Straight from the pages, Marvel's Champions have arrived!

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new downloadable character pack for “LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2” featuring Marvel’s teenage team of super hero sensations inspired by CHAMPIONS! The pack, priced at $1.99, adds playable characters Ms. Marvel, Nova, Miles Morales, Ironheart, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Girl, Viv Vision & Sparky, Amadeus Cho, Nadia Pym Wasp, Kate Bishop Hawkeye, and Nova. Strike out on your own with our “Totally Awesome” young heroes!

“LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is an all-new, epic adventure and sequel to the smash hit, “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.” This original branching storyline, co-written by award-winning comics writer Kurt Busiek, transports players into a cosmic battle across a myriad of Marvel locations ripped from time and space into the incredible Open Hub World of Chronopolis. Packed with signature LEGO humor for fans of all ages, gamers will go head-to-head with the time-travelling Kang the Conqueror in this fun-filled journey spanning the Marvel Universe.

The Champions DLC pack can be purchased separately for $1.99 or as part of the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” Season Pass, which is currently available for $14.99 or free for everyone who purchased the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition.”

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch™, and Windows® PC.

For all the latest on “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” stay tuned to and follow @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Greg Pak plays for keeps as Amadeus Cho returns to Earth in an incredible way!

Totally Awesome no more, Amadeus Cho has become a Hulk of a familiar color, and this March, his rage will engulf his home planet! Writer Greg Pak welcomes artist Carlo Barberi along for a visit to familiar territory when World War Hulk II kicks off with INCREDIBLE HULK #714.

“What follows [“Return to Planet Hulk”]?” asks Executive Editor and SVP Tom Brevoort. “World War Hulk II, of course! To survive on the savage world of Sakaar, Amadeus Cho was forced to unleash his darkest impulses! Returning to Earth, now The Hulk is at the wheel–and it’s a more unpredictable, more unconquerable Hulk than any we’ve seen before! The heroes of the Marvel Universe must intercede as the formerly Totally Awesome Hulk begins to carve his own path across the world.”

Incredible Hulk #714 cover by Mike Deodato

Altered not only by his stint on Sakaar but also his GENERATIONS adventure with the original Hulk, Amadeus says goodbye to restraint and unleashes his not-so-jolly green giant on a terrified populace. Will The Black Panther, the Champions, and Alpha Flight be enough to curb the monster unchained?

Join the battle for Earth with INCREDIBLE HULK #714 in March as Greg Pak and Carlo Barberi spark World War Hulk II! And re-read the original World War Hulk through Marvel Unlimited!

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As Amadeus Cho arrives on Sakaar, let's look back at the planet once ruled by his predecessor!

Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place or object that made waves this week.

Amadeus Cho intends to avoid many of the same pitfalls that Bruce Banner fell into over the years as Hulk. However, with this week’s INCREDIBLE HULK #710 we see him fully embracing a place that meant a lot to his Jade Giant predecessor: Sakaar.

Back in 2006, the heroes of the Marvel Universe – specifically Iron Man, Reed Richards, Black Bolt and Dr. Strange – got fed up with the Hulk and decided to send him off to a planet where he couldn’t hurt anyone and he could finally get the solace he claimed to want.

Instead, as seen in INCREDIBLE HULK #92 by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan, he got sucked through a strange portal and ended up on a planet called Sakaar where the locals immediately enslaved him and he soon started fighting in a gladiatorial arena. 

Incredible Hulk (1999) #92

Incredible Hulk (1999) #92

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In those battles, Hulk met a group that would become known as the Warbound, who would help him first escape from the Red King and then eventually take over as king himself. Along the way, Hulk fell in love with a Shadow warrior named Caiera, who would have borne him twins, had a catastrophic accident not seemingly killed her. 

Incredible Hulk (1999) #93

Incredible Hulk (1999) #93

What is Marvel Unlimited?

The ship that Hulk’s “friends” sent him off on exploded, apparently by accident, but not. The resulting explosion tore through Caiera and many others, leaving a large chunk of Sakaar in lava-engulfed ruins.

Feeling a rage like none other, Hulk agreed to fly off with his surviving Warbound comrades and return to the true source of his misery: Earth. That story came to fruiting in WORLD WAR HULK, but what of the planet that the Jade Giant left behind? 

World War Hulk (2007) #1

World War Hulk (2007) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Well, as seen in SKAAR: SON OF HULK – simplified to just SON OF HULK on Marvel Unlimited – the planet kept on turning, even giving birth to not one, but two sons of the Green Scar. Skaar hardened himself in battle and even harnessed the full power of the Old Strong that ran through the planet. Meanwhile, Hiro-Kala, the twin, also began experiencing his own trials and tribulations on the harsh planet.

Galactus visited this place. The Silver Surfer had been drawn in by the same portal that grabbed Hulk during the original storyline, but he brought his master there in SKAAR. Thanks to the Old Strong power that flowed through the rock, Surfer figured that its energy could sate his master’s hunger for 10,000 years. Skaar had his own plans, but so did other familiar faces who appeared in an attempt to save the planet.

Now, Amadeus Cho will see exactly how Hulk-like he can be in the place that both gave his namesake his greatest challenge and also one of his most cherished triumphs.

Flash Forward

The history of Sakaar was nicely chronicled in the pages of a one-shot called GLADIATOR GUIDE BOOK. The mostly-text issue goes into great detail about everything from the Tayo Star System that Sakaar inhabits to the geography of the planet. You also get to more fully understand the hierarchy that exists on-planet with the Imperials at the top who subjugate their own kind as well as the insectoid Natives, Shadow People and Spikes. All of these groups and ideas play important parts in Planet Hulk as well as all the ensuing stories set on Sakaar!

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Greg Pak introduces Marvel Legacy with a return to Planet Hulk!

On October 18, Amadeus Cho makes an unexpected interstellar trip as writer Greg Pak and artist Greg Land head back to a brutal world with INCREDIBLE HULK #709!

Marvel Legacy begins with “Return to Planet Hulk: Part One,” as the young genius goes where another Hulk has gone before—Bruce Banner. But the planet Sakaar has changed since the Doctor visited years ago. And Amadeus finds himself in unfamiliar territory—on the continent of Filia, halfway around the globe from where The Hulk landed before. Thrust into a conflict he didn’t expect, The Totally Awesome Hulk will have to use every ounce of his intellect and power to survive.

We grabbed a few minutes with Greg Pak to see what’s in store for Amadeus on Planet Hulk. Amadeus Cho has learned a lot about himself and his Hulk persona recently. How does this new self-awareness influence his experience on Sakaar?

Greg Pak: Amadeus started off as the Hulk a couple years ago with this big, loopy idea that he could be the best Hulk ever; he never saw being the Hulk as a curse. He doesn’t think of himself as a tortured soul like Banner. He figured he’d become the Hulk and show the world how awesome the Hulk could be. But over the last few storylines, Amadeus has come closer and closer to the darkness within himself. To be specific, he’s got a Dark Hulk inside that’s fighting to get out—and he’s terrified of what he’ll become if that happens.

So as this new storyline begins, Amadeus gets pulled into the brutal world of Sakaar at the absolute worst time—when he’s trying to suppress the brutal monster within. How does Amadeus find himself on Sakaar?

Greg Pak: The story took place in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #23, which just hit stands, so I don’t want to spoil it too much. I’ll just say that Amadeus ends up deciding he’s too dangerous for planet Earth in his current state, so he exiles himself to try to figure out what’s going on with this Dark Hulk inside. But then he gets a signal from Sakaar—someone desperately needs help from The Hulk. And he’s still that cocky kid who thinks he’s going to be the best Hulk ever, so he can’t stop himself from responding. You’ve said before that we’ll see a different side of Sakaarliterallyin this story. What new friends and foes will Amadeus find in his time there?

Greg Pak: During the original PLANET HULK story, the Hulk fought the evil Red King of Imperia, freed the slaves and gladiators he’d oppressed, and united the different people of the continent in a new alliance. (Whoops! Spoiler alert!)

This time ’round, Amadeus lands on a different continent on Sakaar—the land of Fillia, which had been at war with the Red King. So you’d think the Fillians would be happy that The Hulk took out the Red King…but once The Hulk disappeared, a thousand new murderers arose in the chaos and now Fillia’s a blasted wasteland where a terrible warlord hunts small clans for sport. One of these clans has put out a call for The Hulk—and they’ve gotten Amadeus.

So we’ll meet a stalwart headman, a scrappy insectivore hiver, an eerie priestess, a manic lackey, and a brutal warlord. It’s a big, epic battle-axes-and-blasters sci-fi fantasy, and you’re going to love it. Should we expect to see familiar faces from the original PLANET HULK story?

Greg Pak: Since we’re on the other side of the planet, we won’t see exact characters from the original PLANET HULK. But this fits right into all that worldbuilding we did for PLANET HULK, so you’ll see folks from the various species we established during that story. And you’ll see a disturbing perversion of the myths and legends we introduced there too.

You’ll see a Marvel hero you might have wished appeared in the original PLANET HULK. I’ll say no more, but definitely don’t miss issues #711 and #712!

I’d also like to plug the gorgeous work of Greg Land, inker Jay Leisten, and colorist Frank Darmata. They’re taking the original designs and worldbuilding for PLANET HULK and putting their own spin on them in this new part of the world—it’s just gorgeous stuff. What has been most exciting about this return to Sakaar?

Greg Pak: I absolutely loved working on PLANET HULK back in the day. It remains one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had making comics, and I’m thrilled to have a chance to dig back into that world whenever the opportunity presents itself. With this particular story, it’s a kick throwing Amadeus into the mix, because he was famously one of the few heroes crazy enough to side with the Hulk during WORLD WAR HULK. So there’s a bit of a comeuppance here—a chance to see how Amadeus handles the kind of brutal world that the Banner Hulk endured. There’s a lot of delicious and scary stuff to dig in with that kind of set up, and I’m having a blast.

I should also note that if you’re digging this vibe, please do check out the “Planet Hulk” prose novel that hits stores on October 4! I got pulled on board to write it last year, and if you dug the original PLANET HULK, I think you’re going to love the prose novel. We got a chance to dig a lot deeper into all kinds of aspects of the story and try some surprising new things. Check it out!

INCREDIBLE HULK #709, by Greg Pak and artist Greg Land, crash lands on October 18!

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Rewind back to Amadeus Cho's pre-Totally Awesome Hulk debut!

Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place or object that made waves this week.

GENERATIONS: THE STRONGEST brought two jade giants together thanks to writer Greg Pak and Matteo Buffagni. Of course, it’s far from the first time Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho encountered one another, so let’s look back at their actual initial meeting!

Back in 2004, Marvel re-launched AMAZING FANTASY, the series that introduced Spider-Man. In an attempt to bring even more new characters into the House of Ideas, issue #15 debuted a group of new characters including a plucky genius kid named Amadeus Cho who happened to be the seventh smartest person on the planet.

As we learned in the 2005 tale by Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa, his house got blown up not long after his breaking records and being crowned “Mastermind Excello” in the Excello Soap Company’s “Brain Fight” Internet game show. From there he went on the run, which not only introduced him to his new coyote pup Kirby, but also a fellow diner patron in Jackalope, New Mexico.

After displaying his amazing abilities to calculate how to use simple objects like a straw, a lemon seed, and a pepper shaker as efficient and effective weapons, Cho rushed outside to find a helicopter shooting missiles at him! One deflected piece of ordinance rocketed towards Amadeus’ compatriot, exploding to reveal Bruce Banner as the near-victim. The Hulk emerged from the smoke, made short work of the helicopter and gave Cho a vote of confidence.

Pak dusted the character off a few years later after launching the green behemoth into space for the “Planet Hulk” storyline. Back on Earth, Cho figured out what the Illuminati did and revealed to Mister Fantastic that Bruce didn’t actually land on the planet they intended him to arrive on.

As World War Hulk raged on, Cho put together a version of the Champions to help their old friend out in the pages of INCREDIBLE HULK. In that series, Amadeus became pals with another big bruiser: Hercules. The two went on to adventure through INCREDIBLE HERCULES, facing everyone from Ares and Athena to Amatsu-Mikabshi and Super Skrulls. Cho even took on the role of the Prince of Power for a time.

Later on, eight months after Secret Wars, Cho transferred the power of The Hulk to himself thanks to the use of nanobots and went off to stop monsters in his somewhat reckless style. Since then, he’s honed his Hulk skills and even joined up with a team as seen in CHAMPIONS. He, Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel and Nova continue to try and fix the world, going so far as to join up with Black Widow in her mission to take Steve Rogers out as we’re seeing in Secret Empire.


After splitting from his Greek god pal, Amadeus decided to look further into his parents’ deaths. In INCREDIBLE HERCULES #133, #135, and #137 he traveled to Excello, Utah, a town built around the Excello Soap Company, whose contest he won, leading to the destruction of his house. Once there he not only met Agent Sexton, but also realized that the town actually blew up decades ago and yet geniuses still found themselves drawn to the place after winning various competitions. He soon found the cause behind all this: the supposed sixth smartest person in the world, Pythagoras Dupree.

After Amadeus escaped from Dupree’s bubble universes and unmasked Sexton really Athena, the eccentric villain explained that the Greek goddess of wisdom had taken an interest in him as a boy, but he didn’t like the idea of being controlled so he tried to blow her up. He also set up the tests as a way to prove his own vast intelligence. Dupree eventually shot himself and Athena explained that she asked Zeus to send Hercules to Earth, knowing that he’d eventually find Cho, her next choice as the Prince of Power.

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Greg Pak and Greg Land reveal their plans for Amadeus Cho on Planet Hulk.

Greg Pak returns to Planet Hulk, but this time the Totally Awesome Hulk Amadeus Cho joins him for the ride. As Marvel Legacy gets underway, Greg Land comes on to bring the world of Sakaar to life in the ‘Return to Planet Hulk’ arc kicking off with THE INCREDIBLE HULK #708. What has it been like to return to Sakaar with a Hulk other than Bruce Banner?

Greg Pak: It’s a blast. I’ve been thinking about Sakaar a ton this year after having written the PLANET HULK prose novel that comes out in October, so getting the chance to go back in comics is tremendous. And going back with Amadeus opens up some new opportunities in the storytelling that’s a huge amount of fun. This is a big, big story for Amadeus — he’s on an emotional precipice as the story begins and he will come out of the story a different person. Big, big stakes! Will we see different sides of Sakaar than what we were exposed to in Planet Hulk?

Greg Pak: We’ll literally see a different side of the planet! During the original PLANET HULK story, folks frequently mentioned the Red King’s war on the neighboring nation of Fillia. In RETURN TO PLANET HULK, Amadeus will land on that other continent — which is now a desolate wasteland devastated by the Red King’s bombing campaigns. So it’ll be familiar and fun for PLANET HULK fans, but it’s a distinct situation and culture that explores another part of Sakaar and the legend of the Worldbreaker. What has the design process been like for these new parts of the planet? How have you been able to put your own spin on the original look and feel of the world?

Greg Land: Hulk first encounters a group of the planet’s desert people that utilize vehicles that are cobbled together from old engines, metal scrapes and their planet’s version of automobiles.  The tricky thing here is to make the rides look unique and functional, being dynamic looking as well. Big wheels and tires are a must for the desert-like conditions.  As far as the inhabitants, their overall look is similar to the original Planet Hulk, with more of an emphasis on ragged clothing and hand welded/hammered armor. How much can you tell us about how Sakaar has changed since Banner’s time there?

Greg Pak: We start this story from the POV of folks in Fillia who suffered for years from the catastrophic bombing campaigns of the Red King. Their cities and farms were destroyed and the survivors ended up roaming the wasteland in packs, fighting for survival. Now a specific clan is about to be destroyed by their enemy. But the members of this clan heard strange, thrilling stories of the Green Scar, the Worldbreaker, a huge green alien who fell through the Great Portal and smashed the Red King. And they start to wonder if they could bring that champion back to fight for them…

And I’ll say no more! Read the books — they’re gonna be great! Beyond the planet itself, how have the characters we know from Planet Hulk changed, in demeanor or appearance?

Greg Pak: You’ll see familiar Sakaarian species like the insectivorid Hivers, the gray Shadow, and the red Imperials, but we’re introducing a brand new set of supporting characters and villains here. And since they inhabit a different part of the world and have been through different experiences, the look and feel is more barbarian post-disaster than the ancient Rome sci-fi of the original. It’s a tremendous amount of fun — new worldbuilding based on the incredibly fun worldbuilding we did during the original story.

Greg Land: As the series moves forward, I hope to be able to get more details in specific characters if they continue. I will tweak costuming as I become more comfortable with who the individuals are in terms of attitude, importance, etc. I’ve not been involved in the direction/formation of the series and have only worked on the first issue. So I have no idea what is going to be happening but will jump into the designs as I get the scripts. Hopefully, some new monstrous characters will be involved. Amadeus had a little involvement with the original Planet Hulk and World War Hulk storylines, how will that color his experience on this excursion? How will his differences from Banner affect that?

Greg Pak: TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #23 and the GENERATIONS: HULK one-shot set up this story in a big way by drawing some key differences between Banner and Amadeus and laying out the huge challenge Amadeus faces at this point in his life. So I won’t say too much for fear of spoilers, but that’s a good place to start peeking for some possible hints about this. Hulk’s armor from the original story has become iconic. Will Amadeus change up his look in this arc?

Greg Pak: Yeah, Amadeus will have a different look from the original — partly because this is a part of the world less influenced by the Imperial culture of the Red King’s people that played off of those ancient Roman motifs. In Fillia, everything’s in chaotic free-for-all, so everyone’s armor and weaponry and vehicles end up being drawn from many different sources. I love what Greg Land’s doing with the look and feel here — he’s clearly having a total blast with all of this in his designs for all the characters and gear.

And keep your eyes open for a key armoring-up scene in an early issue that gives more emotional context about where Amadeus’s armor comes from in this world.

Greg Land: The editors supplied me with a finished piece of Amadeaus’ new armor/look for the adventure, so I am using this as a guideline. The first Planet Hulk led right into World War Hulk. Should readers expect similar implications to this storyline?

Greg Pak: Anything’s possible. Keep on reading!

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What’s cooking in the lab? We asked Greg Pak to spill the beans!

The various Weapon X programs have been a thorn in the side of mutantkind for decades, but new management might turn that thorn into a chainsaw. On July 26, Reverend Stryker finally releases Batch H in WEAPON X #6, and we can only imagine what writer Greg Pak and artist Greg Land have in store for us. “They’re cooking up a killer, and we’ll see if our heroes can handle it,” warns Pak.

So just what kind of killer is Batch H? Unfortunately, I can’t give you a straight answer as Pak effectively danced around my questioning like a true, seasoned comic book writer. However, I can tell you that this creation branches out from the typical mutant powered goodie bag featuring Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath, and Domino, to include some gifts from Totally Awesome Hulk! “That’s like a machine gun with a bazooka, some hand grenades and a bunch of knives thrown in; and then the Hulk is a nuke,” explains Pak, “He’s the strongest entity in the Marvel universe so if anyone has that power they’re a huge threat. They could wipe out all mutants.”

Now, which of Hulk’s abilities Stryker successfully melded with his freaky skin suit cyborgs remains a mystery. But, when asked what powers he would give a pro mutant operative to combat Batch H, Pak said you’d probably want something with Professor X’s mind, the ability to put people to sleep, and some kind of influence over emotion to pacify the threat.

Weapon X #6 cover by Skan

Dealing with this hodge-podge of overpowered superhumans won’t be the team’s only issue. “A key question being explored is, is the human recruit still there?” says Pak. Each cyborg starts as an average Joe, human host that Stryker recruits. And while a few arguably villainous characters on the team may be down for whatever, our usual heroes are definitely not. “They’re not murderers. They don’t want to kill anyone. So it’s very important to find out if the people are still there,” explains Pak.

“It’s chilling and it’s creepy and you’re going to want to read it,” teases Pak, “There are surprises coming, a big twist coming.” Plus, like everything else he does, there will of course be humor woven in. That includes more bickering from our favorite old married couple, Logan and Sabretooth, and more of the everyday office life characterizations Pak had a good time sneaking in. “One of the fun things in this whole series is seeing the every day life of the people in the Weapon X facility and how they deal with what they’re doing,” raves Pak, “It’s not one monolithic attitude. We get to see different ways of dealing with human atrocities,”

Get your action, horror, and office life fix on July 26 in WEAPON X #6 written by Greg Pak with art by Greg Land!

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Greg Pak runs down the participants in the Big Apple Showdown!

There’s trouble brewing in New York City. And there’s only one Totally Awesome thing standing between the Big Apple and destruction. On January 25, Amadeus Cho jumps fist-first into the “Big Apple Showdown” in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #15!

But even with a Champion’s might, Hulk can’t wage this war alone. So, who’s coming to help Amadeus in the fight? An all-star array of Asian American heroes will be answering the call.

We caught up with writer Greg Pak to see who’s ready to rumble. Greg, over to you…

The Totally Awesome Hulk
“First off, we’ve got Amadeus Cho, aka the Totally Awesome Hulk, who thinks he’s gonna be the best Hulk ever. Amadeus has been through some traumatic and humbling experiences over the past few issues, but you can’t keep a good Hulk down, and he probably still thinks a bit too much of his own awesomeness. But our story begins with Amadeus having the chance to hang out with some of his fellow Asian American super heroes. And we’re going to see a whole other side of Amadeus and all of these heroes as they chill and bond; and then see how long that bonding will last as a massive crisis hits.”

Ms. Marvel
“Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, is one of Amadeus’ teammates on the Champions. She’s well aware of Amadeus’ impulsiveness and cockiness and may serve as a good check for him. But even more importantly, she’s got the heart of a champion, always focusing on the underdog and protecting whoever needs protecting. And although she might be the smallest of the group in her ‘normal’ form, her shape-shifting abilities can make her the biggest asset the team has in any fight.”

Jake Oh
“S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jake Oh just tangled with Amadeus in our Civil War II tie-in. Jake’s a young Korean American dude like Amadeus, and in some ways they actually have a lot in common. But Jake’s a military guy with a genuine respect for discipline and the chain of command. We’ll see how much he’s willing to trust Amadeus and how much Amadeus can trust him. Jake’s great in a fight; he’s got total mastery of a variety of S.H.I.E.L.D. tech, but I’d say what he really brings to the table is measured judgement and a commitment to serve.”totally_awesome_hulk_vol_1_15_textless

Jimmy Woo
“Jimmy Woo’s one of Marvel’s oldest characters; he first appeared as the hero of the YELLOW CLAW book in 1956, years before the Fantastic Four and the Avengers! He’s been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and now runs another shadowy organization, the Atlas Foundation. Jimmy’s the oldest and most experienced of all these heroes. He also might be the most ruthless, which could be a huge asset, or could be pretty darn scary. Keep on reading and we’ll see!”

“Shang-Chi is the Marvel Universe’s greatest martial artist; the undisputed Master of Kung Fu. He’s a bit older than most of the younger heroes in this team up and absolutely has an emotional center and discipline that most can only dream of. His abilities also aren’t based on technology or super-powers, which means under certain circumstances, he could be absolutely key. We’re also going to learn a bit more about Shang-Chi in this story arc; he’ll do something you’ve never, ever seen him do in issue #15. Dontcha dare miss it!”

“Cindy Moon, aka Silk, is a bit older than Amadeus, but she spent 13 years alone in a bunker, so in some ways she still interacts with the world as a much younger person might. In a lot of ways, she and Amadeus have a similar spirit and vibe. I could imagine the two of them getting in a lot of trouble together pretty quickly, given the opportunity. Or they might just have way too much fun eating Korean barbecue and singing karaoke. Cindy’s got awesome spider-based powers which are absolutely going to come in handy as our story progresses.”

Throw down with TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #15, by Greg Pak and artist Mahmud Asrar, on January 25!

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Learn more about the group of teen heroes and their new path!

Following the fallout of Civil War II, Avengers Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man strike out on their own — joined by Cyclops, Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk. 

Join Mark Waid and Tom Brevoort this Friday, Sep. 30, for a live chat discussing these six young heroes determined to change the world in CHAMPIONS #1, debuting next week. They’ll give you all the details on this new series, the history of the Champions team, and answer all your questions! 

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Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos reunite to take Marvel's young heroes down a new path!

From the ashes of Civil War II arise the All-New, All-Different Champions. Sporting a classic name, they look to the future like no super team ever before, concerned with healing the deep rifts in the Marvel Universe and repairing the reputation of the super hero concept.

CHAMPIONS #1 boasts the reunited team of writer Mark Waid and artist Humberto Ramos, as well as an unprecedented group of the hottest Marvel teen heroes: Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Nova, the Hulk, Cyclops, and Viv Vision. The book will address topical issues that the creators hope will spur discussion and the place of youth activism in modern society. Mark, what will be the impetus after Civil War II that will drive your characters to form the new Champions?

Mark Waid: Without giving too much away, all I can tell you is that—to their mind—the reputation of super heroes has taken a very public beating and they’re very intent in proving to the world that super heroes still have value and still have relevance. Which ones of these young heroes pull this team together and set its tone?

Mark Waid: The young Avengers who come over—Nova, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man—are the most vocal of the new members and do the recruiting. Ms. Marvel is especially stung over a particular relationship of hers that now seems to be forever destroyed. What do the older heroes think of the Champions when they first appear?

Mark Waid: If [the Champions] play their cards right and stick to their overall mission statement, they won’t have to deal too much with the older heroes. What will the team’s first act be once they form? What kind of things will draw their attention?

Mark Waid: Again, I’m hesitant to give too much away; let’s just say that the sorts of things that draw the attention of the Champions have less to do with the Circus of Crime or the Absorbing Man and far more to do with helping people their age around the world achieve more personal moments of heroism, all in the midst of bigger stories. So, will the book feature any super villains in the traditional sense?

Mark Waid: Editor Tom Brevoort and I have drawn the line in the sand by saying that if the Circus of Crime shows up by issue #4, we have failed. Though certainly super villains roam the Marvel Universe in abundance and many will no doubt cross paths with our heroes, the primary job of the Champions is not to punch criminals; it’s to deal with common-people problems in ways that the bigger super-groups aren’t built to. Who of the teen cast may need to most coaching to get into the spirit of the team? 

Mark Waid: Viv Vision. Not that she’s not a good kid, it’s just that the rest of them are used to being super heroes by now, whereas this is a big adjustment for Viv. What’s going to be the biggest challenge of this book for you as a writer?

Mark Waid: Staying away from the Circus of Crime. How’s it feel to be working with Humberto again?

Mark Waid: Spectacular. Frankly, that was as much the draw for me as the cast and the mission statement. To be able to work with Humberto on anything is a thrill and a half. Okay, Humberto; how does it feel to be working with Mark again and on CHAMPIONS?

Humberto Ramos: Mark is not only one of the most talented writers in the industry, but he’s also a mentor and an inspiration to me. Which ones of the Champions are you most looking forward to drawing and why? Which ones haven’t you drawn before?

Humberto Ramos: I can’t wait to dive back into a book [with a teenage cast]. All of them present a challenge and are exciting for me to try to portray their rebel spirit and their strength, as well as the curiosity and the fears the teenage years bring.

So, I want to draw them all, but I’m curious about Viv the most, because she’s still an enigma to me. Do you plan to revise any of the costumes?

Humberto Ramos: I kind of have already. [Laughs] Just a little, and if Tom Brevoort allowed me I would love to do some more. Still, honestly, I don’t really think any revisions are needed but hey, you asked me. How would you describe your overall feeling about CHAMPIONS? What do you love most about it?

Humberto Ramos: I love teenage books. I love drawing them and I’m willing to give my best to readers and make them feel excited every time they go to the store and pick up our book. Do you look forward to designing new characters for the book?

Humberto Ramos: Am I doing that? Sign me up! Only Mark and Tom know at this point if I will, but if you ask me, I’m voting yes!

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