Play as Moon Girl, Dormammu, and more in the hit mobile game!

More of the Inhuman family—alongside a brilliant young girl and a powerful Faltine sorcerer—prepare to join the interdimensional battle of “Marvel Future Fight”! Recruit the likes of Moon Girl, Crystal, Gorgon, and more to aid your team in a new set of set of stages and try the new Reward Pack system.

Maximus the Mad has gathered a number of followers and plots to destroy all humankind to pave the way for Inhuman rule. Eager to quash Maximus’s scheme, Moon Girl, Gorgon, Karnak, Inferno, and Crystal all become members of your team. Take on his sergeants across five stages to put an end to his nefarious plot and, eventually, bring the Inhuman prince to your side as well.

These new stages provide players an opportunity to try out the new Reward Pack system in “Marvel Future Fight.” By completing special challenges in these stages, you can earn rewards of your choice! Pick your challenge and your reward, and then unlock the bonus at the end of the mission.

While the Inhumans take center stage, a certain powerful being also joins the fight—much to the chagrin of Stephen Strange. However, Dormammu certainly proves to be a valuable addition to any team.

So they don’t feel left out in the cold, a few Inhumans already on the roster receive new uniforms as their brethren come aboard. Black Bolt dons his INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING outfit, while Ms. Marvel suits up in her Karachi costume. And the Monsters Unleashed armors continue to drop, as Elsa Bloodstone earns her set.

Unlock these new heroes and uniforms now in “Marvel Future Fight” and stay tuned for the latest news on the game!

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Our favorite gaming titles celebrate the most romantic day of the year!

Get your hearts ready, True Believers, because the stellar teams behind some of Marvel’s biggest mobile games have prepared an awesome variety of Valentine’s Day delights to celebrate the holiday! With so many games and so many fun opportunities at your fingertips, we wanted to breakdown everything that’s happening so you don’t miss a thing! Keep reading gang, we’ve got you covered.

Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy

First up: “Marvel Avengers Academy,” where love hangs heavy over campus. Want to score more Academy Credits and gaze upon robotic infatuation? Look no further than the Stark Industries Tunnel of Love. An animated swan boat ride not enough for ya? Stay tuned for the Hangouts feature, which will allow players to pair up their characters and send them on fun activities.

Next, “Marvel Contest of Champions” where players can take advantage of some fun Valentine Crystal shards. Grab Cyclops, Phoenix, and Wolverine Crystals in a special Valentine’s bundle, pick up Romance Crystals specifically designed to net Heroes with Romance Synergy, and from now until the end of February players get Dimensional Shards in all Daily Deals. Utilize tons of ways to fill out your roster and take it to the Collector on Battlerealm.

“Marvel Future Fight” kicks off Valentine’s Day with a bang! Prepare for a loot explosion, netting you a host of rewards and a 100% XP boost through the entire event. Also, every four hours players can check out their Golden Gift Box for special items like Rank Up tickets, Upgrade Material, and more!

In “Marvel Puzzle Quest” the team at D3 Go! made some awesome Facebook and Twitter Valentine’s Cards featuring Marvel’s most famous couples. Sharing the cards with the hashtag #FavoriteMarvelCouple contributes to a pool, with more shares unlocking higher tier rewards starting at 100 Hero Points all the way up to 5-Star Phoenix and 4-Star Cyclops. Check out the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” Facebook or Twitter pages to get started!

And to round out the Valentine’s fun, everyone’s favorite runner, “Spider-Man Unlimited,” has bonus score multipliers, combos, Vials, and Iso-8 for players plus a “True Love” Bundle Pack featuring Titan Spider-Man, Titan Mary Jane and 130 ISO-8. Could you ask for more?

Whew…get all that? If you’re a fan of Marvel mobile games there’s a ton of stuff going on for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you take advantage of all the awesome offers and stay tuned to for more Marvel Games news and interviews!

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Netmarble brings the Lunar New Year party to the hit mobile game!

The Year of the Rooster begins January 28, but the party starts January 25 for “Marvel Future Fight” players as the Lunar New Year kicks off early! The development team at Netmarble have set up a slew of gifts and events for celebration. From promotional uniforms to check-in rewards and gift boxes, there’s a lot to see and earn over the course of the next two weeks.

Players will absolutely want to jump on the uniform promotion. For just one gold each, you can purchase alternative outfits based on those in the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” film for Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and more! This is by far the easiest it’s ever been to nab some new duds for your heroes, and you’ll want to make sure you have these options available to try out the new Uniform Upgrade system!

Alongside those discounts, players will receive rewards for each of the first seven days they login to the game during the event. Materials and ISO-8 await the diligent who hop in to “Marvel Future Fight” daily! In addition, for those who play more frequently, they’ll find new Lunar Gift Boxes in the mailbox every four hours. These grant a random gift—from extra energy to keep you playing all the way up to 6-Star Mega Rank Up tickets—so you’ll want to check back often to earn as many as you can!

When players log in to the game for the first time during this event, surely eager to grab new uniforms and open their first Lunar Gift Box, they’ll also find a new 2017 event stage welcoming them. After completing the stage, participants will earn tokens that allow them to peruse the Lunar New Year Shop. To go with the event stage, Netmarble has also started a new Battleworld event. Unlike many previous Battleworlds that have only lasted a few days, this one will run for the entire length of the celebration. Dashing through this relay version of the game mode will reward players with biometrics for Elektra, Red Hulk, Hulk (Amadeus Cho), and Bullseye!

With plenty to see and do over the course of this two-week-long event, players will want to leap into the game as often as they can. Grab uniforms and gifts as your heroes take a much-needed respite from the interdimensional battle that’s been raging around them and celebrate the Year of the Rooster in “Marvel Future Fight!”

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New Monsters Unleashed uniforms debut for your favorite ‘Future Fight’ heroes!

Alongside the new Marvel NOW! content in this month’s “Marvel Future Fight” update, Marvel’s Publishing and Games teams collaborated with developer Netmarble to craft an exclusive set of Monsters Unleashed-inspired armors for a select group of the game’s heroes. However, instead of keeping these outfit designs limited to “Marvel Future Fight,” the game’s lead artist Jee-Hyung Lee created a set of connecting MONSTERS UNLEASHED variant covers showing off the heroes in their new gear!

Players can check back throughout the Monsters Unleashed event to grab the new armors as each new issue hits shelves. To get the lowdown on this monstrous team-up, we spoke with Bill Rosemann, Creative Director of Marvel Games, and Jee-Hyung Lee, Netmarble’s artist for “Marvel Future Fight.” How did this collaboration come about?

Bill Rosemann: Months ago, as soon as our Publishing pals Senior Editor Mark Paniccia and Assistant Editor Christina Harrington shared their Monsters Unleashed goodies with us, Senior Producer Danny Koo reached out to our partners at Netmarble, who immediately wanted in on the fun. Speaking of fun, we thought the time was right to once again create something new and exclusive to the game, much like we did when we teamed to introduce the patriotic powerhouse Sharon Rogers during our Captain America 75th Anniversary event back in July. They worked together to forge all-new armored looks for Amadeus Cho [as] Hulk, Medusa, Elsa Bloodstone, Moon-Girl & Devil Dinosaur, and new superstar Kid Kaiju. Together with the five MONSTERS UNLEASHED variant covers by “Marvel Future Fight” artist supreme Jee-Hyung Lee, these exclusive additions show yet again how our Publishing and Games teams consistently unite to deliver the latest excitement that readers and gamers deserve! Why armor? Did you discuss any other kinds of unique uniforms to implement?

Bill Rosemann: When you’re marching forth to battle behemoths like knights of old facing dragons, what better to wear than armor? But in true Marvel fashion we wanted to give each character’s Monsters Unleashed armor a modern twist to reflect our characters’ sci-fi roots. How did you go about choosing which heroes would suit up in this Monsters Unleashed armor?

Bill Rosemann: I don’t want to ruin the fun by giving any spoilers, but I can say that as True Believers read the Monsters Unleashed event, they’ll discover that each of these five characters have key roles in the [plot]. So rather than just selecting our most popular characters, we felt that choosing heroes central to the story would add that extra layer of authenticity that “Marvel Future Fight” players respect. What was the design process like for the new uniforms?

Bill Rosemann: Because Jee-Hyung Lee is so phenomenally talented, the creation period was swift and energizing. Once we agreed on the high concept, it just took a few back-and-forth exchanges about specific character elements and detailing to nail each final image. Every day Danny and I would open our email, hoping for the arrival of a new sketch or updated colors, and each time Jee-Hyung blew us away with his creativity, design sense and character knowledge. When did the variant covers come into the mix?

Bill Rosemann: The teams at Marvel Games and Netmarble always aim to over-deliver, so we just kept piling on the ideas. Hey, what if we spotlight and introduce characters with key roles in the event? Hey, what if we design all-new, exclusive uniforms for them? Hey, what if Jee-Hyung creates new in-game art of each character? Hey, what if we ask Editorial if they want to publish Jee-Hyung’s art as variant covers for each issue of MONSTERS UNLEASHED? It’s all about having fun, stretching those creative muscles, and delivering the ultimate gaming experience to True Believers. Jee-Hyung, were you excited to bring your “Marvel Future Fight” style to these covers?

Jee-Hyung Lee: As a concept artist, it is especially exciting to be able to design costumes because it is an opportunity for me to clothe characters I am a fan of.  I was delighted to be creative without straying too far off their original concepts of course. What was your inspiration for each hero’s look in the cover art?

Jee-Hyung Lee: I wanted to divide the five connected illustrations by color. Each hero has a key color that represents them. In my design, I displayed certain colors on certain areas of their body to really emphasize those areas. I wanted the characters to express their personalities through their facial expressions. This is why the viewer will be able to see eye-to-eye with the six characters including Devil Dinosaur and even Kid Kaiju’s summoned monsters.

Enjoy new armor in “Marvel Future Fight” and be sure to pick up MONSTERS UNLEASHED, issue #1 on sale now and issue #2 coming next week on February 1!

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Download the latest updates including new characters and costumes!

The latest update for “Marvel Future Fight” brings a double whammy of content drawing inspiration from the latest Marvel comics. Most of the new characters and costumes come by way of Marvel NOW! while one familiar hero takes a monstrous turn with a new look as the uniform system overall sees a big change. All of this comes on the heels of the Lunar New Year event starting later this month.

“One of the aspects we love about ‘Marvel Future Fight’ is that it gives players the chance to play with unique versions of the Super Heroes they love, and not just their traditional depictions,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at Netmarble Games. “We want to consistently continue to diversify players’ gameplay and strategy by including new features—like the Uniform Upgrade, for example.”

The uniform upgrade system allows players to accrue experience for individual outfits and use it to unlock stat boosts on those costumes. Train up your hero’s uniforms to unlock different stat boosts and swap them in and out to give your heroes the edge they need for the battle ahead.mff_v280_1280x720_global

Alongside this new feature, five heroes receive new looks in this update: Yellowjacket, Captain America, Red Hulk, Squirrel Girl, and Hulk (Amadeus Cho). The first four receive Marvel NOW!-themed upgrades, while Hulk gains a new uniform based on an upcoming variant cover for the Monsters Unleashed event kicking off later this month.

Three new heroes also join the interdimensional battle. Kate Bishop as Hawkeye, Inhuman Queen Medusa, and teen prodigy Ironheart all eagerly bring their unique skill sets to the team. And there will be plenty for them to do as the Lunar New Year event kicks off in a few weeks. As the New York of “Marvel Future Fight” becomes blanketed in snow, players can collect special tokens as they clear stages to unlock new exclusive items. We’ll have more details to share on the event closer to its launch on January 24.

“With their new Marvel NOW! series hitting over the past few weeks, the pinpoint timing of the ‘Marvel Future Fight’ team for their latest update–which allows you to jump from the game to comics and back again–gets a virtual high-five from my inner True Believer,” said Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann. “Did you love U.S.AVENGERS? Check out the patriotic versions of Red Hulk and Squirrel Girl in ‘Marvel Future Fight!’ Intrigued by the Super Soldier’s new uniform? Learn how he’s pulling everyone’s strings as a secret Hydra agent in CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS! Love playing as Medusa? See her lead her kingdom against the mutants in Inhumans vs. X-Men! Want to learn more about Kate Bishop after you kick butt with her in the game? Read HAWKEYE! Can’t get enough of RiRi Williams [as] Ironheart? Take her for a spin! If it’s the latest and greatest you crave, we have your Marvel NOW!

The team at Netmarble constantly work to improve players’ overall experience with the game, even while they bring new content in the form of heroes, villains, stages, raids, uniforms and more. To that end, a handful of UI upgrades that streamline ISO-8 usage and Hero Gear round out this latest update.

“Marvel Future Fight” is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store, and you can follow the latest game news on!

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An exciting assortment of new characters join the mobile hit!

When The Enchantress puts a new evil plot into motion, your team needs the aid of Asgardian heroes like Ulik, Volstagg, Fandral, and more to take her on in the latest update for “Marvel Future Fight.” Alongside all the new Asgard-centric content, players will discover new endgame activities, a new multiplayer mode, and a new level cap to climb to.

We grabbed Doo Hyun Cho, Dev Director for “Marvel Future Fight,” to get a full rundown of all the new stuff we’ll see as Enchantress makes her move. “Marvel Future Fight” is getting a plethora of Asgardian content. What new heroes and villains will players be able to recruit for their teams?

Doo Hyun Cho: As a developer of “Marvel Future Fight,” we hope that our players play all the characters. We don’t want to see any particular character go to waste, since each character has their own advantage and was created with much effort and thought. If we have to choose some favorites, I would say it’s Odin, Enchantress, and Volstagg. When it comes to game balance, Odin is definitely one of the strongest. Even though it is difficult to find and upgrade him, he is definitely one of the most satisfying to have in the long run. For Enchantress, we gave her a skill called “Fatal Illusion” to design her as close to the comics as possible. “Fatal Illusion” is a skill that is very satisfying to use because it is very versatile and befits her character as it enables her to charm and incapacitate her enemies for a short duration. We had a lot of fun with Volstagg as we wanted his animation to really fit his looks. Not only is he fun to watch, but he also has excellent skills that will surely entertain the players. What new missions will these heroes be able to participate in once they’ve joined the fight?

Doo Hyun Cho: Chapters 11 and 12 were added to the story missions and are based around Asgard and will showcase Asgard and their heroes, including Malekith—who is already in game—Ulik, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun, Hela, and many more. Also, if you clear the final chapter of the new story mission, you will be able to acquire one of the strongest characters in the game, Odin. A new lineup of big boss enemies including Ymir, Surtur, Midgard Serpent, Fenris Wolf, and more will give the players another avenue of entertainment in these new story missions. What is Enchantress hoping to accomplish amidst the interdimensional chaos?

Doo Hyun Cho: Enchantress is a greedy character who desires to take control of all things. Her goal is the destruction of the world, but to do this she manipulates the likes of Asgardian heroes such as Odin, and villains such as Ulik, and Loki, and powerful mythic giants including Ymir and Surtur. If everything goes her way, the world will be destroyed, so players must fight to stop her. Alongside the new story content, there’s also a new multiplayer mode and some new endgame activities. How did you design the new three-player raids?

Doo Hyun Cho: It’s already been about a year since “Marvel Future Fight” was launched. There’s been a lot of changes since then, and we’ve been adding a lot of ways for our long-time players to constantly find new entertainment. Looking back, we realized that the restrictions on the level caps and other restrictions prevented these users from fully enjoying the game.

The goal of the new game mode, World Boss Invasion, was to enable all players regardless of rank and level to cooperate and enjoy new content together. Players, regardless of their character’s rank or mastery can join in a World Boss Invasion and collect rewards.

By playing in World Boss Invasion, players will be able to check out what skills their characters are capable of and experience the power of their characters. We are confident that players of “Marvel Future Fight” will enjoy being able to play together. The Extreme Challenge mode seems like a great way for max-level players to work toward the new level cap. What challenges await everyone in this new game type?

Doo Hyun Cho: When Alliance Battles were first added to the game, the variation in the upgrade level of the players’ characters made it entertaining. However, the longer the game was in service and as more characters were max upgraded, it was difficult to find any variation to the existing Alliance Battles. Entertainment plateaued, and therefore we added Extreme Mode. The rewards that result from Extreme Mode will depend not only on the character’s level, but also by how well the player controls his characters. We expect that this newfound form of entertainment will encourage players to play and raise their level. What rewards will players find as they climb to the new level cap of 70?

Doo Hyun Cho: With the lifting of the S.H.I.E.L.D. level to 70, there was also a change in gear items. Now, Uru, which can be collected in the Asgard story missions, can be equipped to gear. These enchanted Urus can be equipped on all slots once you reach level 70. Also, when five Uru are equipped on one piece of gear, they can be amplified to make the character even stronger.

Keep up with all the latest “Marvel Future Fight” news on and through our social channels!

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The super sonic king of the Inhumans makes his voice heard across Marvel games!

With over 75 years of rich history, the Marvel Universe has produced countless memorable heroes and villains. On a regular basis, Marvel Games Presents will highlight these characters’ histories as well as shine a spotlight on their current gaming appearances.

Today, the spotlight falls on the leader of Marvel’s next television stars, the Inhumans, Black Bolt!

Fantastic Four (1961) #45

Fantastic Four (1961) #45

  • Published: December 10, 1965
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 06, 2009
  • Penciller: Jack Kirby
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Exposed to the power-granting Terrigen mist while still an embryo, Blackagar Boltagon developed the ability to manipulate electrons in addition to a destructive sonic force unleashed by even a whisper of his voice. A silent and thoughtful leader, Black Bolt would become king of the Inhumans, ruling alongside his queen, Medusa, and the rest of the royal family.

“Black Bolt is a fascinating character. He is the embodiment of duty and responsibility as a monarch, choosing to restrain his awesome power and only using it as a last resort. In a world where we see our leaders becoming pettier and more egotistic by the day, Blackagar Boltagon represents the purest idea of an enlightened ruler, one who sacrifices for his own people.” – Gabriel Frizzera, Art Director on “Marvel Contest of Champions”


“It was difficult for us to bring the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, into our game. The concept of his voice being destructive was interesting, but it also made it difficult to envision and realize into ‘Marvel Future Fight.’ The effort that went into the character is why I have a particular affection for Black Bolt.

“When we first started developing Black Bolt’s skill set, our primary objective was to show the players the magnanimity of his position as King of the Inhumans and the destructive capabilities of his voice as expressed in the original comics. From design to character animation, we persistently adjusted his skill composition and effects to create the Black Bolt we have now. Since then, we have been collecting feedback from our users and have adjusted the range and distance of Black Bolt’s Quasi-sonic Scream attacks and also reduced the cool down time so players can get more of the percussion feel. To increase his [ability to survive], when Black Bolt advances to Tier-2, he now becomes immune to damage while using the Quasi-sonic Scream. Also, to show that sound waves are on the most part unavoidable, we added the ‘Ignore Dodge’ buff to the skill. These changes will showcase a Black Bolt that aligns more closely with the original comics.

“As the person in charge of the development team for ‘Future Fight,’ my hope and pleasure would be to know that our players felt absolute power while playing this character. Furthermore, we plan on improving many of the characters to be more similar to the original comics and to be even more exciting to play. Look forward to seeing what lies in the future for ‘Marvel Future Fight.'” – Doohyun Cho, Dev Director of “Marvel Future Fight”

“Silent and Stoic. There is not that much more to say about Black Bolt. I think the coolness of the All-New All-Different costume speaks for itself and I am proud of the attention the artist put into this model. I am hoping our fans are speechless when they see Black Bolt in action.  Also, Black Bolt destroys things with his voice. ‘Nuff Said.” – Chris Frenton, Art Director of “Marvel Heroes 2016”


“Black Bolt is a really strong 5-star character in ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’. He has a Quasi-Sonic power that will destroy part of the board with a whisper or the entire board with a scream causing massive damage when it is built up. But be careful with his passive ability as it can cause a ton of damage if not closely monitored!” – Josh Austin, D3 Go! Producer on “Marvel Puzzle Quest”

“His skill will be focused on his most devastating power – his quasi-sonic voice. The animation will be destructive!” – NHN PlayArt Corp., “Marvel Tsum Tsum”

Uncanny Inhumans (2015) #15

Uncanny Inhumans (2015) #15

Follow Black Bolt’s ongoing adventures in UNCANNY INHUMANS, issue #15 currently on sale!

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The Sorcerer Supreme, along with his enemies and allies, unlock new dimensions of the game!

Stephen Strange brings a touch of magic to the roster of “Marvel Future Fight” in the game’s newest update. Not only does he bring his mystical abilities to the fight, but also a new kind of story-focused quest type! Now, through a series of missions, players can experience the story of Stephen’s strange quest to become Sorcerer Supreme.

Of course, he doesn’t come into this battle alone. No, the Sorcerer Supreme brings with him a bevy of strong fighters, including Wong—his faithful friend and companion—and Clea—a powerful sorceress trained by Doctor Strange himself!

We grabbed some time with Cho Doohyun, Development Director at Netmarble, to get the low-down on this new Epic Quest and other changes coming to “Marvel Future Fight.” This update brings a new kind of quest to “Marvel Future Fight”: Epic Quests. What will these be like, both in general, and in the case of the Sorcerer Supreme quest players will get their hands on here? 

Cho Doohyun: We always wanted “Marvel Future Fight” to bring the best gaming experience of the Marvel Universe. The new Epic Quest content was designed to help the game take a step forward to accomplish that goal. You can play and train Doctor Strange by following the stories of the Sorcerer Supreme. Our goal is to help players understand the Marvel Universe and Doctor Strange, in addition to being absorbed in the game. To go with the Epic Quest, we’re also seeing a slew of new characters and uniforms connected to the Strange magician himself. Who’s joining the roster, and who’s getting new looks? 

Cho Doohyun: Players will encounter many characters through the Epic Quest. These characters will be from both the movies and the comics [including] Doctor Strange, The Ancient One, Baron Mordo, Wong, Kaecilius, Satana, Hellstorm, Clea, and more. In our new game mode, Memory Mission, you can train Satana, Hellstorm, and Clea. You can think of Epic Quest as a Doctor Strange-exclusive mini game inside the “Marvel Future Fight” game. Who do you think players will be most excited to get added to their team? 

Cho Doohyun: Well, I think most players would be excited about Doctor Strange. Personally, I’m a big fan of both Wong and Clea. Clea has exciting skills, so I have big expectations for her. Alongside the Doctor Strange content, there are some updates coming for Shadowland and Alliance Battle. First, can you tell us how the new King of the Hill version of the final Shadowland floor plays? 

Cho Doohyun: This idea started with an understanding of the identity of Shadowland. Shadowland is the base of the Hand, and we thought it would be fun if players fought against each other to take the throne. The first player who clears the 25th floor gets to be the Master of the Hand and from then on, other players who complete the 25th floor can challenge the current Master for the Throne. The Master of the Hand will basically change on a daily basis, but the player who claims the Throne the most in the given week, will be the Master of the Hand.                                                                                                                                               And for Alliance Battle, there’s going to be a new difficulty mode. How will this Hard Mode differ from the standard Alliance Battle players have been using so far? 

Cho Doohyun: We designed the Alliance Battle to be a game mode where players can see how powerful their Alliance is. This game mode has been out for a while now, and we’ve come to find some unintended results. We decided to rejuvenate it by adding the Extreme Mode. With the Extreme Mode, players receive points based on their skill. This will give clarity to who the best players are, as well as incentivizing players to secure a larger variety of characters. We’re all amped to pick up and play the new content in this update, but can you tease any of what’s coming down the road?

Cho Doohyun: “Marvel Future Fight” has so much more content to introduce to you, including more amazing characters and stories from the Marvel Universe. Next time, we’ll see you in Asgard, the home of gods!

Play “Marvel Future Fight” now and stay tuned to in the coming days and weeks for the latest on Doctor Strange in other Marvel games. Marvel Insiders also earn points for checking out each of these articles! To become a Marvel Insider, join here:

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Recruit street level heroes to take down a corrupted Daredevil!

The latest update for “Marvel Future Fight” brings a slew of new PVE content for rookie players and hardcore fans alike. Pulling inspiration from the 2010 Shadowland event, players will find themselves up against The Hand and their newest leader: Daredevil himself! The assassin cult has released a demon—The Beast—who has possessed the Man Without Fear in an effort to use his status as a hero to get close to the rest of the team.

In order to defeat Daredevil, players will work through the most difficult combat ever seen in “Marvel Future Fight,” battling more and more powerful bosses to dispatch the Hand’s lieutenants and clear a path straight to their new boss. Your team of heroes won’t be alone in this fight, however, as some new faces join the ranks to face off against their former ally. Shang Chi—the Master of Kung Fu—uses a mix of the physical and mystical arts to dispatch his enemies with ease, while Misty Knight—cunning detective and one-time leader of the Heroes for Hire—baffles foes with her bioengineered arm, throwing ice and lightning to defeat the Hand’s assassins.

Alongside the new stages pitting players against The Hand and Daredevil, a new challenge mode will task them with climbing a tower, battling an ever increasing number of Hand assassins to reach the top and unlock new rewards. And what better way to dive headlong into this challenge than with new uniforms? Moon Knight sports a new armored costume, while Ghost Rider gets his INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING look. Black Cat and Daredevil can unlock their All-New, All-Different looks as well.

Netmarble hasn’t left their PVP fans in the dust. Changes to Alliance tournaments add match replays and allow for tournaments to run more quickly, while Cheer Rewards have been updated to more appropriately reflect the ranks of teams involved.

Dive into Shadowland, bring some of Marvel’s greatest street-level heroes to your team, and defeat the demon inside the Man Without Fear in “Marvel Future Fight”!

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The breakout character makes her Marvel Games debut, and she's bringing the New Avengers with her!

The latest update for “Marvel Future Fight” brings the New Avengers into the mix, and they’re not alone. Gwen Poole, known as the “hero” Gwenpool in the Marvel Universe, brings her mercenary ways to the “Future Fight” roster. Recruit her alongside the New Avengers—including White Tiger, Wiccan, Hulkling, Songbird, and Squirrel Girl—to bring a whole new dynamic to your team.

We took the opportunity to chat with Cho Doohyun, Development Director at Netmarble, to get an idea of what these heroes bring to the table, and to hear about changes coming to “Marvel Future Fight.” The New Avengers headline this update, in a larger character addition than we’ve seen in a while. What do each of the new heroes bring to the table?

Cho Doohyun: Well, speaking of the New Avengers, our focus was to maximize their characteristics. But at the same time, we wanted our players to easily understand their features. We also thought it was necessary to design our characters as powerful as their comic book origins so our version of New Avengers could live up to the fans’ expectation.

For example, Wiccan can manipulate reality. So we gave him a skill called Dispel Zone. This skill can deal damage to enemies even when they are in immune status. Other New Avengers have their own unique skills which reflect each character traits, and you can check them out in our game. Hope everyone enjoys this update! The team is also bringing with them a new special mission; what can you tell us about that?

Cho Doohyun: As you know, we have used special missions to introduce the outlook of the Marvel Universe and to provide alternative fun with spin-off stories. With our New Avengers special missions, we wanted to introduce these individual characters, such as Wiccan, Hulking, White Tiger, Songbird, Squirrel Girl, to our players. Special missions will help players to collect these characters as well. With the special missions and the line of new heroes, I hope we are bringing a breath of fresh air to the game. Gwenpool was only introduced in the comics last year and hasn’t appeared yet in a game. How did you end up bringing her into “Future Fight”?

Cho Doohyun: We are honored to have the opportunity to introduce Gwenpool as a game character [for the] first time ever. And I would like to give my special thanks to Danny Koo, our production counterpart at Marvel Interactive, who has always been passionate and supportive to the game.

When Danny first made his suggestion on Gwenpool, we said “yes” without hesitation. And our collaborative efforts on illustrating her character highlights in all aspects, including design, skills and motions, ended up [with] pretty satisfactory results. Alliances are getting a new way to tackle PVP and earn bonus rewards; how will this work?

Cho Doohyun: Two keywords for Alliances we had were cooperation and competition. With the Alliance Battle we introduced in the past, I think we were able to deliver these keywords to a certain extent. In Alliances Battle, each member of Alliances gains individual scores, and the sum of those scores determines the rank of your Alliance each week.

Alliance Tournament is a whole new addition to the existing Alliance Battle that drives the competition among Alliances to the next level. [The top] 16 Alliances based on Alliance Battle scores from the previous week get to participate in asynchronous PVP tournament. Our intention with the tournament is to give additional motivation to players for more competition and teamwork.

And for those who do not get to play in the actual tournament, we are providing ways to support the top 16 Alliances so you get to be a part of the competition in one way or another. Some existing special missions are becoming Dimension Rift stages, are there any other updates coming to this mode?

Cho Doohyun: We had a lot of feedback from players stating that the existing Dimension Rifts were boring since we [hadn’t] made changes to them since they were introduced. We agreed that it was time for a change and that we needed new rules to deliver new fun.

We reformed Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man special missions [and] moved them to be included in Dimension Rifts with some new rules implemented so the contents could feel somewhat new. We made it easier to unlock Dimension Rift so that you can play it with your friends. Also, we added achievements for Dimension Rift so that everyone who played your Dimension Rift can share the rewards, hoping this could strengthen the sense of community. There are also some visual changes coming in the form of uniforms and “primary characters”—what do these entail?

Cho Doohyun: All of the characters in our game are originated in Marvel Universe. It is extremely important to us that we are delivering the charms of our characters properly. In the past we made changes to Iron Man’s modeling to better reflect the inspiration from the movie “Captain America: Civil War.” And this time we are improving Sharon Rogers and Sin’s faces for better looks. Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Winter Soldier had changes to their body shapes. Character modeling improvement will be a continuous effort so our characters live up to players’ expectation.

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