Creative Director Bill Rosemann gets you caught up on all the updates about Marvel Tsum Tsum!’s got a man inside Marvel Games. 

For over two decades Bill Rosemann has a part of the Marvel family, from his time as a freelance writer for Marvel Age magazine, to marketing copywriter, to “Your Man @ Marvel” blogger, to writer of the Deadline limited series, to editor of dozens of comic series including Nova, Black Panther, Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy. Bill also helped launch the Disney Kingdom imprint and was part of the team that co-created the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy. Bill is now Creative Director for Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and passion for the House of Ideas to collaborate with partners around the world on hit titles for console, PC and mobile devices. 

Every few weeks, Bill and talented members of the Marvel Games team join us to share their stories as well as exclusive news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming! So for those living in a dank, dark cave, can you give us the lowdown on the Marvel Tsum Tsum craze?

Bill Rosemann: 
It all started when the consumer product line of Disney Tsum Tsum plushies became a “connect-and-erase” mobile game. Spreading the Tsum Tsum love, about a year and a half ago, we partnered with Disney Japan, Mixi and NHN to put our own spin on it and create a Marvel Tsum Tsum mobile game. It launched in Japan in April and immediately jumped to the top of the charts, getting downloaded over four million times. You can’t contain those crazy Marvel Tsum Tsum, as we saw this week as the game leapt across the globe and launched in America and Canada. That’s awesome. So what has been the immediate reaction?

Bill Rosemann: You mean after everyone said, “Oh my gosh, they’re so cute?” Once people starting playing the game, they saw how unique, fast-paced and 100% Marvel it is, so they started asking us “How did you turn plushies into a game?” and “How did you translate human characters into Tsum Tsum?” and “I love my Disney Tsum Tsum game…how different is this?” I think that’s a good place to start, you know, just the fact that this isn’t just a re-skin of Disney Tsum Tsum it’s a brand-new game.

Bill Rosemann: Exactly! The Marvel Games team is allergic to “brand slaps” and “re-skins”…that is 100% against our belief system. With that as our guide, the Marvel Games team – led by Sr. Producers Tim Hernandez and Danny Koo — worked with our partners to start from the basic “connect-and-erase” game system and rebuilt it from the ground up. So what were some of the design details that you brought to the game to define it as Marvel Tsum Tsum?

Bill Rosemann: It may sound silly, but the first thing we looked at was the logo. We started with the rainbow colored Disney Tsum Tsum logo and asked if we could recolor it to synch with our red-and-white Marvel logo…and everyone agreed that the change would help send the message that this was its own, distinct game. Then we applied that modern Marvel look and vibe to the entire game, from the UI to the music. And what are some of the gameplay elements that distinguish it from its predecessor? 

Bill Rosemann: Whenever we create anything Marvel — and this goes across the board, whether it’s studios, publishing, TV, consumer products, or games — we always want to capture that authentic Marvel spirit. When you experience anything from Marvel, it has to have an exciting and compelling story; we’re the world’s best storytellers. So for Marvel Tsum Tsum, we did the same thing: We started from story. In this case, the Marvel Tsum Tsum  think they’re the real heroes and the villains, battling for the fate of the world, which just so happens to be in a toy store. So even though the game is totally fun and packed with humor, there are always stakes, there’s always a threat and there’s always drama.

Once we defined the story and stakes, the next question was, well, what do our heroes and villains do? Our characters go on missions, which is a key gameplay feature that separated Marvel Tsum Tsum from Disney Tsum Tsum:  your heroes go on missions and explore different locations that you’ll recognize from other Marvel stories. You’ll travel to toystore versions of New York City, Wakanda, Asgard, Knowhere and all the places that make Marvel so awesome.

Next we asked, “What do our character do on missions?” They come into conflict! They fight, and we always want our characters to have a motivation, a compelling reason why they’re battling. So in the game you’ll encounter boss battles with villains such as Loki, Ultron, Ronan and Venom. And what else? Oh! The Tsums not only believe they are the real heroes, they also have their powers! Iron Man fires his repulsor beams, Spider-Man shoots his webs, the Hulk smashes with his big fists, Black Widow blasts with her wrist gauntlets…they kick butt!

Oh, aaaand there’s co-op play ! You can invite friends to join you and together, you can go on missions and you can toss items back and forth to help each other, you can toss bombs back and forth to erase Tsums and the goal of all this is you want to level up all of your characters and the more you level up, the stronger you get, there’s different abilities, you can then go on different missions, you can then fight different villains and then eventually, you can unlock all the different characters. Speaking of characters, who do we have in there and who are you most excited about and is there anything you can tease of some people we may see soon?

Bill Rosemann: Sure! To start with, we wanted to deliver all the most popular characters that people know and love, like the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man. From there we’ll expand to the Inhumans, like Black Bolt and Medusa and Ms. Marvel, and also characters from the Defenders group, like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil. We’re starting with the most popular characters and then we’ll go deep into each group and intro the up-and-coming stars like Spider-Gwen, Devil Dinosaur and Squirrel Girl! When it comes to the designs, because some of them come from the consumer product side, were you involved with those or did you sort of take them and then how do you go about creating ones that aren’t plushies yet?

Bill Rosemann: Good question. It was a mix. That was also part of selecting which characters were in the game. We wanted to make sure we had a very healthy amount of characters in the game that exist as the plushies or the hard vinyl versions, so that you could buy them in real life and then play them in the game. But what we found out is that the hunger for characters by the Japanese players was so ferocious, we had to deliver many more characters than they first planned, and realized how challenging it is to translate a human character into the Tsum form. You really have to boil each character down and communicate who they are by their iconic shapes and colors. Have there been any surprising challenges when it comes to distilling a character down like a character that, at first you thought, ‘Oh that will be easy’ and then you get into it and you’re like, ‘Nope, this isn’t easy at all’ or have there been characters that have been straight up challenging and you knew they would be?

Bill Rosemann: The most challenging ones are the characters who don’t have masks, like Punisher. Yeah, that’s hard to do without the skull on his chest.

Bill Rosemann: Exactly, first we we had the face and it looked just like a white guy with dark hair, and we asked ourselves, “How do we communicate that it’s Punisher, not just a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?” So we gave him the lines of his face, his stubble…we even tried to add a black bandana with a white skull, but it wasn’t working because it was too small. Eventually it came down to showing the intensity of his eyes and the anger in his face. In terms of different characters and events, is that something that you’ll be adding to as we go?

Bill Rosemann: Definitely. Hmmm…what can I reveal now? Well, with Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War arriving on DVD, we’re introducing characters that appear in the film, like Agent 13 and Black Panther. And looking ahead, you could imagine if there is an upcoming film like, say Doctor Strange, I could theorize that Marvel Tsum Tsum, like our other mobile games, might want to introduce content featuring Doctor Strange. So anytime there’s a giant event, whether it’s a new film, a TV show or a big event in publishing, that we will most likely have an event in Marvel Tsum Tsum celebrating that event as well. That’s awesome.

Bill Rosemann: It’s Marvel Tsum Tsum! And you can experience it all by downloading it for free on you iOS and Android device, and then follow them on Twitter at @MarvelTsumGame. And please follow Your Man @ Marvel Games at @BillRosemann and, of course, follow @MarvelGames, and we’ll deliver information, updates, and behind-the-scenes looks at all things Marvel Tsum Tsum!

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Everything you need to know about Marvel Games, this week!

True Believers, every week, make your way over to for a rundown of all this week’s Marvel Games news, from console game releases to character drops to mobile event updates, and more!


Making his way across the Battlerealm in the hit mobile game “Marvel Contest of Champions” is the man known as the Mexican Deadpool, Masacre!

Masacre wasn’t always a crazed mercenary. He was once a priest, whose life. Was filled with dedication to his religion, and his parishioners. That was until he took confession from a strange man in a red suit named Deadpool. This confession turned his world on its head, convincing the priest that the world needed to be punished. He took the name Masacre, fashioned an outfit and some “tools,” and set about “fixing” Mexico, one body at a time. Extracting information from the reluctant Inspector Jamie Gordon, Masacre tracks down and takes out the crime lord Calavera de Jade. The very next day, Masacre rides off to New York joining Deadpool’s Mercs for Money. Get a glimpse of Masacre in action below!

Masacre’s basic abilities include Enthusiastic Punishment (which he feels very strongly about what he’s doing!), Flammable, Incinerate, Bleed and Disorient. Special attacks include Fuel for Fire where Masacre gives his opponent a face full of ground chilies before aggressively applying his machetes while they’re distracted. Machete hits have a 100% chance to cause the target to Bleed for 1768.5 Direct Damage over 12 seconds. Sawed Off Thunder reveals Masacre opening fire with his powerful if sometimes unreliable shotguns, and if all else fails, they’re heavy. While the Special Sauce incinerates the enemy as he self serves a bottle of his own special recipe, line driving it into his opponent to explosive effect.

His synergy bonuses include Inspiration with Deadpool, Deadpool (X-Force), and Goldpool sees an increased Critical Rating while the opponent is bleeding. Get in the Pool with Gwenpool or Venompool increases Ignited’s Duration by 25%. Mercs for Money grants grains between 1-5 Ignition Charges when at the start of the fight and when Ignited expires. Spiritual Strength allows Masacre to gain a chance to Evade against an Incinerated opponent while not Blocking. Lastly, Playing with Fire blocks a contact attack while Ignited places an Incinerate on the opponent as if they had been Struck by Masacre’s bat.

Collect Masacre when he joins The Contest this Thursday, June 21!

Stay tuned to for Marvel Games news and interviews and follow Marvel Games on Twitter for more!

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The PlayStation 4 game’s main character will be seen in SPIDERGEDDON #0 and on variant covers.

This September, the star of an epic blockbuster video game will make his way to the pages of a comic book, when the new web slinger from Marvel’s Spider-Man makes his Marvel Comics in-continuity debut in Spidergeddon #0!

On top of that, to celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated game — which will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 on September 7 — the game’s version of the wall-crawler will be showcased in a set of five variant covers.

How will the star of one of the most anticipated video games of 2018 enter the Marvel Universe, and what role will he play? All will be revealed on September 26 by writer Christos Gage – who not only is the scribe of SPIDERGEDDON #0 but is also one of the co-writers of Marvel’s Spider-Man – and acclaimed artist Clayton Crain.


The Marvel’s Spider-Man Video Game Variant cover program is illustrated by Insomniac Games artists Dennis Chan, Daryl Mandryk, Eve Ventrue and Sing Ji, and Marvel Games’ own Art Director Tim Tsang, and all five covers pay homage to classic Amazing Spider-Man comic covers!

Look for Marvel’s Spider-Man Video Game Variant covers on these select titles in September:


2. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by DARYL MANDRYK (homage to Amazing Spider-Man #46 by John Romita)

3. AVENGERS #7 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by EVE VENTRUE (homage to Dark Reign: Mister Negative Issue #1 by Jae Lee)

4. SPIDERGEDDON #0 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by SING JI (homage to Amazing Spider-Man #671 by Humberto Ramos)

5. WEST COAST AVENGERS #2 MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN VIDEO GAME VARIANT by TIM TSANG (homage to Amazing Spider-Man #151 by John Romita)

You can see all five variant covers in the gallery below.

“Growing up as lifelong fans of the web-slinger, everyone on the Marvel Games, Insomniac Games and PlayStation teams are honored and thrilled that characters from Marvel’s Spider-Man are not only gracing all-new variant covers, but are also starring in an in-continuity Marvel Comics event,” said Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Rosemann. “While making the game we poured through hundreds of Spidey’s comics, which inspired our take on his many famous friends, foes, costumes and moments. For the creative process to come full circle and see our version of the characters now appear in the web-slinger’s latest comic book saga is a dream come true for these True Believers.”

“It’s been such an honor for all of us at Insomniac Games to bring the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler to the PlayStation 4, but to see our version of Spider-Man now swing to the pages of a Marvel comic and be featured in SPIDERGEDDON is something we could have never imagined,” said Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar. “We’re all web heads and super excited for the upcoming comics.”

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Everything you need to know about Marvel Games, this week!

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E3 is a wrap, but fret not, we’ve got you covered on all the happenings! You can watch the PlayStation Showcase here.

The biggest news, of course, was the reveal of the Marvel’s Spider-Game gameplay featured at the PlayStation showcase. Check it out above! How did the fans react to the much-anticipated game? Ryan Penagos and Angelique Roche got their reactions at the E3 PlayStation After Party for Marvel’s Spider-Man below! Pre-Order the game, available September 7:

Get a taste of New York in Los Angeles below:

Catch the Marvel’s Spider-Man panel below:


Entering the fray this week is 4-star Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), Young Avengers. Pick him up in the hit mobile game starting today here!

Billy Kaplan was a normal high school boy until he discovered his power of Electrokinesis and became one of the heroes he admired. As Wiccan, he joined the Young Avengers and learned he was the reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch and Vision. With the ability to warp reality at his will, Wiccan is destined to become the Demiurge, a powerful being who will one day rewrite the laws of magic.

The magic-wielding Young Avenger is capable of massive damage at the cost to becoming vulnerable to enemy attacks. His ability to create a magical barrier that can make him nearly invulnerable. He’s strong with Characters that can create enemy special tiles like Carnage, and strong against characters that create special tiles.

Mystical Destiny, a passive blue power, allows Wiccan to become a Power of the Demiurge, a powerful being who will rewrite the laws of magic. If you have at least 6 AP in all colors, Wiccan transforms into the Demiurge and this power becomes Power of the Demiurge.

Power of the Demiurge, a passive blue power, sees Wiccan shaping reality to his will as blue, yellow, and green matches (all matches at power level 3) clear the row or column dealing damage and generating AP.

With Magical Barrier, a medium cost yellow power, Wiccan can create 2 random 5-sturn countdown tiles that reduce the amount of damage enemy matches or powers do by 15% to protect his allies. When match or destroyed, Wiccan restores health.

Chain Lightning, a high cost green power, grants Wiccan the ability to destroy a chosen column and do damage starting at power level 2 channeling a high-energy bolt of electricity through his enemies. If the column contains an enemy special tile, destroy another random column. Continue to destroy columns until a column without any enemy special tiles is destroyed. Destroyed tiles deal damage but do not generate AP.

Wiccan is available for a special limited time. Recruit him during S.H.I.E.L.D. Training Heroes for Hire or Wiccan & Friends. Snag Wiccan in Round Rewards during The X-Men vs. Apocalypse. The Honor Among Thieves event sees Wiccan as a progression reward and deals reward tokens to the Wiccan & Friends Vault. Lastly, don’t miss the Something Wiccan This Way Comes versus tournament kicking off Sunday, June 17.

Stay tuned to for more Marvel Games news and interviews.

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Here’s everything we can expect from the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man, available September 7!

We’re nearing closer to the September 7 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man! True Believers, we know you’ve been patiently waiting to get your hands on the upcoming blockbuster action game from Marvel Games, Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Wait no longer! The PlayStation E3 Showcase just wrapped – and we couldn’t be more thrilled to close out the evening delighting our fans with gaming greatness from our friendly neighborhood webslinger. The gameplay was intense and we can’t wait to share it with you, our trusty online fans!

Take a moment to watch the gameplay footage above (or ten more times).

Things are heating up as we near September 7! What exactly is Spidey up against? As you can see, Peter’s got his hands full with a bunch of Super Villains who he helped put away suddenly making a jail break from the maximum-security RAFT and disrupting the fragile peace NYC has had the past 8 years under Spidey’s jurisdiction. No matter what Earth we’re on – 5 vs. 1 is hardly fair.

Who are these charming individuals (strutting around in brand-new, original suit designs) throwing a wrench into Peter Parker’s peaceful existence, you ask? We’ve got Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and Electro joining Mister Negative in the game. The gameplay video introduces a mysterious sixth villain pulling the strings. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to learn more about the sixth villain, Marvelites.

For fans at E3 in Los Angeles this week, there is a playable demo in the PlayStation booth. Swing around parts of Manhattan, infiltrate enemy bases, tackle research assignments for Harry Osborn, and boss-battle with the Shocker himself. Don’t miss out on grabbing physical copies of the Daily Bugle that’s ripped from the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man the day after the RAFT breakout. You can also peep the Daily Bugle series on the Marvel’s Spider-Man web page. Check back every month through September for new digital issues.

Great ready to be greater! Pre-Order Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 here and unlock a Spidey Suit Pack, the Spider-Drone gadget, skill points to spend on Spidey’s skill tree, as well as a PS4 theme and PSN avatar!

Keep it on for all things Marvel’s Spider-Man and check out these screenshots from the game below!

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Everything you need to know about Marvel Games, this week!

True Believers, every week, make your way over to for a rundown of all this week’s Marvel Games news, from console game releases to character drops to mobile event updates, and more!

Between today’s surprise release of brand new limited digital series CLOAK AND DAGGER from Dennis Hopeless and David Messina and tomorrow’s premiere of the brand new coming-of-age television series Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger exclusively on Freeform, there is no shortage of awesomeness for fans of Tandy and Tyrone, Light and Darkness incarnate. Fret not, Marvel Games fans! You won’t be left out of all the fun!

Note: Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Avengers Academy players will receive a free preview comic for the new CLOAK AND DAGGER series!


The “Day and Night” quest has kicked off in the hit mobile game! The three episodes will run until Monday, June 25.

Count Nefaria has HYDRA’s most dangerous super villains’ super powers after the fall of Von Strucker, and now he has his monocled sights set on Cloak’s Darkforce Dimension. Count Nefaria has been on Cloak and Dagger’s tails ever since the Academy defeated Thanos. The fate of the galaxy depends on keeping Thanos imprisoned, and the Darkforce Dimension is the only place that can hold him. With the help of Avengers Academy student-body, Cloak and Dagger must put a stop to Count Nefaria’s new HYDRA order before it comes to fruition.

The Cloak and Dagger special event features Cloak, Dagger, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Firebird and Blade. New outfits include Armored Daredevil and S.H.I.E.L.D. Daredevil.

Get a Cloak and Dagger trophy by earning Stars on the event battle maps. You will receive the highest trophy you achieved at the end of the event.


In the world of D3GO, Marvel Puzzle Quest will be running a Cloak and Dagger-themed versus PVP event for a chance to play as Cloak and Dagger! Beginning June 7, in celebration of Freeform’s “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” series, all users who login to MPQ will receive a free Cloak and Dagger Purple cover.

Cloak and Dagger fight as one within Marvel Puzzle Quest, but for this duo, players can flip between the two heroes in battle. Their kit includes Light-Knives, Child of Darkness, Child of Light, The Darkness Hungers, and Pocket Dimension.

The Cloak and Dagger PVP event “Double Jeopardy” also kicks off this Thursday, June 7!


In case you missed it, earlier this year, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 dropped the “Cloak & Dagger” DLC pack. Learn all about the new unlockable characters and level here.

Watch the stars of “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” Olivia Holt (Tandy Bowen) and Aubrey Joseph (Tyrone Johnson) play as their LEGO characters as Marvel’s Let’s Play host Ryan Penagos grills them below:


Luck be a lady as Domino enters the Contest this Thursday, June 7!

Neena Thurman AKA Domino is the lucky result of an unlucky government weapons program designed to breed the perfect weapon. After escaping a top-secret facility with her mother, she honed her Mutant ability to manipulate probabilities and joined the mercenary group known as X-Force. Get a glimpse of Domino in action above!

Domino’s basic abilities include Luck, Critical Bleed, and Critical Damage. She’s great when Bleed is present. Whether attacking or defending, if the enemy triggers Bleed, she’ll be in a good place. Conveniently, a lot of notorious Skill Champions rely on stacking Bleeds. Opponents that trigger abilities frequently, such as on every hit, will have a chance to fail on each of those events, and therefore trigger her Signature Critical Failure Ability often. Tech opponents that don’t Bleed, don’t inflict Bleed, or possess few abilities like Vision can walk all over Domino.

This assassin has EIGHT Synergy bonuses — Six Pack with Deadpool, which gives her +10% damage against Champions that aren’t female or robots; X-Force with Deadpool, where each time she performs a well-timed Block, the chance for her to be Lucky increases by +10% the next time she fills a Bar of Power. Weapon X Strike Team with Old Man Logan or Sabretooth allows hers to avoid an attack by Dashing Back. Mercs for Money with Masacre allows Domino to Debuff for a second longer. Code Red Revelations with Red Hulk lets Domino’s Heavy Attacks inflict an Incinerate that deals damage equal to that Heavy Attack’s damage over 2 seconds. Better Luck Next Time with M.O.D.O.K. or Taskmaster gives her a +20% chance to activate them during her next fight if she’s never hit with a Special Attack while both Lucky and Unlucky were active. It’s Complicated with Cable sees Domino starting the fight with either Lucky or Unlucky active for 7 seconds. And lastly, Romance with Colossus or Wolverine gives all Teammates a +4% Power Gain.

That’s not all!

The Battlerealm is in disarray as Thanos has been defeated and the Grandmaster MIA after being stripped of his power. Champions, prepare for Assassin Assignments as Domino doles out assignments 2-3 times a day for all you mercenaries in hopes of locking down the most lucrative scores. Impress her enough, you’ll unlock rewards and you may trigger a bigger contract with Merc Missions for your Alliance! While Assassin Assignments are short quests; Merc Missions are Bounty Missions (short, 2 fight quests that each consist of 4 difficulties). This event will run until July 2!

Stay tuned to for Marvel Games news and interviews and follow Marvel Games on Twitter for more!

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The brand-new original Freeform series premieres Thursday, June 7!

In the latest edition of Marvel’s Let’s Play, Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph play LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 as host Ryan Penagos distracts them with all things “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”!

Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph play Tandy Bowen and Ty Johnson, respectively, on the brand new original Freeform series. In the coming-of-age series, two teenagers from different backgrounds, who’ve suffered tragedies in their childhood, discover they share a mysterious bond with one another. Watch them discuss their upcoming show, talk New Orleans cuisine and more as they play their characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, above! And don’t miss the two-hour series premiere this Thursday, June 7, only on Freeform.

Get all the info on the Cloak & Dagger DLC pack for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 here.

Stay tuned to for the latest on “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” and Marvel Television! Be sure to follow @CloakandDagger on Twitter and like the official “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” Facebook page!

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Assemble teams of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to compete across an original storyline!

Nexon, a worldwide leader in online and mobile games, in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment has announced MARVEL Battle Lines, a new strategic card battle game featuring hundreds of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. In MARVEL Battle Lines, players collect and build the ultimate deck of Super Heroes and Super Villains to take into battle across an expansive single-player campaign with an original story written by Marvel writer Alex Irvine and a real-time turn-based competitive player vs. player (PvP) mode. MARVEL Battle Lines will be released in 2018 as a free-to-download experience on the App Store® for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.

“Marvel’s incredible universe has reached hundreds of millions of fans around the world and it’s an honor to be collaborating with their team on a truly unique game that draws on the nostalgia of collecting trading cards and taps into the fun of battling with friends,” said Lawrence Koh, General Manager at Nexon. “MARVEL Battle Lines is incredibly engaging, fast and accessible, and will give players a chance to hone their skills and collect their favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains based on how they like to play games – whether that’s through the original single-player storyline and activities or competing in the PvP mode.”

MARVEL Battle Lines’ intuitive gameplay allows players to battle in single player and be competitive in PvP from the beginning. Collecting cards from each battle in the single player or PvP modes, players can build diverse decks of powerful Super Heroes and Super Villains, mastering their strategies to take on greater challenges and compete with the best in PvP. In addition to a campaign with an original story from Marvel writer Alex Irvine, an array of single-player activities will revisit beloved Marvel storylines and events and continue to challenge and reward players.

“We are working very closely with Nexon to deliver a card battle game that is authentic to our characters and true to the platform,” said Jay Ong, Senior Vice President of Games, Marvel Entertainment. “MARVEL Battle Lines features an original story and all-new gameplay that Marvel fans and mobile players alike will enjoy for hours on end.”

Players will collect unique cards from hundreds of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. Fan favorite characters from Iron Man and Thor to Captain Marvel and Black Panther are fully realized through dynamic card art that can be virtually flipped to provide fans with a detailed back story on each character.

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Everything you need to know about Marvel Games, this week!

True Believers, every week, make your way over to for a rundown of all this week’s Marvel Games news, from console game releases to character drops to mobile event updates, and more!


Spider-Man (Infinity War) arrives in the hit mobile game Marvel Puzzle Quest this week with the fresh Stark Iron Spider suit inspired by Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War! Recruit him onto your team this Thursday!

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will have to use his wit, strength, and Spidey sense to help our other heroes stop Thanos from collecting all the Infinity Stones and enacting his master plan to wipe out half of all existence! The 4-Star Spider-Man (Infinity War) sees tons of new upgrades courtesy of. Tony Stark. Spidey can create web tiles to prevent damage to himself, hinder opponents, strengthen allies and deal additional damage to the enemy. Team up Spidey with other characters that can create web tiles like Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen!

The passive blue power Quick Reflexes activates his Spidey-sense letting Spider-Man anticipate danger and react accordingly. Whenever Spidey makes a match, create 2 web tiles. Enemy powers deal 12% less damage to Spider-Man for each web tile on the board. Whenever Spider-Man takes damage from an enemy power, remove half of all web tiles.

With Thwip, Thwip, Pow!, a green power, Spider-Man swings through the air lobbing a quick burst of web-shots into battle. His webs hit 4 random colored tiles, locking any enemy tiles, fortifying any friendly tiles and converting the rest to web tiles.

Proportional Punch, a red power, allows Spidey to grab his enemy with his cybernetic spider legs to deliver a blow with the proportional strength of a spider! It deals 333 damage plus 134 damage for every Blue, Green, or Red web tile on the board, and 67 damage for every other web tile.

Recruit Spider-Man (Infinity War) during S.H.I.E.L.D. Training – Heroes for Hire or Spider-Man & Friends. Don’t miss the following events as well – Spider-Man vs Sinister Six and S.H.I.E.L.D. Training both kick off this Thursday, May 31, while the Deadpool vs MPQ kicks off this Sunday, June 3! The Made Up Name tournament also kicks off this Sunday where you can snag Spider-Man (Infinity War) as a progression reward!


This week, we see the 2nd update inspired by Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War make its way across Marvel Future Fight this week! This update includes new uniforms inspired by the blockbuster hit for characters such as Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Hulkbuster 2.0, War Machine, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Ebony Maw, and Cull Obsidian!

The path to receiving a Tier-3 update is a long but rewarding journey and new ascensions to Tier-3 awaits Iron Man and Spider-Man, which their new growth factors would further amplify their abilities. In order to reach Tier-3, face Corvus Glaive and Cull Obsidian in the World Boss: Ultimate stages!

Clear the Ultimate mode with Corvus Glaive and gain the critical growth ingredients needed for Tier-3 as well as Titan’s Record: Speed, while clearing the Ultimate mode with Cull Obsidian will secure you Titan’s Record: Blast!

Read more on the 4.1 Marvel Future Fight update here!

Stay tuned to for more Marvel Games news and interviews.

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Everything you need to know about Marvel Games, this week!

True Believers, every week, make your way over to for a rundown of all this week’s Marvel Games news, from console game releases to character drops to mobile event updates, and more!


Coming soon to stores (and your tabletop) is Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm from Upper Deck! Channel your inner super powers with three to six players, with 13 different characters. 40 location cards, and six custom die. Available on May 23rd, there’s an added bonus for Marvel Insiders: If you purchase Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm, you’ll find a unique code that can will unlock in-game rewards for the digital Marvel Contest of Champions PLUS rewards on Marvel Unlimited. Order Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm today!



The Marvel Studios’ “Infinity War” storyline continues in Marvel Contest of Champions — and now Iron Man will join the battle against Thanos! Tony Stark may be on a different path than the rest of the Avengers, but he still has some fight in him as well as some super-powered allies.

Iron Man’s abilities include his Model 50 suit, which can deflect a variety of strikes while keeping Tony safe from harm. The suit will also Auto Block when health is low. Iron Man can also stay on offense by incinerating and shocking opponents, and their attacks — including Captain America’s Debuffs — are easily deflected.

Here’s a look at Iron Man in action and all of Iron Man’s abilities below:



If you’ve always wanted to have the powers of a time-traveling mutant, now’s your chance! Cable is now a playable character in Marvel Strike Force, and he’s bringing some powers that are sure to throw a wrench into everyone’s best laid plans.

One of Cable’s trickiest abilities is his manipulation of turn order, but he can also charge up attacks to blast his enemies with his Plasma Rifle. With every blast, his weapon is charged up more, increasing the damage he can cause. A highly-charged blast can take out not just the enemy in front of him but everyone else nearby. Cable can also employ his Psychic Surge, which teleports him behind his enemy where he can deliver a deadly blow without being seen. Another perk to being a psychic mutant: Cable’s ability gives him and his team a slight head start in combat.

Here’s a look at Cable in high gear:

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