The ABC series is up for Choice Action TV Show while Gabriel Luna is up for Choice Action TV Actor!

Agents, Coulson and his team need your help to they can take home the trophy at this year’s Teen Choice Awards!

The ABC TV original series “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has been nominated for two Teen Choice Awards in the “Choice Action TV Show” category and Gabriel Luna (Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider) in the “Choice Action TV ActorTeen Choice Award’s official website” category, but we need you to head to the and VOTE NOW! Voting for this first Wave of “Teen Choice 2017” nominees runs through this Thursday.

Choice Action TV Show (#ChoiceActionTVShow)
“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Choice Action TV Actor (#ChoiceActionTVActor)
Gabriel Luna – “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Voting for the first wave of “Teen Choice 2017” nominees are officially open via and Twitter. Starting now through Thursday, June 22 at 9:00 PM PT, fans are allowed 10 votes per category, per day, per platform user ID, for their favorite “Teen Choice 2017” Wave One nominees. Vote via Twitter by tweeting a category hashtag with the nominee’s name. You may only vote for one Teen Choice nominee per Tweet.

Celebrate this year’s top teen icons in television, music, film, sports, comedy and digital when the choicest, star-studded two-hour event airs LIVE Sunday, Aug. 13 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

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Enjoy a special episode of the official Marvel podcast with all the big news coming out of E3!

It’s a special edition of the official Marvel podcast! Ryan and Christine give you all the Marvel Games news  you missed from E3! They chat “Marvel’s Spider-Man” for PlayStation 4 with Insomniac Games (1:24), “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” with TT Games (16:58) and “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” with Capcom (32:54)!

Download episode #293.5 of This Week in Marvel from, check out Marvel Podcast Central, grab the TWiM RSS feed and subscribe to This Week in Marvel on iTunes or Soundcloud! Head over now to our new hub to listen to the full run of This Week in Marvel including our latest episode!

This Week in Marvel focuses on delivering all the Marvel info on news and new releases–from comics to video games to toys to TV to film and beyond! New episodes will be released every Tuesday and Thursday (or so) and TWiM is co-hosted by Marvel VP Executive Editor of Digital Media Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Editorial Director of Marvel Digital Media Ben Morse with Manager, Video & Content Production: Blake Garris, Editor Marc Strom, and Assistant Editor Christine Dinh. We also want your feedback, as well as questions for us to answer on future episodes! Tweet your questions, comments and thoughts about TWiM to @AgentM@BenJMorse@blakegarris or @Marvel with the hashtag #ThisWeekinMarvel!

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Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley reimagine Peter Parker!

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

Back in 2000, Marvel came up with this wild idea to start a new imprint with a few writers who had promise along with some established artists. Of course, that resulted in the Ultimate Universe and books like ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN by a couple of guys named Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. The series ran for years with the same creative team.

Bendis and Bagley kicked their run off with a seven-issue take on Spider-Man’s origin that really dove in and fleshed out a lot of the details while also updating the setting and adding new threads. For instance, the spider that bit Peter actually came from one of Norman Osborn’s labs, which connected the two right from the get-go. In an effort to replicate the results found in Parker, Osborn injected himself with a similar concoction that turned him into The Green Goblin.

After facing off against the Goblin for the first time, Peter scored a gig at “The Daily Bugle” and soon found out about a mobster calling himself The Kingpin. He then took on the master criminal as well as his goons, the Enforcers, and Electro.

With that adventure out of the way and having put a wedge between him and next-door neighbor/friend Mary Jane Watson, Peter decided to have a heart-to-heart with the young lady. In a major shift away from tradition, this version of Parker revealed to MJ his secret identity as Spider-Man! Understandably skeptical, Mary Jane laughed at first and denied the admission. So, Peter did the only thing he could: he jumped onto the wall, then stuck to the ceiling. First he explained where the powers came from, then he said taking her web-swinging would be too dangerous and then explained that she could never tell anyone.

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

He also answered another important question, namely why he told her about all of this even though he knew it could be dangerous: “Because—you know—I’ve been really hurting your feelings lately because of this. Always running away or-or not being where I say I am going to be and—and you deserve better than that—you-you-you deserve to know the truth and—I just—I needed to tell you.”

Mary Jane then admitted she thought he brought her to his room for a first kiss, which seemed like a good idea until Aunt May busted in with Mary Jane’s mom on the phone talking about hanky panky and being safe. Even with proper amounts of mortification running through him, Peter still felt enough happy to enjoy the moment afterwards.

Peter and Mary Jane’s relationship went through a lot of changes over the rest of his life, as they broke up and got back together a number of times. She mourned him when he seemingly died, but the two reunited after he resurfaced and left to travel the country while Miles Morales continued his efforts as Spider-Man.

A Tangled Web

The ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic book offered more than just its name to the Disney XD animated series that wrapped up with its fourth and final season back in January. “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man” focused on a high school aged Peter Parker who went from new hero on the block to someone worthy of not just Avengers membership, but also saving time and spice with his fellow Web Warriors. The show did differ in one major respect, though: Peter attended a high school run by S.H.I.E.L.D.! This gave him a great reason to hang out with fellow student-heroes like Luke Cage, Nova, White Tiger, Iron Fist, and others!

Next, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale explore the impact of Peter Parker’s relationship with Gwen Stacy in the pages of SPIDER-MAN: BLUE!

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Relive the romantic ups and downs of Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers!

Like any on-again off-again couple, Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers have experienced more than their fair share of exhilarating highs and crushing lows. With the Sentinel of Liberty-turned-leader of HYDRA poised to be embraced by the masses in CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #19 on July 26, we turn our focus from that macro to the micro and look at the complicated history between these two lovers currently at odds.

Falling in Love with War Stories

Long before Steve ever met her, Sharon has “met” him through tales of her aunt, Peggy Carter’s thrilling exploits in World War II. Inevitably, the star-spangled hero would co-star from time to time as the elder Carter rallied freedom fighters in France during the war’s darkest days. Sharon found herself utterly taken by the stories, finding an idol in her aunt and perhaps developing a bit of a storybook crush on Steve

The Early Years

By the time Carter had grown up enough to follow in her aunt’s footsteps, joining S.H.I.E.L.D., Rogers had returned to the land of the living from his previous status as human iceberg. By this time, however, Carter had long left her crush in the rearview and their early encounters proved strictly business as they collaborated to take down the likes of A.I.M., Red Skull, and Batroc the Leaper.

Cap Is, Alas, A Man of His Time

Two attractive people, spending lots of time together, in intensely physical and dangerous jobs…perhaps becoming infatuated could not have been avoided. In any case, it did happen but things immediately became rocky because Rogers proved that even the most progressive of WWII vets have some biases that do not die easy. In this case, the problem came from Carter’s career choice: spy. While they never would have met if not for her job and his job being relatively equal if not even worse in danger level, Steve nonetheless wanted Sharon to step away from S.H.I.E.L.D., for her safety.

Death Becomes Her

Before Carter could properly carve into Rogers for gender biases, she seemed to die, on-camera, after being mind-controlled to commit an act of suicide bombing. In fact, it had been staged to put Sharon deep undercover. Unfortunately, that job seemingly went pear-shaped leading to her death so no one at S.H.I.E.L.D. ever bothered telling Steve that the first death, the one he witnessed, had not been real at all.

Not Really Dead!

Good news! Even that second death turned out to not be real! Bad news! Carter had been abandoned behind enemy lines.

Agent 13—Sharon’s codename—does not know the word quit though so she adapted. Turning to the life of a mercenary, she stayed strong, survived, and in time, flourished. Eventually, her skills put her face to face with Red Skull. In one of the most intense examples of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” Carter and Skull team-up to take on a Neo Nazi group obsessed with acquiring the Cosmic Cube. Knowing that Steve Rogers had repeatedly demonstrated no one stopped Nazis better than him, Skull swallowed his pride and gave Rogers a life-saving blood transfusion. The improbable trio then set about stopped the Kubecult and Carter and Rogers dispensed with Skull as well when he inevitably attempted to stab them in the back.

Partners Once More

Sharon being back, however, did not mean love immediately sprang anew. She had been changed by her years away and harbored lots of anger towards her former lover for never having tried to find her.

Instead, the two focused on their professional relationship with her aiding him to clear his name during a brief period of exile from the United States, teaming up to defeat Nightmare when he targeted some of the “most patriotic” Americans, and several other missions.

A Thaw Comes

Ironically, it would take The Winter Soldier to turn the relationship hot after months of cool professionalism. While tracking the man who had been Bucky, the duo finally allowed themselves to admit the strong feelings between them and re-engage in their romance.

My Lover, My Killer

Unfortunately, the relationship took a quick dive into tragedy. In the midst of the chaos of Civil War, an undercover Doctor Faustus got to Sharon and altered her perception of reality. All of this came to a head after Rogers turned himself in for his actions during the event. As he climbed the stairs to the courthouse, Cap caught a bullet in the shoulder from an unseen sniper. As the situation descended into anarchy, he took three more in the stomach, the end result of Carter’s programming by Faustus. Steve seemingly died due to his wounds on those steps.

A Resurrection and a Rest

As noted above, though, Carter has no quit in her. So she allowed herself to be caught by the likes of Norman Osborn and The Red Skull to help them bring Rogers back to life because they wished to control him. However, she sabotaged the villains at the last moment and Rogers overcame their influence. Now alive again, he embraced Sharon and they took some time off to just be people, not heroes, in love.

Not Even Dimensions Can Keep Us Apart

Of course, life never can be simple, so before long, fate interceded once again and sent Rogers to Dimension Z. There he raised a son while Carter refused to stop looking for him in the main Marvel Universe. In time, she found and rescued him, bringing him back to Earth, both aged by their experience, their bond reaffirmed.


Sharon finds herself on the edge of a tremendous decision: Accept HYDRA and be with the man she loves or reject it and end up in jail or worse. Steve wants her by his side and it would be so easy. But can he really be the man she has cared about so deeply for so long?

Learn Sharon’s choice in CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGER # 19, due out July 26 from Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz!

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Lunella Lafayette and Devil Dinosaur face their ultimate challenge!

We’ve watched Lunella Lafayette grow into her own as Moon Girl, and prove her status as The Smartest There Is. Now, after going up against all kinds of threats and saving the day repeatedly, our girl finds herself, in some ways, back at the start, when the Omni-Wave Projector, which helped to launch her adventures as a budding super hero, goes on the fritz.

We chatted with MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR writer Brandon Montclare about how the biggest brain in the Marvel Universe will deal with this challenge, and some other pretty significant difficulties that come her way. The Omni-Wave projector started it all for Lunella. So for her to have to deal with it malfunctioning now, after everything she has gone through, kind of feels like coming full circle.

Brandon Montclare: Before there was a real “Moon Girl” and definitely before there was Devil Dinosaur, Lunella looked high and low for any alien technology related to her Inhuman condition. But the Omni-Wave Projector has brought nothing but trouble…at least that’s how it always seems at first. So far, Lunella has always made the best of the chaos caused by the device. I don’t know if her luck is going to run out? It has indeed all come full circle—but the thing about circles: they never really end. They just go on and on and on. And this comes at an interesting time for Lunella. She will have just returned from her adventures in space with Girl-Moon, only to find she still has drama at home to deal with, too.

Brandon Montclare: I think when you grow up and start to see the world you simultaneously realize it’s very different while also feeling eerily familiar. Moon Girl is still just a kid—and for the Smartest There Is, it’s something new to learn. And whether she stays put on Yancy Street or adventures in the stars, there’s always drama. As well as new friends to be made, betrayals to avoid, and challenges to win. Her first reaction to all this is to start to get a sense that “there’s a time and a place for everything…” This thought is going to have a lot of repercussions in the current story and future stories as well. So it’s a big deal! It sounds like the malfunctioning projector will give us a glimpse of an alternate Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur whom we may not find as loveable as the duo we’ve gotten to know. Would you like to tease anything about that?

Brandon Montclare: The mirror universe story is fun….and evil—or maybe she’s just misunderstood? Devil Girl and her feathered, magical Moon Dinosaur. That’s pretty cool, I think. But wowzers, I think people should be looking forward to the visuals. I knew that the very idea of slightly-off Lunellas and Devil Dinosaurs is something that would excite artist Natacha Bustos. I was right! She really goes to town on everything: from giant T-Rex battles to a girl forced to have a conversation with her grumpy alter ego. It really is a tour de force. It’s everything Natacha does great, multiplied!

As for the tale. I can’t spoil too much. It feels like a fun aside…but again, it’ll give Moon Girl a lot to think about in future issues.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #21 cover by Natacha Bustos Lunella tends to have a pretty strategic way of thinking. What approaches will she take to trying to fix the projector?

Brandon Montclare: If the Omni-Wave Projector fails, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur can’t get home. But she’s very resourceful; and of all the fields of science in which she is expert, close readers might notice that she prefers to call herself an engineer. But even Earth’s biggest brain might need to call on some cosmic-powered assistance before the story ends. But it’s even riskier than you think… Yes, the Omni-Wave Projector is on the fritz. Yes, she hopes it has enough juice to get her home. But in the course of this adventure, there will be not one, but two dilemmas that require her to make a choice: Use the Omni-Wave Projector to save someone else’s day or get herself home?

Moon Girl’s brilliant mind tells her she shouldn’t push it. But her heart—which she’s never had to trust—is going to want to pull her in a different inter-dimensional direction. Anything else we should look forward to with future issues?

Brandon Montclare: Much like the Omni-Wave Projector united Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur through time and space, the team behind MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR is the magic mix. I don’t think any of us expected to be working on a fourth—and fifth and sixth and… story arc. I truly don’t think the book would have been this strong if it wasn’t for every creator. I might be the first person to touch the page, but Natacha is the quarterback and my job is to hike her the ball. I try to set her up with cool things to draw so she can knock the readers out of their socks. On all books the artist is the creative lead—but it’s even more so on MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR with Natacha. It’s her heart and soul on every page. That’s a lot for the colorist, Tamra Bonvillain, to live up to. But she’s so cool; probably because of her talent that backs it up. You can have a simple style, but this is not an easy book to draw. In addition to pretty colors, mindboggling colors, impactful colors, Tamra has to reinforce Nat’s storytelling.

And this book ain’t easy to letter. Travis Lanham has to get the little girl whispers and the thunder lizard growls to “sound” right. But he also needs to place and present dueling dialogue and interior monologues in the same panel. Then there are editors Chris Robinson and Mark Paniccia. They’re only allowed to be half-crazy, to help us in the world of the comic while staying sane enough to deliver a copy to the readers. And this is totally true: the readers are the last part of the team. They’re the reason we all did it and why we’re allowed to still do it. Their enthusiasm for our work is as important as their support for each chapter. And not to be too cute: the comic itself is our Omni-Wave Projector. Bring us all together through space to share a moment in time.

The adventure continues from Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos, and company in MOON GIRL & DEVIL DINOSAUR #21 on July 26!

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Meet Mara Jade, the Emperor’s Hand!

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we’re looking back at our 40 favorite moments from the history of comics from a galaxy far, far away—one day at a time.

Star Wars: Mara Jade - By The Emperor'S Hand (1998) #1

Star Wars: Mara Jade - By The Emperor'S Hand (1998) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

If you know HEIR TO THE EMPIRE and the rest of the “Thrawn Trilogy,” then you’re very familiar with Mara Jade, one of the greatest new characters created by writer Timothy Zahn. As the Emperor’s personal assassin—aka, the Emperor’s Hand—she believed Luke Skywalker killed Palpatine and set out to take her revenge. But what about her days of serving The Emperor? Typically a novelist, Zahn himself developed a story exclusively for comic books to tell this tale—STAR WARS: MARA JADE: BY THE EMPEROR’S HAND—with fellow Star Wars author Michael A. Stackpole acting as writer and Carlos Ezquerra illustrating the adventure.

Right away we’re greeted with a very familiar setting, as Mara pleads to board Jabba’s skiff and assist with the execution of Luke Skywalker, as seen in “Return of the Jedi”—we learn Palpatine sent her there to capture him and bring him before The Emperor. When Jabba denies her request, she reports back to her master that she proved unable to kill Luke, then finds herself on a quest to assassinate the leader of Black Nebula—an offshoot of Black Sun, which you may remember from SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE. By issue #2, she learns of the Emperor’s demise through the Force—though in the way he wants her to see it. But that doesn’t mean she’s done with her mission…

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Saladin Ahmed prepares to spring the king of the Inhumans from jail!

The new BLACK BOLT series has found the king of the Inhumans mysteriously behind bars, in a place known only as “The Prison.” How and why he ended up there might remain unknown for now, but you can bet Black Bolt won’t remain for long if he has anything to say about it—and thanks to this bizarre jail’s machinations, he can speak!

We caught up with the current “warden” of BLACK BOLT, writer Saladin Ahmed, to ask about the series, specifically issue #3—coming July 5—which features the inmates’ attempted jailbreak! At this point we’ve seen the first twos of Black Bolt, and it has set up an intriguing story. What was your motivation for throwing the king of the Inhumans into the slammer, so to speak?

Saladin Ahmed: Well, Black Bolt being sidelined from the rest of the royal family made sense for all sorts of plot and continuity reasons. But ultimately this story is about the very idea of incarceration—what is its purpose? Who does it happen to? Which crimes get punished? What does it do to people? So I suppose one of my motivations was forcing one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, a king unused to having his choices questioned—let alone labeled “crimes”!—to confront these questions in a very personal way. Can you reveal any more details about this mysterious prison where he’s incarcerated?

Saladin Ahmed: Without giving too much away: The place known only as The Prison is not what it seems. It shifts and changes, seemingly at random. It holds powerful criminals stripped of their powers. Black Bolt learned of this place in old Inhuman records known only to the king and queen. It should be a secret of his people, yet there are others here. The secrets of The Prison will be revealed over the next few issues, so all I can say is: keep reading!

Black Bolt #3 cover by Christian Ward Issue #3 promises something that readers were no doubt hoping to see: a prison break! How does Black Bolt approach the breakout?

Saladin Ahmed: As it happens, Black Bolt is reminded rather quickly that this ain’t New Attilan and that he is not a king. As “new meat” he finds himself swept up in the jailbreak, rather than masterminding it, and as a ruler he does not like that. But he needs his fellow inmates and, for reasons that will be revealed, they need him as well. And working together is their only hope. Is there anyone in this prison that he can trust to help him break out? Which inmates will play a part?

Saladin Ahmed: As I say, he will need help. As a book, BLACK BOLT is absolutely centered on its titular hero. But there is a small cast of characters that coheres around Black Bolt as a sort of ensemble. We’ve already encountered Crusher Creel, The Absorbing Man, who I really think of as the co-star of this storyline. There’s also the alien child Blinky, the aged ex-conqueror The Metal Master, and the Skrull pirate woman Raava. Each of them will have a role to play not only in the breakout, but in the book overall. Christian Ward’s artwork really captures the mood of this otherworldly prison. What’s it been like working with him?

Saladin Ahmed: It’s been a dream. Christian is not only one of the most talented artists working in comics today, he’s a joy to work with. He puts real toil and thought into every panel and every layout. My writing on this book juggles a lot of moods and aesthetics—from Kafka to “Saw,” from Kirby dots to Victorian prison houses. It’s a pretty hard range to capture visually, but Christian has not only conveyed the story I’m trying to tell, he’s improved on it. Also, the guy does his own colors!

Make a break for it on July 5 with BLACK BOLT #3 by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward!

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Ki-Adi-Mundi gets to the heart of a mystery involving a missing Jedi Knight!

Each week Star Wars Spotlight combs through the digital archives of Marvel Unlimited to showcase one classic story from that distant galaxy filled with Jedi, Sith, princesses, scoundrels and droids.

Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi took center stage in the first arc of the 1998-launched STAR WARS series and then returned in issues #712 to seize the spotlight once again in a pre-Prequel tale thanks to writer Tim Truman along with artists Tom Raney, Rob Pereira, Rick Leonardi, and Al Rio. Called “Outlander,” the story kicked off on Tatooine at a trading depot called Mochot Steep with a Corellian couple named Conil and Camelle looking for weapons to protect their new home. There, Conil heard tell of a recent Tusken Raider attack on Anchorhead that revealed the usually clan-like race had worked together under one warleader. According to the Jawas nearby, the leader wasn’t a Sand Person himself, but instead an outworlder. Moments later the Raiders attacked Mochot Steep, leaving Conil dead, but sparing Camelle’s life. During the fray, the leader revealed that he wielded a red lightsaber.

After viewing footage of the attack on Coruscant, Ki-Adi-Mundi recognized that the lightsaber once belonged to the legendary Jedi Sharad Hett. Yoda posited that the warleader could actually be the long-thought-dead Hett returned in some way. The Council selected Ki-Adi-Mundi for the mission because he stood as the only member who never knew Sharad Hett and wouldn’t falter in taking care of him, if need be. With his mission in hand, the Jedi took off for the planet he had just visited and didn’t particularly like. As Yoda suggested, the Knight made a trip to Jabba the Hutt’s palace his first priority to ask for safe passage through the desert. Jabba agreed and offered help, but all that proved a trap that led to betrayal, a skiff battle, and a crash in the desert.

Star Wars (1998) #7

Star Wars (1998) #7

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Before long both the Jedi and bounty hunter Aurra Sing headed towards The Needles, otherwise known as Tusken Raider headquarters. Ki arrived first to fight a Krayt Dragon while the warchief—who indeed revealed himself as Sharad Hett—looked on. The two made peace as Hett tried explaining why he appreciated the Tusken Raider lifestyle, which revolved around survival in a place constantly trying to kill them. Along the way, we also learned quite a bit more about Tatooine’s gaderffi aficionados.

Eventually the complicated truth revolving around warring Hutt factions and Jabba’s plans to goad the Tusken Raiders into becoming threatening so he could sell bad weapons came to the surface. A great battle commenced on Tatooine leaving one Jedi dead, one with a new Padawan and one with a lot of rage that eventually turned him to the dark side. Of course, that will be a story for another day…

From the Jedi Temple Archives

Bounty hunter Aurra Sing spent a lot of this story explaining things from afar, narrating the tale and then swooping in to attack, and even kill, Jedi. But what’s her deal? She first appeared on screen in “The Phantom Menace” but only briefly. She would go on to recur regularly in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” taking a teenage Boba Fett under her wing and using his rage against the Jedi for her own advantage. Once a Jedi Padawan herself, Sing trained with Dark Woman until pirates kidnapped her and she eventually wound up with Anzati assassins who not only educated her in their ways, but also implanted a computer into her brain. Feeling abandoned by the Jedi, she took any job possible where one of them might end up in her crosshairs.

Next time, pick back up with Kerra in the pages of STAR WARS: KNIGHT ERRANT – DELUGE by John Jackson Miller, Ivan Rodriguez and Iban Coello!

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Our therapist attempts to pin down the mutant time traveler!

Nathan Summers is an adult male of above average physical fitness. Although he suffers from a techno organic virus, it appears to be in remission and his physical state is currently stable. He is a self-identified mutant known as Cable who claims he is from the future. A cursory analysis of Summers’ background would seem to reinforce this statements as respected individuals like Professor Charles Xavier have made similar statements.

The client’s life has consistently been one of strife and chaos. It has been marked by acts of violence—perpetrated by and against him—and multiple jumps between alternate timelines moving from the present to the future and back and forth multiple times. He has even had to endure the death of his wife and the need to slay his own son.

At first, this writer hypothesized that the client lacked a “true” personality and was only defined by what had been done to him in struggles. After working with the client for some time, the writer has revised this belief. The client has a set of values that he organizes his life around and does present with a personality. However, he is often so defended that it may be difficult to discern it without extensive time with him. Summers, ultimately, seems to present as a sort of walking tactical machine as a defense mechanism, not as a true reflection of his inner life.

In this way, my expectation that he, in fact, did not qualify for a PTSD diagnosis has been called into question. In fact, I now hypothesize, the client’s entire demeanor is a PTSD reaction, a way to wall it off but not a way to address all the pain—physical and psychological—he has been subjected to since his childhood. He has, in essence, sacrificed his sense of self on the altar of achieving “good” ends. To that end, he projects this image of himself as nothing but a grizzled soldier that, when the surface is scratched is simply incorrect. Summers boasts a law degree—although he is not licensed to practice law at this time—and has proven himself a remarkable surrogate father.

Currently, the client finds himself at the mercy of the timeline once more. While he seems unsure of exactly what is happening or why, he has been clear that he knows something is deeply wrong with the past and he is being propelled from location to location to fix it.

Cable #3 cover by Dale Keown

This writer explored this notion of the client having to be the one to solve it; not someone else, not him with the aid of others. We explored the notion that he may take on more than he needs to in the name of “responsibility” where the healthier—and in fact, possibly more effective choice—would be to ask for help from others or even, in some case, simply pass the “mission” on to someone else.

As expected, the client is highly suspicious of this perspective. That said he remains committed to therapy and glad to be seeing this writer.

Nathan Summers’s next session is set for July 26. This writer is consulting with Doctors James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco and their report will be available on that day in the file labeled CABLE #3.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Staff Therapist with a metal arm and a cybernetic eye. He mostly uses both to play roundball with maximum effectiveness.

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The former Cap makes a comeback and we look five other such revivals!

Sam Wilson takes up shield-slinging once more in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #24, out July 26, and if history’s any guide, for better or worse, it’s gonna be one heckuva party.

Don’t believe us, True Believers? Check out these other cataclysmic comebacks throughout the Marvel Universe:

Avengers (1963) #4

Avengers (1963) #4

  • Published: March 10, 1964
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Penciller: Jack Kirby
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

The granddaddy of all riotous returns! The Avengers found World War II’s greatest champion frozen in ice and thawed him out to take his rightful place among their ranks. Does it get more epic than the original Captain America fighting alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes versus the Hulk and the Sub-Mariner? We think not!

Iron Man (1968) #200

Iron Man (1968) #200

What is Marvel Unlimited?

After a long bout with the bottle, Tony Stark drove out his demons to take up the role of Iron Man once more and take back his life. This being Stark, of course he created new armor and new gadgets for his big reappearance, but hey, he needed everything he could to stack the deck against one of his greatest personal enemies: Obadiah Stane, aka Iron Monger!

X-Factor (1986) #1

X-Factor (1986) #1

  • Published: February 10, 1986
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: October 29, 2008
  • Writer: Bob Layton
  • Penciller: Butch Guice
What is Marvel Unlimited?

The original five X-Men, together again! When Jean Grey, the former Marvel Girl, returned to the land of the living, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, and Beast knew it was destiny—or fate—that they’d get the band back together and take the act out on the road. Jean’s idea of a new team focused on a more pro-active role to protect mutants, but some new baddies called the X-Terminators insured the reunion wouldn’t be a happy one.

Incredible Hulk (1962) #372

Incredible Hulk (1962) #372

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Bruce Banner hit rock bottom with his life, his wife, and just about everything he held dear, but at least the old Hulk seemed to be gone forever. Well, a nasty piece of work named Prometheus kept hounding Banner to the point of panic, and when that occurred, the savage green giant we all know and love returned in full force—and yeah, it didn’t go too well for Prometheus!

Thor (1966) #457

Thor (1966) #457

  • Published: January 10, 1993
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 29, 2013
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Lo, the favorite son of Asgard returneth! Banished from the fabled realm for seemingly killing his half-brother Loki, Thor witnessed his replacement, Eric Masterson, struggle with the job until the point of collapse. Taking up the hammer once more, the mighty warrior blew away the dark clouds to show everybody just who brings the thunder!

Welcome back home the conquering hero in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #24 by Nick Spencer and Joe Bennett!

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