Plus, get an exclusive first look at the cover of issue #2!

Prepare for EXTERMINATION on August 15.

The highly secretive series, brought to life—or death—by writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz, tells a story set 20 years in the future as all of mutant existence is on the brink. The original X-Men squad—Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl—find themselves targeted for death. And the future of mutantkind lies squarely in the hands of its past.

Get the first look at Mark Brooks‘ cover for EXTERMINATION #2 right here:

And now jump into our chat with Ed Brisson, as we caught up with the writer to get a few more details about the upcoming series. EXTERMINATION sets off with the original team of mutants gathered by Charles Xavier all those years ago. Why them?

Ed Brisson: This series is about the Original Five—Jean, Bobby, Warren, Hank and Scott. Years ago, they were brought from the past to our present so that they could see how badly things went wrong with their older selves and, theoretically, fix it. They were only meant to be here briefly, but have stuck around for far, far too long and their presence is finally going to have some very serious consequences—not just for themselves and the X-Men, but for all of mutantkind. How do the early UNCANNY X-MEN stories influence this book?

Ed Brisson: Our mandate going into this was, “Your back issues matter.” Every single UNCANNY X-MEN story involving the Original Five X-Men matters. If the X-Men are here, then they’re not where they’re supposed to be, fighting those they’re supposed to fight. What happens when that past starts to unravel? What’s the butterfly effect on our present? In this new era, what about this team’s dynamic remains the same as those early stories? And what is most different about the squad today?

Ed Brisson: In a lot of ways, they’re still the wide-eyed kids they’ve always been, but having spent several years in our present, they’ve changed their perspective on a lot of things. Jean and Scotty aren’t the classic couple they’ve always been, Hank’s been experimenting with magic, Warren’s got himself some serious upgrades, and Bobby’s been able to open up about himself in ways that would not have been easy for him to do back in their time.

There’s a lot of reasons for each of them to want to remain in the present and that creates a real danger for everyone. This book has quite the ominous title…what can you tease about this extinction-level threat?

Ed Brisson: Not too much. We’re going to be throwing readers a lot of curveballs. All I’ll say is that this is a chance for us to clear the board a bit and that anything can happen to anyone at any time.

Prepare for the new series with the special post-credit scenes arriving across Marvel Comics! Then read EXTERMINATION #1, by Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz, on August 15 and EXTERMINATION #2 on August 29!

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Welcome the latest Children of the Atom to the mobile gaming adventure!

Brother and sister smash and slash their way through the latest update to “Marvel Future Fight” as the interdimensional battle wages on. This month, recruit some extra help from X-Men members. Channel the steel powerhouse Colossus and his sword-wielding sorceress younger sister Magik. Bring on hope – or destruction – with Angel or the diamond telepath, Emma Frost. Be sure to grab some MARVEL NOW! looks for Cyclops and Wolverine!

To get the full rundown all things mutant-related, we grabbed a few minutes with the team over at Netmarble Monster: lead game designer/director Minkyun Kim, lead system designer Youjung Kim, lead skill designer Jongho Park, and lead level designer JungTae Pyo. Could you give us a quick introduction for the latest “Marvel Future Fight” update?

Minkyun Kim: In this update, X-Men members Magik, Colossus, Angel, and Emma Frost will be available as new playable Heroes. In addition, Cyclops and Wolverine, who are already in the game, will be getting new Uniforms. As for new content, a new Dimensional Rift has been added with the newly an alternate-universe version of Angel as the Rift boss, as well as a few in-game improvements that I think our users will appreciate. Will our heroes sport new looks?

Youjung Kim: Cyclops and Wolverine will be getting new Character Uniforms. Cyclops will be getting the ‘Marvel NOW!’ uniform that he wore while leading the Mutant Resistance, which many of our Cyclops fans were hoping for. For Wolverine, we have prepared the ‘All New Marvel NOW!’ uniform that was created for Wolverine by the Superior Spider-Man. What can players expect to see in-game with the inclusion of these newly-added characters?

Jongho Park: We did our best to implement X-Men abilities that appeared in the comics. Users will see that Magik has her iconic Dimensional Warp skill along with other magical abilities. Colossus, the ‘guardian’ of the X-Men, will have immense tanking ability arising from his extra solid body, and Angel will have great supportive capabilities through his healing skills to help his fellow X-Men. Emma Frost will have various telepathic skills that will be sure to confuse and debilitate her enemies! Colossus is known to have the ability to transform his body into a solid weapon of pure steel. How strongly is this expressed in the game?

Jongho Park: We took extra care to express Colossus’ Herculean strength and body in the game. We made sure to focus on his innate concrete strength, rather than speed, for his abilities. We also put effort into implementing his steel body to reflect immense defensive capability and exclusive skills that make him extremely formidable to characters that use Physical Attacks. What improvements have been made to enhance the player experience? 

JungTae Pyo: The enormous Frost Beast that appears in the Alliance Battles seemed to have some counter-intuitive aspects regarding his attacks. Users were only able to evade them by roughly estimating the range of his attacks previously, so we made efforts to improve on this by adding an indicator that shows the range of his attacks. Lastly, can you share anything fun or surprising that’s exclusive to this mutant special?

Minkyun Kim: After the very first X-Men update of last year, we’ve been wanting to expand and add more X-Men to the game. This was easier said than done, as there are so many incredible X-Men characters to choose from. Picking which ones to add to the game required considerable forethought. Our hope is that our users will see that we put a lot of thought into the X-Men characters selected for this update. Our mission was to quench their thirst for X-Men characters through the unique and engaging skillsets of the new characters. We plan to continue adding characters from the X-Men universe in the future, so we hope our users will continue to play and love our game!

For all the latest on “Marvel Future Fight,” stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Straight from the pages, Marvel's Champions have arrived!

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new downloadable character pack for “LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2” featuring Marvel’s teenage team of super hero sensations inspired by CHAMPIONS! The pack, priced at $1.99, adds playable characters Ms. Marvel, Nova, Miles Morales, Ironheart, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Girl, Viv Vision & Sparky, Amadeus Cho, Nadia Pym Wasp, Kate Bishop Hawkeye, and Nova. Strike out on your own with our “Totally Awesome” young heroes!

“LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is an all-new, epic adventure and sequel to the smash hit, “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.” This original branching storyline, co-written by award-winning comics writer Kurt Busiek, transports players into a cosmic battle across a myriad of Marvel locations ripped from time and space into the incredible Open Hub World of Chronopolis. Packed with signature LEGO humor for fans of all ages, gamers will go head-to-head with the time-travelling Kang the Conqueror in this fun-filled journey spanning the Marvel Universe.

The Champions DLC pack can be purchased separately for $1.99 or as part of the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” Season Pass, which is currently available for $14.99 or free for everyone who purchased the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition.”

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch™, and Windows® PC.

For all the latest on “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” stay tuned to and follow @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Storm battles The Shadow King to save her husband!

Read through some of T’Challa’s most thrilling adventures on Marvel Unlimited to mark Black Panther’s 50th anniversary!

Popular wisdom says that the head wearing the crown grows weary. But just imagine how much heavier and more complicated that might feel if you’re an outsider with strong ties to other groups. That’s the position Storm found herself in after marrying T’Challa, King of Wakanda. X-MEN: WORLDS APART by Christopher Yost and Diogenes Neves focused on Storm’s attempts to balance her time between acting as queen of Wakanda and an X-Men leader.

The balance wobbled more than a little when Storm returned to her kingdom to find Wakandan mutant Nezhno Abidemi locked up for the murder of a shaman named B’Chaku. Believing the young man innocent, Ororo ordered his release as Queen, but soon found herself facing off against an unexpected opponent: her husband!

T’Challa ordered Nezhno’s execution, but winked at Storm, which soon made her realize that her beloved had been taken over by her old foe The Shadow King. As the villain reminded, his powers work to fan the flames of doubt in people, which lead to T’Challa not trusting Storm and a secondary plot to send Cyclops against Emma Frost back on Utopia.

X-Men: Worlds Apart (2008) #1

X-Men: Worlds Apart (2008) #1

  • Published: October 15, 2008
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: September 23, 2009
  • Rating: RATED T+
  • Writer: Chris Yost
  • Penciller: Diogenes Neves
What is Marvel Unlimited?

With the full might of the Wakandan military including the king’s Dora Milaje, after her, Storm held her own, while also doing her best to slow Cyclops down from half a world away. The worst came when Ororo found herself forced to fight The Black Panther once again. Luckily for her, T’Challa never stopped fighting the Shadow King, which helped her survive the encounter.

To finally save both the Panther and Cyclops, Storm risked her own life by appealing to the Panther god and leading Shadow King into a trap. One huge chomp later and both men found themselves back in control of their own faculties, leaving Storm to continue balancing all of her responsibilities.

Secrets of Wakanda 

Yost also co-wrote the NEW X-MEN series which gave Nezhno Abidemi his first appearance. Dubbed Gentle, he may have been excluded from Emma Frost’s last-man-standing test to come up with a new team, but did wind up in Limbo looking for Magik in a later arc. He eventually revealed that the Vibranium tattoos all over his body helped him control his size and strength-enhancing mutant powers that assisted the group during Messiah Complex. In X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND #1 we learned even more about the character, specifically that his fellow Wakandans don’t accept him because of his father’s Russian heritage. After the events of WORLDS APART, Nezhno moved to Utopia with the rest of the X-Men.

Next time, glimpse the future as well as a team-up with Iron Fist in the pages of BLACK PANTHER #36-40 by Christopher Priest.

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Scott Summers gets a retro look and new abilities!

A crimson flash and Scott Summers stands on the field of battle, ready to take off his visor and obliterate the competition.

Kabam Game Designers Dominic O’Grady and Justin Ostensen and Art Director Gabriel Frizzera chat with us about Cyclops’s latest look and everything he brings to “Marvel Contest of Champions.” Cyclops has gotten a 90’s makeover and we’re here asking the important questions: does he come equipped with Lisa Frank folders and a Trapper Keeper?

Dominic O’Grady: They’re in his locker at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. But he does come equipped with that classic costume and hairdo we all know and love!

Gabriel Frizzera: And a pager to call his fellow X-Men. Give us a quick rundown of this new, but old, Scott Summers. What’s different about this version aside from lots of costume pockets?

Gabriel Frizzera: Psychologically, he is a little confused. He’s been trapped in the crystal since the 90’s, so he’s not sure what’s going on with all these youngsters taking pictures of themselves, and why his older self is considered a bad guy. But one thing never changes: Mutants are still feared and persecuted, so he’s ready to join the good fight to save his brothers and sisters. He’s got an ability called “Expertise” that allows him to get past his opponents’ defenses and causes his beam attacks to do more damage once certain conditions are met. Can you guys explain the beam part of this ability for me?

Justin Ostensen: Cyclops is all about his knowledge of the battlefield. As he builds his combo meter, his Beam attacks during Special Attacks get more powerful. At the first stage, when Cyclops has 15 or more hits, his Armor Break effects are lengthened, allowing him more opportunity for large damage bursts. Meanwhile, if the player can keep Cyclops’ combo meter above 25, his Beam attacks become completely un-blockable and there’s no way to defend from Scott Summers’ onslaught of optic blasts. Who does he lead best in battle? Who does he want fighting by his side?

Justin Ostensen: Scott Summers is leading the X-Men into battle. With Colossus and Wolverine to help him with his Mutant Agenda synergy, Scott can increase the Special Damage of all mutants on the team. Meanwhile, bringing in his second in command, Storm, can increase the team’s Block Proficiency and provide some much needed defensive options. He looks incredible, like you ripped him straight from Jim Lee’s classic X-MEN #1 cover. I want to assume that’s what the team was going for but you know what they say…

Gabriel Frizzera: You’re right! That run was our main inspiration, for both Cyclops and classic Magneto before him. I still have that comic—those designs are still so iconic! I’m old enough to think the 80’s costumes are the “classic” ones, but for the generation growing up in the 90’s, the blue and gold teams are the classic X-Men, and the animated series only helped solidify that generation of mutants. But the original seed is there, in the Jim Lee run. Everybody looked so slick in their costumes. We definitely have a soft spot for them. Players can expect more of the 90’s X-Men in the game soon! Cyclops is by far and away my favorite X-Man so you don’t need to convince me to pick him up, but what would you say to people on the fence?

Justin Ostensen: This Cyclops, in addition to being the classic that so many of us grew up with, is one of the most powerful mutants ever introduced into the Contest. Massive damage output, and powerful unique abilities, any top end player is going to want to grab this mutant out of time and add him to their roster.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews.

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Celebrate two years of the mobile puzzle game with Cyclops, Devil Dinosaur, Galactus, and more!

D3 Go! and Marvel Entertainment today announced that on Saturday, October 3, “Marvel Puzzle Quest” will celebrate its two-year anniversary since its worldwide launch on the App Store™ and Google Play™.  In celebration, “Marvel Puzzle Quest” will be featuring brand new events, introducing new heroes and villains, conducting special promotions, and Devil Dinosaur will make his return starting on October 8!

The upcoming anniversary events will give players the most content on their screens all year and it begins with a brand new Galactus Boss Battle event, a Class of 2015 Tournament and a Devil Dinosaur Tournament. Players looking to add more punch to their squad during the festivities can find a brand new Red Hulk and Cyclops (classic) coming to “Marvel Puzzle Quest.”  As an extra bonus, everyone will receive a special in-game token, Double-Iso in versus and story events (not including prologue), attractive deals on Anniversary character packs, and more.

“The anniversary is one of the most anticipated times of the year for players in ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest,'” said Peter Andrew, vice president of publishing, D3 Go!. “The ever-expanding in-game universe and storyline continues to create some of the most competitive and immersive match-3 puzzle gameplay for the more than seven million players that have downloaded the game.”

“From Ant-Man to Squirrel Girl, from Thor to Ms. Marvel, it’s so cool seeing our newest and brightest stars leap from the pages of our most buzzed-about comic books into ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest,'” said Marvel Games creative director, Bill Rosemann. “Every week we strive to wow the millions of players who love this game, and with all the awesome additions we have planned for 2016, this will surely be its greatest year yet!”

For New York Comic Con Convention attendees, the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” team will be at Booth #440 inside the Javits Center during show hours on October 8–11, 2015. Visitors to the D3 Go! booth at NYCC will be able to go hands-on with the game to discover the expanding gameplay within the Marvel Universe. Members from the team will be on hand to walk players through gameplay and discuss upcoming in-game tournaments and events. Attendees will also have the opportunity to earn in-game resources for “Marvel Puzzle Quest” at the booth via a free raffle.

For more information on “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” please visit and follow them on Twitter @MarvelPuzzle or like them on Facebook

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Tentacled villain Omega Red debuts in this 90's classic!

It’s time to face facts, true believers — the 90’s were awesome. The pouches were plentiful, the costumes were impractical, and Marvel Universe dentists made a fortune correcting damages caused by perpetually gritted teeth. Thanks to the power of nostalgia, though, what would once be considered extremely embarrassing can now be called extremely awesome!

With that in mind, we’ve pulled a Marvel comic from the not-so-modern era and broken it down, one choice fact at a time! This week we’re singling out X-MEN #4 by Jim Lee and John Byrne. Here’s “The Resurrection and the Flesh” by the numbers!

X-Men (1991) #4

X-Men (1991) #4

What is Marvel Unlimited?

63 visible segments on Omega Red’s right tentacle

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

20 hands laid on Omega Red’s body

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

7 pouches on Cyclops’ belt

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

5 tech-heavy Hand ninjas

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

4 X-Men playing basketball

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

3 shots that get nothing but net

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

X-Men embarking on a soon-to-be-sabotaged date

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

1 slam dunk

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

The 90’s continue in the all-new X-MEN ’92 Infinite Comic!

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New promo item coming to comic shops this June!

The Earth-shattering release of SECRET WARS #1 has already taken the comic industry by storm, but the story is just heating up! The destruction of the Marvel Universe was just the beginning! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at the SECRET WARS BATTLE STANDEES – an exciting new promo item coming to stores this June!

Releasing alongside June’s SECRET WARS #4, the SECRET WARS BATTLE STANDEE ONE-SHEET features eight different characters that can be assembled into individual figure standees. Featuring artwork by rising star John Tyler Christopher, each sheet includes standees of Mr. FantasticBlack PantherMiles MoralesPeter Parker, Star-LordCaptain MarvelThor and Cyclops!

Plus, don’t miss July’s epic SECRET WARS LANDSCAPE WRAPAROUND VARIANTS, the perfect backdrop for your Secret Wars Battle Standees. Featuring environments from across Battleworld, these five wraparound variants take fans from the Hulk overrun Greenland of PLANET HULK to the robot and zombie infested wastes of AGE OF ULTRON vs. MARVEL ZOMBIES – and more domains in between! Pair them with your Battle Standees to create your own scenarios from the blockbuster Secret Wars!

Secret Wars Landscape Wraparound Variants will be available on the following titles shipping throughout July:


The fuse is lit. The Secret Wars are set to explode. Now is your chance to create action of your very own with the SECRET WARS BATTLE STANDEES and SECRET WARS LANDSCAPE WRAPAROUND VARIANTS!

Retailers: Check your Marvel Mailer for more information on how to order the Secret Wars Battle Standees and Secret Wars Landscape Wraparound Variants.

FOC – 05/25/15, In Stores – 06/27/15      

FOC – 06/22/15, On-Sale – 7/15/15

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D3Publisher's Joe Fletcher breaks down Scott Summers' abilities and team-up bonuses, plus the latest on Deadpool!

Scott Summers, the most Uncanny of X-Men, makes his inaugural appearance in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” ready to lift his visor and let the optic blasts rip. Producer Joe Fletcher from D3Publisher stopped by to tell us all about Cyclops and his astonishing abilities. How do you go from Doreen Green, the adorable and formidable Squirrel Girl, to Star-Lord, an irreverent space cowboy, to Scott Summers aka Cyclops, the most wanted mutant in the Marvel Universe right now?

Joe Fletcher: He may be one of the most wanted mutants in the Marvel Universe, but he’s also one of the most wanted by fans of “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” So while it seems that anti-mutant rights agitators can’t find him over on ol’ Earth-616, we tracked him down in the Marvel Games Universe and got him ready for an appearance in MPQ.  Scott’s a great case of having a lot of story potential within him too, what with him being a paragon of virtue before and being a paragon of a different sort nowadays.

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest And he really has grown out of his squeaky clean self. Does he fit better into Puzzle Quest’s Dark Reign world after his run in with the Phoenix?

Joe Fletcher: I wouldn’t say he fits in “better” now than before.  The cynicism that’s resulted from handling the Phoenix Force and his resulting fall from grace has put him more in the “jaded hero” camp than the Wolverine-cited “goody two-shoes” camp though. 

It’s important to note though that in the Marvel Games Universe, Professor X is still kickin’ around, so Cyclops doesn’t have that death on his conscience or the huge amount of red in his ledger that Earth-616 Scott has. Besides, if Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. can make use of Juggernaut and Magneto to do what needs to be done, Cyclops is small potatoes on the evil list. Scott blasts bad guys with the best of them, but it’s his tactical instinct and precise shot calling that makes him one of the most formidable mutants around. How did you guys address this in his kit?

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Joe Fletcher: This 3* (rare) version of Cyclops runs off the power and leadership side of Cyclops’ persona, with abilities that show off the more brute force side of him as opposed to the Hawkeye-like trick shots that he’s also perfectly capable of. Running as a Red/Yellow/Black hero, he shares similar color strengths to an equally powerful leader in Carol Danvers Captain Marvel but pulls off that aspect in a bit of a different way.

His Red power is his most basic and beloved, Optic Blasts. Here Scott blows up a random row of tiles in a display of raw power while dealing direct damage to the targeted opponent. As the ability levels it deals more and more damage, where at max level it’s capable of taking a large chunk of health out of a lower hit point character like The Hood. Add in the cascades that the destroyed row causes and a Strike tile or two and it’s quite possible to one shot those support type characters.

With Cyclops’s Yellow power, we show off his leadership as a Mutant Revolutionary. In a bit of a flip from fellow teacher Storm’s Yellow, instead of providing Team Up AP, the eldest of the Summers children instead takes Team Up tiles on the board and converts them to Red tiles. This will naturally feed into either his own Optic Blasts or some of the other powerful Red based abilities like Wolverine’s Best There Is or Thor (Goddess)’s Smite.

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Finally, we have his Black power, where Scott really takes the gloves—and potentially the visor—off. With a 13 AP charged Full Blast, Scott deals a huge amount of damage to the opponent in one shot. At max level, this is enough to down support characters in a blow. But more than that, if there are enough Red tiles on the board, Mr. Summers really lets loose, pulling off his visor and unleashing his full power. This deals even more damage but has the downside of stunning himself for a couple of turns. Leveling up the ability increases not only the overall damage but allows Scott to recover faster from unleashing the amazing power he holds. Does he play well with his other X-gene carrying compadres? And what role does Cyclops fill on a team?

Joe Fletcher: Scott was built to offer a different side of the coin from Storm (Mohawk) in his leadership role, but still fit well with his other compatriots. Instead of providing Team Up AP like Storm, he instead gives Red AP, providing openings that Wolverine can take advantage of.

As well, his color strengths mix well with the more sometimes unsavory side of the X-Men, allowing Mystique to do what she does best in undermining the enemy while still leaving Scott wide open for blasting away and leaving Wolverine open in Green to enter a Berserker Rage which Scott or Raven can then use to finish off the opponent with a Full Blast or Masterstroke. So yes, Scott is definitely built with his teammates in mind while still being able to stand with many other team comps as both a leader and an offensive type.

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Cyclops in Marvel Puzzle Quest And when do we get to play as Cyclops? I gotta admit, I can’t wait!

Joe Fletcher: Scott Summers will be available as a reward from the upcoming run of Iso-8 Brotherhood, starting on February 12.  It’ll run for about five days, so players will be able to start using his powers to their fullest right around February 17 depending on what end time players choose. Also. I heard there are some meaty treats from Deadpool coming. When will that start and what is he offering?

Joe Fletcher: Deadpool has been brainstorming quite a few things lately in a bid to get himself featured more often in MPQ.  Lately he’s been sequestered in the bathroom of the X-Men’s Blackbird with his full set of homemade “Marvel Puzzle Quest” Action Figures with random mutterings of “underwater levels,” “R71,” and “three stars” coming over the plane’s intercom; Fury’s starting to get a little worried, and he’s thinking of sending Scott into the Blackbird bathroom as his first official S.H.I.E.L.D. mission to find out what’s going on. Stay tuned to the game in the coming days as the details will emerge about this new treat.

Stay tuned to for more awesome “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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Check out past examples of mutants switching sides as the Inversion of AXIS hits Amazing X-Men!

People switch sides all the time in the Marvel Universe. Generally this applies to just forming new alliances, but in more extreme cases it can mean a hero goes rogue or a villain goes legit.

The X-Men, featuring dozens of roster incarnations, have certainly seen their fair share of flip-flopping. Before we dive into the pages of AMAZING X-MEN #14 on December 10 and see more mutant gets Inverted by AXIS, let’s check out some past occurrences of alignment changes!

X-Men (2004) #185

X-Men (2004) #185

What is Marvel Unlimited?


Technically Gambit started out as a bad seed, sought redemption, rinse and repeat. Originally a member of the Thieves’ Guild, Remy LeBeau has never been a stranger to the underworld. However, despite his sordid past, no one could have expected the transformation he took.

Joining the ranks of Apocalypse’s Horsemen, Gambit went bananas on his former allies and forged a pact with one of the biggest baddies in the universe. He’d eventually see the light, returning to his mutant family, though his stint as Death stays as a constant scar on his storied track record of awesomeness.

Uncanny X-Force (2010) #10

Uncanny X-Force (2010) #10

  • Published: May 18, 2011
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: December 05, 2012
  • Rating: Parental Advisory
  • Writer: Rick Remender
  • Penciller: Billy Tan
  • Cover Artist: Esad Ribic
What is Marvel Unlimited?


We all know the story of how Apocalypse took Angel, transformed him into his avatar, and changed his destiny forever. While Archangel remained a staple of Charles Xavier’s heroic mutant groups, his tragic transformation never really ended.

Implanted with a Death Seed that grew in power, Archangel—in essence—became his villainous creator. His reign as dark lord number one didn’t last the ages Apocalypse expected, but it caused tremendous chaos throughout the various X-factions for years to come. Vanquished, granted a rebirth and new identity, Warren Worthington remains forever linked to an apocalyptic history.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #135

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #135

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Jean Grey

One of the most historically tragic tales to grace the pages of Marvel Comics, “The Dark Phoenix Saga” altered the existence of Jean Grey beyond reproach.

Profiled by the Phoenix Force for having unlimited potential, Jean succumbed to the power of this ancient entity and reached near madness and destruction. Operating as Dark Phoenix, she brought the universe almost to its knees before ultimately ridding herself of the cosmic curse. Her life would be entwined with this presence for years to come.

Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #6

Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #6

What is Marvel Unlimited?


Cyclops didn’t exactly turn villain in the true sense—at first.

Scott Summers took the position of radical activist that lined-up more with the principles of Magneto than the law of the land. During the Avengers Vs. X-Men war, Cyke led the charge for mutant existence, tangling with anyone who got in his way, including Captain America.

Summers, like his bride before him, became an avatar for the Phoenix Force, using this remarkable pool of power to battle all comers and reshape the world for mutant kind. The power being too much for even the X-Men’s leader and Dark Phoenix consumed him, leading him to horrific actions and an eventual prison sentence.

Don’t miss the latest twists and turns in the continuing story of AXIS in AMAZING X-MEN #14 on December 10!

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