Jane Foster finally travels to Asgard in another Kirby classic!

1917 to 2017: 100 years of Kirby.

Join us to celebrate Jack “King” Kirby’s 100th birthday by learning about the characters and stories he created that changed comics forever. To commemorate Jack’s centennial, we’ve sat down with the modern-day creators he influenced—and the decades of work he gifted us all.

Meeting your betrothed’s dad can be a nerve-wracking and tricky situation. Now imagine you’re getting hitched to a guy who happens to be a Norse god with none other than the All-Father, Odin, for a dad! That’s the strange life Jane Foster found herself living as THOR #136 launched in 1967 thanks to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. At that point, Odin had finally approved of Thor’s relationship with Foster and she knew all about Don Blake’s secret identity, so the time seemed right to visit his homeland.

Upon their arrival on the Rainbow Bridge, the lovers saw the Calvary of Asgard running off to battle trolls and then one of the captured enemies brought back for interrogation. Jane met Heimdall and Odin, saw the Asgardian war room, and then received garb worthy of a god and the ability of flight from the All-Father! Foster then took off into the skies and enjoyed her new powers for just a few moments before doubting that they might remain consistent. As she plummeted, Thor flew to save her, but wondered why she lost faith in Odin so quickly.

All of this turned out to be the road to Thor and Jane marrying which would include her evolution into a goddess herself! As another test of Jane Foster, the All-Father requested the presence of The Unknown and sent Jane in after the mysterious being. Paralyzed by fear, Foster called for Thor’s help, which he quickly provided his beloved, seemingly sending the creature away. Convinced that Jane had not proved herself prepared for godhood, Odin reminded them that The Unknown fed on fear, an emotion that no immortal on Asgard could hold in their breast. Speaking for herself, Jane said that she wanted no part in godhood and left for Midgard alone!

Thor (1966) #136

Thor (1966) #136

  • Published: January 10, 1967
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: September 17, 2008
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Angered with his father, Thor lashed out, claiming that all of this had been Odin’s plan from the beginning to get Jane out of his son’s life! The accused denied these claims, put Thor in his place, and then ordered him to the Glade of Crystals to keep an eye out for the still-loose Unknown. Once there he found a Troll summoning the creature!

The Odinson soothed his inner turmoil to some extent by trying to destroy The Unknown. Heart-sick and off his game, our hero nearly fell to his foe, but regained himself thanks to the help of an unseen ally. After vanquishing the beast, Thor got a good look at the one offering assistance and recognized Sif, sister of Heimdall. As it happened, she had romantic feelings towards him dating years back and he seemed quite taken aback by her, all of which proved part of Odin’s master plan to help move his son along.

But what of Jane Foster? Of course, as we now know, Jane Foster would eventually return to Asgard, not as a potential goddess, but as Thor herself!

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Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman reveal their plans for Jane Foster.

Jane Foster has wielded Mjolnir for three years now, and we’re reaching the moment that all those stories have led to. Just as Marvel Legacy gets underway, Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman kick off “The Death of the Mighty Thor” arc in THE MIGHTY THOR #700. What threats will Jane and the various Thors face in this new tale? We went straight to the source to find out.

Marvel.com: Thor is one of the oldest heroes in Marvel history, dating back 55 years. In the spirit of Marvel Legacy, what do you think that kind of history means for Thor and for the Marvel Universe?

Jason Aaron: Yeah, I mean to me, I just think about the legacy of the creators who worked on the book, or worked on the character over the course of all those years. You know, going back to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, up to Walt Simonson and, you know, [Tom] DeFalco and [Ron] Frenz, and [J. Michael] Straczynski, and, you know, Matt [Fraction] and Kieron [Gillen]. You know, creators who have all kind of added pieces to the mythology along the way. It’s a big thrill for me to be a part of doing issue #700 for THE MIGHTY THOR, and to be able to throw my own stuff into that mix, and to continue to build the idea of Thor and what a Thor story means. In a way that, to me, goes back to that original appearance of the character while also taking things forward and doing Thor stories we’ve never seen before.

Marvel.com: What has it been like to work with this character for as long as each of you have? How has your connection to the characters and Thor’s unique storytelling environment grown over the years?

Jason Aaron: You know, I think that has always kind of been an important part of what I’ve been trying to do with the character, that’s kind of what attracted me to the book in the first place: That you can do stories with Thor that you can’t really do with any other Marvel character. You know, that was kind of what made the character different from Spider-Man and the [Fantastic Four] and everybody else in the first place. Stan and Jack wanted to come up with a character who was a god, who was a part of this crazy pantheon of gods. So I’ve always leaned into that, and done stories that are very much about the God of Thunder, stories that stretch across eons.

We’ve gone into the distant past, into the far, far future, and yeah, I’ve made it a point to do a lot to try and explore and flesh out the very unique setting for Thor stories. There are these various realms, there used to be nine, now we’ve got ten of them. So there are very different, fantastic realms that we’ve continued to explore little by little over the course of my whole run.

Part of that is the War of the Realms. As the war continues to spread from one realm to the next, we get an idea of what each one of those realms is like and who lives there and are they friend or are they foe? That will continue on and we’ll continue to see each and every realm get affected by this war. I think that’s always been a big part of it – being able to do stories that are cosmic fantasy and that make use of this immense, unique timeline that the character has and the very unique setting.

Russell Dauterman: When I first got the job, I wasn’t sure how long it would last, or if people would embrace the new Thor.  But I’ve been really surprised at the response, and really moved by all the people who’ve sent messages about how much Jane means to them.  That’s energized me and strengthened my connection to the book.

I love these characters, even more than I already did at the start.  This book has been an excellent fit for me, and to work with Jason, Matt, and everybody is wonderful.  I feel really lucky that we’re having such a (relatively) long run with this series.

Marvel.com: This issue kicks off the “The Death of The Mighty Thor” story arc. With Jane Foster staving off cancer throughout your run, it’s seemed inevitable that her story would reach this place. And it’s right there in the title: Should fans expect Jane’s story to come to an end soon?

Jason Aaron: I don’t know that I want to answer that question directly. [laughs]

From the get go, from the beginning of the “Jane as Thor” story, and even from before that, we’ve seen that Jane’s been battling cancer. That’s been a big part of why she became Thor in the first place and everything she’s had to deal with since then. I’ve enjoyed exploring that dynamic of these two different battles she’s fighting – she’s fighting this grand cosmic battle as Thor and also fighting this very personal, human battle. That’s something that has been very important and that has affected a lot of people, a lot of readers. And I’ve always said, “That’s not something that we’re just going to magic away.” You’re not going to pick up the next issue and Jane rubbed a magic lamp and her cancer is gone. That’s not the way it works. That story has always been moving forward and heading in a very specific direction. We’ll see how that develops, beginning in this “Death of Mighty Thor” arc.

At the same time, the Thor part of that story is that the Mangog has been unleashed. The Mangog is one of those crazy Kirby characters that I’ve literally been talking about using since I first started writing Thor. I’ve been building toward the coming of the Mangog for years now. It’s this being that was born when Odin wiped out a whole alien race. So, it has the power of a billion, billion beings, all of them enraged and hungry for revenge. We saw how the Mangog was released in the pages of Thor as part of the Challenge of the Gods that’s going on between Thor and the Shi’ar gods. So, Mangog is coming, that’s kind of all we know right now. It doesn’t matter if you know who it is or not – we’ll explain everything and try to shed a little more light on why the Mangog exists, what its purpose is, and all that sort of stuff. So, that’s the other big part of the Death of Mighty Thor arc: Mangog is finally on the scene and destruction follows.

So, those are the two big challenges that Jane is looking at, but, you know, issue 700 in particular is very much about the celebration of all things Thor. We’re going to see various versions of the character show up, pretty much every version of the character I’ve used over the course of my run, which is quite a few at this point. As well as touching base with everything else that’s going on in the various realms. It’s really a huge, oversized, wide-ranging story and just sort of a primer for everything that’s going on in the ten realms right now.

Marvel.com: You mentioned the challenges that Jane is facing: The cancer on one end and the Mangog on the other. You’ve been telling the story of Jane as Thor for about three years now. What have been your biggest personal challenges in putting together this storyline for Jane?

Jason Aaron: Certainly dealing with her cancer treatment and wanting to do right by that. And also to not overplay it and feel like we’re hitting that button too much, just not to make it too maudlin or tugging on the heartstrings too much. It’s still a story about a God of Thunder who flies through space with a hammer in her hand. But, again, I’ve liked that balance between the cosmic stuff and keeping it grounded in a very real, human and emotional story. So, I think that’s always the challenge with Thor stories. You can spend too much time flying through space or all fighting elves or dragons, and lose the human part of that. So, I’m always trying to find the humanity in Thor, no matter which version of Thor we’re talking about.

Marvel.com: Russell, you and Matt Wilson created a stunning wraparound cover for this issue, and there’s a lot going on there. I count at least 9 hammer-wielding heroes! Can you tell us how you came up with this cover concept and what it means for the new arc?

Russell Dauterman: Thanks – glad you like it! I was so thrilled that we got to do this. The cover’s definitely one of my favorite things we’ve done for the series. I’m always blown away by Matt’s colors, but I’m especially crazy about these.

This is our big anniversary issue, and I wanted something big to celebrate it. We did the wraparound-foldout cover for THE MIGHTY THOR #1, and I wanted to do something similar here. But, where the #1 cover had all sorts of Asgardian characters, this cover focuses more closely on the various Thors that Jason’s had in his run. I wanted Jane to be the most prominent, leading them into battle. The threat of Mangog has been looming over the book for a little while now, and that’s only going to intensify, so he’s literally looming over our heroes here.  And we had to get the Frog of Thunder in there!

Marvel.com: Outside of starting this new story arc, what makes THE MIGHTY THOR #700 special in your mind?

Jason Aaron: It’s not just the beginning of the Death of Mighty Thor arc, this is very much a celebration of 50+ years of Thor stories, and all the different variations of Thor we’ve seen over the years, including most recently in my run. So yeah, they’re all on that cover, they’re all in the book, all drawn by different artists – it’s a total murderer’s row of artists we’ve got. This is probably the greatest collection of artists on anything I’ve ever worked on. You know, led by Russell and Matt Wilson – Eisner Award-winning Matt Wilson now. Walt Simonson coming back to Thor, which is a huge thrill. It’s a huge, impression collection of artists – I don’t think we’ve even announced all of them yet. And again, it celebrates everything that has come before and also takes a big stride in forging ahead where everything goes from here.

Russell Dauterman: The issue, itself, is a celebration of all things Thor, as Jason said. It’s oversized, where Matt and I are joined by that murderer’s row of guest artists – Walter Simonson!! – who are all spotlighting different characters and parts of the Thor world.

The story I’m drawing deals with a favorite character of mine, and has a bit in there with major teases for what’s coming up.  I’m super excited for readers to see.

Marvel.com: What are the two of you most looking forward to about the tale you get to tell readers in “The Death of The Mighty Thor?”

Jason Aaron: I would say that this Legacy arc of Thor is one that I’ve been wanting to write for a long, long time. That’s what I’ve always said, when we started the Jane Foster as Thor story, it was never about “let’s just make that change and figure out where it goes.” I was always telling a very specific story. So, I always knew where that was headed and what was coming. I’ve certainly enjoyed the ride along the way, but I was always very excited to get to this part of the story. So, I’ve been looking forward to writing this for a long time.

I think we can say we get to see Jane Foster’s Thor in action against the Hulk. We get a very different Thor/Hulk confrontation than we’ve seen in the past. We get to see Odinson standing alone against some of the worst villains from across the ten realms. We get to see what War Thor is up to, you can expect him to be very angry and calling forth the Bloodstorm. We get to see Loki spend some quality time with his biological father. We get Young Thor, in the Viking age, we get King Thor in the far, far future – I’m picking up threads from that.

Last time we were in that future of King Thor, we saw how he had to use the Necrosword, the weapon of Gor the God Butcher, in order to defeat Galactus. A piece of that seemed to bond with Galactus, either being absorbing by him, or absorbing Galactus. We teased that we had a very, very different sort of Galactus in the far future, so we pick up with that thread. Again, you know, all the different versions of Thor that have been done over the years – we’ve always been telling very specific stories with them. So this moves all of those stories forward. And you also get Frog Thor, as if that wasn’t enough Thors.

Russell Dauterman: This is definitely the biggest story we’ve done with our run on Jane’s series. The arc builds on everything we’ve been doing for the past few years, with a lot of threads coming together. There are a few moments in particular that we’ve talked about that I’m really looking forward to drawing. Sorry for being so vague! I don’t want to spoil anything.  But really, I’m most excited for fans to read this arc. I hope it’s really satisfying.

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Marvel's Editor-in-Chief speaks on the true identity of the Goddess of Thunder!


After months of mystery, THOR #8, available now, revealed the woman behind the masked helmet.

Writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman unveiled longtime Marvel mainstay Jane Foster as the Goddess of Thunder on the issue’s final page. First introduced in 1962’s JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #84 as a member of Thor’s supporting cast, Foster started out as a love interest for the Odinson, but has emerged as a key part of the Marvel Universe in her own right, becoming a doctor responsible for treating the Avengers and others.

Last year, in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #12, Foster shared with Thor that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, Jane’s story continues as the new female wielder of Mjolnir, her true nature still unknown to the Odinson and the rest of the Marvel Universe.

We spoke briefly with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about what went into making Jane Foster the new Thor, plus the ramifications and what’s next for the Goddess of Thunder.

Marvel.com: How early on did you know that Jason Aaron’s Thor opus was leading to Jane Foster taking up the hammer?

Axel Alonso: At the very outset. It was part of Jason’s story, so it was part of his pitch.

Marvel.com: What elements does Jane being the one behind the mask add to the already unique role of the new Thor?

Axel Alonso: Well, for one thing, Jane’s history with Thor goes back to the very beginning. They have a deep and complex relationship. I’m certain that was one of the reasons Jason wanted to tell this story.

Marvel.com: In terms of the real-world message Marvel is sending, how powerful is it to have a woman with breast cancer as one of our most prominent heroes?

Axel Alonso: I certainly think it gets people talking. One of the important aspects of this story is that Jane’s super heroics as Thor take a toll on her as Jane. Jane pays a physical price for her heroism. She gets out of bed and tries to live life to its fullest, tries to make a difference. I think there’s a metaphor there, not too far under the surface.

Marvel.com: What’s next for Jane Foster as Thor? What will her part be in Secret Wars and moving in to the future?

Axel Alonso: Can’t give away too much, except to say that Thor plays a big role in Secret Wars and beyond.

Read the reveal of Jane Foster as the Goddess of Thunder in THOR #8, available now!

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The dangerously alluring Asgardian first set her sights on Thor way back in 1964!

Thanks to co-creator Jack Kirby’s gorgeous pencils, the cunning Enchantress has lived up to her name from day one! The Asgardian femme fatale named Amora has many tricks up her green sleeve, namely her sorcerous powers and breathtaking good looks. But to get distracted by Enchantress’ stunning beauty would be to fall into another one of her traps, for few characters in the Marvel Universe have proven as skillful in mastery over the art of deception as this villain. Even the god of mischief himself, Loki, acknowledges her commendable manipulation skills – which makes sense considering he’s fallen for her charms a few times over the past five decades!

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #103

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #103

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Enchantress made her debut 50 years ago this month in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #103. Angry that his son had fallen in love with someone from the wrong side of the Bifrost, Odin allowed Loki to meddle in Thor’s love life. Knowing that Thor’s carousing past could get the better of him, Loki hired Enchantress to travel to Midgard and use her feminine wiles to break up Don Blake (Thor’s alter-ego) and Jane Foster. With Amora’s luxuriously fur-covered digs as the backdrop to this backstabbing plot, this issue could also be called “The Real Housewives of Asgard.”

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Enchantress traveled to Earth and took on the appearance of a blonde bombshell, thus allowing Jack Kirby draw more than just muscle-bound do-gooders. Enchantress then breezed into Dr. Blake’s office and began seducing him.

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

The classic “my hand itches” pick-up line – works every time!

After Thor/Blake somehow avoided Amora’s flirtatious skin allergy plan, the Enchantress traveled back to Asgard to hire more muscle. Yes, Odin hired Loki, who then hired Enchantress, who then hired Executioner. Seriously, there’s more hiring going on in this one issue than in all of America right now (topical zing!).

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

But the newly hired Executioner proved to be no match for Thor and Mjolnir’s might. As punishment, Enchantress turned Executioner’s hands and feet into wood and stone. Fingers crossed that this version of Executioner finds its way into the Marvel Super Hero Mashers toy line.

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

With Thor undefeated and Executioner down for the count, Enchantress found herself on the losing end of a super hero throwdown for the first time. Like any good villain, though, she kept at it! She enlisted in the Masters of Evil and gave the Avengers a run for their money, and she’s currently aiding Lady Deathstrike in her evil exploits in X-MEN!

For more of Enchantress, check out X-MEN!

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The Mighty Avenger has returned with an all-new cinematic adventure, and now you can bring the action home yourself!

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A Brother’s Journey: Thor & Loki
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Scoring Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” with Brian Tyler
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