Prepare yourself for their television debut with a royal adventure across five Marvel games!

The Inhuman Royal Family make their television debut at the end of September, but your favorite Marvel games are rolling out the red carpet well in advance of the monarchy’s arrival. We talked to a lot of people about the Inhuman goodies on the horizon, from the fine folks working on “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “Marvel Avengers Academy,” and “Marvel Puzzle Quest” to “Marvel Heroes Omega” and “Marvel Powers United VR.” Are you ready for the terrigen knowledge bomb we’re about to drop? We sure hope so!

The Inhumans Arrive in Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions” kicks off our Inhuman fun. Take Medusa into the Collector’s contest where she joins Black Bolt and her cousin Karnak as the Inhuman representatives on Battlerealm. You might have also seen Lockjaw in game already! Isn’t he just the cutest? Alongside Medusa and Lockjaw, players will also get to play an Inhuman-centric event pitting the chosen of Attilan against the Iso-8 Mafia.

“The Inhumans are one of my favorite Marvel families, because they have always been so weird,” exclaimed Gabe Frizzera, Art Director at Kabam. “The unapologetic ‘Kirbyness’ of the stories, with the lofty themes of alien gods experimenting with the fates of early humans, was one of my first tastes of sci-fi as a kid. I love every time we have a chance to bring an Inhuman to the Contest of Champions, especially Royals. I think they fit beautifully in our particular brand of Marvel cosmic extravaganza.” We couldn’t agree more.

The Inhumans Reveal Themselves in Marvel Avengers Academy

Not to be outdone, “Marvel Avengers Academy” is unleashing an entire event on players involving the Attilan Academy with a whole host of Inhuman characters joining the game’s roster including Medusa, Black Bolt, Crystal, and Triton to name a few.

“It seems like we’ve been waiting forever to introduce the Inhumans royal family to ‘Marvel Avengers Academy,’ shared Allen Warner, Director of Narrative at Tinyco. “We’re so excited that the time has finally come. It’s an awesome opportunity to embrace their inherent potential for comedy and otherworldly weirdness, which have always been big parts of our game, as well as reimagining what all of them would be like as school-aged students from Atillan Academy. I can’t wait for the world to see what our awesome artists have done with Lockjaw’s designs in particular. Hint: He looks even more amazing in a Black Bolt themed dog sweater!”

Lockjaw is a big help in Marvel Puzzle Quest

The gang at D3 Go! aren’t skimping on the Inhumans content either, with everyone’s favorite lovable teleporting dog popping into “Marvel Puzzle Quest” in early September. He joins Black Bolt and Medusa (one of my personal favorite characters, teaming her up with Carnage is so fun you guys!) as the third playable Inhuman and he’s bringing a few friends with him. Wink wink.

“Lockjaw will be our first playable dog character in Marvel Puzzle Quest!” revealed Josh Austin, Senior Producer at D3 Go! “With his Royal Escort ability, not only does he call in the many Inhumans we have in the game including Kamala Khan, Black Bolt, Medusa and Quake, but he also brings in two additional Inhumans: Crystal and Karnak!”

The Inhumans Join Marvel Heroes Omega

Have you picked up “Marvel Heroes Omega” for your PS4 or Xbox One yet? Well if you’ve been waiting for some Inhumans action, Gazillion has you covered. A new-to-console Black Bolt will be joining the playable cast with a costume inspired by his small screen look, as well as a fresh take on his classic outfit fans will no doubt dig.

“With Black Bolt, we introduce players to one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel cannon,” said Anthony Gallegos, Designer at Gazillion. “With a voice that can destroy anything just by whispering, as well as an array of energy powers, super-human speed, and more, we can’t wait for players to try the king of the Inhumans for themselves. Black Bolt’s silence is only a reminder of his power and restraint — prepare to be awed when he decides to grace (or destroy) your very essence by daring to speak a word.”

Black Bolt and Lockjaw Make Their Way to Marvel Powers United VR

Last but not least, “Marvel Powers United VR” is adding two new characters to the game: Black Bolt and Crystal. Harness Blackagar’s electron-fueled energies and devastating voice or command the very elements themselves with Crystal Amaquelin. One thing’s for sure – you’ve never experienced Inhuman abilities quite like this before! Take a look at the game play trailer above!

“Having the opportunity to bring Black Bolt and Crystal into the game has been an exciting design and technical adventure,” admitted Mat Kraemer, Creative Director at Sanzaru Games. “They’ve become favorites with our team to throw down and kick some bad guy butt! We can’t wait to see what fans think when they wield Inhumans powers and jump into the fight!”

Before we sign off, we’ll leave you with a word from your man @ Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, “With their combination of fantastic designs, bold personalities, wild powers, royal intrigue and sci-fi weirdness, the debut of the Inhumans symbolized the game changing genius of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. All these years later, and after so many amazing creators have expanded their legend, the Marvel Games team and all of our talented partners are excited to unleash them in a new medium, celebrate their awesomeness and help introduce them to a new generation of True Believers.”

Be sure to check out all the Inhuman action happening across a host of your favorite Marvel Games and watch the first chapter of “Marvel’s Inhumans” early in IMAX now and the complete series on ABC starting September 29. Stay tuned to and follow @MarvelGames on Twitter for the latest news and interviews from Marvel Games!

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The sai-wielding assassin leads the street-smart team into MMO action!

The Defenders have taken over Netflix and now they’re bringing the fight to “Marvel Heroes Omega” on PS4 and Xbox One in their own unique event. Elektra joins in on the fun too—an all-new playable character, relentless and deadly, marking her enemies for lethal damage.

We talked to Gazillion Lead Designer Justin Bartlett to get the skinny on the Defenders Event and Elektra’s abilities! Street level villains and the Hand are in for some serious trouble with this Defenders Event coming up. What’s the team cooked up for us?

Justin Bartlett: We’re very excited that console players can finally check out our new Defenders Event on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. This event recently launched on PC and we want to continue bringing new themed events and content like this to “Marvel Heroes Omega” on all platforms. For now, players can expect a new Daily Defenders event mission and lots of great event exclusive gear as rewards. What can you tell us about the Defenders Event? What are we doing? Who are we beating down?

Justin Bartlett: The Hand has returned to New York City, and Misty Knight is on the lookout for heroes to help stop the ancient order. Players will find themselves facing off against the Hand incursion, collecting Orders from the Hand’s fallen foes. These items can be traded in for all kinds of event-exclusive prizes and rewards. And there are some new items we get to play with?

Justin Bartlett: You bet! We introduced a ton of new artifacts for this special event. One of my particular favorites is Elektra’s Mask. It has a great effect that summons Elektra. When it triggers, you’ll see Elektra in her new [costume from “Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix] jump into battle. But we also get Elektra now, the ultimate assassin herself! When I think about Elektra and her fighting style a few words come to mind: graceful, precise, deadly. What did the team focus on when bringing her to the game?

Justin Bartlett: Elektra really gave us a chance to show how an assassin can operate in the world of “Marvel Heroes Omega.” We really wanted to showcase how dangerous a hero can be when they focus on the most difficult of enemies. Players need to pick their targets wisely before executing critical strikes. So the team focused on making sure players have to make calculated choices. Can you talk a little about her skill trees? How are we going to be putting her sai and ninja skills to use?

Justin Bartlett: Elektra uses a wide variety of weapons and tools to dispatch her enemies. On one side, she utilizes the sais she is famously known for, as well as a segmented staff for players who like to get up close and personal with their victims. On the other side, she wields knife chains and poison darts to take out enemies from a distance. Whatever your playstyle, Elektra incorporates the use of stealth to strike unsuspecting enemies without them ever noticing.

What makes her truly unique is her Mark for Death mechanic. This can only affect high-value targets, like Elite enemies and Bosses, augmenting certain skills to be more effective, or enabling some of her highest damaging skills. For example, her Thrown Blade ability can only target a marked enemy to deal immense damage. If the enemy wasn’t a boss, they are instantly defeated. How does she fit into teams? What are we trying to do with her?

Justin Bartlett: Elektra is a highly mobile and evasive character who can deal damage up close or from a distance. She can also enlist the aid of Chaste Ninjas for a little added firepower. While she doesn’t boast much in the way of team-wide support skills, her value comes from high single-target damage. When does this event start and end?

Justin Bartlett: The event is going on now and will last for 14 days. So stop reading—Misty Knight is looking to hire some heroes to defend the world. Get out there and stop the Hand!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Heroes Omega” news and interviews and follow us on Twitter, @MarvelGames!

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Join the party and play the hit MMO game for Xbox one today!

Xbox One players rejoice, “Marvel Heroes Omega” is making its way to your console today! Want to crush baddies as the Hulk? Blast bots into oblivion as Cyclops? The gang at Gazillion has you covered. We talked to Lead Designer Ben Gilbert about “Marvel Heroes’” big move and just what that means for players everywhere. The team is opening up a whole new player base to “Marvel Heroes Omega” today, the Xbox One crowd. That’s gotta feel great.

Ben Gilbert: Yes, it sure does. The reception to our Closed and Open Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 has been great so far — and we’re very excited for Xbox One players to be able to join the party today. And while lining up the Xbox release you guys are getting rid of the Beta in “Marvel Heroes Omega” on the PS4? The game is fully functional and ready to rock?

Ben Gilbert: That’s absolutely correct. Marvel Heroes Omega transitions out of “Open Beta” starting today! Today’s live launch on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One follows a ton of updates and improvements largely based on player feedback, covering everything from fixes for bugs, improvements to performance, quality of life, and tuning for Heroes and enemies, just to name a few highlights. Both console platforms will benefit from these updates made to Marvel Heroes Omega during the PlayStation 4 Open Beta. I can imagine the team got a lot of cool data from the beta. Anything that you can talk about? Number of players? Total hours spent beating up bad guys?

Ben Gilbert: We saw over one million new players take part of our Closed and Open Beta phases for Marvel Heroes Omega and are very happy with the reception we’ve received so far; 4.5 out of 5 star rating from PlayStation 4 players. However, the best feedback we receive is always the stories from our players. Now that we have the game firing on three different platforms what else do we have coming down the pipeline?

Ben Gilbert: That’s the great thing about working on a game set in the Marvel Universe. Even with four years worth of content updates to date for the PC version, I still feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can still add to the game. There are still so many possibilities when it comes to new playable characters, villains, and stories and settings we’ve yet to explore. On top of that, the Marvel Universe continues to evolve and expand. Between the new comics, films, television shows, and Netflix originals, I doubt we’ll ever run out of material for new content updates on any platform.

In the near-term, PC players can look forward to the introduction of Carnage as a playable Villain along with a thorough update for Venom. It’s something the design team has been excited about introducing for a long time. For console players, there’s also a lot to look forward to with the introduction of the notorious Black Cat as our next playable Hero. Console players can also expect new playable Heroes and more on a regular basis as we work towards bringing more parity between consoles and PC. What goes in to creating new costumes from the MCU? Does the team get design specs early and then get to work?

Ben Gilbert: Yes, we work closely with the good folks at Marvel and often get advanced looks at what’s coming up next in the Marvel Universe, mostly in the form of reference materials. I can’t speak for everyone, the people here at Gazillion are big Marvel fans, just like our players. So it’s a real honor and privilege to be able to check out what’s coming to the big screen ahead of time so we can bring it to life in our game. However, that privilege also comes with the responsibility to make sure we get it absolutely right – and I’m really proud to work with a team that shares the enthusiasm and passion for the Marvel Universe needed to do just that. Anything else you want to tell players?

Ben Gilbert: If you have a favorite Marvel character or like action-RPGs, I’d encourage everyone to give Marvel Heroes Omega a shot! It’s the very first free-to-play Marvel game on consoles and with one of the largest rosters of playable characters, there’s a good chance you’ll either find them right now in Marvel Heroes Omega or very soon! Players can take on the role of some of the most beloved and iconic founding members of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Defenders, X-Men, and so much more. We even have Squirrel Girl!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Heroes Omega” news and interviews.

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Join us at the Anaheim Convention Center July 14-16!

Marvel will make its way to D23 Expo’s show floor from July 14­–16 with an exciting look at its upcoming film titles in the Marvel Studios Pavilion, featuring an array of props and costumes from the Studios’ upcoming slate, including “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Black Panther,” and more. Fans will also be able to enjoy all-new console and mobile Marvel Games, plus incredible exclusive content and announcements throughout the weekend!

In Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok,” Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok—the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization—at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela. But first he must survive the Grandmaster’s gladiatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger—the Incredible Hulk. Fans will get an up-close look at the costumes and props from “Thor: Ragnarok,” as well as photo opportunities with exclusive set pieces from the film.

The incredible costumes from “Black Panther” will also be on display. “Black Panther” follows the journey of T’Challa after the events of Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War,” where he returns to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country’s new leader.

In addition to the exciting props and costumes on display, Marvel Studios will host multiple giveaways and events within its pavilion space in Hall B. Fans will get the chance to meet with Marvel Studios’ filmmakers, development team, and talent. Exclusive artwork will be given away daily, along with other surprises. Details on talent appearances and special signings will be made available on the D23 Expo app.

For the first time at D23 Expo, guests will be able to get their hands on the hottest new console and mobile games featuring favorite Marvel Super Heroes, playing as the world-famous Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and more!

  • “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2” is an all-new, original adventure and sequel to the smash hit “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.” Bringing together iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains from different eras and realities, along with signature LEGO humor, the latest epic adventure from TT Games transports players into a cosmic battle across myriad Marvel locations ripped from time and space into the incredible open hub world of Chronopolis.
  • Adding to the infinite excitement of D23 Expo, “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” will offer attendees hands-on opportunities with the next era of the highly revered action-fighting game series. Marvel and Capcom universes collide like never before as iconic characters team up for action-packed player-versus-player combat. “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” features a variety of exciting and accessible single-player modes and rich multi-player content for new players and longtime fans alike and will be released on September 19, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Gazillion will offer a chance to play “Marvel Heroes Omega” and win fantastic prizes. “Marvel Heroes Omega” combines the core gameplay style of Action-RPGs and MMOs with an expansive library of heroes from the Marvel Universe. With thousands of hours of character progression and rewards, “Marvel Heroes Omega” comes packed with tons of replay value and a steady stream of new challenges with regular updates.
  • Netmarble is bringing its best to D23 Expo with “Marvel Future Fight.” Featuring 120 Marvel Super Heroes to choose from, players create teams of their favorites to fight for their future. D23 Expo attendees can try their hand at saving the universe.
  • “Marvel Puzzle Quest” is where the best in match-3 puzzle gameplay meets Marvel’s biggest Super Heroes and Super Villains in the most epic puzzle adventure game available on your phone, tablet, and PC. “Marvel Puzzle Quest” combines favorite Marvel characters with deep RPG leveling, player-versus-player tournaments, Alliances, and much more. Guests can unleash their inner Super Hero and wage war against their enemies. Learn more at

Marvel will present incredible panels during D23 Expo, including the fan-favorite Cup o’ Joe on Friday, July 14, at 1:15 PM PT in the D23 Expo Arena, featuring Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, Joe Quesada, in a no-holds-barred panel of everything Marvel! That same day at 6:00 PM PT on Stage 28, Marvel Animation presents a surprise-filled panel of sneak peeks, special guests, exclusive footage, and big announcements about the future of Marvel Animation on Stage 28. Details will be available on the D23 Expo app.

Tickets for D23 Expo 2017 are available for $81 for one-day adult admission and $59 for children 3–9. Members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club can purchase tickets for $72 for a one-day adult admission and $53 for children 3–9. Multi-day tickets are also available. For more information on tickets and D23 Expo 2017, visit

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Play the hit MMO game for PlayStation 4 and learn when it’s coming to Xbox One!

Ready to play some “Marvel Heroes Omega”? Well the gang at Gazillion’s opening up the closed beta to everyone with a PS4. Did we mention it’s free to play?

We talked with Lead Designer Ben “TheArtofRawr” Gilbert about what the team learned from the closed beta and all the awesome stuff in store for players going forward. How’d the “Marvel Heroes Omega” closed beta go? Has the team picked up any cool learnings?

Ben Gilbert: The closed beta was great! It’s really exciting to see so many new players enjoying “Marvel Heroes Omega” and couch co-op on PlayStation 4. The response from players, press, and broadcasters on YouTube and has been quite positive. But we’ve also been looking closely at critical responses and suggestions from players—as we always do. Feedback continues to be one of the most valuable sources of guidance for us.

There’s still so much that we want to improve upon and add to the game over time. However, after a series of major patches during the beta, we’re very confident about the current state of the game. And now we’re into the open beta where anyone can play right? What’s changed? What can players expect?

Ben Gilbert: That’s correct! Starting today, anyone can download and play “Marvel Heroes Omega” on PlayStation 4 completely free. Players who participated in our Head Start program will have all their progress saved and can resume playing from where they left off.

New players can expect to start off with our Prologue Mission. It’s an awesome scenario that finds players leading the Avengers to New York City where Ultron is laying siege to Times Square. It’s a great introduction to how our different heroes feel. Players will get a chance to play as Captain America, Black Widow, and The Hulk before diving into the main nine-chapter story campaign. For people who aren’t aware, how close to the full launch are we? Closed beta, open beta, then what?

Ben Gilbert: We’re very close! I wish I could tell you more, but I can say that the game’s official launch is coming very soon. Until then, we’ll be looking closely at what we can do between now and then to improve the “Marvel Heroes Omega” experience as much as possible with the goal being to update with one last major patch before launch.

Please keep in mind that our upcoming launch is still just the beginning for “Marvel Heroes Omega.” Just as we did with “Marvel Heroes” for PC, we’re committed to regular updates, improvements, and new content so players can always look forward to something new and exciting! For the players that don’t want to grind to get their favorite heroes, the Founder’s Packs are still on sale right?

Ben Gilbert: That’s correct. Players will still be able to purchase our Founder’s Packs. There’s also a variety of G Bundles, which is our real money currency. Gs can be used for all sorts of things from costumes to consumable boosts that will help speed things along. That being said, we really pride ourselves on not nickel and diming players in “Marvel Heroes Omega.” All heroes are free-to-play till level 10 and then there are Eternity Splinters. These are items that have a chance to drop from any enemy in the game and can be used to unlock additional Heroes for free. Right now the game’s just on PS4. Does the team have any plans to migrate “Omega” to the Xbox One?

Ben Gilbert: You bet! In fact, I’m happy to announce that “Marvel Heroes Omega” will be launching on Xbox One on June 20. We really would have loved to launch on both platforms at the same time, but staggering our releases this way will help us release a higher quality game. At the end of the day, that’s more important to us than anything else. What are the team’s plans moving forward?

Ben Gilbert: We’ve got an extremely busy year ahead of us! This is just the beginning, and we think players will really enjoy what’s in store for them. We’re already hard at work on a boatload of new content, features, and Heroes. The future is bright for “Marvel Heroes Omega,” and we’re excited to embark with our players on this journey together!

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Heroes Omega” news and interviews!

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The Guardians of the Galaxy step up, and more on ‘Marvel Heroes Omega’!

With “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” hitting theaters this week, the “Marvel Heroes” MMO has tons of new Guardians-themed action headed your way. From new costumes, to team-ups, to updates on “Marvel Heroes Omega,” Gazillion Lead Designer Ben “TheArtofRawr” Gilbert digs into everything players can expect with this cosmically awesome update. Let’s talk about all the cool new “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” content coming down the pipeline! Can we get a tl;dr of this stuff?

Ben Gilbert: Everyone here has been looking forward to seeing the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy. So to celebrate, we’re launching a ton of new content for players inspired by the film. Both “Marvel Heroes Omega” and “Marvel Heroes 2016” players can look forward to brand new costumes for Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Team-ups: Drax and Gamora—all inspired by the film. So we have new costumes for Star-Lord and Rocket? What goes into preparing new Hero costumes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Ben Gilbert: There’s so much that goes into creating new costumes. Our treatment of the Cinematic Universe is fundamentally no different than our approach to comics, TV shows, etc. At the end of the day, it all comes down to deep respect for the characters and careful attention to detail. The look, sound, and gameplay feel must all come together to evoke the essence of the character or context that we’re working to bring into the game. And holy crap, is that a tiny Groot?! Tell us about tiny Groot!

Ben Gilbert: It is indeed—and it’s one of the best examples I can think of that demonstrates the care and attention to detail we like to put into each of our themed costumes. Rocket Raccoon’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” costume isn’t just a new coat of paint. We put in a lot of love to make sure his abilities, gameplay, and effects all capture the unique look and feel of Rocket and his little companion Groot. We hope fans will appreciate our complete expression of the beloved characters in the new film.

As I’m sure folks have noticed from all the trailers, Groot is now much smaller than Rocket—and so we’ve played around with that big size change in subtle ways. The best example that comes to mind involves the “We Are Groot” talent tree for Rocket, which augments the “Warpath” ability. With previous costumes, this talent/ability combination would find Rocket hopping on the back of Groot, who lumbers about while Rocket unleashes a giant barrage of blaster fire. With Rocket’s new costume inspired by “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” we instead have Groot climbing onto Rocket’s back! The destructive duo then commences to laying down heavy fire while Rocket flies about by his jetpack. It looks great and we hope Rocket and Groot fans find the juxtaposition as amusing as we do.

At the same time, even players enjoying other Heroes can still make sure that little Groot is always by their side with the new Groot pet. In fact, as a thank you to our PC audience, we’re holding a special login event this weekend that comes with a free Groot pet inspired by “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” The team’s pulling out all the stops with Drax and Gamora coming out swinging and slashing as the game’s newest team ups. What are these two capable of?

Ben Gilbert: We’re very excited to add “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”-inspired team-ups for both Drax and Gamora to our roster of team-up Heroes for “Marvel Heroes 2016” for PC and Mac. For any readers who aren’t familiar with “Marvel Heroes,” team-ups are only available in “Marvel Heroes 2016” at this point. Team-ups are companions who aid your Hero in battle. They level-up, grow in strength, learn new skills, and can even equip gear!

[The] Drax and Gamora team-ups both come with kits that capture their attacks seen in the films. Drax’s level 60 power “Vengeance” sends him into a state of rage, boosting his attack speed, critical hit chance, and brutal strike chance. On the other hand, Gamora’s level 60 power “Flashing Blade” sends her blazing across the screen for an incredible 10-hit combo chain.  Drax’s infinite thirst for brutal vengeance contrasts nicely with Gamora’s graceful, elegant combat maneuvers that make use of high-power firearms and her lethal blade. We think fans will enjoy their new look, inspired by “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” But awesome Guardians content aside, how’s the “Marvel Heroes Omega” closed beta going?

Ben Gilbert: The PlayStation 4 closed beta for “Marvel Heroes Omega” is going great! It’s so exciting to see players and press sharing their impressions of the closed beta; all the great gameplay and let’s play videos on YouTube and are fantastic. We’re especially delighted to see lots of players enjoying local couch co-op for the first time. We think it’s a great new way to enjoy “Marvel Heroes Omega.” Super psyched to hear that the beta is going well, but a focus on the beta doesn’t mean the team is slacking on the PC updates right?

Ben Gilbert: That’s absolutely correct! We’re committed to continued support of “Marvel Heroes 2016” on PC with new content and improvements; we talk about it every day here in the office. In fact, our Creative Director Jesse Decker recently shared a roadmap for new content Gazillion is working on for “Marvel Heroes 2016.” There’s some really exciting stuff there, including teases for Carnage, new Terminals, and more. I invite all “Marvel Heroes 2016” players to check it out, ask questions and share any feedback. We read it all. Seriously. Both positive and negative feedback from our players plays a critical role in our long-term goals for improving the game. There’s a lot happening in “Marvel Heroes” land right now—what do players need to know?

Ben Gilbert: For PlayStation 4 players, the “Marvel Heroes Omega” closed beta is live! Players interested in immediate access can select from a variety of Founder’s Packs for sale on the PlayStation Store. But we’re also working with a lot of media and free closed beta voucher codes are out there in the wild. For PC players, there [is] lots of exciting new content we’re working on for “Marvel Heroes 2016” that I wish I could tell you more about right now. In the meantime, I’d encourage you to check out the PC roadmap for “Marvel Heroes 2016” mentioned earlier. For Xbox One players, expect more news about “Marvel Heroes Omega” very soon!

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Prepare yourself for the big screen sequel with cosmic adventure across five Marvel games!

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy blast into theaters next week, the rag-tag band of cosmic rebels will bring their unique blend of action, laughs, and wild visuals to Marvel games in an out of this world event of galactic proportions!

Starting April 25, content inspired by “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” will be appearing throughout five Marvel games: “Marvel Avengers Academy,” “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “Marvel Future Fight,” “Marvel Heroes Omega,” and “Marvel Puzzle Quest. Players should strap in their jet packs and prepare for a celestial storm of new characters, costumes, battles, and story content influenced by the blockbuster film.

“Just as the Guardians themselves are a family, the Marvel Games team and each of our partners have forged a tightly knit family of True Believers who are obsessed with delivering all the excitement, humor and action of our greatest characters to the gamers that love them,” says Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games Executive Creative Director. “No matter which Guardian, ally or enemy is your favorite – and no matter what type of gameplay experience you crave – our friends at Netmarble, Kabam, Tiny Co, D3Go, and Gazillion are bringing all of their collective firepower to the universe’s coolest crew of galactic misfits.”

“With each new movie inspired Marvel Games event we always aim to top the last one, yet somehow we’re still each blown away each time by the incredible ideas our partners come up with,” adds Tim Hernandez, Director of Game Production. “We know our players are going to dig the unique spin each game has put on their own Guardians event, along with awesome new characters, features and other fun surprises!”

Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” arrives in theaters May 5, 2017.

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Learn more about the Marvel MMO’s move to console and how to join in!

Itching to get your hands on “Marvel Heroes Omega”? The crew at Gazillion has been working really hard to get the game ready for consoles and their next step will allow players access to the closed beta!

We talked to Gazillion Lead Designer Ben “TheArtofRawr” Gilbert about the closed beta, what that means, how you can pick it up, and everything in between! “Marvel Heroes Omega” is headed to closed beta! That’s a big step towards the game’s full release right?

Ben Gilbert: Yes! The “Marvel Heroes Omega” closed beta for PlayStation 4 begins this Friday, April 21. We’re very excited for Marvel fans to finally have the chance to try out “Marvel Heroes” on console. We’re very happy with our current roster of Heroes, which we’ll be expanding over time. This will be one of the few places where Marvel fans can look forward to playing as characters from some of the most beloved Marvel teams, including the Avengers, Defenders, Inhumans, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy, just to name a few! Let’s say that I want to take a crack at the closed beta on PS4. What do I need to do to start beating up bad guys?

Ben Gilbert: Head to the PlayStation Store, either through the official website or your PlayStation 4 console. We’ll have a variety of Founder’s Packs for sale that will offer closed beta access in addition to a wide variety of heroes and packs of heroes. Is there a hard limit on the number of players that will be able to participate in the closed beta?

Ben Gilbert: We don’t have any hard limits set. Right now, we’re just really excited to launch our closed beta and hope as many people as possible get a chance to play it. We’ll be looking very closely at player feedback and behind-the-scenes data to make sure our final launch build is in the best shape possible. Will the team be testing anything when the game heads to PS4? I have heard rumblings of a couch co-op mode. Can you tell us more?

Ben Gilbert: Those rumblings are very accurate! We’re very excited to officially announce that two-player couch co-op will be a supported feature for “Marvel Heroes Omega” on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This has by far been the number one question and request from our community—and so we’re very excited to be able to confirm that couch co-op will be a supported feature.

Of course, you can still party up with other players in our many public Headquarters areas. But couch co-op really does offer a new way to enjoy “Marvel Heroes Omega.” We’ve had some great times playing couch co-op internally. Teaming up with a good friend, battling villains and henchmen as our favorite heroes, and collecting loot feels great. We hope players agree. And does the team have anything planned for those most marvelous of gamers, the Marvel Insiders?

Ben Gilbert: That we do! We’ve also set aside a limited quantity of closed beta keys for Marvel Insiders, some of Marvel’s most passionate and engaged fans. Insiders can redeem the key for 50,000 points in Marvel Insider starting on 4/28! Insiders should check out the Rewards page for more details. Is there anything else we need to know before the closed beta drops?

Ben Gilbert: Although I can’t announce any specific dates yet, Xbox One players should expect news very soon about dates for the beginning of our Xbox One closed beta. Stay tuned and keep an eye out on our official “Marvel Heroes Omega” website, Twitter, and Facebook for more details!

Also, while we’re very excited to bring “Marvel Heroes Omega” to consoles, I don’t want our PC audience to think we’ve forgotten about them. It’s extremely important to everyone here at Gazillion that we deliver the best possible “Marvel Heroes Omega” experience for all players regardless of their platform of choice. Whether you play on PC, PS4, or Xbox, we’ve got plans in the works for exciting new content. Stay tuned!

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Get up to speed on the hit Marvel game from the people behind it!

Gazillion brings “Marvel Heroes 2016,” to next-gen consoles this spring under a hot new moniker: “Marvel Heroes Omega.” What? You’ve never played “Marvel Heroes”? Well we talked to Lead Game Designer Ben “TheArtofRawr” Gilbert about the transition and covered some need to know info for any Marvel fan new to the game.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Ben this is some seriously exciting stuff, “Marvel Heroes” making the big move from PC to consoles; I can only imagine how geeked the team is to put the game in a ton of new players’ hands.

Ben Gilbert: Yes! Everyone at Gazillion has been working overtime on both “Marvel Heroes Omega” for consoles and “Marvel Heroes” for PC. It feels great to finally be able to let the world know what we’ve been working so hard on. While it’s true that we’re very excited to introduce “Marvel Heroes Omega” to new players, we also haven’t forgotten about our PC players. Moving forward, we definitely want to hold ourselves to the same standard of quality for “Marvel Heroes” on all platforms. Real quick, for those players hearing about “Marvel Heroes Omega” for the first time, how would you explain it to them?

Ben Gilbert: “Marvel Heroes Omega” is one of those titles that doesn’t fit neatly in most traditional game genres. It’s part action-RPG, and with that comes a loot-driven progression system that finds players performing heroic feats, defeating infamous Marvel villains and collecting rare loot as they grow in power. But “Marvel Heroes Omega” also pulls a lot of design inspiration from MMORPG elements. That’s where the game’s long form RPG progression systems, like our recently introduced Infinity System, end-game challenges, and solo and group content, come into play.

With so many Heroes to collect and develop, and so much to do, there’s literally thousands of hours of replayability to find here. Finishing the game’s nine-chapter story campaign is really just the beginning—and we’re really proud to be able to offer that with a free-to-play game. Has the game gone through many changes making the jump? Any character balancing or new features added? Or is this the classic “Marvel Heroes” experience we know and love?

Ben Gilbert: Over the past three years, we’ve brought tons of new content, significant improvements to core gameplay systems, and major updates to visuals for our growing roster of Heroes from the Marvel Universe since the game first launched. I think the game’s in a great place right now on all platforms. Whether you’re used to playing “Marvel Heroes” on PC or planning to jump into “Marvel Heroes Omega” for the first time, I think you’ll have a blast.

I encourage all Marvel fans to stay tuned for more details on our upcoming closed beta programs for “Marvel Heroes Omega” on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before we launch later this year. And what can new players expect jumping into the game for the first time?

Ben Gilbert: I think that one of the first things players will notice is how “Marvel Heroes Omega” plays with console controllers. Translating a mouse and keyboard control scheme to console wasn’t easy, but I think “Marvel Heroes Omega” feels great and I hope players agree! Do you have any recommendations for Heroes players should pick up to get a feel for the game? I personally can’t wait to optic blast enemies with Cyclops.

Ben Gilbert: “Marvel Heroes Omega” certainly does boast a huge roster of playable Heroes with members from the Avengers, Defenders, Inhumans, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. But with so many options, choosing your first Hero can also be a bit daunting.

My main piece of advice would be to not over-think it. If you’ve got a favorite Hero, like Cyclops, go for it! If you’re having trouble deciding, don’t forget that all Heroes are free to play up to level 10, which gives players a lot of time to get a feel for each Hero’s gameplay style.

Another thing to keep in mind is that “Marvel Heroes Omega” lets players unlock additional Heroes with Eternity Splinters. All enemies have a chance to drop Eternity Splinters and they show up regularly. So there’s no need to really ever feel like you’re locked into any one individual Hero. “Marvel Heroes Omega” is quite generous for a F2P game in this regard and mastering and maxing out your first Hero is really just the first step. What are you most excited for console players to check out?

Ben Gilbert: We’re all big Marvel fans here at Gazillion. We’re reading comics, watching the movies and television shows, and are talking about them constantly! So I hope players get a kick out of all the subtle nods to fans and Easter eggs we’ve put in the game.

Some of that shines through with our great voice work for every Hero that really captures the spirit of the character. Some of it appears through detailed designs for costumes inspired by all the cool looks in the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] films and Netflix shows. But a lot of it comes down to how Heroes feel.

If you’re playing as Cyclops, I really want players to feel like they’re playing as the Scott Summers they’ve grown to know and love, whether that’s from the comics, the classic 90s cartoon, the movies, other Marvel games, or a combination of all of the above. And when can we expect to download the game for ourselves?

Ben Gilbert: “Marvel Heroes Omega” will be heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. But stay tuned for more details on our upcoming closed betas for both platforms. We’ll be sharing that info really soon on!

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A closed beta of Marvel Heroes Omega has been confirmed for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Earth’s mightiest heroes will unite for Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring! Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel announced today the action-packed RPG/MMO, a spin-off of Marvel Heroes 2016, will bring together the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, the Avengers, the Defenders and more. Play as your favorite hero from the Marvel Universe across the nine-chapter story campaign and take on some of our most infamous super villains, including Doctor Doom and Loki.

Lovers of lore can also expect a fantastic tour through famous locations, from the dark streets of Hell’s Kitchen to the mystical realm of Asgard. Players can look forward to joining forces with fellow Super Heroes in the game’s many Headquarter areas to tackle the game’s most challenging end-game content. Other modes available include Operations, Midtown Patrol, and Danger Room. For loot seekers, tackle the Legendary Missions and Heroic/Superheroic/Cosmic Trials.

Take a look at the announce trailer and photo gallery above.

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