Plus, get an exclusive first look at the cover of issue #2!

Prepare for EXTERMINATION on August 15.

The highly secretive series, brought to life—or death—by writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz, tells a story set 20 years in the future as all of mutant existence is on the brink. The original X-Men squad—Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl—find themselves targeted for death. And the future of mutantkind lies squarely in the hands of its past.

Get the first look at Mark Brooks‘ cover for EXTERMINATION #2 right here:

And now jump into our chat with Ed Brisson, as we caught up with the writer to get a few more details about the upcoming series. EXTERMINATION sets off with the original team of mutants gathered by Charles Xavier all those years ago. Why them?

Ed Brisson: This series is about the Original Five—Jean, Bobby, Warren, Hank and Scott. Years ago, they were brought from the past to our present so that they could see how badly things went wrong with their older selves and, theoretically, fix it. They were only meant to be here briefly, but have stuck around for far, far too long and their presence is finally going to have some very serious consequences—not just for themselves and the X-Men, but for all of mutantkind. How do the early UNCANNY X-MEN stories influence this book?

Ed Brisson: Our mandate going into this was, “Your back issues matter.” Every single UNCANNY X-MEN story involving the Original Five X-Men matters. If the X-Men are here, then they’re not where they’re supposed to be, fighting those they’re supposed to fight. What happens when that past starts to unravel? What’s the butterfly effect on our present? In this new era, what about this team’s dynamic remains the same as those early stories? And what is most different about the squad today?

Ed Brisson: In a lot of ways, they’re still the wide-eyed kids they’ve always been, but having spent several years in our present, they’ve changed their perspective on a lot of things. Jean and Scotty aren’t the classic couple they’ve always been, Hank’s been experimenting with magic, Warren’s got himself some serious upgrades, and Bobby’s been able to open up about himself in ways that would not have been easy for him to do back in their time.

There’s a lot of reasons for each of them to want to remain in the present and that creates a real danger for everyone. This book has quite the ominous title…what can you tease about this extinction-level threat?

Ed Brisson: Not too much. We’re going to be throwing readers a lot of curveballs. All I’ll say is that this is a chance for us to clear the board a bit and that anything can happen to anyone at any time.

Prepare for the new series with the special post-credit scenes arriving across Marvel Comics! Then read EXTERMINATION #1, by Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz, on August 15 and EXTERMINATION #2 on August 29!

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The creative duo responsible for Jean Grey’s new team speaks out!

The newest X-Men series explodes on the scene in fiery red, signaling danger, destruction, and a desperate drive to save everyone on the planet, human and mutant alike. X-MEN: RED, brought to you by writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar, also provides a new home, mission, and team for one of the most beloved Marvel heroes of all, the newly-resurrected Jean Grey. Tom, overall, how exciting is it to be guiding the character of Jean Grey in this book? What does she mean to you as a writer and a fan?

Tom Taylor: She’s one of the original five. She’s right there on the cover to the very first X-Men book. She’s been at the center of some of the biggest stories ever seen in comics, with some of the greatest writers and artists behind her. So, to be asked to steer her new path is huge. I think Jean has been sorely missed. It’s often said Jean Grey is the heart of the X-Men. As a fan, I’m glad that heart is returning. Well-said. We hear Jean feels the anger and anxiety of the world in X-MEN: RED—what form does that take and how does the initial sense of it impact her?

Tom Taylor: Jean’s been gone a long time. When I set out to write this, I thought about what that would actually mean, showing up in this time and place. The world has changed so much. The advances in technology, the impacts of social media, the political, racial, and social division. Jean is stepping into it for the first time, as an incredibly powerful telepath, and someone who’s uniquely empathetic. What does this world feel like to someone like her? It feels afraid and angry. And Jean, being Jean, with the added burden of what she’s been part of as the Phoenix, she wants to do what all true heroes want to do. She wants to help. She wants to make the world a better place. Nightcrawler, Gambit, Namor, “Wolverine” Laura Kinney—the new team members are incredible. What are Jean’s parameters in gathering them, or is this a case where they seek her out?

Tom Taylor: I don’t want to spoil it, but part of this team comes together in the middle of something big as will be seen in issue #1. But they don’t all come together at once. There will be more members later down the line, as Jean needs them, or as they need her. Namor in particular seems to be a fascinating choice. How’s it feel to be handling literally Marvel’s oldest character?

Tom Taylor: Namor is a character who I’ve always been pretty fascinated with. I actually found drawings I did of him when I was very little, from 1980s repeats of the old 1960s Sub-Mariner cartoon. Why he shows up will be clear in X-MEN: RED #1 and his presence will be clearer as our story progresses. Some people will be aware of “The Deep” animated series, which I’m the co-creator of. Spending so much time writing in this environment has meant I’ve wanted to bring some of the deep sea to the X-Men too. You’ll see in the first pages that the ocean has a part to play. Who or what will be the team’s greatest hurdle? Anything you can say about the villain we hear is going to turn the heat up on Jean?

Tom Taylor: Nope. We’re definitely not revealing the villain now, but I will say that Jean is attempting to upset the Status Quo. And the Status Quo…well, it gets upset. Very upset. Prepare for some shocks. Okay, let’s try this—who is this Trinary character?

Tom Taylor: I’m not sure how much I can say, but I will say she’s a young mutant from India, and a powerful technopath. It feels like the right time to introduce a new technopath to the X-Men, and a technopath working in tandem with an Omega-level telepath creates some very big possibilities for X-MEN: RED. How will Wakandan mutant Gentle figure into the story? What kind of impact will he have on the over-arching mission?

Tom Taylor: Everything happens fairly organically in this series, and his introduction won’t be immediate. But he will have a very big part to play. Nezhno Abidemi has always felt a little underused for such an interesting character. He’s a placid soul who could potentially be as strong as the Hulk. But the stronger he gets, the more pain he finds himself in, which is partially the reason he’s hiding out in Wakanda and rejecting violence. And how does it feel to be working with Mahmud Asrar on the series?

Tom Taylor: Mahmud is just fantastic. I was already a fan of his art, and I was very happy when editor Mark Paniccia first suggested him. The pages coming in are as good as I could hope for. The action is there, but it’s the emotion that’s really getting me. He lifts the book every time he lifts his pen. Great! So, let’s turn it over to Mahmud to get his take on X-MEN: RED. Mahmud, what was the single most exciting thing about the book for you when you were first approached about it?

Mahmud Asrar: Jean Grey! I have always loved the character since the Dark Phoenix Saga times, which is also one of my favorite storylines. Getting to draw a returning Jean leading a new team of X-Men that I’m designing—couldn’t pass that up! Glad you mentioned the new costume designs—why a new look here?

Mahmud Asrar:  There is a reason why the team is wearing new costumes, but I guess that should reveal itself in the story. The designs revolved around the initial look I came up with for Jean, which was inspired by her 1990s look mostly. To reflect the name of the team, I put red on her costume.

I like it when a team of super-characters have a unified look so when giving a new look to the others, I spun off from Jean’s look while retaining some of the elements of their own previous costumes or backgrounds. Laura is based quite a bit on Wolverine’s brown and orange look, while our new character Trinary, who’s from India, has a look that is inspired by the traditional sari. All the while I kept the “x” on the mid-section and gave a subtle “x” to all of the costumes. We bet the team’s new headquarters was fun to work on…

Mahmud Asrar: The new HQ’s design is mostly based on its environment and founders. It’s deep underwater and built with Atlantean technology and sensibilities. Plus, there is the brand new underwater Cerebro which Tom has dubbed the “Searebro” among ourselves. It’s going to be a unique base for our heroes that is probably one of the biggest ones ever, too, which has its reasons as well. You brought up Tom, so let’s go there: what’s he do as a writer that you as an artist love?

Mahmud Asrar: Tom is someone I truly admire for his skills as a writer and ability to weave stories. He is also a wonderfully nice person whose personality traits and world view I really appreciate. I feel that the writer that he is and the person that he is, is just a remarkable combination to tell an X-Men story. I’m very happy to be paired with him as I’ve been a lifelong X-Men fan. Finally we get to tell stories about some of our favorite characters in comics together.

The ball gets rolling this month in PHOENIX RESURRECTION: THE RETURN OF JEAN GREY, then look out for X-MEN: RED coming from Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar in 2018!

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A look back at the complex history between Jean and Emma Frost!

As two of the most powerful psychic forces in the Marvel Universe, it only stands to reason that sometimes Jean Grey and Emma Frost would come into conflict. However, the viciousness of their rivalry does surprise, especially as, usually, Jean proves to be the far more ruthless one.

Don’t believe us? Well, that hurts a bit. But here you go anyway: evidence.

The White Queen Debuts

As the X-Men tangle with the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw employs his ace in the hole: powerful psychic Emma Frost, better known as The White Queen. He, naturally, has brought Emma on to neutralize the X-Men’s signature wielder of psychic power, Jean Grey. However, this Jean…has changed.

Flush with the Phoenix Force and already starting to overindulge, Grey proves more than ready for Frost’s skills. The burgeoning Phoenix “beats” the Queen nearly to death and Emma has no choice but to fake her own suicide to stop Jean from finishing the job.

A Very Unethical Therapist

After Scott Summers’ seeming demise and brief time with Apocalypse, he returns to the X-Men feeling disconnected and adrift. Emma offers psychic counseling and Cyclops uncharacteristically agrees to treatment. Quickly, however, the sessions violate ethical boundaries and both parties give into their feelings to begin a psychic affair.

Jean discovers the tryst and bursts onto the mental plane to utterly ruin Emma, leaving Frost humiliated before Grey’s incredible anger and arguably superior skill.

Sending Love Back Through Time

In time, Grey’s temper cools and she realizes that, in fact, her marriage to Summers has ended in all but declaration. Moreover, she can see that Frost’s interest in her soon-to-be-ex does not stop at mere lust or a power trip attempt to best his rival; Emma truly loves Scott.

Unfortunately, Jean dies before Scott and Emma can embrace in real life, and Cyclops rejects Frost out of a sense of loyalty and propriety. This, as these things always seem to, leads to an apocalyptic future. Resurrected in that future, Grey—with full Phoenix power—realizes why this hideous horrible world exists. She reaches back in time, not just to stop this possible tomorrow, but also to give happiness to her true love and her former rival, and manages to literally change Scott’s mind, leading him to accept Emma’s love without guilt and begin their relationship.

Paying It Forward

While the adult Jean remained dead, Beast found a way to bring the original X-Men—including a younger non-blue furred version of himself, a non-corrupted Cyclops, and a still living Marvel Girl—to the present day. The Jean of the past, however, did not yet possess anywhere near the powers her deceased older self had. In stepped Emma Frost to help the younger version of her rival to realize her full potential in a hurry.

No Good Deed…

Alas, Emma may come to regret tutoring the young Grey. The essence of the elder Jean has returned and attached herself to her younger counterpart in JEAN GREY #7. While she pesters her youthful corporeal form for not doing things how she would and gets angry with Scarlet Witch only at issue’s end does adult Grey’s plan reveal itself: She springs forth to possess the former White Queen herself. What she does with/to Emma, however, remains untold until October 25 in JEAN GREY #8.

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Open up a scorching sketchbook as Jean Grey meets The Phoenix!

We don’t know exactly how and we don’t know exactly why, but the adult version of Jean Grey will return in GENERATIONS: PHOENIX & JEAN GREY on August 9. Part of the anthology series celebrating Marvel’s many legacy characters, this Cullen Bunn-written/R.B. Silva-illustrated one-shot promises to have plenty of fans talking as the original Marvel Girl meets up with the youthful Jean currently appearing in her own series and X-MEN: BLUE.

An original member of the X-Men, Jean Grey used her telepathic and telekinetic abilities to battle evil. Eventually the Phoenix Force found her and took over her body, causing all kinds of problems, including her own death!

The younger version of Jean who’s been kicking around the Marvel Universe for the past few years originally thought she came from the past, but eventually learned she and her pals traveled from an alternate dimension. Still, she worries about what the impending arrival of the Phoenix Force might mean for herself.

We talked with Silva about drawing these two together! Aside from costumes and age, what are the key physical and design differences between the two Jeans?

R.B. Silva: I believe young Jean is still developing physically, and as the story progresses, she will learn more about herself. On the other hand, classic Jean possesses this strong, invincible posture, consistent with her age.  When you first starting talking about drawing this book, was there ever any discussion about giving the original Jean a new costume? Or were you all always planning on going with the classic green and yellow look?

R.B. Silva: The classic suit was something we set for the story from the very beginning. On the other hand, you’ve got the younger Jean Grey working with a new costume. Did that take any getting used to as you got into the series?

R.B. Silva: Yes, especially those “Xs” on the chest and the gloves. Younger Jean Grey has been trying to figure out how not to become a victim of the Phoenix Force. What’s it like for her when she comes face to face with this older version of herself who’s dealt with it for years?

R.B. Silva: She feels admiration and fear. There’s a lot of respect on her partl it feels baffling to inquire of Jean/Phoenix how she deals with that sentiment all the time. How has it been working with Cullen and the editorial team on this story that promises to become a huge part in Jean Grey’s history?

R.B. Silva: Cullen is extremely talented. We have worked together before, in other projects, and that made things easier for us to develop this story. The editorial staff is perfectly synced, and I’m confident enough to say this project will be among the best ones in the whole year. I am very happy to be a part of this team.

GENERATIONS: PHOENIX & JEAN GREY from Cullen Bunn and R.B. Silva blazes a new path on August 9!

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The young mutant seeks some mighty mentoring from Odinson!

JEAN GREY #4, written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Victor Ibanez, continues the story of the young time traveling mutant on her quest to figure out a way to avoid becoming the terrifying Dark Phoenix like her older self on July 12. Who better to teach you to fight a god-like cosmic being than a god? That’s right, Jean tracks down the unworthy Thor—aka Odinson—and racks his brain for a way to avoid her looming date with destiny, but things don’t go quite as smoothly as she hoped.

“This issue, I would say, is my favorite X-Man and Unworthy Thor, stuck together in the middle of a Lord of the Rings battle,” shares Hopeless. We find Jean trudging her way up an all but deserted mountain in Norway to try and find some words of wisdom regarding her impending doom, but instead she finds an army of assassin orcs heading straight for Odinson, who sits at the local pub knocking back some adult beverages. Jean frantically warns a very unimpressed Thor of what’s creeping up the hill toward them in an attempt to flee before they arrive, but ends up caught up in a fight that will last for almost as long as the issue. But don’t be fooled, Hopeless ensures, “There is a lot more going on behind Thor’s drunken half witted eyes than it seems.”

Jean Grey #4 cover by David Yardin

The writer equates it to asking your grandfather for advice: “Grandpa seems like an old man who’s tired and likes to hear the sound of his voice, but really is a person who’s lived a lot of life and has a lot of interesting things to impart if you pay attention.” Too bad Jean is a little slow on the uptake and spends most of the story in a very frustrated state listening to some drunken old god ramble on about his seemingly useless war stories while they fight off an army.

Luckily Odinson’s methods—intentional or not—pay off. Out of her frustration Jean learns a new ability that definitely brings some fresh weapons to her arsenal and will surely come in handy when taking on a giant firebird. Now she just has to learn to control it! So while Thor might currently be unworthy, dejected, and just overall not in the best place, he still knows what’s up. “He isn’t surprised by things throughout the course of the issue,” suggests Hopeless. “So he probably knew she was coming before she got there, and what she wants and that’s why he’s telling the stories he’s telling. He believes in her, he knows she’ll figure it out and he’s giving her what she needs, but he’s not willing to hold her hand through it.”

Tune in July 12 to see just what Odinson is hiding behind that deceptively dim exterior and what new skill our young hero brings to the Phoenix fighting table in JEAN GREY #4 by Dennis Hopeless and Victor Ibanez!

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Dennis Hopeless profiles past hosts of the big bad cosmic firebird!

In the new JEAN GREY series kicking off May 3, the young title character finds herself faced with the reality of her future: a drawn out struggle with the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force causing destruction, heartache and her eventual death. Thinking she has avoided this path by traveling to the future, Jean learns that the Phoenix Force is coming for her, and understandably, she’s heading for the hills.

Resolved to not let a dire fate befall her yet again, writer Dennis Hopeless tells us that Jean seeks out former Phoenix hosts in an attempt to find some way to evade the inevitable.

“A lot of stories have been told about what it’s like to merge with the Phoenix and our take on it is what it’s like to avoid it,” explains Hopeless. “The Phoenix is more of a dragon to be slayed.”

Unfortunately, quite a few super humans fail in the dragon slaying department, including…

Rachel Grey:
The alternate timeline daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, Rachel spent quite a while as a brainwashed “Hound” for the authorities, forced to hunt down her fellow mutants before merging with the Phoenix Force. And while Hopeless still loves all things Jean, Rachel probably proved a more successful host: “Adult Jean was definitely the most powerful but she had her ups and downs—destroying a planet, killing her friends—Rachel I think [rode] that wave a little better.”

The Phoenix Five – Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus, and Magik:
The Phoenix Force possessed these five X-Men after it split apart in battle, and while the heroes tried to use this awesome power gallantly, they left quite a bit of damage in their wake. “They tried to do great things and they ended up losing their minds, causing massive world problems and killing Charles [Xavier],” says Hopeless adding that it seems the more good you try to achieve with the powers, the more likely your efforts will backfire.

Hope Summers: Destined to become the new Phoenix host, Hope also tried to avoid her destiny. The Avengers weren’t too keen to see her wielding this almighty power either, but in trying to prevent it they created the Phoenix Five and we all know how well that went. Summers finally accepted her role and became a temporary host, using the Force to bring back the fallen mutant race.

Quentin Quire: A destined future host of the Phoenix Force, Quentin has even interacted with his epic tomorrow self, making Hopeless pretty excited: “He has a very interesting take on handling it.” Chivalry isn’t dead, Quentin; share some of your wisdom with our red headed friend.

Korvus and Rook’shir: Members of the Shi’Ar alien race, both Rook’shir and his distant relative Korvus proved pseudo hosts, channeling the power through a sword named the Blade of the Phoenix long before the present day.

Amber Hunt, the Stepford Cuckoos, Fongji, Professor X, Diamanda Nero, and Madelyne Prior all played brief hosts to the Phoenix as well, while Nightcrawler, Storm, and Vulcan wielded the power in alternate “What If” stories. Seeing as many of these characters are either dead, bad guys, or only exist in weird potential alternate timelines, Jean would probably be better off looking elsewhere.

Will Jean be her own knight in shining armor and finally slay the fiery beast that has burned so many others? Find out May 3 in JEAN GREY #1, and then the cosmic action continues on May 24 in issue #2, both by Dennis Hopeless and artist Victor Ibanez!  

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The heart of the X-Men enters crisis!

Jean Grey presents as a woman in her late adolescence/early adulthood in better than average physical fitness. The writer, having previously seen some of her compatriots, was surprised to see her looking as young as she did. However, the client explained that she was most likely not the Jean Grey he had heard about over the years prior but rather an earlier version moved forward to the future. Although this therapist finds this all very perplexing, the client’s self-reporting on the matter does seem accurate.

Since arriving in the future, Grey has found herself bombarded by information from a life yet to come, including struggles controlling the Phoenix Force—and the consequences of the times she has been unable to do so—her relationship to Scott Summers—Cyclops—including their eventual marriage, and the general increasing volatility of mutant relations.

Understandably, this knowledge has proved very distressing to the client. While she has not done any of these things yet—and is unlikely to, given her time displacement—she still feels a certain connection to these, to us, past events. Making things more complicated is that many of the other individuals she has encountered since her arrival all seem to look at her and treat her as the adult Jean Grey they’ve known for years. When she does something that “their” Jean wouldn’t she can feel them judging her. Similarly, when she doesn’t do something that they would’ve expected the adult Jean to do, she is aware of their disappointment. She feels trapped by a past and reputation that are not hers and expressed to this writer several times that it feels as though she often cannot make the right choice. If she does what they want, she betrays her own instincts; if she does what she thinks she should, many people will be confused or disappointed.Jean_grey_all_new_x-men

This has been especially on her mind as of late because of the state of mutantkind. Everything, she has explained, feels very precarious to her and she knows that mutants, especially her teammates in the X-Men, need stability. She knows that, in the past, Jean Grey was often a source of that stability. She can feel within herself the potential to be the same but knows that whatever she does to help her teammates and fellow mutants it will be different than the other Jean would’ve done and worries if that, in and of itself, will create more fear and uncertainty than if she did nothing at all or, as she has tried previously, just went off and lived her life as someone else, concealing her mutant abilities and disconnecting herself from the mutant rights movement.

Despite the enormity of the situation and how confusing it must be, this writer estimates the client’s prognosis to be good. She is thoughtful and intelligent, has a natural charisma, and is clearly a very empathetic individual. Additionally, even if they might have high expectations for her, she has a wealth of people ready and willing to support her and the X-Men are known for having a significant level of resources within their reach.

To gain a better understanding of how time travel and long term displacement might affect a person’s mental health, this writer has referred the client for an appointment with Doctors Jeff Lemire and Eric Koda on Match 22. They will make their findings available to this writer in file EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #20 so that they can be addressed and incorporated into Jean Grey’s therapeutic sessions.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Staff Therapist who knows if Jean Grey read his mind, she’d find that he is a huge fan of party mix. And he is not ashamed.

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Dennis Hopeless helps the psychic powerhouse strike out for her first ongoing series!

X-Men fans have followed the adventures of Jean Grey over the years, and for many readers, she has become a favorite character. Soon, she’ll have her own series for the very first time. We’ll get to see a time-displaced Jean battling some of her classic demons—but will things play out differently this time?

We caught up with series writer Denis Hopeless about what we can expect from him and artist Victor Ibanez. ResurrXion will shake things up across the X-Men titles—have you enjoyed taking part in and helping to shape that?

Dennis Hopeless: Because I’ve done ALL-NEW X-MEN for over a year and I contributed to the initial planning of everything leading up to Inhumans Vs. X-Men, I’ve seen it on the horizon for a while now. I knew it was coming, and I could plan into it. Because I’m going from writing all the time-displaced X-Men except Jean Grey, to writing just Jean, I’ve had to make a transition, but I’ve had fun with it. It feels sort of like starting over fresh. Jean will be going up against the Phoenix, a classic conflict for her. Can you tell us your experience with writing a story that’s familiar in some ways but also new?

Dennis Hopeless: We wanted to do a couple different things with this, because Jean has never had a solo series before. We wanted to do something that’s new and unique, but that also gives readers that classic Jean Grey feel that they love.

Now, we have a teenaged Jean Grey who hasn’t had all the experiences that the adult Jean did.

I spent over a year on ALL-NEW X-MEN delving into the other time-displaced X-Men and exploring how they live in the shadows of their older selves. In Jean’s case, her older self has died. Still, when you say the name “Jean Grey” or “Phoenix,” people already have an idea of what that represents—but that isn’t her. I wanted to take teenaged Jean and put her up against this massive, monolithic thing that the other Jean had to deal with and see how she’d handle it differently. I wanted to write something brand new that still takes advantage of this classic, beloved character.

Jean Grey by David Yardin

Jean Grey by David Yardin As you mentioned, we’ll see a time-displaced Jean, trying to avoid the fate of her predecessor. How will things go differently this time around?

Dennis Hopeless: Very early in our series, we see her confronted with the idea of the Phoenix coming, and the reality that they need Jean Grey to stop it. But she’s not the Jean Grey they need, and the older Jean Grey has died. So she needs to level up. She needs to become a prepared Jean Grey by the time the Phoenix arrives. So she puts herself through a lot of things to try to get ready for something she can’t really prepare for. And I think a lot of people can relate to that—especially readers around her age. During those post-high school, early college years, you want to figure out the adult you’re going to become, but you largely base that on the experiences you had growing up and the expectations others have put on you. Jean seems like a complicated person with a lot of nuances that you’d want to get across. How did you approach developing and conveying her character?

Dennis Hopeless: In 2011, I worked on X-MEN SEASON ONE. We took the original five X-Men during the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby era and kind of updated them, adding a little more character. Jean posed a challenge because the writers hadn’t developed her as much in those early issues. We leaned into that with that book and made Jean the protagonist. So I put a lot of energy years ago into figuring this out. And in a lot of ways, [Brian Michael] Bendis and company brought that updated version of the character to the initial ALL-NEW X-MEN run—the more fleshed out, well-rounded, teenaged version of Jean. And she has had some crazy experiences lately, but she remains distinct from the adult Jean. In regular continuity, she becomes a really interesting character much later. So now we see her kind of in between those points, living in the shadow of all of the crazy events that never actually happened to her. That’s where the nuance comes in for me: taking that early Jean I figured out years ago and adding to that the weight of Dark Phoenix and Scott and Emma and all of these experiences that she didn’t have but everyone else remembers. Would you like to tease anything else?

Dennis Hopeless: Sort of similar to what I did in ALL-NEW X-MEN, the book will give us a road trip across the Marvel Universe, but very focused on Jean. She’ll have to fight and experience things in order to grow as a person for a very specific reason. So we’ll see a lot of guest stars, a lot of crazy Marvel Universe locales. And of course we’ll focus on Jean, whom we’ve traditionally seen in team books. Fans of hers will love this book!

Follow and our social channels for the latest on JEAN GREY and the rest of ResurrXion!

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The X-Men and New Mutants fall under attack in this 90's classic!

It’s time to face facts, true believers – the 90’s were awesome. The pouches were plentiful, the costumes were impractical, and Marvel Universe dentists made a fortune correcting damages caused by perpetually gritted teeth. Thanks to the power of nostalgia, though, what would once be considered extremely embarrassing can now be called extremely awesome!

With that in mind, we’ve pulled a Marvel comic from the not-so-modern era and broken it down, one most excellent fact at a time! This week we’re singling out UNCANNY X-MEN #270 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. Here’s “X-Tinction Agenda: First Strike” by the numbers!

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #270

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #270

  • Published: November 10, 1990
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Chris Claremont
  • Penciller: Jim Lee
  • Cover Artist: Jim Lee
What is Marvel Unlimited?

12 capsules wrapped around Cable’s bicep

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


12 heroes in the dramatis personae

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


11 belts on Storm’s X-Men uniform

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


11 Genoshan Magistrates

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


7 heads in the cover’s corner box

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


4 frisbees

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


3 bracelets on Jean Grey’s wrists

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


2 flying mutants carrying 2 gun-toting mutants with mechanical limbs

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


1 dramatic entrance

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270

Art from Uncanny X-Men #270


Check out the rest of “X-Tinction Agenda” on Marvel Unlimited and read the new X-TINCTION AGENDA starting June 3 as part of Secret Wars!

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Check out past examples of mutants switching sides as the Inversion of AXIS hits Amazing X-Men!

People switch sides all the time in the Marvel Universe. Generally this applies to just forming new alliances, but in more extreme cases it can mean a hero goes rogue or a villain goes legit.

The X-Men, featuring dozens of roster incarnations, have certainly seen their fair share of flip-flopping. Before we dive into the pages of AMAZING X-MEN #14 on December 10 and see more mutant gets Inverted by AXIS, let’s check out some past occurrences of alignment changes!

X-Men (2004) #185

X-Men (2004) #185

What is Marvel Unlimited?


Technically Gambit started out as a bad seed, sought redemption, rinse and repeat. Originally a member of the Thieves’ Guild, Remy LeBeau has never been a stranger to the underworld. However, despite his sordid past, no one could have expected the transformation he took.

Joining the ranks of Apocalypse’s Horsemen, Gambit went bananas on his former allies and forged a pact with one of the biggest baddies in the universe. He’d eventually see the light, returning to his mutant family, though his stint as Death stays as a constant scar on his storied track record of awesomeness.

Uncanny X-Force (2010) #10

Uncanny X-Force (2010) #10

  • Published: May 18, 2011
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: December 05, 2012
  • Rating: Parental Advisory
  • Writer: Rick Remender
  • Penciller: Billy Tan
  • Cover Artist: Esad Ribic
What is Marvel Unlimited?


We all know the story of how Apocalypse took Angel, transformed him into his avatar, and changed his destiny forever. While Archangel remained a staple of Charles Xavier’s heroic mutant groups, his tragic transformation never really ended.

Implanted with a Death Seed that grew in power, Archangel—in essence—became his villainous creator. His reign as dark lord number one didn’t last the ages Apocalypse expected, but it caused tremendous chaos throughout the various X-factions for years to come. Vanquished, granted a rebirth and new identity, Warren Worthington remains forever linked to an apocalyptic history.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #135

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #135

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Jean Grey

One of the most historically tragic tales to grace the pages of Marvel Comics, “The Dark Phoenix Saga” altered the existence of Jean Grey beyond reproach.

Profiled by the Phoenix Force for having unlimited potential, Jean succumbed to the power of this ancient entity and reached near madness and destruction. Operating as Dark Phoenix, she brought the universe almost to its knees before ultimately ridding herself of the cosmic curse. Her life would be entwined with this presence for years to come.

Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #6

Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #6

What is Marvel Unlimited?


Cyclops didn’t exactly turn villain in the true sense—at first.

Scott Summers took the position of radical activist that lined-up more with the principles of Magneto than the law of the land. During the Avengers Vs. X-Men war, Cyke led the charge for mutant existence, tangling with anyone who got in his way, including Captain America.

Summers, like his bride before him, became an avatar for the Phoenix Force, using this remarkable pool of power to battle all comers and reshape the world for mutant kind. The power being too much for even the X-Men’s leader and Dark Phoenix consumed him, leading him to horrific actions and an eventual prison sentence.

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