Two more Worthy step up to the plate as the war against the Serpent rages on!

Between the Serpent and his Worthy coupled with those pesky Incursions, there’s plenty to worry about in the world of “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,” meaning it will take your full efforts to help S.H.I.E.L.D. protect the planet—feeling up for it?

We spoke with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about the newest Worthy, what to expect from missions, and much more as it relates to Chapter 11 of “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” Season 2! What are the big story advances for Chapter 11?

Tony Sherrill: Following the destruction on the Black Vortex [in] Spec Op 35, Odin has placed a barrier around Midgard, in hopes to prevent any unwelcomed visitors. Cul Borson’s plan to spread fear has been more than successful; having made the world a dangerous place filled with Incursions and the Worthy, the more powerful foes scramble for survival and will go to great lengths to make their escape. What can you tell us about the new Worthy for this chapter?

Tony Sherrill: In this chapter we introduce the last two Worthy: Worthy Black Knight, aka Mokk, Breaker of Faith and Worthy Ghost Rider, aka Greithoth, Breaker of Wills.

Mokk has a few new tricks up his worthy sleeve. As the Breaker of Faith he has three new status effects: Desecrated, Treacherous Tactics, and Damnation. Desecrated removes and prevents resurrection effects, prevents most healing effects, plus removes a large amount of health when it’s removed, similar to Doom. This attack targets all enemies. Treacherous Tactics is a two-round Team Buff that makes melee attacks apply Internal Bleeding, plus gain Hemorrhaging. This buff will also greatly reduce the damage taken from enemy attacks. Damnation causes Desecrated to immediately trigger, but will also prevent Desecrated from being applied again for 1 round.

As the last Worthy, Ghost Rider, who now wields a hammer at the end of his Damnation Chains, has a Breaker of Wills passive. This passive gives him a chance to preemptively counter with Cower and Agony, in addition to halving the damage from any non-Hallowed attacks. His Damnation Chains attack, now called Chains of Greithoth, has had the Dark Forces and Malignant Poison statuses added to it. Greithoth’s second action “Are You Worthy?” will do increased damage with its new Serpent’s Scrutiny property, to those deemed not Worthy. Weakened, Pyrophoric, and Intimidated have been added to his third attack, Feel The Burn, and Broken Will to his fourth attack, Will Breaker. As we build to the climax of this story, what challenges do our heroes face?

Tony Sherrill: It’s a very eventful Chapter. The Worthy are on a rampage in London. Red Skull seeking a new power source draws upon the power of Incursions with catastrophic results. Mephisto makes Kingpin an offer he can’t refuse, putting the inhabitants of New York in Jeopardy. M.O.D.O.K. constructs a dimensional portal, but unfortunately something is there waiting on the other side and it’s bad news. Hela seeks an alliance against the Serpent, but can the Queen of Hel be trusted? Many flock to Madripoor with the hope that the Mandarin, yes the Mandarin, can protect them from the Incursions. Just wait until you see Chapter 12 later this month. What new heroes and villains debut with this chapter?

Tony Sherrill: This is the chapter where, after all these years of hiding behind the protection of being an NPC, you finally get to punch Cul Borson in the face. Cul Borson is immune to Interrupts and of course, Fear-based statuses. Several of his attacks apply Fear, which can be applied five times, with a 10% chance per application for attacks to fail and cower in fear. With his Hammer Strike he has a chance to apply Contusion, which is a new status that applies Ravaged and up to three applications of Internal Bleeding. Yikes. Who takes center stage for the good guys during this chapter?

Tony Sherrill: This is all out chaos and S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing their best to contain it all. Heroes are fighting villains around every corner, in every alley, and on every rooftop. In this Chapter, five of the six missions have Epic Bosses; these make for some really great fights:

  • Mission 1 – Epic Mokk vs. Captain Britain                    
  • Mission 2 – Epic Man-Ape vs. Black Panther                    
  • Mission 3 – Epic Greithoth vs. Dr. Strange                    
  • Mission 5 – Epic Cul Borson vs. Thor (Jane Foster)                   
  • Mission 6 – Epic Mandarin vs. Iron Man What are some of the Heroic Battles we can dig into?

Tony Sherrill: Heroic Battles are my absolute favorite, because they are customized fights that sort of work like puzzles and the [“Marvel: Avengers Alliance”] Designers do such a great job making each fight unique. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mission 1 – Kamala Khan and Captain Marvel vs. X-Ray and Ironclad                    
  • Mission 2 – Drax and Cammi vs. Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight                    
  • Mission 3 – Squirrel Girl vs. Targets                   
  • Mission 5 – A-Bomb vs. Abomination                    
  • Mission 6 – Misty Knight and Colleen Wing vs Beetle and Maggia

I saved Mission 4 for last, since this is the very first time we’ve introduced a new villain via a Heroic Battle. In this battle Ant-Man faces Yellowjacket and Crossfire! We also gave Ant-Man some new moves through an E-Iso called Growing, which is based off what is seen in the “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War” movie. The fight starts off with Ant-Man fighting some grunts for the first wave, being his typical self, shrinking and stealthily attacking and such. In the second wave Crossfire appears and whenever Ant-Man performs an attack with either the Stealthy or Ants! properties, Crossfire will counter him, which is a huge pain in the Ants since every single one of his moves has one of these two properties. This is when Hank Pym steps in to help out poor Ant-Man and guides him in learning how to use his new Growth attacks. I hope you enjoy it.

Play “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” now and look for Chapter 11 coming soon!

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The Sentinel of Liberty gets an all-new reimagining as a medieval crusader!

From medieval times to the modern day, Knight America rides into “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”!

To celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary, the “Alliance” team huddled up and created their own brand new take on the most classic of characters. We spoke with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about all to expect from this original hero. How did the concept for Knight America come about?

Tony Sherrill: The design team and I sat in a room and bounced ideas off of each other, until everyone agreed on which idea was best. Knight America was almost a truck driver, cruising the endless highways of outer space in a space semi dealing with space problems. Then we heard the pitch for Knight America and we were all on board. What cool powers and abilities does he have? What class is he?

Tony Sherrill: Knight America has a several passives: Battle Ready, Land of Opportunity, and Valorous Knight. As a dual class Hero, Battle Ready counts as both an Infiltrator and a Scrapper, gaining the advantages and disadvantages of both classes. Land of Opportunity gives a chance to interrupt incoming enemy attacks, applying Focal Point—Attacks against this target are guaranteed to hit and crit—to the enemy. Valorous Knight applies Valor to Knight America when attacking and when an enemy is defeated. He has some great moves and I love the names the designers came up with for those moves: Sword of Liberty, Shield of Freedom, Spirit of American, and War Stories.

Sword of Liberty is a slashing Vibranium attack that has two special properties: Act of Valor, which deals extra damage for each application of Valor on Knight America, and Determination Attack, which deals more damage according to how high this character’s health is.

Shield of Freedom is single-target Ranged Melee attack. In this attack Knight America throws his shield at the enemy. The shield makes contact delivering damage, and then drops to the ground. Knight America charges toward the enemy with a shoulder tackle, then picks up his shield and follows up with a shield bash, followed by two more quick shield bashes. This attack applies Off-balance—Removes and prevents Counter-Attack effects—Cornered—Removes and prevents Protect effects—and Focal Point to the enemy.

Spirit of America is a team buff that applies Blessing—increases the effect of healing received—Recuperation—Restoring stamina every turn—and Soulstice. Soulstice gives all allies a chance to join in on single-target attacks, retaliate when an ally is hit by single-target attacks, plus increases Accuracy, Attack, Defense, and Evasion.

War Stories is my favorite ability of his. In this move Knight America kneels before a bonfire giving all allies a buff. This buff will Heal, Remove Debuffs, and apply Inspiration for one round. Inspiration makes all Buff Action Cooldowns reduce to 0. How does Knight America compare to Captain America in his various costumes?

Tony Sherrill: They both are loyal, selfless, and more importantly they have the morals and beliefs of what is right and wrong and the courage to act on it. They both set out to encourage others to work together and fight for what they believe in and what they believe in is American greatness. What types of challenges will Knight America be the most effective against?

Tony Sherrill: As a dual class hero with interrupts, counters and two team buffs, including team debuffs and heals, I’d say Knight America would be great for any challenge. How do you earn Knight America?

Tony Sherrill: Knight America will be available through a covert task. Players that complete the small quest chain will unlock him. This will be playable for a limited time. What was it like adding the first original character to the game? Is this something you’d like to do more often?

Tony Sherrill: This was a great opportunity that we owe Marvel a big thanks for. Creating and building our own original character was great for morale and we would absolutely love to do it again. Maybe we can make that space trucker after all.

For all the latest updates on “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,” keep watching!

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Stare into the Black Vortex for the opportunity to recruit Mantis, battle the Spartax, and more!

“Marvel: Avengers Alliance” goes dangerously cosmic, with the arrival of the immensely powerful Black Vortex and its ability to augment the power of any who submit to its will.

Fortunately for us, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a plan…we think.

Mantis rallies the troops in this latest Spec Op, and we spoke with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about recruiting the former Celestial Madonna, taking on new enemies in J’Son and the Spartax, plus what else to expect, and more! What’s the plot of the newest Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: An artifact known as the Black Vortex comes to Earth bringing Mantis, Moondragon, J’son, and the Spartax Soldiers with it. The Black Vortex tempts anyone that would look into its depths with promises of power—power that S.H.I.E.L.D. and their allies must fight in order to keep Earth safe. Where did the decision come from to present your own version of the Black Vortex event?

Tony Sherrill: Our design team is always looking for fun Marvel events to bring into “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and the Black Vortex was not only that, but with it we could introduce a variety of Marvel heroes, like Mantis, Moondragon, and Richard Rider. Why focus exclusively on the Guardians of the Galaxy for this Op?

Tony Sherrill: We love the Guardians of the Galaxy, plus it’s always exiting to add more characters to the game. Having the theme of this Spec Op be based off the Black Vortex gave us an avenue to add even more heroes that had belonged to the Guardians of the Galaxy at some point, which is really just a win-win for us. We have already introduced a variety of the Guardians of the Galaxy from [sometime] members like Agent Venom and Angela—to name a couple—to the core team one may think of today: Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, and some star guy. What does J’Son bring to the table as a new villain?

Tony Sherrill: J’son is actually a NPC, so you’ll only be able to see his pretty face and not punch it. J’son brings trouble and seeks to empower his Spartax soldiers with the untold power of the Black Vortex. How will the Spartax soldiers add a new element to the game?

Tony Sherrill: These guys are fun.  Dressed in all gold armor they come in two varieties: Spartax Warrior and Spartax Gunner.

The Spartax Warriors carry a big Plasma Spear which they use to swipe and thrust at the enemy, you. Their attacks apply the Pain—increases damage taken by 15%–and Fumble—single-target attacks provoke a counterattack—statuses, plus they protect each other with Covered—taking 50% damage from all attacks—and can buff their fellow soldiers with Strengthened—attack increased by 25%.

The Spartax Gunners carry a Plasma Rifle which they use to, well, shoot you with. Their attacks apply Radiation Exposure—deals damage every turn, plus increases damage from enemy attacks—and Ionized—taking additional damage from Radiation Exposure. A single gunner can also buff his entire team with Combat Tactics—performs a counter against the next attack. How did you land on Mantis as the reward hero and what are her strengths?

Tony Sherrill: Mantis is just simply a great character. She’s a Telepathic, Grandmaster martial artist that can manipulate plants. As a psychic super hero she has some pretty useful combat skills. She has a chance to counterattack enemy actions with Disadvantage—creates a negative effect according to the class and beneficial buffs of the target—with her Cosmic Calculations passive. When enemies attack an ally, she has a chance to apply Rising Up—chance to gain Focused, Fortified, Agile or Strengthened—to that ally with her Premonition ability.

Mantis comes with a couple of new statuses: Cerebral Agony and Psychic Suppression. Psychic Blast which is a Quick Action applies Cerebral Agony. Cerebral Agony causes the enemy to take Psychic damage for 2 rounds, plus will damage the enemy if they perform an offensive action.  Her Energy Projection attack will apply Psychic Suppression on a target for one round. This will prevent most psychic resistances and reductions from functioning. This is really fun to use against Psychic characters. What kind of tech can we pick up on this Op?

Tony Sherrill: The set for this Spec Op is all psychic based. There are 4 pieces in the Psychic Force Set: Psyche Operator, Staff of Agony, Metaphysical Rifle, and Metaphysical Amplifier. The set bonuses for these are awesome and give the player access to the new Cerebral Agony status. Players can also gain a follow-up attack on enemies with Weak Mind, counter enemies with Disoriented, or even buff their entire team with Mentally Aware—chance to pre-emptively counter single target and area attacks. Is there anything else to look out for?

Tony Sherrill: Once people have had a chance to fight Moondragon for a bit, we plan to release a Covert Task for her. Players that complete a small number of tasks and collect a predetermined number of Black Vortex Shards will unlock Moondragon.

Keep checking for all the latest on “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”!

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Find out the details for the latest Spec Op campaign!

As the conflict over predictive justice prepares to rage in the Civil War II comic book event, a new Spec Op exclusively inspired by the blockbuster kicks off in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”! We spoke to Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about what to expect from this exciting new adventure! How did the idea to have a Spec Op inspired by Civil War II come to be?

Tony Sherrill: We caught wind of the Civil War II comic event and had a precognition of our own. We asked Marvel if we could base a Spec Op off the idea behind the CIVIL WAR II comic and they not only agreed, but they gave us exclusivity. “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” is the only game to have Civil War II content. How closely did you work with Marvel Publishing on this story?

Tony Sherrill: We actually didn’t work with Marvel Publishing. Well, we did do the due diligence of handing off a copy of the script to Marvel Publishing so that they could make sure our paths didn’t cross by mere coincidence, which they did not. We could gather from the released CIVIL WAR II comic covers who supported which side, but overall we purposefully wanted to avoid any details about the story for a couple reasons. We wanted to ensure this was our own unique take on the idea behind the Civil War II story. Also, we are genuinely excited for the comic series and don’t want it spoiled for ourselves. What’s the basic plot for the Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: A new, powerful Inhuman known as “The Profiler” has foreseen a future in which Dr. Doom eliminates all Inhumans. The problem is it has not happened yet. The Inhumans fearing what their future holds capture Dr. Doom, which quickly escalates to heroes taking sides. Can the future be changed by acting on events before they happen? How far are willing to go based on a prediction? What new heroes can you earn?

Tony Sherrill: This is a split mission Spec Op. Players can choose to join the Pro-Predictive Justice Team or the Anti-Predictive Justice Team. Complete both sides to receive Blue Marvel and Thor (Jane Foster)! Should be a lot of fun, I really hope people enjoy it. It’s not often where there are two heroes as rewards. What other characters step front and center?

Tony Sherrill: All sorts of heroes are in this one. You’ll see Lizard, War Machine, Vision, Wonder Man, Crystal, Gorgon, and Captain Marvel to name a few on the Pro Team. Then there’s Wasp, Kate Bishop, Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, Cyclops, and Iron Man on the Anti Team. We have 148 of our characters listed as supporting one side or the other, but not all heroes are participating in this Spec Op, especially the Worthy. Which villains are standing in our way?

Tony Sherrill: Aside from punching your friends and colleagues in the face, you’ll also get a chance to punch Stegron, Sauron, and the High Evolutionary. There will also be some Iso-Saurs and dare I say Test Subjects that will need some punching as well.

Boss fights include Blue Marvel vs. High Evolutionary with Thor (Jane Foster) and Rescue. Blue Marvel will also face off against Black Panther, Quake, and Falcon. One of my favorite fights is Captain Marvel vs. Iron Man, Hank Pym, and Ultron under Hank Pym’s control. On the other side Thor (Jane Foster) will take on Blue Marvel, Captain America, and Winter Soldier. Then we mix it all up and you get one of the best fights there is: you as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Blue Marvel and Thor (Jane Foster) on your side vs Iron Man, Black Panther, and Rescue. What new tech can we get our hands on?

Tony Sherrill: This Spec Op features the Vibranium Set. Set bonuses for equipping two pieces of the set vary from pre-countering the enemy team with Collapsing Infrastructure to granting you an extra turn. The Wakandan Mace that will be available in the Daily Reward Spin will become a Quick Action as its Set Bonus. One of my favorite weapons from this Spec Op is an Ultron Arm. Why use your own fists, when you can use the decapitated arm of an Ultron Soldier? This weapon causes Internal Bleeding, Ravaged, and Incapacitation. Internal Bleeding is just nasty. Will there be any lockboxes, group bosses, etc.?

Tony Sherrill: There will not be a lockbox hero; however we will be releasing a new uniform for Black Panther. His new uniform has “Advance Vibranium Weave” which reduces Ranged and Melee damage by half, has a chance to reduce Range and Melee damage to 0 and immediately grant Black Panther an extra turn, plus it causes Dizzy to melee attacks. This uniform will come in the Bruiser and Tactician variety.

Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and play the latest Spec Op, coming soon!

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The younger generation of heroes takes over 'Marvel: Avengers Alliance'!

Get ready for a youth movement across “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”!

The next generation of heroes, including newcomer Cammi, take center stage in Spec Op 33. We talked with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill all about what to expect from the latest mission. What’s the plot of the latest Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: S.H.I.E.L.D. finds itself confronted with byzantine machinations and the disappearance of the newest generation of heroes. Led on a wild chase, they must confront the dark question: if S.H.I.E.L.D. can’t keep young heroes safe what else may have fallen through the cracks? How did you settle on Cammi as the reward hero?

Tony Sherrill: The story for this Spec Op is aimed towards the younger generation of heroes and Cammi, being such a great character, was a perfect fit. She also has a great history with Drax the Destroyer. My favorite move that the design team came up with for her is called Jet Pack Combo. In this move she flies to her opponent using her jet pack, fires twice with her pistol, kicks the target, and then lays a mine at their feet. Cammi then flies back to her team and detonates the mine.

When we first started developing her and nailing down her look and feel for [“Avengers Alliance”], our newest artist was asked to draw her portrait. This was his very first portrait and he had only been here for about two weeks at the time. He was given the 10 or so images you can find of her online. Using the limited amount of reference material he had and the fact that she was born in Coot’s Bluff, Alaska he had drawn her as Aleut. When we presented her portrait to Marvel for feedback they absolutely loved how our artist had drawn her and so that’s how she remained in our game. How did you choose Death Locket as a villain?

Tony Sherrill: Cammi and Death Locket have had some great interactions in the comics. In fact, in was Cammi that referred to Rebecca “Becca” Ryker as “Deathlok-ette,” basically calling her a female Deathlok. Becca misunderstood what Cammi had said and took on the name Death Locket for herself. For our game her Prosthetic Arm transforms into to several different weapons—Flame thrower, Sniper Rifle, and Cannon. Her Rapid Fire move is where you really get the feel of who she is, as her Deathlok Cybernetics fire off several quick laser blasts, while she’s looking the other way and wincing. Were there some AVENGERS ARENA and AVENGERS UNDERCOVER fans working on this one?

Tony Sherrill: We love all things Marvel. We live and breathe Marvel. We’ve actually based an entire Spec Op off Murderworld before, so this Spec Op is taking place after Murderworld, [and] we’re calling it Masters of Evil: Headhunting. What other heroes step up for this mission?

Tony Sherrill: You’ll see some of the next generation of powered people in this one: all of the Runaways, Nova, Kamala Khan, Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen to name a few. In fact, Mission 1 restricts you from using anyone except for them, as well as X-23, Kate Bishop, Amazing Spider-Woman, and Spider-Girl. Oh, and Spider-Gwen and Kate Bishop are required to fight the Epic Boss in Mission 3. What other villains will we see?

Tony Sherrill: Well, in Mission 1 Zemo captures the younger heroes and transports them to the Savage Land. Here you’ll get to fight evolved dinosaurs called Iso-Saurs. You’ll also get to a chance to fight members of the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. or Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army to Unite Mankind. I love saying that. Shocker, Beetle, Savin, the U Foes, and the Wrecking Crew also make an appearance. Gotta punch em’ all. What kind of tech can we get our hands on?

Tony Sherrill: In this Spec Op you collect Deathlok Tech Components in order to research Deathlok Tech. The themed gear set is called the Deathlok Set. Having more than one of piece of the set applies a heal to the Agent on use. Other bonuses for this set include gaining a permanent blessing to the team, immunity to Winded, Exploit Shields and Paragon Exploiter, as well as increased Evasion and Defense. It’s a fun set.

Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and play the latest Spec Op, coming soon!

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Daimon Hellstrom appears as the next Worthy when S.H.I.E.L.D. touches down in Madripoor!

The Mandarin played the role of savior, rather unexpectedly, in Season 2, Chapter 9 of “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,” as he stopped a large Incursion and revealed to S.H.I.E.L.D. the importance of putting an end to them once and for all.

So S.H.I.E.L.D. moves into Madripoor hoping of finding a solution. Meanwhile, Daimon Hellstrom emerges as the newest Worthy—Angrir, Breaker of Souls—wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

What else does Mandarin have up his sleeve? How much will Count Nefaria’s sudden appearance hurt S.H.I.E.L.D.’s operation in Madripoor? We sat down with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill to get the rundown on what’s coming in this new chapter. After the rise of Bobbi Morse as Nerkkod, Daimon Hellstrom is our next worthy. As Angrir, Breaker of Souls, what options does his new uniform present to players?

Tony Sherrill: The Hammer of Angrir has given Daimon three passives. As expected the Worthy Passive makes him immune to Burning, Chilled, Poisoned, Radiation, and Fear effects. Lost Darksoul combines Darksoul and Netheranium Spire; as Angrir, Daimon will now Counter Fire and Magic attacks, restore Health after attacking, have a chance to nullify enemy Magic attacks, and restore Stamina after nullifying a Magic attack. With his third passive, Breaker of Souls, Angrir gains Infernal Power when an enemy is defeated; this greatly increases damage dealt and greatly decreases damage taken. Will Daimon’s ex-wife Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat, or any other members of the Hellstrom family play a role in his story this chapter?

Tony Sherrill: No guest appearances from Satana or Dormammu. Hellcat will join us as an Avenger with PVP Season 28, which will launch after the release of Chapter 10, so she won’t be making any appearances in this chapter’s story either. If I were her, I’d stay far away from him and all those extra mouths he has now. Incursions are picking up steam and getting worse. What is S.H.I.E.L.D. working on to counter them?

Tony Sherrill: In Chapter 9 the Mandarin informed S.H.I.E.L.D. that Incursions would destroy their world, and the only way to truly stop them was to destroy the other worlds that exist throughout the multiverse. S.H.I.E.L.D. didn’t buy that as the only solution, but the Mandarin saved them that day at an extremely heavy cost: the destruction of an entire world.

Up to this point in the story, S.H.I.E.L.D. has just been trying to bring order to chaos, with most of their time being spent fighting off the Worthy while battling any Incursion they come across. They’ve been so busy “saving the world” that they didn’t realize the magnitude of the threat posed by Incursions. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s encounter with Mandarin finally shed light on the universe-destroying nature of Incursions, and they now have the proper attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m sure several of the brightest minds have started to search for solutions, and Nick Fury always has something up his sleeve. With S.H.I.E.L.D. moving into Madripoor, will players get to touch down for missions in the island nation for the first time?

Tony Sherrill: Yes, and we are really excited about these new maps. Chapter 10 brings two new playable maps; both are located in Madripoor and consist of the high-tech luxurious Hightown named Madripoor and the poverty-stricken Lowtown named Buccaneer Bay. The Madripoor City map has vibrant neon lights and towering skyscrapers. Buccaneer Bay is set in the compact low income housing surrounded by the bay with Madripoor City in the background. Both maps have new combat backgrounds, so now you can battle it out on the docks of Buccaneer Bay or in the slums of Lowtown. Count Nefaria is making his Avengers Alliance debut in this chapter. What has brought him out amidst the current global chaos and what threat does he pose as a boss?

Tony Sherrill: Count Nefaria has his eyes set on Madripoor, but no one, not even the army of the Hand and Maggia he has working for him, knows what his ultimate goal is. One thing is for sure: whatever Count Nefaria is doing is guaranteed to help make the Serpent stronger.

As a boss he has two passives; the typical boss passive that makes him immune to stun and gives him haste. Haste being extra dangerous when combined with the fact that he’s also a Tactician, so I wouldn’t bring Blasters to this fight to avoid giving him an additional turn. With his second passive called Having a Good Time, he will gain Super Nefarious when a hero is knocked out. Super Nefarious will greatly increase damage dealt and greatly reduce damage taken, just like Angrir’s Infernal Power. Another good reason to avoid bringing Blasters is his Brawl attack, where he’ll charge forward and deliver a right hand punch, followed by a left hand punch and finishes with a dual fisted uppercut. This attack gives him Rising Up and Ionic Energy. Ionic Energy will heal Count Nefaria whenever he attacks, which is often considering he has Haste. There are many villains popping up in this chapter. Aside from Nefaria, what other big enemies will players have to contend with?

Tony Sherrill: Chaos is afoot and villains are coming out of the woodwork to exploit it. In this Chapter you’ll be fighting the Mandarin, Sugar Man, Maximus the Mad, Bastion, the Living Monolith, Ultron, Nebula, Black Dwarf, Proxima Midnight, and of course Angrir, Breaker of Souls.

Other fights of interest are the Chapter 10 Heroic Battles, which include Constrictor vs. Hercules, Dracula vs. Blade and Morbius, Maximus the Mad vs. Black Bolt and Medusa, and Victor Mancha and Chase Stein [going] up against Thor. Likewise, what heroes are going to be front and center in Chapter 10?

Tony Sherrill: There will be a wide variety of heroes that make an appearance in this chapter. But the heroes that are needed to unlock the Epic Boss fights in Missions 2 and 6 are Angela, Gorgon, Kate Bishop, Karnak, Karolina Dean, and Sif. We’re all amped to jump into Chapter 10 and explore Madripoor and everything else on offer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the future in our sights. Can you give us a taste of what’s next for Marvel: Avengers Alliance?

Tony Sherrill: We’re hammering out the finals details for Season 2, Chapters 11 and 12. Not to mention Spec Op 33, this will star Cammi Benally as the reward hero and Death Locket as a new villain.

Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and play the latest chapter, coming soon!

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Red She-Hulk kicks off a gamma-infused new mission that also includes The Leader, Winter Soldier, Zzzax, and more!

Get out your Geiger counters, because there’s a radioactive explosion coming to “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”!

The latest Spec Op centers on the Hulk family of characters, introducing Betty Ross’ irradiated alter ego of Red She-Hulk to the game while also bringing in The Leader, Winter Soldier, and Zzzax. We spoke to Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about these smashing new developments. What’s the story behind the latest Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: The Leader has big plans and the first step is kidnapping Betty Ross, infusing her with red gamma radiation and turning her into a monster, which only he controls. Seeing red, Red Hulk is desperate to find her and smash the kidnapper. It’s up to S.H.I.E.L.D. to find her and the kidnapper first, before an angered Red Hulk does and [figures] out what exactly the Leader is planning. How did you settle on Red She-Hulk as the reward hero?

Tony Sherrill: Out of 31 Spec Ops we hadn’t really done that much with the Hulk family, so it was time to dedicate a Spec Op to them. Red She-Hulk had been planned for release at least two years ago, but she was bumped to make room for movie themed Spec Ops and such. Plus she’s Red Hulk’s daughter and as Betty Ross has some history with Hulk, so she really was the perfect fit as the reward hero. What skills and abilities does Red She-Hulk bring to the team?

Tony Sherrill: Red She-Hulk has a passive ability called Gamma Energy which increases Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion, plus restores some health and stamina when gained. Her Gamma Girl passive allows her to gain Gamma Energy when she attacks or is attacked. The Gamma Energy status can also be gained by using her first three attacks, Body Blow, Cage Fight, and Curb Stomp. Body Blow is a melee attack that applies Exhausted and Fumbling. Cage Fight is a melee attack that applies Flanked, Staggered, and Off-balance. Curb Stomp is a melee ground attack that applies Aftershock, Hobbled, and Winded to all enemies. All of this can be exploited with her final move, Savage Strike. Savage Strike has Exploit Opportunity, Ignore Defense, and Unleash Anger. Unleash Anger consumes all stacks of Gamma Energy to deal even more damage. Ouch.

One more thing I’d like to mention about Red She-Hulk is that she has another passive called Beat the Heat, which protects against single target energy and radiation attacks. Another part of her Gamma Girl passive makes her immune to Radiation Effects. Beat the Heat plays very nicely with Gamma Girl, as the more she is attacked, the more Gamma Energy she will gain, which in turn increases her stats and heals her some. She can only gain a maximum of five stacks of Gamma Energy. Zzzax is a cool and interesting choice for a group boss—how did that come about?

Tony Sherrill: We knew we were dedicating this Spec Op to the Hulks, so now came the fun part of deciding which bad guys to punch in the face. Hulk has fought and defeated Zzzax on several occasions in the comics, but we also wanted to use the Leader. The Leader didn’t really feel like a Group Boss. He’s more like the man with the plan, so we settled on the 40’ tall—about 12’ in [the game]—electromagnetic being of psionic energy. Winter Soldier is a long-awaited hero—what made now the time to have him as the Lockbox reward?

Tony Sherrill: As the Leader’s plan slowly unfolds his Supernatural Intelligence comes in to play, as he’s using his Telepathy to control certain individuals in order to complete his main objective. The Winter Soldier is one of those individuals. What other villains and heroes will play a major role in this Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: For villains we’ll have Winter Soldier, Abomination, Absorbing Man, and Worthy She-Hulk aka Skirn, Breaker of Men as mini-bosses. As far as hero deploys are concerned we have Molly Hayes, Falcon, Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow as the required heroes for this gamma infused Spec Op. What types of tech will we be researching as we go?

Tony Sherrill: The Contamination Set is the new set for this Spec Op, although only one of the four pieces is linked to research. That’s the Radiation Injector. This weapon has a new status called Radiation Fatigue, which causes the enemy to take extra damage from radiation attacks. If you have another piece of the set equipped then this weapon gains a new status called Irradiated, which is like a form of Radiation Exposure that cannot be removed. The other three pieces are the Limited Edition Big Brother, the Photon Ray, which is won in the Daily Bonus Spin, and the Epic Boss Drop named Premonition Actuator. 

The Premonition Actuator is a quick action that applies Clairvoyance (Mirror Image) to your entire team. If you have another piece of the set equipped then this weapon will also have a high chance of applying Mind Control to the entire enemy team.

The Photon Ray applies the Gamma Exposure and Radiation Exposure statuses. With its set bonus it Exploits Radiation Fatigue, in addition to doing Overexposure, which is like Hemorrhage for Radiation Exposure.

My personal favorite is the Big Brother and not just because I’m a big brother. This weapon has a three round cooldown, but each piece of the set you have equipped will reduce the cool down by one. The Big Brother places a buff status on the Agent called Nuclear Launch Detected. If the Agent is eliminated then the launch is prevented. If not, then three turns later a nuke will drop. This nuke has the Catastrophic, Deadly Crits, and High Crits statuses that will apply three stacks of Radiation Exposure, Exhausted, Neutralized, and Staggered on the entire enemy team. The set bonus will also apply Chaos Shot and Irradiated on all enemies.

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Jessica Jones joins the game, along with four new villains and much more!

The world knows her name thanks to “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” on Netflix, and now one of the toughest heroes around hits the streets in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” with a brand new Spec Op!

Jessica Jones brings four new villains, a fresh Lockbox hero, and more in her wake as part of Spec Op 31. SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN fans in particular will love this one. We got all the latest info from “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” Associate Producer Tony Sherrill! What’s the story behind this new Jessica Jones-centric Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: Boomerang picks a fight with the Shocker, sending a message from the Owl. This sparks a gang war in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Kingpin hears the message clearly, and decides to take matters into his own hands. Now it’s up to Jessica Jones to face Kingpin and get the streets back under control. What class of hero is Jessica and what unique attributes does she bring to the game?

Tony Sherrill: She’s a street level fighter, a Bruiser. She’s got a Short Fuse—chance to gain Combat Awareness when attacked—and throws fists like a truck. Her Bar Room Brawl ability applies Combo Setup, Wide-Open, and Targeted on the enemy, while applying a Grit status to her. Grit increases Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion and can stacks up to five times. Jessica is very resourceful and has an attack that demonstrates her ability to improvise called “I’m Resourceful.” This is a multi-function attack where the player can choose one of three objects: a bus stop sign, fire hydrant or a parking meter, which do all sorts of useful debuffs to the enemy. She also has an AOE Stun attack, where she throws a S.W.A.T. van at the entire enemy team. What villains will be posing the threat here? Seems we’ve got a bit of a SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN vibe going…

Tony Sherrill: In this Spec Op players will get to fight the Shocker, Janice Lincoln as the Beetle, and Kingpin as a Group Boss. Purple Man and the Owl also show their ugly faces. Shocker has some great classic moves, like a two hand blast called Shocking! And an area attack called Shocker Smash, where he charges up his gauntlets, aims them at the ground and blasts himself into the air and off the screen. He then comes back down with both hands above his head, and as he hits the ground he activates both gauntlets causing a huge earthquake. But my favorite move of his is when he comes driving in on his Shocker-Mobile, which is based off the SUPERIOR FOES comics, he extends an arm forward and blasts the enemies with an air blast explosion, then continues to drive through the opposing team.

Beetle packs a lot of fire power and will blast away at good guys with her Incinerator Ray, Bertha her Rocket Launcher or an Automatic Pistol. Beetle has a Battle Preparation Passive that gives her a chance to follow up on ally attacks or even her own counter-attacks. This goes great with the fact that she’s a dual-class Tactician and Infiltrator, so she can gain the advantages of both classes. She also has a Durable Armor passive that gives her a chance to significantly reduce the damage received from an attack.

Since Kingpin is a Group Boss he does a variety of things. He functions a little differently, depending on which class he is. He often comes with minions, from the Maggia, Hand, and Hellfire Grunts to Street Thugs. Kingpin buffs his minions with Rising Up at the start of combat. He slaps, he punches, and beats you with his cane. Kingpin, as the surprisingly flexible martial arts master that he is, also has an area attack, where he will punch, cane strike, karate chop, and kick your entire team in a fury of attacks. Any Lockbox characters available?

Tony Sherrill: Yes, Boomerang! Fred Myers has 10 different attacks, which involve a wide variety of boomerangs. His boomerangs apply an even wider variety of debuff statues. He is a Master Marksman whose attacks almost never miss and because boomerangs do not travel in a straight line, all his boomerang attacks are stealthy, which also means they avoid Protect and Counter Attacks. Eight of his 10 attacks have a status called “What Goes Around.” This new status gives him a chance to hit the target an additional time. When Boomerang‘s health is low he deals increasing damage as his health lowers, plus he has an increased chance to trigger What Goes Around. What other heroes get in on the action?

Tony Sherrill: Lots of heroes come to Jessica’s aid. Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Punisher join the fight, in addition to Misty Knight with her Satan Claw 2.0. Chase Stein with Old Lace, and Elsa Bloodstone make an appearance as well. Even Boomerang gets involved. It’s an all-out street brawl. What kind of gear is up for grabs?

Tony Sherrill: The Maggia plague the streets and seem to be dropping their weapons everywhere. Some of their weapons you can get are the Maggia Tommy Gun, Targeting Device, and Fist weapons. The Tommy Gun applies Bleeding, Burning, and Iso-8 Corruption to all enemies, which is pretty nasty. The Maggia Targeting Device is a Subtle Quick Action that applies Pinpoint and Distraction. Then there’s the Maggia Captain’s Fist, which is a pair of brass knuckles with spikes that does High Crits with a chance to do a follow-up attack, applies Combo Setup and Bleeding, plus gives the Agent a chance to defy death itself with a status called Juiced Up. Juiced Up makes attacks that would reduce health to 0 have a chance to reduce health to 1% instead. You can also win a Mailbox from Mission 2. The Mailbox, which looks like a mailbox that has been ripped out from the ground, applies the Internal Bleeding, Dazed, and Stun statuses. How does this side story tie in with the larger tale?

Tony Sherrill: This Spec Op story ties in ever so slightly with our ongoing Season 2 story. Jessica is appointed to lead a response team in order to get the streets of Hell’s Kitchen back under control, however, there’s one person that S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn’t recruit: Luke Cage. Luke Cage became a Worthy when he was enticed by a hammer and is now running around spreading fear and chaos as Nul, Breaker of Worlds. There’s also a mention of Nefaria in this Spec Op. Count Nefaria will actually be a boss in Season 2 Chapter 10.

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Misty Knight takes no prisoners as the latest addition to the hit mobile game!

The action never stops in “Marvel Avengers Alliance,” and with Misty Knight as the latest addition to the roster, you can be sure she’ll be right in the thick of it! We talked to Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about all the delicious details! Hot on the heels of the last PvP and as we’ve got a Spec Op running, a new PvP! How difficult is it to crank so much content out back to back?

Tony Sherrill: It’s not easy, that’s for sure. We are a small dedicated team that is very passionate about Marvel and “Avengers Alliance.” After three and a half years of releasing content on almost a weekly basis, the team has grown to become something of a well-oiled machine. From stunning art and challenging combat to a compelling story written by Alex Irvine, we do our best to breathe new life into MAA with each new content release. It couldn’t be done without such an amazing team and it most definitely couldn’t be done without our fans. Misty Knight is the reward hero for this PVP—tell us about her.

Tony Sherrill: As a former NYPD cop with a weaponized technopathic prosthetic arm, we knew she needed to be able to stand on her own. She’s a powerfully dangerous one-woman army that brings a lot to the team. We’ve even been playing around with ideas on basing a Spec Op around her and some of her cohorts in the future. We’ll see what happens. What class is Misty and what types of abilities does she possess?

Tony Sherrill: She’s an Un-exploitable Blaster, that doesn’t take extra damage from exploit status effects. Her Armed and Dangerous ability gives her a 60% chance to perform a second. Whenever she gains that second attack, she’ll also gain the Perfect Shot status, which makes the next ranged attack deal extra damage. This goes great with her “Gonna Git You” passive that applies a Marked for Revenge status on enemies when they attack, increasing the damage done on the next attack. This is where her “Shut Yo’ Mouth!” attack comes into play. Not only does it have Deadly Crits, but it exploits essentially everything with Vindictive Exploitation. Then there’s her Satan Claw 2.0 ability, which is a multi-function attack. It has three different attacks that she can use all in one round. You can actually check it out in game now, as she can be viewed on the Team Page in game. What else can players win during this round of PvP?

Tony Sherrill: There’s a really great weapon called the Roaring Rampage. It’s a Misty Knight flavored sawed-off shotgun. It plays off Misty’s Marked for Revenge ability, plus includes Vindictive, which guarantees to hit, crit, and ignore most evasion effects on targets that are Marked for Revenge. It also has Brutal Strike. The prize I’m going for is the Energizing Empowered Iso-8. This Tactician specific E-Iso has Calculating, Revitalized, and Unrelenting, which in order, prevents effects that Lockout Buff and Debuff Actions, restores stamina when Tactical Maneuvers is applied, and makes the Tactician Immune to Exhausted. This is the one to get. PvP Heroes always become available after a short period of time, but we have no plans to make these Vibranium League E-Iso rewards available anytime soon, if ever.

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Recruit Spitfire and Baron Mordo to bring the fight to Dracula in time for Halloween!

With Halloween looming, the monsters come out in a brand new “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” Spec Op mission!

Dracula has risen once more, and an array of new allies—from the speedster Spitfire to former foe Baron Mordo—will be needed to stick a stake back in the vampire lord. We talked to Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about what to expect! Tony, what’s the story behind this year’s Halloween Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: Something sorcerous is in the air. An evil plot is brewing. Vampire attacks are on the rise. Spitfire blazes into action, joining S.H.I.E.L.D. in the fight against vampires, while Doctor Strange rescues an old rival to aid in their search for three shadowy spell-casters. Basically, vampires and witches are running amok and somebody needs to punch them in the face. I know these are always a highlight for you guys, so when did you start planning this one?

Tony Sherrill: Halloween Spec Ops are a lot of fun to plan. We started cooking up ideas around February of this year. We generated a big list of characters and selected those that had that Halloween feel. Another fun thing we like to do is add a themed gift to share with your friends. This year’s gift is a Pumpkin Fruit Pie. The Pumpkin Fruit Pie is an homage to Fruit Pie ads that featured prominent super heroes in old Marvel Comics in the 1970’s. We were tempted to add in some pumpkin seeds, but stuck with a thick pumpkin cream filling. Who are the villains in this Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: The Dark Lord Dracula returns with his vampire army; Dormammu’s sister Umar the Unrelenting, sorceress Morgan le Fay, and Hela, Goddess of Death, are the main bosses. You’ll also get to fight The Hood, Jack O’Lantern, and Malekith. Dormammu will be an Epic Boss and has been improved to be a lot nastier. A couple of his new statuses are Sense of Dread—pre-counters attackers with DOT effects—and Prey on the Weak—regains health when attacking or attacked by targets with low health. What does Spitfire bring to the table as the reward hero?

Tony Sherrill: As part vampire, part android, and part human, Spitfire has a lot to offer when it comes to slaying vampires. Her Hyper-Speed allows her to take two actions every round, with an increased chance to go first. Her Together Passive has a chance to allow allies to join-in on single-target attacks. She also has a nasty bite attack that has Fatal Blow, and will restore her to full health and stamina when an enemy is knocked out from her bite, in addition to her Accelerated Healing Passive, that gradually restores Health during combat.

Spitfire in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Spitfire in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Which other characters will be spotlighted?

Tony Sherrill: We thought Dracula was awesome enough to become a Group Boss. Dracula will have his vampires by his side in all Group Boss battles and will have a new trick for whichever class you may be facing him in. Taking Dracula’s health down by 5% will reward you with Arcane Lockboxes. Collect these Lockboxes to unlock Baron Mordo!

Spoiler: Baron Mordo was offed in Season 2:  Chapter 8: Mission 4, when “Dormammu turned the Mindless Ones on him.” But Doctor Strange has his mysterious ways.

Baron Mordo has some fun mechanics. His Shield of the Seraphim gives him a chance to shield himself from damage. Only if an ally is low on health will he consider throwing up a shield on them. He can lock down opponents with his Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, which works like Invisible Woman’s Force Cage. He can Phase and when he’s phased he has several attacks he can use that won’t remove his Astral Form and can bypass Cage effects. He’s also immune to Fatal, Near Fatal, and Brutal effects. What else can we win and look forward to?

Tony Sherrill: There is a lot of Halloween themed gear in this Spec Op. From a Witch’s doll, broom, dagger, and wand to an Amulet, Spell Book, Magic Salt, and a Vial of Ingredients that contains an eyeball, tentacle and a tooth. There’s a dreaded price for using the Vial of Ingredients though: Halitosis. I’m really looking forward to playing this Spec Op.

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