Get ready to snuff out your opponents with this Spider-Man villain!

Sandman, the original Spidey villain, brings his coarse, rough, and irritating particulates to the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” universe. Flint Marko joins the roster ready to suffocate his opponents underneath a mountain of sand and D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin’s here to tell us how he’s gonna do it! With the addition of Sandman we’re about a third of the way to a full Sinister Six! What’s so special about Flint Marko?

Josh Austin: We are very glad to bring Sandman (Flint Marko) as a new Super Villain to Marvel Puzzle Quest, and right after the release of the new Doc Ock 5-Star character. Sandman brings with him some great abilities to the 4-Star roster including a team damaging attack that also stuns a target, and he has a power that moves basic tiles around and converts some of the moved tiles to Yellow basic tiles to help generate Yellow AP. There’s so much that a man made of sand can do, from creating constructs to quicksand, to turning himself into a sandstorm. What did the team focus on while building Sandman?

Josh Austin: Sandman may not create a storm this time around, but he does some heavy hitting and board manipulation with his sand particles. His three powers have him forming a hammer out of sand to smash his opponents, pinning an opponent with a blast of sand that also damages the rest of his opponents, and he also changes shape maneuvering around the battlefield moving tiles around to his advantage while his enemies are distracted. Mind giving us the lowdown on Mr. Sadman’s abilities?

Josh Austin: Sandman’s first ability is called Sand Blast and it costs 9 Green AP. For this power, Sandman fills the area with sand from his limbs, pinning his target. This deals damage to the enemy team and stuns the target opponent in front.

His second ability is called Shifting Sands and costs 8 Purple AP. Sandman changes shape keeping the enemy off guard and moving around the battlefield to swap non-Yellow basic tiles around and converts some of those basic tiles to Yellow.

Lastly, Sandman has Sand Smash which costs 10 Yellow AP. For this ability, Sandman turns his arm into a giant hammer of hardened sand, which creates Protect tiles or deals damage by removing friendly Protect Tiles if the player has enough of them on the board when initiating this power. I’m really liking the AOE damage and stun in Sand Blast. It feels like he needs it to help him really get going and create those Yellow and Protect tiles to pull off the big damage later.

Josh Austin: It’s definitely one of his two unique abilities, it’s a great way to deal consistent damage and stun a specific target for whatever the situation calls for, delaying a Countdown tile, putting an opponent on hold for a bit to deal with a different one, etc. Outside of extreme heat turning his sand to glass, what sort of weaknesses does the big galoot have?

Josh Austin: Of course intense heat, handclaps from Hulk and water are devastating to Flint, but for Marvel Puzzle Quest he’s weak against characters that remove Protect tiles like Doctor Strange, etc. And it seems like anyone who creates Protect tiles will help him pump out those Sand Smashes. So the Falcon, Luke Cage, maybe a Mr. Fantastic?

Josh Austin: You are correct, people that create Protect tiles like Iron Man (Hulkbuster), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Sam Wilson (Captain America), Luke Cage (Power Man), Invisible Woman (Classic), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) and Gwenpool. Another good teammate would be someone that Generates Purple or Yellow AP like Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) or Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff). So when do we get to build sand castles with Flint Marko?

Josh Austin: Sandman (Flint Marko) will be available June 15. He will debut in Thick as Thieves that starts June 15 and he will be featured in the June 19 Strange Sights event. Sandman’s Versus event is called Sandstorm and will begin June 22.

Try out Sandman for yourself here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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Marvel Games Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann provides a web slinging update!

True story: There was once a young boy who sat cross-legged on the floor of his family room, staring up wide-eyed and slack-jawed as Spider-Man swung across his TV screen during a rerun of his classic ‘60s cartoon. Decades later, that same boy – who was now improbably working for the House of Ideas – sat in the historic Shrine Auditorium, staring up wide-eyed and slack-jawed as Spider-Man swung across the massive theater screen during the world-premiere gameplay at the PlayStation Media Showcase.

You win a No-Prize if you guessed that young boy grew up to be me. After years of faithfully reciting “with great power there must also come great responsibility”, I am humbled and hyped to be working with my friends at Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment on “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” which will hit PlayStation 4 in 2018.

Okay, let’s see that sweet gameplay!

We hope that gave you a taste of the amazing abilities of our 23 year-old Spider-Man. After battling for eight years to keep the city safe, Peter Parker is an experienced and confident hero who combines wall-crawling, dodges, aerial combat, parkour moves, self-made tech, and his world-famous webs – oh, and also his whip-smart wise cracks – in an acrobatic, intelligent and improvisational combat style. And did I mention our obsession with bringing you the ultimate expression of web-swinging?

In addition to celebrating Spider-Man’s spectacular powers, we’re also showcasing his awesome rogues gallery and supporting cast, which – if you connected the dots in the gameplay – includes the fearsome Mr. Negative, whose alter ego just so happens to be Martin Li, the philanthropist that Peter’s Aunt May works for! If there’s one thing everyone working on the game has learned after reading, watching and playing everything Spidey, his best stories focus on the sparks that fly when his civilian and costumed worlds collide.

Speaking of worlds colliding, while we’re exploring the classic themes of power and responsibility, we’re also combining familiar faces with newer characters that you may not have yet encountered, all swirling together in an unpredictable and changing Manhattan.

On behalf of the entire team behind “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” we thank you for joining us on this journey, and we hope the E3 gameplay revealed the type of combat, traversal, story and cinematics that will allow you experience the rollercoaster ride that is the life of Peter Parker as never before…and will also leave you, just like that young boy many years ago, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

Your Man @ Marvel,

Bill Rosemann

P.S. Please check out the latest blog by my fellow Spidey fanatic at Insomniac, Bryan Intihar. And for the latest buzz, follow us on Twitter (@MarvelGames, @Marvel, @InsomniacGames @PlayStation), Instagram (Marvel, Insomniac Games, PlayStation) and Facebook (Marvel, Insomniac Games, PlayStation). Thwip!

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Spider-Man’s most psychotic foe enters the fray of Battlerealm!

Spider-Man might never want to see another symbiote again, but The Collector no doubt has a special section of his menagerie dedicated to the Klyntar. So it should come as no surprise that Carnage has finally made his dangerous debut on Battlerealm.

We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about the murderous Spider-foe and his impending killing spree in “Marvel Contest of Champions.” I’m super psyched to see Carnage making an appearance in The Contest. He’s the perfect amount of crazy to really shake things up. What’s he doing on Battlerealm?

Gabriel Frizzera: As always, Cletus is causing mayhem. He was probably captured by The Collector at some point, but he was too wild to play nice in The Contest, and broke free. Or was set free, like a discarded pet crocodile. Who knows for sure…the fact is you can’t have Carnage in your neighborhood without some bloodshed, and the Champions will need to deal with that sooner than ever. When it came to designing Carnage, what were some of the visual aspects the team felt were necessary to bring him to life?

Gabriel Frizzera: He needed to be repugnant. Our team took special care in modeling the muscle fibers and sticky symbiote goo travelling through his body. We tweaked the shaders to make him look wet and gross like an inside-out Spider-Man, and added scythe-like appendages and tentacles that skewer people alive, or carry him like giant spider legs. We wanted to show in no uncertain terms that Carnage is a monster, both in appearance and attitude. Let’s talk about Carnage in-game. I’m imagining him fighting like a whirling dervish, slicing and dicing everything in sight. How does he play?

Simon Cameron: Cletus Kasady’s psychotic tendencies were definitely a driving force behind how Carnage will be played. The symbiote mutates to provide him with bonuses based on what his current needs are, and he loves blood, so [he] gains bonuses against a Bleeding opponent. Yeah his abilities seem to fit him perfectly. Would you mind digging a little deeper on Bloodlust and Precision?

Simon Cameron: Bloodlust is a unique ability that allows Carnage to increase the amount of power he gains for each attack he performs or receives. Precision increases the chance to land Critical Hits; this goes hand in hand with Carnage’s ability to trigger additional Bleeds on an already Bleeding target with those same Critical Hits. When are we picking Carnage? Any heroes or villains that he does particularly well against?

Simon Cameron: Carnage loves going on killing sprees against anyone, hero or villain, he does not discriminate. Pretty much anyone who can Bleed is a favorite target of this psycho. Though as a Cosmic hero he gains even more damage against Tech Class heroes—Rocket Raccoon, Howard the Duck, [and] Civil Warrior are all excellent targets. When do we get to harness the psycho power of Carnage?

Simon Cameron: This psychotic monster will be coming to The Contest on June 8. Stay tuned for in-game messaging and arena announcements for your chance to get him! Oh and before I go, we have an event quest starting up on June 7. Can you give us a breakdown of what we need to know?

Gabriel Frizzera: Our new event is called “Secret Empire Forever.” It starts with The Civil Warrior hunting Carnage before he causes too much damage in the Battlerealm. But soon they find out that, like a cornered animal, Carnage is merely reacting to being hunted by a much worse monster: an alternate version of The Punisher 2099, who became the Minister of Punishment for a Hydra Empire that dominated the USA for almost a century. Now it’s up to an uneasy alliance between Civil Warrior and the current Punisher to defeat this future fascist villain, who makes Frank Castle look tame in comparison. To take a closer look at Punisher 2099, check out our brand new Motion Comic!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews.

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Pre-order now to grab your own Giant-Man minifig!

Giant-Man has a monumental part to play in the story of “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.” In the multiverse adventure that pits our heroes against the villainous Kang the Conqueror, this version of Hank Pym becomes a primary member of your team. He’ll help heroes from various dimensions within the Marvel Universe dispatch the time-travelling baddie and…well, really we should let the man in charge explain.

We sat down with Arthur Parsons, Head of Design at TT Games, to see just how large Giant-Man’s appearance in the game will be. Giant-Man is making a big appearance in “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.” How did his role in the game’s story come to be?

Arthur Parsons: Giant-Man is making a massive appearance in “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” and the reason he’s involved all revolves around how we wanted to tie the game together. We have a truly epic story spanning multiple Marvel realities and teams of heroes battling the time travelling Kang the Conqueror across Chronopolis, and as such we wanted to ensure that the gigantic scale of the story makes sense to the player. So, we have Giant-Man’s love interest Janet Van Dyne—[aka The] Wasp—directing operations from Avengers Mansion. Given that “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” features characters from different time periods and realities, we wanted to bring a different version of Hank Pym to the forefront, hence why we picked this version of Giant-Man—aka Goliath. Having the interplay between him and Wasp, as well as a scientific head-to-head with Tony Stark really makes for some great fun. Have you always been a fan of the character?

Arthur Parsons: Absolutely, I’ve always been an enormous fan of Hank Pym, so it’s great to bring a completely different version of him to our game. What can you tell us about this expanded role in the sequel’s story?

Arthur Parsons: His role in the game is tremendously important, and he is definitely a character that brings light relief to some very dramatic and serious scenes throughout the game. He is also a vital part as the game builds to a crescendo, where he works with Tony Stark to open a portal rift to…actually I’m at risk of giving spoilers away here so let’s just stick to the fact that he has a colossal role in the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” story! You’ll have to wait to see just how substantial that role is. Does the Giant-Man character in the game have any special abilities?

Arthur Parsons: Giant-Man has some great abilities in the game; he can grow to a huge size, while also able to shrink down to the size of an ant. While tiny, he can infiltrate mechanisms to solve puzzles and has a couple of other secret cool abilities that everyone can experience when they get the game on November 14. Given the size of his part in the story, the Giant-Man minifig seems to be a very natural pairing with the physical Deluxe Edition—available for pre-order now—wouldn’t you say?

Arthur Parsons: Giant-Man is definitely the perfect partner for the Deluxe Edition, as they are both huge in size! The Deluxe Edition of the game comes with early access to an awesome classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack, as well as the entire Season Pass for “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” which is the most amazing and incredible Season Pass we’ve ever put together. Why should fans be excited about Giant-Man in “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2”?

Arthur Parsons: Fans should be not only be excited about Giant-Man, but everything that he represents: a character from a different time, from a different reality, which is what “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is all about—a completely original story that brings Super Heroes and Super Villains together in an authentic, engaging, dramatic and really funny way.

Pre-order the Deluxe Edition of “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” today to get Giant-Man and much more!

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Welcome the Children of the Atom to the mobile gaming adventure!

Some of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful heroes—and one mostly-villain—come to lend a hand in the interdimensional battle of “Marvel Future Fight”! Take your team through the new Rise of the X-Men Epic Quest and recruit some of the most well-known mutants to join your side. Deck out Gwenpool and the Inhuman Crystal in new uniforms with special bonuses. And then use the new daily mission rewards selector to grab extra M’kraan Shards and increase the mastery of your new mutant teammates.

We grabbed some time with Min Kyun Kim, Development Director at Netmarble, to get the full picture of this massive new update. The X-Men are coming to “Future Fight”! Which members of the mutant team will join the action?

Min Kyun Kim: We wanted to start off with the most iconic mutants as this is a monumental addition to the game. This is why we selected the six most well-known members of the X-Men: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Rogue, Beast, and Storm. We also added their most notable rival and friend, Magneto. As you said, these are some of the most iconic heroes in the X-Men pantheon. What was it like to bring them into the fold?

Min Kyun Kim: It has always been a long-time goal to add the X-Men characters. Our entire team was passionately involved in deciding which characters to add, what their skills were going to be, and what content to incorporate. It reinvigorated our entire team. Each of these heroes brings new kinds of powers to the “Future Fight” lineup. How will they wield these abilities in the game?

Min Kyun Kim: The representative skills of the X-Men are not only powerful but based on experience, and we made sure to emphasize that. For instance, we accentuated the fact that Cyclops is capable of extreme accuracy by introducing an effect that enables his skills to ignore enemy dodge effects and guarantee a hit. Even Ant-Man, despite his great evasion rates, is guaranteed to get hit by some of Cyclops’ skills. We highlight every character’s unique characteristics: Wolverine has high regeneration, and Magneto is capable of using magnetism to snare enemies and use metal to deal consistent damage.

Lastly, the ultimate character, Jean Grey, [is] able to use Phoenix Force, [so she] has abilities that can deal a ton of damage and subdue characters quickly.

X-Men in Marvel Future Fight Alongside the arrival of the X-Men, there’s a new epic quest featuring the team. What missions will players be taking on and what rewards can they expect along the way?

Min Kyun Kim: The X-Men are always being challenged. It’s no different in “Marvel Future Fight.” Magneto and another unidentified villain team up to attack the X-Men. Players will be able to become one of the X-Men as they take on this challenge and save the world. Like the Doctor Strange Epic Quests, players will receive Wolverine right off the bat. Once all the missions are complete, they’ll have a maxed-out Wolverine and most of the available X-Men. Magneto has been both one of the X-Men’s greatest enemies and one of their strongest allies. What role does he play as a part of this new team, in either the event quest or the larger overall story?

Min Kyun Kim: Magento will cause one of the first “incidents” in the story. He will place them in hardship, but will also be the reason the X-Men become stronger together. The X-Men will soon join the ongoing war in “Future Fight,” and players are ecstatic to see some of their favorite heroes join up. But, some will certainly have their eyes on the future, as well. Can you tease anything about what’s coming down the line?

Min Kyun Kim: This might be too vague, but some of the upcoming characters are closely associated with the contents of this update. Players should definitely look forward to it.

Get the latest on “Marvel Future Fight” by visiting and following our social channels!

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Get a glimpse into Rocket Raccoon's origins in Episode Two 'Under Pressure' starting June 6!

It’s time to get to know your favorite trash panda! We just dropped the first trailer for ‘Under Pressure,’ the second of five Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series episodes, which will be available starting June 6. Watch it above!

The Guardians just can’t seem to outrun the past (or their tab), but if they figure out how to control the untold power of their mysterious new relic, they might not have to. With help from dubious old friends and unwilling new allies, Star-Lord and company scour the galaxy for answers. But how long can they elude the genocidal maniac hunting them? And will simmering tensions finally tear the team apart?

Download ‘Under Pressure’ for $4.99 USD or equivalent. Individual episodes, and the series as a whole, can be downloaded on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One®, Windows PC, and Mac, as well as the App Store® and Google Play™. The series is also available as a special ‘Season Pass Disc’ at retailers across North America for an MSRP of $29.99 USD, and at retailers elsewhere across the globe. The special ‘Season Pass Disc’ includes episode one ‘Tangled Up in Blue’ and grants access to download the subsequent four episodes via online updates as they are released in the coming months of 2017. Additional platforms for release are yet to be announced.

For all upcoming news on the series, sign on for updates on the official website, like ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series‘ page on Facebook, and follow Telltale Games on Twitter @TelltaleGames.

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Mark the anniversary of the hit PC game from Gazillion!

Four years of exceptional “Marvel Heroes” excitement led us here, to the game’s latest anniversary! We got Gazillion Lead Designer Ben “TheArtofRawr” Gilbert on the horn to talk about the celebration. What does the team have in store for players? Read on to find out! Four years of “Marvel Heroes” is an awesome milestone! Want to take us on a quick trip down memory lane? What are some of the things the team is most proud of over the past four years?

Ben Gilbert: It has been a long and glorious road, and we’re so thrilled to have our community to share it with. In my opinion, the big ones are the 62 Heroes strong roster and the first “Raid“ in an ARPG. And what goodies do you have planned for this anniversary?

Ben Gilbert: We have so many things in store for this month long celebration! We’ve got special events, tournaments, gear, a new pet, one of our most unique Team-Ups ever, and more! That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, so I’d encourage players to check out our 4th Anniversary Event Schedule on our official forums to make sure they don’t miss out on anything! Can we dig into this cake stuff? It doesn’t sound like a lie and I need to hear more!

Ben Gilbert: We are happy to confirm that the cake is not a lie. Throughout the entire month of June, all enemies will have a chance to drop Cake Slices, which can be exchanged at a special Anniversary Event Vendor in Avengers Tower. There’s a ton of fantastic items that players can trade in their Cake Slices for. Some of them are just for fun flair, like our Anniversary Balloons Flourish and some will help players build their roster of characters with extra Eternity Splinters.

There’s a lot of sweet loot available from our Anniversary Vendor, but I’d encourage players to spend their Cake Slices wisely, keeping an eye on the new Weapon X Unique Catalysts, the brand new S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Support Team-Up, and the new Captain America and Iron Man Cosmic Artifacts. Cosmo! The adorable and hyper-intelligent doggy cosmonaut from Guardians of the Galaxy? We get to take him out for a walk—er, float?

Ben Gilbert: It’s true! Cosmo is coming soon to “Marvel Heroes 2016” for PC and we’re very excited about this new canine companion. And yes, he does indeed float! It’s a really fun idle animation that we think fans will enjoy.

The best part: Cosmo will be a free reward for completing a special 4th Anniversary Event mission. Upon logging in, players will learn about a mysterious canine visitor from Knowhere who was kidnapped. They’ll be tasked with helping him escape through this brand new mission. Rescue Cosmo and get him as a free reward!

Marvel Heroes Fourth Anniversary art And while super hero teammates are super cool, who wouldn’t want a floating missile silo having their back? How in the world can a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier help us out in a fight?

Ben Gilbert: The S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Support is definitely one of most unique and unusual Team-Up we’ve ever shipped. It isn’t summoned into battle directly, like most Team-Ups. Instead, players call on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for combat support with air strikes, strafing runs and gigantic missile bombardments. Players can grab this new Team-Up from the Anniversary Event Vendor in Avengers Tower for 100 Cake Slices. And that’s not it, we have two new tournaments kicking off! Mind filling us in on the details?

Ben Gilbert: We’ve got a special Anniversary Tournament that’ll be running throughout the month with resets every four hours. Players can earn points by completing all kinds of challenges, such as completing Terminals, defeating Patrol Bosses, finishing Legendary missions, and more. Some of our Anniversary Tournament challenges will be easier so everyone can participate, but the highest point rewards will come with our more difficult challenges, such as completing certain scenarios on Cosmic level difficulty.

We’ve also got a brand new Danger Room Tournament where players will compete for the fastest completion times. It features a new Trainyard tileset and will find players racing to stop the Purifiers from deploying a deadly new Sentinel model. We think players will enjoy the fresh visual updates to the Trainyard and the new look for this Sentinel model.  Plus, there are two brand new Medallions and two new Artifacts as rewards for defeating the boss in this scenario. All in all four years is an awesome accomplishment. Anything you want to say to the players out there?

Ben Gilbert: I’d like to thank everyone for playing “Marvel Heroes 2016” over the years. We’re always checking out our forums, Twitter, and Facebook—and I can’t say it enough. Thank you for all the feedback, questions, suggestions, and especially for the critiques. We read it all and are always looking at how we can make “Marvel Heroes” even better.

This month long celebration was something we wanted to do specifically for our PC audience, who has been playing alongside us from the very beginning! But even though we’ve come so far since our initial launch, there’s still a long and bright road ahead for “Marvel Heroes.” The Marvel Universe is so rich and diverse—and there are still so many more new Heroes, Villains, and ideas we’d like to explore. Here’s to many more years of “Marvel Heroes”!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Heroes 2016” news and interviews.

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Join us at the Anaheim Convention Center July 14-16!

Marvel will make its way to D23 Expo’s show floor from July 14­–16 with an exciting look at its upcoming film titles in the Marvel Studios Pavilion, featuring an array of props and costumes from the Studios’ upcoming slate, including “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Black Panther,” and more. Fans will also be able to enjoy all-new console and mobile Marvel Games, plus incredible exclusive content and announcements throughout the weekend!

In Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok,” Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok—the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization—at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela. But first he must survive the Grandmaster’s gladiatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger—the Incredible Hulk. Fans will get an up-close look at the costumes and props from “Thor: Ragnarok,” as well as photo opportunities with exclusive set pieces from the film.

The incredible costumes from “Black Panther” will also be on display. “Black Panther” follows the journey of T’Challa after the events of Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War,” where he returns to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country’s new leader.

In addition to the exciting props and costumes on display, Marvel Studios will host multiple giveaways and events within its pavilion space in Hall B. Fans will get the chance to meet with Marvel Studios’ filmmakers, development team, and talent. Exclusive artwork will be given away daily, along with other surprises. Details on talent appearances and special signings will be made available on the D23 Expo app.

For the first time at D23 Expo, guests will be able to get their hands on the hottest new console and mobile games featuring favorite Marvel Super Heroes, playing as the world-famous Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and more!

  • “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is an all-new, original adventure and sequel to the smash hit “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.” Bringing together iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains from different eras and realities, along with signature LEGO humor, the latest epic adventure from TT Games transports players into a cosmic battle across myriad Marvel locations ripped from time and space into the incredible open hub world of Chronopolis.
  • Adding to the infinite excitement of D23 Expo, “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” will offer attendees hands-on opportunities with the next era of the highly revered action-fighting game series. Marvel and Capcom universes collide like never before as iconic characters team up for action-packed player-versus-player combat. “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” features a variety of exciting and accessible single-player modes and rich multi-player content for new players and longtime fans alike and will be released on September 19, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Gazillion will offer a chance to play “Marvel Heroes Omega” and win fantastic prizes. “Marvel Heroes Omega” combines the core gameplay style of Action-RPGs and MMOs with an expansive library of heroes from the Marvel Universe. With thousands of hours of character progression and rewards, “Marvel Heroes Omega” comes packed with tons of replay value and a steady stream of new challenges with regular updates.
  • Netmarble is bringing its best to D23 Expo with “Marvel Future Fight.” Featuring 120 Marvel Super Heroes to choose from, players create teams of their favorites to fight for their future. D23 Expo attendees can try their hand at saving the universe.
  • “Marvel Puzzle Quest” is where the best in match-3 puzzle gameplay meets Marvel’s biggest Super Heroes and Super Villains in the most epic puzzle adventure game available on your phone, tablet, and PC. “Marvel Puzzle Quest” combines favorite Marvel characters with deep RPG leveling, player-versus-player tournaments, Alliances, and much more. Guests can unleash their inner Super Hero and wage war against their enemies. Learn more at

Marvel will present incredible panels during D23 Expo, including the fan-favorite Cup o’ Joe on Friday, July 14, at 1:15 PM PT in the D23 Expo Arena, featuring Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, Joe Quesada, in a no-holds-barred panel of everything Marvel! That same day at 6:00 PM PT on Stage 28, Marvel Animation presents a surprise-filled panel of sneak peeks, special guests, exclusive footage, and big announcements about the future of Marvel Animation on Stage 28. Details will be available on the D23 Expo app.

Tickets for D23 Expo 2017 are available for $81 for one-day adult admission and $59 for children 3–9. Members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club can purchase tickets for $72 for a one-day adult admission and $53 for children 3–9. Multi-day tickets are also available. For more information on tickets and D23 Expo 2017, visit

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An assortment of heroes and villains make their mark on the mobile game!

We’ve caught glimpses of alternate universes in the “Marvel Avengers Academy” mobile game in the past, but now the biggest threat in the multiverse arrives on the doorstep. Maestro, a far-future Hulk from another universe, utilizes both Bruce Banner’s incredible intelligence and the Green Goliath’s nastier qualities to rule with an iron fist.

Hungry for power, he’s taken to conquering various alternate Earths throughout the multiverse. The opportunity to prove his might against the combined power of Avengers Academy’s students and faculty becomes too hard to pass up. So now, he sets his sights on our campus. The students and faculty of Avengers Academy are about to learn their place in the multiverse. What doom and gloom is Maestro bringing down on the school and why is he here?

Allen Warner: Maestro is a conqueror of worlds, and he’s finally become aware of this universe for the first time. He’s obsessed with power, and proving his dominance over supposedly powerful heroes and villains across the multiverse, so he can’t resist the opportunity to show everyone at Avengers Academy who’s in charge. Like others before him, he’s also been drawn by Nick Fury’s use of the Infinity Gauntlet, but unlike some of the villains who’ve pursued it before, Maestro is more interested in who’s chasing the Gauntlet than the Gauntlet itself. It turns out that he has a history with Thanos, or at least one version of Thanos, and he’s been dying for a rematch. I think it’s also really cool that Maestro’s first appearance in “Avengers Academy” coincides with his reemergence in the pages of OLD MAN LOGAN. It’s always really great when what’s happening in our game lines up with what’s going on in the comics, TV, and movies, and we can help support and promote one another. How will our heroes take on the Maestro and his twisted alternate universe minions?

Allen Warner: Our heroes will battle Maestro and some multiversal minions he’s tricked into fighting by his side. The heroes will also be traveling into alternate dimensions to gather supplies and more heroes to help in the fight. With the whole multiverse available to them, I imagine we’re going to see some students with serious wardrobe upgrades.

Allen Warner: Yeah, it’s a really fun collection of diverse outfits themed around various timelines and alternate universes. There will be new outfits for Spider-Woman, Wasp, Mockingbird, Black Widow, Taskmaster, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and Captain America. It’s a really awesome combination of iconic looks from the comics, original concepts created by our great team of artists, and fresh takes on outfits that you might expect to see on another character, but that work really well on these heroes, transforming them into something that’s never been seen before. Aside from the gorgeous new gear, what new faces will join the Academy through this trans-dimensional adventure?

Allen Warner: It’s an A-list line up of alternate versions of some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes. It gives players a chance to get a version of some of the more difficult to obtain heroes from previous events, and it’s an awesome opportunity to do something that’s rarely been done by having two drastically different versions of the same hero meet for the first time. A perfect example is Bucky Barnes. Winter Soldier has been in the game for some time, and we know him as a somber emo poet who expresses his feelings about the tragedy he’s faced through music, but now he’ll come face to face with his younger self as an eager and excitable sidekick who hasn’t experienced any of the trauma around his accident and Hydra brainwashing. It’s really fun and interesting to see how they interact with each other, and to see how Bucky’s [friends] from the past like Captain America and Peggy Carter interact with Bucky after they’ve become accustomed to what he’s like as Winter Soldier.

The other new heroes who enter from various parts of the multiverse are Captain America 2099; Longbow, the medieval version of Hawkeye; Ghost Rider 2099; Thor Noir, who is our take on a Thor who resides in the Marvel Noir universe as a grim-and-gritty worthy enforcer for good; and Keeper Murdock, an alternate version of Daredevil who first appeared in the classic Age of Apocalypse comic event. They each have obvious similarities to their familiar counterparts, but are completely different characters with drastically different personalities, backgrounds, motivations, and in some cases, powers. I think a lot of the fun of creating and playing “Avengers Academy” is seeing reimagined and reinvented versions of old favorites, and this event is the ultimate version of that premise as our reimagined heroes meet and battle various versions of themselves who have also been reworked for the world of our game. How will Maestro make his presence felt in the new event district?

Allen Warner: The event district is awesome. Anyone familiar with Maestro knows that he keeps trophies from the many heroes and villains he’s destroyed across the multiverse, so we turned that idea up to 11 for this event. The entire event district is a conqueror’s kingdom composed of various helmets, capes, vehicles, weapons, and machinery from previous events and the wider Marvel universe. It’s packed with detail, and I think longtime players in particular will have a lot of fun finding all of the Marvel and “Avengers Academy” specific Easter eggs. Players are no doubt excited to add these new heroes and uniforms to their roster, but can you tease what’s next on the horizon for “Avengers Academy” fans?

Allen Warner: Homecoming arrives at “Avengers Academy,” along with some amazing Spider-People, and big surprises. In the following days and weeks, we’ll continue to add more iconic heroes that no one thought would ever be coming to “Avengers Academy.”

Keep checking back on for the latest “Marvel Avengers Academy” news, interviews, and more!

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Get your tentacles on a classic Spider-Man villain!

Looking to spice up your “Marvel Puzzle Quest” roster with some classic Spider-Man villains? Well you don’t get much more classic than Doctor Octopus with a bowl cut and it just so happens he and his tentacles get the 5-Star treatment later this week. We talked to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin about the maniacal scientist’s upgrade and what players can expect from Otto Octavius, one of Spidey’s most dogged nemeses. Why the sudden Doc Ock love? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the man, but what was the impetus behind his 5-Star treatment?

Josh Austin: I am sensing it may be a big summer for Spider-Man and company. So why not a well-known villain like Doctor Octopus to start it off with a fun nod to his classic bowl cut look? Doc Ock 3-Star is all about using his opponent’s strengths against them. What kind of villain were you trying to create with the new Octavius?

Josh Austin: This version of Doc Ock is a lot of fun with the science aspect of his character. That mixed with the inventive use of his tentacles helping to continue the attack even when he’s stunned, helps make this variation stand out from the 3-Star version. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about his abilities. What sort of deviousness does he have in store for his enemies?

Josh Austin: The first power is called Superior Science and it costs 10 Black AP. For this power Doctor Octopus works on a new invention, grabbing hostages, forcing them to work before tossing them away. This power stuns the target and creates a Countdown tile. While on the board, it stuns the target each turn. When it expires, the target takes damage and it creates Strike tiles.

The second power is called Tentacles and costs eight Blue AP to have Doc Ock’s tentacles lashing out constantly. If he has fewer than four on the board, Doc Ock creates a Tentacle tile. Then he deals damage for each Tentacle tile he controls. This power also has a Passive that triggers at the start of each turn. If Doctor Octopus is stunned, his tentacles make a match for his team for each Tentacle tile he controls.

The last power costs 13 Green AP and is called Cunning Scheme. Doctor Octopus generously creates a nuclear reactor to power the city, but secretly rigs it to blow. Place a 10-turn Nuclear Reactor Countdown tile on the board that deals damage to each enemy.

The power then becomes Phase 2 and costs eight Green AP. Doctor Octopus’s generator powers hospitals. Upgrade the Nuclear Reactor tile to give a burst of health to each friendly character each turn. This power also has a Passive ability that if the reactor is matched it gains 11 Green AP. If it’s destroyed, this power becomes Cunning Scheme.  After using the eight Green AP this power then becomes Phase 3.

Now when this power becomes Phase 3, it costs six Green AP. This power upgrades the Nuclear Reactor tile so that it deals damage to each enemy each turn. There is a Passive that if the Reactor is matched it [gains] 14 Green AP and if it’s destroyed, this power becomes Cunning Scheme again. If the player is able to spend the six Green AP, this power becomes Final Phase.

Final Phase is a Passive! All his work has led Doctor Octopus to this perfect moment. If Doc Ock’s Nuclear Reactor is matched away when its timer reaches “1,” he wins the battle! If Doc Ock’s Nuclear Reactor is matched at another time, gain 18 Green AP. If it’s destroyed, this power becomes Cunning Scheme. So if I read this right, Doc Ock can wipe out the entire enemy team, boss Galactus style, with his Nuclear Reactor tile? That’s wild!

Josh Austin: That is correct! It’s a pretty complicated villainous scheme, but once it’s fully executed Doctor Octopus wins the match outright. What’s great about this complicated power is that it feels just like an actual villain’s plot to take down a super hero; it’s complicated and takes a while to get going just like all the villians do in the comics. The only missing part is a long monologue from Doctor Octopus! And he’s not too bad at incapacitating the other team so they can’t fight his Superior Science. Thor (Goddess of Thunder) feels like she would make a great teammate with that three-turn stun of hers. Anyone else come to mind?

Josh Austin: The teammates that the team recommends are characters that can protect or activate his Countdown tiles including Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Sam Wilson (Captain America), and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Of course rounding the team out with someone that can generate Green AP will help tremendously; this includes Jean Grey (All-New X-Men), Drax (The Destroyer), and Invisible Woman (Classic). I really like that his tentacles can do work for him, even if stunned! I just wanted to let the design team know it’s a super cool ability that gets to the heart of Doc Ock’s character.

Josh Austin: Thank you so much! The team has been doing a great job of adding characters and events lately to change things up. The team has been hard at work at continuously finding new ways to add to this game that [keep] it fun and competitive each year. And I agree, the new Doctor Octopus Tentacle tile and his devastating Cunning Scheme power are great additions to “Marvel Puzzle Quest”! When can we utilize Octavius’ nefarious intellect for ourselves?

Josh Austin: Doctor Octopus (Classic) 5-Star will be available on June 1. The 5-Star cover store will be available to get Doctor Octopus (Classic) with increased odds. Doctor Octopus will be featured in the Webbed Wonder event that starts on June 1 with his new art added into the event. The player will still get a Howard cover and will also be able to get a Token for the 5-Star Doc Ock Cover store. Doctor Octopus (Classic) will then be added to the Latest Legends store June 19.

Grab a hold of Doctor Octopus’ tentacles here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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