Series returns to Netflix in 2018!

Misty Knight just got an upgrade – a bionic one at that. Following the events of “Marvel’s The Defenders” where she loses an arm to the Hand’s Bakuto, it’s nice to see Misty fully recovered and ready for more action in the second season of “Marvel’s Luke Cage.” Take a look at Misty Knight (played by Simone Missick), her extraordinary bionic arm, and her formidable ally Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) in their full glory below!

After a sabotaged experiment leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) becomes a man trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York City.

The Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Luke Cage” returns for a second season in 2018. Follow @LukeCage on Twitter and like “Marvel’s Luke Cage” on Facebook for all the latest news and updates!

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Get ready to defend!

The Guardians flew back down, Spidey swung through again, and now the Defenders of Hell’s Kitchen return to Avengers Academy to battle a new threat in their neighborhood. Kingpin’s been imprisoned for nearly a year, and in that time Madame Gao stepped in to fill the power vacuum left in the criminal underworld of Hell’s Kitchen. The Defenders and the rest of the Academy students – with the help of a few new friends – need to dispatch Madame Gao and take back the neighborhood once more.

We grabbed a few minutes with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to see what The Hand has in store for us at the “Marvel Avengers Academy”. The Defenders are making their way back to Avengers Academy! What’s bringing the team to campus once more?

Allen Warner: With the Kingpin imprisoned, Madame Gao has seized control of the Hand, and conquered Hell’s Kitchen.  The Defenders held her off as long as they could, but she countered by kidnapping some of their closest friends and allies, forcing them to regroup and call in reinforcements.  With a firm hold on Hell’s Kitchen, and the combined resources of both the Hand and Kingpin’s entire operation, Madame Gao sets her sights on retrieving a powerful artifact that Director Fury has locked away in one of his secret vaults, launching a full-scale assault on Avengers Academy. Will players be returning to Hell’s Kitchen with the new event district?

Allen Warner: Yes, we’ll be revisiting Hell’s Kitchen and all of its iconic locales like Alias Investigations, Josie’s, and the law offices of Nelson and Murdock.  We’ll also be bringing back the Academy Courthouse from our Daredevil event, and giving some new recruits fun courtroom animations. How will the Avengers battle Madame Gao and her Hand minions?

Allen Warner: The Defenders and Avengers will team up to battle Madame Gao and her special henchmen on campus, as well as traveling away from the school to stop the Hand ninjas from attempting to take over the world. As with the Guardians and Spidey events before this, will players once again be able to recruit Defenders heroes from the previous event?

Allen Warner: Yes, this is a similar structure where players will be given another opportunity to get characters from the original Daredevil event, as well as some other characters who weren’t part of that event, but make sense to be involved with the Defenders.  Players will have a chance to get Iron Fist, Daredevil, Hellcat, Elektra, Misty Knight, Punisher, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.  They may also have an opportunity to get some characters who you wouldn’t associate with the Defenders TV show, but who have been part of various Defenders teams in the comics.  We’ll also be resurfacing all of the outfits from the Daredevil event, including what might be my personal favorite Avengers Academy outfit of all time, Lawyer Loki.  We learned in the original Daredevil event that Loki has a gift for lawyering, and a fondness for lawyers and the profession, and that will continue in this event with some fun results. While those who missed out will be excited to try for all those returning favorites, what new faces join the mix?

Allen Warner: A cool and diverse group of characters who are often thought of as supporting players, but who will take center stage and show their heroic sides during this event: Foggy Nelson, Colleen Wing, Stick, and Claire Temple.  They each bring a really unique and fresh perspective to not only the events at hand, but the Avengers heroes and Avengers Academy traditions.  Our awesome art team did some really great and brand-new things with their various visual levels, and their animations are really fun, and play to their unique occupations, personalities, and talents.  I’m really excited about this group from a narrative perspective because there is so much unexplored territory.  These characters typically only interact with the characters in their respective spheres, so there’s a ton of opportunity to do things that no one has ever seen before.  Foggy will form relationships and go on adventures with Loki and Captain America.  Claire Temple will go on an intergalactic rescue mission with Cosmo the Spacedog.  Stick will butt heads with J. Jonah Jameson.  Madame Gao will match wits with Mephisto, and so on.  One of my favorite things about the world we’ve built in this game is having the opportunity to reimagine and expand upon existing characters and Marvel lore, and this event and this group of recruits provided an awesome opportunity to do a lot of things that have never been done before. What new ways will our heroes suit up to dispatch the Hand threat?

Allen Warner: In addition to the resurfaced outfits from the previous Daredevil event, there will be new outfits and stories for Hulk, Punisher, Elektra, Iron Fist, and Misty Knight.  We love coming up with new looks for our characters that are unique to the world of Avengers Academy, but we decided to take a different approach this time around and only include outfits that have appeared in the comics.  Some are very recent looks that fans may not even be aware of, while others are iconic looks that have been around for decades.  They all look incredible, are completely different from the characters’ usual outfits, and add a new angle to their personalities and powers that make for some really fun animations and stories. As excited as we are to dive back into Hell’s Kitchen and dispatch Madame Gao, there’s always one eye on the horizon. Can you tease anything coming down the line for the Academy and its heroes?

Allen Warner: One of our frequently teased schools will finally have to come out of hiding, and they’ll be bringing more recruitable characters with them than ever before.

For all the latest on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” stay tuned to and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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See how this Daughter of the Dragon and Hero for Hire got her start!

Celebrate Black History Month by delving into the first appearances of Marvel’s most prominent African and African-American characters on Marvel Unlimited!

Misty Knight just might be the best mash-up of popular 70’s film genres in existence. In addition to being an awesomely strong and confident black woman—not unlike many of the characters seen on the big screen in blaxploitation films—she also works as a detective, possesses a deep knowledge of the martial arts and sports a wall-crushing bionic arm!

Though mentioned by Colleen Wing in the previous issue, Misty Knight appeared for the first time in 1975’s MARVEL PREMIERE #21 by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones. Danny Rand—aka Iron Fist—walked into Dr. Lee Wing’s brownstone only to find seven assassins lying dead on the floor and the Wings missing. The next thing he knew, a woman with impressive martial arts skills leaped out of nowhere to attack him. Iron Fist tried explaining himself, but his assailant continued to attack without listening. To get back on the trail of the Wings’ kidnappers, Danny gave her a nerve pinch that knocked Misty out.

Misty and Danny didn’t cross paths again until IRON FIST #1 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Over the book’s 15 issue run, the pair crossed paths a number of times. In that time, we learned her back story as a cop who threw a bomb out of the way that blew up her arm. She later had it replaced with a cybernetic version that offers additional strength to her already powerful form.

Misty also explained that she and Colleen Wing formed a private detective company called Nightwing Restorations Ltd. Knight has also been a member of the Heroes for Hire, Daughters of the Dragon, and even the Valkyrior in FEARLESS DEFENDERS.CAPA2015016_cov-600x924

Though she never joined the Avengers, Misty Knight continues to take part in huge storylines. She and Colleen formed a new Heroes for Hire at the request of Tony Stark during Civil War. Their mission revolved around taking down unregistered super people. She and the same team later tried to protect the planet during World War Hulk, even taking on the Jade Giant’s Warbound pals.

These days, Misty and Sam Wilson spend quite a bit of time together in the latter’s self-titled Captain America comic. She’s helped her fellow hero deal with the backlash against his continued use of the name “Captain America,” but also backed him against confrontations with Doctor Malus, the Serpent Squad, and a public that doesn’t trust the new Cap.

History Lesson

While MARVEL PREMIERE #21 stands as the official first appearance of Misty Knight, Claremont and Byrne actually retconned an earlier issue to make it the chronological debut of the character. In MARVEL TEAM-UP #64, Spidey and the Daughters of the Dragon take on The Steel Serpent. At the end of the issue, the Wall-Crawler asks Misty if they’ve met before and she explained that he saved her from some muggers on Christmas eve with “some dude in a flyin’ bathtub.” That’s a nod to MARVEL TEAM-UP #1 when, while chasing Sandman, Spidey and Human Torch stopped to save an unidentified woman from some hoodlums. It’s only a three-page sequence, but it sure must have left an impression on Byrne and Claremont!

Tomorrow we close out the week by examining the origins of the newest character showcased so far: Blue Marvel!

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As Kate Bishop finds a new career, we review her PI peers!

Kate Bishop loves being a super hero but knows that it cannot pay the bills. Thus, with HAWKEYE #2 on January 4, she finds herself a nice side job to line her pockets: private investigator.

In a world where good guys and bad guys battle for the fate of the universe, on the regular, Bishop recognizes that the average every day person still has problems that need solving; problems that a PI might be uniquely suited to improving.

The fact that other super powered types have reached that conclusion before her can be good news for Kate. For when times get a little rough, or when she has a question about what billing software to use to stay on top of her accounts, we put together a list of other heroes turned private dicks that she can give a jingle.

Jessica Jones
While she may have cut her teeth in the super hero game—first as Jewel, then as Knightress—Jones has always had the type of temperament a little more at home with the rough and tumble life of a PI. Alternating between run of the mill “catch my wife cheating” to the high tension “find out Captain America’s real identity” cases, Jones showed that despite self-hatred, alcohol dependence, and a general inclination away from customer service, she had private investigating in the blood.

Years later, Jones may be in a far better more stable personal place, but she has not lost her edge. Her most recent case proves that even without booze and outward turned rage, she remains one of the better frosted glass doors of the Marvel U to knock on with your problems.

Believe it or not, MacDonald “Mac” Gargan did not always hate Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson and make his bones in a bright green costume complete with tail weapon. For a time, Gargan walked the rainy streets of Manhattan charging 200 a day plus expenses.

He had a decent career going too, until he agreed to be the guinea pig in an experiment paid for by Jameson. It turns out an acute sense of amorality can serve you well when you make your money invading other people’s privacy for anyone who will pay you.

While she mostly spends her time as the more active extension of Ben Urich’s investigative reporting these days and the previous years have been marked by space travel and avenging, Jessica Drew spent several years being one of the most popular PI’s in the San Francisco phone book.

Motivated by her sense of justice—not a desire for monetary reward—Drew stepped in for those most in need who might not have convinced the average private investigator to take their case. Jessica proved so dedicated to her work that even after she lost her powers for a time, she kept the agency open and taking cases until life took her east once more.

X-Factor Investigations
Founded and headed up by Multiple Man in part to help him find his way in life, the agency boasted the likes of Wolfsbane, Siryn, Rictor, Monet, and Strong Man as operatives.

Although they took up in “Mutant Town” as their base of operations, X-Factor quickly became an international investigating force, gallivanting around the world—and eventually, through time and other dimensions—to deliver their customers the very best work they could.

Knightwing Restorations LTD
After years in the NYPD, Misty Knight lost her arm and began to experience intense depression. On top of that, she felt constrained by the job and its rules, unable to truly help those that needed it most. So, with best friend Colleen Wing’s encouragement, she quit the force and joined her pal to create Knightwing. For Wing, who had previously had her life saved by Knight when she ended up in the crossfire of a gun battle, it felt like nothing more than returning the favor.

The duo, most often known as the Daughters of the Dragon—a nickname awarded in derision but now worn like a badge—quickly gained a reputation for taking on risky and dangerous cases that set them against some truly over powering foes. Eventually, the pair transitioned to more of a bails bond focus, but both retain their highly honed undeniable talents.

Dakota North
Despite an “only the pretty survive” reputation, the fashion industry actually requires remarkable strategical thinking to prosper over the long haul. In the Marvel U, the best example of this comes from Dakota North, the model turned private investigator who made the switch without missing a beat.

The daughter of an intelligence officer, North grew up around the ideas that helped mold her into a highly successful PI. Applying her honed business acumen to it proved just the next step and, rapidly, she grew her agency to an international one with offices in Tokyo, Paris, and Rome. After a brief time staying in New York in Nelson & Murdock’s personal employ, it appears she is back out on her own, traversing the globe, and maintaining her business.

Investigate HAWKEYE #2 by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero on January 4!

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The demon lord rears his ugly head for Halloween, bringing new heroes to the game!

Halloween rapidly approaches, and while the students of “Marvel Avengers Academy” prepare their costumes and plan their parties, the demon Mephisto assembles his minions for a celebration of his own.

Mephisto will soon cross over from his hellscape to the Academy’s plane of existence, hungry for new souls and servants. With the villain flanked by Dracula, Satana, and an army of Fire Demons, the Avengers have their work cut out for them if they hope to put an end to his invasion.

We sat down with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to get the low-down on Mephisto and his motivations, along with what Halloween celebrations we’ll see at the Academy. What brings Mephisto to our plane?

Allen Warner: We learned at the end of the Daredevil event that Kingpin had struck a deal with Mephisto to help him enter our dimension, and was working with the Hand to use their occult magic to open a dimensional rift. Of course, with those three factions, there was and will continue to be plenty of double and triple-crossing, as each one tries to use the others to get what they want. The Avengers Academy students and the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen managed to stop Kingpin and the Hand before they could open the portal, but the Hand still weakened the area enough for Mephisto to finish the job as the Halloween season further blurred the boundary between the physical and supernatural worlds.

Mephisto collects souls and thrives on fear and subservience, so he sees this new dimension and campus filled with superhuman and supernatural heroes as an untouched realm for him to conquer that will expand his kingdom and take his already incredible powers to the next level.  Part of the evil joy he gets out of collecting souls is forcing people to give them up voluntarily, so he uses his charms, his minions, and his talents for emotional manipulation to trick and torment the students rather than immediately launching a full-scale assault. He wants to humiliate his adversaries as much as he wants to collect their souls, and we’ll learn over the course of the event that he’s really after one person in particular.  Only one soul has ever challenged him in his own dimension and escape unscathed,  and he can’t rest until he gets his revenge. While Mephisto is the big-bad here, what other threats does he bring with him?

Allen Warner: He’s working with a couple of other shady, self-interested characters who are perfect for Halloween in Dracula and Satana. Dracula actually has sort of “good” intentions, trying to turn the Avengers Academy students into vampires as a means of rebuilding his vampire nation, which has fallen on hard times and is nearly extinct. The demoness Satana simply wants to feed on souls. She’s always hungry for more, and Avengers Academy seems like the perfect place to sink her teeth into. We see very quickly that she doesn’t like to take orders from anyone, and she doesn’t share Mephisto’s love for drawn out mind games, so there’s a lot of friction there that will eventually result in her setting her eyes on a much bigger prize. Along with these two powerful helpers, Mephisto is also bringing a legion of Fire Demons from his home dimension that come in all shapes and sizes, and will try to drag anyone they battle back to Hell. What new heroes will be brought into the fold in order to help dispatch their new supernatural foes?

Allen Warner: A really exciting lineup: Misty Knight, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and Blade.  Each one brings something completely different to the table, and comes with awesome abilities and a great backstory. If players can defeat Dracula and Satana, they’ll also be able to recruit them to the Academy to help in the battle with Mephisto. There will also be one more surprise character who will be revealed further into the event. It’s someone I don’t think many players will be expecting, but a character who couldn’t be better suited for Halloween. Ghost Rider comes to the game hot on the heels of his TV debut in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” while Misty Knight just made her live-action debut in “Marvel’s Luke Cage” today on Netflix. What actions and abilities do these heroes bring to the Academy and the fight against Mephisto?

Allen Warner: Yeah, the timing is amazing. To be honest, we planned this out so long ago that we had no idea either one of these characters would be debuting in different TV shows at the same time the event is launching, but we obviously couldn’t be [happier]. It’s always great when we can support Marvel characters in different media and vice versa, and both of these characters are so awesome that I’m glad to see them getting introduced to a new audience.

Ghost Rider is someone we connected to a potential Halloween event way back at the beginning of development. Like [“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”], we’re also using the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider to include even more diversity in the game, and support the more modern approach to the character. It’s great because he’s one of those characters like Ms. Marvel or Miles Morales that already have this youthful approach and energy, and they can walk right off of the comic page into our game without some extensive reimagining that we do for other characters.  We love that aspect of our game, but it’s also cool and exciting when a traditionally young character enters the game and interacts with characters like Black Widow and Captain America who aren’t usually in their age range. Ghost Rider will use all of his awesome abilities from wrapping bad guys in his flaming chains to hopping inside of his fiery car to take off and do donuts.

Misty Knight might seem like a strange fit for Halloween at first because she doesn’t have the obvious supernatural connection the rest of these characters do, but she might play the most critical role in the whole event. I always like to connect all of our events together narratively, and there were a few mentions in the Daredevil event of Misty investigating exactly what Kingpin and the Hand were planning. We focus on her great detective skills, and I like the idea of a “normal” character being in an event filled with supernatural characters because she can be the voice and viewpoint of the player, and comment on all of the weirdness like we would. She’ll have actions relating to her awesome skills and abilities from martial arts, detective work, and using her bionic arm to not only punch, but to use its cryogenic blast for an amazing animation. Blade and Moon Knight round out the additions; what new, unique actions will players see these two tackling?

Allen Warner: Blade is the ultimate vampire hunter and the Daywalker, having all of the vampire strengths without any of their weaknesses. We had some fun with those ideas in his actions and animations, along with playing to his traditionally stoic persona. He’s a no-nonsense guy in a campus filled with nonsense, so it’s fun to see how he bounces off of the other students.  He was another character we mentioned from the very beginning as being part of a potential Halloween event, so it’s great to see him finally entering the game, and embodying everything that makes him so cool in the comics and movies.

Moon Knight is such a unique character that you can approach in so many different ways. We wanted to address him being embodied by an Egyptian god. The split personalities. The fact that he’s literally come back from the dead. Not to mention that he has a huge collection of awesome moon-themed gadgets and vehicles. He has some really fun animations, some awesome combat animations, and some great decorations related to his backstory and tools of the trade. The Academy students will be fending off Mephisto and his subordinates, but what other activities will players be able to participate in during this event?

Allen Warner: There are a lot of fun new things to do in this event. The main event building is Haunted Avengers Mansion. It’s the iconic Avengers HQ decked out in creepy, authentic Halloween decorations for Wasp’s big Halloween party. We’re also adding a Halloween themed park, and a bunch of characters will use both places for brand-new actions and animations.  You’ll also be able to send characters through Mephisto’s portals for some extra-dimensional trick-or-treating, bringing back materials to defeat him and his minions. Last but not least, we’re introducing a feature that lets players pair up characters, using a bunch of fun dual actions and animations. Completing these actions gives you access to outfits and other prizes that you can’t get anywhere else. The students have to strengthen their relationships with each other to combat Mephisto’s manipulative powers, culminating in an iconic multi-character animation that I think people are going to love. This new threat arises during a Halloween party, so our heroes must be rocking costumes. What will players see their favorite characters dressing up as?

Allen Warner: This is one of the most exciting parts of the entire event. We’re adding new Halloween costumes for every main story character in the game to this point, from Iron Man to Hulk. We usually only give new event outfits to the earliest characters since some people may have just started playing the game, but Halloween seemed like too good of an opportunity to not give everyone at least one outfit. If you just started, and it will still be awhile before you reach characters like Ant-Man or Maria Hill, you can still acquire the outfits, and the outfit and related quests will unlock as soon as you’ve recruited that character. For our longtime players, it will be the first time we’ve offered alternate outfits for characters like Ms. Marvel, Enchantress, and Taskmaster. Since most of the new characters in this event are pretty serious people, we decided to go with the opposite approach for the costumes. Even if you’re a lifelong Marvel fan, I guarantee you’ve never seen a lot of these characters look anything close to what they’ll look like in some of these Halloween costumes.

It was a ton of fun brainstorming and creating the different looks, and we owe a big thanks to our fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for suggesting and voting on outfits they wanted to see.  The winner was Cap-Wolf, which looks great with some amazing animations, but we also used quite a few of the other suggestions we received: Loki dressed as Thor, Black Widow wearing a “This is my Halloween Costume” T-shirt in classic unimpressed Black Widow fashion, and more.  My personal favorite is Falcon dressed like a Penguin.  I don’t want to spoil everything just yet, but I really feel like people are going to get so many smiles and laughs from the awesome designs and animations created by our always amazing art and animation teams, and the great ideas suggested by our creative and passionate fans. How will the event district play into Mephisto’s siege?

Allen Warner:
The event district is Mephisto’s hellscape. It’s a massive area of fire and brimstone where Mephisto watches everything from his throne. This is where the recruitable heroes will be trapped in Mephisto’s magic, along with the portals used for extra-dimensional trick-or-treating. There’s a large open area in front of Mephisto’s throne because when it’s time to finally battle the big boss, the students will have to bond together, and perform an iconic Halloween activity to infuriate the demon, and distract him with synchronized hilarity before taking him down for good.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to defeat him and close the dimensional rift once and for all, but if not, they may have to seek out the assistance of a certain sorcerer who’s no stranger to dimensional travel…

Play “Marvel Avengers Academy” today and stay tuned for further updates and events!

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Recruit street level heroes to take down a corrupted Daredevil!

The latest update for “Marvel Future Fight” brings a slew of new PVE content for rookie players and hardcore fans alike. Pulling inspiration from the 2010 Shadowland event, players will find themselves up against The Hand and their newest leader: Daredevil himself! The assassin cult has released a demon—The Beast—who has possessed the Man Without Fear in an effort to use his status as a hero to get close to the rest of the team.

In order to defeat Daredevil, players will work through the most difficult combat ever seen in “Marvel Future Fight,” battling more and more powerful bosses to dispatch the Hand’s lieutenants and clear a path straight to their new boss. Your team of heroes won’t be alone in this fight, however, as some new faces join the ranks to face off against their former ally. Shang Chi—the Master of Kung Fu—uses a mix of the physical and mystical arts to dispatch his enemies with ease, while Misty Knight—cunning detective and one-time leader of the Heroes for Hire—baffles foes with her bioengineered arm, throwing ice and lightning to defeat the Hand’s assassins.

Alongside the new stages pitting players against The Hand and Daredevil, a new challenge mode will task them with climbing a tower, battling an ever increasing number of Hand assassins to reach the top and unlock new rewards. And what better way to dive headlong into this challenge than with new uniforms? Moon Knight sports a new armored costume, while Ghost Rider gets his INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING look. Black Cat and Daredevil can unlock their All-New, All-Different looks as well.

Netmarble hasn’t left their PVP fans in the dust. Changes to Alliance tournaments add match replays and allow for tournaments to run more quickly, while Cheer Rewards have been updated to more appropriately reflect the ranks of teams involved.

Dive into Shadowland, bring some of Marvel’s greatest street-level heroes to your team, and defeat the demon inside the Man Without Fear in “Marvel Future Fight”!

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Get a look at Misty Knight and Claire Temple in the upcoming series, only on Netflix Sep. 30!

The cast of “Marvel’s Luke Cage” serve justice in two new character posters for the series, heading to Netflix exclusively on September 30!

Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) both get their own poster revealing their commanding philosophies. Check them out in the gallery below!

“Marvel’s Luke Cage” arrives on Friday, September 30, with all episodes available only on Netflix. Make sure to follow @LukeCage on Twitter and like “Marvel’s Luke Cage” on Facebook for all the latest news and updates. 

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The all-new, all-different Cap gets his start!

Every day we celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary by looking deep into the Marvel Unlimited archives and going through some of Steve Rogers’ most thrilling adventures. Happy diamond anniversary Sentinel of Liberty!

As the reality-warping Secret Wars came to its epic conclusion, many wondered about Captain America’s status in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe. As it turned out, writer Nick Spencer had big plans for the whole franchise, but the first book out of the gate, CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON, clearly established the former Falcon as the patriotic hero.

Joined by artists like Daniel Acuña and Paul Renaud, Spencer reintroduces the winged warrior to the world by showing major differences his predecessor. While Steve Rogers refused to take part in most political discussions, Sam decides to get right in there and let his opinions be known to the world, which leads to some discord among the people he dedicates himself to protecting.

In the first four issues, Spencer puts Sam through the ringer by pitting him against Hydra goons, Crossbones, the Sons of the Serpent and even his former mentor, Steve Rogers. Wilson’s actions also lead to a severing of ties with S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as into the clutches of mad scientist and known Super-Soldier Serum devotee Dr. Karl Malus who turns our hero into the next generation of Cap Wolf!

Luckily for him, Sam’s partner and girlfriend Misty Knight comes to his rescue. The two of them head off to take on Malus, who harbors a pair of devious secrets. First, he’s got a small army of animal-human hybrids at his disposal; second, he now possesses symbiote-like abilities after being consumed by one in SUPERIOR CARNAGE #5.

Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #1

Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Though Sam and Misty put down the villain and his hybrids, they come to discover that Malus used the vampiric Redwing to turn a young man named Joaquin Torres into a human-falcon combination who will not revert back to his original form. All of this leads to the reveal that the Serpent Society re-branded itself as a business called Serpent Solutions that plans on selling science derived from villains to various corporations as a way to make big bucks.

In an attempt to wrap his mind about what he’s up against, Sam meets up with former Serpent Society member turned hero and Steve Rogers’ one-time girlfriend Diamondback, a meeting that goes about as far away from planned as possible.

Though only the first four issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON appear currently on Marvel Unlimited at this point, they offer not just a great look at the current state of the Star-Spangled Avenger, but also Spencer’s love for Cap’s long history as the series features more than a handful of familiar faces from the past 75 years!

Cap Declassified

Spencer’s first few issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON tease the eventual events in Avengers: Standoff, including the creation of Kobik, a child with Cosmic Cube-derived abilities to turn super criminals into regular people. Word of the S.H.I.E.L.D. project gets leaked and talked about in these issues, but the true nature remains a mystery. This of course leads to the events in Pleasant Hill where Kobik eventually turns Steve Rogers back into a young man, but not without re-writing reality to the point where the Star-Spangled Avenger pledges his allegiance to Hydra as seen in the pages of Spencer and Jesus Saiz’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #1 and #2.

Next, witness the final days of the world’s most formidable super team in AVENGERS #400-402 by Mark Waid, Mike Wieringo, Mike Deodato Jr. and Tom Palmer.

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Misty Knight takes no prisoners as the latest addition to the hit mobile game!

The action never stops in “Marvel Avengers Alliance,” and with Misty Knight as the latest addition to the roster, you can be sure she’ll be right in the thick of it! We talked to Associate Producer Tony Sherrill about all the delicious details! Hot on the heels of the last PvP and as we’ve got a Spec Op running, a new PvP! How difficult is it to crank so much content out back to back?

Tony Sherrill: It’s not easy, that’s for sure. We are a small dedicated team that is very passionate about Marvel and “Avengers Alliance.” After three and a half years of releasing content on almost a weekly basis, the team has grown to become something of a well-oiled machine. From stunning art and challenging combat to a compelling story written by Alex Irvine, we do our best to breathe new life into MAA with each new content release. It couldn’t be done without such an amazing team and it most definitely couldn’t be done without our fans. Misty Knight is the reward hero for this PVP—tell us about her.

Tony Sherrill: As a former NYPD cop with a weaponized technopathic prosthetic arm, we knew she needed to be able to stand on her own. She’s a powerfully dangerous one-woman army that brings a lot to the team. We’ve even been playing around with ideas on basing a Spec Op around her and some of her cohorts in the future. We’ll see what happens. What class is Misty and what types of abilities does she possess?

Tony Sherrill: She’s an Un-exploitable Blaster, that doesn’t take extra damage from exploit status effects. Her Armed and Dangerous ability gives her a 60% chance to perform a second. Whenever she gains that second attack, she’ll also gain the Perfect Shot status, which makes the next ranged attack deal extra damage. This goes great with her “Gonna Git You” passive that applies a Marked for Revenge status on enemies when they attack, increasing the damage done on the next attack. This is where her “Shut Yo’ Mouth!” attack comes into play. Not only does it have Deadly Crits, but it exploits essentially everything with Vindictive Exploitation. Then there’s her Satan Claw 2.0 ability, which is a multi-function attack. It has three different attacks that she can use all in one round. You can actually check it out in game now, as she can be viewed on the Team Page in game. What else can players win during this round of PvP?

Tony Sherrill: There’s a really great weapon called the Roaring Rampage. It’s a Misty Knight flavored sawed-off shotgun. It plays off Misty’s Marked for Revenge ability, plus includes Vindictive, which guarantees to hit, crit, and ignore most evasion effects on targets that are Marked for Revenge. It also has Brutal Strike. The prize I’m going for is the Energizing Empowered Iso-8. This Tactician specific E-Iso has Calculating, Revitalized, and Unrelenting, which in order, prevents effects that Lockout Buff and Debuff Actions, restores stamina when Tactical Maneuvers is applied, and makes the Tactician Immune to Exhausted. This is the one to get. PvP Heroes always become available after a short period of time, but we have no plans to make these Vibranium League E-Iso rewards available anytime soon, if ever.

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Which of these Marvel Universe super sleuths can uncover the truth behind the Watcher's murder?

There’s a metaphorical Uatu-shaped chalk outline on the streets of Marvel’s Manhattan now that the Watcher has met a mysterious and violent end. That crime acts as the jumping off point for ORIGINAL SIN, a Marvel Comics event that will shed light on previously dark corners of continuity, thus forever altering the course of the heroes involved. Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato will launch the investigation into the Watcher’s murder in May’s ORIGINAL SIN #1. With such a big crime to solve, they might need a little help from some of the Marvel U’s sharpest private investigators.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #20

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #20

  • Published: January 10, 1965
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Readers might have forgotten that ol’ Mac Gargan – better known as the Scorpion or one of the more recent hosts of the Venom symbiote – started out as a private eye way back in his first appearance. J. Jonah Jameson hired Gargan to spy on Peter Parker in order to find out how the awkward teen consistently captured dynamite photos of Spider-Man. The gig’s intensity escalated quickly, and Jameson had Gargan outfitted with a scorpion-like battle suit. From that point on, Mac forever turned his back on his P.I. career in favor of villainy. Good luck getting this guy to solve the Watcher’s murder. His detecting game’s a little rusty.

Daughters of the Dragon (2006) #1

Daughters of the Dragon (2006) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Best friends Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, the Daughters of the Dragon, worked so well together that they started their own private investigations business: Nightwing Restorations, Ltd. Together, the duo kept the streets as clean as they could, oftentimes teaming up with fellow super-powered duo Luke Cage and Iron Fist. With Misty’s history as a police officer and Colleen’s expert sword swinging know how, these two proved to be some of the most formidable crime fighters in Manhattan. Unfortunately, the Watcher’s home base on the moon falls a little ways outside of their jurisdiction.

The Pulse (2004) #14

The Pulse (2004) #14

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Ex-super hero Jessica Jones enjoyed a second career as a private investigator operating in Manhattan’s shadows. From her non-descript office, Jones took got herself mixed up in a number of high profile cases involving Captain America, Spider-Man, and her allies in the Avengers. Since leaving her private eye career behind, Jessica’s become a proud wife, mother, and super hero. She currently has her hands busy with both her daughter and husband Luke Cage’s new Mighty Avengers endeavor.

Madrox (2004) #5

Madrox (2004) #5

  • Published: January 19, 2005
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: August 24, 2009
  • Rating: MARVEL PSR
  • Writer: Peter David
  • Penciller: Pablo Raimondi
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Operating out of Manhattan’s Mutant Town neighborhood, Jamie Madrox and his team at X-Factor Investigations offered help to those in need – mutant or human. With powerhouses like M and Strong Guy and ferocious fighters like Longshot and Shatterstar on the payroll, Multiple Man’s team could most likely put whichever cosmic force took out the Watcher under citizen’s arrest. Unfortunately, Madrox’s team recently went their separate ways, leaving an all-new, corporate-sponsored X-Factor in their wake.

Daredevil (1998) #108

Daredevil (1998) #108

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Dakota North might just be the most successful private eye around. She has offices all over the globe and works for high-paying clients like fashion designers, models, and best-selling authors. She even mixes it up with super heroes on the regular; Daredevil hired her to be both an investigator and bodyguard for his best friend Foggy Nelson. If the super heroes want Uatu’s killer caught, they should follow their compasses to North.

Who will solve the mystery behind the Watcher’s murder? Find out this May in ORIGINAL SIN #1!

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