The ace agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. stands side-by-side with super heroes!

Want to work for the world’s premiere spy agency, save the world on a weekly basis, and look great doing it? Sorry, but there’s only room for one Phil Coulson in “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” but good news—we can all play his wingman.

We talked to D3 Go! Publisher Josh Austin about Agent Coulson’s abilities and everything he brings to the game. What’s so cool about Coulson?

Josh Austin: Agent Coulson may be a human with a robotic hand, but he definitely fits in and can hold his own in a world of super heroes. Phil definitely adds a lot to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with how he calmly leads his team, even in the [direst] situations, dishing out a healthy amount of sarcasm and giving fans an average joe role model that everyone can relate to. I think we can all agree that Phil’s a swell guy and a great agent, but what makes him “Puzzle Quest” material?

Josh Austin: We took a strategic approach with his design. He is a four-star character and his abilities are mostly surveying the battlefield and calling in the right type of backup while helping his team shine with advanced tech to gain more AP and utilize Countdown Tiles. This makes him a great fit for “Marvel Puzzle Quest” as a utility character who can help strengthen a team of heroes that do not share the same colors. Let’s talk about this abilities: what’s Coulson got going on?

Josh Austin: Agent Coulson’s first ability is called Call the Cavalry and costs 12 Yellow AP. With this ability Coulson surveys the situation and makes calls for backup. What this means for the player is at a low level he creates a one-turn Commander Countdown Tile that creates one Strength Tile. For higher levels he starts calling in more Countdown Tiles like a Sniper Tile that deals damage, a Spy Tile that deals damage to all enemies and at level five he creates two Commander Countdown Tiles. But wait, that’s not all! This ability has a Passive that gives the player one AP when any friendly Countdown Tile reaches zero and two AP for the same reason at level four.

Phil’s second power is Best-Laid Plans for eight Purple AP. This ability is designed around Agent Coulson’s ability to stay calm even when surrounded and things look horrible. The player gets to choose two red and/or green Basic Tiles to become Charged Tiles and then swap them. Increasing this power will give the player more Basic Tile colors to choose from and reducing the Countdown timer by two for any friendly Countdown Tiles. This ability also has a Passive that triggers if you make a match while you have six or more team-up AP. It spends two team-up AP to reduce a random friendly Countdown timer by one.

His last power is Super Secret S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech for 11 Blue AP. Based on another Agent Coulson characteristic, Coulson unleashes an advanced piece of tech, raising an eyebrow in mild surprise at its effectiveness. This ability steals random AP for each friendly Countdown Tile on the board. This power has a Passive as well that triggers whenever an ally player activates a power, which creates a two-turn Countdown Tile that deals damage. Increasing this ability’s level will give this ability more damage, reduce the two-turn Countdown for the passive to one-turn, and add more AP per friendly Countdown Tile. Coulson has a lot of interesting things going on in his kit. It seems like he’s really focused on AP manipulation and playing with countdown timers. And he could give Kingpin a run for his money calling in backup!

Josh Austin: Definitely, there is a lot of Countdown Tile manipulation and all of his powers feed into each other in a fun interesting way. Who does he fight best alongside? Thor (Goddess of Thunder) seems an easy comrade, making use of Coulson’s charged to power her Smite. Who else fits into Coulson’s crew?

Josh Austin: Good suggestion! Agent Coulson is a good character to team up with anyone that doesn’t have color overlap. Some characters that our side has found fun to play with are Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) with his Hellfire Power to crate the Countdown Tile that refreshes every 2 turns which in turn will trigger Call the Cavalry every 2 turns.

Also War Machine (James Rhodes)’s Gatling Gun which creates Countdown Tiles that deal damage and destroy tiles around them. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)’s Goblin Glider creates a Countdown Tile and Trick or Treat creates three Countdown timers while passively fortifying Countdown Tiles so they survive. Anything else we need to know about the hard-hitting S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?

Josh Austin: Agent Coulson will be debuting in Deadpool vs. MPQ starting on Thursday, February 23. He will also be in the Vault for Venom Heroic, which starts on February 27 and there will be a Versus Tournament called Right Hand Man which will be happening on March 2.

Take Agent Coulson for a spin here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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Our favorite gaming titles celebrate the most romantic day of the year!

Get your hearts ready, True Believers, because the stellar teams behind some of Marvel’s biggest mobile games have prepared an awesome variety of Valentine’s Day delights to celebrate the holiday! With so many games and so many fun opportunities at your fingertips, we wanted to breakdown everything that’s happening so you don’t miss a thing! Keep reading gang, we’ve got you covered.

Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy

First up: “Marvel Avengers Academy,” where love hangs heavy over campus. Want to score more Academy Credits and gaze upon robotic infatuation? Look no further than the Stark Industries Tunnel of Love. An animated swan boat ride not enough for ya? Stay tuned for the Hangouts feature, which will allow players to pair up their characters and send them on fun activities.

Next, “Marvel Contest of Champions” where players can take advantage of some fun Valentine Crystal shards. Grab Cyclops, Phoenix, and Wolverine Crystals in a special Valentine’s bundle, pick up Romance Crystals specifically designed to net Heroes with Romance Synergy, and from now until the end of February players get Dimensional Shards in all Daily Deals. Utilize tons of ways to fill out your roster and take it to the Collector on Battlerealm.

“Marvel Future Fight” kicks off Valentine’s Day with a bang! Prepare for a loot explosion, netting you a host of rewards and a 100% XP boost through the entire event. Also, every four hours players can check out their Golden Gift Box for special items like Rank Up tickets, Upgrade Material, and more!

In “Marvel Puzzle Quest” the team at D3 Go! made some awesome Facebook and Twitter Valentine’s Cards featuring Marvel’s most famous couples. Sharing the cards with the hashtag #FavoriteMarvelCouple contributes to a pool, with more shares unlocking higher tier rewards starting at 100 Hero Points all the way up to 5-Star Phoenix and 4-Star Cyclops. Check out the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” Facebook or Twitter pages to get started!

And to round out the Valentine’s fun, everyone’s favorite runner, “Spider-Man Unlimited,” has bonus score multipliers, combos, Vials, and Iso-8 for players plus a “True Love” Bundle Pack featuring Titan Spider-Man, Titan Mary Jane and 130 ISO-8. Could you ask for more?

Whew…get all that? If you’re a fan of Marvel mobile games there’s a ton of stuff going on for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you take advantage of all the awesome offers and stay tuned to for more Marvel Games news and interviews!

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Learn all about how Doctor Strange’s friend-turned rival figures in!

Mordo vaults off the silver screen and into “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” bringing all his formidable mystical artifacts with him. How does he fit on your team? Can he go toe to toe with Doctor Strange? We talked to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin to get the lowdown on just what this wayward sorcerer’s capable of. Baron Mordo’s an interesting choice for the “Marvel Puzzle Quest”-verse. We don’t have a ton of magical heroes in “Puzzle Quest,” so I’m super happy to see him making an appearance!

Josh Austin: The home video release of “Marvel’s Doctor Strange” is coming out next week and the four-star Mordo (Master of the Mystic Arts) definitely brings an element of magic from the Doctor Strange world to “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” We focused on the villain Mordo in “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” and as such we were able to create our own comic cover with Marvel’s direction that players should be excited to see. We hope players can feel like they are continuing Mordo’s path after the movie as they play him in “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Mordo’s abilities in the comics and the film, at least to me, don’t seem super defined. How’d the team go about creating three specific powers for the mystic in “Puzzle Quest”?

Josh Austin: The powers for Mordo were created based on key moments from the Doctor Strange movie, including the staff artifact he shows Doctor Strange when explaining how they chose the sorcerer. We also focused one of his abilities in a similar fashion to the way Mordo is able to run through the air to smack Doctor Strange, showing him how slowly he’s learning. The last power focuses on what he shows the audience at the end of the credits but I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Let’s talk about what Mordo’s got going on under the hood. Let’s break down his abilities.

Josh Austin: Mordo’s first power is called Staff of the Living Tribunal and it costs seven Black AP. So like the staff in “Doctor Strange,” the staff starts solid and separates into a type of chain whip. This attack deals damage, then converts Black basic tiles to Charged tiles. If there are enough Black Charged tiles on the board, the attack deals damage for each Black Charged tile on the board then destroys them, so at level one if there are six Black Charged tiles it will do 54 damage per Black Charged tile on the board. At level five it gets even better, where if there are three or more Black Charged tiles each one will deal 454 damage to the enemy team for each Black Charged tile on the board then it destroys the Black Charged tiles.

His second power is called Vaulting Boots of Valtorr and costs 10 Blue AP. For this power Mordo takes to the air, striking his target for damage and converting basic tiles of the enemy’s strongest color into Black Charged tiles. Using this power helps generate Black Charged tiles for Staff of the Living Tribunal.

Mordo’s last power is called Power with Purpose and costs nine Purple AP. This power focuses on Mordo’s ability to steal from an unworthy sorcerer, so for this power he stuns the target and steals Blue AP. This power feeds into the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr power to help bring the player’s Blue AP up and at higher levels will steal Purple and Black AP as well. Mordo feels like a hit-and-run aficionado, ready to stun, steal AP, do some damage, and get out. That fair to say?

Josh Austin: That definitely fits with the Mordo we leave the Doctor Strange movie with and is a big part of the planned design for this variation of Mordo in “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Overall his health is pretty good and the player wants to focus on Black Charged tile creation to hit the opponent with as much damage as they can with Staff of the Living Tribunal. I feel like Mordo could find a place on just about any team, but is almost entirely self-sufficient at the same time. Is there anyone in particular that he synergizes well with?

Josh Austin: The player will want to create Black Charged tiles as much as possible, so using characters that can help give Mordo more Purple and Blue to use his powers to generate more Black AP can help characters like Scarlet Witch’s passive to create Purple or Iron Man Model 40 to create three Red and Blue AP. Another option would be to use Silver Surfer’s Perfect Being power to create Charged tiles, or just team him up with Thor (Goddess of Thunder) to take advantage of her ability Smite to do extra damage with charged tiles on the board. And when do we get to test out Mordo’s mystical artifacts for ourselves?

Josh Austin: The release of Mordo continues the celebration of Black History Month in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” as we recently released Black Panther (Civil War) and Riri Williams (Ironheart) in the game. We are all happy to see both Black Panther and Riri featured right now on the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” game loader for everyone to see when the game is launched.

Players interested in adding Mordo to their roster can find him available in-game starting tomorrow, February 9, in the Unstable Iso-8 event between February 9 and February 14. He will also be the new featured character in the Strange Sights event between February 13 and 17 and is a progression reward and in the event Vault. And finally, his very own Versus Tournament called Too Many Sorcerers will start on February 16 and end on February 20.

Pick up Mordo and put on your blue suede flying shoes here, and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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T'Challa Returns to Marvel Puzzle Quest With A Powerful New Update Fit For A King!

The King of Wakanda makes his second appearance in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” sporting two extra stars and tons more damage. T’Challa’s not pulling any punches and unsheathing his vibranium claws and D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin gives us the nitty gritty details on the hero’s newest variation. I have been waiting for a 5-Star Black Panther for a while now so I’m pleasantly surprised T’Challa’s our next new release. Why’s now the time for a new Black Panther?

Josh Austin: Since the Marvel “Civil War” event there has been a lot of interest in Black Panther. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Panther focused on vengeance and that went into the design in making him unique from the 3-Star Black Panther currently in the game. So for the 5-Star Black Panther (Civil War), we are really bringing a deadly updated version to “Marvel Puzzle Quest”! 3-Star Black Panther is a kind of jack-of-all-trades, adding strike tiles, creating defense tiles, and bringing serious team damage to fights. What was the focus this time around?

Josh Austin: The 5-Star Black Panther focuses more on damage in a non-direct way and his athletics to dodge attacks. He has a vengeance-focused ability that causes extra damage to the selected enemy character. The other two powers are passive, but focus on his agility and ability to lead a team and can both cause more damage by triggering their additional abilities. Overall this 5-Star version of Black Panther really adds a lot of extra damage to your team and when playing with him you notice how devastating his abilities are with a good team of heroes! Would you mind giving us a breakdown of his abilities?

Josh Austin: The first ability is called Panther’s Prey and it costs 9 black AP. It’s also his Vengeance-based ability. For this power, Black Panther chooses one enemy and he creates Countdown Tile that while on the board deals extra damage any time the chosen character would take damage. Yes, that’s any damage to that chosen enemy!

Black Panther’s second ability is called Spirit of Wakanda, which is a yellow PASSIVE (costs 0 AP) ability. T’Challa summons the wisdom and power to lead his teammates to victory. Whenever the team matches yellow AP and the team has the required amount of Team-Up AP the enemy will be dealt additional damage by spending the collected Team-Up AP. This is great for people like me that never use Team-Ups unless things are really going bad.

Black Panther’s final ability is a Red Passive (costs 0 AP) called Move or Be Moved. Black Panther uses his athletics to dodge an attack and strike back. If Black Panther would take a certain amount of damage (at power level 1 – 2787 and level 450 – 6161) then Black Panther dodges the attack, which negates some of the damage and he gets stunned for 2 turns. When Black Panther returns from being stunned or invisible, he deals additional damage. His kit definitely makes him feel like a single target monster and interestingly he gets the majority of his damage from making matches as opposed to using abilities. To clarify, Panther’s Prey and Spirit of Wakanda boosts all friendly damage right?

Josh Austin: That is correct! His first ability will definitely devastate an enemy if the player saves up their powers and unleashes them on an enemy while the Panther’s Prey countdown tile is on the board!

Likewise if the player matches yellow with the correct amount of team up AP collected, the Spirit of Wakanda will initiate no matter who owns the yellow tile. This Black Panther is definitely out for revenge, so don’t face him with Bucky! And how does Move or be Moved interact with Panther’s Prey? Just want to be clear on how that all works.

Josh Austin: As long as Black Panther returns from being stunned before the Countdown tile leaves the board, then yes his attack if it hits the targeted enemy would trigger an additional amount of damage with Panther’s Prey.

The damage dealt to Black Panther has to be above the amount specified by the level to trigger Move or be Moved to stun Black Panther which causes the attack, so if the enemy fires off any ability that meets that damage threshold then it could cause Move or be Moved to trigger which will keep Black Panther hopefully alive as it negates the damage then deals damage when he comes back. Ok I’ve been mulling over some potential teammates and Cyclops (Uncanny) stands out as someone who could motivate you to get that much needed Team Up AP to trigger the extra damage in Spirit of Wakanda. Anyone else that comes to mind?

Josh Austin: A really fun match up is The Hulk (Bruce Banner) after he transforms into the Hulk since he does the additional match automatically at the start of each turn, that along with Panther’s Prey will just keep hitting the enemy. Hulk smash!

Other than that anyone that helps Back Panther become invisible to trigger the extra damage for Move or be Moved like Invisible Woman (Classic)’s Grant Invisibility which is super cheap, Punisher (Max) and Venom (Agent Venom)’s Take Cover. For Spirit of Wakanda the player could team-up with Storm (Mohawk) or Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel) to help with the Team-Up AP collection. I’m really liking how Black Panther is shaping up. He feels unique and could be a really dynamic inclusion in some specific teams. Is there anything else you want to tell us about T’Challa?

Josh Austin: Black Panther is available starting on February 2 and since he’s a 5-star he will be added to the Legendary store. His Highness will also have a Legendary Store, “Hail To The King,” tart then too. Players can earn tokens to this store from playing in the Civil War Story event that returns on February 2 and ends February 5.

Pick up Black Panther here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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The hero known as Ironheart makes her mobile gaming debut!

Riri Williams, the newest hero to incase herself in iron armor takes to the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” stage this week. Armed with her own improvised Iron Man suit and ready to kick bad guy butt, the hero called Ironheart will be a force to be reckoned with. D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin dropped by to chat about Riri’s powers and just what she’s capable of in-game. We’ve had a couple strong heroines enter the fray recently: Medusa, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), and now Riri Williams joins the fight. What was the thinking behind pulling her into “Puzzle Quest”?

Josh Austin: After adding some well-established heroines to “Marvel Puzzle Quest” with the Queen of the Inhumans and Carol Danvers, we are super excited about the new Ironheart (Riri Williams) character and the recent handoff of Iron Man to this new strong female character.

While Medusa and [Captain] Marvel are super powerful, Riri is still finding her way but already surprising Tony Stark in his new AI form with her amazing intellect. It’s been great working with Marvel on a bringing this new heroine to “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Right now there are five different versions of Iron Man armor and one War Machine suit shooting people to heck and back. How did the team focus on making Riri feel unique?

Josh Austin: Riri Williams’ design focuses on what we’ve seen so far from her in the comics: she’s still learning and not as strong as Iron Man, she’s more of a support character at this stage. So our version of Riri uses features [what] she knows about Iron Man but mixed with her wit to make these attacks her own.

For example, instead of just shooting fists at the enemy, she shoots them to flank the enemy and uses magnetic repulsors to bring together enemy special tiles to disarm the enemy. Her charge into battle attack sends her airborne after initial damage, also causing the enemy to go airborne, like she does in the comics currently where she runs by flying off, but it’s still a great tactical move that benefits the player if they want to disable someone for a bit. And let’s talk about her abilities; what can Ironheart do?

Josh Austin: Riri’s first ability costs nine Blue AP and is called Magnetic Repulsors. Riri uses her magnetic repulsors in her armor’s gauntlet to disarm her opponents. This power attracts enemy special tiles to the center of the board. What’s great about this is if you have a character that makes a specific color special tile like Protect Tiles, it has a strong chance to match them away after they are pulled into the middle of the board!

Riri’s second ability, Remote Control Gauntlets, costs 11 Red AP. Riri launches her gauntlets, maneuvering them remotely towards her opponent. The gauntlets attack from the flank dealing damage to the target opponent and also places a Four-Turn countdown tile that unlocks and removes special tiles.

Riri’s final ability, Selfless Intervention, costs 8 Green AP. Riri makes a split second decision to fly into the action causing damage and her armor to react to the impact sending [her] Airborne for two turns and her target Airborne for one turn. I like her special tile manipulation moves. That definitely feels different. Selfless intervention though—it’s been a while since we’ve seen a move that sends characters Airborne. What’s the strategy behind taking both yourself and the enemy out of combat?

Josh Austin: Sending an opponent out of the fight is advantageous for the player to get one of [their adversaries] off the field for a bit. This allows the player to remove a threat for at least one turn or two at higher levels. For example, if you’re playing PVE with one hero character that can manipulate the tile board, it’s great to be able to send that opponent flying if you see a match four or five that you would like to utilize instead of the opponent’s team! Who does she team well with? And can she team-up with other Iron Man armors or is she included in their number?

Josh Austin: Actually Riri can team up with Iron Man, she’s her own entity. So a player could add Ironheart with Iron Man. As far as teaming up, Ironheart is a bit of a support character. She is good against teams that use special tiles.

Since she removes tiles effectively, she’d pair pretty well will Luke Cage (Power Man) since his red deals more damage if there aren’t any opposing special tiles. The new Four-Star Captain Marvel can take advantage of the red countdown tile created by Riri’s Red ability. Also, I heard “Puzzle Quest” is going to be celebrating some Jack Kirby monster madness soon. Care to give us a breakdown of the festivities?

Josh Austin: We will be swapping out some covers and promoting the Kirby Monster event in game for a limited time. Comic swaps will be for X-23 (All-New X-Men), The Hulk (Totally Awesome), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Spider-Man (Classic), Devil Dino, Thor (Goddess of Thunder), Deadpool (It’s Me, Deadpool!), Medusa, Vision, and Kamala Khan.

The swaps are a fun way to celebrate some of the recent Marvel news in [“Marvel Puzzle Quest”]! There are also some cool materials and offers at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop and Marvel Insider. Is there anything else players need to know?

Josh Austin: You can earn Riri in the Thick as Thieves event starting on January 19, or in the Vault for the Event Hearts of Darkness that starts on January 23. Riri’s upcoming Versus Event will be called Flight Test.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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Carol Danvers gets a powerful update to start the new year!

Have you been waiting for another Carol Danvers to take into battle? Well wait no longer gang!

D3 Go! and “Marvel Puzzle Quest” ring in the new year with a 4-Star, high-flying, cosmically-powered Captain Marvel ready and raring to clean bad guy clocks. We talked to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin about the blonde bomber and everything she brings to the game. Another year gone, but another year of incredible “Puzzle Quest” action no doubt in front of us. Can you give us a little taste of what’s to come?

Josh Austin: Happy New Year! We are busy working on a few features in 2017, including one that should be coming very soon that will improve the overall player experience and hopefully makes everyone very happy. We’ve gotten some really good feedback in our recent in-game survey and we hope to get started on some fun new events in 2017 based on the info we have received.

We are also working on our process to [ensure] more general testing is getting done and we also want to facilitate more community requests. Sorry we can’t be too specific until we lock something down, but players will have plenty to be happy about this year and we have more great characters coming soon! And we have a new 4-Star character coming down the pipeline. A new Captain Marvel right?

Josh Austin: Yes, Carol Danvers is coming to “Marvel Puzzle Quest” as our newest 4-Star character. We have a modern and an older variation already released, [but] this new Carol Danvers design focuses on the recently released variation with her newer short hair look. How is she different than her 2/3-Star versions? What did the team want to focus on for Carol this time?

Josh Austin: Where the other two Captain Marvels have two attack powers and one strategic or reactionary power, this new Carol Danvers is more about taking charge, rallying her team, and causing more tile manipulation [than] straight up damage with some board affects. So she is more of a support character that creates specials tiles to do damage against the enemy team. And let’s talk a little about her abilities?

Josh Austin: Following the theme of Carol’s appointment to Commander of the Alpha Flight Space Station, Captain Marvel (Carol Danver)’s first ability is a new variation of Photonic Barrage. For 8 Black AP she strategically fires off Photonic Blasts at her enemies while soaring around the battlefield. This power converts a chosen Black tile into a 5-turn Countdown tile that creates a Strike tile every turn and deals damage when it expires.

Her second power is called Executive Decision where Carol is taking charge and rallying her team to get things done. For 5 Yellow AP the player can reduce a chosen friendly Countdown tile to 0. There is also a Passive that triggers for this power every time a friendly Countdown tile expires, that improves a random friendly tile by increasing its base amount.

Her last ability is called Energy Manipulation and it’s a Green Passive, which means no AP is needed. This power is similar to Captain Marvel (Modern)’s damage absorption ability, powering up her own abilities, gaining 2 AP every time the enemy matches their strongest color. If the enemy’s strongest color matches the player’s strongest color she deals damage to the enemy team when the opponent matches their strongest color tiles. Who does she fight best beside? With all this Civil War stuff going on right now, how does she match with Tony Stark?

Josh Austin: If you are unable to find an Iron Man version to fight with, we are working on one that may actually work well with her in future that we can’t reveal yet. In all seriousness, with all the tile and board manipulation she’s really great when she is matched up with Tony’s friend War Machine, especially since she was designed to synergize well with him!

Since War Machine creates multiple Countdown tiles, they can play off each other’s powers to create a very reliable and simple strategy to utilize Countdown tiles. Pair them up with Medusa who relies on/creates special tiles and you have a solid team! She also works well with Green Goblin to immediately retrieve his glider, Scarlet Witch’s Arcane Incantation to gather Purple AP to make quick matches using the Purple tiles, or Hulk (Bruce Banner)’s The Other Guy tile can also be manipulated to launch as soon as the Countdown tile appears on the board to get him to transform faster. Sounds like players are going to have some pretty awesome teams to play around with. Is there anything else we need to know about the new Captain Marvel?

Josh Austin: Carol will be available and featured in Deadpool vs. MPQ on January 5, in the Vault Story Event happening on January 8, and the Versus Event called Flight and Fight starting on January 12.

Stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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Bring the Mad Titan home in time for the holidays!

This holiday season Thanos, not Santa Claus, will be delivering gifts to all the lucky “Marvel Puzzle Quest” players. And he’s bringing Death with him!

We talked to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin about the Mad Titan’s “Puzzle Quest” landfall and everything the team has planned to keep us warm through the holidays. It’s been an awesome year for “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” there’s no doubt about that, but how are you ringing in this holiday season?

Josh Austin: This year we are ending with the mighty titan Thanos! We aren’t just bringing him in as a 5-Star character and disappearing for the holidays, we are also releasing a Thanos PVE event called Crash of the Mad Titan, a 3-Star Thanos, and we’re bringing back the popular Naughty or Nice Versus Tournament! Players have been begging for a new villain for a bit and what better way to end the year than making their wishes true with an Infinity Gauntlet bang! Thanos is another 3/5-Star split in the style of Doctor Strange. Previously the team had mentioned they were moving away from 3-Stars. What changed?

Josh Austin: We are super excited to be able to do this again, especially considering how popular it was when Doctor Strange was released a few weeks ago. Our overall focus is doing what is best for the entire community and we needed to rethink how new 3-Stars will add or take away from the player experience.

The game continues to evolve and we learn new things from both player feedback and behavior in the game. Once upon a time we wanted to progress with even stronger characters—hence the introduction of 5-Star heroes—but we have come to believe that releasing a couple of new 3-Stars each year will help the balance for players both old and new. But in all seriousness, I earned a 3-Star Doctor Strange and he is now one of my favorite characters to use in events so I am definitely a fan of us reintroducing 3-Stars. Thanos, the Mad Titan himself, finally crashes the “Puzzle Quest” party. What can you tell us about the cosmic calamity’s moveset?

Josh Austin: I can tell you Thanos is totally rad! His animations are great, one of his powers even brings out Death. I mean you do not want to mess with this guy. Both the 3-Star and 5-Star abilities go by the same name so I am going to run them by you according to the ability name starting with the 5-Star.

The first power is called Court Death and shows how Thanos’ desire to please his mistress Death can make him a terrifying threat and volatile ally. It’s a Black AP Passive that activates when Thanos downs an enemy, causing him to stun all characters except Thanos—allies and enemies—and then deals damage to all characters, a set amount to enemies and half that to his allies. The 3-Star Thanos Court Death power deals the same amount of damage to both enemies and allies.

His second ability, Infinite Power, shows everyone just how invulnerable, immortal, and nigh all-powerful Thanos is as he bends his foes to his will. This power costs 8 Purple AP and creates a 3-turn Purple Countdown tile. While the tile is on the board, Thanos deals an extra 15% match damage and no tiles may be destroyed or changed except by Thanos; tiles may still be matched away. The 3-Star Thanos version of Infinite Power gives Thanos an extra 150% match damage which is a lot higher than the 5-Star match damage, but 3-Star Thanos doesn’t get the added board control that 5-Star Thanos has.

His final power is called Come and Get Me. Thanos stands against the tide of his enemies before unleashing his wrath. This power costs 12 Green AP and places a 4-turn countdown tile that moves Thanos to the front of the team at the end of his turn. When the Countdown tile goes off, it causes damage to the entire enemy team. This ability is similar for both 3 and 5-Star variants. So on top of some awesome new characters we also have some Thanos-themed holiday fun ahead of us. What exactly can we look forward to?

Josh Austin: So much stuff for the holidays! We have the Crash of the Mad Titan event, which is a special version of Deadpool’s Daily Quest that has five pins with rewards and a Crash Pin featuring Thanos as the enemy for five days. Each day has a unique group of allowed characters including Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Villains, etc., with plenty of Thanos-themed quests. This event will include a special Thanos Vault for the duration with tons of great stuff! And ring in the New Year on January 1 with a new Thanos Versus Tournament, Behold Thanos. Is there anything else we need to know?

Josh Austin: Along with this Thanos event, there will be a 30% bonus sales for Iso-8 and Hero Points between December 20 and 26, a special holiday vault (featuring 80 items) from December 22 [to] January 1 attached to certain events, double Iso-8 rewards will be given in the upcoming Galactus Hungers (December 22), Crash of the Mad Titan (December 22), Naughty or Nice (December 22) and Unstable Iso-8 (December 25).

And finally, I want to wish Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for playing “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” We have a special free token that we are giving out in the upcoming Vault as a thank you and we can’t wait to share more MPQ news with all the readers in 2017!

Take a crack at Thanos and all the “Puzzle Quest” holiday cheer here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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The Queen of the Inhumans rules over a new kingdom!

Make way for royalty people! Medusa’s about to rock “Marvel Puzzle Quest” using her luscious locks to entangle her enemies and serve up some serious pain.

We had a chance to talk to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin about the Queen of the Inhumans and everything she’s got in store for the common rabble who dare disturb her rule. Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans, may be my favorite member of the Royal Family outside of Black Bolt. Why’d we get Medusa over say Gorgon, or Karnak, or some of the young guns like Flint or Naja?

Josh Austin: Medusa won the Marvel NOW! Poll that we conducted over the summer and the players really wanted her [so] we were more than happy to add the Queen of the Inhumans to the roster! Who knows what the future holds for Gorgon, Karnak, Flint and/or Naja in “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” but any character is possible. Besides, she’s a queen and we already added the king, so let’s start at the top. Concentrating her abilities on just her prehensile hair feels like it’d be too easy. What’d the team focus on to make the Queen come to life?

Josh Austin: Medusa was designed as a great support character that when used well can cause a lot of damage while healing the team. Her hair shakes things up on the board generating health, causing damage, gaining additional AP or swapping random tiles and stealing any swapped enemy special tiles. Ok let’s talk about her abilities. Mind breaking them down for us?

Josh Austin: Medusa’s first ability, The Resolute Queen, is a Yellow Passive (0 AP). No matter the situation, Queen Medusa protects and leads her people with unwavering loyalty and determination. Whenever an Attack, Protect, or Strike tile is matched, if it was a friendly tile, it gives a burst of health to the team. If it was an enemy tile, it gains AP in Purple, Blue, or Green.

Medusa’s second ability is another Passive called Entanglement and this one is Red (0 AP). Medusa sends her hair out to grab and whip opponents. Every turn, if one does not exist, the player can create a Countdown tile that deals damage every turn. If the tile gets destroyed, it creates two strength Attack tiles.

Medusa’s last ability is called Hair Meddle and costs 10 Purple AP. Medusa’s hair wriggles its way through enemy defenses, causing chaos and confusion. The ability swaps 16 pairs of random tiles, stealing any swapped enemy Strike tiles; upgrades add Protect, Attack and even buffing stolen tiles. From what I can tell she’s all about wrecking the opponent’s tiles and making sure they can’t play their game. Getting rid of Falcon/Captain America’s Protect tiles, Blade’s Strike tiles, using Thing’s protect ability against him—that sound like a fair assessment?

Josh Austin: Definitely! She will be able to turn the battle around if the player feels overwhelmed with a ton of enemy Special tiles on the board. She would have been great against the Mindless Ones in the Doctor Strange event earlier this month! On paper she sounds a lot like Loki, shaking up the board and taking control of special tiles. What sets her apart from characters like the God of Mischief and Doctor Octopus?

Josh Austin: Loki’s ability just moves around colored tiles and Doc Ock will destroy enemy strike tiles, but Medusa will steal any tile that is touched by her hair transforming it from an enemy tile to a friendly tile. While Loki and the good doctor provide utility, Medusa brings it in spades. Looking at her kit I’m really liking her with Carnage, who’ll be giving us friendly and enemy attack tiles to play with, possibly giving us AP and healing in a good cascade. Who else benefits from the help of the Queen?

Josh Austin: The popular choice here seems to match Medusa with Quake and Kamala Khan. The combination of Quake negating some damage while Kamala Khan heals along with Medusa’s healing ability can be pretty fun, but of course adding Carnage in there with all the tile creation is a great choice too! When do we get to recruit the Queen?

Josh Austin: Medusa will be available starting on December 1 and she will be featured in Hearts of Darkness event scheduled for the same day. Medusa’s Vault will start on Sunday, December 4 and go through December 9 with the Venom Bomb event and finally the Medusa PVP event will be titled the Big Bangs Theory and go from December 8 through December 12.

Pick up the Queen of the Inhumans here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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The super sonic king of the Inhumans makes his voice heard across Marvel games!

With over 75 years of rich history, the Marvel Universe has produced countless memorable heroes and villains. On a regular basis, Marvel Games Presents will highlight these characters’ histories as well as shine a spotlight on their current gaming appearances.

Today, the spotlight falls on the leader of Marvel’s next television stars, the Inhumans, Black Bolt!

Fantastic Four (1961) #45

Fantastic Four (1961) #45

  • Published: December 10, 1965
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 06, 2009
  • Penciller: Jack Kirby
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Exposed to the power-granting Terrigen mist while still an embryo, Blackagar Boltagon developed the ability to manipulate electrons in addition to a destructive sonic force unleashed by even a whisper of his voice. A silent and thoughtful leader, Black Bolt would become king of the Inhumans, ruling alongside his queen, Medusa, and the rest of the royal family.

“Black Bolt is a fascinating character. He is the embodiment of duty and responsibility as a monarch, choosing to restrain his awesome power and only using it as a last resort. In a world where we see our leaders becoming pettier and more egotistic by the day, Blackagar Boltagon represents the purest idea of an enlightened ruler, one who sacrifices for his own people.” – Gabriel Frizzera, Art Director on “Marvel Contest of Champions”


“It was difficult for us to bring the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, into our game. The concept of his voice being destructive was interesting, but it also made it difficult to envision and realize into ‘Marvel Future Fight.’ The effort that went into the character is why I have a particular affection for Black Bolt.

“When we first started developing Black Bolt’s skill set, our primary objective was to show the players the magnanimity of his position as King of the Inhumans and the destructive capabilities of his voice as expressed in the original comics. From design to character animation, we persistently adjusted his skill composition and effects to create the Black Bolt we have now. Since then, we have been collecting feedback from our users and have adjusted the range and distance of Black Bolt’s Quasi-sonic Scream attacks and also reduced the cool down time so players can get more of the percussion feel. To increase his [ability to survive], when Black Bolt advances to Tier-2, he now becomes immune to damage while using the Quasi-sonic Scream. Also, to show that sound waves are on the most part unavoidable, we added the ‘Ignore Dodge’ buff to the skill. These changes will showcase a Black Bolt that aligns more closely with the original comics.

“As the person in charge of the development team for ‘Future Fight,’ my hope and pleasure would be to know that our players felt absolute power while playing this character. Furthermore, we plan on improving many of the characters to be more similar to the original comics and to be even more exciting to play. Look forward to seeing what lies in the future for ‘Marvel Future Fight.'” – Doohyun Cho, Dev Director of “Marvel Future Fight”

“Silent and Stoic. There is not that much more to say about Black Bolt. I think the coolness of the All-New All-Different costume speaks for itself and I am proud of the attention the artist put into this model. I am hoping our fans are speechless when they see Black Bolt in action.  Also, Black Bolt destroys things with his voice. ‘Nuff Said.” – Chris Frenton, Art Director of “Marvel Heroes 2016”


“Black Bolt is a really strong 5-star character in ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’. He has a Quasi-Sonic power that will destroy part of the board with a whisper or the entire board with a scream causing massive damage when it is built up. But be careful with his passive ability as it can cause a ton of damage if not closely monitored!” – Josh Austin, D3 Go! Producer on “Marvel Puzzle Quest”

“His skill will be focused on his most devastating power – his quasi-sonic voice. The animation will be destructive!” – NHN PlayArt Corp., “Marvel Tsum Tsum”

Uncanny Inhumans (2015) #15

Uncanny Inhumans (2015) #15

Follow Black Bolt’s ongoing adventures in UNCANNY INHUMANS, issue #15 currently on sale!

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The Sorcerer Supreme is heading to Marvel Puzzle Quest

Baron Mordo’s deadly apprentice Kaecilus threatens the “Marvel Puzzle Quest” universe with dimension-bending terror and it’s up to players to harness all of Doctor Strange’s mystical armaments and take him down. D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin dropped by to talk about this big new story event and the two different Doctor Strange variations players can earn in the coming weeks! With Doctor Strange dropping in theaters in a few short weeks I hear there’s a whole magical world waiting for players in “Puzzle Quest.” Can we get a tl;dr?

Josh Austin: Yes! Doctor Strange is coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest as not just one, but two playable versions! For the first time in probably forever, Doctor Strange will have a 3-star version (Stephen Strange) and a 5-star version (Sorcerer Supreme). This is the first 3-star we have released in some time (before my time on the project) and I’m sure a lot of Marvel Puzzle Quest fans will be very excited to get their hands on a new 3-star!

With the new character, we also have a new Story Event called Strange Sights, where the player will be entering three different doors with a new animation that takes the player to an alternate universe where mindless ones and other bad guys are in control. Get through the story mode to fight off against Kaecilius! I gotta ask, what goes into creating and executing on a big event like this? The boss fights, the artifacts, the enemies we’re fighting, who works on all that stuff?

Josh Austin: With these larger events that are a part of movie releases, there is a lot of planning and approvals to get through so we have to build in time to get things through in time for release. With a movie-based character and storyline, we receive direction from Marvel both in notes and from reference materials. As it gets moving, the game art is passed around for review to people at Marvel and the people working on the movie. The story outline is written by designers then passed to a writer (Alex Irvine in this case) to provide that awesome Marvel touch. When it’s all done and all sides are happy we are good to go! It’s awesome to hear that everyone works so hard to make these things a success. Ok now on to the meat and potatoes: can we talk about Doctor Strange and his abilities? What kind of eldritch energies will we be harnessing as the Ancient One’s successor?

Josh Austin: Because there are two characters coming out, this is going to be a little long!

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) and Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) are 3 and 5-star characters respectively. Doctor Strange’s first ability is called Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and it costs 9 blue for both variations. This power converts a chosen basic tile into a Countdown tile and stuns the target for 2 turns at lower levels and up to 3 turns the higher the cover level. The Countdown tile for each turn deals damage on the board (3-star level 145 damage, to 1772 damage maxed 5-star) and destroys enemy AP of the color that the Countdown tile ends up being.

His second ability is Eye of Agamotto which costs 11 purple AP for both Doctor Strange Star tiers. For 3-star Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) this power removes up to 2 random enemy Attack tiles and the player gains 2 Purple AP. At higher levels this can remove random Attack, Protect, Strike, Invisibility and Trap tiles and up grant up to 4 Purple AP to the player. For 5-star Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) this power creates a colorless eye tile that activates each turn removing a random enemy at attack tile and the eye tile can’t be removed from the board. At higher levels this power removes 1 of each tile types above at random each turn.

Lastly the third ability is called Flames of the Faltine that has a Passive component and a 14 AP yellow cost for the 5-star added to the Passive ability. For 3-star Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) this ability is a passive and thus costs 0 AP. Each time an opponent uses a power, it deals 212 damage to the target and gives a burst of 45 health to the player’s team. For 5-star Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) this ability has both passive and active elements. It still deals damage to your opponent every time their characters use a power, but for 14 yellow AP, you can deal almost double the damage on a whim. At maxed level 5 this power deals 16,016 damage! What are some of the things players should be looking out for? Any special rewards for cleaning Kaecilius’ clock?

Josh Austin: This event will feature four or five ways to get your hands on Doctor Strange. First, like any other Story event, there will be a store that will have increased odds at getting the 3-Star Doctor Strange. There will also be a new Legendary Store that will feature the 5-Star version of Doctor Strange at increased odds. Lastly, there will be three, ten item Limited Vaults (one for for each sub-chapter) with one item being a pack for the special Legendary Store. The last mission of each sub-chapter will give you a token for each of the vaults. Additional tokens can also be purchased. And what else do we need to know about Doctor Strange’s big new event?

Josh Austin: Doctor Strange is available November 3 and his all-new PVE event is called Strange Sights. Strange will also have a Versus event as well, called Strange Days, that is set to run starting in the evening of November 10 where players can earn 3-star Doctor Strange. The event before that, Red Shift, is scheduled to start on the evening of November 8, which will also reward Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) for the top players.

And I can’t forget to share that this is the first event that players can choose their own path. We are excited to see how people respond to it and hope to add it to future events. In addition, we’ve integrated some cool new animations into the event. Players will choose a node over a dimensional doorway, then an animation of the door and the camera zooming into that dimension will play. It’s just a cool thing we wanted to try out. Also, to keep things interesting, the Kaecilius boss node recharges daily. When does all this mystical mumbo jumbo come to an end?

Josh Austin: The Doctor Strange Story Event will conclude Monday, November 7, 2:00 AM EDT. The event will enter the normal Event rotation once it has concluded.

Take a crack at the Sorcerer Supreme here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews, as well as the latest on Doctor Strange in other Marvel Games. Marvel Insiders also earn points for checking out each of these articles. To become a Marvel Insider, join here:

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