: Since she’s a support character, there are a lot of characters she could be teamed up with. Anyone that has an active power as their strongest color would be useful, 5-star characters to do additional match damage, and any characters that create Strike tiles. She is seriously fun to use with any character because she’s so versatile and she’s great against characters that are prone to making cascades.

Marvel.com: And when do we get to try her out for ourselves?

Josh Austin: Mockingbird will be live July 27 and will have her debut in Simulator which starts July 27 and ends July 31. She’s going to be in placement rewards for this event. Her featured event is Meet Rocket & Groot which starts August 3 and ends August 8. Bobbi will also be in her very own Versus Tournament that starts August 3 and runs until August 7. She will be featured and available at the best odds for the event.

Beat down baddies with Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) here and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more news and interviews.

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The veteran actor to appear in the upcoming Freeform series!

Fans of actor Keith David and Marvel have cause to celebrate today, as David has joined “Marvel’s New Warriors” coming to Freeform in 2018!

David plays Ernest Vigman, a caustic municipal employee who butts up against the hopeful energy of the new warriors.

With over 150 film, television and stage credits to his name, Keith David continues to exemplify the character of Hollywood’s greatest actors with a humble ability to remain in demand, both on and off screen. Keith has several high profile projects in the pipeline including “Future Man” for Hulu. He is simultaneously garnering accolades industry wide for his portrayal of the title role as Bishop James Greenleaf on Oprah Winfrey Network’s new hit drama, “Greenleaf.” This original series focuses on the unscrupulous world of the Greenleaf family and their sprawling Memphis mega church. Season 2 of Greenleaf premiered in the Spring and the much anticipated second half is slated for August.

Not quite super, not yet heroes, “Marvel’s New Warriors” features six young people learning to cope with their abilities in a world where bad guys can be as terrifying as bad dates.

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