With Valentine's Day upon us, learn about the creation of this adorable depiction of Spidey and MJ.

Gentle Giant Ltd has already delivered plenty of adorable offerings with their Marvel Animated Statue line, but they may have outdone themselves with their newest release, the Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue.

With Valentine’s Day almost here, we sent some questions over to the team at Gentle Giant to find out what went into this recreation of Skottie Young’s variant cover for SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 and its depiction of Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s love story.

Marvel.com: First off, every person who has seen the statue in the Marvel office has let out a huge “Awww!!” Does this go for you guys as well?

Gentle Giant Ltd: Absolutely! We were already in love with the 2-D art on the Marvel comic cover, but when it comes out of the 3-D Printer, the statue is cleaned up, assembled and painted… and then you see Mary Jane’s eager little face waiting for that ring and the connection between the two of them your heart just melts!

Marvel.com: This is the first time you have done two full characters together in this line. How did it come to be? Was this something you were thinking about doing for awhile?

Gentle Giant Ltd: This is the first time we have done two full-sized characters on the same Marvel Animated Statue. Last year we did an adorable animated statue of Groot holding Rocket that has become a real fan-favorite. We wanted to get another version of Spider-Man into our Animated Statue line and when we saw this artwork, we knew if we were going to release this statue it had to be in February!

The Skottie Young variant cover for Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 that inspired the new Gentle Giant LTD Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue

Marvel.com: Talk a bit more about using Skottie Young’s RENEW YOUR VOWS variant art. Did seeing that art crystalize how it could work as a statue?

Gentle Giant Ltd: We have been doing our Marvel Animated Statue line for almost 2 years and have based our current line on those variant covers that Skottie did for Marvel. Skottie himself has been a big fan of these statues and we are BIG fans of him! Skottie came and signed these statues for fans in our booth last year at San Diego Comic Con! As soon as we saw his cover for RENEW YOUR VOWS, the wheels in our heads started turning!

Marvel.com: Spider-Man is such an icon and has had so many interpretations. What do you think it is about the character that makes him so malleable?

Gentle Giant Ltd: It’s funny, when a lot of us were growing up as Spider-Man fans it didn’t seem like there were a lot of interpretations on the character. You had Spider-Man from the comics, and he was the same as Spider-man from the short-lived TV show and he was the same as Spider-Man from the “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” cartoon. Really the only variation was on “The Electric Company,” where he didn’t speak. Sometime around the original SECRET WARS, when Marvel gave him a new costume (which was shocking back in the day), they started opening up the character to some new versions and interpretations and once he started to permeate more media channels like animation, video games and feature films, Marvel really allowed the character to keep opening up and creators to be able to draw and write the character in new and exciting ways. You kids today are living in a golden era of geekdom!

Marvel.com: Meanwhile, Mary Jane has really stood out as a character who has moved beyond any simple “love interest” label and is popular in her own right. Was it fun to get to depict her for this project?

Gentle Giant Ltd: It really was. Despite her first appearance back in 1966, Mary Jane has not appeared in very much physical product. She has been an integral part of Spider-Man’s life and his story. We have always been a fan of their relationship and we are happy when we are able to celebrate it!

Marvel.com: Spider-Man is hanging upside down by his web in the original art, which has to be a huge challenge when turning this into a statue. Do you relish those challenges and finding out how to make it work?

Gentle Giant Ltd: It is always fun to be able to solve those sorts challenges in a sculpt. Our stable of artist really relish figuring out how to execute a piece like this. You can only have so many “guys waiting for a bus” posed statues in your collection, so we are always looking for fun and interesting new ways to get these characters on your shelf. It is always fun when a fan looks at your work and askes “How did they do that?” We did a fun Spider-Man hanging from a streetlamp statue in our Collector’s Gallery line last year. Spider-man might be the worst character ever to have posed standing. You want to see him in action!

The Spider-Man and Mary Jane Animated Statue can be pre-ordered now at GentleGiantLTD.com and will be released this month!

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Prepare for the next step in Peter Parker's life, as he faces Battleworld in these preview pages by Adam Kubert!

Father. Husband. Hero. The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t safe from the Secret Wars – and neither are you!

Marvel is pleased to present AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1, from Dan Slott and Adam Kubert! Trust us, you have to read this to believe it! Prepare for the next evolutionary step in Peter Parker’s life as the Parker family faces Battleworld…together. Peter, Mary Jane and their daughter may not have much, but they have each other. Even as his city is torn asunder by a mysterious new villain, the safety of Peter’s wife and daughter comes first. But who is this mysterious “Regent” who has claimed the lives of so many heroes? How long till Spider-Man and his family are in his crosshairs?

This is the story you’ve been waiting for. No fan can afford to miss the seismic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 when it explodes into comic shops this June!

Written by DAN SLOTT
Art & Cover by ADAM KUBERT
Variant Covers by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL (APR150751),
Ant-Sized Variant by MIKE DEODATO (APR150754)
Blank Cover Variant Also Available (APR150757)
On-Sale – 06/03/15

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Dan Slott brings back Peter Parker and Mary Jane's marriage with new twists and long-lasting implications!

A long time ago, Peter Parker married Mary Jane Watson and, years later, the duo seemed poised on the edge of parenthood. Soon after, a series of tragedies befell them leaving them first childless and then, eventually, erasing their very marriage forever.

This summer, Secret Wars and the creative team of Dan Slott and Adam Kubert show forever ends now with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS, one of the most highly anticipated Warzones!.

As the writer who has chronicled the web slinger’s adventures for several years, Slott has a deep awareness of the significance of Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage and what it meant for many to see it lost.

“Spidey’s been around for over 50 years,” he says. “For close to half of that time, he was married to Mary Jane. As someone who came onto the book right after the marriage was written out, I can tell you that there’s an extremely vocal section of our readership who were—and are to this day—very passionate on this subject. And that, right there, is probably one of the single, biggest understatements I’ve ever said during a Spider-Man interview.

“As a Spidey writer, the Spider-Marriage has been a locked off part of the Spidey U. toy box. It’s taken something as big as Secret Wars—an event where every rule can be broken, where nothing is off limits—it’s taken something this epic to give me the freedom to go to the Powers That Be and ask, ‘Can we bust the lock?’”

Fans of that era of Spider-Man stories will recognize the Peter and MJ of RENEW YOUR VOWS right away. But that does not mean the world they live in matches the environment of the Spider-books of that time.

“This is the Pete & MJ you knew and loved in late 80’s and early 90’s of [AMAZING SPIDER-MAN],” Slott asserts. “Well, if they’d had a baby. And if Venom and all of Spidey’s greatest enemies were—Ah. Sorry. Got ahead of myself there for a second. Just forget I said that.”

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 cover by Adam Kubert

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 cover by Adam Kubert

The biggest change of all, of course, comes from the reality of Peter and Mary Jane’s new role: parents. For Peter in particular, it represents a tremendous challenging of his values.

“[He’s a] father,” Slott explains. “Husband. Hero. In that order. With great power must also come great responsibility. But what happens when you have the greatest responsibility of them all? Having a great power is something you have to share with the world. But what if two people become your whole world? What then?”

Clearly, Secret Wars has given Slott and Kubert the chance to explore a different possible avenue for a mighty Marvel hero as it has given so many other creative teams; except, unlike many Warzones! books, RENEW YOUR VOWS stands apart in one key way.

“This is the current Spider-Man,” Slott reveals. “For the duration of Secret Wars, RENEW YOUR VOWS is the core Spider-Man title.”

If that twist does not quite excite readers enough, the writer has some final words of enticement:

“When RENEW YOUR VOWS is over…wait—I have to say this in the most cryptic way possible—things which happen in this story will go on to have an effect in the Spider-Man comics that Marvel will be publishing after Secret Wars.

“You do not want to miss this one. Spidey, MJ, their daughter, classic rogues, new surprises, and all gorgeously illustrated by Marvel legend, Adam Kubert!”

Follow the latest updates on Secret Wars daily on Marvel.com and via our social channels!

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