Writer Kelly Thompson explores the history of the villain called Eden!

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton just can’t seem to catch a break.

What should have been an intimate reunion between two friends recently became all-out chaos when a villain named Eden tried to shoot, stab, and bomb the heroes out of existence. Having first appeared in the pages of GENERATIONS: THE ARCHERS, the villain will continue to terrorize Kate and Clint on January 3 in writer Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero’s HAWKEYE #14!

We caught up with Thompson to talk about playing the long game with Eden, developing the character’s design, and taking the story to new heights.

Marvel.com: How long has the character of Eden been brewing in your head? Has she developed as you’ve worked on the book?

Kelly Thompson: Eden was definitely born of the Hawkeye GENERATIONS story—that’s what I created her for, but there ended up being so much happening in that book that I felt like we’d only scratched the surface of her potential. So I felt really excited when I saw a great, natural way to bring her back, this time as a bigger adversary.

Marvel.com: How did artists Stefano Raffaele and Leonardo Romero help develop the character, first in GENERATIONS and then in the ongoing?

Kelly Thompson: The original idea for Eden had her looking a lot like the ‘60s and ‘70s Black Widow, right down to the long red hair, for a couple story reasons we ended up jettisoning. But that’s such a great look that Stefano and I stuck with that design concept and just tweaked it a little bit, most notably her hair color to make sure she’d be easily recognizable if I brought her back.

And when I brought her back I told HAWKEYE series artist Leonardo Romero that he was free to do what he liked so long as he maintained the pale blue hair and kept her powers in mind. And I just love what he did. That white with the badass futuristic asymmetrical armor? So cool.

Marvel.com: What can you tell us about her motivation for coming at the Hawkeyes so hard in “Family Reunion”?

Kelly Thompson: Eden finds her motivations in grief and obsession. She’s lost someone she can’t live without and, rather than dealing with that, she’s looking for someone to blame. And super heroes make an easy target. Especially Clint, since he became the face of the resistance that got her city—and everything she loved—destroyed.

Marvel.com: Later on in the arc, Eden will join forces with Madame Masque. What brings them together besides having a shared enemy?

Kelly Thompson: The shared enemies thing will definitely be a big motivator—enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing—there’s a certain amount of convenience in there too. But I think they both have trauma in their pasts that’s causing them to lash out. But of everything Eden will do and face in this story, Masque’s presence may turn out to be the most…educational.

Marvel.com: How does it feel to add this new toy to the HAWKEYE sandbox?

Kelly Thompson: It’s always fun to get to add a cool character to the Marvel world. And Eden has a ton of potential. One of my favorite things about her is that she brings the best of both worlds with her—thanks to her power set you get a new character in Eden but also a whole bunch of classic characters. And playing with those two together, classic and new, is the most fun.

On January 3, get in on the “Family Reunion” fun with Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero’s HAWKEYE #14!

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Leonardo Romero provides Kate Bishop and Clint Barton with plenty of trouble!

Reunions can be fun times to catch up with longtime friends, but they can get more complicated when someone’s trying to kill the gathered parties.

That’s the situation Kate Bishop and Clint Barton find themselves in on December 6 with HAWKEYE #13 by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. Kate intends to ask Clint to assist in finding out about her mom, but he’s got a problem of his own—namely a huge target on his back that sends them both on the run through Los Angeles.

We talked with Romero about bringing these two allies back together, updating Eden’s look for the modern era, and working with Thompson!

Marvel.com: How would you say Kate and Clint react to seeing each other when they first meet up?

Leonardo Romero: Like they’ve never been apart. Clint and Kate are great together and even though they were not around each other this whole time, it doesn’t feel that way.

Marvel.com: The two Hawkeyes obviously use similar weapons and fighting styles, but how do they handle themselves differently, both in quieter moments and in the more action-packed ones?

Leonardo Romero: In terms of personality, Kate is very sassy and full of attitude while Clint can be really laid back. I believe that their [different] personalities is one of the reasons why it is so great to see them together.

In action, I see them both as improvisers. Kate thinks more and scans the environment for alternatives and things that can help her out. Clint kind of figures things out on the way, not planning further than the next action.

Marvel.com: Speaking of action, it sounds like this story features a lot of it as both Hawkeyes wind up under the gun and on the run. What kind of challenges does that kind of tale offer?

Leonardo Romero: Planning the action scenes is always an extra challenge. Both Hawkeyes tend to deal with these situations using everything they can. So a lot of times it’s not only about planning the action itself but also the environment, so everything that they end up using is placed there correctly.

Marvel.com: What can you tell us about Eden and the process that went into designing her modern look?

Leonardo Romero: Eden already appeared [in GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE & HAWKEYE]—which [took] place in the past—as a younger version of herself. Creating her look for the present timeline in HAWKEYE was basically taking the original concept of the character—blue hair, lightning powers, and all of that—and trying to imagine how it would look nowadays in a modern approach. So I looked through a lot designs for Marvel’s [heroes] and villains and tried to come up with something my own.

Marvel.com: How has it been working with Kelly on the series up to this point?

Leonardo Romero: It’s been amazing! Our collaboration is one of the best parts of the book. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.

Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero stage a family reunion beginning in HAWKEYE #13 on December 6!

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Kelly Thompson spills secrets on a team-up for the ages!

Hawkeye knows how to deal with clones.

Madame Masque learned that lesson recently, but not all clones can be treated the same—and Kate even knows one she likes: Laura Kinney! And on November 15, writer Kelly Thompson and artist Michael Walsh unite Kate and Laura in HAWKEYE #12!

When a mad scientist fixated on creating a clone army shows up in Los Angeles, Hawkeye Investigations—featuring the All-New Wolverine—jumps on the case.

We spoke with Thompson to learn more about the team-up.

Marvel.com: What’s been going on with Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Investigations lately?

Kelly Thompson: I think Kate’s made a pretty awesome life for herself in L.A.—a thriving (sorta) career, a handful of good friends/wannabe sidekicks, an LAPD detective that’s begrudgingly on her side, and even a love interest (or two).

Still, she’s had nothing but bad news when it comes to discoveries of her personal life—with her father turning out to be a full-on super villain, mysteries around her mother’s death multiplying, and Madame Masque renewing her interest in Kate with extreme vigor. So it feels very hit-and-miss overall—much like all our lives.

Marvel.com: Hawkeye has had her fair share of clone trouble lately. Tell us about her latest run-in—this time with a mad scientist looking to make a clone army.

Kelly Thompson: There will always be mad scientists and clones. No way to escape it! If Kate wants to keep all her appendages, she should probably keep quiet about her clone problems while Laura and her sister Gabby are in town!

Marvel.com: How would you describe the dynamic between Kate and Laura?

Kelly Thompson: They’re so fun together, in an almost a begrudging way. Kate can be a lot for someone like Laura, who’s more matter-of-fact and laconic, but that gives them a wonderful sort of “odd couple” vibe that has been really fun to play with.

Marvel.com: We know that Clint Barton returns in issue #13, kicking off this book’s Marvel Legacy run…so how does the concept of legacy inform Kate’s story?

Kelly Thompson: Clint actually shows up in this issue as well, so people who might be anxious to see him appear can get at least a tiny taste! Our Legacy arc finds Clint and Kate both in need of assistance and reaching out to one another almost at the same time. From there it will be a classic Kate and Clint team up—which means action, jokes, good times, bad times, and things going horribly, horribly wrong. Having been through the emotional wringer—Kate from the stuff she’s discovered about her family and Clint recovering from the events of Secret Empire and losing Natasha—neither of them feel at the top of their game. But that never stops a Hawkeye!

Marvel.com: What does the legacy of Marvel mean to you personally, as a writer and as a fan?

Kelly Thompson: You know, Marvel Comics were the first monthly comics I ever read, and discovering them forever changed the track of my life, so it feels impossible to overstate how important they have been to me. I fell in love with the medium reading Marvel Comics. And more than that, they were fundamental to my development as a person and a writer.

HAWKEYE #12, by Kelly Thompson and artist Michael Walsh, takes aim on November 15!

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Legacy dawns as Kate and Clint take Los Angeles with Kelly Thompson!

Some friends get together and pose for selfies. Kate Bishop and Clint Barton get together and pose for mugshots.

Or, at least, so it seems in writer Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero’s HAWKEYE #13! Clint makes his way to the West Coast to drop in on his protégé and friend…though he might be bringing quite an agenda along with him. Luckily, Kate wants something from her mentor as well.

We grabbed a green juice, got our tan on, and asked writer Thompson a few questions ahead of the Marvel Legacy title.

Marvel.com: The cover for issue #13 reveals that the Hawkeyes ride together again—what can you tell us about their reunion?

Kelly Thompson: Clint will actually show up at the tail end of HAWKEYE #12 in November and when we see him there, they both reach out to one another for the same reason—because they need help and trust the other, above all, to be there for them. It’s a great little moment that shows their bond. It then immediately devolves into comedy and bickering of course—but for a whole minute it’s beautiful!

Marvel.com: Having recently handled Clint and Kate’s team-up in GENERATIONS, how does their relationship in this comic differ to that? How does it remain the same?

Kelly Thompson: I definitely had to put some thought into GENERATIONS initially—into finding a voice for Clint that felt accurate to who he would be as a younger character but still felt true to the Clint we know today. That became somewhat tricky.

I think finding the voice for Clint today might be a little easier as it’s been really well-defined by some excellent writers in the last few years—most notably Matt Fraction. So you just try to learn from what others have done and carve your own path a bit; make it your own. I think I found a really happy medium with Clint that feels true to who he is and what he’s currently going through. It continues that magical chemistry that he and Kate have together and that the fans love so much.

Marvel.com: In terms of tone, how does the book feel? And how does Leonardo Romero help you bring that to life?

Kelly Thompson: Leo and [colorist] Jordie [Bellaire] remain my rock…or, rocks. They have been simply the best art team a writer could hope for. They bring such energy and innovation to everything they do, and I think we have a lot of fun with Clint’s inclusion in the book. Adding new elements—especially a character as charismatic as Clint—can be dangerous in shifting the tone or upsetting an existing balance, but with the team we have in place, I have no worries. They have so much talent that every challenge you throw at them just makes their work shine all the brighter. And even though Clint will be a large element to add, he fits rather seamlessly into a Hawkeye world, obviously, and the ways in which he doesn’t fit into Kate’s new life turn into things we have a lot of fun with.

Marvel.com: Individually speaking, where do we find the two Hawkeyes’ states of mind as they enter the story? How do they feel about one another right now?

Kelly Thompson: They’re both actually in very emotional places and not really at the top of their game. Kate has been of course going through the wringer with her father turning out to be an even worse guy than she suspected, Madame Masque taking over her life, plus the revelation that her mother may have been killed by her father—or may still be alive…she’s turmoil central.

But Clint finds himself having an awful time too, after the events of Secret Empire and the tragedy of losing one of the touchstones of his life—Black Widow. I think that might be one of the reasons they seek each other out now, because they’ll find comfort, normalcy, and a whole lot of trust in one another. They’re family.

Marvel.com: Can we expect Kate to encounter any other familiar faces as she enters Legacy?

Kelly Thompson: This arc finds Kate trying to get to the bottom of what really happened with her mother while still trying to deal with Madame Masque, who has been upping her revenge game of late. There will also be a villain “new” to Kate and Clint on the scene, but it will be someone readers have seen before if they’ve been reading my work.

Marvel.com: For readers who haven’t picked up the book yet, why does this arc present a great opportunity to hop aboard?

Kelly Thompson: I think the answer would be the same for both potential new readers and old readers alike—Clint and Kate are simply magic together. They have a fantastic chemistry and things will never get boring when they team up.

Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero’s HAWKEYE #13 hits the target on October 4!

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Kate Bishop confronts Madame Masque with writer Kelly Thompson!

Things have gotten pretty complicated in Kate Bishop’s life, to say the least. With her personal and professional lives  colliding, she’s been forced to face some challenges from her past. And, as it turns out, Kate’s old foe Madame Masque orchestrated the drama.

On October 4, writer Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero bring Kate and Madame Masque together for a showdown in HAWKEYE #11!

So what makes Masque such an excellent nemesis? We asked Kelly Thompson for her view on the classic villain.

Marvel.com: Kate has a long history with Madame Masquegoing back to writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja’s run. We’ve seen the tension building between these two characters for a while.

Kelly Thompson: Yes, Fraction wrote such a fantastic intro for those two characters—with Kate sort of cavalierly embarrassing Madame Masque by taking her place. I think that intro is exactly the kind that makes for arch-nemeses. Madame Masque has been fixating on Kate ever since. And it’s not an accident that their story plays out this way.

Marvel.com: Masque has worked with (and manipulated) Kate’s dadand we’ve seen Kate trying to sort things out with him recently. What are these events going to do to their relationship?

Kelly Thompson: Masque has definitely been playing the long game in her approach to Kate. Laying some groundwork that’s really emotionally devastating to Kate by encouraging and assisting Derek Bishop in sort of leveling up in his villainy, if you will. But Masque also has her own desires—namely power and powers—and that’s syncing up nicely now with her desire for pure revenge. So she’s moving into a less subtle, more openly destructive phase of her plans against Kate.

Marvel.com: It seems like Masque wants to clone Kate…and Kate’s definitely not down with that!

Kelly Thompson: Yeah, Masque’s desire to clone Kate—a literal reversal of what Kate did to her when they first met (though without the clones)—isn’t an accident. And Masque will not be the only one with revenge on the brain when this ends.

Marvel.com: In some ways, it seems like Kate’s dad could be her arch-nemesis as well. While she can’t just write her dad off, maybe Madame Masque will take his place?

Kelly Thompson: Yes, I think that’s definitely a slow boil story building in the direction of Bishop vs. Bishop. And Kate would much rather have Madame Masque to fight, as that’s far less complicated overall. She has a greater internal struggle with her father—knowing that there are good things about him, things that she wants to save. But she also feels the need to do what’s right and shut him down. She doesn’t really know what that should look like…does she arrest him? Does she fight him? What’s the move? It’s not an easy question for her to answer. It’s a little more complicated than your traditional “save the day” super hero story.

Marvel.com: What else can you tease about the upcoming issues?

Kelly Thompson: This arc comes to a close with issue #11—and Leonardo Romero and [colorist] Jordie Bellaire are doing truly tremendous work. I think people are going to really love it.

HAWKEYE# 12 exists as a standalone story—a team-up with Wolverine (and Gabby—and yes, Jonathan the Wolverine and Lucky will meet) and we’ve got the fantastic artist Michael Walsh coming back for that story.

Then in December with HAWKEYE #13, we kick off an all-new arc guest starring Hawkeye original flavor…Clint Barton!

Check out Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero’s HAWKEYE #11 on October 4!

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Writer Kelly Thompson reveals new details about Kate Bishop’s recent strange behavior!

Case No: 090617

Investigator: Marvel.com

Clients: Kelly Thompson

Case Overview:

Kate Bishop returns in HAWKEYE #10 on September 6—but something doesn’t seem quite right with our super sleuth. Kate learned that her father is in league with the tall, dark, and villainous woman known as Madame Masque—and if that wasn’t enough, her mom’s necklace just resurfaced with some oh-so-confusing evidence. Seems like no surprise that Kate is shaken up, but writer Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero worry something more might be going on.

“Listen, she’s not eating nearly enough tacos. She didn’t make finger guns once today. She doesn’t have any bandages on her face. She looked like she combed her hair and she’s wearing heels. Who is this person?!” confides Thompson. Word on the street even says Kate was out clubbing… so unless she’s secretly eradicating some illegal nightlife activities, something must be seriously wrong with our feisty female detective.

Detail of Events:

Between the drama with her dad, the bad guys, and new cases continually popping out of the woodwork, Kate has quite a lot on her plate. And while she might not have any trouble clearing a plate of mini donuts, a plate full of super hero-sized problems often proves a bit harder to swallow.

But Thompson ponders, “Kate does not run away from a fight. Kate runs headlong, full bore into any fight she sees for good or ill.” So when Kate doesn’t seem too interested in immediately running to the aide of her friends, she gets pretty concerned.

“The whole thing with Kate’s dad has really put her in a vulnerable position, where she’s a little angrier, a little less clear headed, and definitely feeling more guilty—especially as it relates to her friends,” recounts Thompson, after noticing Kate acting a bit uncharacteristically for a few issues now—putting herself in too much danger, making only a normal amount of jokes, and acting unusually with her friends. And now she’s becoming unexpectedly mischievous, explains Thompson, spilling the beans that Kate kisses multiple in issue #10. Expect things to get awkward and complicated—even by Kate’s standards. So is this dual persona just Kate’s way of dealing with recent difficult experiences or is something more sinister going on?

Actions Taken:

It looks like the task of making that discovery falls on you, True Believers! The tables have turned—Kate’s in the hot seat and we need to figure out what’s going on. What exactly should we look for?

“Did she put a frozen food of some kind on her face to reduce swelling? Did she get punched in the face a lot? Make one too many jokes so that it becomes uncomfortable for everyone? These are day-in-the-life for Kate Bishop—and if you don’t see them, maybe you should worry,” warns Thompson.

Additional Notes:

Be warned, there will be a lot to sift through in this investigation. “Expect Kate to confront her father on the biggest questions between them. Expect one of the Kate’s friends to make a lot of relationship trouble in her life. Expect Kate to kick many butts and Lucky to play a low-key pivotal roll in that. Expect Kate to go out with her friends and to have a very vintage, classic Hawkeye villain show up,” teases Thompson, who also adds that master artist Leonardo Romero provides some brilliantly-subtle visual clues to help us differentiate the pages where Kate’s acting normally—and the ones where she’s not quite herself.

Be the first to figure out what’s behind Kate’s strange demeanor with HAWKEYE #10, by Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero, on September 6!

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Two archers. One-shot.

Artist Stefano Raffaele really hits the target with his art and designs for GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE #1, a fact you’ll witness for yourself on August 30 and when you see his words and sketches her in this exclusive behind-the-scenes peek.

Marvel.com: Stefano, we see some Romita Sr. in your take on Kate Bishop—who are your artistic inspirations?

Stefano Raffaele: As a child I grew up reading thousands of classics, and my top favorite artists have always been masters like John Romita Sr., John Buscema, Neal Adams, and Alex Raymond. I try to mix my love for modern and classic together in my drawing style.

Marvel.com: What kind of a feeling did you want to evoke from your presentation of Hawkeye himself here?

Stefano Raffaele: I tried to give Hawkeye a classic feeling, but also look very powerful at the same time. I wanted the reader to “feel at home.” with Clint. I tried to be very respectful of his classic costume, because I know he’s a character that every Marvel fan loves very much.

Marvel.com: We love this great series of pages that leads up to the big full-page confrontation splash. How do you get that sense of movement, like in a film?

Stefano Raffaele: Cinematic storytelling is always my first goal when doing comics. The drawings are important, of course, and they must be powerful, but the right shots are always my main concern when approaching a new page.

Marvel.com: What do you prefer drawing the most: People? Backgrounds? Mechanical?

Stefano Raffaele: People come first, but I give great attention to backgrounds, too, because I think it’s very important to work “around” the characters. I have a lot of fun going into details with backgrounds!

Marvel.com: And what’s your theory on the balance between lights and darks on a page? You seem to have a great mastery of it—is that a challenge for you?

Stefano Raffaele: I am a big fan of old black-and-white movies, from Hitchcock to Truffaut, so I try to put that into my drawings, always mixing modern and classic.

Kate Bishop, A.K.A. Hawkeye, finds herself smack-dab in the middle of a battle royal between the world’s most skilled sharpshooters — including an inexplicably young Clint Barton, A.K.A. the OTHER Hawkeye with GENERATIONS: HAWKEYE & HAWKEYE from Kelly Thompson & Stefano Raffaele on August 30!

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What surprising face from Kate Bishop’s past has plans for her future?

Kate Bishop has gone up against some shady characters lately, but she has also seen some exciting successes, as she builds her detective agency and enters a new phase of her life. Things will soon get a little darker for Kate, though, when a face from her past shows up in HAWKEYE #8, coming July 5.

Just who is this mystery character?

Kate has seen her fair share of action as a super hero, so she has no shortage of rivals who could potentially crop up and cause trouble. On the other hand, maybe an old friend will make an appearance, and the two will find themselves fighting baddies together.

Writer Kelly Thompson weighs in on our top five guesses—without spoilers, of course!

Clint Barton

He went through a lot recently with CIVIL WAR II and the trial that followed after he killed Bruce Banner. And now we see him fighting HYDRA in SECRET EMPIRE. We’d call this a pretty interesting time for him to reunite with Kate.

Kelly Thompson: Clint and Kate are both definitely in interesting places in their lives, going through a lot and growing a lot. Does that mean they grow toward one another or away from one another? That may indeed be something we’re about to find out. They are definitely going to be connecting in the HAWKEYE GENERATIONS issue—so maybe that’s going to set them up for connecting in HAWKEYE too? All the winks…all the nudges!

Steve Rogers

Getting his blessing as Hawkeye held a lot of significance for Kate. But things have changed a lot for Steve, to put it mildly, and he and Kate would relate to each other very differently now.

Kelly Thompson: It’s pretty hard for anyone to ignore the power of Steve Rogers. And it’s probably doubly true for Kate. The Captain America stamp of approval is a big deal, especially to a young hero. But Kate is nothing if not her own person, and that’s part of what earned Cap’s respect in the first place. She’d have no problem standing up to him today, the same as in the past. Sure, she’d throw up her tacos a bit later from the stress of it all, but Kate makes the tough calls in situations, it’s simply who she is.

Cassie Lang

Cassie and Kate kept the Young Avengers together when Steve and Tony Stark told them to disband. And the two have quite a history of fighting together. We’d really enjoy watching them in action side by side.

Kelly Thompson: It’s been a long time since Kate and Cassie spent any real time together, so it’d be great to get them back together, but I think the surprise guests showing up in Kate’s life soon are a bit on the more contentious side than I’d hope Cassie would be. Still, it’d be a heck of a curveball and we are telling a detective story…so it could happen.

Madame Masque

In Matt Fraction and David Aja’s beloved HAWKEYE run, Kate went up against Madame Masque, and we’d love to see a rematch.

Kelly Thompson: I think Madame Masque was so well developed by Fraction, Aja, and Annie Wu that she’s definitely what I would call Kate’s nemesis, or certainly the top contender. Does that mean she’s destined to come back into play soon…or does that mean we should focus on other potential villains for Kate’s “rogue’s gallery”? Nobody knows! Okay, well, I do, but I’m not telling.

America Chavez

We’ve seen Kate show up in America’s book—maybe America will make an appearance in Kate’s? We really can’t get enough of Amerikate!

Kelly Thompson: I was really glad that I got to consult on Kate’s guest starring role over in America’s book as I had been planning for America to guest star in HAWKEYE well before America got her own book! So we re-jiggered things a bit to ensure we didn’t step on any toes while AMERICA was launching. Suffice to say I’m still itching to get America over into HAWKEYE and it’s basically well overdue at this point…so maybe it’s happening now? Obviously I can’t confirm or deny any of these guesses at the risk of spoiling things, but I will tell you this: at least one of these guesses is right on the money!

Find out who’s paying Kate a visit on July 5 in HAWKEYE #8 by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero!

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Everybody has a therapist in LA—so why not Kate Bishop?

The client, Kate Bishop, is returning to therapy after a period of time away. Sessions are being conducted via a secure Skype setting as the client is currently located in Los Angeles. What paperwork that has been needed to be signed has been faxed to an associate of this office and signed in person and held there until this writer picks it up in person the next time he is on the West Coast.

The client continues to present as being in above average physical fitness and reports no significant changes in physical health or recent injuries. Given her choice of activities—Hawkeye, a costumed vigilante and private investigator—it seems unlikely she has sustained no injuries between when she last met with this writer and now, but whatever bodily trauma she has experienced does not seem to have created lasting physical consequences.

The client has largely disengaged herself from her family’s money but continues to present as someone used to and educated in a high socioeconomic status world. Nonetheless, she seems to have adapted well to the reduction in her financial status and articulates no anger or bitterness regarding it.

Finally, in comparison to our last series of sessions, Bishop has seemingly integrated emotion more easily in her life. While she still indicates she does tend to favor thinking over feeling the gulf between the two has shrank and that bears out in her affect. As with all changes, this seems to have carried both positive and negative consequences, but overall she seems happy about the change.

The client’s return to therapy was prompted by an interaction with a peer/mentor she identified as Jessica Jones. Jones herself recommended calling this writer as well. In the interaction, Bishop finally admitted to Jones—and possibly herself—her real change in location and current motivation stems primarily from her father’s disappearance. In giving words to this reality, the client has experienced significant ambivalent feelings she is struggling to properly process.

After “losing” many people in her life—via death, time travel, maturation, or team disbanding—Bishop clearly places a high priority on staying connected with those she cares about. So on this level, her father’s disappearance has been a tremendous struggle for her.

On the other hand, the client also has a highly developed sense of morality and her father ran aground of that morality. In violating it, he threw their whole relationship into doubt for her. Since that time, neither has addressed or attempted to address the issues. Therefore, it remained a psychologically open wound for Bishop.

His apparent mysterious vanishing has thus left her angry, disappointed, worried, scared, and confused. Even if the client has done a better job with emotions as of late, the set of feelings is proving very hard for her to sort.

Given her previous therapeutic experience, we are starting with radical acceptance. She has experienced the technique with this writer before and it is my feeling that the sooner she can come to terms with the realities of “My dad is not the man I thought he was and wished him to be,” and “My father is gone and no one knows where or why” the sooner we can begin to address the feelings below them.

Kate Bishop will visit with the above referenced associates, Doctors Kelly Thompson and Michael Walsh on May 3 and then return on June 7 to see Doctor Thompson again, this time with Doctor Leonardo Romero. All scales and intake paperwork will be completed then. Details of these sessions will be found in HAWKEYE #6 and HAWKEYE #7 respectively.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Staff Therapist who is sure he’d fit right in in ol’ Los Angeles. What with his pallor and c-level character actor looks.

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Kelly Thompson gets Kate Bishop some guidance from Jessica Jones!

It’s Women’s History Month everyone! And it just so happens that Marvel Comics has a leading lady team-up that Hall and Oates would be proud to sing about coming your way April 5 in HAWKEYE #5 by series writer Kelly Thompson and guest artist Michael Walsh. That’s right, Jessica Jones rolls into town with Kate Bishop ready to soak up all the veteran detective tricks she can like an enthusiastic sponge.

“I think Kate would be the first one to admit that she’s sort of still figuring out how to be a PI and so Jessica Jones has already been a sort of mentor and a great force in her life, so to get to use her in the private detective capacity as well, she’s super into it,” says Thompson.

The writer let slip that throughout this two issue team-up Kate pulls advice from her experiences working with Jessica; sort of like Jessica’s PI tips, brought to you by Kate Bishop. For instance, Jessica might see a suspect in Kate’s aviators and Kate’s take away from that: aviators rule! A thought cops everywhere agree with, Kate, because aviators do indeed rule.

“I think that certainly these aren’t bits of advice Jessica is trying to impart, it’s just bits of experiences that Kate is choosing to pick up from her specific sensibility,” Thompson notes. “And sometimes they’re more relevant to actually learning something than others, but I think within the context of the story it’s fun and everyone will enjoy it and you learn a little bit about Kate and a little bit about Jessica at the same time.”

Hawkeye #5 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Now given that Jessica pretty much owns the role of stoic, street smart sass master who doesn’t take lip from anyone, we could imagine that there might be a bit of tension with Kate about as stoic as a five-year-old whose parents just brought home a puppy. Even so, Thompson believes Jess can’t help but be reminded of when she began her detective days, and may even pick up some tips herself.

“I think everyone learns a little bit from Kate just because she’s such a boundless fount of optimism, to an almost ridiculous degree,” the writer shares. “I don’t think that’s Jessica’s sensibility but it sort of rubs off on her. It’s definitely a mentorship but as they grow together, I think it changes a little bit through our story so it goes more from mentor-mentee to just colleagues which is huge for Kate and it’s thanks to Jessica’s strong guiding hand that helps her get there.”

Catch all the action and maybe even a few detective tricks on April 5 in HAWKEYE #5!

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