Get ready to defend!

The Guardians flew back down, Spidey swung through again, and now the Defenders of Hell’s Kitchen return to Avengers Academy to battle a new threat in their neighborhood. Kingpin’s been imprisoned for nearly a year, and in that time Madame Gao stepped in to fill the power vacuum left in the criminal underworld of Hell’s Kitchen. The Defenders and the rest of the Academy students – with the help of a few new friends – need to dispatch Madame Gao and take back the neighborhood once more.

We grabbed a few minutes with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to see what The Hand has in store for us at the “Marvel Avengers Academy”. The Defenders are making their way back to Avengers Academy! What’s bringing the team to campus once more?

Allen Warner: With the Kingpin imprisoned, Madame Gao has seized control of the Hand, and conquered Hell’s Kitchen.  The Defenders held her off as long as they could, but she countered by kidnapping some of their closest friends and allies, forcing them to regroup and call in reinforcements.  With a firm hold on Hell’s Kitchen, and the combined resources of both the Hand and Kingpin’s entire operation, Madame Gao sets her sights on retrieving a powerful artifact that Director Fury has locked away in one of his secret vaults, launching a full-scale assault on Avengers Academy. Will players be returning to Hell’s Kitchen with the new event district?

Allen Warner: Yes, we’ll be revisiting Hell’s Kitchen and all of its iconic locales like Alias Investigations, Josie’s, and the law offices of Nelson and Murdock.  We’ll also be bringing back the Academy Courthouse from our Daredevil event, and giving some new recruits fun courtroom animations. How will the Avengers battle Madame Gao and her Hand minions?

Allen Warner: The Defenders and Avengers will team up to battle Madame Gao and her special henchmen on campus, as well as traveling away from the school to stop the Hand ninjas from attempting to take over the world. As with the Guardians and Spidey events before this, will players once again be able to recruit Defenders heroes from the previous event?

Allen Warner: Yes, this is a similar structure where players will be given another opportunity to get characters from the original Daredevil event, as well as some other characters who weren’t part of that event, but make sense to be involved with the Defenders.  Players will have a chance to get Iron Fist, Daredevil, Hellcat, Elektra, Misty Knight, Punisher, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.  They may also have an opportunity to get some characters who you wouldn’t associate with the Defenders TV show, but who have been part of various Defenders teams in the comics.  We’ll also be resurfacing all of the outfits from the Daredevil event, including what might be my personal favorite Avengers Academy outfit of all time, Lawyer Loki.  We learned in the original Daredevil event that Loki has a gift for lawyering, and a fondness for lawyers and the profession, and that will continue in this event with some fun results. While those who missed out will be excited to try for all those returning favorites, what new faces join the mix?

Allen Warner: A cool and diverse group of characters who are often thought of as supporting players, but who will take center stage and show their heroic sides during this event: Foggy Nelson, Colleen Wing, Stick, and Claire Temple.  They each bring a really unique and fresh perspective to not only the events at hand, but the Avengers heroes and Avengers Academy traditions.  Our awesome art team did some really great and brand-new things with their various visual levels, and their animations are really fun, and play to their unique occupations, personalities, and talents.  I’m really excited about this group from a narrative perspective because there is so much unexplored territory.  These characters typically only interact with the characters in their respective spheres, so there’s a ton of opportunity to do things that no one has ever seen before.  Foggy will form relationships and go on adventures with Loki and Captain America.  Claire Temple will go on an intergalactic rescue mission with Cosmo the Spacedog.  Stick will butt heads with J. Jonah Jameson.  Madame Gao will match wits with Mephisto, and so on.  One of my favorite things about the world we’ve built in this game is having the opportunity to reimagine and expand upon existing characters and Marvel lore, and this event and this group of recruits provided an awesome opportunity to do a lot of things that have never been done before. What new ways will our heroes suit up to dispatch the Hand threat?

Allen Warner: In addition to the resurfaced outfits from the previous Daredevil event, there will be new outfits and stories for Hulk, Punisher, Elektra, Iron Fist, and Misty Knight.  We love coming up with new looks for our characters that are unique to the world of Avengers Academy, but we decided to take a different approach this time around and only include outfits that have appeared in the comics.  Some are very recent looks that fans may not even be aware of, while others are iconic looks that have been around for decades.  They all look incredible, are completely different from the characters’ usual outfits, and add a new angle to their personalities and powers that make for some really fun animations and stories. As excited as we are to dive back into Hell’s Kitchen and dispatch Madame Gao, there’s always one eye on the horizon. Can you tease anything coming down the line for the Academy and its heroes?

Allen Warner: One of our frequently teased schools will finally have to come out of hiding, and they’ll be bringing more recruitable characters with them than ever before.

For all the latest on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Kate Leth previews what's in store for our favorite feline hero when a Black Cat crosses her path!

She’s conniving, she’s ruthless, and she’s on the prowl—we’re talking about none other than Black Cat! With her sneaky, mischievous, manipulative kitty ways, Felicia Hardy aims to get under Hellcat’s fur—and go after anyone who might get in her way!

“Don’t Stop Me-ow,” the latest arc of PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! begins with issue #11 on October 19, courtesy of writer Kate Leth and artist Brittney L. Williams. It’s Hellcat vs. Black Cat in a knock-down, drag-out, no-hold-barred cat fight collision course— featuring everyone’s favorite teenage vampire, Jubilee! But, how does she fit into all of this—and, more importantly, who’s side is she on?

We caught up with the series’ writer, Kate Leth, to find out what Felicia’s problem is, whether or not our beloved Patsy stands a chance against Black Cat’s claws, and how Jubilee got herself mixed up in the mess. What can you tell us about the beef between Black Cat and Hellcat and how it has led up to this moment?

Kate Leth: Well, in our story, the beef starts off quite innocently and escalates. Basically, while a large number of the big name super heroes are involved with Civil War II and other intergalactic disputes, Black Cat is looking to take out the street-level capes that might get in her way—the way of stealing. She recruits a girl gang and things quickly get out of hand. Without giving anything away, how does Jubilee mix into all of this?

Kate Leth: Jubilee, our newest partner-in-anti-crime, starts off on the sidelines and plays in big later on. Actually, Ian—who is Patsy’s roommate and BFF—has a large role to play in this arc. What does Hellcat have over Black Cat that will help her come out on top?

Kate Leth: I don’t want to give too much away, but Hellcat—as always—has friends, which is a lot different than hired help. From the very beginning, our version of Patsy was built on friendship. She does so well because of her support network, even with how powerful she is on her own. Vice versa what does Black Cat have over Hellcat that will help her win the fight?

Kate Leth: Black Cat is cunning, ruthless and very, very clever. She’s always been good at getting people to do what she wants, and that hasn’t changed—which is bad news when she gets close to people in Hellcat’s life. She isn’t afraid to pull punches. It’s going to be quite a face-off!

The fur starts to fly on October 19 in PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! #11 by Kate Leth and Brittney L. Williams!

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Writer Kate Leth cuts into the camaraderie between Patsy Walker and Jen Walters!

Filled with capes and colorful characters, the Marvel Universe never ceases to fill its readers with jaw-dropping, death defying action and adventure. And this summer’s Civil War II proves no exception to the rule in delivering the high-stakes drama.

But some might argue that the relatable, human-centered relationships help drive the love readers have for these super heroes above all else. One of the All New, All Different titles that exemplifies this emphasis on the friendships these heroes have with one another: Kate Leth and Brittney Williams’ vibrant and light-hearted PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT.

We spent a little time talking about the unique friendship between Hellcat and She-Hulk as well as the implications from the fallout of recent events in Civil War II. So, Kate. What’s your take on the old adage “Opposites attract?” Is there any truth to it?

Kate Leth: Of course! Most of my favorite fictional couples are distinctly different. Light and dark, good and evil, boring and wild…whatever! They’re more fun to experience and definitely more fun to write. You have all these levels, and you know they’re not going to react to situations the same way. Now, last time we talked, you and Brittney Williams were gearing up for the debut of PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT. With issue #7 out earlier this month, how has it been getting to know Patsy and her cast of friends?

Kate Leth: It’s honestly been a blast. Brittney and I have since become best friends and spend a huge portion of our time together, writing and building this world. I’m so attached to Patsy and her crew, and to the adventures we’ve taken them on. The book feels so special. Speaking of her friends, it seems hard to disassociate her from Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. the Sensational She-Hulk! One is a successful lawyer who is also a world-renowned, super-powered hero. The other does what she can to pay the bills, and has no powers beyond her own skill. Where She-Hulk seems more “put together” and composed, Hellcat comes off as a more “seize the moment” sort of character.

What is it that brings these two characters together given the fact they’re somewhat opposite at first glance?

Kate Leth: [Laughs] Well, Patsy does have some supernatural abilities, but they’re limited. And, you’re right. They’re very different. Jen has played the role of the “straight man” [Laughs] in their friendship, the anchor to Patsy’s off-the-wall energy and enthusiasm. They’re two sides of a coin, but they work so well together. Patsy reminds Jen to loosen up, and Jen keeps Patsy from getting into trouble. I think it’s neat that [SHE-HULK by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido]—the style, the story, everything—was so suited to Jen’s personality, whereas our book is Patsy’s, all fun and bright colors. It’s almost like how each of them would see the world, especially in a visual sense. That’s a great way of putting it! Now, I’m curious: What informs the way you see their relationship? Are there other past comics that helped or is there something else?

Kate Leth: Oh, like I said, the previous run on SHE-HULK is, in my opinion, one of the best comics ever made. Her friendship with Patsy made me want to write HELLCAT. When I started digging back into old Defenders comics, I loved [Patsy’s] friendship with Valkyrie. It’s very similar! Valkyrie would be stoic and steadfast, where Hellcat would be in and out of romances, spouting off catch phrases and livening up the page. Of course, there’s obviously precedent for “odd couples” in pop culture. What are some of your favorites?

Kate Leth: Off the top of my head? Spike and Drusilla, Mulder and Scully, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. For friendships, I think Abbi and Ilana from “Broad City” take the cake. Of all Patsy’s friendships, which would you say is the one she holds dearest? Where do you see her and her friends 10, 20, 30 years from now?

Kate Leth: We started this book with the absolute idea that Patsy and Jen are best friends, and that that relationship was integral to the book. Aside from her, Patsy’s roommate Ian and old friend Tom will likely be around for as long as she’s having adventures with us. I love them too much! Our approach to the book has always been that Patsy is a social creature and needs people around her. It gives us the opportunity to see how she plays off different heroes, something we’ll be exploring more in our second and third arcs. Guest stars aplenty! With the events of Civil War II and Jen being significantly injured, what is this going to mean for Patsy going forward? Do you see this affecting their friendship in any way? 

Kate Leth: I’m crushed by it, honestly, and I know Patsy would be, too. We made the decision to have Patsy stay out of Civil War II—her life is in such chaos to begin with—but then Civil War II showed up at our doorstep. Because of what’s happened, She-Hulk can’t be a part of our book for a while, and although our book is still a light-hearted adventure comic, there’s no getting around the consequences of that. Our tie-in [in issue #8] basically tackles what it means to be on the sidelines, to witness the aftermath of a war between heroes. Jen was the glue keeping Patsy’s life together, and without her, she’s going to have to step up to the plate. With She-Hulk and Hellcat being as close as they are, where do you think the events of CIVIL WAR II #1 will push Patsy? Is she going to see things from Tony’s perspective, or does she agree with Jen’s charge to Captain Marvel to be proactive in their fight to stop future attack from happening?

Kate Leth: With what’s happened to Jen, Patsy’s not taking either of their sides. Whether it comes across on the page or not—we are, after all, an all-ages book and won’t get too dark—Patsy would believe that any fight that results in injury to her best friend—as well as other serious events that occur—is not a fight she wants any part of. I’m honestly interested to see the response to issue #8; it’s going to be a doozy.

PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT weighs in on Civil War II with issue #8, coming July 20!

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The erstwhile Hellcat welcomes a special guest artist!

Everyone needs a nice break from the norm. For Patsy Walker, that means a trip to Coney Island in PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT #6 with some of her pals including She-Hulk and Hercules. For Adventure Time writer/artist and Bee and PuppyCat creator Natasha Allegri it means jumping into the Marvel pool as a guest artist in the same issue!

Allegri teams with the series’ regular writer Kate Leth to send Hellcat and company on a nice day trip. We talked with the artist about continuing to work in comics, changing her style up a bit for the issue, and the joys of She-Hulk! I’m sure you’re busy with a variety of projects. What appealed to you about hopping on board as a guest artist for this issue of HELLCAT?

Natasha Allegri: Getting able to work for Kate Leth on a project. [Laughs] I’ve been a pretty big fan of her auto-bio comics for a while now and I knew about HELLCAT because of them. When cool projects like this appear, I fight really hard to make time for them. When it comes to drawing Patsy Walker in and out of costume, what are the key physical characteristics that must come through?

Natasha Allegri: I think the thing that was most important to me in regards to drawing Patsy was to draw someone who felt high-energy, someone who doesn’t bother to try to hold back the physical side effects that their emotions cause. Like, when Patsy is happy, I want to draw her with her fists drawn to her sides and her mouth in a “:D!” shape, because, at least the way I interpret it, Kate writes her as someone who isn’t bothered with trying to look cool to other people. So, when she’s happy or sad or angry, you can tell, I think. This issue not only takes place at a super-fun locale in Coney Island, but also features a group of Patsy’s pals. Was that an exciting combination of elements to dive into?

Natasha Allegri: I was really really excited—really really excited—to draw She-Hulk. [Laughs] I love She-Hulk. She-Hulk is very cute. How was it working with writer Kate on bringing those elements to life on the page?

Natasha Allegri: A dream come true. Kate’s scripts are super funny, and not just the story she writes. Her scripts read almost like you’re a friend she’s sent an email to. There’s a lot of direction too, which is rad. From the sample pages I saw, it looks like you carried over your very distinct style into this issue. Were there any stylistic tweaks you made along the way?

Natasha Allegri: I went more anime—I think—than usual. Because I wanted to draw She-Hulk as an anime character.

Check out what happens when Kate Leth joins forces with Natasha Allegri to bring you PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT #6 on June 1!

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Hellcat welcomes a houseguest as Kate Leth and Brittney L. Williams brings Jessica Jones into Patsy's life!

Patsy Walker lives a complex life. The kind of life one might perhaps prefer not end up under a microscope. Unfortunately, in PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT #7, the rambunctious redhead finds herself in exactly that situation when writer Kate Leth and artist Brittney L. Williams invites everyone’s favorite foul mouthed super powered private eye to the book’s pages. Jessica Jones has come to pay our protagonist a visit.

“In our world, Patsy and Jess are meeting for the first time, officially,” explains Leth. “Jess has been hired to dig up dirt on Patsy by her old and current rival, Hedy Wolfe.”

Unfortunately, Jones proves far too competent at her job to make this some mere smear campaign.

“In the process, Jess finds out more about Patsy than she expected, including her alter ego,” Leth reveals. “As a superpowered investigator herself, you can imagine this complicates things for Jessica Jones!”

Jones will be dropping in to a landscape already rife with conflict, one that has already drawn a certain jade hued attorney.

“She-Hulk [will be there], of course, but we always have different characters popping up here and there,” confirms the writer. “For this storyline, we’re really focused on Hedy vs Jess vs Patsy—and Jen!—and all that that entails.”

Leth has able assistance bringing these conflicts to life thanks to the art team of Williams and colorist Megan Wilson.

“Brittney’s amazing,” Leth enthuses. “I trust her completely and she always kills it on the art. This storyline has a lot of sass and snark, like the classic Patsy and Hedy comics of the 50’s-60’s, and I know she’s going to have a blast with the interactions.

“Hedy’s been sneering on the sidelines, messing with Patsy’s life since issue #1, and it all comes to a head here. I guarantee it’ll be both fun and adorable, knowing Brittney and Megan.”

Fun and adorable, perhaps, but also life-altering; and all ignited by the walking catalyst, Jessica Jones.

Leth promises: “Things are about to change in Patsy’s world in more ways than one.”

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The writers of Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and the mighty mallard's own book talk Howard the Duck

There’s a lot to say about Howard the Duck, but most of it we couldn’t print.

Instead, let’s talk about those other denizens of the Marvel Universe who put up with…err…host Howard’s guest-shots! The foul-mouthed fowl waddles first into PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT #4 on March 16, and then kicks off a crossover in UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #6 on March 30, which concludes in HOWARD THE DUCK #6 in April.

We braved a few fowl words ourselves by trying to get the lowdown on these momentous events from writers Kate Leth, Ryan North, and Chip Zdarsky. It wasn’t easy, so pity us… Kate, you’re up first: who is Howard the Duck to you?

Kate Leth: Howard the Duck is my best friend. Err, okay…Ryan, what about you? What makes Howard quack?

Ryan North: I have made a study of this, and I have concluded that the core of this character is he is a guy named Howard who is a duck. Chip would probably go into more detail about how Howard is trapped in this world he never wanted, how he is continually asked by the universe to give more and more of himself in a way that would make any of us frustrated, how even his simplest desires seem to be maliciously thwarted by a huge cast of characters both cosmic and mundane who have taken a particular and unwanted interest in his life, but at the core of all of this you are left with a simple truth: he is a guy named Howard who is a duck, and it says that right on the cover, so there’s really no mystery here. And Chip?

Chip Zdarsky: I feel like Ryan probably nailed it, so whatever he said goes double for me. Well, moving right along…Kate, what’s Howard’s opinion of Patsy as the story begins in HELLCAT #4? How did he form it?

Kate Leth: Howard’s opinion of Patsy? Hmm. He doesn’t know her very well. He knows she’s feisty and loud, which isn’t always Howard’s thing, but he knows she’s special to Jen [Walters aka She-Hulk] and would definitely have her back in a jam. Tara’s opinion of Patsy is much more fun, but you’ll have to read HELLCAT #4 to find out about that. Howard’s on the trail of a new super villain recruiter? Why?

Kate Leth: Howard’s helping Patsy out, but mostly guiding her in the right direction, confirming her suspicions. I can’t say much more than that.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015) #6

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015) #6

What is Marvel Unlimited? Who’s a better dancer, Patsy or Howard?

Kate Leth: Biggs. Umm…well, what do you love about Brittney L. Williams’ artistic interpretation of Howard?

Kate Leth: I love literally everything Brittney’s ever done and she is perfect. Okay, Ryan—you and Chip pick up the feathers and run with them into the big Squirrel Girl/Howard the Duck crossover. What’s the one thing that’s really going to make him go “Waughhh!” in UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL#6?

Ryan North: Squirrel Girl makes some puns that make him very unhappy, which is a nice way of saying that I’ve made some puns that made Chip very unhappy—but at a deeper, more unexpressed level of Chip’s psyche, I know that he is still extremely glad that we’re friends. What does Howard think of Squirrel Girl at the outset? And her of him?

Ryan North: They are brought into conflict right away, in the merry Marvel fashion! It is over a cat, of course. It’s pretty obvious that Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck would eventually get into a fistfight over a cat. Chip and I kinda just filled in the blanks. What can you say about their common enemy?

Ryan North: She is wonderful and fierce and beautiful and bonkers and really good at sewing. And rich. Basically a Chip Zdarsky author stand-in if I ever saw one. What’s awesome about Erica Henderson and Joe Quinones when they draw Howard in this story?

Ryan North: They make him so believable! Howard’s this fantastic talking duck in a suit and you see him in this comic and you’re like “Yeah, that makes sense. What I’m looking at makes sense.” His design is realistic but also cartoony, and I love what Erica and Joe have been doing with him! It’s been a privilege to get to work with Joe on this, and it’s always a privilege to work with Erica, and Chip was there too.

Chip Zdarsky: They make him so believable!  Howard’s this fantastic talking duck in a suit and you see him in this comic and you’re like “yeah, that makes sense.  What I’m looking at makes sense”.  His design is realistic but also cartoony, and I love what Erica and Joe have been doing with him!   It’s been a privilege to get to work with Joe on this, and it’s always a privilege to work with Erica, and I think Ryan is one of the best writers working today and I consider him a dear, dear friend. Chip, what can Howard teach or offer Squirrel Girl about being a hero? 

Chip Zdarsky: Literally nothing. Nothing, well, does Howard see anything of himself in her? Can they be buds?

Chip Zdarsky: No. C’mon! What can you say about HOWARD THE DUCK #6’s special guest-stars? How cool are they?

Chip Zdarsky: I can 95% confirm that Squirrel Girl will be in it. She is not very cool compared to Howard, who is very cool. Waughhh!

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Join Patsy in an all-new adventure with art by Brittney Williams!

Marvel is pleased to present your look inside PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! #1, the highly anticipated new series from Kate Leth and Brittney Williams!

She’s managed to escape her past, her enemies and even the depths of Hell (literally), but nothing will prepare Patsy Walker for the hard knock life of job hunting in New York City! Being Hellcat is hard enough – why does being Patsy Walker have to be so hard too? Not to mention everyone’s going crazy for the reissue of the old romance comics that her mom wrote about Patsy’s actual teenage years. Getting recognized left and right is starting to cause trouble in both her personal and super hero life. But hey, nothing keeps Patsy down. She loves life, no matter what curveballs it throws at her.

Get ready Marvel Universe, Patsy Walker’s here. And she’s ready to be your new favorite super hero. Don’t miss the debut issue of her new ongoing series when PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! #1 goes on sale this December!


Written by KATE LETH
Variant Covers by SOPHIE CAMPBELL (OCT150802), GEORGE PEREZ (OCT150803) and MARGUERITE SAUVAGE (OCT150805)
Hip-Hop Variant by JAVIER PULIDO (OCT150806)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (OCT150804)
On-Sale – 12/23/15

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Track the transformations of Patsy Walker!

Every day this month a new supernatural character or story from the Marvel Universe gets the spooky spotlight leading up to Halloween!

Patsy Walker sports an impressive history as a comic character. She first debuted in Timely’s MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE #2 way back in 1944 and has been making a name for herself in various ways ever since.

Initially Patsy became a teen comedy sensation for young readers, but made her first appearance in the Marvel Universe as a guest at Sue Storm and Reed Richards’ wedding in 1965’s FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #3. After that, Walker played a part in Hank McCoy’s transformation from the Beast of the original X-Men team to the furry creature we’re familiar with today, so even though her own series ended in the mid-1960’s, she still popped up from time to time.

With 1975’s AVENGERS #141, Patsy started hanging out with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, finally becoming a costumed adventurer in her own right with the next year’s AVENGERS #144. While on an adventure with Iron Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, and Beast in the heart of a massive Brand Corp. facility, Walker and company stumbled upon Greer Nelson’s old Cat suit—remember, she turned into Tigra in GIANT-SIZE CREATURES #1—and used it over the next few issues to help the Avengers battle the Squadron Supreme.

Hellcat Master

Hellcat Master

By AVENGERS #150, Walker had proven herself enough to garner consideration as a full member of the team, but instead Moondragon took her to Titan to train her to use her psychic abilities which eventually broadened to include the power to sense mystical energies at play in objects and individuals.

While she didn’t necessarily show off much in the way of supernatural or mystical abilities in these first appearances, Hellcat sure proved that she belongs in the super hero world.

FRIGHT FACT: After training with Moondragon, Hellcat returned to Earth where she joined the Defenders. Eventually she met and married Daimon Hellstrom, but the union led to him driving her insane. Eventually Patsy made her way out of hell and will star in her own solo book PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT! by Kate Leth and Brittney Williams coming soon.

Come back tomorrow for another Halloween Spooklight on MARVEL ZOMBIES HALLOWEEN!

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Kate Leth and Brittney Williams combine super heroics, romance, and more with one of Marvel's original stars!

Don’t call it a comeback!

Patsy Walker still draws in the fans, and her next series debut aims to deliver yet again this time with creators Kate Leth and Brittney Williams at the helm of PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT!.

Both creators took some time to talk with us about why this popular character remains one of Marvel’s oldest mainstays and how Hellcat has what it takes to continue kicking butt! Thanks for taking some time to talk about your upcoming collaboration on PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT!. Before jumping into your involvement on the new series, what was your past experience with Patsy Walker?

Kate Leth: I’d seen Patsy in various comics over the years but I got to love her in her appearances in the recent SHE-HULK series! She’s such a fun, snarky, energetic character. I’m also a sucker for classic romance stories, so her early adventures are a delight for me. I’m very excited to play with both aspects of her character.

Brittney Williams: Truthfully, I only knew Patsy Walker from sifting through back issues at the comic shop as a kid. I was recently reintroduced to her through Charles Soule and Javier Pulido’s SHE-HULK series, which I love by the way! So how exactly did you get involved with this project and the All-New, All-Different Marvel initiative?

Kate Leth: I was contacted by Wil Moss, who I knew was editing UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL and HOWARD THE DUCK, two of my favorite comics, and was asked to pitch!

Brittney Williams: I was also contacted by Wil Moss—go Wil!. After working on an UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL cover which is soon to be released, I was picked up for PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT! Originally, Patsy was the star of her own romance comics, PATSY WALKER, which is something of a far cry from the current iteration of the character contemporary readers know. Are either of you fans of the old romance comics of yesteryear? Had you read them before or during your research for this series?

Kate Leth: I love romance comics. I grew up with Archie and got into other classic series as I got older, and I’ve been diving into PATSY WALKER since starting work on this project. My mom was a fan, of her and MILLIE THE MODEL, so it’s really neat to talk about those comics with her. I’ve got to say that it’s very exciting to be working with a character who was invented by a fellow Canadian woman [Ruth Atkinson].

Brittney Williams: Does 80’s shoujo manga count? Lots and lots of Japanese romance comics. Growing up I was more of an action/adventure type kid, but I did read a lot of Archie. Are there any plans to mesh the romance and super hero genres in this series?

Kate Leth: Absolutely, yes.

Brittney Williams: Smooching and punching are my two favorite things to draw. What are the elements to a compelling romance comic? What might make them appealing to readers who might not otherwise give them a chance?

Kate Leth: I love romance stories; I’ve been working on “School Spirit” over at Rosy Press which is sort of a modern take on a classic romance comic—so I’m clearly a fan! [Laughs] Romance needs to have thrilling moments to get swept up in, trials and heartbreak and angst, angst, angst! I think that meshes with super hero comics very well—look at the X-Men!

Brittney Williams: In my opinion a compelling romance story needs relatable characters chock full of flaws, in a story setting that is doing everything to keep them apart. Characters with totally opposite personalities are always the best. Being able to see bits of myself through characters is what keeps me interested, so hopefully the same will appeal to those who might not be so interested. Looking at the solicit for this series, it seems like it will take a somewhat similar approach to the one Charles Soule used with SHE-HULK where we get down into the day-to-day events in Jennifers life, which sometimes included Patsy. Would you say youre looking to explore Hellcats life in a similar fashion with PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT!? In what ways will it differ?

Kate Leth: We’ll be seeing a bunch of sides of Patsy, for sure. Her friends, her work, her job, even her romantic trials and errors, as well as her crime-fighting adventures! My favorite comics show the real-life struggles of heroes as well as the fantastical.

Brittney Williams: The main way it differs is that Patsy is taking the lead now!  Along similar lines, what can you tell us about her supporting cast? Will there be familiar faces? New ones?

Kate Leth: I can’t say much yet, but we’ll definitely see some familiar faces. You can be pretty sure She-Hulk will make an appearance, and there are some classic Patsy Walker characters to play with, too.

Brittney Williams: Stay tuned, it wouldn’t be any fun if we gave everything away now!  How is this series different from your past work and in what ways do you find it has pushed you as either a writer or artist?

Kate Leth: It’s very different from what I’ve done. This is my first super hero series! It’s going to be a challenge, but an awesome one, and I couldn’t have a better team to work with. Really!

Brittney Williams: Same here! Brittney, youll be taking on the art duties for this series. What was the biggest draw for you in coming on board?

Brittney Williams: Besides the fact that I’ll get to draw equal amounts of action/adventure, supernatural stuff and romance, after I read the pitch and saw what Kate had worked up, I knew I had to be a part of it!  What were some of the challenges in finding the right style for PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT!? What sort of visual elements do you think make this book stand out from the many others it will be competing against?

Brittney Williams: Although my first love is comics, I also come from a background of animation. In 2012, I interned at Walt Disney Animation studios as a story artist, and one of the first things I learned is that every good show should have a style and feel of its own. Honing in on that is the hardest part. Inspiration comes from the script and I do my best to take it from there! These elements will hopefully help it stand on its own.  Kate, Im similarly curious what youre bringing to this series as its writer that will deliver a fresh new reading experience for fans?

Kate Leth: It’s a series with romance, humor, psychic powers, crushes, high-kicks, bad apartments, retail jobs, monsters, parties, friendship, magic costumes and midnight snacks. What this comic is, above all things, is fun. Brittney’s amazing art lends it this incredible animated feel, which fits perfectly with the tone we’re going for. I would love Patsy to join the ranks of super hero comics that have something for everybody and are new-reader-friendly, with an adventure every issue. Other than that, you’ll have to check out [issue] #1 and find out!

Check in with PATSY WALKER, AKA HELLCAT! later this year, and stay tuned to and our social channels for the latest All-New, All-Different Marvel news!

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