Plus new Select action figures and Premier Collection statues!

With Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” release on April 27 getting ever-closer, Diamond Select Toys has unveiled the first of their new products based on the film.

Get a look below at new items in the Minimates mini-figures, Select action figures, Gallery PVC figures, and Premier Collection statue lines.

Marvel Minimates Avengers Infinity War Box Set
This all-new box set features Iron Man in his Mark 50 armor, Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet, and two comic-shop-exclusive characters – Black Widow and the Winter Soldier! Each Minimates mini-figures measures approximately 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation, as well as fully interchangeable parts and accessories and a display stand. Packaged in a full color window box. Designed by Barry Bradfield!
Box Set SRP: $24.99

Marvel Minimates Avengers Infinity War Toys”R”Us Series 1 Asst
At Toys”R”Us, three new two-packs capture Iron Man Mark 50 with Thanos, Iron Spider-Man with the Hulk, and the Toys”R”Us exclusive Adolescent Groot with Rocket Raccoon! Each 2-inch mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation, and has fully interchangeable parts.
2-Packs SRP: $9.99

Marvel Minimates Avengers Infinity War Walgreens Series 1 Asst
At Walgreens, Marvel Minimates fans can pick up Iron Man Mark 50 with Thanos, Iron Spider-Man with the Hulk, and the Walgreens exclusive Doctor Strange with Thor and Star-Lord with Proxima Midnight!
2-Packs SRP: $9.99

Marvel Gallery Avengers Infinity War PVC Dioramas
These 9-inch scale sculptures feature detailed sculpting and collectible-quality paint applications. Each PVC plastic diorama comes packaged in a full-color window box.
Black Widow PVC Diorama SRP: $45.00
Doctor Strange PVC Diorama SRP: $45.00
Captain America PVC Diorama SRP: $45.00
Thanos PVC Diorama SRP: $45.00
Thor PVC Diorama SRP: $45.00

Marvel Premier Collection Avengers Infinity War Resin Statues
These resin statues of the Avengers as they appear in the new movie “Avengers: Infinity War” are approximately 12-inch scale, and feature high-quality sculpting and paint details. Each statue is limited to a production run of 3,000 pieces, and each is hand-numbered, with an accompanying certificate of authenticity in a full-color, hand-numbered box.
Hulkbuster Statue SRP: $199.99
Spider-Man Resin Statue SRP: $150.00
Thor & Rocket Resin Statue SRP: $150.00

Marvel Select Avengers Infinity War Action Figures
These 7-inch scale action figures feature approximately 16 points of articulation with interchangeable parts and accessories, and come packaged in the full-color, display-ready Select packaging, with side-panel artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!
Spider-Man Action Figure SRP: $24.99
Captain America Action Figure SRP: $24.99
Thor with Groot Action Figure SRP: $24.99

The Walgreens Minimates wave is out now, with the Toys”R”Us wave and the Minimates box set available this month. Additional Diamond Select Toys “Avengers: Infinity War” items will be available in the months to come and can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop or favorite online retailer.

This is just the first round, and not all are ready to show just yet, so look for more products and images in the near future!

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Check out the new range from BulbBotz, available March 3!

With fans counting the minutes until the April 27 release of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War,” there’s a great way to keep time, via the 2018 BulbBotz Marvel range of nightlight alarm clocks and light-up watches.

There are eight heroes available from “Avengers: Infinity War” — Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Iron Spider and Hulk — allowing fans of all ages to continue to collect their favorite comic-based character alarm clocks boasting a night light and characterized sounds.

Check them out in the gallery below!

Simply push down on their head to make them light up, or trigger their sound effects by pressing the sound button on their torso, taking your clock from a time tool, to a fun figure.

BulbBotz’ ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Night Light Alarm Clocks and Light Up Watches will be available beginning March 3.

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Several different action figure lines, accessories, and other items are available beginning March 3.

Hasbro has given Marvel fans an unbelievable amount of memorable toys through the years and that will continue in a big way for Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Check out the galleries below to get a preview of the many exciting items on the way beginning March 3, including new Marvel Legends figures, role play items based on weapons and accessories seen in the film, and much more.

Imagine harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones with these 6-INCH figures. Each figure features movie-inspired design, several points of articulation and comes with an Infinity Stone that attaches to the included weapon accessory! Each Infinity Stone can also be used to activate power-ups in the HERO VISION IRON MAN AR EXPERIENCE (HERO VISION Mask sold separately; age grade 8+). Characters include IRON MAN, BLACK WIDOW, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, GAMORA, STAR-LORD, and more, while DELUXE figures include HULK, HULKBUSTER, and ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT. Each figure includes one accessory and one Infinity Stone. Each figure sold separately.

Fans can combine their collections to save the galaxy with this LEGENDS SERIES assortment! Featuring premium deco, extensive articulation, and detailed accessories, each 6-inch scale figure comes with a different Build-A-Figure piece. Collect all the figures in each wave to complete the extraordinary Build-A-Figure. Includes characters from the comic books such as TASKMASTER and fan choice winner MARVEL’S SONGBIRD, as well as movie characters from “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” Each figure sold separately.

The AVENGERS assemble for more titan-sized action in the kid-favorite TITAN HERO SERIES line! Each 12-inch scale figure features five points of articulation and movie-inspired design. Activate unique figure phrases and sound effects with the TITAN HERO Power FX pack, not included; sold separately with Titan Hero Power FX figures (each sold separately). Characters include IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, STAR-LORD, GROOT, BLACK WIDOW, SCARLET WITCH, FALCON, and DR. STRANGE. Each figure sold separately.

Each deluxe 12-inch scale figure features five points of articulation and movie-inspired design. Activate different figure phrases and sound effects with the TITAN HERO Power FX pack, not included; sold separately with Titan Hero Power FX figures (each sold separately). Characters include HULK, THANOS, and HULKBUSTER. Each figure sold separately.

If it’s got the pack, it’s got the power! Each of the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Titan Hero Power FX figures comes with a pack that when connected, can power up their figure and activate character-specific sounds and phrases. Swap packs with other figures to hear phrases unique to that character! Each figure features five points of articulation and movie-inspired design. Characters include IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, IRON SPIDER, STAR-LORD, BLACK WIDOW, and THOR. Each figure sold separately and includes 12-inch figure, pack, and accessories. Compatible with electronic and non-electronic TITAN HERO SERIES figures, each sold separately. Requires 2 Triple AA batteries, included.

Heroes Unite! Gear-up like the AVENGERS with this new modular role play system powered by NERF! There are items based on HULK, IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, IRON SPIDER, and STAR-LORD.

Kids can imagine wielding the powers of THOR with MARVEL’S STORMBREAKER ELECTRONIC AXE! Activate thunder and storm sound effects by pushing the button on the handle. Features movie-based design inspired by THOR’S new weapon in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Requires 2 AAA batteries, included.

Kids can imagine wielding the most powerful weapon in the galaxy like THANOS with the electronic INFINITY GAUNTLET fist! Push the center button on the gauntlet to light up the Infinity Stone and activate mighty sound effects. Features movie-inspired deco designed to fit most kid hand sizes. Requires 2 AAA batteries, included.

Blast into action like the tech-powered Avenger, IRON MAN! This 14-inch scale figure features lights, phrases, movie-inspired sound effects, and an extendable combat pack. Switch into combat mode and prepare for battle by attaching the included pack to the figure and raising IRON MAN’s arm cannons. For even more Stark-inspired technology and superhero action, push the button on the extendable combat pack to slide it forward. Features more than 20 movie-inspired phrases and sound effects. Requires 2 AA batteries, included.

Imagine IRON MAN saving the universe with the IRON MAN VS. THANOS BATTLE SET! This Battle Set lets kids create epic battles with included IRON MAN and THANOS figures. Activate movie-inspired sounds and phrases with the THANOS figure, featuring arm-slashing action, light-up gauntlet, and battle accessory. Each Infinity Stone can also be used to activate power-ups in the HERO VISION IRON MAN AR EXPERIENCE (HERO VISION Mask sold separately; age grade 8+). Includes two figures, two Infinity Stones, and battle accessory.

Battle like Iron Man with Hero Vision: a new experience that combines traditional role play with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Face off with the iconic villain THANOS in an experience-rich environment that includes appearance of some favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. Download the HERO VISION app, place a compatible device inside the AR goggles, place AR markers around the play area, and get ready to battle like Iron Man! The HERO VISION app will be available Spring 2018 in the App Store and Google Play for select devices.

Hasbro’s “Avengers: Infinity War” toys and other items can be found at most major retailers and on and are available as of March 3.

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Get a look at many of the new releases coming from Funko for the highly anticipated movie!

With “Avengers: Infinity War” set to hit theaters on May 4, a ton of new products are coming your way very soon from Funko! Get a look at some of what you can expect to find in the galleries below.

Pop! Marvel – Avengers: Infinity War
The many Funko Pop! fans out there will be excited to see plenty of new bobble-heads to collect, including a 6″ Hulkbuster and an exclusive 10” Thanos!

Mystery Minis: Marvel – Avengers: Infinity War
There are a number of Mystery Minis coming for “Infinity War,” including several exclusives of popular characters like Winter Soldier, Falcon, Black Widow, Groot, Vision, Captain America and more!

Dorbz: Marvel – Avengers: Infinity War
The Dorbz line includes notable heroes and villains from the film.

Pop! Keychain: Marvel – Avengers: Infinity War
Iron Man, Thanos, Iron Spider and Hulkbuster all get the Funko keychain treatment!

Look for most of the new Funko “Avengers: Infinity War” items — which also includes t-shirts and plushies (as seen below) — to be available March 3, 2018!

Pop! Tees: Marvel – Avengers: Infinity War

Hero Plushies: Marvel – Avengers: Infinity War

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Stars of Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War team up for epic charity event

Stars of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War team up for epic charity event counting down to the launch of movie-related products on March 3 

Hasbro and Funko to support by donating millions in cash and toys

The Walt Disney Company today announced Marvel: The Universe Unites, an epic charity campaign combining the super powers of the cast of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War to help support children’s charities. The week-long event will see stars of the movie team up for a series of hero acts and social media challenges to provide funds and raise awareness for charities that support children and families impacted by serious illness. The initiative will culminate the weekend of March 3 when and Disney stores in the U.S. will donate 10% of sales of all Marvel products made between March 3-4, 2018 (up to $50,000) to Make-A-Wish® to help grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

“This movie has one of the greatest ensemble casts of all time, and we are challenging them to use their collective might to benefit children’s charities,” said Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “We’re kicking off by inviting some of the world’s biggest stars to get creative on social media to support Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity that works to bring joy and comfort to hospitalized children and their families.”

As part of Marvel Studios: Hero Acts, a charitable initiative launched in 2016, some members of the cast of Avengers: Infinity War will receive a special toy care package filled with new products celebrating their Marvel character to be donated to children’s hospitals.

Their mission? To take a creative picture or video to reveal the new toys to fans and post it to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channels using #HeroActs. When their collective posts hit a million likes, they will unlock a $250,000 US donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation® from Marvel.

“Being a Marvel Super Hero gives us a powerful platform to directly influence positive change. Giving back to kids is the most impactful role you can play,” comments Marvel Studios’ Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman. “Marvel: The Universe Unites and #HeroActs is just a fun way to support a noble cause while entertaining kids and fans around the globe.”

Marvel partners are also supporting the cause with their own #HeroActs in support of children’s charities. As part of the week’s events, Hasbro will donate $1 million US worth of cash and products to Give Kids The World, an organization that fulfills the wishes of children with critical illnesses and their families by providing them with an unforgettable trip which includes a visit to their village in Central Florida and access to Walt Disney World Resort.

Funko, known for their pop culture collectibles, will make a $1 million US toy donation to Starlight as part of the Marvel: The Universe Unites campaign.

“From our fantastic cast to our toy and retail partners, it’s great to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe come together in this way to support children’s charities,” comments Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios. “The launch of the products for Avengers: Infinity War is a fun way for fans to celebrate the countdown to the movie, and this initiative underscores that moment in a really special way.”

Starting March 3, new Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War products will be included in the Marvel: The Universe Unites Amazon Wish List, enabling consumers to send toys directly to Starlight.

Rounding out the week, on Saturday, March 3, and Sunday, March 4, and Disney store will donate 10% of weekend Marvel product sales to Make-A-Wish® (up to $50,000 US) in support of Marvel: The Universe Unites.


About Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War

An unprecedented cinematic journey ten years in the making and spanning the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” brings to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time. The Avengers and their Super Hero allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

Anthony and Joe Russo direct the film, which is produced by Kevin Feige. Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo and Stan Lee are the executive producers. Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely wrote the screenplay. “Avengers: Infinity War” releases in U.S. theaters on May 4, 2018.

About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

For more information visit © 2018 MARVEL


About Make-A-Wish®

Make-A-Wish® creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. We seek to bring every eligible child’s wish to life because a wish is an integral part of a child’s treatment journey. Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight their illness. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Make-A-Wish is the world’s leading children’s wish-granting organization, serving children in every community in the United States and in more than 50 countries worldwide. Together, generous donors, supporters, staff and more than 35,000 volunteers across the U.S., grant a wish every 34 minutes, on average, somewhere in the country. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish has granted more than 300,000 wishes to children in the U.S. and its territories; more than 15,400 in 2017 alone. For more information about Make-A-Wish America, visit


About Give Kids The World

Since 1986, Give Kids The World Village has welcomed more than 159,000 families to its 84-acre “storybook” resort in Central Florida. Children with critical illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost-free vacations, complete with accommodations, donated attraction tickets, meals and more.  For more about Give Kids The World, visit


About Starlight Children’s Foundation

Starlight creates moments of joy and comfort for hospitalized kids and their families. For 35 years, Starlight’s programs have positively impacted more than 60 million critically, chronically and terminally ill or injured children in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. With your help, more kids and their families will enjoy Starlight Gowns, Starlight Fun Centers and other Starlight programs at a children’s hospital or facility near you. Learn more and support Starlight’s work by visiting


About Hasbro

Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a global play and entertainment company committed to Creating the World’s Best Play Experiences. From toys and games to television, movies, digital gaming and consumer products, Hasbro offers a variety of ways for audiences to experience its iconic brands, including NERF, MY LITTLE PONY, TRANSFORMERS, PLAY-DOH, MONOPOLY, BABY ALIVE and MAGIC: THE GATHERING, as well as premier partner brands. Through its entertainment labels, Allspark Pictures and Allspark Animation, the Company is building its brands globally through great storytelling and content on all screens. Hasbro is committed to making the world a better place for children and their families through corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. Hasbro ranked No. 1 on the 2017 100 Best Corporate Citizens list by CR Magazine, and has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere Institute for the past seven years. Learn more at, and follow us on Twitter (@Hasbro & @HasbroNews) and Instagram (@Hasbro).


About Funko, Inc.

Headquartered in Everett, Washington, Funko is a leading pop culture consumer products company. Funko designs, sources and distributes licensed pop culture products across multiple categories, including vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, housewares and accessories for consumers who seek tangible ways to connect with their favorite pop culture brands and characters. Learn more at HTTPS://FUNKO.COM/, and follow us on Twitter (@OriginalFunko) and Instagram (@OriginalFunko).

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Including Black Panther's helmet, new Mighty Muggs, and Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years figures!

New York Toy Fair was this past weekend, and with it came a ton of exciting new Marvel reveals from Hasbro. We’ve got several galleries for you of these upcoming items, starting with a very attention-getting Marvel Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet!

On the heels of the blockbuster release of Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” Hasbro has a Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Electronic Helmet on the way, letting fans become the legendary King of Wakanda!

There are also plenty of new Marvel Legends figures coming in 2018. Check out the gallery below to see figures centered on Deadpool, Spider-Man, X-Men, and many more!

With the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe here, there is also a special line debuting devoted to Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years. In the next gallery you’ll see new figures based on MCU favorites like “Iron Man” and “Captain America: Civil War.”

With Mighty Muggs back — which now feature a push-and-turn mechanism that lets fans change the figure’s facial expression by pushing down on the head — upcoming releases have been announced, including Iron Man, Star-Lord, Ant-Man, Wasp, Captain America, Thor, and Thanos.

A very cool item on the way from Hasbro this spring is the Hero Vision: Iron Man AR Experience, which combines traditional role play with Augmented Reality (AR) technology and lets those using it face off with Thanos. In the next gallery get a preview of what to expect…

Lastly, fans of the Merc with a Mouth will also be excited by the Deadpool Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700.

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Sharon Rogers as Captain America and Amadeus Cho as Hulk are on the way.

Just revealed at Toy Fair New York, the ever popular Funko Pops will be expanding with new releases centered on “Marvel Future Fight.”

Fans will soon be able to collect Pops of Sharon Rogers as Captain America and Amadeus Cho as Hulk, as part of the Marvel Gamerverse collection.

Check out images of both below and the video reveal at the top of the page!

The “Marvel Future Fight” Funko Pops will be available in May.

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With Valentine's Day upon us, learn about the creation of this adorable depiction of Spidey and MJ.

Gentle Giant Ltd has already delivered plenty of adorable offerings with their Marvel Animated Statue line, but they may have outdone themselves with their newest release, the Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue.

With Valentine’s Day almost here, we sent some questions over to the team at Gentle Giant to find out what went into this recreation of Skottie Young’s variant cover for SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 and its depiction of Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s love story. First off, every person who has seen the statue in the Marvel office has let out a huge “Awww!!” Does this go for you guys as well?

Gentle Giant Ltd: Absolutely! We were already in love with the 2-D art on the Marvel comic cover, but when it comes out of the 3-D Printer, the statue is cleaned up, assembled and painted… and then you see Mary Jane’s eager little face waiting for that ring and the connection between the two of them your heart just melts! This is the first time you have done two full characters together in this line. How did it come to be? Was this something you were thinking about doing for awhile?

Gentle Giant Ltd: This is the first time we have done two full-sized characters on the same Marvel Animated Statue. Last year we did an adorable animated statue of Groot holding Rocket that has become a real fan-favorite. We wanted to get another version of Spider-Man into our Animated Statue line and when we saw this artwork, we knew if we were going to release this statue it had to be in February!

The Skottie Young variant cover for Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 that inspired the new Gentle Giant LTD Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue Talk a bit more about using Skottie Young’s RENEW YOUR VOWS variant art. Did seeing that art crystalize how it could work as a statue?

Gentle Giant Ltd: We have been doing our Marvel Animated Statue line for almost 2 years and have based our current line on those variant covers that Skottie did for Marvel. Skottie himself has been a big fan of these statues and we are BIG fans of him! Skottie came and signed these statues for fans in our booth last year at San Diego Comic Con! As soon as we saw his cover for RENEW YOUR VOWS, the wheels in our heads started turning! Spider-Man is such an icon and has had so many interpretations. What do you think it is about the character that makes him so malleable?

Gentle Giant Ltd: It’s funny, when a lot of us were growing up as Spider-Man fans it didn’t seem like there were a lot of interpretations on the character. You had Spider-Man from the comics, and he was the same as Spider-man from the short-lived TV show and he was the same as Spider-Man from the “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” cartoon. Really the only variation was on “The Electric Company,” where he didn’t speak. Sometime around the original SECRET WARS, when Marvel gave him a new costume (which was shocking back in the day), they started opening up the character to some new versions and interpretations and once he started to permeate more media channels like animation, video games and feature films, Marvel really allowed the character to keep opening up and creators to be able to draw and write the character in new and exciting ways. You kids today are living in a golden era of geekdom! Meanwhile, Mary Jane has really stood out as a character who has moved beyond any simple “love interest” label and is popular in her own right. Was it fun to get to depict her for this project?

Gentle Giant Ltd: It really was. Despite her first appearance back in 1966, Mary Jane has not appeared in very much physical product. She has been an integral part of Spider-Man’s life and his story. We have always been a fan of their relationship and we are happy when we are able to celebrate it! Spider-Man is hanging upside down by his web in the original art, which has to be a huge challenge when turning this into a statue. Do you relish those challenges and finding out how to make it work?

Gentle Giant Ltd: It is always fun to be able to solve those sorts challenges in a sculpt. Our stable of artist really relish figuring out how to execute a piece like this. You can only have so many “guys waiting for a bus” posed statues in your collection, so we are always looking for fun and interesting new ways to get these characters on your shelf. It is always fun when a fan looks at your work and askes “How did they do that?” We did a fun Spider-Man hanging from a streetlamp statue in our Collector’s Gallery line last year. Spider-man might be the worst character ever to have posed standing. You want to see him in action!

The Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue can be pre-ordered now at and will be released this month!

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Get a look at the new Hasbro toys coming this fall.

Fans can recreate scenes as the infamous Merc with a Mouth when a new lineup of comic-inspired toys from HASBRO hits shelves in Fall 2018! The new toys include action figures for key Deadpool characters, along with mask and katana role play replicas, allowing you to act out your own Deadpool adventures.

New MARVEL DEADPOOL products for Fall 2018 can be viewed in the gallery below!

The new DEADPOOL toys will be available at most major retailers and on

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Get a look at the new toys that are on the way this spring!

The countdown has begun for Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” on the heels of the exciting first trailer for the film debuting, leading up to the film’s July 6 debut. As fans eagerly await that date, they’ll have the chance to pick up new Ant-Man and the Wasp toys from Hasbro.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the new action figures and role play items that will be released this spring, allowing fans to bring the adventures of Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne home with them!

The Ant-Man and the Wasp product line will be available at most major retailers and on

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