The wallcrawling adventure from Gameloft unleashes a symbiote update!

All-new characters swing their way into Marvel’s “Spider-Man Unlimited” from the symbiote-loaded “Venom Inc.” comic event. Players will get a crack at Agent Anti-Venom, Maniac, and more, along with an event and some new items. We talked to Gameloft Product Marketing Manager Sergii Gotsman to get the lowdown on everything coming to “Spider-Man Unlimited.” When have more symbiotes ever been a good thing for Spider-Man? I have a feeling things are going to get tricky for our heroes with this many baddies on parade.

Sergii Gotsman: It’s definitely worrisome, but as we’ve already seen in the comics (for example in “Venomverse,” “Poison-X” or “Maximum Carnage”), when faced with a greater threat, symbiotes can find a bit of common ground with the good guys and work with them. And with all the interdimensional menaces that threaten the Spider-Verse in “Spider-Man Unlimited,” I’m sure the Spideys and symbiotes can put their rivalry aside—at least for a moment. What can players expect from this update? We’ve got some new characters, some new items—and did I hear something about a new event?

Sergii Gotsman: Yes, we’re bringing in nine new characters, two new collectables and new limited-time events. Most, but not all, of this is tied to the recently concluded VENOM INC. comic books. You’ll be able to play as Agent Anti-Venom, Maniac (Lee Price), and Inkling versions of Black Cat, Hammerhead, and Mac Gargan, and take part in new Venom Inc.-themed events.

But it’s not only about “Venom Inc.— we’re also bringing some other heroes from the Spider-Verse into the fray, like Alistair Smythe, Ezekiel, Venom Angelo Fortunato, and Venom Zombie. The team is releasing nine new characters with the event? Holy moly, that’s a lot! Do you have a favorite? Anyone you want to take running?

Sergii Gotsman: In terms of my personal preferences, I really like Agent Anti-Venom—his 3D model looks really awesome and I like the idea that Eugene “Flash” Thompson is the new Anti-Venom of Earth-616. But I’m betting that Venom Zombie will become the community favorite from this update—Marvel Zombies has a pretty huge fan base and our players have asked about this character for a while. Can you tell us a little more about the items and event coming down the pipe?

Sergii Gotsman: As I mentioned, story-wise it’s tied to Venom Inc. In addition to running, fighting and web-swinging, players will have to collect Symbiote Samples and Astrobiological Serums—which are drawn from an important plot device in the original Venom Inc. story. You see, when Lee Price absorbed Mania’s symbiote and became Maniac, he developed a new ability—the power to infect people with pieces of the symbiote, giving him control over them. That’s where Astrobiological Serums come in handy—in small doses, they regulates the hormonal output of the symbiote and may help to get rid of Maniac’s influence.

The Venom Inc. events are scheduled to run until the end of April, and those who will have managed to collect all the new characters from them will also be rewarded with Rank Up cards and vials. What are you all most excited for players to get their hands on with this update?

Sergii Gotsman: I really like that we’re able to offer events tied to a recent Spider-Man story. I mean, we’ve just read VENOM INC. and now we get to enjoy it a bit more in the game. The whole “Spider-Man Unlimited team is eager to see how the community will react to it. Anything else that we need to know?

Sergii Gotsman: Be sure to keep up with all the latest news about the game on Facebook and YouTube—we’re constantly sharing art and videos from the game with our community there. And stay tuned, the next update—which we’re currently working on—will feature some crazy, titanic-sized stuff!

Pick up “Spider Man Unlimited” on Google Play and iTunes and stay tuned to for more news and interviews.

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Watch brand new episodes of 'Marvel's Spider-Man' this weekend on Disney XD!

This weekend on Disney XD, Spider-Man must stop Black Cat from committing a spree of thefts while still keeping his school obligations. Check out a new clip above!

Tune in to brand-new episodes of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” this Saturday beginning at 7:00 AM ET/PT on Disney XD! Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates on your favorite Marvel animated series.

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Kate Leth previews what's in store for our favorite feline hero when a Black Cat crosses her path!

She’s conniving, she’s ruthless, and she’s on the prowl—we’re talking about none other than Black Cat! With her sneaky, mischievous, manipulative kitty ways, Felicia Hardy aims to get under Hellcat’s fur—and go after anyone who might get in her way!

“Don’t Stop Me-ow,” the latest arc of PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! begins with issue #11 on October 19, courtesy of writer Kate Leth and artist Brittney L. Williams. It’s Hellcat vs. Black Cat in a knock-down, drag-out, no-hold-barred cat fight collision course— featuring everyone’s favorite teenage vampire, Jubilee! But, how does she fit into all of this—and, more importantly, who’s side is she on?

We caught up with the series’ writer, Kate Leth, to find out what Felicia’s problem is, whether or not our beloved Patsy stands a chance against Black Cat’s claws, and how Jubilee got herself mixed up in the mess. What can you tell us about the beef between Black Cat and Hellcat and how it has led up to this moment?

Kate Leth: Well, in our story, the beef starts off quite innocently and escalates. Basically, while a large number of the big name super heroes are involved with Civil War II and other intergalactic disputes, Black Cat is looking to take out the street-level capes that might get in her way—the way of stealing. She recruits a girl gang and things quickly get out of hand. Without giving anything away, how does Jubilee mix into all of this?

Kate Leth: Jubilee, our newest partner-in-anti-crime, starts off on the sidelines and plays in big later on. Actually, Ian—who is Patsy’s roommate and BFF—has a large role to play in this arc. What does Hellcat have over Black Cat that will help her come out on top?

Kate Leth: I don’t want to give too much away, but Hellcat—as always—has friends, which is a lot different than hired help. From the very beginning, our version of Patsy was built on friendship. She does so well because of her support network, even with how powerful she is on her own. Vice versa what does Black Cat have over Hellcat that will help her win the fight?

Kate Leth: Black Cat is cunning, ruthless and very, very clever. She’s always been good at getting people to do what she wants, and that hasn’t changed—which is bad news when she gets close to people in Hellcat’s life. She isn’t afraid to pull punches. It’s going to be quite a face-off!

The fur starts to fly on October 19 in PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! #11 by Kate Leth and Brittney L. Williams!

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Recruit street level heroes to take down a corrupted Daredevil!

The latest update for “Marvel Future Fight” brings a slew of new PVE content for rookie players and hardcore fans alike. Pulling inspiration from the 2010 Shadowland event, players will find themselves up against The Hand and their newest leader: Daredevil himself! The assassin cult has released a demon—The Beast—who has possessed the Man Without Fear in an effort to use his status as a hero to get close to the rest of the team.

In order to defeat Daredevil, players will work through the most difficult combat ever seen in “Marvel Future Fight,” battling more and more powerful bosses to dispatch the Hand’s lieutenants and clear a path straight to their new boss. Your team of heroes won’t be alone in this fight, however, as some new faces join the ranks to face off against their former ally. Shang Chi—the Master of Kung Fu—uses a mix of the physical and mystical arts to dispatch his enemies with ease, while Misty Knight—cunning detective and one-time leader of the Heroes for Hire—baffles foes with her bioengineered arm, throwing ice and lightning to defeat the Hand’s assassins.

Alongside the new stages pitting players against The Hand and Daredevil, a new challenge mode will task them with climbing a tower, battling an ever increasing number of Hand assassins to reach the top and unlock new rewards. And what better way to dive headlong into this challenge than with new uniforms? Moon Knight sports a new armored costume, while Ghost Rider gets his INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING look. Black Cat and Daredevil can unlock their All-New, All-Different looks as well.

Netmarble hasn’t left their PVP fans in the dust. Changes to Alliance tournaments add match replays and allow for tournaments to run more quickly, while Cheer Rewards have been updated to more appropriately reflect the ranks of teams involved.

Dive into Shadowland, bring some of Marvel’s greatest street-level heroes to your team, and defeat the demon inside the Man Without Fear in “Marvel Future Fight”!

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Black Cat joins the fray as the mobile game marks its first year!

“Spider-Man Unlimited” is full swing into Marvel’s highly acclaimed Spider-Island series and Mary Jane has already come through the portal to help the good fight against The Sinister Six. However, it doesn’t end there as now another familiar face is entering the fray with the arrival of an alternative dimension Black Cat through a brand new week-long event which starts in the game today!

But today is more than just a celebration of playable fan favorites joining the Spidey army; today also marks the celebration of the first full year of “Spider-Man Unlimited” on the App Store. When the Sinister Six first attacked in September 2014, players were able to raise an army of 21 alternate dimension Spider-Men, from Cosmic Spider-Man to Spider-Man Noir; and now one year later that number has risen to over 70 with famous faces such as Miles Morales and Superior Spider-Man joining the fight, alongside some perhaps unexpected but equally as important web-headed warriors like Anansi the Spider God and Spider-X! That’s one huge Spidey army! And it’s only getting bigger!

All weekend Gameloft will be celebrating the anniversary with an event kicking off on Saturday, September 12 and lasting until Monday, September 14, and each player will be receiving a very special gift over the weekend that’ll include a free Spidey, as well as vial boosters, free premium portals and free standard portals.

Download the game on iOS and Google Play to join the celebrations!

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The newest addition to the J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man collection will steal your heart- and your money!

What a tangled web love weaves! Introducing a new addition to the fan-favorite J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man collection – and Peter Parker’s love life – the Black Cat Statue!

Black Cat Polystone Statue from Sideshow Collectibles

Black Cat Polystone Statue from Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the sly, sexy and surrounded by piles of glittering jewels, Felicia Hardy collectible. The best cat-burglar in the business toys with a familiar looking ball of yarn, while she plots her next heist. Because you can be sure that when she’s not out stealing diamonds, she’s out to steal Spider-Man’s heart!

Pre-order the white-haired thief here and expand your web-tastic Spidey collection with Sideshow Collectibles! 

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Spider-Man's feline femme fatale first appeared back in 1979!

When it comes to all of the characters in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, Black Cat’s really one of a kind. Sometimes she’s a villain on the prowl, other times she’s a cat burglar with good intentions, but she bewilders Spider-Man pretty much all the time. Since her debut, Felicia Hardy has used her smarts, intensely honed acrobatic skills, and her mysterious “bad luck” abilities alongside heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil and as a member of the Defenders. Despite becoming more nuanced over the decades, Black Cat could be described as fairly black and white back in her first appearance.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #194

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #194

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Black Cat first appeared 35 years ago this month in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194 by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard. Felicia made quite an entrance into the Marvel Universe when she kicked off her criminal career by breaking into the NYPD’s headquarters!

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

But Black Cat’s crime spree didn’t stop there. After stealing a few files from the police station, she began recruiting criminals to her mysterious cause. She caught Spider-Man’s eye – no surprise considering her fur-trimmed getup and parkour skills – while making her way to a weapons dealer.

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Spidey’s insta-crush pretty much disappeared as soon as he saw Black Cat mixing it up with a known criminal. The two then began to tango, metaphorically, with Black Cat impressing Spider-Man with her fancy footwork.

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Even though the wall-crawler sought to turn her over to the proper authorities, Felicia couldn’t help herself – she just had to give into her longstanding crush on Spidey, just for a second.

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Of course, the Cat also knew that planting a kiss on the hero would confuse him just long enough to facilitate her escape. Later, a news report gave Parker some insight into Black Cat’s master plan. After learning that one of the files stolen from the police HQ contained information on a prisoner named Walter Hardy, Spidey paid a visit to the incarcerated burglar’s prison cell. Sure enough, he found Black Cat and her lackeys there, prepping a jailbreak.

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #194

Despite getting off to a rocky start, Black Cat and Spider-Man would team-up to fight crime and lock lips on a number of occasions. Her costumed career started merely as a means to bust her dad out of jail, but she quickly took on much more heroic responsibilities. Doctor Octopus remained unaware of her nuanced morality, even after he took over Spider-Man’s body, and he left her webbed up for the cops to arrest after first crossing paths with her. Now that Peter’s back in control of his body again, he’s got one angry Black Cat – and a lot of bad luck – coming his way.

Check out Black Cat’s quest for revenge in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

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Bring the webswinging action to your mobile device in an all-new adventure!

Spider-Man’s greatest battle begins with “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” game now available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Smartphones and Tablets worldwide!

Gameloft is pleased to announce the official game for the highly anticipated “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” film is out now on major app stores worldwide, and you can download it for yourself today!

Download it now in the App Store:
Download it now on Google Play:

Become Spider-Man in an action-packed, open-world adventure, as the extraordinary wall-crawler must save New York City from the formidable villain Electro. In this brand new game, players and fans will encounter an edge-of-your-seat cinematic story rife with villains, suspense, action, and chaos wrapped in energetic and intensely fun gameplay.

The game is available on the App Store and Google Play now for $4.99, and is coming soon to Windows Phone!


-Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast and quick-witted Spider-Man!

-An original story expanding on the highly anticipated blockbuster film, featuring high quality voice acting and cinematic cutscenes!

-Go beyond the film with iconic villains like Venom and Kraven the Hunter, new characters like Black Cat, and Spider-Man suits like Symbiote Spider-Man!


-Intense combo-focused combat! Defeat Spider-Man’s greatest enemies – from the street thugs to super villains – in crazy acrobatic style!

-Swing free through the busy city streets like never before, thanks to high quality, fluid animations!

-Unleash intense combos through enhanced button controls for a seamless tailored experience!


-Larger open-world Manhattan with 6 detailed areas to explore from the bustling Times Square to picturesque Central Park!

-A bigger, better, and more beautiful experience with console-like graphics!

-A deeper story with six bosses, nearly 100 story missions, and hugely expanded side missions!

-Spectacular social events, including battling waves of bosses and opponents in Mysterio’s Arena!

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