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Fan excitement is reaching fever pitch as “Marvel’s Runaways” nears its debut on Hulu next week. Based on the celebrated comic by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, “Runaways” follows six teens who find out their parents are part of a super villain team called the Pride. It’s time to get to know these legendary families and talk to the actors who are bringing “Runaways” to life. spoke with to Rhenzy Feliz, who plays Alex Wilder; Angel Parker, who plays Catherine Wildere; and Ryan Sands, who plays Geoffrey Wilder. We talked to the Wilder family about their relationship and what it’s like raising a moody teenager in the Marvel Universe.

Feliz told us how tragedy changed the Wilders. “Alex’s relationship with his parents at the start of the series was a very good relationship. He loves his parents and he understands what they do for him, but then as things go on, it deals with how a relationship forms or continues after you find something out like that.”

“A lot has happened to him. The death of a friend, especially one that you were close to, and this group that you were very close to. When you’re a teenager it’s hard enough, but to throw that into the mix,” said Parker. “People are trying on different identities in high school. You’re trying on different skins, different clothes, different makeup, different personalities, and that doesn’t work well with grief in the center of it. We understand why he’s moody, why he’s changed, his solitude. We want to pull him out, it is time. It’s time to get through this, which is how we begin, but it’s easier said than done.”

Alex’s change in personality might be partly why he gravitates to being the leader of the Runaways. “Everyone has their own distinct personalities within the characters, within the Runaways, but I think Alex organically takes the lead because he’s so calculating,” said Feliz. “He thinks about things a lot.”

Looking at it from a father’s perspective, Parker said it’s black and white in the show. “You just see all sides of the same story. Being able to go on that journey and see how Alex goes through it. The leader that he starts to become, finding himself, and then being in these relationships with his friends while also trying to get to the truth. We are proud that our son would do that in such a good way, until, you know, it affects us. But at least he’s a strong kid.”

As opposed to the other Pride parents, Geoffrey and Catherine have a warmth and a care that resonates between them. Sands attributed that to the Wilders’ working together. “Early in the season, we both pick each other up at crucial times. So, we’re still moving forward, we’re moving forward as a unit. When one’s down, the other one lifts them up. We continue to stay on track and to keep going forward with this mission that we’re on. It’s really fun to play. We don’t necessarily get a chance to see that all the time on TV.”

Parker agreed, “There’s a love and respect that the Wilders have for each other. You do get to see how the Wilders first met and how their relationship grows from there; they respect each other. They have each other’s back. Just to have a loving black couple on television, as an actor, I’m very proud to be a part of that. And Ryan and I get along and respect and love each other as well. So, when we come into a scene when we’re figuring out how these characters are going to interact with each other, we come from ourselves. We have a mutual respect and understanding that what’s best for us is best for everyone and we have the same goal to do this right.”

Parker and Sands agree that the Wilders’ support for each other is what makes them great Pride leaders. Parker said respect is the key, “Every now and then, if something is a little off, we’re real quick to check each other and be like ‘Hey hey. We’re doing this together, right? We’re doing this together and this is why we’re doing this. Let’s not forget that,’ which is a strong marriage in any realm. So maybe that helps with leading the Pride; people respect us because we respect each other.”

Get ready to run and learn more about the Wilders when “Marvel’s Runaways” premieres its first three episodes exclusively on Hulu November 21! Be sure to follow @Runaways on Twitter and like the official “Marvel’s Runaways” Facebook page!

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‘Harlem Burns’ with the return of Alex Wilder and more, and we’ve got all the details from David Walker and Sanford Greene!

What do Power Man and Iron Fist do when an enemy places a target not on them, but on Harlem itself?

Luke Cage and Danny Rand go up against a former hero, Alex Wilder—formerly of RUNAWAYS—in the new “Harlem Burns” arc beginning in December’s POWER MAN & IRON FIST #10. Wilder’s time in hell has changed him, and with a mix of technology and magic he plans to depose all other crime bosses of Harlem and take the neighborhood for himself.

We sat down with the masterminds behind this story—writer David Walker and artist Sanford Greene—to get the lowdown on everything we’ll see as Luke and Danny attempt to stop Harlem from burning. “Harlem Burns” is a title with real power behind it. What feelings are you trying to instill in your readers? What are your goals with this story?

David Walker: There are multiple connotations with the word “burns.” First of all, Sanford and I are bringing the heat with this story—we’re setting the whole place on fire. We are giving the readers a sense of character and an emotional resonance that we hope will stay with them a long time.

Sanford Greene: This arc is influenced by some of my favorite movies coming up like “New Jack City” and “Juice”—with super powered characters! Alex Wilder hasn’t been seen since AVENGERS UNDERCOVER over two years ago. What has he been up to since then, and why is he coming for Luke, Danny, and Harlem itself now?

David Walker: Alex isn’t coming for Luke and Danny; they just happen to be in his way. It isn’t so much about what he’s been doing since we last saw him, it’s about what he was doing when he was dead. We’re going to give just a glimpse of what Alex is fully capable of as we build him up to be a major player in the Marvel Universe; this storyline is just the beginning for him. There are already a lot of big names vying for control of Harlem like Black Mariah, Cottonmouth, and Tombstone just to name a few; how will Alex’s sudden appearance affect their plans?

David Walker: Alex is a new generation of villain—a new kind of gangster. Old school guys like Tombstone and Cottonmouth don’t know what to make of him. What people are going to soon realize is that Alex is as dangerous as it gets. He is this generation’s Doctor Doom. What’s been different about bringing to life this villainous turn for Alex? Is he sporting a whole new look? Or are the changes subtler?

David Walker: Sanford has played around with the look, but he’s still very much the Alex Wilder we all know and love, at least physically. The thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that Alex was pretty much a bad guy from the beginning, all the way back in the Runaways. The difference now is that he’s back from the dead, after doing time in hell, and he’s not hiding his agenda; he wants to be Nino Brown meets Childish Gambino.

Sanford Greene: Like David said, when we talk we discuss something similar to what we do for all the characters. For me to take the basic classic information on the character and modernize them. You’re nearing a year working together on POWER MAN & IRON FIST. Have your ideas of Luke and Danny as characters changed as you’ve lived in these stories? How do you think their relationship has changed over the course of these first nine issues?

David Walker: Their relationship has grown stronger, and they’ve become closer. My personal ideas of the character [haven’t] really changed, but I think the readers are starting to better understand my take on Luke and Danny, and it was always my goal to build them slowly—to let them evolve.

Sanford Greene: Yes, Luke and Danny’s friendship has been refined by fire, thus making them that much more appreciative of one another. They are family. How has your own relationship working together changed? What was it like kicking off the series in issue #1 vs. starting this new wide-reaching arc in issue #10?

David Walker: I have to say that working with Sanford has been a blast. We knew each other going into the series, but it was casual. We have a great collaborative relationship, but we’ve also become friends. I’ve loved every issue Sanford has drawn, but #10 is some next level work; it is him at a level he’s never been before. I apologized to him when I turned in #10, because creatively I knew I was asking for a lot. I was pushing for more knowing it would be difficult, but also knowing he could deliver.

Sanford Greene: David has been open to every idea I’ve presented to him. That has been the greatest thing about our partnership. I can’t think of anyone I would rather work with on this project. He’s alright in my book, even though he was trying to bring me to my knees with issue #10.

Alex Wilder invades POWER MAN & IRON FIST with issue #10 in November from David Walker and Sanford Greene!

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