The Disney California Adventure attraction is awarded in the “Attraction Reimagining” category.

As first announced this past November, when the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) revealed its annual winners, Disney California Adventure ‘s Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! was honored at the Thea Awards Gala in Anaheim, CA on April 7.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! was awarded in the “Attraction Reimagining” category, having become an instant hit among guests that is now the top-rated attraction at Disneyland Resort.

Besides Mission: BREAKOUT!, other popular Super Hero experiences are currently available at Disney California Adventure, including the chance to meet familiar faces like Black Panther and the Dora Milaje, and soon, Doctor Strange.

In addition, it was recently revealed that an entire new Super Hero-themed land is coming to Disney California Adventure in 2020.

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' star saw an old friend and met the Collector's latest acquisitions.

Dave Bautista, who stars as Drax in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, visited Disney California Adventure park yesterday, making a special stop at Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! to visit with an old friend.

“I am Groot!” exclaimed Groot upon his arrival.

Dave also took the opportunity to explore The Collector’s Fortress and its famous collection of artifacts from throughout the galaxy. He stopped to take a closer look at Taneleer Tivan’s newest acquisitions: three Vyloos from the planet Berhert.

You can click here to read more about the Vyloos, and check them out for yourselves at Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! at Disney California Adventure park!

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The Vyloos were seen in Marvel Studios' 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!'

Taneleer Tivan is expanding his collection of rare items from across the galaxy with three new acquisitions. These Vyloos, native to the planet Berhert, may look familiar to Terrans who have seen the film, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

Guests visiting The Collector’s Fortress at Disney California Adventure park will find these little birds to be very responsive, friendly and outgoing – responding to noises and movement – but they can also suddenly become extremely shy and introverted.

Vyloos are the latest addition to Taneleer Tivan’s collection at Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! at Disney California Adventure park

They may look adorable, but beware! These little birds have been known to defend themselves when threatened, so the Tivan Group has assured us that they will be kept fully enclosed in their glass display case at all times. As long as the fortress power source remains operational, they will be safely contained.

The Collector invites you to come see these new acquisitions for yourself, on display beginning this week at Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! at Disney California Adventure park!

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Inside the Collector’s Fortress at Disney California Adventure Park.

Things are getting spooky at the Disneyland Resort right now thanks to their big Halloween Time experience, and a notable part of that is Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark at Disney California Adventure Park. The new night time version of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! finds the Collector’s fortress in a dire situation, thanks to the escape of all of the creatures he had captured.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark includes a new video that guests are shown as they walk through the Collector’s archive and view some of the valuable items he has acquired. Rather than the normal footage of Taneleer Tivan welcoming you, this version hints at just how ominous the situation is After Dark…

For a look at what to expect, check out the transmission at the top of the page from The Collector’s assistant, Apheta!

Want to see more? You can help Rocket #SaveGroot at Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark each night during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, now through October 31, with Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! continuing throughout the season during the day.

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With Guardians of the Galaxy - Monsters After Dark now open, a fascinating conversation took place.

An impressive group of creative minds – including scientists, explorers and storytellers – gathered together this week at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort for a special event billed as the Disney Parks Blog Galactic Meet-Up.

Panelists Capt. Mike Foreman (retired NASA astronaut), Dr. Kimberly Ennico Smith (NASA Astrophysicist), Stephen Wacker (Vice President of Development, TV and New Media, Marvel Entertainment), John Mauro (Regional Executive Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering) and Amy Jupiter (Executive Media Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering) joined moderator and event organizer Erin Glover (Editorial Content Director, Disneyland Resort) to discuss how science influences storytelling – and how fictional and fantastical stories can inspire scientists and lead to real life breakthroughs.

Check out the video above to see an overview of the event and some of the highlights from the evening, which included character appearances by the likes of Star-Lord and Gamora!

The event came on the heels of the recent debut of the new Halloween-inspired version of the popular Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout attraction called Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark, which Mauro and Jupiter had both worked on. The panelists had all gone on the attraction together the night of the event, and as an expert on the subject, Foreman said he did indeed feel zero gravity for a moment during Monsters After Dark, though he laughed that it’s even more fun to spend “a couple of weeks in zero gravity.”

Even at their most fantastical, Smith said she felt stories like the ones Marvel tell, “throw in an element of truth,” and serve as inspiration for real life scientists as herself. Said Wacker, “The foundation of everything we do is built on that grain of hopefulness and wish fulfillment.”

Smith said that at NASA, they like to begin by asking, “What if? What if you could do that?”

Maura noted that at Disney Imagineering as well, “We ask ‘What if’ all the time,” to which Wacker replied, “’What if’ was a Marvel comic!”

The special Halloween Time version of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark can be seen now through October 31st at Disney California Adventure.

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Opening soon during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort!

As Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort expands to Disney California Adventure park, guests will discover a new adventure when night falls at The Collector’s Fortress. Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark picks up moments after the events of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, which continues throughout the season during daylight hours.

While escaping The Collector’s Fortress, the Guardians have accidentally left Groot behind, so Rocket needs your help to find and rescue his little buddy. But along with the creatures that have been accidentally released inside The Collector’s Fortress, one terrifying monster you will encounter is Surtur’s Fire Dragon, seen in the artist’s rendering above from Walt Disney Imagineering. This terrifying monster will also appear in the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” in theaters on November 3.

Help #SaveGroot at Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark, each night during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, September 15-October 31, with Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! continuing throughout the season during the day.

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Help #SaveGroot at Disney California Adventure beginning September 15th.

Since it opened, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! has been a big success at Disney California Adventure park and now guests will be able to experience the attraction in a whole new way with Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark.

Part of the expansion of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort to Disney California Adventure park, the Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark adventure picks up moments after the events of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction. The Guardians have successfully escaped The Collector’s Fortress, but they have accidentally left Groot behind! Rocket enlists you to distract the creatures that have been accidentally released inside The Collector’s Fortress so he can find and rescue his little buddy. While The Collector’s ever-resourceful assistant, Apheta, may try to assure you that it is all just a momentary setback, you’re advised to proceed with caution!

By day, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! will continue to operate as normal, but once the sun sets each evening during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, it will transform into Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark. Music continues to be at the heart of the experience, and an all-new song, “Monsters After Dark,” was created especially for this attraction by Tyler Bates, composer of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films.

You can help #SaveGroot at Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark, only during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, September 15-October 31!

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Brian Crosby talks about his inspiration for this 'Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! piece!

Downtown Disney’s WonderGround Gallery is a great place to find beautiful art pieces featuring your favorite characters and attractions. I was surprised to happen upon a fun print featuring none other than Taneleer Tivan, The Collector—clearly inspired by the new Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction at Disney’s California Adventure Park.

It turns out the artwork was created by Creative Director of Marvel Themed Entertainment, Brian Crosby who also worked on the attraction. I spoke to Crosby about his inspiration for the piece and the possibility of an Easter Egg hidden with the art. When it comes to Marvel, you never know when a character might pop up!

You can find Brian Crosby this weekend at D23 Expo at the Marvel booth for How To Draw Marvel! Having worked on Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! Was this piece inspired by the design of the ride or perhaps used as inspiration during the creative process?

Brian Crosby: This piece was actually used as a Disney Parks exclusive variant cover for the Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: Breakout! Comic book. The Disney Merchandising team at the Disneyland Resort liked the piece and decided to make it available, not only as a comic book, but also as a digital print. What’s really cool about the book is that it’s a completely new story that brings icons, like The Collector’s Fortress, into the Marvel comic book continuity. So, the cover is certainly inspired by the ride in that the Guardians are now being held captive by The Collector, but the costumes the characters are wearing are from the book. So, it is a bit of a mashup.

I was flattered that the Jordan D. White, the Editor of the book, asked me to be a part of it and create a cover. What medium did you use to create this piece?

Brian Crosby: The original drawing was done traditionally, good ol’ pencil and paper and then it was painted digitally. I like that you incorporated Tivan’s feathers, the man definitely has style. What made you go with the Contest of Champions outfit rather than the original Don Heck tie belt and big collar, or even the onscreen fur cape version? I would really like to see the Collector’s entire cape collection.

Brian Crosby: Props for your attention to detail and your sense of Marvel history!! The costume was chosen for me, actually. This is the costume that Tivan wears in the book so I was matching that. There are so many Easter Eggs on the attraction, did you decide to add any into your artwork?

Brian Crosby: There are two. The first one is pretty simple. The one deviation I made from the comic book look of the characters was Groot. Groot is seen in my piece in his “Baby Groot” incarnation as he appears in the attraction and in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. And the other is really obscure and actually isn’t in the final colored piece at all. The original drawing was sold at Disney California Adventure and it featured one other character in a vitrine. None other than…..Howard the Duck! Are there certain subjects you are drawn to more than others?

Brian Crosby: Typically, I draw super heroes. It’s just always been my favorite thing to draw. Sometimes out of necessity I’ll draw normal stuff like people, cars, etc. But nothing beats super heroes in my book for pure joy and escapism. I guess that’s why I do what I do! Will we be seeing any more of your work popping up at WonderGround Gallery?

Brian Crosby: Most likely. I’ve done quite a bit of work for the Disney Parks over the years even going back to my days as a Walt Disney Imagineer. I’ve done illustrations of the Haunted Mansion, the Enchanted Tiki Room, Alice in Wonderland, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Rocketeer (to name a few) and now I can add the Guardians of the Galaxy to that list! I did a painting of Groot himself last year for the gallery.

Keep an eye out for more of Brian Crosby’s artwork in the WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney.

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Have you spotted these rare Easter Eggs in the Tivan Collection?

Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! recently opened in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure, and fans have been lining up for hours to get a peek inside the Collector’s fortress! Taneleer Tivan has amassed a large collection of unique objects from the Marvel Universe—over 2200 that are ever changing—Marvel and Disney fans will be surprised to know there are also some very rare hidden gems.

While many Easter Eggs have already been revealed, here are a few more you might have missed. From retro Disneyland artifacts to homages to the attraction that came before, the Tivan Collection is filled with ancient artifacts that fans will fondly remember. We’ll keep some of these locations a secret so you can treasure hunt for yourselves—just be forewarned there are spoilers ahead!


Hidden Mickey
Hidden Mickeys are a natural part of the Disneyland environment. Concealed amongst the details, Imagineers always have a lot of fun adding the tiniest features to the attractions—Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! is no exception.

On the front of the building you’ll notice a series of bolted plates. If you look closely to the right of the Tivan logo and the left of the satellite dish, you’ll see one plate is not like the others. In fact—it’s upside down—creating the ideal Hidden Mickey. Once you see it, you won’t forget it.

The Avengers Hatch
It was the tweet heard ‘round the world when our own Marvel twitter account directed our attention to a well bolted hatch that was in plain view, directly to the right of the attraction entrance. But what could it be? You’ll have to stay tuned…


Asgardian War Hammer
A nod to Beta Ray Bill, the Stormbreaker is an Asgardian War Hammer was given to him by Odin after being worthy by lifting Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Who knows how the Collector came to possess such a treasure—so far no sight of the mighty Korbinite in the collection.

Celestial Masks
Celestials were a big part of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and these masks are part of their armor. It should be noted that no Terran has seen a Celestial without their armor so just how did Tivan come to collect such rare pieces?

Hidden inside one of the terrariums, high up near the top of the room is Figment—the mascot of Walt Disney World’s Journey Into Imagination pavilion at Epcot. Since the loveable fellow is the physical embodiment of a figment of the imagination, it will make you wonder if that’s really him high up in the box.

Painting of the Grandmaster and the Collector
Brothers, you can’t live with them, you can’t beat them at board games. The Grandmaster is an Elder and brother of the Collector and in this portrait you can see that he loves a good game. As in the painting he is played by Jeff Goldblum, and will appear in the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok.” You can see the Grandmaster isn’t taking his loss lightly.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee has made many Marvel cameos over the years and now it seems he’s become a permanent part of Tivan’s collection, as he shows up on the video screen asking about parking validation.


Golden Apples of Idunn
In another reference to Thor, Tivan’s office holds a bowl of the Golden Apples of Idunn, which only grow in Asgard on a tree and can only be picked by the goddess Idunn, the Goddess of Immortality.

Hydra is everywhere, including Tivan’s collection. Inside his office you’ll not only find a Hydra gun and helmet, but a rare red and black Hydra symbol.

X-S Tech Invoice
The Collector is nothing if not organized. On his desk by his log book there’s an invoice from X-S Tech. This is a reference to the Magic Kingdom attraction The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. It makes sense that Tivan would want to collect as much old Disney tech as possible to create his fortress.

Letter to Jeutar Morat
Directly on top of that invoice is a letter to Jeutar Morat. Morat is a bounty hunter from the Guardians of the Galaxy comics who was hunting down Gamora. In the letter Tivan refers to a mysterious stranger. Hmm…

Loki’s Shackles
Yet another nod to Thor artifacts, you’ll see the shackles worn by Loki Laufeyson worn by in “Thor: The Dark World.”

Loki’s Optical Torture Device
As seen in “The Avengers,” Loki used this device to remove the doctor’s eye in Germany. And now sits on Tivan’s shelves. Here’s to hoping it got a good cleaning.

Original 1955 Disneyland maps
In addition to Tivan’s penchant for collecting old books he has also has stockpiled tons of old maps. You’ll notice a few of them have familiar faces. Is that Lady I see? Could that be Peter Pan? That’s definitely Tinkerbell. These maps of the original 1955 layout of Disneyland are a must have for any Disney fan or—immortal Elder of the Universe.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Tin Toys
The only thing better than hidden Mickey symbols are hidden Mickey toys. Inside the Collector’s office you’ll find an abundance of collectibles, including some very familiar friends. Obscured from view behind several objects you’ll be able to spot two Disney Schylling wind up tin toys. You’ll find a retro Mickey in one room and his companion Minnie in the other.

Tower of Terror Books
You can’t build a new attraction without an homage to its predecessor and inside the Collector’s fortress there are a ton of familiar nods to Tower of Terror. Tivan’s office is filled with books leftover from the Tower lobby.

Tower of Terror luggage tag
Tivan must love to read, as books upon books fill his office shelves. You’ll find he has a penchant for unusual bookmarks as luggage tags leftover from the Tower days, keep his place in some of the tomes. You’ll see a noticeable Hollywood Tower Hotel logo peeking out from the pages.

Tower of Terror bellhop hat
A keen eye will find an homage to the original cast member outfits from Tower of Terror. Look closely and you’ll may be able to spy a rogue bellhop hat—an essential part of the Hollywood Tower of Terror costume.


F’Saki Chow
In “Guardians of the Galaxy,” inside the bar Boot of Jemiah on the planet Knowhere, gamblers are betting on Orlonis while they try to survive being eaten by F’saki. Here Tivan finds a more humane way to feed the fierce creatures, with bags of F’saki Chow.

Animatronic Dolores the Octopus
Disneyland devotees remember the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown. Terrance the bear (clad in swim trunks, no less) and his octopus girlfriend Dolores sang the fitting duet, “Two Different Worlds.” In the end things didn’t work out between the two, with Terrance declaring, “This just ain’t working out, Dolores.” Now she’s found a new home in the Tivan Collection, pink bow atop her head and all.


Harold the Matterhorn Yeti
The Matterhorn was home to Harold the Yeti for 37 years, surprising riders as they turned the corner on the coaster. For the 60th anniversary of the park Harold was replaced with a new animatronic monster. Now you can find him hanging out in the rafters of the fortress queue.

Howard the Duck
While waiting in the queue not only can you spot Howard the Duck in Tivan’s welcome video, but you can hear his voice if you listen closely. If you still need more Duck-Man in your life you can pick up a Howard the Duck plush in the Collector’s Warehouse.

Kamar-Taj Dragon
Uncovered and ready to display is a Kamar-Taj dragon statue. Kamar-Taj as referenced in “Doctor Strange” was the Himalayan home of the Ancient One and the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

Tower of Terror Painting
It makes sense that Tivan would want to keep some souvenirs from the Hollywood Tower Hotel, after all the lobby was filled with rare antiquities. One of which you’ll find while heading towards the gantry lift.

Have you spotted any other rare artifacts amongst the Collector’s treasures? Make sure you keep an eye out at the ever-changing Tivan Collection the next time you’re on Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT!

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It’s time to Hero Up at Disney California Adventure Park beginning May 27!

Last weekend, “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2” blasted its way to the top of the box office charts, and now the cosmic heroes are getting ready to land at Disney California Adventure park. The action kicks off in a big way May 27 with the opening of the all-new Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and the launch of Summer of Heroes which includes Super Hero fun for everyone!

During “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off!” Star-Lord and Gamora return to the Collector’s Fortress to retrieve a special artifact … Star-Lord’s precious boom box. Looking to avoid discovery, they ignite a lively party vibe, enlisting everyone gathered around to help out and show off your favorite dance moves in a rockin’ Dance Off.
And for the first time on Terra (that’s Earth to you and me) you’ll encounter the one-and-only Groot. He arrives on the scene just as the Dance Off is wrapping up, but is happy to stay for a while and visit with everyone as Star-Lord and Gamora make their escape.

Summer of Heroes also brings more excitement across Hollywood Land, including the Avengers Training Initiative featuring Black Widow and Hawkeye and heroic encounters with Black Widow, Captain America and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This summer is going to be epic!

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