Two mutant birds of prey swoop down to join the Marvel mobile action!

Take to the skies with the greatest of ease and fillet your enemies with razor sharp feathers and cosmic fire as both Archangel and Angel dive into “Marvel Puzzle Quest” this week. We talked to D3 Go! Senior Producer Josh Austin about Warren Worthington III, his alter egos, and everything they bring to the MPQ table, not to mention we got a sneak peek at all the holiday fun they have lined up for players. Read on to learn more! Are we sure Scarlet Witch didn’t say “Lots more mutants”? I’m super excited to see the final member of the original X-Men lineup making it into the game. That’s gotta feel good for the team.

Josh Austin: Not only for the team, but also the fans of “Marvel Puzzle Quest”! It’s great to be able to finally bring so many sought after characters, and we aren’t done yet. Warren’s getting two different variants, a 3-Star Angel, and a 5-Star Archangel. Aside from appearance, what’s different about the two characters?

Josh Austin: 3-Star Angel (All-New X-Men) and 5-Star Archangel (Classic) have similar powers that focus on controlling the battle by stunning, removing AP, and preventing players from gaining AP, but 5-Star Archangel being the more powerful version has the ability to damage and stun characters that are airborne as well. Ok, let’s get into their abilities. What can Angel and Archangel do?

Josh Austin: Their first ability is called Angle of Attack and it costs 11 Blue AP. 5-Star Archangel deals damage and stuns the target for two turns. There is also a Passive that triggers at the start of the player’s turn, dealing damage to any airborne character and stunning that airborne character. Angel 3-Star deals damage and stuns the target.

Angel and Archangel’s second ability is called Enemy Down and it costs 10 Green AP. Archangel lets loose a flurry of razor sharp feathers that deal damage and [destroy] random AP in the enemy’s AP pools. Angel unleashes a flurry of cosmic flame feathers that deal damage while also creating Green Attack tiles.

Angel and Archangel’s last ability is called Aerial Superiority and it costs seven Black AP. Archangel soars overhead to control the battle by creating Countdown tiles of a chosen color which deals damage and blocks AP generation in that color for both teams at lower levels then only for the enemy team at higher levels. Angel soars overhead as well and creates Countdown tiles that deal damage and block AP gain from both teams. I really like that Archangel’s Angle of Attack can hit airborne opponents. Was this made to address the growing number of airborne abilities, or just to add some emphasis to Archangel’s mastery of the skies?

Josh Austin: That’s correct, Archangel will be a great character for players that do not use Vulture, but want a way to stop his onslaught and AP gain. It just makes sense for Archangel to have air superiority over Vulture; we hope players will have a fun time countering airborne characters with Archangel! What teammates are we looking at for these two?

Josh Austin: Putting a team together with Rogue (Classic) and Peggy Carter (Captain America) the player could cause the enemy team AP generation to grind to a halt! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone to add to the battle in case the opponent does not have any airborne characters, like Nova or Riri that can send opponents airborne! And do you guys have any special plans for the holidays?

Josh Austin: Before I get into the specific events featuring Angel and Archangel, this year we have a couple things for the holidays, the first one an event called 12 Days of Marvel. For 12 Days of Marvel, you will need to join forces with the 12 featured Marvel families—in MPQ—in a special 12-day event. Check back each day for a new mission featuring a variety of Super Heroes and Super Villains. Play as many as you can to earn points and progression rewards including tokens that you can use on the Family Legends Store!

Also in the spirit of the holiday season, players can redeem a free gift by logging into the game between December 14 and December 26 for a Holiday Vault Token for use in the special Holiday Vault store! We plan to have a lot of fun in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” the entire holiday season, so check back frequently for fun events and news while you unwind from a busy 2017. Anything else we need to know?

Josh Austin: Yes, back to Angel and Archangel specific events and dates. They will be released December 14 and 5-Star Archangel (Classic) will be featured in the Angel of Death Legendary store. 3-Star Angel (All-New X-Men) can be found in the X-Men vs Apocalypse event that runs December 14 through December 17 and he’s a reward in early rounds, the Top round reward is an Angel of Death Legendary Token for a chance at Archangel, and final progression rewards a token for Angel of Death Legendary cover store.

The 3-Star Angel Vault is called Worthington W. III and contains one Angel of Death Legendary Token along with one of each Angel (All-New X-Men) covers—three total. Angel can be found in Thick as Thieves that is due to run December 17 through December 22. The Versus Tournament for Angel (All-New X-Men) is called Avenging Angel; it starts December 17 and runs through December 20.

There you have it folks, take part in all the angelic holiday cheer here and stay tuned to and follow @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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The X-Men’s winged warrior flies into battle!

Something wicked this way comes. Armed with razor-sharp wings and deadly neurotoxins carried on the wind by the one and only Warren Worthington III, Archangel swoops into “Marvel Contest of Champions” ready to eviscerate his foes. We talked with Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about the Angel of Death and how he fits into the Collector’s grand scheme. The Horsemen of Apocalypse usually come in sets of four. Is Archangel just the first in Taneleer’s collection?

Gabriel Frizzera: He’s the first in “a” collection, but not Taneleer’s. As our players probably noticed, the Collector’s worst nightmare is returning to The Contest: En Dwi Gast, The Grandmaster. He favors ruthless killing machines as his Champions, and Archangel definitely fits the bill. To challenge the dominion of the Collector over the Battlerealm, he puts together a team of “X-Enforcers,” mind-controlled versions of X-Force. They’re assassins aiming to disrupt the Collector’s Contest, and hunt new recruits for the Grandmaster’s ranks. Check out who their first target is in our brand new motion comic! Warren Worthington’s alter-ego here looks much more menacing than the blue and purple Archangel that I grew up with. This is his X-Force outfit right?

Gabriel Frizzera: Yup. We love Rick Remender’s run [on UNCANNY X-FORCE], and you can’t get much more iconic than the black-and-white matching uniforms of that team. We used the Archangel design from that comic, which has a lot of reflective silver details that look great in the game. We even added a couple of extra sharp edges here and there to make him look more menacing. And let’s talk a little about Archangel’s kit. A big part of his gameplay seems focused on the Neurotoxin in his wings. What exactly does Neurotoxin do to your opponents?

Simon Cameron: Archangel’s Neurotoxin comes in two main varieties: pre and post Signature unlock. Pre-unlock is one of his best sources of damage; additionally, as a passive it’s also impossible to get rid of early once it’s in place and the short stun gives you an opening to start your next combo. Post-Signature unlock becomes a powerful debuff, reducing your opponent’s Ability Accuracy and acting as a Heal Block. And how do his other abilities—Bleed, Poison, Stun—round out his style?

Simon Cameron: Archangel’s Bleed and Poison abilities provide a lot of damage to his opponents and acts as the resources he uses to create Neurotoxins. His Stun abilities give him windows to land additional combos and heavy attacks safely to help keep his Bleed and Poison stacks in place. Characters with wings seem like they’d be difficult to animate in game. Does Warren only break out his wings during his special moves?

Gabriel Frizzera: No, sir! He flies during the whole fight. Unlike Falcon—who collapses his wing quite a bit in the movies—Archangel is known for using his wings as both propulsion and weapons most of the time. With that being said, we decided to go for it and have his wings be as large and imposing as they are in the comics. He slices and blocks with the wings and shoots metallic blades from it. Doing so created a new set of technical challenges—like the wings being so large they sometimes would crash through the camera—but in the end the animation team managed to make him one of the most unique-looking Champions in the game, and very effective too. And what can you tell us about the teammates he should take into battle with him? A lot of the original X-Men maybe?

Simon Cameron: Some original X-Men, some X-Force members, some who were both! And last but not least, when do we get to break him out of a crystal?

Simon Cameron: Archangel will be coming to The Contest today! Be sure to check your in-game messages and announcements to find out when.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews.

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Chad Bowers and Chris Sims give their take on the servants of Apocalypse!

The end has come. Apocalypse has arrived and Death rides with him. And Pestilence, War, and Famine, too.

Despite X-MEN ’92 writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers preparing to close the book with December 28’s issue #10—and possibly take all of mutantkind down in the process—they took the time to talk to us about Apocalypse’s favorite tools, the Horsemen, and point out some of their favorites of all-time. Besides their own, of course.

“Every time they show, it’s a big deal,” Bowers argues. “It should be a big deal.

“I think, in a lot of ways, what’s most terrifying about the Horsemen is they’re people, but they are really concepts,” he continues, asserting their draw. “It’s hard to fight against a concept. Even if you beat the Horsemen, the power is just going to go to somebody else.”

“There’s always going to be a next one,” Sims agrees. “And the next one might be someone you know; it might be a horror movie monster. You don’t know.”

“I gotta say, Walt Simonson, good at drawing,” Sims states.

“I love it,” Bowers enthuses. “I like Angel a lot as Death especially. He’s like the first X-Man to have a real lasting change.”

“I absolutely prefer him to Angel, as Archangel,” Sims concurs. “It’s really hard to empathize with Angel’s problems because he’s a rich beautiful man who has beautiful bird wings.”

“So it makes perfect sense, when he loses them, that he gets super depressed,” Bowers continues.

“It’s metal, in a literal and metaphorical sense,” Sims jokes. “It’s the one ‘aww, it’s extreme now’ reboot of a character that everyone agrees is good.”

“That’s their friend, this giant gentle artist who can turn his body into a battering ram,” Bowers points out. “And then suddenly he’s trying to kill [them]. That’s terrifying.”

“He seems like a no-brainer,” Chad admits.

“With Wolverine it works in a way; with him there’s always this aspect that’s been building for 20 years at that point,” Sims elaborates. “That Wolverine is just constantly holding back so he doesn’t flip out and stab everybody. Apocalypse takes Wolverine and—all the hard work he’s done to control himself [Apocalypse] just pops the seal off, hands Wolverine a sword, and says, ‘Alright, you are going to kill everyone.’”

“He’s a real weird choice,” Sims confesses. “Of all the things that Gambit is, seeing him as the embodiment of Death—it makes sense with his powers because everything he touches becomes a bomb. So from there, that makes sense. But in term of character, it’s something I never would’ve expected.”

“He’s Death, but he’s not Death, you know?” agrees Bowers. “Like that’s not who Gambit is.”

“Which maybe makes it a really solid idea,” Sims reflects.

“That makes total sense,” states Sims.

Bowers concurs. “Yeah, that’s a good one.”

“What’s scarier than a Death that can read your mind and then kill you with a sword?” points out Sims.

Jeb Lee
“Good visual,” asserts Bowers. “There’s something overall creepy about that battlefield look.”

“[He taps] the magic element that makes a great Horseman,” Sims says. “Interpreting one of the aspects in a way we really haven’t seen before.”

“[He and the other UNCANNY X-FORCE Horsemen] really did feel different,” concludes Bowers. “I liked that.”

The ’92 Horsemen
“[It’s] every corner of the X-Men Universe, tied together,” Bowers explains. “You’ve got a representative of the human interests in [Senator] Kelly, you’ve got a representative from the anti-mutant militaristic Sentinel interest with Bastion, the idealist in Exodus, and then you’ve got Mystique as the mutant that kind of gave up and became a weapon or a tool.”

“If you were going to do a big Apocalypse story in 1996—you know, like they did—who would be the guys that you’d want them to pick for that,” continues Sims. “It’s like Bastion and Exodus. In the 90’s all of them looked like they were going to be the next big villains.”

“These are guy who anchored their own events,” Bowers contends. “If the X-Men had a tough time beating these guys by themselves, what happens when they team up?”

Saddle up with Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, and Alti Firmasyah one last time for X-MEN ’92 #10 on December 28!

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Check out past examples of mutants switching sides as the Inversion of AXIS hits Amazing X-Men!

People switch sides all the time in the Marvel Universe. Generally this applies to just forming new alliances, but in more extreme cases it can mean a hero goes rogue or a villain goes legit.

The X-Men, featuring dozens of roster incarnations, have certainly seen their fair share of flip-flopping. Before we dive into the pages of AMAZING X-MEN #14 on December 10 and see more mutant gets Inverted by AXIS, let’s check out some past occurrences of alignment changes!

X-Men (2004) #185

X-Men (2004) #185

What is Marvel Unlimited?


Technically Gambit started out as a bad seed, sought redemption, rinse and repeat. Originally a member of the Thieves’ Guild, Remy LeBeau has never been a stranger to the underworld. However, despite his sordid past, no one could have expected the transformation he took.

Joining the ranks of Apocalypse’s Horsemen, Gambit went bananas on his former allies and forged a pact with one of the biggest baddies in the universe. He’d eventually see the light, returning to his mutant family, though his stint as Death stays as a constant scar on his storied track record of awesomeness.

Uncanny X-Force (2010) #10

Uncanny X-Force (2010) #10

  • Published: May 18, 2011
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: December 05, 2012
  • Rating: Parental Advisory
  • Writer: Rick Remender
  • Penciller: Billy Tan
  • Cover Artist: Esad Ribic
What is Marvel Unlimited?


We all know the story of how Apocalypse took Angel, transformed him into his avatar, and changed his destiny forever. While Archangel remained a staple of Charles Xavier’s heroic mutant groups, his tragic transformation never really ended.

Implanted with a Death Seed that grew in power, Archangel—in essence—became his villainous creator. His reign as dark lord number one didn’t last the ages Apocalypse expected, but it caused tremendous chaos throughout the various X-factions for years to come. Vanquished, granted a rebirth and new identity, Warren Worthington remains forever linked to an apocalyptic history.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #135

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #135

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Jean Grey

One of the most historically tragic tales to grace the pages of Marvel Comics, “The Dark Phoenix Saga” altered the existence of Jean Grey beyond reproach.

Profiled by the Phoenix Force for having unlimited potential, Jean succumbed to the power of this ancient entity and reached near madness and destruction. Operating as Dark Phoenix, she brought the universe almost to its knees before ultimately ridding herself of the cosmic curse. Her life would be entwined with this presence for years to come.

Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #6

Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #6

What is Marvel Unlimited?


Cyclops didn’t exactly turn villain in the true sense—at first.

Scott Summers took the position of radical activist that lined-up more with the principles of Magneto than the law of the land. During the Avengers Vs. X-Men war, Cyke led the charge for mutant existence, tangling with anyone who got in his way, including Captain America.

Summers, like his bride before him, became an avatar for the Phoenix Force, using this remarkable pool of power to battle all comers and reshape the world for mutant kind. The power being too much for even the X-Men’s leader and Dark Phoenix consumed him, leading him to horrific actions and an eventual prison sentence.

Don’t miss the latest twists and turns in the continuing story of AXIS in AMAZING X-MEN #14 on December 10!

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Wolverine and Archangel get a little help from the Sorcerer Supreme!

It’s time to face facts, true believers – the ’90s were awesome. The pouches were plentiful, the costumes were impractical, and Marvel Universe dentists made a fortune correcting damages caused by perpetually gritted teeth. Thanks to the power of nostalgia, though, what would once be considered extremely embarrassing can now be called extremely awesome!

With that in mind, we’ve pulled a Marvel comic from the not-so-modern era and broken it down, one most excellent fact at a time! This week we’re singling out UNCANNY X-MEN #329 and #330 by Scott Lobdell, Jeph Loeb, and Joe Madureira. Here’s “Warriors of the Ebon Night” by the numbers!

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #330

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #330

What is Marvel Unlimited?

44 visible windows on the X-Mansion

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330


34 netherworld stairs crammed into 1 panel

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330


13 undercloaks attacking 3 super heroes and 1 Gomurr

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330


8 eyeballs peeping out of the walls of Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum

Art from Uncanny X-Men #329

Art from Uncanny X-Men #329


3 pet names for Archangel: sap, bird, and young man

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330


2 super heroes deep undercover

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330


1 goateed mouth delivering bad news

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330

Art from Uncanny X-Men #330

Check out the new adventures of Doctor Strange in ORIGINAL SIN #2!

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The writer of Uncanny X-Force joins host Jeff Suter to talk about the end of the Dark Angel Saga and what comes next!

Behold the aftermath of the Dark Angel Saga! It’s the end of the line for one member of the team and another must sacrifice their greatest weapon. The stage is set for the end, but X-Force’s journey is far from over! Join us in the newest Mighty Marvel Podcast as our beloved podcaster Jeff Suter sits down with writer Rick Remender to talk about the end of the Dark Angel Saga and the transition into Regenesis!

Download this episode now!

The Mighty Marvel Podcast is the can’t-miss comic book podcast, featuring the biggest stars in the industry such as Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Matt Fraction and more! Make sure you keep checking Marvel Podcast Central or subscribe to The Mighty Marvel Podcast on iTunes, so you never miss any of the action-packed installments!

Written by Rick Remender
Pencils by Robbi Rodriguez
Cover by Rafael Grampa
Variant Cover by Nick Bradshaw 
Parental Advisory …$3.99


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Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen and Victor Gischler analyze one of the founding X-Men as we prepare for Regenesis

By Ben Morse

X-MEN: SCHISM has kicked off a startling metamorphosis in the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe that will split the Children of the Atom and lead to Regenesis in the fall along with two new ongoing series, each featuring its own distinctive team: UNCANNY X-MEN and WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN.

With change in the air, here on we’ll be regularly gathering the creators and editors responsible for guiding the X-Men’s destiny to dissect each of their charges to examine what makes them tick and perhaps lend some insight into where they will find themselves once the Schism ends and the Regenesis gets underway.

This week, we focus on Iceman, a founding member and mainstay of the X-Men. He grew up with Cyclops and the rest, but did he fall behind in that maturation process somewhere along the way? Has he yet to hit his best days? And what affiliations could best unlock his potential?

How would you describe the core of who Iceman is and what is most important to him?
Jason Aaron (writer of X-MEN: SCHISM, upcoming writer of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN): Bobby is a wily vet of the X-Men at this point, and like any veteran of any war, what’s most important to him are his friends and the relationships he’s made along the way.

Kieron Gillen (writer of UNCANNY X-MEN): You know the old power [equals] personality super hero trope? So the character’s ability in some way illustrates something about their true nature? It’s best shown in its classical sense in the X-Men with The White Queen turning into a diamond. Well, the X-Men have a tendency of inverting that particular flourish. They lean towards irony. While they can play along, they can flip. So you get things like the primal Beast being by far the most erudite, and relevantly, arguably the most openly, shamelessly, warmly human of the original X-Men turns into ice.

And it’s easy to spin that one off into a “the X-Men are about prejudice and prejudice is about believing you know everything about someone just by a surface appearance, hence their powers tend to deconstruct that” argument. Another time, eh?

What’s more important to him? Friends, really. Without friends and human connections, it’s all pointless.

Victor Gischler (writer of X-MEN): I think Iceman wants to belong someplace.  He’s spent most of his Marvel history joining the X-Men then leaving to be a Champion or a Defender and then coming back again. I think he’s just trying his best to be comfortable in his own icy skin.

What is Iceman’s view of how the mutant race should conduct itself moving forward? How does this contrast or conflict with others?

Victor Gischler: He’s very much about preservation. 

Jason Aaron: Bobby’s always been more of a follower than a leader, and a guy who doesn’t always speak out enough, so I don’t know that we really know his views on this—though that may soon change.

What are the biggest changes Bobby Drake has undergone from when he first set foot in Xavier’s School through to today?

Kieron Gillen: Puberty.

I’m joking, of course, but there’s a special pressure on the youngest in any social group. It always changes people, and how people respond to it says a lot. Some people overcompensate to it. I look at my brother, who hung with me a lot, learned everything I was good at, and basically ended up as Me V2.0, Improved, with all the bugs removed. And hair. So, in another world, you could imagine Iceman ending up just as stiff as Scott.

He didn’t go that way. I think as much as he’s grown, what’s most surprising is how much of the youthfulness he’s managed to hold onto. When you’ve suffered as much of the X-men have, that’s actually an achievement.

Jason Aaron: Well, he doesn’t look like a snowman anymore, for one thing.

Victor Gischler: On a practical level, he’s learned to be more innovative with his powers.  He’s also grown up a little bit although it is sometimes a slow process.

Where does Iceman rank among the X-Men as far as respect of his peers? Is he viewed in the same light as the other founding members?
Jason Aaron: I think he’s one of the most respected and loved of the X-Men. He’s everybody’s favorite uncle. But I don’t think he’s looked at in quite the same light as the other founders. And that’s mostly his own fault, for never really living up to his full potential.

Victor Gischler: I think Bobby would be the first to say he needs a little more respect.

Kieron Gillen: I think he’s respected more than he realizes. I think that he doesn’t realize it is one of the reasons they respect him.

Has Iceman come close to achieving his full potential? Why or why not?

Kieron Gillen: I don’t know where the idea that Bobby doesn’t live up to his full potential has come from. He’s got a degree in Accountancy! Yes, Jean became a psychic creature that devoured entire worlds, but she’d be useless if you needed some carefully balanced double-entered books.

Really though? I’m a little reticent about the idea that he hasn’t reached his full potential. As if someone’s powers were the only reason they exist. Bobby has made good friends and he’s stayed loyal to them. This is no small thing.

Victor Gischler: There’s a lot of potential there. The right writer is going to make it happen. I’ve heard through the grapevine there is some cool stuff headed our way with Iceman. I’m looking forward to it.

Jason Aaron: No, he’s hasn’t, either power-wise or in terms of leadership ability. Bobby has [mostly] just preferred to be a follower and to keep to the fringes of the X-Men. He’s never really stepped up like he’s capable of doing. And we’ve been teased for years now that he’s a mega-powerful Omega level mutant, but we’ve only ever seen glimpses of that. Again though, that may soon change. In the wake of Schism, Bobby will be forced to step up like never before.

Has Bobby Drake ever fully grown up? Does he want to?

Victor Gischler: If you fully grow up, then you get an extra dose of responsibility. Not everyone wants that.

Kieron Gillen: I think a Bobby Drake who doesn’t at some level think it’s funny to throw a snow-ball at someone isn’t a Bobby Drake I’d like to have around.

How has Iceman’s relationship with Cyclops evolved over the years? Does Bobby believe in what Scott is trying to achieve with Utopia?

Kieron Gillen: I think Bobby has his doubts. The first time I wrote Bobby was in the second issue of [the Fear Itself tie-in], where his first instinct was to try and save Colossus from falling—which Cyclops tells him off for wasting his time, and then Bobby immediately “apologizes” for still having human feelings. I think that scene says a lot about where he is right now.

I think he believes what he’s trying to achieve on Utopia. I don’t think he’s entirely convinced by Cyclops’ methods.

Jason Aaron: I think Bobby still believes in Xavier’s dream and figures this is the closest thing to it right now. He also trusts Scott. He’s been following Scott for most of his adult life at this point, from the X-Men to X-Factor and back again. At this point, I think he’s a bit settled and never even thinks about going a different direction. But then, schisms have a way of changing that.

Do Iceman’s past issues with Emma Frost strain his friendship with Cyclops?

Victor Gischler: Bobby does have the ability to hold a grudge as we saw when Polaris went for Havok instead of him.  But he has the ability to eventually get over a grudge too.

Kieron Gillen: I think Cyclops is straining his relationship with Bobby enough by himself.

Who among the X-Men is Iceman closest to? Who does he trust most?
Jason Aaron: The rest of the original X-Men, particularly Beast and Angel. But then, Bobby has no idea what Warren’s been up to lately with X-Force, does he?

Who does Iceman believe should lead the X-Men?
Jason Aaron: Read Kieron’s X-Men: Regenesis special and find out.

Does Iceman have any desire to lead the X-Men himself? Would he be capable of doing so? 

Victor Gischler: As alluded to before, he might have just a little more growing up to do first.

Jason Aaron: I think that’d be interesting to see, but I don’t know that he’s ready for that just yet.

Kieron Gillen: Last time we talked , I believe I said that Psylocke would have no interest in running the X-Men, but would probably do a decent job of it if she did. I think Bobby has no desire to lead the X-Men, but also think that he’d be terrible at it if he did. I also think that while he’s just temperamentally uninterested in it is a bit part of not wanting it, also knowing he wouldn’t be much cop at it plays into it.

X-MEN: SCHISM #4 hits stores September 21, Regenesis commences this fall, and the X-Perts reconvene soon right here on! And be sure to visit our X-Men: Schism event page!

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