Welcome the latest Children of the Atom to the mobile gaming adventure!

Brother and sister smash and slash their way through the latest update to “Marvel Future Fight” as the interdimensional battle wages on. This month, recruit some extra help from X-Men members. Channel the steel powerhouse Colossus and his sword-wielding sorceress younger sister Magik. Bring on hope – or destruction – with Angel or the diamond telepath, Emma Frost. Be sure to grab some MARVEL NOW! looks for Cyclops and Wolverine!

To get the full rundown all things mutant-related, we grabbed a few minutes with the team over at Netmarble Monster: lead game designer/director Minkyun Kim, lead system designer Youjung Kim, lead skill designer Jongho Park, and lead level designer JungTae Pyo.

Marvel.com: Could you give us a quick introduction for the latest “Marvel Future Fight” update?

Minkyun Kim: In this update, X-Men members Magik, Colossus, Angel, and Emma Frost will be available as new playable Heroes. In addition, Cyclops and Wolverine, who are already in the game, will be getting new Uniforms. As for new content, a new Dimensional Rift has been added with the newly an alternate-universe version of Angel as the Rift boss, as well as a few in-game improvements that I think our users will appreciate.

Marvel.com: Will our heroes sport new looks?

Youjung Kim: Cyclops and Wolverine will be getting new Character Uniforms. Cyclops will be getting the ‘Marvel NOW!’ uniform that he wore while leading the Mutant Resistance, which many of our Cyclops fans were hoping for. For Wolverine, we have prepared the ‘All New Marvel NOW!’ uniform that was created for Wolverine by the Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel.com: What can players expect to see in-game with the inclusion of these newly-added characters?

Jongho Park: We did our best to implement X-Men abilities that appeared in the comics. Users will see that Magik has her iconic Dimensional Warp skill along with other magical abilities. Colossus, the ‘guardian’ of the X-Men, will have immense tanking ability arising from his extra solid body, and Angel will have great supportive capabilities through his healing skills to help his fellow X-Men. Emma Frost will have various telepathic skills that will be sure to confuse and debilitate her enemies!

Marvel.com: Colossus is known to have the ability to transform his body into a solid weapon of pure steel. How strongly is this expressed in the game?

Jongho Park: We took extra care to express Colossus’ Herculean strength and body in the game. We made sure to focus on his innate concrete strength, rather than speed, for his abilities. We also put effort into implementing his steel body to reflect immense defensive capability and exclusive skills that make him extremely formidable to characters that use Physical Attacks.

Marvel.com: What improvements have been made to enhance the player experience? 

JungTae Pyo: The enormous Frost Beast that appears in the Alliance Battles seemed to have some counter-intuitive aspects regarding his attacks. Users were only able to evade them by roughly estimating the range of his attacks previously, so we made efforts to improve on this by adding an indicator that shows the range of his attacks.

Marvel.com: Lastly, can you share anything fun or surprising that’s exclusive to this mutant special?

Minkyun Kim: After the very first X-Men update of last year, we’ve been wanting to expand and add more X-Men to the game. This was easier said than done, as there are so many incredible X-Men characters to choose from. Picking which ones to add to the game required considerable forethought. Our hope is that our users will see that we put a lot of thought into the X-Men characters selected for this update. Our mission was to quench their thirst for X-Men characters through the unique and engaging skillsets of the new characters. We plan to continue adding characters from the X-Men universe in the future, so we hope our users will continue to play and love our game!

For all the latest on “Marvel Future Fight,” stay tuned to Marvel.com and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Two mutant birds of prey swoop down to join the Marvel mobile action!

Take to the skies with the greatest of ease and fillet your enemies with razor sharp feathers and cosmic fire as both Archangel and Angel dive into “Marvel Puzzle Quest” this week. We talked to D3 Go! Senior Producer Josh Austin about Warren Worthington III, his alter egos, and everything they bring to the MPQ table, not to mention we got a sneak peek at all the holiday fun they have lined up for players. Read on to learn more!

Marvel.com: Are we sure Scarlet Witch didn’t say “Lots more mutants”? I’m super excited to see the final member of the original X-Men lineup making it into the game. That’s gotta feel good for the team.

Josh Austin: Not only for the team, but also the fans of “Marvel Puzzle Quest”! It’s great to be able to finally bring so many sought after characters, and we aren’t done yet.

Marvel.com: Warren’s getting two different variants, a 3-Star Angel, and a 5-Star Archangel. Aside from appearance, what’s different about the two characters?

Josh Austin: 3-Star Angel (All-New X-Men) and 5-Star Archangel (Classic) have similar powers that focus on controlling the battle by stunning, removing AP, and preventing players from gaining AP, but 5-Star Archangel being the more powerful version has the ability to damage and stun characters that are airborne as well.

Marvel.com: Ok, let’s get into their abilities. What can Angel and Archangel do?

Josh Austin: Their first ability is called Angle of Attack and it costs 11 Blue AP. 5-Star Archangel deals damage and stuns the target for two turns. There is also a Passive that triggers at the start of the player’s turn, dealing damage to any airborne character and stunning that airborne character. Angel 3-Star deals damage and stuns the target.

Angel and Archangel’s second ability is called Enemy Down and it costs 10 Green AP. Archangel lets loose a flurry of razor sharp feathers that deal damage and [destroy] random AP in the enemy’s AP pools. Angel unleashes a flurry of cosmic flame feathers that deal damage while also creating Green Attack tiles.

Angel and Archangel’s last ability is called Aerial Superiority and it costs seven Black AP. Archangel soars overhead to control the battle by creating Countdown tiles of a chosen color which deals damage and blocks AP generation in that color for both teams at lower levels then only for the enemy team at higher levels. Angel soars overhead as well and creates Countdown tiles that deal damage and block AP gain from both teams.

Marvel.com: I really like that Archangel’s Angle of Attack can hit airborne opponents. Was this made to address the growing number of airborne abilities, or just to add some emphasis to Archangel’s mastery of the skies?

Josh Austin: That’s correct, Archangel will be a great character for players that do not use Vulture, but want a way to stop his onslaught and AP gain. It just makes sense for Archangel to have air superiority over Vulture; we hope players will have a fun time countering airborne characters with Archangel!

Marvel.com: What teammates are we looking at for these two?

Josh Austin: Putting a team together with Rogue (Classic) and Peggy Carter (Captain America) the player could cause the enemy team AP generation to grind to a halt! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone to add to the battle in case the opponent does not have any airborne characters, like Nova or Riri that can send opponents airborne!

Marvel.com: And do you guys have any special plans for the holidays?

Josh Austin: Before I get into the specific events featuring Angel and Archangel, this year we have a couple things for the holidays, the first one an event called 12 Days of Marvel. For 12 Days of Marvel, you will need to join forces with the 12 featured Marvel families—in MPQ—in a special 12-day event. Check back each day for a new mission featuring a variety of Super Heroes and Super Villains. Play as many as you can to earn points and progression rewards including tokens that you can use on the Family Legends Store!

Also in the spirit of the holiday season, players can redeem a free gift by logging into the game between December 14 and December 26 for a Holiday Vault Token for use in the special Holiday Vault store! We plan to have a lot of fun in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” the entire holiday season, so check back frequently for fun events and news while you unwind from a busy 2017.

Marvel.com: Anything else we need to know?

Josh Austin: Yes, back to Angel and Archangel specific events and dates. They will be released December 14 and 5-Star Archangel (Classic) will be featured in the Angel of Death Legendary store. 3-Star Angel (All-New X-Men) can be found in the X-Men vs Apocalypse event that runs December 14 through December 17 and he’s a reward in early rounds, the Top round reward is an Angel of Death Legendary Token for a chance at Archangel, and final progression rewards a token for Angel of Death Legendary cover store.

The 3-Star Angel Vault is called Worthington W. III and contains one Angel of Death Legendary Token along with one of each Angel (All-New X-Men) covers—three total. Angel can be found in Thick as Thieves that is due to run December 17 through December 22. The Versus Tournament for Angel (All-New X-Men) is called Avenging Angel; it starts December 17 and runs through December 20.

There you have it folks, take part in all the angelic holiday cheer here and stay tuned to Marvel.com and follow @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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X-Men Senior Editor Nick Lowe gives his thoughts on Cyclops, Jean Grey and the rest of the original team!

By Tim O’Shea

This September, when mutants from tomorrow journey to today to confront their predecessors in the 10-issue event X-Men: Battle of the Atom, things get complicated on many levels very quickly. With past, present and future versions of multiple X-Men in the mix no one knows just how complex and fascinating matters will become better than Senior Editor Nick Lowe.

To help gain perspective on some of the major players, Lowe reveals his insight first into the time-lost Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Marvel Girl from ALL-NEW X-MEN.


Marvel.com: Both young and present Cyclops are struggling to find who they are, changed and challenged by circumstances as they both are. What do you hope to reveal about these two very different leaders in Battle of the Atom?

Nick Lowe: You hit the nail on the head that they are both going through some identity issues. Young Cyclops is trying to decide who he is, really, in the stark reality of seeing his future spread out in front of him. Is his future what he wants? I’ll go out on a limb and say a solid no. And with adult Cyclops getting the opposite treatment, he has to define himself next to his younger idealistic self and ask the question: “Is this who I wanted to be?” The closest any of us get to this is finding a letter written to one’s self by our younger self or something like that.

Marvel.com: With Charles Xavier gone, Magneto has become a father figure for present day Scott Summers; but what kind of relationship, if any does young Cyclops have with Magneto?

Nick Lowe: The only relationship young Cyclops has with Magneto is a “I’M GONNA BLAST HIM” relationship. He still sees him, very much, as the enemy. That may be changing, though…

Marvel.com: What qualities about the two Cyclops come into play in Battle of the Atom?

Nick Lowe: The strategist skills are the qualities I most want to play up. These are two guys—one more green, for sure—who think tactically, so it’ll be amazing to see them go head to head.


Marvel.com: Iceman’s powers in his early days were vastly different than his present day incarnation, what opportunities present themselves in terms of fight scenes and young Iceman’s powers?

Nick Lowe: You have to think that young Iceman sees what adult Iceman can do and take note.

Marvel.com: Which Iceman has more to teach the other: past or present day?

Nick Lowe: Definitely adult Iceman. He has to teach him how to properly toilet-paper a house or something…

Marvel.com: Both in the past and present, Iceman is best pals with Beast. Do you hope to explore either Bobby’s reaction to present day Beast bringing the original X-Men to the present?

Nick Lowe: We’ve seen that reaction in ALL-NEW X-MEN. Bobby’s not thrilled with Hank, to say the least.


Marvel.com: For present-day Angel, his life is a blank slate to a great extent—does that have any bearing in this story?

Nick Lowe: There’s so much going on in Battle of the Atom that we’re not going to have a ton of time/space to deal much with present-day Angel’s mental state and such in this story. But more on that is coming after.

Marvel.com: How much is young Angel a critical catalyst in Battle of the Atom, given that he is allied with Cyclops’ Uncanny X-Men?

Nick Lowe: Angel agrees with the forces who want to send the All-New X-Men back in time. Heck, he’s been saying that since the get-go. He’d love to be back in his home time.

Marvel.com: Young Angel has learned a great deal about his past, while living in the present, how has that changed him?

Nick Lowe: IT FREAKS HIM OUT! It certainly makes him want to avoid Apocalypse, I’ll tell you that much.


Marvel.com: The events of Battle of the Atom would not be happening without the actions of present day Hank McCoy; how important is he to the overall event?

Nick Lowe: He is a huge part of all of this. Not only did he set this into motion with bringing the original five to the present, but he’s one of the few characters whose past, present and future are all here in the story. So you’ll see a lot of interplay between the three of them!

Marvel.com: Who do you think regrets the decision to bring the young X-Men to the present day more, young Hank or present day Hank?

Nick Lowe: To be honest, I don’t know that either of them regrets it. Both Beasts are pretty happy with the current situation, consequences be damned!

Marvel.com: Of the original X-Men, would you say Beast is the foundation that ties both the past and present teams together?

Nick Lowe: He’s often been the glue of the X-Men, but I’d say that the act of bringing the original five to the present has everyone questioning him more than ever!

Marvel Girl

Marvel.com: From the original X-Men brought to the present, is there any character other than Jean that has been thrown more in the metaphorical deep end of stuff to process? She arrives in the future to find out she is dead, and there is a school named after her, among other things.

Nick Lowe: I would say that Jean and Scott definitely had the most to deal with coming to the present. There is little crazier than the tumultuous history of Jean Grey and learning about that at such an early stage has to be really hard to deal with.

Marvel.com: In the heat of this battle, it strikes me that Jean is a character who is weighed down and conflicted by the expectations of people she cares about, given she can read almost everyone’s minds. Is that a fair assessment?

Nick Lowe: Oh yeah, especially considering she has barely had this telepathy power for a week and has little control over it. But she has also shown herself to be incredibly strong and decisive! That’s one of my favorite parts of Brian [Bendis] and Stuart [Immonen’s] run on [ALL-NEW X-MEN]!

Marvel.com: Much is always made of Scott/Cyclops’s role as a leader over the years, but would you agree that present day events will show yet again what a great leader Jean can be when she chooses to be, in her own unique and powerful way?

Nick Lowe: That’s been one of the things that Brian has been pushing hard in ALL-NEW X-MEN. She has, very much, started to assert herself as a leader. I can see why when you learn the guy she was just starting to trust as a leader grows up to make some very controversial choices.

Visit the X-Men: Battle of the Atom event page and pick up X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM #1 on Wednesday, September 4

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