Download the latest updates including new characters and costumes!

The latest update for “Marvel Future Fight” brings a double whammy of content drawing inspiration from the latest Marvel comics. Most of the new characters and costumes come by way of Marvel NOW! while one familiar hero takes a monstrous turn with a new look as the uniform system overall sees a big change. All of this comes on the heels of the Lunar New Year event starting later this month.

“One of the aspects we love about ‘Marvel Future Fight’ is that it gives players the chance to play with unique versions of the Super Heroes they love, and not just their traditional depictions,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at Netmarble Games. “We want to consistently continue to diversify players’ gameplay and strategy by including new features—like the Uniform Upgrade, for example.”

The uniform upgrade system allows players to accrue experience for individual outfits and use it to unlock stat boosts on those costumes. Train up your hero’s uniforms to unlock different stat boosts and swap them in and out to give your heroes the edge they need for the battle ahead.mff_v280_1280x720_global

Alongside this new feature, five heroes receive new looks in this update: Yellowjacket, Captain America, Red Hulk, Squirrel Girl, and Hulk (Amadeus Cho). The first four receive Marvel NOW!-themed upgrades, while Hulk gains a new uniform based on an upcoming variant cover for the Monsters Unleashed event kicking off later this month.

Three new heroes also join the interdimensional battle. Kate Bishop as Hawkeye, Inhuman Queen Medusa, and teen prodigy Ironheart all eagerly bring their unique skill sets to the team. And there will be plenty for them to do as the Lunar New Year event kicks off in a few weeks. As the New York of “Marvel Future Fight” becomes blanketed in snow, players can collect special tokens as they clear stages to unlock new exclusive items. We’ll have more details to share on the event closer to its launch on January 24.

“With their new Marvel NOW! series hitting over the past few weeks, the pinpoint timing of the ‘Marvel Future Fight’ team for their latest update–which allows you to jump from the game to comics and back again–gets a virtual high-five from my inner True Believer,” said Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann. “Did you love U.S.AVENGERS? Check out the patriotic versions of Red Hulk and Squirrel Girl in ‘Marvel Future Fight!’ Intrigued by the Super Soldier’s new uniform? Learn how he’s pulling everyone’s strings as a secret Hydra agent in CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS! Love playing as Medusa? See her lead her kingdom against the mutants in Inhumans vs. X-Men! Want to learn more about Kate Bishop after you kick butt with her in the game? Read HAWKEYE! Can’t get enough of RiRi Williams [as] Ironheart? Take her for a spin! If it’s the latest and greatest you crave, we have your Marvel NOW!

The team at Netmarble constantly work to improve players’ overall experience with the game, even while they bring new content in the form of heroes, villains, stages, raids, uniforms and more. To that end, a handful of UI upgrades that streamline ISO-8 usage and Hero Gear round out this latest update.

“Marvel Future Fight” is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store, and you can follow the latest game news on!

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The silent king of the Inhumans makes his voice heard in Marvel’s MMO!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to unleash Black Bolt’s sonic assault on a host of baddies up to no good? Look no further than “Marvel Heroes 2016” where players can harness the Inhuman king’s incredible voice and exceptional martial prowess to dismantle any foe crazy enough to stand in his way.

We talked to Gazillion Lead Game Designer Benjamin Gilbert to get a breakdown of Black Bolt’s abilities and figure out just what makes Blackagar Boltagon—real name—tick. Let’s talk Black Bolt! I’ve always had a soft spot for Blackagar and I’m super excited to see him showing up in the game. What does this powerful Inhuman bring to the game that no other character does?

Benjamin Gilbert: Black Bolt is a unique blend of a ranged energy blaster and a mobile scrapper with a spectacular splash of blue crackling visuals fit for a king. Black Bolt has a very iconic look, a lot of black and blue with a touch of silver. For his “Marvel Heroes 2016” costume was there a specific artist/storyline the team pulled from?

Benjamin Gilbert: His “All-New All Different” look was pulled from UNCANNY INHUMANS directly. The Classic look was less about a specific story and more about taking the general details that make it “classic” and seeing if there was anything we could do to modernize it a bit but not lose the original appearance. Can you tell us a little about Black Bolt’s ability trees? How are we playing the King of the Inhumans?

Benjamin Gilbert: All his powers center around his primary resource mechanic called “Energy.” His first tree, “Scion of Attilan,” features all his Melee-centric powers, and also some that feature him zipping around with his cool wings. Next is “Inhuman Conduit,” which features him channeling particles into destructive beams or crashing waves of force that wash away enemies at range. His Talents will let you tailor Black Bolt’s kit to your play-style: all brawling? All range? A bit of both? You decide! What are some of the team’s favorite Black Bolt builds?

Benjamin Gilbert: My personal favorite is his melee build, using the Master Blow talent to swap out his Signature for a heavy-hitting melee one. [Others prefer] his ranged build, blasting enemies to smithereens from afar, occasionally using the slightest whisper to annihilate entire groups. What abilities are you most excited for players to try out?

Benjamin Gilbert: His Ultimate ability “Royal Decree” is quite a thing to behold. He unleashes the full potential of his voice in a reality-rending yell that instantly vaporizes non-boss enemies and decimates everything else. Anything else we need to know?

Benjamin Gilbert: The Attilan King is a great choice for beginners to “Marvel Heroes” and veterans alike. His kit can be molded to any play style and has enough stopping power to take on any challenge, and in stunning visual style to boot!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Heroes 2016” news and interviews!

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The hit mobile game spawns a very special variant comic book cover!

The heroes and villains of “Marvel Avengers Academy” grace a variant cover for this week’s MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #2. Avid players will surely look to pick this up, but those unfamiliar with it can get a peek at some of the game’s many characters, straight from the pen of “Avengers Academy” artist David Nakayama!

We sat down with David and pulled in Tim Hernandez, Game Production Director at Marvel Games, to get a behind-the-scenes look at how this cover came together. How did this project come about?

Tim Hernandez: Looking back, it has actually been in the works for a while. We had partnered with Marvel Publishing on multiple cool variants for other games last year that all turned out great.  Our fans really dig them and we knew we wanted to put together an “Avengers Academy” cover to showcase David and the TinyCo team’s amazing character designs and youthful spin on the Avengers. Being hardcore comic fans, the TinyCo team was just as excited to collaborate, so then it became a matter of picking the right comic series and timing. In September, Marvel Games Creative Director, Bill Rosemann and Creative Assistant, Isabel Hsu, and I took a look at the upcoming calendar of books to see what would make a good fit. We knew that Captain Marvel would be joining “Avengers Academy” in the “A-Force” event in December, and that the MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL series would be launching in early 2017. It was also roughly the one-year anniversary of the game’s launch so we all felt like it would be the perfect way to celebrate both the game and the new series. We then approached the Publishing team with the idea and they were all for it.

David Nakayama: Yeah, for me it started with my boss saying “Hey, so we’re going to do an ‘Avengers Academy’ variant cover—you want to do it?” and before he could even finish the sentence I’m going “OMG!! OMG!! YES, PLEASE!!” because I’m about as big a Marvel fan as you can be, and this was such a unique opportunity. I mean, I love working on our game, and I adore drawing covers for the comics, but obviously, it’s not every day that you get to put those two things together, so I really, really could not have been more jazzed about it. Also, as a die-hard comic fan I can’t help but think—in a “First Appearance” kind of way—that having the characters appear in print, in their native medium, on an actual Marvel comic was like welcoming them into the larger Marvel multiverse, which is just really special to me. When did you bring David on board to design it?

Tim Hernandez: Honestly, I think we always assumed it would be David doing the cover due to his massive creative involvement on the game, and his previous experience creating awesome covers for Marvel. When we shared the news with TinyCo that the cover was a go, they requested it be David on art duties and for us it was a no brainer to make it official.

David Nakayama: I definitely made my interest known at the very first whiff of a rumor that this might be happening. No way was I going to miss out on this if I could possibly help it! What was the process like for putting this cover together? Did you run through several ideas or did the Captain Marvel/Iron Man arm wrestling come up early?

Tim Hernandez: We proposed a couple of high-level ideas, but David really came up with the arm wrestling idea. I think Civil War II was still on everyone’s mind but with Tony being the unofficial “big man on campus,” it was a great way to introduce Carol to the Academy in a fun and humorous way that also allowed us to feature a nice diversity of characters, which really speaks to what “Avengers Academy” is about. Throughout the process we ran the concept, sketch, pencil and color phases by Sana Amanat and Charles Beacham who were editing MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL and they loved it too.CAPMARV2017002_DC31

David Nakayama: Yup, Tim nailed it. Civil War II established Tony and Carol as rivals, so it felt natural to translate that relationship into the context of the Academy. One of my goals with this cover was a feature as many characters as possible, and the arm wrestling idea gave us a nice excuse for the other students to be present. Even better, they could all be emoting and reacting to the match in their own way: Loki’s taking bets, Pepper’s freaking out, Black Widow is disgusted, Cap thinks Carol got this one in the bag, etc. I was thinking basically, if we have just one image to show comic fans what “Avengers Academy” is all about, this would be a great way to present a lot of character and story all at once. The cover is chock full of “Avengers Academy” heroes and even shows off one of Vision’s fan-favorite actions from the game. How did you decide whom to include in the cover from the now 90+ characters in the game?

Tim Hernandez: As long as Vision made it in, I was happy! David came up with the line-up and I think we were pretty locked in on the cover featuring the characters that make up the core story. We also teased a couple of new additions, like Hawkeye and She-Hulk, who we knew were coming to the game by the time the cover would hit and the fans would want to see.

David Nakayama: I started off with the intention of including everyone who’d appeared in the game so far but quickly realized there were just too many. So instead I went for core Avengers first, then fan faves, then deep cuts and in-jokes—I’m looking at you, British Bulldog!—all with an eye towards building as diverse and interesting a color palette as I could. Managed to get in just about all the main heroes, but I wish I’d had a lot more space—and drawing time!—to include more villains and newer arrivals like Doctor Strange. Plus, I happen to know everyone slated to arrive in future “Avengers Academy” events, and it’s a monster list of AAA characters that could easily fill their own cover. So yeah, with a whole universe of characters to draw on, it’d be easy to fill up another one of these with just as many characters. Were there any particular Avengers Academy characters you were eager to include?

David Nakayama: In every version of the Avengers, I just love Tony and Cap’s dynamic, so that was a main focus for sure. In our game, Wasp, Loki, Pepper, and Enchantress are huge fan-favorites, so I definitely wanted to give them their due as well. Fans of the game will certainly be eager to know if they’ll see more of these. Are there currently any plans for more Avengers Academy variants down the line?

Tim Hernandez: We’d love to do more. Whenever you’re ready for round two, David! How about double the amount of characters this time?

David Nakayama: OMG!! OMG!! YES PLEASE!! Bring it on. Any time. Seriously. Call me.

Track down the special variant cover for MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 now, and play “Marvel Avengers Academy!”

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The ace agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. stands side-by-side with super heroes!

Want to work for the world’s premiere spy agency, save the world on a weekly basis, and look great doing it? Sorry, but there’s only room for one Phil Coulson in “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” but good news—we can all play his wingman.

We talked to D3 Go! Publisher Josh Austin about Agent Coulson’s abilities and everything he brings to the game. What’s so cool about Coulson?

Josh Austin: Agent Coulson may be a human with a robotic hand, but he definitely fits in and can hold his own in a world of super heroes. Phil definitely adds a lot to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with how he calmly leads his team, even in the [direst] situations, dishing out a healthy amount of sarcasm and giving fans an average joe role model that everyone can relate to. I think we can all agree that Phil’s a swell guy and a great agent, but what makes him “Puzzle Quest” material?

Josh Austin: We took a strategic approach with his design. He is a four-star character and his abilities are mostly surveying the battlefield and calling in the right type of backup while helping his team shine with advanced tech to gain more AP and utilize Countdown Tiles. This makes him a great fit for “Marvel Puzzle Quest” as a utility character who can help strengthen a team of heroes that do not share the same colors. Let’s talk about this abilities: what’s Coulson got going on?

Josh Austin: Agent Coulson’s first ability is called Call the Cavalry and costs 12 Yellow AP. With this ability Coulson surveys the situation and makes calls for backup. What this means for the player is at a low level he creates a one-turn Commander Countdown Tile that creates one Strength Tile. For higher levels he starts calling in more Countdown Tiles like a Sniper Tile that deals damage, a Spy Tile that deals damage to all enemies and at level five he creates two Commander Countdown Tiles. But wait, that’s not all! This ability has a Passive that gives the player one AP when any friendly Countdown Tile reaches zero and two AP for the same reason at level four.

Phil’s second power is Best-Laid Plans for eight Purple AP. This ability is designed around Agent Coulson’s ability to stay calm even when surrounded and things look horrible. The player gets to choose two red and/or green Basic Tiles to become Charged Tiles and then swap them. Increasing this power will give the player more Basic Tile colors to choose from and reducing the Countdown timer by two for any friendly Countdown Tiles. This ability also has a Passive that triggers if you make a match while you have six or more team-up AP. It spends two team-up AP to reduce a random friendly Countdown timer by one.

His last power is Super Secret S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech for 11 Blue AP. Based on another Agent Coulson characteristic, Coulson unleashes an advanced piece of tech, raising an eyebrow in mild surprise at its effectiveness. This ability steals random AP for each friendly Countdown Tile on the board. This power has a Passive as well that triggers whenever an ally player activates a power, which creates a two-turn Countdown Tile that deals damage. Increasing this ability’s level will give this ability more damage, reduce the two-turn Countdown for the passive to one-turn, and add more AP per friendly Countdown Tile. Coulson has a lot of interesting things going on in his kit. It seems like he’s really focused on AP manipulation and playing with countdown timers. And he could give Kingpin a run for his money calling in backup!

Josh Austin: Definitely, there is a lot of Countdown Tile manipulation and all of his powers feed into each other in a fun interesting way. Who does he fight best alongside? Thor (Goddess of Thunder) seems an easy comrade, making use of Coulson’s charged to power her Smite. Who else fits into Coulson’s crew?

Josh Austin: Good suggestion! Agent Coulson is a good character to team up with anyone that doesn’t have color overlap. Some characters that our side has found fun to play with are Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) with his Hellfire Power to crate the Countdown Tile that refreshes every 2 turns which in turn will trigger Call the Cavalry every 2 turns.

Also War Machine (James Rhodes)’s Gatling Gun which creates Countdown Tiles that deal damage and destroy tiles around them. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)’s Goblin Glider creates a Countdown Tile and Trick or Treat creates three Countdown timers while passively fortifying Countdown Tiles so they survive. Anything else we need to know about the hard-hitting S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?

Josh Austin: Agent Coulson will be debuting in Deadpool vs. MPQ starting on Thursday, February 23. He will also be in the Vault for Venom Heroic, which starts on February 27 and there will be a Versus Tournament called Right Hand Man which will be happening on March 2.

Take Agent Coulson for a spin here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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The Lord of the Dark Dimension lays siege to Battlerealm!

Everyone please join me in welcoming the dark lord of the Dark Dimension, the one and only Dormammu, to “Marvel Contest of Champions”!

We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about Dormammu’s appearance on Battlerealm and what players can expect from Doctor Strange’s arch nemesis. Oh boy what has The Collector done to draw the attention of the one and only Dread Dormammu?

Gabriel Frizzera: This time The Collector has nothing to do it. Without spoiling the story too much, the person responsible for luring the Lord of Darkness to the Battlerealm was our own Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. I’m not going to say for what purpose, you’ll have to play the quest to see! In the “Marvel’s Doctor Strange” film we only really got to see Dormy’s face, but here you have him all fleshed out, pardon the pun. What went into his full body design?

Gabriel Frizzera: We knew that Dormammu, being a god-like creature, would be too powerful—and large—to fit the battle arenas. However, he’s known to assume a material [form] to physically battle earthly heroes so we took cues from a couple of incarnations of Dormammu in the comics: the classic design with the crown of thorns and curved shoulder spikes, and the Dark Reign massive armored version. We kept the elements we felt define Dormammu, and pushed the obsidian armor to make it more aggressive-looking. His signature ability is Soul Leech. That sounds crazy ominous. What’s going on there?

Simon Cameron: The Lord of the Dark Dimension is not only a massively powerful entity in terms of more direct power but he can also have a strong, shall we say, corrupting effect on those he wishes to control. To reflect this, his Signature Ability gives him a chance to do damage over time to a target each time one of their Buff effects ends, twisting their own strengths against them. His other abilities seem like they’re all about controlling his opponents and making sure they can’t use their most powerful attacks. Is that fair to say?

Simon Cameron: Absolutely. Dormammu is a control character. He Nullifies Buffs, he Power Locks, Power Drains, and Power Burns. He’s all about preventing his opponents from using their most powerful abilities while building his Dark Energy charge to enhance his own attacks. If you manage to pick up Dormammu, who should be showing him around Battlerealm? Tell us all about those sweet sweet synergies.

Simon Cameron: The two Sorcerer Supremes—current or past—in The Contest are obviously his Enemies, with Doctor Strange going a step further to be his Nemesis. And while Dormammu doesn’t have friends per say, he also has synergies with two of his pawns on Earth, The Hood and Mordo. Anything else we need to know about the ruler of the Dark Dimension? When can we pick him up for ourselves?

Simon Cameron: Just that he’s coming soon! Keep your eyes on in-game messages to see exactly when.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews.

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Hulkling, Wiccan, and more join to battle the time-traveling conqueror!

With Ultron recruited and The Destroyer caged, the students of “Marvel Avengers Academy” may have thought they would get a moment to breathe. True to form, however, a new threat appears to take advantage of the Academy’s perceived weakness.

This time, the time-traveling villain Kang the Conqueror uses the timefog itself against the super-powered school. But another group of heroes have been battling Kang across time and were captured trying to stop him from attacking the Academy. Freeing them will grant powerful and knowledgeable new allies in the effort against the tyrant of the timestream.

We grabbed Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to get the full rundown on this new mini-event. How do the Young Avengers find themselves embroiled in Kang’s plot?

Allen Warner: During Ultron’s robot revolution, he shut down the Academy’s defenses, including systems that monitor and secure the surrounding timefog. Director Fury usually controls who goes in and out, and who remains trapped inside, but the temporary shutdown gives Kang an opportunity to attack the school, and tamper with the timefog itself. Various Young Avengers have been battling Kang throughout the timestream for their own reasons, and they try to stop him from entering this timeline, but are eventually captured. Which members of the team make the call to join the school?

Allen Warner: Hulking, Wiccan, and Stinger. They’re all great fits for the school with awesome, unique powers. Hulking has these great shapeshifting abilities that allow him to do everything from grow wings and fly around the campus, to changing his appearance to mimic people at the school. Wiccan has his incredible Chaos Magic abilities that resulted in some of the best animations of any hero so far; and Stinger aka Stature aka Cassie Lang has Pym Particle powers like her father Ant-Man that allow her to shrink down to nothing and grow into a giant. The fact that her powers can be triggered by her emotions made for some really fun stories and animations, along with coming face-to-face with her dad from another timeline who’s her same age. America Chavez and Kate Bishop were amazing additions to the game, and these three heroes turned out awesome, so it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the Young Avengers join Avengers Academy. Does Kang bring with him any new hints to the timefog’s nature? Black Widow is sure to be interested in getting one over on Headmaster Fury…

Allen Warner: Definitely. I’ve gotten away from the timefog mystery in recent events, but with Kang being the king of time travel, it only makes sense that it comes back to the forefront. We see almost immediately that Kang has history with Fury, Odin, and Pym. He doesn’t know exactly how the timefog came to be, but he knows more about the faculty and their role in the timefog’s origins than any villain to date. There will be a lot of clues about what happened in this place before the timefog, how it came into existence, and the entities and energies inside that no one expected. The faculty did everything in their power to hide the Academy’s location from Kang, but now that he’s found it he won’t be leaving without a fight; and even if he loses that fight, he’ll set events in motion that will still be felt long after he’s gone. How will our heroes battle Kang and put a stop to his sinister machinations?

Allen Warner: Iron Man builds new time portals that allow the heroes to travel throughout time in search of ways to overcome Kang’s far-future technology. They’ll travel everywhere from Ancient Egypt to outer space for meetings with the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, resulting in some really fun and unique stories, decorations, pets, and vehicles. Our heroes will eventually battle Kang and his futuristic arsenal, sending him back into the timestream, and rescuing the Young Avengers to fight by their side. Once our heroes are able to conquer Kang, what new threats will come for the Academy?

Allen Warner: Kang may lose the battle, but the war has just begun. He uses his tech to turn the timefog against the school, unleashing monsters on Avengers Academy. They’ll need help from some powerhouse heroes, eclectic monster hunters, a gigantic robot, and everybody’s favorite red Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news on “Marvel Avengers Academy!”

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Play as Moon Girl, Dormammu, and more in the hit mobile game!

More of the Inhuman family—alongside a brilliant young girl and a powerful Faltine sorcerer—prepare to join the interdimensional battle of “Marvel Future Fight”! Recruit the likes of Moon Girl, Crystal, Gorgon, and more to aid your team in a new set of set of stages and try the new Reward Pack system.

Maximus the Mad has gathered a number of followers and plots to destroy all humankind to pave the way for Inhuman rule. Eager to quash Maximus’s scheme, Moon Girl, Gorgon, Karnak, Inferno, and Crystal all become members of your team. Take on his sergeants across five stages to put an end to his nefarious plot and, eventually, bring the Inhuman prince to your side as well.

These new stages provide players an opportunity to try out the new Reward Pack system in “Marvel Future Fight.” By completing special challenges in these stages, you can earn rewards of your choice! Pick your challenge and your reward, and then unlock the bonus at the end of the mission.

While the Inhumans take center stage, a certain powerful being also joins the fight—much to the chagrin of Stephen Strange. However, Dormammu certainly proves to be a valuable addition to any team.

So they don’t feel left out in the cold, a few Inhumans already on the roster receive new uniforms as their brethren come aboard. Black Bolt dons his INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING outfit, while Ms. Marvel suits up in her Karachi costume. And the Monsters Unleashed armors continue to drop, as Elsa Bloodstone earns her set.

Unlock these new heroes and uniforms now in “Marvel Future Fight” and stay tuned for the latest news on the game!

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Our favorite gaming titles celebrate the most romantic day of the year!

Get your hearts ready, True Believers, because the stellar teams behind some of Marvel’s biggest mobile games have prepared an awesome variety of Valentine’s Day delights to celebrate the holiday! With so many games and so many fun opportunities at your fingertips, we wanted to breakdown everything that’s happening so you don’t miss a thing! Keep reading gang, we’ve got you covered.

Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy

First up: “Marvel Avengers Academy,” where love hangs heavy over campus. Want to score more Academy Credits and gaze upon robotic infatuation? Look no further than the Stark Industries Tunnel of Love. An animated swan boat ride not enough for ya? Stay tuned for the Hangouts feature, which will allow players to pair up their characters and send them on fun activities.

Next, “Marvel Contest of Champions” where players can take advantage of some fun Valentine Crystal shards. Grab Cyclops, Phoenix, and Wolverine Crystals in a special Valentine’s bundle, pick up Romance Crystals specifically designed to net Heroes with Romance Synergy, and from now until the end of February players get Dimensional Shards in all Daily Deals. Utilize tons of ways to fill out your roster and take it to the Collector on Battlerealm.

“Marvel Future Fight” kicks off Valentine’s Day with a bang! Prepare for a loot explosion, netting you a host of rewards and a 100% XP boost through the entire event. Also, every four hours players can check out their Golden Gift Box for special items like Rank Up tickets, Upgrade Material, and more!

In “Marvel Puzzle Quest” the team at D3 Go! made some awesome Facebook and Twitter Valentine’s Cards featuring Marvel’s most famous couples. Sharing the cards with the hashtag #FavoriteMarvelCouple contributes to a pool, with more shares unlocking higher tier rewards starting at 100 Hero Points all the way up to 5-Star Phoenix and 4-Star Cyclops. Check out the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” Facebook or Twitter pages to get started!

And to round out the Valentine’s fun, everyone’s favorite runner, “Spider-Man Unlimited,” has bonus score multipliers, combos, Vials, and Iso-8 for players plus a “True Love” Bundle Pack featuring Titan Spider-Man, Titan Mary Jane and 130 ISO-8. Could you ask for more?

Whew…get all that? If you’re a fan of Marvel mobile games there’s a ton of stuff going on for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you take advantage of all the awesome offers and stay tuned to for more Marvel Games news and interviews!

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Learn all about how Doctor Strange’s friend-turned rival figures in!

Mordo vaults off the silver screen and into “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” bringing all his formidable mystical artifacts with him. How does he fit on your team? Can he go toe to toe with Doctor Strange? We talked to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin to get the lowdown on just what this wayward sorcerer’s capable of. Baron Mordo’s an interesting choice for the “Marvel Puzzle Quest”-verse. We don’t have a ton of magical heroes in “Puzzle Quest,” so I’m super happy to see him making an appearance!

Josh Austin: The home video release of “Marvel’s Doctor Strange” is coming out next week and the four-star Mordo (Master of the Mystic Arts) definitely brings an element of magic from the Doctor Strange world to “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” We focused on the villain Mordo in “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” and as such we were able to create our own comic cover with Marvel’s direction that players should be excited to see. We hope players can feel like they are continuing Mordo’s path after the movie as they play him in “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Mordo’s abilities in the comics and the film, at least to me, don’t seem super defined. How’d the team go about creating three specific powers for the mystic in “Puzzle Quest”?

Josh Austin: The powers for Mordo were created based on key moments from the Doctor Strange movie, including the staff artifact he shows Doctor Strange when explaining how they chose the sorcerer. We also focused one of his abilities in a similar fashion to the way Mordo is able to run through the air to smack Doctor Strange, showing him how slowly he’s learning. The last power focuses on what he shows the audience at the end of the credits but I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Let’s talk about what Mordo’s got going on under the hood. Let’s break down his abilities.

Josh Austin: Mordo’s first power is called Staff of the Living Tribunal and it costs seven Black AP. So like the staff in “Doctor Strange,” the staff starts solid and separates into a type of chain whip. This attack deals damage, then converts Black basic tiles to Charged tiles. If there are enough Black Charged tiles on the board, the attack deals damage for each Black Charged tile on the board then destroys them, so at level one if there are six Black Charged tiles it will do 54 damage per Black Charged tile on the board. At level five it gets even better, where if there are three or more Black Charged tiles each one will deal 454 damage to the enemy team for each Black Charged tile on the board then it destroys the Black Charged tiles.

His second power is called Vaulting Boots of Valtorr and costs 10 Blue AP. For this power Mordo takes to the air, striking his target for damage and converting basic tiles of the enemy’s strongest color into Black Charged tiles. Using this power helps generate Black Charged tiles for Staff of the Living Tribunal.

Mordo’s last power is called Power with Purpose and costs nine Purple AP. This power focuses on Mordo’s ability to steal from an unworthy sorcerer, so for this power he stuns the target and steals Blue AP. This power feeds into the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr power to help bring the player’s Blue AP up and at higher levels will steal Purple and Black AP as well. Mordo feels like a hit-and-run aficionado, ready to stun, steal AP, do some damage, and get out. That fair to say?

Josh Austin: That definitely fits with the Mordo we leave the Doctor Strange movie with and is a big part of the planned design for this variation of Mordo in “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Overall his health is pretty good and the player wants to focus on Black Charged tile creation to hit the opponent with as much damage as they can with Staff of the Living Tribunal. I feel like Mordo could find a place on just about any team, but is almost entirely self-sufficient at the same time. Is there anyone in particular that he synergizes well with?

Josh Austin: The player will want to create Black Charged tiles as much as possible, so using characters that can help give Mordo more Purple and Blue to use his powers to generate more Black AP can help characters like Scarlet Witch’s passive to create Purple or Iron Man Model 40 to create three Red and Blue AP. Another option would be to use Silver Surfer’s Perfect Being power to create Charged tiles, or just team him up with Thor (Goddess of Thunder) to take advantage of her ability Smite to do extra damage with charged tiles on the board. And when do we get to test out Mordo’s mystical artifacts for ourselves?

Josh Austin: The release of Mordo continues the celebration of Black History Month in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” as we recently released Black Panther (Civil War) and Riri Williams (Ironheart) in the game. We are all happy to see both Black Panther and Riri featured right now on the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” game loader for everyone to see when the game is launched.

Players interested in adding Mordo to their roster can find him available in-game starting tomorrow, February 9, in the Unstable Iso-8 event between February 9 and February 14. He will also be the new featured character in the Strange Sights event between February 13 and 17 and is a progression reward and in the event Vault. And finally, his very own Versus Tournament called Too Many Sorcerers will start on February 16 and end on February 20.

Pick up Mordo and put on your blue suede flying shoes here, and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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Henry McCoy joins the Marvel MMO and brings Jubilee along for the ride!

Hank McCoy, resident X-Man big brain and bouncing blue ball of fists and feet, brings his brilliance to “Marvel Heroes 2016.” We talked to Gazillion Lead Game Designer Benjamin Gilbert about Beast’s abilities and another little treat: Jubilation Lee makes an appearance as the game’s newest Team-Up! We’ve got a lot to cover gang so let’s get into it! I gotta ask, out of all the mutants with bigger, more bombastic abilities, what is it about the blue-furred Beast that brought him to “Marvel Heroes 2016”?

Benjamin Gilbert: Being one of the original X-Men, he’s someone fans have been asking after for years now. We’re very happy with how he came out, and we hope players will agree Dr. McCoy’s playstyle is a nice mix of visceral and cerebral, which we think feels true to the character. Ok what can you tell us about Dr. Hank McCoy? What do his ability trees look like?

Benjamin Gilbert: There are two categories of powers: Brains and Brawn. Brawn features all the “Beast” stuff you’d expect: dashing, jumping, and slashing baddies chock-full of his flashy movements. These are the powers that make use of his custom resource: “Momentum.” Brains makes use of applied Science in the form of useful, mostly non-lethal gadgets. Then of course his Talents come, custom-tailoring Beast’s playstyle. What’s the best way to play this guy? It sounds like he can be played like a melee brawler or maybe someone who lets his inventions speak, and fight, for themselves.

Benjamin Gilbert: You can focus on acrobatic brawling, deployment of gadgets, or even “Teamwork” powers—unlock in Talents—which feature him coordinating with his fellow X-Men. Players have many choices with how they play Beast. And what kind of costumes are we looking at here? Beast’s sporting his current comics style? What else do you have in store for the real McCoy?

Benjamin Gilbert: Hank launched with two costumes. His default, Uncanny Inhumans, is in the current comic style. The other is Astonishing X-Men, which features a more “bestial” look. And Beast isn’t the only X-Man showing up this week; Jubilee blasts on the scene fireworks blazing. What kind of help can we look forward to enlisting her aid?

Benjamin Gilbert: She brings her signature smorgasbord of spontaneously created plasmoid fireworks to the fray! And all those pretty lights aren’t just for show—though quite spectacular—they’re in such high density that they burn clean through any obstacle. She’s a great helping hand for any Hero, especially those looking for a healthy dose of 90’s nostalgia. Now that the game’s hit 60 playable characters, what’s next? More characters? Big events? What can we expect from “Marvel Heroes 2016” in 2017?

Benjamin Gilbert: Yes! As for Heroes, Black Bolt and Medusa are up next, followed by the illustrious Nick Fury. Of course, we’ll regularly be rolling out events, both classic events like Odin’s Bounty and special ones like our Valentine’s Day event.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Heroes 2016” news and interviews!

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