Check out this killer list of the saddest deaths in the Marvel Universe!

Say it with me, True Believers: It’s! Time! To! Get! Sad!

That’s right, in the latest Marvel Top 10, we take a look at some of the most heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, Earth-shattering deaths in Marvel history! Featuring fatalities and funerals from issues of PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, DAREDEVIL, RUNAWAYS, UNCANNY X-MEN, and more, this Top 10 list will be a delightfully distressing trip down memory lane.

So grab some unhealthy food and get ready to eat your feelings as you dive into Marvel’s Top 10 Tragic Deaths!

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Relive ten heartbreaking splits ranked by the team!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…it’s Marvel’s Top 10 Breakups!

Recently, the team gathered together for a sleepover, where we cried, ripped up photos of our exes, ate raw cookie dough, and read through Marvel Unlimited as we discussed which characters have endured the toughest, most emotional breakups in Marvel history.

Prepare for a walk down memory lane as you reminisce with Marvel’s Top 10 Breakups!

…I wonder if Daredevil has ever stalked Elektra’s social media for hours on end. You know, just to see what she’s been up to. Or whatever.

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Find out which character is the quickest in the Marvel Universe!

Using the mighty power of Marvel Unlimited, the team has spent the last few weeks researching, debating, and then voting on which character is the fastest in the universe. And here are the results!

The countdown includes all-star heroes like Captain Marvel, the Silver Surfer, and Quicksilver, but also lists a few lesser-known characters like Monica Rambeau and Northstar. The major highlights of this Top Ten, however, come from numbers eight and seven in the lineup; characters with two of the best names in the Marvel Universe…Yoyo and Whizzer!

So, who drops in at number one on the countdown? Watch the video to find out!

Then head to Marvel’s YouTube for more Top Tens!

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Run down a list of Marvel's fieriest characters!

Grab a fire extinguisher! Open up a fire hydrant! Pet a Dalmatian! has assembled a countdown of the Top 10 Hottest Heroes!

These sweltering super heroes have been heating up the Marvel Universe for decades. The list begins at a simmer with the Son of Satan, Daimon Hellstrom, who first appeared in 1973’s GHOST RIDER #1. Then Sunfire lights up the sky—like he’s been doing since UNCANNY X-MEN #64. Next up is Pyro, who debuted in another mutant tale: UNCANNY X-MEN #141. Not to be outshined, Sunspot burns onto the countdown, having been illuminating the Universe since MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #4. Coming in at number six, Inferno has made a quick climb despite only making his first appearance four years ago in INHUMAN #1.

We crack the top five with a classic: Ghost Rider—the hothead has been poppin’ wheelies and Penance Staring since MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #5. Then Firestar, who debuted in SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS #1, fires to number four. And, finally, coming in third and second place respectively, are the most famous guy-fire combos around: the Human Torches, Jim Hammond and Johnny Storm! Hammond, who first appeared all the way back in 1939’s MARVEL COMICS #1, gets overtaken for the silver medal by Johnny Storm, who debuted, of course, in FANTASTIC FOUR #1.

So who takes first place? Which Marvel character is least qualified to work at a gas station? Which hero would be most useful at a family barbecue? Watch the video above to find out!

Visit the official Marvel YouTube channel for more!

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