Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua kick off the brand-new series this July!

It was the wedding of the century, but not the wedding anyone expected—and it all culminated with Marvel Comics’ most shocking twist in years! So make sure to read X-MEN: GOLD #30 before diving into all the mutant mayhem on its way this July with MR. AND MRS. X!

For months, fans waited, ready for the fateful day that Kitty Pryde would finally wed Colossus…only to find out that the much hyped-about wedding simply wasn’t meant to be…but for Rogue and Gambit it was!

On July 25, discover the next big chapter in the long and difficult history of Rogue and Gambit with writer Kelly Thompson and artist Oscar Bazaldua‘s new ongoing series!

Pre-order MR. AND MRS. X with your local retailer now! Don’t miss the fan-favorite mutants as they embark on new adventures starting July 25!

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Kelly Thompson studies one of Marvel’s greatest relationships!

Few comic book couples have captured readers’ hearts like Rogue and Gambit.

The two mutants might seem perfect for each other, though over the years, a range of obstacles have pulled them apart. On January 3, however, writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez will unite the duo once again in ROGUE & GAMBIT #1! The five issue limited series sends Anna Marie and Remy LeBeau on a top secret mission, forcing them to dig deep into their shared past like never before.

We spoke with Thompson about pitching the series, examining the relationship, and filling in a few moments we’ve never seen! What do you remember being your first exposure to Rogue and Gambit as a couple? Do you recall what you thought of them at the time?

Kelly Thompson: Like a lot of fans of a certain age, my first exposure to Rogue and Gambit—and the X-Men—was “X-Men: The Animated Series.” I was immediately smitten with them as both individuals and as a sexy, but tragic couple. I think it’s fair to say they proved to be my biggest motivator in searching out comics, and I quickly fell in love with those too. Did you look back at their relationship in preparation for this book? Did any moments surprise you?

Kelly Thompson: I did a massive read and reread as I prepared the pitch. And I’ve continued rereading as I write. Part of the concept of our limited series does delve into Rogue and Gambit’s past, but in a really accessible continuity-light way. It was fun rediscovering things I loved—and some I’d forgotten from their past.

Definitely one of the most exciting things will be getting to show a few big “between the panels” flashback moments, including the first time Rogue and Gambit ever met—which if you can believe it, has never been seen before. As a super fan—and writer—it felt pretty incredible to be given that honor (and responsibility).

I had the idea to take on such a task, so if I don’t deliver it will be a little bit like I dug my own grave. Woo! What do you think makes Rogue and Gambit one of the most interesting couples in comics?

Kelly Thompson: I think, initially, a lot of the appeal of Rogue and Gambit—for good or ill—was the “will they/won’t they” tension of their relationship. And that’s a razor’s edge to dance on; it’s almost impossible to maintain that kind of tension and, as a result, I think they’ve suffered some particularly rough roads. But no matter what they have endured, they have undeniable chemistry on the page together…it’s palpable.

And of course they’re also extremely hot. That never hurts! What can you tell us about their undercover mission? How might it help rekindle things or drive them apart?

Kelly Thompson: The very nature of their mission demands that they face a lot of their old issues head-on, which brings out both love and resentment in them. I can’t really go into detail about the plot and how it functions, but if we’re successful, I think it really clears the field for them as a couple and gives them a chance for a fresh start…but we’ll have to see if they opt to take that chance. It sounds like issue #2 will feature an in-depth look at Gambit and Rogue’s history. How did it feel to compile and compress all of that emotion?

Kelly Thompson: Our story really functions on two levels, to my mind—on one hand it’s a pretty simple action-adventure story high on fun with some romance thrown in. And it’s very accessible for new or lapsed readers, despite all that history, thanks to some of the functions of the plot. But there’s also a separate, more esoteric layer for people interested in that kind of thing that I think has more to say about who they are (and have always been) as a couple and what that means for them. For their past and their future. In this way, I hope there’s something here for everyone.

Kick off the limited series with ROGUE & GAMBIT #1, by Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez, on January 3!

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Pere Perez reunites the mutant heroes and sends them undercover!

Seeing an ex out in the world usually leads to an awkward encounter. There’s so much in the way of unresolved emotion and old feelings bubbling up to the surface. Now, imagine all that with a fellow super hero you still occasionally have to work with.

That’s where our title characters find themselves as the five-issue limited series ROGUE & GAMBIT kicks off on January 3 thanks to writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez. Kitty Pryde sends the star-crossed duo out on an undercover mission that promises to bring up all kinds of feelings between the two.

We talked with Perez about reuniting these former flames, looking back at their history, and working with Thompson! These two characters have mountains of history between them. How much of that did you look into after signing on for this book?

Pere Perez: The script Kelly gave me has a lot of information, both written and in images, about the history of those guys, so almost everything I need is there. Luckily, [many] of the things we’ll see referenced in the book come from the 90s version of those characters, and I’ve read most of that stuff. When I was in high school, I was buying pretty much all the [X-Men] titles, so it’s just a matter of refreshing what I read years ago. Given their past, how do Gambit and Rogue initially react to one another and how does that play out on the page?

Pere Perez: We start our story at a point where their relationship is not at its best. So, it’s a matter of seeing how they deal with all that emotional baggage while trying to work as a team. That will act as sort of a healing process through the story. My challenge here is trying to reflect all that evolution with their expressions and body language, as well as the page layout. In this story, our heroes get sent on an undercover mission to find missing mutants. Do you enjoy playing with the tension that comes from this spy-like situation?

Pere Perez: Indeed! It has that kind of James Bond vibe to it, and I think the readers will have a good time trying to solve the mystery. It has a very calculated balance between action, suspense, romance, horror, and some humor. What else can you ask for? Was there any discussion about which costume or costumes Rogue and Gambit would wear when they need them? Do you have a favorite from their wardrobes?

Pere Perez: Yes, mostly with Gambit. I did a round of possible re-designs for the suit, but we ended up sticking with a pre-existing one which is pretty close to his classic suit. And let’s say we’ll not only be seeing one costume for each of them throughout the book. Also, Kelly had a very clear vision of how she wanted to see the guys while not in costume and she gave me a lot of fashion references to begin working on their looks. It sounds like you and Kelly are working well together on this book so far.

Pere Perez: It feels very organic. Her scripts are powerful and meticulously written. She has a very clear vision on how those two should act and I feel that I have all the necessary information in her scripts, so I can draw from there all I need to make them look alive. Also, she is very nice and always willing to help, so working with her is a real pleasure.

See how these two former lovebirds get along in ROGUE & GAMBIT #1, coming from Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez on January 3!

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Kelly Thompson brings the mutants back together this January!

Prepare for a new chapter in one of the Marvel Universe’s great ongoing stories.

This January, writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez reunite ROGUE & GAMBIT for a brand new team-up series! The star-crossed lovers need to discover the source of mutant kidnappings across the world—and the answer won’t come easily.

But perhaps the bigger question lies in whether or not they’ll be able to stand each other’s company long enough to finish the job.

We caught up with Thompson to whet the appetites of Rogue and Gambit fans everywhere. Describe the difference between writing this series and your previous work on HAWKEYE or CAPTAIN PHASMA.

Kelly Thompson: You end up using slightly different muscles. I’ve done a lot of “solo” stuff and a ton of “ensemble” stuff, but this has been my first time writing a team-up book…except for GENERATIONS: THE ARCHERS, and of course the forthcoming Marvel Legacy arc in HAWKEYE. But I think it’s safe to say that Gambit and Rogue act pretty different than Kate and Clint do.

The trick, for me, has always just been about finding the voice for each character and then pinpointing what changes in each when you put them together—for both good and ill. What kind of chemistry or dynamic did you want to highlight between these two characters? 

Kelly Thompson: I think we all know that a Gambit and Rogue book can actually be a very tricky thing. Fans want a lot of things from the characters—and they’re not always the same things. We obviously can’t please everyone, but for me, the important thing about finding the right chemistry for these characters, and for our story, was to address the rich history Gambit and Rogue have—while also forging ahead and cutting new paths for them. So instead of shying away from that history, I built the story around it and we’re leaning into it—in what I hope reads as a creative way—that will be rewarding to longtime fans, but also accessible for those who might be new to the characters and curious to find out what’s so great about them and why fans both love and hate seeing them together.

I think as readers and fans (and I am both!) we often feel like we’ve already seen everything we could possibly see with Gambit and Rogue when it comes to their dynamic together. My greatest hope has been that we’re doing something new and different here—something a little outside the box—that still respects what came before. Gambit and Rogue are the comic book characters I have loved the longest in my life—they literally brought me into comics. Writing them has been a dream come true, but also, the pressure feels very on to do justice to them and to bring their many fans something they can really love. To write a story that will stand the test of time and carve a path for their future. How did you and Pere Perez approach these characters visually?

Kelly Thompson: Pere does such a great job. To be honest, this has been a very complicated book visually—it requires a lot of reference, research, and detail in the scripts—and of course that only makes things more complex for the artist. I can’t expand on that too much without giving some things away. It’s one of those things where you write a page and just hope that the artist can handle the demands (because you know they’re a lot) and then you see their version of the page and it’s better than you could have imagined. That is such an awesome moment on any book. What can you tease about how this story begins?

Kelly Thompson: We’ve got an all-new big bad that will be a lot of fun. I can’t reveal motives, but suffice to say they’ve got them in spades (no pun, I swear). Gambit and Rogue get assigned to the mission by Kitty, in part due to their long history together.

And while sometimes it may seem like their baggage might sink them on this assignment…I think we’ll see it’s what helps them survive. Even if that’s not how it feels in the heat of the moment.

ROGUE & GAMBIT, by Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez, arrives in January!

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The Ragin' Cajun arrives to the hit mobile game!

Gambit, the X-Men’s resident exploding card shark, makes his “Marvel Puzzle Quest” debut this week—and we’ve been assured the kinetic energy-charging Cajun’s ready to unleash the full deck on the bad guys.

We talked to D3 Go! Senior Producer Josh Austin about the cards up Remy’s sleeves—and got some more details about all the anniversary action going down throughout October. Remy Lebeau has always been one of the coolest X-Men around—like his companion Rogue, was Gambit another popular player write-in?

Josh Austin: Yes, for “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” the most requested characters have been Rogue, Gambit, and Nightcrawler. In our last player poll, Gambit ranked as the most requested, followed by Nightcrawler—but Gambit had nearly double the amount of votes! So this news should go over well with our players! There’ll be both 3-Star and 5-Star versions of him hitting the game. Will there just be some number differences between the variations?

Josh Austin: That’s right—he’s the same power set, but with a large difference in power between the Gambit 3-Star Modern and the Gambit 5-Star Classic. The 3-Star version of a 5-Star presents a great opportunity for newer players to get an amazing fresh character if they haven’t reached the 5-star realm yet. What does his kit look like?

Josh Austin: Gambit’s first power, Ragin’ Cajun, costs 11 Purple AP. Gambit unleashes a torrent of kinetically charged playing cards that target the opponent’s weak points. This power creates Countdown tiles—replacing enemy Special tiles and dealing damage for each Countdown tile when they expire. The modern version at level 166 creates three 3-turn countdown tiles that deal 2,678 damage each. The Classic 5-Star Gambit creates four 2-turn Countdown tiles, replacing 4 enemy special tiles and they each deal 5,292 damage when the Countdown expires.

Gambit’s second power, Aces & Eights, costs 7 Red AP. For Aces & Eights, Gambit charges up a killer hand of cards. This attack destroys random Charged or Basic tiles dealing extra damage for each Charged tile destroyed this way—then creates 2 Charged tiles. For Gambit Modern 3-Star at level 166, each Charged tile destroyed deals an extra 520 damage. The 5-Star Gambit Classic deals 7,580 damage at level 450 power level 5 for each Charged tile destroyed this way.

Gambit’s last ability is Stacked Deck—a Black AP Passive ability. For this power, Gambit finds an advantage for himself at any cost, and this means Gambit generates AP every turn for his two other powers. However, the passive also prevents his allies from firing powers in the same color as Gambit’s active powers (Purple and Red). Stacked Deck means allies can’t fire Red or Purple powers? I guess we might want to avoid teaming him up with anyone who uses Red or Purple AP?

Josh Austin: Gambit gets a little selfish with Stacked Deck and will actually block an ally from using a red or purple power—this happens only if the player has a cover in either purple and/or red. So, you would not be able to use Rogue’s Red power (Sugah, You’re Goin’ Down) until Gambit gets downed, stunned, or sent Airborne. Passive powers will still trigger—only powers the player can trigger can be affected. There’s an anniversary coming up and I have no doubt the team has a ton planned. Can we get a quick recap?

Josh Austin: To start, we currently have a sale for players to take advantage of before all the anniversary madness begins. Players will get a 30% bonus in Iso-8 and Hero Points purchases. Sale ends October 4!

The anniversary festivities then begin on October 5 and every player will get a free anniversary token when they log-in that day. All events throughout the season will have double Iso-8 rewards, anniversary tokens, and more.

For events, we have the following:

Versus Tournaments

– Class of 2017 tournament starts October 5
– Let’s Be Frank tournament starts on October 8
– Danger Room tournament starts on October 10
– RRRAAAWWWR! starts on October 12

Story Events

– We have a brand new event called The X-Men vs Apocalypse that starts October 5! Apocalypse, a real baddie with Horsemen of the Apocalypse abilities, brings out some nasty tiles to try and destroy the player’s heroes. More will be announced as we get closer to the anniversary!
– Honor Among Thieves starts on October 8
– Sim Challenge (X-Men Edition) starts on October 12

Other Changes

Devil Dino is coming back to Deadpool’s Daily Quest! Let’s hear more about the Fan Favorites Legendary Token—basically, players get better odds for their favorite 4-Star characters?

Josh Austin: That’s correct, a survey was run earlier in the game for players to vote on their favorite characters.  The 12 most popular 4-Star Characters and 8 player favorite 5-Stars will be featured in a special store with increased odds. There will be a new Legendary Cover store called Fan Favorites that features players’ favorite 4-Stars and 5-Stars. Players can purchase a token to this store with Command Points or earn a token to this store from the Crash of the Titans mission in the Deadpool’s Daily Quest that starts on October 10th. What else do we need to know about the crazy celebrations on the horizon?

Josh Austin: Gambit will be released October 5 during the debut of the X-Men vs Apocalypse event. His Legendary store starts on October 5 with increased odds at getting Old Man Logan and Phoenix along with Gambit (Classic) 5-Star.

Gambit (Modern) 3-Star will be available in the Honor Among Thieves event that starts October 8. Gambit (Modern) features in the event and will have multiple covers in the Vault. Gambit’s PVP event is called Ragin’ Cajun and it starts October 15 with Gambit (Modern) being the featured character.

We will also be at New York Comic at the D3 Go! Booth (#447) this week! Come by and say hello to me and members of the team.

Finally, everyone at D3 Go! and Demiurge wants to thank all of our players for such an awesome year. We appreciate all the feedback and support we get and we really hope we can bring out more features and characters that the community has requested in the upcoming year. Thank you!

Grab the Ragin’ Cajun for yourself here and stay tuned to and @MarvelGames for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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Marc Guggenheim welcomes back the Ragin’ Cajun by sharing his favorite stories!

Gambit’s back in X-MEN: GOLD #4 on May 17, and you can bet he’s bringing his own brand of Louisiana charm and a little trouble with him. To commemorate this homecoming of x-treme proportions, we spoke with writer Marc Guggenheim to take a look back at three of Remy LeBeau’s greatest stories and what might be in store for him in the upcoming arc.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #266

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #266

What is Marvel Unlimited?
Coming in first we have, rather appropriately, Gambit’s original appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN #266 written by Chris Claremont with art by Mike Collins. “He came onto the stage fully formed and really hijacks the story away from young Storm,” says Guggenheim. This appearance also kicks off Gambit and Storm’s long running relationship, which Guggenheim says he’s happy to get to play off in the new series. What better way to do that then to bring back Remy’s days as a master thief? And while Guggenheim takes a more traditional approach to the Cajun, staying true to the voice he has engrained in his head from years of reading the original comics, he did say he loves a good pun so that might just be in the cards for us, mes amis!

Gambit (1993) #1

Gambit (1993) #1

  • Published: December 01, 1993
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 28, 2011
  • Rating: T
What is Marvel Unlimited?
Next we have the Ragin’ Cajun’s original limited series, GAMBIT, written by Howard Mackie with art by Lee Weeks. This marked the first time we see Remy as a stand-alone character and according to Guggenheim, it’s where you realize that he can really hold a spotlight with that down-home twang and devil-may-care attitude. “He’s a slightly more morally compromised Han Solo,” says Guggenheim adding that he believes X-MEN: GOLD #4 artist RB Silva’s style perfectly suits the task of capturing that unburdened and free feel Gambit brings with him. All and all we can expect more of the old school Mardi Gras feel you’ve come to expect from the bayou boy.

X-Men (1991) #24

X-Men (1991) #24

What is Marvel Unlimited?
Finally, any story that ships Gambit and his ‘chere,’ Rogue, as hard as Guggenheim does. “There is just something very pure about being in love with someone you can’t have a physical relationship with,” says the writer. Quick recap: Rogue’s powers allow her to absorb another’s memories, abilities, personality and physical traits through skin-to-skin touch but prolonged contact proves quite harmful to those around her. So despite his borderline narcissistic confidence Gambit’s advances often get met with a stone cold poker face. We have to hand it to the guy though, with all the obstacles standing in their way he sure hangs in there for his ladylove. There must be a real spark between the two.

Be sure to catch all the card-throwing, ego, and Cajun lingo May 17 in the new X-MEN: GOLD #4 by Marc Guggenheim and RB Silva!    

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Chad Bowers and Chris Sims give their take on the servants of Apocalypse!

The end has come. Apocalypse has arrived and Death rides with him. And Pestilence, War, and Famine, too.

Despite X-MEN ’92 writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers preparing to close the book with December 28’s issue #10—and possibly take all of mutantkind down in the process—they took the time to talk to us about Apocalypse’s favorite tools, the Horsemen, and point out some of their favorites of all-time. Besides their own, of course.

“Every time they show, it’s a big deal,” Bowers argues. “It should be a big deal.

“I think, in a lot of ways, what’s most terrifying about the Horsemen is they’re people, but they are really concepts,” he continues, asserting their draw. “It’s hard to fight against a concept. Even if you beat the Horsemen, the power is just going to go to somebody else.”

“There’s always going to be a next one,” Sims agrees. “And the next one might be someone you know; it might be a horror movie monster. You don’t know.”

“I gotta say, Walt Simonson, good at drawing,” Sims states.

“I love it,” Bowers enthuses. “I like Angel a lot as Death especially. He’s like the first X-Man to have a real lasting change.”

“I absolutely prefer him to Angel, as Archangel,” Sims concurs. “It’s really hard to empathize with Angel’s problems because he’s a rich beautiful man who has beautiful bird wings.”

“So it makes perfect sense, when he loses them, that he gets super depressed,” Bowers continues.

“It’s metal, in a literal and metaphorical sense,” Sims jokes. “It’s the one ‘aww, it’s extreme now’ reboot of a character that everyone agrees is good.”

“That’s their friend, this giant gentle artist who can turn his body into a battering ram,” Bowers points out. “And then suddenly he’s trying to kill [them]. That’s terrifying.”

“He seems like a no-brainer,” Chad admits.

“With Wolverine it works in a way; with him there’s always this aspect that’s been building for 20 years at that point,” Sims elaborates. “That Wolverine is just constantly holding back so he doesn’t flip out and stab everybody. Apocalypse takes Wolverine and—all the hard work he’s done to control himself [Apocalypse] just pops the seal off, hands Wolverine a sword, and says, ‘Alright, you are going to kill everyone.’”

“He’s a real weird choice,” Sims confesses. “Of all the things that Gambit is, seeing him as the embodiment of Death—it makes sense with his powers because everything he touches becomes a bomb. So from there, that makes sense. But in term of character, it’s something I never would’ve expected.”

“He’s Death, but he’s not Death, you know?” agrees Bowers. “Like that’s not who Gambit is.”

“Which maybe makes it a really solid idea,” Sims reflects.

“That makes total sense,” states Sims.

Bowers concurs. “Yeah, that’s a good one.”

“What’s scarier than a Death that can read your mind and then kill you with a sword?” points out Sims.

Jeb Lee
“Good visual,” asserts Bowers. “There’s something overall creepy about that battlefield look.”

“[He taps] the magic element that makes a great Horseman,” Sims says. “Interpreting one of the aspects in a way we really haven’t seen before.”

“[He and the other UNCANNY X-FORCE Horsemen] really did feel different,” concludes Bowers. “I liked that.”

The ’92 Horsemen
“[It’s] every corner of the X-Men Universe, tied together,” Bowers explains. “You’ve got a representative of the human interests in [Senator] Kelly, you’ve got a representative from the anti-mutant militaristic Sentinel interest with Bastion, the idealist in Exodus, and then you’ve got Mystique as the mutant that kind of gave up and became a weapon or a tool.”

“If you were going to do a big Apocalypse story in 1996—you know, like they did—who would be the guys that you’d want them to pick for that,” continues Sims. “It’s like Bastion and Exodus. In the 90’s all of them looked like they were going to be the next big villains.”

“These are guy who anchored their own events,” Bowers contends. “If the X-Men had a tough time beating these guys by themselves, what happens when they team up?”

Saddle up with Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, and Alti Firmasyah one last time for X-MEN ’92 #10 on December 28!

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Pick a card as the Ragin' Cajun comes to Battlerealm!

Practice your poker face and get ready for some 52 Card Pickup as the Ragin’ Cajun makes his explosive debut in “Marvel Contest of Champions.”

Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Game Designers Dominic O’Grady and Justin Ostensen dropped by to talk Gambit and all the TLC the team put in to make the card-slinger stand out. First things first: I am digging Remy’s look! Did The Collector pick him straight out of the 90’s?

Dominic O’Grady: You know it! Both us and Collector are big fans of the 90’s X-Men look. Bold, colorful, and dynamic costumes and designs make each of the classic X-Men stand out, and Gambit is no exception. The Collector would be remiss if he didn’t add this version of Gambit to the many Champions present in The Contest. He’s got his staff, the duster, even the blue steel boots!

Dominic O’Grady: He’s the real deal, right down to the kinetic cards! He’s absolutely one of our most flashy characters; the animators and artists really went to town with Gambit.

Gabriel Frizzera: Our team even created a specific animation rig to make sure Gambit had an extra-long coat, like in the comics! We spared no expense! On to gameplay! Tell us a little about his Ragin’ Cajun ability. What’s going on there?

Justin Ostensen: Ragin’ Cajun is all about Gambit powering up his existing abilities for even more effectiveness. An upgrade to his signature Flak Jacket allows him to soak up even more Physical Resistance than before and give him more survivability in long fights. Additionally, Ragin’ Cajun also powers up Gambit’s new Buff in The Contest, Prowess, by granting him a large boost to Critical Damage during his already explosive Special Attacks. And what about Ante-Up? Does he get to throw some cards around or something a little less on the nose?

Justin Ostensen: Well, he’s already throwing cards during his Special Attacks and base moves, so Ante-Up is a little different. We wanted to capture Gambit’s high stakes, push-your-luck mentality with this ability. As Gambit holds Block, he builds up Kinetic Charges, which he can trade in for Prowess Buffs that boost his Special Damage. However, he has to be careful, because whenever Gambit is struck by a combo he has a chance to Fold and lose all of his Kinetic charges. It’s all about risk vs. reward and how far the player wants to push to get that extra bit of bonus damage for a massive Special Attack. Now Gambit’s no stranger to fighting games, having made appearances in multiple Marvel vs. Capcom titles. Was the team inspired by any of those games or is the Contest of Champions Gambit totally his own man?

Gabriel Frizzera: Like good Marvel fans, we all love the Marvel vs. Capcom series. But every time we develop a character, we always go straight to the source, in this case the comic books. Re-interpreting the source material always gives us a better chance to create something original and authentically Marvel, instead of echoing past successful products. Of course there are classic moves that any version of Gambit needs to have, but awesome X-Men comics were at the core of our inspiration. And when can we expect to add him to our roster?

Justin Ostensen: Gambit has stepped in to help his fellow mutants against the new Terrigenocide event and is ready to enter The Contest now. Make sure to check for in-game messaging and arenas to see how you can get your hands on the Ragin’ Cajun himself.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews!

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Artist Danilo Beyruth pits the Merc with a Mouth against the Ragin' Cajun!

Two of Marvel’s most lovable scoundrels find themselves at odds thanks to Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Danilo Beyruth. DEADPOOL VS. GAMBIT, launching on June 22, reunites the team that previously worked on a story for this year’s DEADPOOL #7.

One uses his mutant abilities to roguishly adventure while the other utilizes his healing factor to slice his way through life, but both love one thing: money. That and varying degrees of trust will help bring the two together in this five-issue series which also features a variety of other characters in and out of costume thanks to Beyruth’s pencils.

We talked with Beyruth about working with the Bens again and playing off the similarities and differences of the lead characters. From a costume perspective, Gambit and Deadpool are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Do you enjoy playing with those different dynamics on the page?

Danilo Beyruth: I rather like it. They’re two characters with very distinctive looks, postures, and even body language. It has been great to explore that contrast between them. I have always been a fan of those kinds of comic book teams with very contrasted characters—like the classic X-Men trio Wolverine/Colossus/Nightcrawler—you get a richer visual experience. Both of these characters also come with healthy amounts of swagger and cockiness. Does that play into the way you pose them in a scene?

Danilo Beyruth: Yeah, I think so. And their styles are somewhat complementary, Gambit being more of a seducer and self-aware while Deadpool is more loose and reader-aware, but the two being very theatrical in their own manner. Given the lead characters, it seems safe to assume the book will also feature a good amount of humor. How do you like mixing that in with the action scenes?

Danilo Beyruth: Humor gives you wider leeway to work on expressions and body language than a more realistic approach ever would. From the looks at some of the pages, you also got to bring Spider-Man and Daredevil into the fray. Were you excited to see them in the script?

Danilo Beyruth: I did a short for a Spider-Man Infinite Comics not long ago that helped me a little to lose my fear of that character. Being a fan of the classic John Romita Sr. work on Spider-Man I’ve dreaded the perspective of drawing his uniform more than any other character. But I made it through okay. Many of the characters you’re dealing with here have established looks. Were you able to redesign any existing characters or design any from the ground up with Ben and Ben?

Danilo Beyruth: Kind of. There are a lot of characters in disguise. There are a lot of second, third and fourth stringers making appearances in street clothing and a few new characters here and there. On the drawing side of this one I did not get a chance to get bored.

Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Danilo Beyruth unleash DEADPOOL VS. GAMBIT #1 on June 22!

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Pepe Larraz shares his sketchbook, featuring Hank Pym, Ultron, Rogue, Gambit, and more!

It’s not often that old friends come together and just pick up where they left off. Oftentimes, events of the past pop up to make things weird. That might be the case when Hank Pym returns to Earth in UNCANNY AVENGERS #9 on June 1 wearing his creation and one-time murderous robot Ultron as armor.

Series writer Gerry Duggan and guest artist Pepe Larraz will team up to tell the tale while also bringing together a pair of beloved characters: Rogue and Gambit. While Hank deals with a team wondering his motives—and who’s really driving the bus—the two former lovers see where they stand these days.

We talked with Larraz about working with Duggan, drawing Hank Pym, and his affinity for the two star crossed mutants. The team in UNCANNY AVENGERS is incredibly unique and diverse when it comes to looks and costumes. Is it challenging making them look like parts of a whole instead of individuals fighting alongside each other?

Pepe Larraz: That’s a very good question. When it comes to the characters, I try to understand what their conflict is. I learn about their past in case I don’t know it yet and think about which one is my vision of them. I think the Avengers are a group of very different people with a common purpose. That makes every one of them valuable because of their differences, but also part of a whole thing, even if they aren’t really fond of all the rest.

About this particular team, I think we have two big leaders, Cable and Steve Rogers, and my aim is to be able to tell their different ways of leadership apart. Rogue behaves here like a lieutenant; she has initiative but she isn’t a leader of the team. The soldiers could be Voodoo, Torch, Quicksilver, and Synapse. Maybe we just need time to develop their characters more, but by now they carry less of the weight of the story than the other three. Oh, and then, there is Deadpool. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” revolves around this combined version of Hank Pym and Ultron. How was it working on this new version of such a classic villain?

Pepe Larraz: Well, it made sense that the suit was the same which was designed by Jerome Opeña at the end of RAGE OF ULTRON; Jerome’s design is so good, so I used that. Hank Pym’s face is well known, so in the end I didn’t have to design too much! I prefer to use what I think makes sense for the story rather than leave my touch on everything I do, just for it to be recognizable as my work.

I focused on his facial expressions; the way he looks like a very excessively mellow mood guy, this “more-human-than-human” feeling, so warm that it makes you feel cold and suspicious. I wanted to transmit the feeling that he can instantly change his mood, becoming cocky or even dangerous. He’s not a safe guy and the tension is big. I think Gerry wrote very good scenes, slow paced, but with tension growing every second. Hank’s been one of the most complicated heroes in the Marvel Universe for decades now. Do you enjoy playing off of that on the page?

Pepe Larraz: He is, indeed. Yes I think Gerry and I wanted to transmit that not everything is going well inside him; that the pieces are still adjusting—literally—and also the fear and caution of the people around him, waiting for him to explode any second. Hank has suffered a lot of conflicts in the Marvel Universe and I always saw him as a rather dark character. Maybe my vision is influenced by his ULTIMATES version. In the opposite direction, coming back from the dead, I wanted to present him as an “everything-is-cool” guy. You also get to draw Gambit and Rogue reuniting in this issue. What can you tell us about that meeting?

Pepe Larraz: I grew up with the Gambit and Rogue love story. I started reading X-Men books when I was a kid, so having them again on the same page was great. I think things became so intense between those two; they’ve been through a lot, and they are not as close as they used to be, but I wanted to give them some warm touches. That’s why I made the cartoony panel on page 3, to make readers smile tenderly watching them, as I was smiling drawing them. Both of them deserve it. It sounds like you and Gerry were on the same wavelength with a lot of the story elements. How is it working with him on this script?

Pepe Larraz: Great, actually. I knew little of Gerry’s work before this series, but, you know, that’s because I spend so much time making comics that I don’t have time to read them! I like the way Gerry writes dialog, builds the scenes and the fact that he’s not scared to make almost a whole issue of people talking on a super hero book, because the talk is worthy. He’s very open to suggestions, as well as the rest of the team, [editors] Tom [Brevoort], Alanna [Smith], and Daniel [Ketchum].

Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz bring Hank Pym and Ultron back to Earth while also reuniting Rogue and Gambit in the pages of UNCANNY AVENGERS #9 on June 1!

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