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There was a lot to get excited about on This Week in Marvel, especially all the Cloak and Dagger news! The premiere episodes of “Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger” aired on Freeform this past Thursday AND a new digital CLOAK AND DAGGER comic dropped! If that wasn’t enough, Ryan has an interview with Charles Soule, the writer on the upcoming limited series RETURN OF WOLVERINE, coming September 19. They get into the hunt for the resurrected mutant and his new red-hot claws.

Plus: Ryan and Jamie are very eager to bring you their picks of the week and share a link to the Discord server made by Marvel fan and friend of TWIM Brian Strenko! Follow the link to connect with other members of the TWIM Strike Force alliance. And even if you don’t play, stop in and say hello!

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This September, witness the Return of Wolverine by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven!

“If you come back from the dead, it should mean something.”

Following a global search that has unsettled the fabric of the Marvel Universe, the most dangerous hero in existence will return on September 19.

The final piece of a Wolverine trilogy years in the making, following DEATH OF WOLVERINE and HUNT FOR WOLVERINE, the RETURN OF WOLVERINE marks the beginning of a new—and very different—chapter in the storied history of Logan Howlett.

Following his death in 2014, the signature sound of popping claws went silent, and the hero’s body was interred for remembrance and respect. And then it went missing.

Immediately, the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe convened, before separating into four teams hell-bent on unraveling the mystery of the disappearance. Starting with HUNT FOR WOLVERINE, and then in ADAMANTIUM AGENDA, CLAWS OF A KILLER, MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR, and WEAPON LOST, the search began. And the shocking conclusion of this manhunt leaves Wolverine changed forever.

Brought to life by the team that originally sent him to his death, writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven dive claws first into this new beginning.

“Wolverine’s body has been missing. The entire Marvel Universe has been looking for him, because he’s a very important part of the Super Hero puzzle. And at long last, he will be found,” says Soule. “I thought this was a real opportunity to do things that would make him feel new and fresh in a way; if you come back from the dead, it should mean something. One of the outwardly physical manifestations of that is that now, from time to time, his claws—once they’re popped—they can heat up. They can get really hot.”

The five issue limited series kicks off with RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1, by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, on September 19!

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Flip through the covers for the final issues as the hunt concludes!

This August, the final issue for each HUNT FOR WOLVERINE limited series will hit stands, concluding this breathless chapter in the frantic search for one of the most fearsome super heroes in history.

In WEAPON LOST #4, ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #4, CLAWS OF A KILLER #4, and MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #4, the long Logan labyrinth will finally be unraveled, leaving those who seek Wolverine reeling as they contend with the past, present, and future of the Weapon X.

Get an exclusive first look at the covers for each series’ issue #4 below, along with editor Jordan D. White‘s take on what to expect as we uncover more in the deadly puzzle that is HUNT FOR WOLVERINE.

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: WEAPON LOST #4 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, and Federico Blee

Charles Soule has cooked up a fun detective story for this series, with Daredevil and his investigative team on Logan’s trail. They definitely find something interesting…but not something they’re gonna like.”

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: THE ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #4 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, and Val Staples

“Logan’s new Avengers pals made him a promise that now they’re being called on keep. Tom Taylor really came up with a super hero adventure with some great twists and turns—I don’t know that anyone would guess where this series would end up! But it’s a helluva ride!”

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #4 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, and Carlos Lopez

“Killers versus zombies—what a fun concept! No matter who wins…well, we win for getting to watch it! You can tell Mariko Tamaki is having fun torturing these guys!”

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #4 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, and Morry Hollowell

“With this series shining a spotlight on the ladies of the X-Men it probably won’t shock you to learn that it will have a huge impact on the X-Men at-large…but it will shock you what that impact is! Jim Zub is doing something I’ve been hoping for for a long time…”


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Charles Soule reflects on 25 issues alongside the best pilot in the Resistance!

The first 25 issues of POE DAMERON have seen the hotshot pilot and his Black Squadron comrades traversing the galaxy, shooting down First Order fighters, and pursuing the goals of the Resistance. And throughout the adventures, readers have gotten a closer look at a hero they were first introduced to on screen in 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Now, a quarter century of issues—and innumerable insights into his character—later, the events of Poe Dameron’s life before “The Force Awakens” are set to conclude in writer Charles Soule and artist Angel Unzueta‘s POE DAMERON #25! Out tomorrow, the story will lead directly into the unseen events of “The Force Awakens” beginning in issue #26, so get ready to learn Poe’s full backstory right here.

We spoke with Soule about his experience co-piloting POE DAMERON. Charles, as we approach the 25th issue of the series, what can you share with us about who you felt the character was when you were preparing to pen at the start and who you think he is now—two movies and twenty-five issues later?

Charles Soule: I started writing POE DAMERON #1 before I’d even seen the first movie. I’d gotten a great rundown from Lucasfilm, flew out to San Francisco with Phil Noto (the amazing artist who launched the series with me and still handles the covers) to get a bunch of visuals, the story, etc. and had an idea of who Poe was, but I hadn’t seen him talk or walk, so to speak. Fortunately, where I landed seems to have worked pretty well, and it’s only sharpened now that I’ve had plenty of opportunities to see how Oscar Isaac approaches the character on screen. He’s not too different from who I thought he was—but I suspect I’ve written more dialogue and adventures for him at this point than any Star Wars writer, including the movie folks. It’s an interesting place to be.

Poe Dameron (2016) #1

Poe Dameron (2016) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited? “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has also recently been released, and Poe is, of course, one of the lead characters. So far, your story has taken place before “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” but was there anything that changed how you view Poe upon seeing him in the latest movie? Were there any new aspects of his character that might not seem obvious at first glance?

Charles Soule: I don’t want to be disingenuous here, but Poe is Poe. He evolves a bit, he learns, but he’s a person who can be taken at face value. What you see is what you get—even when he’s trying to pull off a tricky scam-type maneuver, as he did in “The Last Jedi,” he’s putting it all out there. I bet he’s a terrible poker player.

Actually, that’s a great idea for a scene. Poe losing terribly at sabacc because he just gets too excited when he gets a good hand. As you were beginning this series, were there any specific constraints placed on the story you and Phil Noto were looking to tell? How would you compare writing issue #1 to writing issue #25?

Charles Soule: There’s definitely a sense of trust that gets built up—not just with the Marvel editors, but also with Lucasfilm. When I began working on Poe, I’d only done about ten issues of Star Wars material: my LANDO limited series with Alex Maleev and the OBI-WAN & ANAKIN series with Marco Chechetto. Plus, Poe was set in the new canon time period—which still hasn’t been explored too much. So, there was a lot of outlining and pre-approvals for the series back then. It’s a bit looser now, which is partly because the time period I’m exploring has been fleshed out a bit more and is better understood on all levels, but also because at this point I’ve written 56 issues of Star Wars related stuff between POE, the other series I mentioned, and of course, the DARTH VADER series I’m doing. It earns you a little bit of trust—which is not to say I can do anything I want! It all needs to fit into the bigger picture.

Poe Dameron #25 cover by Phil Noto Looking back on your time with the Resistance’s premier pilot, what’s been your favorite moment to write? 

Charles Soule: I hugely enjoyed the one-off issue #7, which was a story about Poe taking a little downtime to meet up with an old friend who has since become a series semi-regular, the space journalist and snake person Suralinda Javos. Everything about that just worked—my first time working with Angel Unzueta, who has since become the series regular artist, the introduction and design for Suralinda, the action beats, the theme…I just dug it all.

Another would be the “I’ll be luminous” moment in issue #14, written just after Carrie Fisher’s sad passing, and Oddy Muva’s sacrifice in issue #19. Lots of great moments, though—I’ve had a blast on this series. Likewise, what would you say has been the most challenging aspect of taking the helm of POE DAMERON, especially in light of the other Star Wars titles you’ve written? 

Charles Soule: Well, let me say that by and large, challenges are a good thing in writing. They force you to be inventive, and inventive is always better, both from a skill development standpoint and for the readers. So, one thing I’d say here is that there are essentially no Force-wielders in the POE DAMERON series. It’s a series about a group of fighter pilots going on secret missions. Yes, it’s set against the rich tapestry of the Star Wars galaxy, but unless I’m forgetting something I don’t think there’s a single lightsaber in the whole thing. It makes me happy, honestly—writing a series that’s been able to run this long and do so well without an element some would say is essential to Star Wars storytelling—just makes me feel good.

Poe Dameron (2016) #25

Poe Dameron (2016) #25 You’ve been asked a lot about your love of Star Wars and which elements influenced you most, so we shouldn’t retread old ground. However, I am curious to know how you recharge your batteries. What do you do before sitting down to work on POE DAMERON? What things help get you into the mindset to take the Black Squadron to flight? 

Charles Soule: At this point, it’s relatively easy for me to snap in. I will say that I think the “Star Wars: Rebels” television series, which just wrapped up its four-season run, is some great Star Wars. It gets everything right about what’s come before while also expanding the ideas inherent to the universe. Watching an episode of that always gets the gears going—but I’ve also got a number of visual dictionaries and encyclopedias I can flip through if I need to. Last question: where do you see this series going next?

Charles Soule: We’ll have to see! I will say that the issues beyond #25 should be great for fans of both “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi,” and those of us (me included!) who can’t wait to see where the saga goes in “Star Wars: Episode IX.” I can’t wait to see what people have to say when those issues start to hit.

Join the finest pilot in the galaxy with POE DAMERON #25, by Charles Soule and Angel Unzueta, on March 21!

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Charles Soule and David Marquez unravel the mystery!

On April 25, writer Charles Soule and artist David Marquez present HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1! Reaching across space, time, and all that seems possible, a mystery surrounding the death and life of Wolverine begins to unravel in this oversized one-shot.

Providing the first piece of a mystery that will leave no corner of the Marvel Universe untouched, the RETURN OF WOLVERINE begins here. Just as the X-Men have finally come to terms with Logan’s death, they learn a terrible secret. Old wounds will be re-opened, truths questioned, and an epic quest begun. The earliest clues to the mystery of Wolverine’s return are laid down here…who will solve it first?

Hunt for Wolverine #1 Cover by Steve McNiven

“It was an honor and a privilege to write ‘Death of Wolverine’ back in 2014, and even maybe a bit of a surprise, considering I hadn’t been writing for Marvel that long at that point. So, back then I was mostly concerned with landing the story well, giving the amazing Steve McNiven cool things to draw, and giving Logan a fitting sendoff. That said, I’d be lying if I didn’t start thinking about ways to get Wolverine out of his adamantium tomb almost as soon as I put him in it,” explains Soule. “The main goal with HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 is to set up a huge mystery about the return of Wolverine from the dead. We’ve seen hints, we know he’s around, but how did it happen? What has he been up to? Is the person we’ve been seeing actually Wolverine, or is there something else going on?”

“Naturally, given both that this story leads directly from ‘Death of Wolverine,’ and since Charles—the writer of ‘Death of Wolverine’—is also writing HUNT FOR WOLVERINE, I took a look back at that series to get myself reinvested in Logan’s world,” says Marquez. “But most of all, I’ve been a life-long Wolverine fan, so I always have my own understanding of the character and his story to pull from.” The artist sums it all up: “Wolverine is just so damn cool.”

Hunt for Wolverine is just a piece of the puzzle…

“Wolverine has always been a man of mystery…from his past to his powers, from his motivations to his mortal enemies, every answer has only ever led to more questions. And now, with Wolverine seemingly alive again, his apparent resurrection has people guessing once again. The X-Men want to know how. And why? Is there a reason he has not contacted them? His enemies, who thought they were free of him forever, need to start looking over their shoulders again. And there are plenty of people, both friends and foes, who would have liked to study his adamantium skeleton and his mutant healing factor more closely,” notes Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski. “Will they finally get their chance? Well, they all have to find him first. So the HUNT FOR WOLVERINE is on! Who will eventually get to him? Does he even want to be found? And will they like they discover?”

Read HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1, by Charles Soule and David Marquez, on April 25! Order now!

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Charles Soule teases Black Squadron's latest adventure!

“I’ve traveled too far, seen too much, to ignore the despair in the galaxy.”

So said Lor San Tekka at the beginning of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And its that experience, wisdom, and guidance that Black Squadron have been in search of in the events that lead to the film. Out today, writer Charles Soule and artist Angel Unzueta‘s POE DAMERON #23 continues the search for Lor San Tekka, as General Leia Organa sends her most trusted Resistance pilots on a mission that’ll lead to a dangerous attack from an unexpected foe… spoke with Charles Soule about the issue and this surprising threat. Charles, where exactly do we find Poe and the Black Squadron at the start of issue #23?

Charles Soule: In trouble. Of course. From the beginning of the series, the team’s goal has been to track down Lor San Tekka, the fabled explorer and expert in Force-related lore whom they hope can point them to the location of Luke Skywalker. (This series takes place just before “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” so we get to see a lot of how the moments that happen in that film are set up.)

In the issues just before #23, Poe and Black Squadron finally found Lor on a planet called Cato Neimoidia, which we saw way back in the prequels. He was in prison there for trying to steal a Force artifact, and Black Squadron, along with Leia Organa, tried to break him out. That worked…but then things went very wrong. That’s where we pick up in issue #23. Any chance you can give us a hint on who the mysterious attacker will be in this issue?

Charles Soule: Well, part of that is tied to the twist ending of issue #22…but let’s just say it’s one of their own. How high is the danger factor for Black Squadron in #23?

Charles Soule: Very! Black Squadron is under attack by a huge swarm of kamikaze droid fighters, Lor San Tekka is in dire need of rescue, and old, deadly enemies are raising their heads again for the first time in a while. It’s bad news. What’s going through the minds of Poe and the squad? Are they worried about how this mission will end up?

Charles Soule: Not only are they afraid they’ll fail the mission, but also each other, and the entire galaxy. The stakes are very high here—it’s all or nothing. We met Lor San Tekka briefly at the beginning of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” What else can you tell us about him and his importance to the Resistance? 

Charles Soule: Lor San Tekka knows how to find Luke Skywalker, but he’s also a treasure trove of information about the galaxy as a whole. He knows where new allies might be found, new hidden spots to set up secret bases, and of course, more about the Force than almost anyone alive. If he’s lost…not good.

Join the Resistance in Charles Soule and artist Angel Unzueta’s POE DAMERON #23 today—January 24!

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Charles Soule and David Marquez unravel the mystery this April!


The sound rings across the universe…and can only mean one thing: the return of Wolverine!

He’s been popping up in some of your favorite books lately; holding an Infinity Stone, keeping his secrets close. But his return has been an unsolved mystery—until this April, when writer Charles Soule and artist David Marquez reveal the timeline of events that’ll lead to Logan’s shocking return with THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ALPHA #1!

The 40-page issue, featuring a cover by Steve McNiven, begins the twisted tale of Logan’s reemergence. Then, this May, the story evolves into four different tales from different creative teams, each one containing its own distinct genre and mystery: action/adventure (Adamantium Agenda), horror (Claws of the Killer), dark romance (Mystery in Madripoor) and noir/detective (Weapon Lost.) And it’s all being orchestrated by the man that crafted the “Death of Wolverine” in the first place.

Soule recalls, “Steve McNiven and I took on the incredible task of killing Wolverine back in 2014—it was one of my earliest projects at Marvel, and such a huge opportunity. Intimidating, tricky, all of that—but ultimately, I think we created a book (alongside [inker] Jay Leisten, [colorist] Justin Ponsor and [letterer] Chris Eliopolous) that we’re all really proud of.” He continues, “There’s really only one project that could top it—being part of the story that brings Logan back! THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE is just the opening chapters of a mystery that will reach all sorts of cool hidden corners of the Marvel Universe, and will tell a story that will hopefully have us looking at Logan in an entirely new way.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how fans start to put the pieces together,” says the scribe. “There’s a big payoff coming down the road, and all the interlocking parts of THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE build to it. The more you read, the more clues you get. It’s really fun—especially since I have a bit of a reputation in X-continuity for knocking off beloved mutants. This time, it’s nice to be part of bringing someone back!”

THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ALPHA #1 begins an epic story that will impact Marvel heroes and X-Men alike—and it culminates this summer in one of the most shocking, daring stories in Wolverine’s history! The journey—and the mystery—begins here, and you’re not going to want to miss your chance to take part in Wolverine’s return.

Writer Charles Soule and artist David Marquez’s THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ALPHA #1 unfolds this April!

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Charles Soule on Matt's new job for New York's new mayor.

With Wilson Fisk as the new mayor of New York, Matt Murdock finds himself between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, there’s a warrant out for Daredevil’s arrest. On the other hand, he just got an offer from Fisk to become the mayor’s personal lawyer. And here’s the craziest part: He accepted the job!

Is Matt trying to advance his law career or is he playing a two-faced game like the crooked mayor he just agreed to serve? We’ll learn more about it in DAREDEVIL #597 by Charles Soule and Stefano Landini on January 10, 2018. In the meantime, caught up with Charles to get a better grip of what Manhattan looks like under the control of Kingpin. Can you give us a quick rundown of the dynamic between Murdock and Fisk as lawyer and mayor?

Charles Soule: I’m trying to set things up in this story as closely as I can to the way things actually work in City Hall. The truth is, there aren’t a ton of checks on the power of the mayor in New York. More or less, if the mayor wants the city to shift in a certain direction, or has policies he or she wants implemented, then the city’s various departments and agencies tend to go that way. So, Fisk has all the power, and Matt Murdock has very little – at least in a political sense. However, he’s got his mind, and of course he’s got all the abilities of Daredevil… so he’s still got a fighting chance. Where can we expect this situation to go? Is Matt going to tolerate Fisk’s control of the city for much longer?

Charles Soule: Well, that would be telling. Let’s put it this way – from the moment Matt heard that Fisk had been elected mayor, he was convinced that Fisk was putting something sinister into motion, and he was resolved to stop it any way he could. He could approach it any number of ways – but he knows the one thing he probably can’t do is just go in fists-first. You can’t just beat up the Mayor and hope to achieve anything, even if it is Wilson Fisk.

DAREDEVIL #597 Is there anyone else out in Manhattan who might be a useful ally in destabilizing the Fisk regime?

Charles Soule: Well, sure. Fisk didn’t win in a landslide. He won by like a percentage point – it was super close. So, that means about half the city didn’t want him in office. Beyond that, there are all the superheroes who run around Manhattan – street-level folks like Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Echo and of course, Matt’s buddies in the Defenders. The problem is that one of the first things Wilson did when he took office was to start building up evidence against New York’s vigilantes, in a move toward making them actual criminals. He’s already got a warrant out for Daredevil’s arrest, which makes things pretty tough too. The city’s changing quickly, no doubt about it. What do you think Mayor Fisk has done that greatly benefits the city?

Charles Soule: Well, it’s early days yet. In Marvel Universe time, he’s been in office for maybe like a week. He has plans, but the first thing he needs to do is start convincing people that they should listen to him and trust him – even with all the power of the mayor’s office, tons of people still think of Wilson Fisk as the Kingpin of Crime. If he wants to change the city for the better – and believe it or not, he thinks he does – the first thing he’ll need to do is get more of its citizens on his side. In Part 3 of the story, Matt has the chance to serve at the mercy of the mayor. What kind of internal struggle is he going through?

Charles Soule: That’s a lot of the story of Part 3, actually [in DAREDEVIL #597]. At the end of the previous chapter, Wilson Fisk came to Matt Murdock with an offer to actually leave the DA’s office and help him in his work as mayor. Matt accepted – which is completely crazy. It’s throwing himself into the lion’s den. Doing high-wire work without a net. But that’s Daredevil, right? No fear.

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Charles Soule weaves the complex web of Charles Xavier’s return!

Ever since Cyclops apparently killed Professor X back in 2012’s AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #11, Charles’s consciousness has been forced to cling to life in the astral plane. What kind of impact has this had on him? How will it affect his decisions moving forward?

On January 3, writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto begin to answer those queries with ASTONISHING X-MEN #7! In “A Man Called X,” the mutants finally get their reunion—but it may not be exactly what they’ve expected.

We contacted Soule via telepathy to hear more about what to expect in the new issue. How has Professor X changed since we saw him last? Will we see a different Charles when he returns?

Charles Soule: As we’ve seen in ASTONISHING X-MEN thus far, Xavier’s spirit, or soul, or life force (depending on how you want to think about it) got taken after his death by one of his oldest and most powerful adversaries—Amahl Farouk, The Shadow King. Farouk brought Xavier’s spirit to his home, in the bizarre parallel dimension called the Astral Plane, where anything you imagine becomes real. So, since his death, Xavier has been held prisoner on the Astral Plane, with The Shadow King toying with him in all sorts of terrible ways. Even worse—time runs differently in Farouk’s dimension, so even though it’s only been a few years since Cyclops killed Xavier in the AVENGERS VS. X-MEN story, for poor Professor X it feels like it’s been millennia. What can you tease about how he’ll make his comeback?

Charles Soule: When we pick up the story in ASTONISHING X-MEN, Farouk and Xavier get embroiled in a sort of psychic chess game, with a group of X-Men (Old Man Logan, Psylocke, Fantomex, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Angel, and Mystique) as the pieces. The Shadow King plays the game to pass the time, and also to hopefully build himself a pathway out of the Astral Plane so he can wreak havoc in our world. Xavier does his best to beat him…but The Shadow King holds all the cards. We’ll see how it goes. Charles has a plan…but it sounds like not everyone supports it. What kind of push back will he face?

Charles Soule: As the story has developed, we’ve seen that the battle on the Astral Plane has had effects that have rippled out into our world, especially in London, where the story takes place. Some sort of psychic infection has been spreading rapidly among the city’s populace (including Bishop!), and the human authorities with the British Ministry of Defence look set to take drastic action to stop it from going any further. Beyond that, Gambit and Logan have both been possessed by The Shadow King and have gone around murdering people, and Archangel looks to be on the verge of losing his mind.

So…things are bad. If Xavier might somehow fix all this, it’ll take drastic measures. We’ll see if the cure will be worse than the disease. A lot of readers consider Xavier a favorite. What have you enjoyed about bringing him into this story?

Charles Soule: I like the fact that he’s really very morally grey. He’s not Magneto, but he’s not as far from him as he’d like to think—and the stories we’ve seen with him really bear that out. Xavier is brilliant, incredibly gifted, and always 10 steps ahead. That’s the kind of character I love to write. Also, I just missed him in the stories. Professor X is cool. What else would you like to mention?

Charles Soule: We have some fantastic artists coming up on the series for its back half, including my longtime partner on the POE DAMERON series, Phil Noto, for issue #7, and someone I’ve been dying to work with on issue #10—ACO.

Issue #6 ends Act I of the series, “Life of X,” but then we move right into Act II: “A Man Called X,” which flips the story a bit and makes it about something new that will feel completely organic with what we’ve already seen. And then there’s Act III…which will be the culmination of the whole thing. It’s been a blast to construct a series like this, and I hope people enjoy seeing where it goes.

Witness the return of Charles Xavier in ASTONISHING X-MEN #7, by writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto, on January 3!

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Charles Soule runs down the talented squad Poe has watching his back.

Resistance pilot Poe Dameron’s embarking on a new mission in STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #21, out November 21, and he’s going to need all the help he can get to score his ultimate target, the mysterious Lor San Tekka.

Good thing Black Squadron’s got his back.

They’ve had their ups and downs over the course of the series, even lost members, but the men, women, and droid of Black Squadron also have someone to back them up, namely writer Charles Soule. He knows the ins and outs of their strengths and weaknesses, and he’s ready to tip his hand to light them up for your illumination and edification.

“Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley has been fighting evil in the galaxy since he was a little kid, as we saw from Chuck Wendig’s great ‘Aftermath’ trilogy of Star Wars novels, set right after ‘Return of the Jedi,’” says Soule. “He fought the Empire, and knows how important it is to prevent anything like them from rising again. So, he’s got enormous strength and resolve. He can be a little impulsive, though—he’s not always in control of his emotions—and it gets him into trouble.”

Poe Dameron (2016) #21

Poe Dameron (2016) #21

What is Marvel Unlimited?

“Jessika Pava is fantastic!” raves Soule. “I love writing her. She’s a gearhead, who’s always tinkering with her ship and modifying it to make everything run more powerfully, better, faster. She talks tough and fights tougher. That also lends itself to her main weakness, though, which is that she always needs to feel like she’s in control—that stems from events in her childhood. If she doesn’t, her effectiveness goes way down, to the point where she almost collapses, psychologically.”

“Karé Kun is just one of those hyper-competent badasses you want on your side in a fight” Soule offers. “She’s been flying with Poe since before the Resistance was formed, and knows her job inside and out. However, sometimes she gets too job-focused, and forgets she isn’t just part of a machine. Black Squadron is a fighting force, but it’s also sort of a family, and she’s not always sensitive to that.”

“BB-8 has no flaws!” insists Soule. “He is all strength, and I will hear nothing different!”

“Suralinda Javos is extremely smart, she can handle herself in a fight and, oh yeah, she can spit venom—literally,” Soule says. “Sura was a journalist in the New Republic, and an old friend of Poe’s who has been swayed to the cause of the Resistance by the evil she’s seen committed by the First Order. She’s got a lot of strengths, but she’s also the kind of person who will move into grey areas all the time if it thinks it will help her accomplish her goal. She’s definitely an ‘end justifies the means’ gal. That’s a slippery slope—but I love her anyway.”

Poe Dameron (2016) #22

Poe Dameron (2016) #22

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