Plus check out our reading list for the Dread one!

A notably powerful and persistent threat, Dormammu has been a dread presence for Doctor Strange since the Master of the Mystic Arts’ early adventures.

Watch the new installment of Marvel 101 above to learn the important info on Dormammu and why he’s such a dangerous foe for Doctor Strange – and indeed for all of mankind.

For more on Dormammu, check out our reading guide focusing on some of the key appearances for the character, beginning with his debut in STRANGE TALES #126, as Doctor Strange trespasses unto the Dark One’s realm after The Ancient One asks him to deliver a message – but of what nature?

Click here for the Dormammu reading guide!

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The Lord of the Dark Dimension lays siege to Battlerealm!

Everyone please join me in welcoming the dark lord of the Dark Dimension, the one and only Dormammu, to “Marvel Contest of Champions”!

We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about Dormammu’s appearance on Battlerealm and what players can expect from Doctor Strange’s arch nemesis. Oh boy what has The Collector done to draw the attention of the one and only Dread Dormammu?

Gabriel Frizzera: This time The Collector has nothing to do it. Without spoiling the story too much, the person responsible for luring the Lord of Darkness to the Battlerealm was our own Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. I’m not going to say for what purpose, you’ll have to play the quest to see! In the “Marvel’s Doctor Strange” film we only really got to see Dormy’s face, but here you have him all fleshed out, pardon the pun. What went into his full body design?

Gabriel Frizzera: We knew that Dormammu, being a god-like creature, would be too powerful—and large—to fit the battle arenas. However, he’s known to assume a material [form] to physically battle earthly heroes so we took cues from a couple of incarnations of Dormammu in the comics: the classic design with the crown of thorns and curved shoulder spikes, and the Dark Reign massive armored version. We kept the elements we felt define Dormammu, and pushed the obsidian armor to make it more aggressive-looking. His signature ability is Soul Leech. That sounds crazy ominous. What’s going on there?

Simon Cameron: The Lord of the Dark Dimension is not only a massively powerful entity in terms of more direct power but he can also have a strong, shall we say, corrupting effect on those he wishes to control. To reflect this, his Signature Ability gives him a chance to do damage over time to a target each time one of their Buff effects ends, twisting their own strengths against them. His other abilities seem like they’re all about controlling his opponents and making sure they can’t use their most powerful attacks. Is that fair to say?

Simon Cameron: Absolutely. Dormammu is a control character. He Nullifies Buffs, he Power Locks, Power Drains, and Power Burns. He’s all about preventing his opponents from using their most powerful abilities while building his Dark Energy charge to enhance his own attacks. If you manage to pick up Dormammu, who should be showing him around Battlerealm? Tell us all about those sweet sweet synergies.

Simon Cameron: The two Sorcerer Supremes—current or past—in The Contest are obviously his Enemies, with Doctor Strange going a step further to be his Nemesis. And while Dormammu doesn’t have friends per say, he also has synergies with two of his pawns on Earth, The Hood and Mordo. Anything else we need to know about the ruler of the Dark Dimension? When can we pick him up for ourselves?

Simon Cameron: Just that he’s coming soon! Keep your eyes on in-game messages to see exactly when.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews.

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Play as Moon Girl, Dormammu, and more in the hit mobile game!

More of the Inhuman family—alongside a brilliant young girl and a powerful Faltine sorcerer—prepare to join the interdimensional battle of “Marvel Future Fight”! Recruit the likes of Moon Girl, Crystal, Gorgon, and more to aid your team in a new set of set of stages and try the new Reward Pack system.

Maximus the Mad has gathered a number of followers and plots to destroy all humankind to pave the way for Inhuman rule. Eager to quash Maximus’s scheme, Moon Girl, Gorgon, Karnak, Inferno, and Crystal all become members of your team. Take on his sergeants across five stages to put an end to his nefarious plot and, eventually, bring the Inhuman prince to your side as well.

These new stages provide players an opportunity to try out the new Reward Pack system in “Marvel Future Fight.” By completing special challenges in these stages, you can earn rewards of your choice! Pick your challenge and your reward, and then unlock the bonus at the end of the mission.

While the Inhumans take center stage, a certain powerful being also joins the fight—much to the chagrin of Stephen Strange. However, Dormammu certainly proves to be a valuable addition to any team.

So they don’t feel left out in the cold, a few Inhumans already on the roster receive new uniforms as their brethren come aboard. Black Bolt dons his INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING outfit, while Ms. Marvel suits up in her Karachi costume. And the Monsters Unleashed armors continue to drop, as Elsa Bloodstone earns her set.

Unlock these new heroes and uniforms now in “Marvel Future Fight” and stay tuned for the latest news on the game!

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The Sorcerer Supreme goes up against his greatest enemy once more!

Doctor Strange debuted in and hung around STRANGE TALES for half a decade before graduating to his first solo series in 1968. DOCTOR STRANGE picked up the numbering from the previous title even though TALES continued on itself with new star Brother Voodoo.

DOCTOR STRANGE #169174 featured stories written by Roy Thomas and drawn by masters of the artistic arts like Dan Adkins, Tom Palmer, and Gene Colan. These luminaries of their craft not only launched Stephen in his own series, but also brought back the likes of Dormammu, Nightmare, Clea, and even Victoria Bentley who first appeared in STRANGE TALES #114.

As you might expect, the first issue recounted Strange’s origin as first seen in STRANGE TALES #115, but with a new flourish and depth from Adkins. In the following issue, Strange entered the mind of the Ancient One to expel his very first on-page enemy, Nightmare, from the cranial realm.

By #171, Strange decided to track down Clea. He appealed to the Herald Satannish to find her location which turned out to be The Realm Unknown. Though the Herald refused to take Strange to Clea, he did hint that he would need the help of a woman who turned out to be none other than Victoria Bentley.

Doctor Strange (1968) #169

Doctor Strange (1968) #169

  • Published: June 10, 1968
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Writer: Roy Thomas
  • Penciler: Dan Adkins
What is Marvel Unlimited?

In his search for Clea and the kidnapped Victoria, Strange ran into none other than Dormammu! Even though he seemed to perish in a battle with Eternity back in STRANGE TALES #146, the demonic entity appeared in the Realm Unknown where he eventually became ruler and stumbled upon Clea. Knowing that his nemesis would eventually come looking for the woman, he planned and waited to return to our world.

Doctor Strange used a combination of arcane skill and knowledge to give Dormammu exactly what he wanted, but with unexpected results. See, back in STRANGE TALES #127, Strange beat Dormammu and made him pledge never to invade Earth. Once he did, the monster returned to his home dimension to plot his next attack.

Back in Greenwich Village, Strange seemed less than thrilled about bringing Clea back, though he and Wong set her up with a place of her own. Victoria also felt less than enthused about the success of their mission as she’d developed strong feelings for the Master of the Mystic Arts.

Opening the Book of Vishanti

So, here’s the deal on Doctor Strange’s white-haired lady Clea: she debuted in STRANGE TALES #126 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, mostly following the good doctor around as he vanquished Dormammu’s minions in her home dimension. In the following issue she gave Strange a tour of Dormammu’s domain—including the first appearance of the Mindless Ones—before he battled the dreaded one. Later, in STRANGE TALES #150155, the Ancient One placed Clea in a pocket dimension to save her life which turned out to be the Unknown Realm that Stephen found her in as his solo series kicked off.

Next time, Doctor Strange becomes more of a team player as seen in MARVEL FEATURE #1, otherwise known as the first appearance of The Defenders!

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The Sorcerer Supreme unlocks a whole new dimension!

Just a week after we traveled to Wakanda to witness Black Panther and Shuri battle Ulysses Klaw, we’re zooming back to New York for a pit stop before we strap in with Stephen Strange and follow him to the Dark Dimension. This new DLC pack for “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” brings with it a whole new cast of magical Marvel characters and an incredible new level for players to experience.

We hopped across the pond to Traveller’s Tales, where we found Arthur Parsons, Game Director on “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” who proved downright excited to answer some of our burning questions about the new DLC. The All-New, All-Different Doctor Strange pack brings some new magic to “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.” What will players be able to see and do in the new level?

Arthur Parsons: The ANAD Doctor Strange DLC pack is definitely my favorite pack so far. We are taking the player on a journey to both the Sanctum Sanctorum and the Dark Dimension, with the player battling both Dormammu and Baron Mordo. It is a really fun pack that has a completely different feel to the others in the season pass so far. We are really happy with the way this one turned out, and we tried something completely different in order to ensure we did justice to the Sorcerer Supreme. Playing as both Stephen Strange and Clea we transition between the two realms with actions in one directly affecting the other, it’s really epic. What new skills and abilities can players look forward to wielding when they take on the role of Stephen Strange?

Arthur Parsons: The Doctor Strange we see in the DLC pack has a completely different feel to the one seen in the main “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” game, and comes equipped with a range of new moves, plus a magical axe that he wields. It’s great to be able to bring both variants to life in the game, and we are hoping that everyone loves the ANAD Doctor Strange. The Dark Dimension is one of the strangest, most unique segments of the Marvel Universe. How did you go about portraying the unusual nature of that locale in true LEGO style?

Arthur Parsons: The Dark Dimension was somewhere we really wanted to go, we wanted to retell a classic Doctor Strange story, in a new and uniquely LEGO way, so when players experience the Dark Dimension we’re hoping they see nods to classic comic books in there as that is where we went with the level. Plus there is a really fun and inventive roller coaster segment in there too, it’s truly immersive, and having the amazing Jack Coleman voice the Sorcerer Supreme really takes the pack to the next level. The Sorcerer Supreme is joined by Clea on this adventure and they find themselves up against Baron Mordo and Dormammu like you said. Who else is along for the ride in this pack?

Arthur Parsons: The Doctor Strange pack is yet another DLC level packed with great characters, this pack includes Jennifer Kale, Doctor Voodoo, Night Nurse and a Mindless One, a brilliantly rich roster that harks back to classic Doctor Strange, while also introducing the ANAD variant. Which of these eight new characters have you had the most fun playing and designing?

Arthur Parsons: Such a hard question, Jennifer Kale is brilliant, as is Doctor Voodoo, however Dormammu was probably our favorite; anyone that can throw flaming LEGO skulls around is bound to be a great character to play with. That said the roster here really is fabulously fun and we can’t wait for people to play the pack and then let us know their thoughts. May is a big month for “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” can you give us a taste of what’s still to come?

Arthur Parsons: May is indeed a big month—in fact a huge month—we’ve already had the release of the Black Panther pack, now the Doctor Strange pack, right around the corner we have our Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pack, inspired by the hit series “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” which is going to blow the minds of anyone that loves the show—which is obviously every Marvel fan—and if that in itself is not enough then we may well have one more surprise up our “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” sleeves!!! Stay tuned!!!

Stay tuned to for the latest on “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers”

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The Sorcerer Supreme confronts Dormammu in a clip from 'Marvel's Avengers: Ultron Revolution,' airing Sunday morning!

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes lend Doctor Strange a helping hand to battle Dormammu in a clip from “Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution”! Watch the clip above and tune in to a new episode of “Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution,” airing Sunday at 8:30 AM ET on Disney XD.

The worlds of science and magic collide when Dormammu confronts the Avengers and the Sorcerer Supreme! Thor, Hulk and Iron Man do their best to take down the nefarious behemoth, but Dormammu manages to steal the Eye of Agamotto regardless. Witness the catastrophic collision in the clip above!

Catch an all-new “Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution” this Sunday at 8:30 AM ET on Disney XD! Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates on your favorite Marvel animated series.

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See Dormammu try to turn the Hulks into monsters in the Halloween Special airing this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD!

Dormammu wants to make the Hulks meaner monsters with the help of some spooky ghosts! Take a look at this clip from the Halloween Special of “Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” to see Dormammu’s plans and watch the episode this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD.

Hulk and A-Bomb have to overturn a powerful hourglass and luckily get some assistance from Frankenstein’s Monster and the Living Mummy! Unfortunately, Dormammu shows up with a few ghosts that have plans of their own; to haunt the Hulks! Watch the clip above to see why it’s so hard to turn Hulk into a monster.

Tune in to the Halloween Special of “Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD! And keep your eyes on for all the latest on the Hulks and all of your favorite Marvel animated series.

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See the biggest and baddest villains faced by the Hulks in Season 1 and check out the season premiere October 12 on Disney XD

Hulk and the other Agents of S.M.A.S.H. are huge, hulking heroes and they’re ready to bust out of your TVs! “Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” returns to Disney XD for its second season on October 12 at 8:00 a.m. ET and they’ll be returning with more enourmous adventures and even badder enemies! They’ve already faced some pretty tough baddies, so get ready for Season 2 by taking a look at some of the largest villains that the Hulks have already faced.

Episode 105 – “All About Ego”
Villain – Ego the Living Planet
The Hulks travel to outer space to battle an entire planet. No, not a planet’s worth of villains, but a villain the size of a planet! Luckily, they brought with them the next biggest ego: Red Hulk’s!

Galactus in Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Galactus in Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Episode 108 – “Galactus Goes Green”
Villain – Galactus
You’d hope that with an episode title like that, Galactus would turn over a new leaf and focus his energy on saving planets instead of consuming them. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Instead, Galactus seeks out a new herald and finds a worthy candidate in the under-appreciated She-Hulk!

Episode 109 – “Hulks on Ice”
Villains – Laufey
Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. team up with someone who’s no stranger to massive bouts: Thor! The Hulks team up with Thor to stop Laufey, King of the Frost Giants. Luckily, the Hulks have a well “thawed” out plan!

Fin Fang Foom in Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Fin Fang Foom in Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Episode 118 – “Mission Impossible Man”
Villain – Fin Fang Foom
The Hulks meet their biggest “fan” in the form of Impossible Man! Great news to have an ally, right? Well, unfortunately, Sauron gets involved and summons the legendary dragon Fin Fang Foom to take on the Hulks and put their “fan” to the test.

Episode 120 – “Stranger in a Strange Land”
Villain – Dormammu
A-Bomb desperately wants to be a magician, and luckily he has friends with good connections. Hulk gets Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange to take A-Bomb in under his magical wing. When Dormammu shows up to abduct Doctor Strange, it’s up to A-Bomb to put his new skills to the test to rescue his teacher!

Leader in Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Leader in Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Honorable Mention
Episode 107 – “Incredible Shrinking Hulks”
Villain – Leader
The Leader certainly isn’t the largest in stature when it comes to Hulk’s villains, but in this very special episode, there’s no threat bigger! When the Hulks think they’re going to enjoy a game of miniature golf, it’s the Hulks who become miniaturized by the Leader’s shrink ray. When you’re only an inch tall, every obstacle proves challenging, especially one as big as the Leader.

Tune in to the season premiere of “Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” this Sunday at 8:00 a.m. ET on Disney XD to see the Hulks face bigger and badder enemies! And make sure to keep your eyes on for all the latest on all the Hulks.

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The tyrant and his niece Clea first appeared way back in 1964!

As luck would have it, Doctor Strange unknowingly encountered both his greatest enemy and possibly his greatest love while on the very same inter-dimensional mission.

Both the dread Dormammu and the sorceress Clea resided in the treacherous depths of the Dark Dimension. Both possess a mastery of magic and strong – albeit opposing – attitudes towards Stephen Strange, but only Dormammu has a head that constantly burns with mystical fire.

Strange Tales (1951) #126

Strange Tales (1951) #126

  • Published: November 10, 1964
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Penciller: Steve Ditko
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Dormammu and Clea made their first appearance 50 years ago this month in STRANGE TALES #126. The story begins just as Strange returns home, exhausted from a battle with Baron Mordo. Strange doesn’t even have time to remove his cape before he gets transported to the realm of his master – the Ancient One. Once there, Strange finds the powerful sorcerer besieged by a minion of Dormammu. The Ancient One tells Strange that the warlord must be trying to break out of the Dark Dimension. Even though no known force has been able to take on Dormammu one-on-one, Doctor Strange knows what he has to do and travels to the Dark Dimension.

Art from Strange Tales #126

Art from Strange Tales #126

Dormammu laughs at Strange’s arrival and starts throwing every minion he has at the good Doctor. As Strange survives every one of Dormammu’s trials, he catches the attention of a mysterious figure.

Art from Strange Tales #126

Art from Strange Tales #126

Stephen Strange continues to use his spells to cut a swath through his flaming foe’s forces, dealing each one of them a sound defeat. Dormammu does not deal with their failure well.

Art from Strange Tales #126

Art from Strange Tales #126

Clea hurriedly introduces herself to Strange and urges him to not fight the dread Dormammu in one-on-one combat. Doctor Strange, knowing that the Earth will be Dormammu’s for the taking if he does nothing, forges ahead. When the hero finally makes his way to the villain’s lair, Dormammu acquiesces to Strange’s request for battle.

Art from Strange Tales #126

Art from Strange Tales #126

The two mystics engaged in the first of many battles in STRANGE TALES #127.  Clea and Dormammu have since become essential parts of Doctor Strange’s mythos, with the former spending time on Earth as both Strange’s lover and a super hero in her own right, and the latter vexing everyone from the Avengers to Spider-Man.

You can read Clea’s most recent acts of heroism in the pages of FEARLESS DEFENDERS!

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Find out which bad guys from the birth of the Marvel Universe took our top honors!

All year long on, we’re celebrating Marvel’s 75th anniversary, and to fully appreciate the scope of that history, you need to go back to where it all began.

As anybody knows, a good hero only becomes great when they go up against insurmountable obstacles, meaning their antagonists better be every bit as formidable and intriguing as the champions they menace.

While the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Avengers and more burst on the scene in the 1960’s, they may have been forgotten had they simply faced the nameless saboteurs and spies of the Golden Age; instead, villains with not just awe-inspiring powers but multi-faceted motives, in many cases as sympathetic as any character’s, rose to challenge this pantheon.

This week, we count down our top 10 Marvel villains to debut during the 1960’s. Have your own thoughts? Let us know on Twitter using the hash tag #Marvel75!

Read part one!


Untitled Image

Untitled Image

First Appearance:
Why He’s #8:
“Dormammu first appeared only as a name invoked by evildoers on the material plane who lusted for power. Doctor Strange, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, soon learned that the dread Dormammu represented far more than merely dark magic; he ruled an entire dark dimension of deadly dangers that would challenge Strange like no adversary before him. Endowed with powerful supernatural abilities, Dormammu struck from his otherworldly plane to draw Strange into magical showdowns, as well as manipulating criminal magicians on Earth. When the Dark One then lashed out at the Sorcerer Supreme’s beloved, the doctor made the mother of all house calls to beard the lion in his den and defeat him at his own game.” – Jim Beard
Digital Comics Spotlight:

Untitled Image

Untitled Image

First Appearance:
AVENGERS (1968) #55
Why He’s #7:
“Unfortunately one of Hank Pym’s greatest successes, Ultron, became the genius scientist/hero’s biggest nightmare. Ultron thrust himself to the front line of the Marvel universe’s evil forces in 1968, by singlehandedly brainwashing Pym into forgetting he created him, temporarily hypnotizing Jarvis to turn against his cherished Avengers family, and unleashing a new Masters of Evil. For all his malevolent plans focused on his ‘father,’ Pym, and Janet Van Dyne, one of his machinations led to direct benefits for the Avengers—namely the creation of the Vision. His Silver Age days also featured his first of many upgrades from Ultron-5 to Ultron-6 with an adamantium shell.” – Tim O’Shea
Digital Comics Spotlight:
AVENGERS (1968) #66

Come back tomorrow to see two more entries on the list, share your thoughts on Twitter with the hash tag #Marvel75 and keep up on Marvel’s 75th anniversary celebration at

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