The Sorcerer Supreme unlocks a whole new dimension!

Just a week after we traveled to Wakanda to witness Black Panther and Shuri battle Ulysses Klaw, we’re zooming back to New York for a pit stop before we strap in with Stephen Strange and follow him to the Dark Dimension. This new DLC pack for “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” brings with it a whole new cast of magical Marvel characters and an incredible new level for players to experience.

We hopped across the pond to Traveller’s Tales, where we found Arthur Parsons, Game Director on “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” who proved downright excited to answer some of our burning questions about the new DLC. The All-New, All-Different Doctor Strange pack brings some new magic to “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.” What will players be able to see and do in the new level?

Arthur Parsons: The ANAD Doctor Strange DLC pack is definitely my favorite pack so far. We are taking the player on a journey to both the Sanctum Sanctorum and the Dark Dimension, with the player battling both Dormammu and Baron Mordo. It is a really fun pack that has a completely different feel to the others in the season pass so far. We are really happy with the way this one turned out, and we tried something completely different in order to ensure we did justice to the Sorcerer Supreme. Playing as both Stephen Strange and Clea we transition between the two realms with actions in one directly affecting the other, it’s really epic. What new skills and abilities can players look forward to wielding when they take on the role of Stephen Strange?

Arthur Parsons: The Doctor Strange we see in the DLC pack has a completely different feel to the one seen in the main “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” game, and comes equipped with a range of new moves, plus a magical axe that he wields. It’s great to be able to bring both variants to life in the game, and we are hoping that everyone loves the ANAD Doctor Strange. The Dark Dimension is one of the strangest, most unique segments of the Marvel Universe. How did you go about portraying the unusual nature of that locale in true LEGO style?

Arthur Parsons: The Dark Dimension was somewhere we really wanted to go, we wanted to retell a classic Doctor Strange story, in a new and uniquely LEGO way, so when players experience the Dark Dimension we’re hoping they see nods to classic comic books in there as that is where we went with the level. Plus there is a really fun and inventive roller coaster segment in there too, it’s truly immersive, and having the amazing Jack Coleman voice the Sorcerer Supreme really takes the pack to the next level. The Sorcerer Supreme is joined by Clea on this adventure and they find themselves up against Baron Mordo and Dormammu like you said. Who else is along for the ride in this pack?

Arthur Parsons: The Doctor Strange pack is yet another DLC level packed with great characters, this pack includes Jennifer Kale, Doctor Voodoo, Night Nurse and a Mindless One, a brilliantly rich roster that harks back to classic Doctor Strange, while also introducing the ANAD variant. Which of these eight new characters have you had the most fun playing and designing?

Arthur Parsons: Such a hard question, Jennifer Kale is brilliant, as is Doctor Voodoo, however Dormammu was probably our favorite; anyone that can throw flaming LEGO skulls around is bound to be a great character to play with. That said the roster here really is fabulously fun and we can’t wait for people to play the pack and then let us know their thoughts. May is a big month for “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” can you give us a taste of what’s still to come?

Arthur Parsons: May is indeed a big month—in fact a huge month—we’ve already had the release of the Black Panther pack, now the Doctor Strange pack, right around the corner we have our Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pack, inspired by the hit series “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” which is going to blow the minds of anyone that loves the show—which is obviously every Marvel fan—and if that in itself is not enough then we may well have one more surprise up our “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” sleeves!!! Stay tuned!!!

Stay tuned to for the latest on “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers”

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Preview THE YOUNG ELDERS TALE by Gabriel Frizzera and Luke Ross!

Marvel Contest of Champions” gets back to its comic book roots with a comic of its own, THE YOUNG ELDERS TALE, by Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and artist Luke Ross. We reached out to the dynamic duo to chat about their new comic and to figure out what the Collector and Grandmaster got up to during the formative years of their immortality. Gabe what is going on with this new comic, THE YOUNG ELDERS TALE, you created with Luke Ross?

Gabriel Frizzera: This is a very special initiative for us. Around 130 million people have downloaded MCOC, and millions of these come back every single day to play, and follow our storyline. As our little “Contest of Champions Universe” becomes more complex, we are always looking to create more avenues of storytelling for the game beyond the in-game dialogue, cutscenes and motion comics we create every month.

The first of these avenues is called THE YOUNG ELDERS TALE, a short comic written by myself and drawn by Marvel artist Luke Ross, and integrated to our January quest. Now that the “MCOC” universe is established, it’s a good idea to bring outside collaborators to add their voices to the mix, as it’s the modus operandi of successful fictional universes like the Marvel universe, Star Wars, and others. It’s also part of our mission as Marvel geeks to convert more players into comic readers, and make them invested in the beautiful tapestry of Marvel continuity! The team has packed quite a bit of story and lore into “Marvel Contest of Champions,” especially for a mobile game. Where do you see narrative fitting into the “MCOC” package?

Gabriel Frizzera: Contest of Champions has always been strongly focused on story. Three years into the game, we have developed our own continuity, creating monthly one-shots focused on different characters. We also have a “mainline” story that started in 2014, and continues to this day. We collaborated with Marvel to create the Contest of Champions comic, and characters that exist in both the comic and game universes. Part of the job is to look to the past and future of this universe, and fill the narrative gaps. “Young Elders Tale” goes back millions years back in time to tell an origin tale for both the Battlerealm and the cosmic Elders running the Contest of Champions. And let’s talk a little about THE YOUNG ELDERS TALE. Where did it come from? What are you trying to do through exploring the relationship between the Collector and the Grandmaster?

Gabriel Frizzera: The plot of the story basically follows the beginnings of the relationship of the Collector and the Grandmaster, when they were young and were still looking for their Elder “vocations”, i.e. they didn’t have “jobs” as Collector and Grandmaster yet. They had a brotherly relationship, and explored the Battlerealm together, along the Collector’s daughter, Carina. But something tragic happens that makes them have a falling out. It’s a tale never fully explored in the main 616 continuity, so I felt it was story worth to be told… and we’re in a unique position to do it, since we’ve been using these character as part of our game for some time now.

The Elders of the Universe are a fascinating bunch to me. Official lore says they are immortal and dedicate eternity to one single pursuit, and that keeps them alive. It all seems very cosmic, but in fact I think it relates to regular people’s lives. When we’re young, we usually have every step of our future planned; but then life happens, and we often end up becoming very different people, with different professions and pursuits. When we look back, it almost looks like we had no choice at all in the matter. As you’ll see in the story, the Collector and the Grandmaster are very naive people when they enter their adventure together, before their journey forces them onto different paths.

Gabriel Frizzera’s original concept of the young Collector and young Grandmaster It had to be a blast working with Luke Ross. What was it like seeing him turn your words into pictures?

Gabriel Frizzera: I have always been a fan of Luke’s works, as an artist and fellow Brazilian. He was one of the pioneers in my country, showing to an entire generation of developing comic artists that we could realize our dreams of drawing our favorite comics for Marvel. His drawings are so effortless, and improved my words in every way. Luke makes the characters slowly evolve, from innocent explorers to jaded Elders, by making them more realistic, page by page, which I thought it was a genius move. The collaboration was so fruitful that we are considering creating more cool stories in the near future!

Luke Ross: Thank you for your generous words, my friend! Working together on a comic was something that we both were eager to realize, I am very glad that we finally could make that happen. I am very satisfied with the great comic our partnership resulted, and I also have to say that a big part of the success is due to the superb work you did on the colors! And Luke, this comic doesn’t give you quite the same dimensions as a full book might. How’d you adapt to the smaller space you had to work with, especially knowing this would be read on player’s mobile devices?

Luke Ross: Since the time Gabriel invited me to join him on this comic, I thought this as a regular comic book. I didn’t give too much importance to the dimensions, actually. Only later when he sent me the specs that I realized it would be much smaller than the comics I usually draw. I suggested to Gabriel we work on a size that could allow us to have a printed version as well. He approved the idea, and this way I could work on the same size and resolution that I do on a regular comic, permitting it can be reduced to fit the proper mobile resolution. The only difference that I had to get used to quickly was the orientation of the pages. The history itself was easy to draw, it was pure fun. Gabriel gave me freedom to play with my style according to the events that lead up to the final page. I gotta ask then, are these kinds of comics the new normal for “Contest of Champions”?

Gabriel Frizzera: We sure hope so! Since this initiative was so well-received by the fans, we’re already planning the next in-game comics. There are many corners of the Contest of Champions universe that we want to shine a light on, and these short stories are the perfect complement to lighter narrative tools like in-quest dialogue and regular cutscenes. Our plan is to invite a roster of talented people to play in our playground, and see what crazy ideas and visuals they can come up with! Is there anything else that we need to know about the Elders, the comic, or what’s coming next for “Marvel Contest of Champions”?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Elders storyline is the beginning of the end of our first major story arc, which started in 2015. We’ll cross it over with our massive Infinity War event, wrap all that up in Act 6, then there’ll be a major change in status quo for the Contest of Champions… that’s all I can reveal for now!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews and follow us on Twitter @MarvelGames!

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Straight from the pages, Marvel's Champions have arrived!

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new downloadable character pack for “LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2” featuring Marvel’s teenage team of super hero sensations inspired by CHAMPIONS! The pack, priced at $1.99, adds playable characters Ms. Marvel, Nova, Miles Morales, Ironheart, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Girl, Viv Vision & Sparky, Amadeus Cho, Nadia Pym Wasp, Kate Bishop Hawkeye, and Nova. Strike out on your own with our “Totally Awesome” young heroes!

“LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is an all-new, epic adventure and sequel to the smash hit, “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.” This original branching storyline, co-written by award-winning comics writer Kurt Busiek, transports players into a cosmic battle across a myriad of Marvel locations ripped from time and space into the incredible Open Hub World of Chronopolis. Packed with signature LEGO humor for fans of all ages, gamers will go head-to-head with the time-travelling Kang the Conqueror in this fun-filled journey spanning the Marvel Universe.

The Champions DLC pack can be purchased separately for $1.99 or as part of the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” Season Pass, which is currently available for $14.99 or free for everyone who purchased the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition.”

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch™, and Windows® PC.

For all the latest on “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” stay tuned to and follow @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Marvel & Netmarble introduce Luna Snow – a Korean pop star with an icy super hero secret identity!

Last year, Marvel Games and Netmarble added the original Marvel character Sharon Rogers — an alternate reality daughter of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter who took up the mantle of Captain America — to “Marvel Future Fight.” The “Marvel Future Fight” community swiftly embraced this new star and she quickly became the most popular female hero in the game’s entire roster. Building on that success, Netmarble is proud to announce the debut of Marvel Future Fight’s newest original character, Korean pop star turned Super Hero, Luna Snow.

Responding to local audiences’ request for culturally resonating characters that are also authentically Marvel, Korean developer Netmarble Games Corp worked closely with Marvel to develop Luna Snow’s powers, personality, visuals, origin and ongoing story.

“Since Captain America Sharon Rogers’ debut, we continued our push to introduce new and exciting original characters into ‘Marvel Future Fight.’ Our creative process began when Netmarble Monster expressed an interest in debuting an ice magician character that plays both the role of healing and dealing damage,” said Marvel Games Senior Producer Danny Koo. “We worked closely with Netmarble Monster’s art director Jee-Hyung to come up with Luna Snow’s look, which includes an iconic emblem consisting of a half-moon crest that mirrors an ice symbol on her jacket, belt buckles, and of course, her necklace. Her icicle earrings and differently colored eyes, which complete her half-dark and half-light ice look, were meticulously designed with modern K-Pop culture in mind. It was over a bowl of ramen with Bill Rosemann that her hero name popped up into my mind! Seol Hee (Luna Snow’s civilian name) roughly translates to “Snow Hope” and embodies the characteristics of a hero who will step up and help people in need.”

“Marvel has the greatest fans around the world, and they deserve heroes that they can not only cheer on as they fight evil, but also connect with on a personal level,” said Marvel Games Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann. “From her underdog beginnings as a young woman trying to realize her dreams, to her noble sacrifice which results in her gaining phenomenal powers, Luna Snow is a strong modern warrior who represents everyone who struggles with great obstacles but still rises to face their challenges. We are honored to join our friends at Netmarble and once again add another new star to the Marvel Universe!”

“We are very proud that the second original character born of our game, ‘Marvel Future Fight,’ is of Korean nationality,” said Netmarble Monster and “Marvel Future Fight” Art Director Jee-Hyung Lee. “While Luna Snow began her career as a K-pop artist, she is expressed as a strong, charismatic, and sophisticated female warrior in our game. As a hero of dualistic nature, holding the power of both White and Dark Ice, we believe Luna Snow is sure to make the new year ‘Icy Hot’!”

The Story of Luna Snow

Seol Hee was an aspiring singer hoping to use her voice and dancing skills to earn enough money to take care of her elderly grandmother, who has raised Seol since the tragic deaths of her parents. When the science-obsessed organization known as A.I.M. ambushed a Stark Industries event where Seol was performing, Seol bravely attempted to defend the attendees, resulting in A.I.M. soldiers locking her in a hi-tech storage freezer. While trying to escape, Seol was exposed to the contents of an advanced cold-fusion energy experiment, which unexpectedly granted her control over frozen elements. Using her newfound powers to fight back, Seol surprised and defeated the A.I.M. forces’ attack. Dubbed “Luna Snow” by the press, Seol’s heroic actions made her an overnight sensation, and she now uses her talents and powers as a part-time pop star and full-time Super Hero!

To celebrate this historic event, Netmarble will open a pre-registration event from January 10 to January 23 where players can sign up to learn more about this unique new character. By pre-registering, players will unlock in-game crystals and other rewards. The rewards increase in value as the total number of pre-registered players increases–so the more people that sign up, the more everyone gets rewarded!

After the pre-registration period has ended, “Marvel Future Fight” will unveil Luna Snow’s story and video, sharing Marvel’s newest Super Hero with the rest of the world.

Marvel Future Fight is available worldwide on the App Store® and Google Play™. For all the latest on “Marvel Future Fight,” stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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The Tabby Awards honors the best mobile apps worldwide.

The Tabby Awards has recognized Marvel Games with two 2017 mobile games awards. The Tabby Awards winners represent the top 0.007% of the 1.4 million iOS and Android games available. “Marvel Future Fight” won the Android Phone – Role Playing App Award category, while “Marvel Contest of Champions” won the iPad – Action + Adventure Game Award.

“The Marvel Games team congratulates our friends at Kabam and Netmarble on their respective Tabby Awards, which celebrate the superior level of design and innovation that Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight achieved in 2017,” said Marvel Games Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann. “Competing against a global field of 1.4 million mobile games, both Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight consistently delivered the phenomenal experience that our True Believers around the world demand and deserve.”

The Tabby Awards are a comprehensive, global competition, recognizing the best Android and iOS apps and games from around the world. The competition utilizes a double selection process of both mobile professionals and worldwide app users to short-list and finalize Tabby Awards recipients.

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Thanos makes his big move in the mobile game!

When Captain Marvel and A-Force discover a new interstellar threat bearing down on Earth, they need all hands on deck to defend the planet in “Marvel Avengers Academy”!

Thanos has sent his warrior Proxima Midnight to deal with Earth’s heroes, and the good guys don’t realize that her arrival signals just the beginning of a much larger attack. The alien threat looms large, so suit up, enroll your favorite heroes, and get ready to fight the coming storm.

We grabbed a few minutes with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to uncover more about Proxima and Thanos’ schemes. How does Proxima Midnighta member of Thanos’ evil Black Orderfind herself at Avengers Academy? Until now, we’ve heard very little of Thanos around campus.

Allen Warner: Thanos has been teased going all the way back to our original Guardians of the Galaxy event—our first major event in the game—but we’ve yet to see his face. We know that his presence looms large in outer space, that he went to school with the Guardians, Captain Marvel, and the other cosmic heroes, and that he took that school over, and turned it into his personal headquarters. More importantly, we know that he played a pivotal role in how the world of “Avengers Academy” came to be. He and the faculty have met before, and they’ve been preparing for years for his inevitable return. The time has finally arrived, and both he and Nick Fury have their Infinity Gauntlets ready.

Proxima Midnight is Thanos’s most powerful warrior, so he sends her to scout the campus, and gauge the heroes while he tends to the last couple steps of his soon to be revealed master plan. Captain Marvel and A-Force are the first ones to pick up on Proxima’s presence. With them featuring here, will players have the opportunity to recruit everyone again?

Allen Warner: Yes, players will have another opportunity to recruit Captain Marvel, Singularity, America Chavez, and more. As with our first A-Force event, we really want to showcase all of the amazing female heroes in the Marvel Universe. You can expect to see the return of Angela, Pepper Potts, and many, many more awesome heroes, including the debut of Red She-Hulk. We’ve been wanting to get her into the game for a really long time, and I think players will really love her visuals, animations, and stories. She turned out really cool. Proxima poses a powerful threat to our heroes and the entire planet. How do they hope to stop her?

Allen Warner: Our heroes will battle Proxima Midnight and some special bosses, while they also train new recruits to battle Thanos’s army of Chitauri invaders. There are some interesting facing joining the Academy this time around. Can you give us the run down?

Allen Warner: In addition to Red She-Hulk, players will have the opportunity to recruit our popular original newscaster character, who, ever since the Doctor Strange event, has been fondly known as the Newscaster Supreme. She’s been beloved by our players since the game began and it’s awesome to see her finally become a fully playable character. She has a really cool backstory that I don’t think anyone will see coming, which plays into the history and future of Avengers Academy. Her visual levels will be a big surprise; they turned out awesome.

We’re also adding some of our favorite henchmen as playable characters. Anyone who plays the game knows that there’s a running storyline about the various henchmen from invading forces abandoning their villainous leaders when things go bad to live in the bushes of Avengers Academy. They’ve created their own sort of utopian henchmen society where no one tells them what to do or turns them into cannon fodder. It’s a storyline I’ve had a lot of fun with over the course of the game because it showcases them as very relatable, everyman-type people who are really just trying to enjoy their lives and get by, but keep getting pulled into superhuman fisticuffs and shenanigans. This time around, players will be able to recruit an A.I.M. Scientist, a Chitauri Soldier, and an Iron Legion Robot, and make them official members of Avengers Academy.

This event and all of these characters will be fun and understandable for brand-new players, but this is also a thank you to our longtime players as we add some fan-favorite original characters, and pay off some long-running storylines. With each new event, some of our favorite students start sporting new threads. Who will gear up to battle Proxima and her minions?

Allen Warner: There will be new outfits for Captain Marvel, Angela, and Pepper Potts. One is a classic look from the comics, one is a more modern look from the comics, and one takes inspiration from a look from the comics, but has never been seen before. All of them turned out amazing thanks to our awesome art team! Knowing Thanos sent Proxima to Earth, should we expect to see the Mad Titan himself sooner rather than later?

Allen Warner: You should expect to see him very soon, and once he arrives, things will never be the same. We’re coming up on two years since the launch of “Marvel Avengers Academy.” Do you have anything planned for the second anniversary?

Allen Warner: We’re going to be introducing some really cool new features and mechanics along with more characters and outfits—characters from upcoming films and TV shows, characters who are brand-new to comics and the Marvel Universe, and a collection of icons who have been around for decades. It’s an exciting time for “Avengers Academy,” and we want to say thank you to all of our passionate, creative, dedicated fans for their support, whether they just started playing or have been with us from the very beginning.

For all the latest news and updates on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” visit and follow us on Twitter @MarvelGames!

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The Hunter is here to play the game!

From the wilds of Africa to the concrete jungle of New York City, Kraven will go to any lengths to get his ultimate trophy. Now Kraven stalks through “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” keen hunter’s mind and devious traps at the ready, prepared to take down any foe. We talked to D3 Go! Senior Producer Josh Austin about Sergei Kravinoff’s introduction and what makes him unique amongst the game’s ever-growing roster. Kraven is gonna have a great time hunting spiders in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” – he has so many options! What does Kraven bring to the “MPQ” table that he just needed to be in the game?

Josh Austin: Players like a bit of variety and often request Super Villains in “Puzzle Quest” so this was our chance to bring a new baddy into the game! Kraven the Hunter (Sergie Kravinoff) is a 4-Star character that was designed to utilize what makes him a unique foe for not only Spider-Man but also Squirrel Girl! First and foremost Sergei Kravinoff is a big game hunter, but his definition of big game could mean super heroes or lions depending on the day. How did the team integrate his hunter roots into his playstyle?

Josh Austin: The team really tried to focus on his most memorable traits, including rage when his ego takes a hit, studying his prey’s strengths to use against them, and his ingenious use of traps to bring his targets down. Ok give us the skinny on all his abilities? How will Kraven be taking it to his opponents?

Josh Austin: Kraven’s first ability is called Wounded Pride and costs 10 Black AP. For this ability, Kraven creates a Black Countdown tile that destroys AP in the enemy and ally teams’ strongest colors and deals damage for each point of AP destroyed.

Kraven’s second ability, Think like the Enemy, is a Purple Passive. At the beginning of the turn, if there are at least three enemy special tiles on the board, Kraven reduces their strength and deals damage.

The consummate hunter’s last ability, Most Dangerous game, costs 10 Blue AP. Kraven places trap tiles on the board that steal AP of a random color from the enemy team each turn. If the tile is matched away, a few basic tiles will convert to the team’s strongest color and Kraven will deal damage to a targeted enemy. It seems like Kraven’s main strength is in strategically destroying the enemy’s AP, while also making enemy matches really unfavorable, is that fair to say?

Josh Austin: Right! Kraven was designed to stalk, weaken, and destroy the enemy by slowly building up ways to remove their AP and dealing damage in the process. I’m already thinking about teaming him up with Peggy Carter and using Legendary Presence, in combination with Kraven’s Most Dangerous Game to make it super difficult for the opponent to use any powers. Who does he work well with?

Josh Austin: Peggy’s a great teammate to have at his side! Kraven also works great with characters that create enemy Special tiles, say Carnage for example, because Kraven will reduce their strength and deal damage to the enemy. And is there a specific cover build you have been using?

Josh Austin: For me I’m a fan of 3/5/5 to have less in the power that destroys my AP, it’s pretty tough if you have enough AP in it and can add the both teams AP destroyed to the attack. I like the idea of using someone that creates enemy tiles and utilizing them against the enemy, especially if they are creating strike tiles as well. When do we get to take Kraven on the hunt?

Josh Austin: Kraven is available starting on Thursday, January 11 and will be playable/earnable in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Training event that starts that same day, which rewards tokens to Hearts of Darkness that has a Kraven cover and more.

Kraven’s debut event is Hearts of Darkness that also starts on January 11 and he will be available as placement rewards. The Kraven & Friends Vault opens January 14 and features Kraven along with many different rewards in an 80 item Vault. Special Kraven Damage Power Ups can be earned in Hearts of Darkness, S.H.I.E.L.D. Training, and a Webbed Wonder event. The Webbed Wonder event starts on January 15 with Kraven as a progression reward along with token rewards for the Kraven & Friends Vault. Finally, Kraven’s featured tournament is called Constant Kraven which starts on January 14 and he will be a progression reward and will also reward tokens for the Kraven & Friends Vault.

Help Kraven track his prey here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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Welcome Marvel Legacy to the mobile gaming adventure!

Don a suit of armor as Punisher. Soar the skies with Falcon’s new wings. Incinerate your foes in style with Satana. Witness true power with the Savior of Worlds, Adam Warlock. Marvel Legacy has arrived in “Marvel Future Fight” as of today!

To get the full rundown on all things Marvel Legacy brings to “Marvel Future Fight” this month, we grabbed a few minutes with Netmarble Monster’s lead game designer Minkyun Kim, content designer Hyunseok Kim, skill designer Jongho Park, and system designer Youjung Kim. Can you tell us about the latest Marvel Legacy update? What can fans expect?

Minkyun Kim: For the first update of 2018, we wanted to continue with what makes “Marvel Future Fight” great, while making things feel fresh. Marvel Legacy, the current event that is reenergizing Marvel’s comic book line with new costumes and stories, seemed to correspond well with the direction that we wanted to take. Existing characters return with new directions and new costumes as well. We hope that players will enjoy these new characters and the brand-new event stage we’ve cooked up for this update. Will our heroes sport new uniforms?

Hyunseok Kim: We selected heroes from the Marvel Legacy event whose looks change drastically and impactfully. Falcon is one of the key characters, because he has re-embraced his classic identity as he now fights alongside the Avengers. We decided to release his new uniform first. The same goes for the Punisher. You can find the all-new War Machine armor clad Punisher in this update! Don’t forget to thank Nick Fury while you’re at it since he helped spruce the Punisher up a bit. Lastly, you can also find a striking uniform for Satana, featuring her new look from the SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE series. X-23 and Adam Warlock finally make their debut in ‘Marvel Future Fight.’ What role will they play?

Jongho Park: X-23 and Adam Warlock are characters that the Dev team have been itching to add to the world of Future Fight. For X-23, we thought a lot about how to best portray her in a similar way to Wolverine while keeping her unique. In Adam Warlock’s case, we thought long and hard about how to express his powerful energy attacks. As these two characters are very important, we cut down the number of new characters in the update and we spent a lot of time and effort to create them. You’ll be able to meet these characters and glimpse their powerful and showy skills. Can you share any fun moments or something you were proud of while preparing for this Marvel Legacy event?

Jongho Park: What comes to mind are the things we talked about while developing the character of Adam Warlock. Inspired by his “battle mage” era from the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series, we talked a lot of about what kind of magical energy attacks we would create for him, as well as what color his bursts should take on. In the process of discussion, we even talked about the shape of his fingers! The hand and fingers take on a variety of shapes when someone uses magic. As we talked very seriously about which stance looked stronger and better suited to a wizard, we realized that everyone was standing with their hands and fingers in different positions. What improvements have been made for the players?

Youjung Kim: We improved the elements that prevented players from playing with ease. We made sure to improve the way to check if Comic Cards are registered in a collection, and added a function where you can check the current Rank of all the characters a player possesses. We’ve also added a refresh function that makes it possible for you to check for newly-created Dimension Rifts. What can players look forward to and expect?

Minkyun Kim: We are always striving to have differently themed updates to give players a fresh experience. Since this update is themed in celebration of the newest event from Marvel’s comic books, MARVEL LEGACY, we hope that players will enjoy the refreshed characters. This year, a lot of updates will focus around not only the comics, but the new movies as well. Stay tuned!

Marvel Future Fight is available worldwide on the App Store® and Google Play™. For all the latest on “Marvel Future Fight,” stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Robert Reynolds (and The Void!) are now unleashed in Battlerealm!

Ever wanted to harness the power of a million exploding suns? Well the awesome crew over at Kabam has unearthed The Sentry from the depths of Battlerealm and starting this week players can pit Bob Reynolds against all comers in “Marvel Contest of Champions.” We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Game Designer Erich Kohlweg about The Sentry and all his insane abilities, so keep reading gang! We’ve had a few serious powerhouses enter the Contest, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather not have fighting under my roof than Robert Reynolds. What was the Collector thinking?

Gabriel Frizzera: The history of the Sentry in the Battlerealm is older than it seems. When the Collector came to the Battlerealm to build a new Contest of Champions under the Maestro’s patronage, he brought along a group of twelve legendary warriors, plucked from as many different universes. Among this first batch of mind-controlled Champions, one was by far the most powerful: Robert Reynolds, also known as The Sentry. In the first test-run of The Contest, Reynolds easily defeated all the other contestants, with such violence and abandon that surprised even the vicious Maestro. In time, Reynolds became the Collector’s most trusted agent, helping him in many tasks suited to his amazing powers. But in one of those missions, he got lost and never came back, until now, many years later. To learn more, check out our brand new Motion Comic! Well at least he’ll get to say he grabbed up a limited edition, very rare, bearded Sentry in great condition before the Golden Guardian brings Battlerealm down around his ears.

Gabriel Frizzera: Actually, this version of the Sentry might be even more damaged than the one we know from the comics. He spent almost 35 years lost in the depths of the Battlerealm, although his mind cannot recall much of what happened. He seems even more unbalanced than usual, his empty glowing eyes staring into the shifting horizon like twin suns. But he looks every bit as strong as he once was, maybe even more. And deep inside of Robert Reynolds disturbed psyche, The Void patiently awaits. The Contest holds its breath…

We know the Sentry is a well-loved character by our fans, so we have been thinking about introducing him and the Void to the game for some time… which turned out to be very timely since he’s also making his long-awaited return to the comics in the pages of DOCTOR STRANGE, by the capable hands of Donny Cates and Gabriel Walta! We swear this is pure coincidence, but you know, great minds think alike! What did the team need to do to bring Sentry to life in game? Both from a visual standpoint, but also in tackling Bob’s dual nature as both Sentry and the Void?

Gabriel Frizzera: Visually we did some exploration on how damaged this version of the Sentry would appear. Initially we went with a more disheveled look, with a longer beard, ripped clothes made of many alternate version of the Sentry, and even Iso-crystals growing from his armor like barnacles. But the guys at Marvel Games thought that we should go with a more classic version, since this version could be the first time a lot of fans would be introduced to the Sentry, and we didn’t want to cause any confusion. So we cleaned him up, but we kept the beard to represent his years lost in the Battlerealm. As far as his connection with The Void, we wanted to try something we’ve never done before. Beyond the unique synergy between the two characters, in his Special 3 Attack, Sentry literally becomes the Void, and vice-versa. Players will want to chase after both characters to build a truly powerful team! Ok let’s get into his kit! How is he channeling the power of a million exploding suns here?

Erich Kohlweg: For Sentry, we wanted to mix lore with mechanics. Being so powerful, yet unstable, his abilities are tied to his State of Mind. To maintain his composure and state, a combo needs to be carried on and when it’s lost so goes his State of Mind and potential abilities. However, with limitations to his strength, when he enters the optimal state, it’s sure to make an explosive impact. It seems like you can just go crazy with Sentry, because even if you drop a combo, you have a chance to go indestructible. Couple that with the Fury and Regeneration, and Sentry feels like a hero you really don’t want to mess with.

Erich Kohlweg: When Sentry gets going, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of his attacks. Not only is he able to build up his damage output through his Special Attacks, but he’s able to sustain a lot of damage. Losing a combo has a chance to trigger his Signature Indestructible, negating all damage for a short period. In addition, when Sentry’s health is low, his Special 3 Attack can provide him with Regeneration. Who does Sentry fight best with?

Erich Kohlweg: Sentry can go toe to toe with Hulk making them quite the Rivals. As a friend of the Avengers, Sentry can pair up with Black Widow, Vision, Hawkeye, and Captain America. However, there is no one else than his other half, Void. They bring the best (and worst) out of each other. While paired with Void, Sentry’s Special 3 Attack activates one of Void’s abilities. Opponent’s become inflicted with Fear of the Void which combines Agility, Fatigue, and Petrify Debuffs, as well as increasing Sentry’s Attack Rating for a period. I can’t go into detail here but don’t forget that Synergy Bonuses can go both ways, keep an eye out when Void enters the Battlerealm! When can we harness Sentry’s awesome might for ourselves?

Erich Kowleg: Sentry will enter The Contest on January 4. Look out for in-game announcements on where to obtain him!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews.

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Ms. Chavez prepares to bust a star-shaped hole in the hit mobile game!

America Chavez makes her way to “Marvel Puzzle Quest” soon, fists flying and sass on point. Curious about the reality-hopping hero and her powers in “MPQ”? Well we had a little chat with D3 Go! Senior Producer Josh Austin to figure out just what America’s capable of, and it turns out she’s crazy unique! Read on for the breakdown folks. America’s been kicking bad guy butt for a while in the comics, but why is now the right time for her to join the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” crew?

Josh Austin: America Chavez is a strong Super Hero, and makes an excellent [choice] as the newest 4-star character in “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Her kick butt abilities are a good fit in the roster and it was fun to create a character that focuses on collecting/storing AP to deal damage rather than the usual collecting and spending AP. America has a bunch of abilities, from super strength and speed to creating portals to different realities. What did the team want to focus on when designing her in-game powers?

Josh Austin: The designers wanted to incorporate her unique abilities and did so in an interesting, all passive, way. She’s a character that the player won’t have to activate her powers, as they automatically trigger based on certain conditions. And what can she do in the game?

Josh Austin: Her first ability is called Punch Everyone and it’s a Red Passive. For this ability America’s match damage is increased for each AP she has in that color.

Her second ability, Ticket to the Multiverse, is a Yellow Passive. Every time the player matches four or greater, trap tiles are created in that color. If the player has three different colored trap tiles, they are removed, deal damage and generate AP in that color.

Her last ability is called Fear Not, Mi Gente! and it’s a Green Passive. At the start of the turn, she creates a Critical tile if the player has more AP than the enemy in at least four colors. If the player has more AP in at least five colors she does damage as well. Am I reading that right, she has three passives? What was the thinking behind that?

Josh Austin: We are doing something different, making a character that the player can utilize, while focusing on a different character’s abilities. She’s going to be pretty tough with that ability to do extra damage for stored AP. I can’t wait to see what the players will do with that! Since she’s mostly focused on collecting AP, it makes sense to have her abilities not focus on spending AP. Because she won’t be spending any AP, who exactly do we want her teaming up with? People who create critical tiles maybe?

Josh Austin: She’s strong with characters that gain AP, so Gambit’s Stacked Deck, Vulture’s Circling Prey, and Miles Morales’ Power & Responsibility help gather AP for her abilities. Picking characters that do not overlap with her powers also helps so she can collect AP in colors she uses. Characters like Kate Bishop and Mordo will work, as their colors do not overlap with America, but Kate Bishop can use the Critical tiles from Fear Not, Mi Gente! with her 4.5x damage multiplier from Critical Tiles. Characters with low AP costs also help like Hawkeye (Clint Barton) to be used cheaply and effectively provide support without taking too much AP away from America. And when do we get to try her out for ourselves?

Josh Austin: America Chavez will be available on December 24. She will be featured in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Training event running between December 24 and 31. America & Friends is a Vault that will run between December 28 and January 6 with a chance to get her. America Chavez’s release debut will be in the Venom Bomb event running between December 24 and 31.

America will also be featured in the Enemy of the State event running between December 28 and January 5. Her Versus Tournament will be Stars and Strikes that runs from December 28 through January 1. S.H.I.E.L.D. Training, Enemy of the State, and Stars and Strikes will all have Reward Tokens for the America & Friends Vault.

Lastly, we would like to announce Snowball Fight, which is a fun Versus Tournament that starts tomorrow on December 21, where the player joins forces with Star Lord (Peter Quill), Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Cyclops (Uncanny) as they fling snow in the toughest fight of the year! The player has three missions where they must choose a specific character from a family. There is a Snowball hazard tile that destroys a block of tiles to add to the fun and it features some of my favorite art for an event so far. Happy Holidays everyone!

Have fun with “MPQ” holiday shenanigans here and stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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