'Marvel's Jessica Jones' returns March 8, only on Netflix.

Want to know Jessica’s mindset heading into Season 2 of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”? Warning, she’s still angry.

In the new trailer above, Jessica rehashes the gritty and painful details of her life at an anger management session. She’s trying to put her life back together after putting an end to her tormenter, Kilgrave, in the best way she knows how — drinking and dealing with threats head on, literally.

If there’s something you need to know, it’s that “Jessica Jones, you are a hard drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman,” according to Luke Cage.

Get ready to discover Jessica’s troubled past when Season 2 of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” premieres with 13 one-hour episodes on March 8 at 12:01 am PT globally on Netflix.

Watch the first season of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” streaming now only on Netflix, and stay tuned to @JessicaJones and the official Jessica Jones Facebook page for the latest!

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Time to get some answers. March 8.

Is Jessica ready to face her past? Will facing it make her worse?

In the first official trailer of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 2, seen above, Jessica seeks to uncover the truth about the car accident that killed her whole family and the horrific experiments performed on her all while a killer is on the loose in Hell’s Kitchen.

Get ready to discover Jessica’s troubled past when Season 2 of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” premieres with 13 one-hour episodes on March 8 at 12:01 am PT globally on Netflix.

Watch the first season of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” streaming now only on Netflix, and stay tuned to @JessicaJones and the official Jessica Jones Facebook page for the latest!

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Run down a list of Jessica Jones’ greatest team-ups!

Despite her reputation for being a bit taciturn, Jessica Jones has repeatedly proven herself to be a powerful partner when facing down super villains, finding missing persons, or upending criminal conspiracies.

On January 17, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez’s DEFENDERS #9 sees Jones set out to prove her abilities as a teammate once again. This time, as the last Defender standing, she reaches out to a few friends to help ensure a new Kingpin of Crime doesn’t take control of New York City.

As a reminder of her readiness for the task, we put together a list of her most memorable relationships.

Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew hit it off from the start. When they first encountered each other, they’d both largely given up the costumed life and embraced work in private investigation—Jones in New York, Drew in San Francisco. Both used dark humor to cope with their difficult pasts and both developed distastes for the super communities they’d left behind. Despite their reluctance to rejoin the fray, they couldn’t stand to see a member of that community—Mattie Franklin, A.K.A. the newest Spider-Woman—taken advantage of by a deceptive Mutant Growth Hormone ring, so they combined their efforts to rescue her from its evil leader.

Whether teaming up with the Man Without Fear or the lawyer named Matt Murdock, Jones has worked with Daredevil several times over the years, the two developing a natural ease with one another despite having very different outlooks on the world. The duo has joined forces to take down Typhoid Mary, get Jones out of legal trouble, and maintain Hornhead’s secret identity when the FBI, Silke, and Kingpin sought to expose him to the world.

Captain Marvel
Back when they first met—teaming up to punch Doctor Octopus right in the goggles—Carol Danvers still called herself Ms. Marvel and Jones still went by Jewel. Over the years, they’ve supported each other professionally and personally. Danvers literally saved Jones’s life after the latter attacked the Avengers while under the sway of Purple Man. While certain recent events have made for a rocky road in this friendship, these two heroes have endured so much in the past, their reconciliation seems inevitable.

The Daily Bugle
A rocky team-up, to be certain, but still one worth noting. Jessica and J. Jonah Jameson, in particular, share an antagonistic—yet oddly respectful—connection after she saved his foster daughter, Mattie Franklin, and helped expose Norman Osborn as The Green Goblin. At the same time, however, she used Jameson’s funds to feed the homeless while pretending to investigate Spider-Man like she’d been hired to do in the first place.

When Hedy Wolfe hired Jones to dig up dirt on her nemesis Patsy Walker, Jessica refused to cooperate and instead let the would-be mark in on the plan. Together, Hellcat and Jones, with an assist from She-Hulk, derailed Wolfe’s plans to blackmail and extort the former Avenger.

The Young Avengers
Functioning in more of a loose mentor role than a true team-up, Jones offered the teen heroes advice, stood up for them against Captain America, and defended them when it appeared that Scarlet Witch, Magneto, and Dr. Doom might destroy the adolescent team.

Kate Bishop moved to Los Angeles to try her hand as a private investigator—and in the Marvel Universe, that means a collaboration with Jessica Jones must be nigh. And sure enough, Bishop arrived in her office one evening to find Jones  waiting for her. Over the next several days, the pair went on a wild ride together, getting mixed up with a dragon, newly transformed Inhumans, a missing woman, and a movie star.

Luke Cage
One half of the greatest team-up of Jessica’s life, Luke Cage first met Jones during the brief period of time when she called herself Knightress. After utilizing their complimentary skills and personalities to break up a crime ring headed by The Owl, their collaboration grew into a friendship. In time, Jones allowed herself to trust Luke and the two began a committed relationship. Since then, they’ve helped each other take down The Purple Man, survived multiple cataclysmic events, and, most importantly, started a family together with their daughter Danielle.

Witness the latest JJ team-ups in DEFENDERS #9, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez, on January 17!

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Try not to get in her way this spring.

Jessica Jones is getting back to unfinished business when “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” returns exclusively to Netflix for Season 2 on March 8!

Take a look at the teaser that debuted at Brazil Comic-Con today above. Get ready to discover Jessica’s troubled past when Season 2 of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” premieres with 13 one-hour episodes on March 8, 2018 at 12:01 am PT globally on Netflix.

Watch the first season of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” streaming now only on Netflix, and stay tuned to @JessicaJones and the official Jessica Jones Facebook page for the latest!

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Brace for Killgrave's Marvel Legacy impact with Brian Michael Bendis!

The life of Jessica Jones takes on a purple hue with Marvel Legacy.

Now a loving wife and mother, Jessica has carved out a relatively peaceful existence for herself…but on October 4, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos reanimate her greatest fear as The Purple Man returns in JESSICA JONES #13!

To get a grasp on the situation, we spoke to Brian about the revival of this living nightmare.

Marvel.com: The Purple Man played a major role in your series ALIAS—can you talk about the evolution of the character as you got to know him?

Brian Michael Bendis: Like everyone else, I read him in certain issues of DAREDEVIL, but I connected most to a MARVEL TEAM-UP ANNUAL by Frank Miller and Herb Trimpe. It’s a lesser work by those masters, but it stars Luke Cage and Iron Fist and Spider-Man and they’re fighting The Purple Man. My young mind read this and I got struck by the idea that he had the most terrifying power of anybody in the Marvel Universe—that he could take over someone’s life like that definitely felt horrifying. And seeing him do that to a hero—with no one even noticing the hero had disappeared—became the scariest story I could think of at the time.

Marvel.com: What are Killgrave’s motives for coming back into her life now? 

Brian Michael Bendis: That’s the thing. This guy doesn’t have the same moral code as the rest of us. He lives in a different reality because the concept of power and responsibility mean the opposite to him than they do for the heroes. So finding his motivation will take a couple of issues because it’s so dense and complicated. Jessica Jones finds herself in the perfect place to figure him out…but will she be in the perfect place to stop him?

Marvel.com: How has The Purple Man changed since we last saw him come up against Jessica?

Brian Michael Bendis: He’s had other stories happen to him. Other things have happened to him since ALIAS. And all of that will be reflected in the new story.

Marvel.com: What kind of threat does he pose to Jessica’s role as a wife and mother? 

Brian Michael Bendis: Complete. Everything. This will be a nuclear hurricane right in the face of the life that she has built for herself.

Marvel.com: How do you go about making Killgrave’s return traumatic and scary, not just for Jessica, but for the reader as well?

Brian Michael Bendis: Jessica actually describes this in the story. This will be scarier because the first time this happened to Jessica she didn’t know anything. She did not know The Purple Man or what he did to her. Now she knows. And when you add a child and a husband, it’s the scariest thing you could think of. It’s the scariest thing I could think of.

Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos present JESSICA JONES #13 on October 4!

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Get ready to defend!

The Guardians flew back down, Spidey swung through again, and now the Defenders of Hell’s Kitchen return to Avengers Academy to battle a new threat in their neighborhood. Kingpin’s been imprisoned for nearly a year, and in that time Madame Gao stepped in to fill the power vacuum left in the criminal underworld of Hell’s Kitchen. The Defenders and the rest of the Academy students – with the help of a few new friends – need to dispatch Madame Gao and take back the neighborhood once more.

We grabbed a few minutes with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to see what The Hand has in store for us at the “Marvel Avengers Academy”.

Marvel.com: The Defenders are making their way back to Avengers Academy! What’s bringing the team to campus once more?

Allen Warner: With the Kingpin imprisoned, Madame Gao has seized control of the Hand, and conquered Hell’s Kitchen.  The Defenders held her off as long as they could, but she countered by kidnapping some of their closest friends and allies, forcing them to regroup and call in reinforcements.  With a firm hold on Hell’s Kitchen, and the combined resources of both the Hand and Kingpin’s entire operation, Madame Gao sets her sights on retrieving a powerful artifact that Director Fury has locked away in one of his secret vaults, launching a full-scale assault on Avengers Academy.

Marvel.com: Will players be returning to Hell’s Kitchen with the new event district?

Allen Warner: Yes, we’ll be revisiting Hell’s Kitchen and all of its iconic locales like Alias Investigations, Josie’s, and the law offices of Nelson and Murdock.  We’ll also be bringing back the Academy Courthouse from our Daredevil event, and giving some new recruits fun courtroom animations.

Marvel.com: How will the Avengers battle Madame Gao and her Hand minions?

Allen Warner: The Defenders and Avengers will team up to battle Madame Gao and her special henchmen on campus, as well as traveling away from the school to stop the Hand ninjas from attempting to take over the world.

Marvel.com: As with the Guardians and Spidey events before this, will players once again be able to recruit Defenders heroes from the previous event?

Allen Warner: Yes, this is a similar structure where players will be given another opportunity to get characters from the original Daredevil event, as well as some other characters who weren’t part of that event, but make sense to be involved with the Defenders.  Players will have a chance to get Iron Fist, Daredevil, Hellcat, Elektra, Misty Knight, Punisher, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.  They may also have an opportunity to get some characters who you wouldn’t associate with the Defenders TV show, but who have been part of various Defenders teams in the comics.  We’ll also be resurfacing all of the outfits from the Daredevil event, including what might be my personal favorite Avengers Academy outfit of all time, Lawyer Loki.  We learned in the original Daredevil event that Loki has a gift for lawyering, and a fondness for lawyers and the profession, and that will continue in this event with some fun results.

Marvel.com: While those who missed out will be excited to try for all those returning favorites, what new faces join the mix?

Allen Warner: A cool and diverse group of characters who are often thought of as supporting players, but who will take center stage and show their heroic sides during this event: Foggy Nelson, Colleen Wing, Stick, and Claire Temple.  They each bring a really unique and fresh perspective to not only the events at hand, but the Avengers heroes and Avengers Academy traditions.  Our awesome art team did some really great and brand-new things with their various visual levels, and their animations are really fun, and play to their unique occupations, personalities, and talents.  I’m really excited about this group from a narrative perspective because there is so much unexplored territory.  These characters typically only interact with the characters in their respective spheres, so there’s a ton of opportunity to do things that no one has ever seen before.  Foggy will form relationships and go on adventures with Loki and Captain America.  Claire Temple will go on an intergalactic rescue mission with Cosmo the Spacedog.  Stick will butt heads with J. Jonah Jameson.  Madame Gao will match wits with Mephisto, and so on.  One of my favorite things about the world we’ve built in this game is having the opportunity to reimagine and expand upon existing characters and Marvel lore, and this event and this group of recruits provided an awesome opportunity to do a lot of things that have never been done before.

Marvel.com: What new ways will our heroes suit up to dispatch the Hand threat?

Allen Warner: In addition to the resurfaced outfits from the previous Daredevil event, there will be new outfits and stories for Hulk, Punisher, Elektra, Iron Fist, and Misty Knight.  We love coming up with new looks for our characters that are unique to the world of Avengers Academy, but we decided to take a different approach this time around and only include outfits that have appeared in the comics.  Some are very recent looks that fans may not even be aware of, while others are iconic looks that have been around for decades.  They all look incredible, are completely different from the characters’ usual outfits, and add a new angle to their personalities and powers that make for some really fun animations and stories.

Marvel.com: As excited as we are to dive back into Hell’s Kitchen and dispatch Madame Gao, there’s always one eye on the horizon. Can you tease anything coming down the line for the Academy and its heroes?

Allen Warner: One of our frequently teased schools will finally have to come out of hiding, and they’ll be bringing more recruitable characters with them than ever before.

For all the latest on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” stay tuned to Marvel.com and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Take a look at Tennant on the 'Marvel's Jessica Jones' set with Krysten Ritter!

As seen in the “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 2 set photo above, Kilgrave, played by David Tennant, will appear to torment Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, once more. In what capacity, you’ll just have to wait and see!

In need of a refresher of the super powered private investigator Jessica Jones and the mind-controlling villain Kilgrave, all 13-episodes of the first season of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” are now streaming on Netflix.

“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” is Executive Produced by Melissa Rosenberg (“Twilight,” “Dexter”) and Raelle Tucker (“The Returned,” “True Blood”), along with Jeph Loeb (“Marvel’s Punisher,” “Marvel’s The Defenders”), and Jim Chory (“Marvel’s Punisher,” “Marvel’s The Defenders”).

Keep your eyes right here on Marvel.com, follow @JessicaJones on Twitter and like “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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Brian Michael Bendis spills on the villain's return!

A dark purple cloud is heading for JESSICA JONES #13 with a new story arc as part of Marvel Legacy, and writer Brian Michael Bendis is batting down for the storm. “It’s a huge chapter in her growth, it’s enormous. Honestly, you could start the interview that way.” And so we shall.

Marvel.com: As a co-creator of Jessica, you’ve obviously been with her since her debut in the comic world, can you tell me your favorite things about her and how she’s grown since then?

Brian Michael Bendis: Well my new favorite thing about her is I can’t believe how popular the show is and how popular she is, genuinely popular, outside of the comic book world. It’s hilarious, I’ve been the co-creator of Jessica Jones since 2001 but only in the last couple years does that turn heads and impress people outside of our world, and it’s kind of funny.

But all of that means nothing compared to how it’s almost the same feeling I have, like the fatherly pride I have, for my children when they do well outside of the home. When they come home and have succeeded in whatever they tried unrelated to me and my wife, that’s how I feel about Jessica. I feel like everyday I hear how she’s doing in college, or how she’s doing at her new job, and I’m very proud of her. It’s quite a unique feeling. It’s an immense amount of pride that I feel for her and what she means to people.

Marvel.com: Obviously a big point of interest right now is the Purple Man’s return, what was your reasoning behind bringing him back? Did it have anything to do with the show’s popularity, or are the two mutually exclusive?

Brian Michael Bendis: You can’t help but go, oh, if I was a fan of this book boy would that get my attention. No matter where I was in the Jessica Jones fan level, casual to excited, you hear the Purple Man is back, oh boy I better read that. So there’s that, but really there is a story behind it. You can’t just do a shtick for shtick’s sake.

What I wrote the moment Jessica had [her] baby was, well now the worst thing that would ever happen to her is the Purple Man would come back. Because now it’s not just her, it’s the family. It’s Luke and Jessica and the baby, and what the baby means to them, and what the baby means to Jessica as a human. Anybody knows once you have a baby, that’s your number one job is keep the baby alive until the baby can leave, and there is a giant threat in their life. There are many threats in their lives, they have a dangerous life, but he obviously represents the real terror and the only thing worse than the Purple Man grabbing Jessica the first time is what will he do with the baby? And as horrible as that is, there is a very psychological, deep thing behind the two of them, and the past catching up with people when they’re trying to live a brand new life is something a lot of people can relate to. I think that’s the real relatable thing here, the knowledge that you can’t control everything around your life, and that’s what the Purple Man represents to people. It’s pretty horrifying. With a kid even more so, and I have four kids so I know the feeling.

Marvel.com: Branching off that, there are some differences in both Jessica’s and the Purple Man’s lives and how they have evolved over time. Can you tell me a little about that?

Brian Michael Bendis: Absolutely, yes, yes, yes. The relationship they had was very unique to Purple Man. That’s not what his relationships to the, sadly, hundreds of other peoples he’s accosted have been, so that is something to consider as well. Does he, in his messed up head, love her? That was always the question in the first series too. It’s a screwed up question, and it’s a screwed up answer no matter what, but that’s the kind of book we’re telling. It’s for adults by adults, and we’re going to ask tough questions and see what kind of answers we get. People are scared of this, I know they are. There were some genuinely scary things that happened that never happened in another Marvel comic and I’m aware of that and that’s about to happen again.

Marvel.com: Are you trying to maybe one-up that first series and do something even more gut wrenchingly terrifying?

Brian Michael Bendis: Psychological horror–it absolutely is already there because this isn’t people guessing what would happen, they know what will happen. They can imagine it. That kind of horror is almost worse than the actual thing happening. I think everyone can relate to that. Worrying about something is almost always worse than the actual thing, no matter how scary it is and that’s what they’re facing, and you know what for someone like Jessica and Luke, the man with unbreakable skin, this is their biggest nightmare. This is something Luke can’t punch, necessarily.

Marvel.com: How is Luke and Jessica’s daughter going to play into this? That’s obviously going to be her priority this time around, but how will that affect how she reacts to the Purple Man?

Brian Michael Bendis: Well it’s everything. She’s not the same person. Anyone will tell you, parenting changes you. Parenting completely changes your priority list in your head and how you act and how you relate to things.

Also her family has been under an immense amount of duress from the first issue of the new series, it’s so fragile that her moves have to be so specific. She can’t abandon her family to take care of this, or she won’t have it anymore. But at the same time this needs to be taken care of. So what will Jessica do?

It’s a really big deal. I had to get approval, I had to go say hey is everyone going to be okay with this because this is not what you normally see in a Marvel comic. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows where I’m going with this. So brace yourself everybody.

Marvel.com: You’re keeping to the spirit of the original book, and I know Michael Gaydos is doing the art, so what can we expect to see?

Brian Michael Bendis: Michael has been drawing every issue of the book since we returned. It’s all the original team. It’s me, Michael Gaydos, Matt Hollingsworth on colors, and David Mack on covers. The team from the original series has returned to the series and people can feel it. Michael and Matt haven’t lost a beat, it’s unbelievable how much the style has evolved, but at the same time it just totally feels like Jessica. So people are going to really feel like the old series, but what we’re going to do is completely new things.

Marvel.com: What’s you favorite scene that’s coming up in this new arc?

Brian Michael Bendis: Number one, the biggest difference people are going to see is how Jessica comes for help instead of being a lone gunman. She’s a woman with friends, and then instead of running from her friends, which is part of the problem she had the first time, she runs to her friends.

The other thing is Jessica and Luke have a very intimate moment together early on that I just felt very honest about. I felt very connected to and that made me happy just because I feel other people will feel it too. Because we’re also writing about a marriage, a happy marriage, a marriage they both want and it’s not a struggle so much as a minefield of things that they’ve already laid out as individuals. And I love writing about a marriage of people who genuinely like each other. I have that in my life and I don’t see it a lot in fiction.

Marvel.com: Since you’re using influences from your own life, your kids and your marriage, was it then difficult to get back into writing the Purple Man who’s just this really psychotic, dark person?

Brian Michael Bendis: It is and it isn’t. It is because you’re writing about darkness and you’re writing about scary things that most people would like to pretend don’t exist. The Purple Man to me, part of him represents the unknown that you can’t control, you can do everything right as a human and a parent, and then there is this other stuff.

Happily my kids are very healthy and the worst thing I have to worry about is that my kids are picking up horrible music tastes from their friends, I can’t control it and I worry about the long term damage to them, but at the same time you’ve got to let them be. And everyone has different stories about things that have come into their lives that they have no control over, that either positively or negatively effective their lives and their relationships and that’s what the Purple Man is. Can Jessica and her family survive the ultimate test, which is the Purple Man? And I think people can really relate to that.

Marvel.com: From the perspective of the Purple Man, why is he coming back? What’s his motivation?

Brian Michael Bendis: The Purple Man’s psychology is one of my favorite things to write about because here’s a man who can get someone to do or say whatever he wants, but I think everybody knows you don’t want people to do and say whatever you want. You want them to do or say what you want them to say because you want them to want it. So after years of manipulations the psychology of someone who’s just missing whole parts of the human experience–which is someone liking you back, someone wanting you back, and knowing if you genuinely can muster someone’s love–these things get you after awhile. He’s alone on a desert island, he has no friends, he has no love, and the people who he makes his friends or love, he manipulates them. We’re even going to show that if someone genuinely finds him interesting he will abuse them. He doesn’t allow himself to have a real relationship. The perspective of his world is wholly unique, I think that’s what puts him up there with the Joker and Magneto. We can show you his perspective and it’s unique and it might make you–not sympathize, but maybe empathize with and that makes the story more interesting. For all the horror the fact that you can see where it’s coming from doesn’t make it better, in fact it makes it worse.

Marvel.com: What are you hoping to do moving forward with Jessica?

Brian Michael Bendis: The cool thing is that we have a very unique experience going on with Jessica where there is a character that actually sees growth and change, like legitimate change in her life, and with that comes legitimate new questions and opportunities. Her job right now is to keep that baby and her family safe from basically a hurricane, a typhoon, that’s hitting them and it’s in the same shape as a Purple Man and she needs to keep them safe. So her ability to do or to not do that will affect her tremendously going forward.

Catch the chilling reunion between Jessica and the Purple Man in JESSICA JONES #13!

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Brian Michael Bendis goes over his lead’s ups and downs as a detective!

Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe and Jake Gittes. Popular culture gives us no end of rugged, hard-hitting private detectives who can sling quick-witted as if genetically-engineered to do so, but only one of them has had the honor of also calling themselves an Avenger.

That would be Jessica Jones, a no-nonsense investigator, mother, wife, and Defender. We’ve seen her solve some difficult cases on the page and screen, but it’s time to dig deep into what makes Jessica a particularly effective gumshoe. We got a hold of her co-creator and current JESSICA JONES scribe Brian Michael Bendis to chat about Jessica’s noir influences, her role as a wife/mother and the cathartic effect she has on her writer.

To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart, “An interview with Mr. Bendis is, uh, the stuff dreams are made of.”

Marvel.com: As a co-creator of this character, what do you think makes her such an effective private investigator?

Brian Michael Bendis: Her perspective and experience and attitude. You have to have this perfect mesh of intuitive understanding of the human condition; I mean this is really what all detectives are. You’re looking at something and seeing things that other people wouldn’t see. You train your brain to see the tells on a person’s face so you can tell if they’re lying or not. You train your brain to scan a room and see little bits and pieces that other people wouldn’t know. On top of that, I think Jessica is quite excellent at knowing the right people to go to, to find something out and that’s one of her real successes. As a street level character, she kind of knows— like she’s one of the few people who knows where Night Nurse is and she knows where the gun runners are. She knows where all the players are, and she knows who to ask certain questions of something. Like right now, I’m doing a story where [Jessica] is trying to find out who is trying to murder Maria Hill, and that’s far out of her normal wheel house, but she was able to dig under some rocks and find the people who might know the people who know the people so she’s very good at that, I don’t think she gives herself enough credit. Just having had her perspective as an Avenger, as Luke Cage’s wife, as now a Defender, you know, she’s in it, she has a really unique perspective of the entire super hero community so when people come to her with problems revolving around it she’s able to figure out not only how to solve the case, but if the case is even a case; which is sometimes what a detective’s job really is. Is this case a case? Sometimes they’re not.

Marvel.com: That’s a good segue into the next question, which is when it comes to genre, Jessica Jones is very much like a noir character, so can you talk about the noir influences that went into creating the character and her stories?

Brian Michael Bendis: Oh, from Jake Gittes, all the way to the real life detectives I’ve met, to the most unique detectives in fiction, like [the movie] “Brick.” I love these movies or stories where there is a detective in the last place you would expect one. Ed Brubaker did an amazing series called Scene of the Crime that I absolutely loved as well. “Chinatown,” obviously, is the one that you go “Ok, don’t be bad, because there’s ‘Chinatown,’ try to be good like ‘Chinatown’.” And in there are so many excellent tropes about detectives and their relationships and why people hire a private investigator. Sometimes the police aren’t just enough, you need special attention or a special perspective and she definitely stands among her influences, that is one thing I definitely bring with her if that makes any sense is that she definitely does not.

Marvel.com: I’m glad you brought up “Chinatown” because, generally speaking, private investigators in pop culture have mostly been men with women taking on the role of the femme fatale, and she is such a subversion of those tropes…

Brian Michael Bendis: Yeah, I get it and we talk about it a little bit because, you know, there is a lot of muscle work with detective work, it’s a lot like [you’re] getting into fights in the back room of a bar or you’re body-guarding and fair or not, over the decades men would take those jobs, but Jessica, obviously, is unique and didn’t need to worry about that so from there we were able to build a completely different experience. Yes, there are real life private investigators and detectives that are women right now and actually I know them so I am not saying that there aren’t women detectives, there absolutely are and I’m just saying that you’re right that traditionally and certainly traditionally in fiction, we’ve seen a lot of men so once you start digging into what is unique about Jessica, yeah, Jessica has her unique perspective, and also a female perspective, and also the perspective of someone with the power to back it up, so she may get into jams that would be difficult for normal people, that she can get out of and that adds to what’s unique about her as a detective as well.

Marvel.com: And like you’ve said, she’s been in the Avengers, she has tried the whole costumed hero thing” before starting Alias Investigations, so what aspects of crime fighting came with her to her detective days and which kind of fell to the wayside.

Brian Michael Bendis: What I like about her, and I know a lot of people like about her, is that she tried it, ok, she tried it, it felt like [expletive] to her, which is totally fine, and like I said even with people who [are] in comics, they are creators, they come to do a certain type of comic, and then they go “Oh, I don’t like that type of comic, I don’t want to make that comic,” right? But other people love it, they think it’s the best way to do it, so that’s the people who should do that, so the people who think that being a super hero is the best way to do it, those are people who should be [super heroes], and yes Jessica who doesn’t think that that’s the road for her or she thinks it’s proven it’s not the road for her, she absolutely should not do it, she should do it her way. So having the experience of wearing the costume and bouncing around and not appreciating it as much as others gives her that unique ability to scrape the [expletive] off of any story and get right to the meat of it; whereas other detectives and reporters might find themselves distracted by the flash of powers and flying around, she is not. She’s seen how the sausage is made so she’s alright. You’ve seen it too like, even reporters who have met fifty thousand movie stars, when they meet a new movie star they get all giddy, it’s exciting you’re meeting a movie star. If you want someone solving your case, you want something who isn’t going to start giggling if Tony Stark shows up. [She can ask], “Are you full of [expletive] or not?” That’s what Jessica can do.

Marvel.com: And kind of going off that, being a P.I can be a morally dubious job; how does that weigh on her conscience or affect her husband and child for whom she wants to set a positive example?

Brian Michael Bendis: Well that’s it and that’s really what the new series has been about for me. As I have often confessed, [JESSICA JONES] being a book that I’m the most aware that I’m working some [expletive] out of for myself. Sometimes when you’re writing you don’t know what you’re working out until it’s done whereas with Jessica, I am a father of four children and I am constantly finding myself being looked up to by them, they’re looking for answers from me. When you find yourself all the sudden in this position, where people are looking to you, you have to kind of examine who you are and why you put yourself in this situation, so that is part of what Jessica is doing, she wants to be the detective, she wants to solve her cases and by doing so, maybe make the world a better place, and when her daughter is old enough to look around, it’ll look better than the one Jessica looks at and she says that in the series to Luke. They’re both freaking out about being parents when they don’t think they’re fully realized as humans yet and as I’ve discovered in my life, I’ve never met anyone who said, “Oh good, I’m gonna be a parent because I’m fully realized as a human.” You always go, “Oh [expletive]! I’m a parent now, but I’m not done baking myself.” Because you’re never done, it’s the truth. So this is what Jessica and Luke will be dealing with in the series is, “We’re parents now so that means that we have other responsibilities on top of the responsibilities we had” or “The responsibilities we had are now amplified because we’re doing it not only for ourselves and for the world, but for this child. Not only do we want to raise her to be a good person, we’d like to help the world be somewhere safe for her and also, wouldn’t it be nice when she is old enough and looks at her [mother], that she sees Jessica Jones, the detective who saves people and is heroic and making the world a better place, not the gigantic pile of loser that she thinks she was years ago.” And the reason I say she thinks she was [is] because I don’t, I think she’s a survivor. She thinks otherwise.

Marvel.com: Final question: if you had to nail down a MacGuffin, so to speak, for Jessica over the course of her career, what would it be? What would her Maltese Falcon” be, in other words?

Brian Michael Bendis: Oh, it’s the Purple Man in a way if you think about. Here is my vague hint because the real interesting thing about your question is that her journey with the Purple Man has not come to an end…there’s your big tease.

Find out what’s next for the powerhouse P.I. in JESSICA JONES #8, on sale May 3 from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos!

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Find out how Jessica Jones went from ALIAS & THE PULSE to her own self-titled comic & Netflix series

This March, we celebrate Women’s History Month by spotlighting some of the most iconic characters and creators from the Marvel Universe.

Did you know that one of Marvel’s most prominent characters almost didn’t get created? See, back when Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos were trying to figure out the 2001 series called ALIAS, the writer intended on using an existing character in Jessica Drew. However, when that proved unworkable, they created a new one by the name of Jessica Jones!

In that first ALIAS issue, readers met a woman named Jessica Jones who clearly had been through a lot in her life. The hard-boiled private detective they met cursed like a sailor, drank till she passed out in bars and tried to do the right thing even when the odds seemed fully stacked against her.

In the first arc, Jessica took on a job to find a woman’s sister who wound up dead not long after the PI found her. In the process of tracking the woman down, Jessica also accidentally recorded Captain America’s secret identity and became a prime suspect in the murder case.

The Marvel MAX series tackled some intense ideas and themes, especially when it came to The Purple Man and his role in making Jessica give up her superhero identity. It also established the relationship between Jessica and Luke Cage. The two have since become one of the more stable couples in comics with Jessica giving birth to their daughter Dani.

ALIAS ran for 28 issues and came to a conclusion in 2004. At that point, Bendis and a variety of artists moved Jones over to the world of reporting – and pregnancy – in THE PULSE which ran for 14 issues. 

The Pulse (2004) #8

The Pulse (2004) #8

What is Marvel Unlimited?

After marrying Cage in the pages of NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #1, Jessica and her husband decided to actively work against Iron Man’s Pro Registration side, teaming up with Captain America and aiding him as seen in the pages of NEW AVENGERS. 

New Avengers Annual (2006) #1

New Avengers Annual (2006) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

For a time, Jessica even returned to her superhero roots, going by the name of Power Woman, but ultimately realized that living in Avengers Mansion offered far too many dangers for her beloved daughter and they left, though they she would soon return when Luke formed the Mighty Avengers.

These days, in addition to headlining a Netflix show, Jones also stars in a self-titled series by her creators Bendis and Gaydos. 

Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015) #1

Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015) #1

  • Published: September 14, 2015
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: October 07, 2015
  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
What is Marvel Unlimited?

The Women Of Marvel

In creating a brand new character, Bendis still firmly rooted Jessica Jones’ origins in the existing Marvel Universe, though ALIAS readers had to wait a few dozen issues to discover this. She actually attended high school with Peter Parker, but missed the day he got bit by that infamous spider because she was on her way to Disney World with her folks. That car trip ended abruptly in a crash that killed her parents and left her in a coma for a while, bu also granted her super powers. She eventually took on the Jewel identity to fight crime after seeing Spider-Man do the same. Years later, when Spidey unmasked himself as Peter Parker in front of Jessica and the other Avengers, she was appalled to discover that he never once recognized her from their years of school! Making matters worse, he referred to her as “Coma Girl,” a revelation that did not gain the Wall Crawler any points.

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