Find out what the scientists behind the Mystics crate have been cooking up!

For those of you still floating around your house, office or local supermarket in your Marvel Gear and Goods Cloak of Levitation, take a seat because Loot Crate has whipped up their next Marvel crate! “We’re going to be serving up some of the smartest folks in the Marvel Universe, so I think there is a lot of fun coming for fans and I hope they enjoy it as much as we do,” says Helena Mills, Director of Brand Creative for Loot Crate. Mills and Scott Wilger, the product designer for the Marvel crates, have been working alongside their team to create products that Marvel fans can utilize in their everyday lives. “We’re looking at this as outfitting your home. Each crate for the coming year is like a room and each crate is a collection for that. So it’s a uniform color palate, it’s uniform materials and every piece in the crate compliments one another” says Mills.

The first crate designed for Marvel fans took a look at the Mystics, so for this crate the creators wanted to showcase the mirror of the Mystics… Super Science! That’s right, the second crate will bring you some of Marvel’s brainiest heroes and villains like Black Panther, Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and M.O.D.O.K. And if you haven’t already guessed it from the very subtle puns sprinkled throughout this post, this crate will focus on outfitting your personal laboratory – your kitchen! “Marvel stories are full of twists and turns so we want to pay homage to that in our crates,” says Wilger. “I think to do the unexpected and to surprise people has been a serious goal for us when curating these crates.” And while we can’t spoil every surprise item in this crate, we can tell you that inside each crate will be a Black Panther apron that may or may not have you feeling like a king of the kitchen.

Now Mills and Wilger do have their own personal favorites coming up in future crates, but they say there will be plenty of new items for fans to fall in love with just like they have. “People should get excited because it is ramping up. We are getting better and better things in our crates. And there is just so much more we have, so many more ideas,” says Wilger. “We want it to feel like there is a continuity to this, we want it to feel like we’re building a world,” he continues, giving us a hint to look at the pins when searching for those over arching continuity lines. “I think each crate is getting better and better. I love our Doctor Strange crate and I am over the moon with items in the Super Science crate and I cannot wait to get my hands on every single item in the third crate, and every single item in the fourth crate,” says Mills.

So what does the team want you to take away from each crate other than a bunch of cool Marvel Gear and Goods items? They want you to understand that these crates are coming from fans who are just as excited about the items as you are, and they hope you genuinely enjoy what they create for you. So go ahead and geek out with the Marvel Gear and Goods team and be sure to sign up to receive your Super Science crate when it pops out of the oven soon.

Order yours here.

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Subscribe to Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear & Goods today!

Loot Crate, the leading fan-based commerce and community platform, announced today a highly anticipated collaboration with Marvel, in which they are introducing a bi-monthly subscription crate. This initiative furthers Loot Crate’s commitment to expanding into more partnership-focused crates in order to better serve its customers (affectionately known as Looters) and other passionate fans. While Marvel has always been part of the Loot Crate offering in other verticals, this partnership crate will offer Marvel fans a deeper, more enriched experience than ever before with Marvel-only exclusives.

“Based on our engagement with our fans, Looters want more Marvel content, product, and experience, so this collaboration makes perfect sense,” said Chris Davis, CEO of Loot Crate. “We’re thrilled to provide new experiences for the fans, through exclusive product and content geared just for them.”The Marvel Gear and Goods bi-monthly crate will celebrate the universe of characters and stories that Marvel fans know and love. The crate will feature exclusive Marvel apparel, accessories, home goods and other lifestyle related products.

The first crate theme has been revealed as “Mystics” to celebrate the upcoming film, Marvel’s Doctor Strange, among other mystical characters from the Marvel Universe. Over the past 12 months, Loot Crate’s product offerings have dramatically expanded as the company has been increasingly focused on connecting fans with the brands that they are passionate about for the most authentic experience. As part of the Loot Crate subscription, Looters and fans alike have access to exclusive products that authentically represent their favorite characters and universes every month. Crates feature items that will never be available again—all at a great value.

Learn more about the Loot Crate and Marvel offering at

Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods FAQ:

What is Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods?
Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods is the ultimate Marvel fan subscription service delivering official Marvel items like
home goods, apparel, books and more every 2 months!

How much does it cost?
The Marvel Gear + Goods crate costs $39.95 + S&H for U.S. orders. International orders add Shipping and VAT (if applicable).

How many items are there?
There will be four-seven items in each Marvel Gear + Goods crate.

What kind of items are included?
Marvel Gear + Goods crates will include official and exclusive Marvel items like high-quality apparel, home goods, art prints, books and more!

Is there a T-shirt?
Marvel Gear + Goods crates will include premium wearable items like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, accessories and more available in Unisex sizes S to 3XL. However, the assortment will vary with each crate.

Does Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods crate have any comics in it?
Marvel Gear + Goods crates will sometimes include comics or collected editions with exclusive variant covers, as well as other Marvel books.

Are there themes?
Yes. Each Marvel Gear + Goods crate will follow a theme, celebrating the biggest characters, events and stories from across the Marvel Universe! Our first theme is Mystics, featuring Marvel’s greatest mages, sorcerers and other magic-wielders like Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch & more!

Are there Loot Pins in the Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods crate?
Yes, there will be a collectible pin included in every Marvel Gear + Goods crate!

When will it ship?
The first Marvel Gear + Goods crates will ship
 out early-November 2016.

When will I get the crate?
Marvel Gear + Goods crates should be expected to arrive between the 3rd and 13th of every odd month, starting November 2016. Please allow 12-14 business days for international shipments.

Where will it ship?
Marvel Gear + Goods crates will ship to the United States and Canada, but they’re working hard on expanding this list and may have an update very soon.

Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes. They accept most major credit cards and Paypal. Here is a list of accepted payment methods:

How do I get the Loot Crate Presents Marvel Gear + Goods crate?
Head to now to sign up for email alerts and be the first to know when the Marvel Gear + Goods crate is ready to order!

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Take advantage of a special offer this month!

Marvel is teaming up with Loot Crate this July to bring Loot Crate subscribers an exclusive variant cover to the brand new ROCKET RACCOON #1 written and drawn by Skottie Young! In honor of Loot Crate’s “VILLAINS” theme, this month’s box full of geek & gamer goodies features an epic cover by artist Dale Keown as featuring the titular fuzzy Guardian of the Galaxy and the Mad Titan Thanos!

Rocket Raccoon (2014) #1 Loot Crate variant cover by Dale Keown

Rocket Raccoon (2014) #1 Loot Crate variant cover by Dale Keown

This cover is exclusive to Loot Crate subscribers only, so don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on one. Sign up at before 7/19 at 9 PM PST to receive July’s ”VILLAINS” themed crate featuring this exclusive cover to ROCKET RACCOON #1!

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