A classic X-Men story is turned into a new collectible.

A classic story in the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN found Rogue fending for herself in the Savage Land, and now the new Marvel Gallery Savage Land Rogue PVC Diorama from Diamond Select Toys recreates this memorable part of the mutant super hero’s life.

Savage Land Rogue PVC Diorama from Diamond Select Toys.

A Diamond Select Toys Release! She’ll steal your powers, and your heart! This 9-inch sculpture of the X-Men’s Rogue is based on her famous Savage Land storyline, in which the power-absorbing mutant found herself stranded with Magneto in the Antarctic paradise. Based on Jim Lee’s artwork, this 9-inch PVC diorama shows Rogue in her distinctive outfit from the story, and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira!

PVC Diorama            SRP: $45.00

Look for pre-sales to begin next week with comic shops and online retailers.

Savage Land Rogue PVC Diorama from Diamond Select Toys.

The storyline with Rogue trapped in the Savage Land began in UNCANNY X-MEN #269 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, and then continued in in UNCANNY X-MEN #274 and #275 (both also by Claremont and Lee).You can read all of the issues via Marvel Unlimited!

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #274

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #274

  • Published: March 10, 1991
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: September 17, 2008
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Chris Claremont
  • Penciller: Jim Lee
  • Cover Artist: Jim Lee
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Rogue isn’t the only Marvel PVC Diorama on its way from Diamond Select Toys. Check out the gallery below to see the upcoming releases for Captain America, Black Widow, Punisher, X-23, Black Panther and Killmonger!

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How Spider-Man, Silk and Spider-Gwen got bold new depictions in both statue and print form.

First unveiled at New York Comic Con last year, Sideshow Collectibles’ Mark Brooks Spider-Verse collection – consisting of new statues of Spider-Man, Silk and Spider-Gwen — were quickly highly-coveted by fans. Since then, a limited edition Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Fine Art Print was announced as well, depicting the three characters in the same poses seen in the statues.

Marvel.com spoke to Mark about the project recently, alongside Sideshow’s Art Director, David Igo, and the Head of Sideshow’s Print Program, Gracie Bifulco.

Marvel.com:  What were your first discussions like with Sideshow about this project? How does tackling something like this first begin?

Mark Brooks: I’ve known David and the Sideshow team for almost a decade now. We had bounced a few ideas around in the past, and collaborated on a few different designs, but nothing had been released at that stage. I was at San Diego Comic-Con sharing a booth with Marvel concept artist and illustrator Adi Granov, and David came over to hang out.

David Igo: Adi rocks! We work with him a lot. He’s a rad artist and a good friend.

Mark Brooks: We all got chatting and David and I started daydreaming about a few of the ideas we’d bounced around back in the day.

Gracie Bifulco: I actually bought a convention sketch from Mark at the same show! I love Mark’s art and I’ve been a fan for a long time. I knew I wanted to work with him on a print at some point.  It was just a matter of finding the right project.

Mark Brooks: Sideshow wanted to bring out a new comic book inspired line of statues. David and I had so many deep-dive nerd conversations over the years, just geeking out about different characters and what we could do. But, we started narrowing that list down, and I had a few ideas that I pitched them to David.

David Igo: Right away we had three killer concepts, all based around people within the Spider-Verse, and I started thinking about a whole Artist Series line with Mark, but we kept coming back to one character in particular…

Mark Brooks: Yeah, I really wanted to design a Spider-Gwen! She was the catalyst behind the idea of a series. We got thinking about Silk, and Spider-Man and the potential there. It’s such a great [trio], you know.

David Igo: That trilogy is such a strong place to start. It’s an awesome line up!

Gracie Bifulco: It was at that point that we suggested a print too. It was still early on, but once that trilogy idea took hold, we really wanted a companion print of those characters all together. I knew they’d look awesome!

Mark Brooks: It’s funny, but knowing in the back of my mind that there was going to be accompanying artwork in print form became very much a part of my design process. I always had that in the back of my mind. It helped me to think of these characters all together.

Marvel.com: What’s it like seeing your art brought into three dimensions with these Sideshow statues?

Mark Brooks: It’s so crazy! Like I said earlier, I’ve known the Sideshow team for years now. But things have changed so much since we first started talking about collaborating on some work. My style has evolved a lot, and the work that Sideshow is producing is getting better and better.

David Igo: We’ve leveled up for sure. We’re always trying to bring our ‘A’ game in every way; art, sculpt, paint, materials, manufacturing, everything. There’s just so much more you can do now!

Mark Brooks: Exactly! This series wouldn’t have been possible 7 or 8 years ago. I wasn’t there yet, and neither were Sideshow. This is the perfect time to make it happen.

Marvel.com: What were your discussions like with Mark about how the characters should be depicted here?

David Igo: We had a lot of faith in Mark’s abilities as a designer, and in his understanding of the process. We could connect him directly with our art team and let them riff off each other. Spider-Gwen, for example, had design input from JP Mavinga, as well as a whole team of kickass sculptors — Steve “Schu” Schumacher, Matt Black, Steve Lord, and Alfred Paredes — who were all able to work with Mark and translate Mark’s art to 3D.

Mark Brooks: I think it’s great that Sideshow give their artists so much credit on these pieces. I love what I do, but I know my limitations too. I wanted to push the boundaries on this character and really play with what was possible, but they embraced every challenge and actually did it, they brought her to life!

David Igo: As an Art Director, it was a blast. I love it when this happens. Mark had a vision, and I was like “Heck yeah!!!” He had so many suggestions regarding the contrasting textures and tones, so many little touches, and our artists love that.

Mark Brooks: Spider-Gwen was the starting point for my texture obsession! I must’ve driven the artists crazy! So much blood, sweat, and tears went into getting her just right. I wanted contrasts, coarse and smooth, matte and glossy, then light and dark. Nothing is flat. Nothing is simple. I wanted her to have a certain richness, not only as a visual thing, but as a tactile thing too.

David Igo: Mark sent us so much reference for paint handling. So many ideas! It became all about communication as well as teamwork. It was a challenge, but it was a fun one. And I think the piece came out great! She set the bar for the whole series.

Marvel.com: So, do you have a favorite character among this trio?

Mark Brooks: I love Spider-Man because he ties them together, as a character and as part of a series of statues. The more I talked with David about the way in which statues are displayed as well as designed, I became fixated on “skylines” and how these characters could flow together. I really became married to the silhouettes of these figures, and their poses really reflect that. At its simplest, Spider-Man is the lynch pin, Silk and Spider-Gwen bookend him, but it got a lot deeper than that…

David Igo: We like to talk about how these statues can flow together in a collection, we’re always thinking about that collector experience. One of the most interesting conversations we had was about levels. Spidey is always up high! We wanted to explore a Spider-Man at street level.

Mark Brooks: My first design after that discussion actually had him crouched on a chunk of New York city street. It was kind of cool. But as we explored that webbing for the figure bases, we thought it would be cool to use webbing to almost literally tie them together.

David Igo: The base designs are so much fun! You really have to see them “in the flesh” to appreciate them.

Mark Brooks: I love the paint application on the street signs. They are so realistic! You know, the worst thing about this project is waiting! We’ve been working on these statues for two years now. It’s excruciating! I want my statues!

David Igo: It’s like a movie. Waiting, keeping it secret. It’s tough, but it’s worth it to see the audience reaction.

Marvel.com:  Some people may first think of the figures and statues for Sideshow, but the beautiful prints the company creates are getting more and more attention. Is that gratifying to see?

Gracie Bifulco: The print program has grown really quickly, and that’s totally down to the enthusiasm of the collectors. Like Dave said earlier, we’re always thinking about that all-round collector experience. The idea that you can have this super limited edition luxury fine art print to accompany the statues is so great. It adds another level to a display, and it gives you another way of connecting with the art and the artist. We have the pleasure of working with some of the best artists from comics, illustration, concept art, and the movie industry, and it’s the perfect excuse to commission even more awesome art and share it with our fellow collectors. I’m so happy that people like what we are doing, it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Mark Brooks: The whole thing together, statues and art, is really something special. It was such a fun experience.

Marvel.com: There are plenty of other Spider-Verse characters. Anyone else you’d love to tackle for a project like this if the opportunity arose?

Mark Brooks: Black Cat for sure! Maybe, Mary Jane. She’d be fun! Oh, I’d love to do a really crazy Doc Ock! Just go super dark and push the tragedy of that character.

David Igo: I loved the Spider-Man / Doctor Octopus Year One stuff.

Mark Brooks: Those comics were amazing! Yes!!

David Igo: Anyone else? What about Aunt May?

Mark Brooks: I’d love to design an Aunt May statue! We could make the base a corner of her kitchen, make it really simple and sweet at first glance, and then just go nuts filling it with Easter eggs from Spider-Man lore. Just go completely crazy with details.

David Igo: That’s actually kind of amazing…

Gracie Bifulco: Yes!!!

The Sideshow Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Collection, can be pre-ordered now at http://sideshow.com/mbspiderverse.

Mark Brooks is on Twitter as @markbrooksart.

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Check out new characters and pre-order the upcoming releases now!

Hasbro is turning heads with the relaunch of Mighty Muggs this month, bringing a new spin to collectible figures. These head-spinning heroes and villains pack a mighty punch, letting fans of all ages experience a different side (or sides) of their favorite characters.

The first of the new Marvel Mighty Muggs — which feature a push-and-turn mechanism that lets fans change the figure’s facial expression by pushing down on the head — are now available for pre-order, with several additional characters having just been added.

Here at Marvel.com, we have your first look at three newly-revealed figures — Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Rocket Raccoon — which will all be part of Wave 2 of the new Marvel Mighty Muggs, available in February. Check out the gallery at the top of the page to see how all three appear in their packaging, along with photos of each of their distinct faces.

The upcoming return of Mighty Muggs (which also include new Star Wars-based characters) can be pre-ordered now at major retailers.

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Lose yourself in the Marvel library this holiday season!

written by Maggie Klimentova

As the winter chill sets in, we all just want to stay home and curl up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. So instead of braving the cold, grab your favorite mug and visit Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters and Gift Guide for some stories of heroism and adventure! Pick up one of these books and experience your favorite super heroes’ exploits from the cozy comfort of your own couch.

Whether you like classic Marvel tales or the latest and greatest stories, these collections make the perfect addition to any comics library. We’ve highlighted a few below, but don’t forget to head over to the Holiday Headquarters for the full selection!

Runaways: The Complete Collection Vol. 1

Heard the buzz about “Marvel’s Runaways” on Hulu and want to dig into the source material? Well, here’s an easy solution! Pick up RUNAWAYS: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. 1 by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona and join in on the fun!

Thor: Ragnaroks

THOR: RAGNAROKS compiles three Asgardian tales into one, following the journey of Thor (and Beta Ray Bill!) as they try to prevent the total destruction of their home realms. This epic collection makes a worthy gift for any fan of the God of Thunder!

Star Wars: Han Solo

Not getting enough of your favorite space rogue lately? Fly with Han Solo as he goes on an undercover mission for the Rebellion. This story has it all: betrayal, space races, glory! Take the Force home with you this holiday season!

Generations Hardcover

Classic heroes and newcomers collide in this GENERATIONS collection. Discover what happens when Odinson teams up with Jane Foster, when Clint Barton fights alongside Kate Bishop, when Peter Parker joins Miles Morales, and many more. Pasts, presents, and futures unite in this collection of one-shot issues!

America Vol. 1: The Life and Times of America Chavez

Like most young adults, America Chavez goes to college, fights interdimensional monsters, and shuts down alien cults! Take part in America’s thrilling adventures—pick up her series today!

To discover even more holiday gift ideas, stop by Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters!

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Impress your genius billionaire philanthropist friends with these festive gifts!

written by Maggie Klimentova

What do you get for the person who has everything?

The person who runs one of the largest and most profitable companies on Earth; who has hidden hi-tech bases across the world; who possesses hundreds of suits of armor and can literally fly. What do you get that person?

It seems like a tough challenge, but Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters and Gift Guide provides you with all the ideas you might need in order to surprise the Tony Stark in your life this holiday season.

We’ve put together a few specialty gift ideas for all the genius billionaire philanthropists you know, so check out some highlights here! Then head over to the Holiday Headquarters for more curated collections!

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Bishoujo Statue

This interpretation of Kamala Khan makes a fantastic addition to any collector’s showcase! A beautifully sculpted 1/7 scale statue, this piece depicts Ms. Marvel posed for action in her signature blue and red costume.

Stainless Steel Black and Gold Iron Man Cufflinks

Add some panache to your outfit with these black and gold Iron Man cufflinks. Even a simple collared shirt can feel like a Tony Stark tuxedo with these upgrades!

Odin Fair Isle Full Zip Handknit Sweater

Iron Man suits don’t seem super cozy, but even Tony Stark needs to keep warm in the winter! Hand-knit from the softest, most luxurious fibers sourced from New Zealand, featuring a design inspired by the Norse runic alphabet, this deluxe sweater will make the perfect gift for a fancy friend. But act fast; only 12 of these sweaters are available!

Marvel Legends Series: Star-Lord Electronic Helmet

Iron Man may have flying suits of armor, but does he have a premium Star-Lord electronic helmet? Probably. But still! You can feel like a charismatic spacefaring rogue with this realistic replica that features LED light-up eyes, electronic sound effects, and built-in speakers with wireless Bluetooth music detection!

Marvel Spinner Luggage

Flying around in armor feels great, but the storage space can be a bit limited. When you need to carry a few things around, try this Iron Man luggage to protect your belongings!

To discover even more holiday gift ideas, stop by Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters!

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Surprise the prodigy in your life with a perfect holiday gift!

written by Maggie Klimentova

The same way King T’Challa rules over the nation of Wakanda, you can reign over this holiday season.

Even if you don’t have any Vibranium stocking stuffers, you can still wow your hi-tech loved ones with these gifts featured in Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters and Gift Guide! Whether monarch or mogul, they’ll love these festive finds.

We’ve put together a few thoughtful gift ideas for all the tech genius Marvel fans in your life, so check out some highlights below! And don’t forget to head over to the Holiday Headquarters to see the full selection!

Black Panther Foundmi Keychain

Black Panther protects not only Wakanda, but also your phone, keys, and other frequently misplaced items! Never lose your belongings again with this T’Challa-inspired tracker!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Drone

This official movie edition Spider-Drone is no regular drone. This high-flyer utilizes voice feedback technology and features a special design and color scheme reminiscent of Peter Parker’s surveillance bot from “Spider-Man: Homecoming”! This arachnid device promises hours of fun for the Wallcrawler in your life.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Collector’s Edition for PS4

Straight from Taneleer Tivan’s treasure trove comes the Marvel vs. Capcom: Collector’s Edition! The highly detailed statues of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Mega Man X, and Chun-Li will make this game the showcase of any fan’s collection.

Iron Man Gaming Keyboard

Suit up your gaming experience with this Iron Man keyboard! While this Mark 43 armor-inspired keyboard doesn’t fire repulsor blasts, it will help any super hero destroy the competition.

Marvel Unlimited Subscription

You don’t have to be a Wakandan tech genius to know that reading digital comics has never been easier! With access to over 20,000+ issues, a subscription to Marvel Unlimited is a no-brainer.

To discover even more holiday gift ideas, stop by Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters!

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Assemble your holiday surprises with the 2017 Marvel Gift Guide!

written by Maggie Klimentova

What happens when the Avengers do a gift exchange?

Tony Stark probably brings a cutting edge tech gadget. Natasha Romanoff likely picks out some super spy gear. Steve Rogers hand knits socks.

And even though Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America might not hang out in your home on their days off from work, Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters and Gift Guide will still provide you with a collection of goodies worthy of the world’s greatest super team!

We’ve put together a few thoughtfully chosen gift ideas for all the Marvel fans in your family, so check out the highlights below. And head to the Holiday Headquarters for more curated collections!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Feature Dancing Groot

Rock out with this groovy dancing Groot!

Nearly the same size as his movie counterpart, this Groot can play music himself—or even detect external tunes. When he hears a song playing, Groot starts to boogie, so put on your favorite album and join him with some dance moves of your own!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital) Marvel Cinematic Edition

To see Groot and the rest of the galaxy’s most dysfunctional family in action, pick up “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2” in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray! Gather the whole family on the couch and relive every moment from the smash hit film!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition

Band together with your family to defeat Kang the Conqueror in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2! This action-packed video game will have everyone begging to play for “just five more minutes!”

LEGO Black Panther Pursuit


Create and control your own adventure with this Black Panther Pursuit LEGO set. Will Black Panther capture the Winter Soldier? Will he join Captain America? Will they race? Or will they create a giant structure out of their vehicles? You decide!

Spider-Man App-Enabled Super Hero by Sphero

Make a high-flying addition to your super team by snagging a Sphero Spider-Man this holiday season! Hang out with this voice interactive Web-Head as his emotive expressions and quick wit provide you and your family with hours of fun!

To discover even more holiday gift ideas, stop by Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters!

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Conquer the holidays with these perfect kids’ gifts!

written by Maggie Klimentova

December has arrived! A month of such short days and long to-do lists that even Quicksilver would have trouble getting ready for the holiday season.

But fear not, True Believers! Finding the perfect present may sound like a super power only found in a comic book, but our 2017 Holiday Headquarters and Gift Guide grants you that ability with just a few clicks!

We’ve put together a few thoughtfully chosen present ideas for all the Marvel fans you know, so check out a few highlights of our children’s gifts—for The Young Champion in your life—below. And head to the Holiday Headquarters for even more ideas!

“Thor: Ragnarok” Hulk Smash FX Fists

These Hulk hands promise gigantic fun for the lucky young fan! Smash to activate special sound effects and Jade Giant roars. If running around with these green gauntlets doesn’t sound like a good time, we don’t know what does!

“Thor: Ragnarok” Rumble Strike Hammer

With this hammer, the worthy Thor in your life can harness the power of the God of Thunder! Wield Mjolnir to hear some epic sound effects—all inspired by the new film, “Thor: Ragnarok”!

Marvel Spider-Man Mega City Playset

Return from Asgard to the home of Spider-Man: New York City! With this giant playset featuring Peter Parker’s secret lab, your young scientist—and super hero alike—can study radioactive spiders and fight crime all at once!

Marvel Spider-Man Blue & Red Quilt Sets


Peter Parker may be one of the coolest super heroes around, but the winter season demands bedding that’s a little more warm. Have your little hero curl up in this Spidey quilt set, featuring images of the world’s greatest web-slinger!

Lockjaw Plush

Give the gift of snuggles with this Lockjaw plush! While this version of the Inhuman’s trusty pup doesn’t actually teleport, he’ll still transport anyone to a land of cuteness and cuddles with a single hug!

Captain America vívofit® jr. 2

Even super heroes need some guidance and inspiration! Help your little Cap track their steps, sleep, and activities with one of these high tech, swim friendly Marvel-themed vívofits!

Keep swinging, Spidey! Become the hero of this holiday season by harnessing the power of Marvel’s 2017 Holiday Headquarters!

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You can now pre-order this fearsome new figure of an unleashed Logan.

A new Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure is coming from Sideshow, featuring the iconic X-Men ready for battle. This polystone statue stands 20” tall, with Wolverine lunging forward atop a severed Sentinel hand base.

Wolverine has a savage portrait complete with a snarling expression and his iconic yellow and black mask. He is clad in a textured yellow and blue costume with a red X-Men insignia belt buckle and weathering from battles past.
Full to the brim with anger and Adamantium, Wolverine has unsheathed metal claws prepared to shred any other Sentinels that might stand in his way. His arms are sculpted with impressive musculature, bulging veins, and painted hair detail, attesting to his sheer strength and ferocity.

The Exclusive edition of the Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure includes an alternate unmasked portrait with his cowl drawn back, revealing Wolverine’s furious face, sporting his iconic wild hairstyle. Check out the gallery at the top of the page to see images of the figure, including the unmasked portrait.

The Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure is now available for pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles.

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Spider-Gwen, Black Panther, more are coming to Walgreens in Series 8 of Marvel Animated Minimates!

It’s time for Diamond Select Toys is ready to unveil the next batch of Marvel Animated Minimates, featuring new Super Heroes, new Super Villains and new versions of old favorites!

Series 8 will hit Walgreens stores on or around April 1, 2018, and will include four all-new two-packs. The assortment includes:

• From “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” Stealth Suit Spider-Man takes on Screwball! The Internet personality with a mean streak is ready to humiliate Peter Parker in front of millions so Peter has donned his all-black stealth suit to stay below her radar. Spider-Man includes a webline accessory and leaping support stand, while Screwball has her pouch full of gear. This is the first Minimate of Screwball!

• Also from “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” Spider-Gwen, a.k.a. Gwen Stacy, tangles with the Jackal! The web-slinger comes with a webline accessory and leaping support stand, while her uncle, Professor Miles Warren, makes his debut in the Marvel Minimates format!

• From “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” / “Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars,” The Wasp is menaced by MODOK! The size-changing heroine includes a removable helmet, detachable wing accessories and a transparent flight stand, while the super-smart, super-sized AIM leader floats on a support stand.

• Also from “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” / “Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars,” the Black Panther strikes at the evil Madame Masque! The warrior from Wakanda must defeat the beautiful criminal from Iron Man’s past. Black Panther includes a removable mask, while Madame Masque includes an interchangeable unmasked head and hair piece. This is the first Madame Masque Minimate ever made!

In the meantime, a new batch of Marvel Animated Minimates are currently available. Spider-Man and Captain Marvel headline the recently-released Series 7 of the exclusive mini-figure line, only available at Walgreens stores.

Series 7, in all Walgreens locations now, captures the worlds of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and “Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution” in an assortment of four packs, each containing two 2-inch Minimates mini-figures. Sets include Spider-Man and Scorpion, Kid Arachnid and Vulture, Captain Marvel with Red Hulk, and Captain America’s Hulkbuster with Baron Zemo.

Walgreens also has an exclusive assortment of Minimates based on “Thor: Ragnarok,” as seen below!

Find your nearest store at Walgreens.com.

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