The prolific writer joins the podcast to talk Domino, Deadpool, and more!

This Week in Marvel welcomes writer Gail Simone just in time for the release of DOMINO #2! Ryan and Jamie discuss the writer’s favorite books as well as her recent confrontation with the dreaded Fun Bun! It’s a very cool conversation about Simone’s writing process and how she approaches writing for characters like Deadpool, Domino, and more.

Plus: Lots of news on the games front including the Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” tie-in with Fortnite and Ryan and Jamie give you their picks of the week! Listen to the whole episode now!


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The writer talks about what to expect from the mercenary!

Domino is getting her own series—and luck had nothin’ to do with it!

On April 11, writer Gail Simone and artist David Baldeón are placing Neena Thurman in the sights of the villain known as Topaz. Domino’s mutant ability might be able to manipulate probability, but it’s gonna take more than that to get her out of a few tight corners. spoke with Simone about her love of mercenaries and the allies Neena will be taking with her on this ride. How does it feel to be giving Domino her own series?

Gail Simone: Oh, it feels great. She’s always been such a fun, energetic character. It was a very impulsive move on my part to take the book, the editor asked out of the blue, we’d never spoken before, and I started thinking, and said yes the next day, which I never do! Within a couple days, we had the great David Baldeón on board, it just all feels meant to be. A friend at Marvel said that “Domino was waiting for you,” which is wildly flattering, when it feels the other way around; I was waiting for her.

Domino #1 cover by Greg Land What was the first thing you knew you wanted to explore with this character?

Gail Simone: Karma, man, karma. Seriously, no one beats the house odds forever. She’s being playing the world on Cheat Mode—that cannot come at no cost. Aside from that, I love the setting she’s in. I’ve been away from Marvel a long time, and I haven’t gotten to attach much to the overall mutant storyline, so we made sure that DOMINO has mercenaries and mutants. Because I’ve been away for a while, I wanted to cut loose, you know? Can you describe some of the dangers Neena will be facing in this comic?

Gail Simone: There are two right away. One is mysterious—an old man with a connection to Neena that she didn’t know about. The other is the deadly female known as Topaz, who has the power and viciousness to bring down Domino and everyone she cares about. And has good reason to hate her guts.

Domino (2018) #1

Domino (2018) #1 What’s the most fun part about writing for a mutant who can manipulate probability?

Gail Simone: It’s fun trying to have those moments happen without feeling like we’re cheating. If a plane lands on the bad guy when he’s about to shoot her, that’s really cheating the audience. We have to do better than that, and I am enjoying that challenge. Aside from that, it’s fun writing her with her best friends, Outlaw and Diamondback, in their little merc trio. I have rarely had so much fun writing three characters together. You’ve said that you love exploring what it means to be a mercenary and a mutant in this universe. Can you expound on that a little bit?

Gail Simone: Oh, yeah! Well, it’s no secret that I love writing mercs. I love writing the heroes who aren’t quite fully heroic and the bad guys who aren’t quite fully villainous. I love the idea of these beings, these extraordinary people, doing this grunt work for a paycheck. That is a position I think a lot of people relate to. As for mercs, you know, I think the whole mutant story is one of the richest subgroups in comics; there’s nothing quite like it. Characters from Cypher all the way up to Dark Phoenix—there’s a lot to explore.

Get ready to explore DOMINO #1, by Gail Simone and David Baldeón, on April 11!

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The artist joins Gail Simone for the new series!

On April 11, Marvel’s favorite femme fatale goes solo in DOMINO!

Superstar writer Gail Simone makes her grand return to the Marvel Universe as the mercenary goes up against the odds this spring! As Domino prepares to unleash her unique brand of action, Marvel can now announce the artist that will bring the soldier of fortune to life—David Baldeón! The rising star, whose work has been seen in SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE and NOVA, will bring his singular style to the pages of Simone’s story.

“I am so very thrilled to be a part of Team Domino! I am a fan of Gail’s work, and I’ve been wanting to work with her for a long time now. The fact that it is with a character like Domino is the icing on the cake,” Baldeón details. “She’s strong, she’s tough, she’s fun and she’s thrilling, and hopefully the art will bring through all of that. We’ve given her a new, sleek look that plays on all of her strengths, her history, and who she is as a character. Plus, this book is a completely different animal from my previous work style-wise, and therefore a chance to go into new grounds. This is going to be an exciting ride!”

“Since Marvel first asked me to write DOMINO, I knew there was one element that attracted me so much to her, but for some reason, I couldn’t quite name the exact word,” adds Simone. “Was it stubbornness? Snarkiness? Other characters have those traits, too, but with Domino, there was this thing that represents her, but the word escaped me, and it was vexing. Wonderful editor Chris Robinson had someone in mind for the book, bless him! We immediately started getting the sketches and designs from David, and I knew instantly the concept I had been trying to name, because he drew it right into her eyes. It’s mischief. Domino has a sense of mischief, of high-stakes play, even in the roughest times. She’s lethal and she knows it.”

With Simone’s imagination and Baldeón’s one-of-a-kind visual style, Domino is ready to conquer the mercenary world this spring.

That really sealed the deal for me,” concluded Simone, “David was our guy and I could not be happier. He draws gorgeous people doing dirty deeds, and it’s just exactly the roller-coaster ride I had hoped for. He’s adding so much heart and fire. I just love him.”

On April 11, jump into the action with writer Gail Simone and artist David Baldeón in DOMINO #1!

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Gail Simone pens the new series starting this April!

Lady luck goes solo this spring.

When Domino finds herself on the wrong side of the mercenary community, the favorite femme fatale has to fight back and, somehow, stay alive. Hunted by her enemies, a danger to her friends, and chased by the man who hates her more than anything, Domino will be up against the odds—but that’s never stopped her before.

On April 11, writer Gail Simone makes her long-awaited return to the Marvel Universe with DOMINO #1! Featuring a cover by Greg Land and Frank D’Armata, the series kicks off a new brand of action, adventure, and antics.

“My favorite characters are always the unpredictable ones, and with Domino, you literally never know which way the dice are going to roll,” explains Simone. “I love her, and I can’t wait to show her best bad side!”

Series editor Chris Robinson details more: “Domino will continue to be one of the breakout stars of WEAPON X, but fans have been clamoring to see her get the spotlight for some time now…well, your wish has been granted!”

This April, jump into the mercenary action with writer Gail Simone in DOMINO #1!

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