Jane Foster finally travels to Asgard in another Kirby classic!

1917 to 2017: 100 years of Kirby.

Join us to celebrate Jack “King” Kirby’s 100th birthday by learning about the characters and stories he created that changed comics forever. To commemorate Jack’s centennial, we’ve sat down with the modern-day creators he influenced—and the decades of work he gifted us all.

Meeting your betrothed’s dad can be a nerve-wracking and tricky situation. Now imagine you’re getting hitched to a guy who happens to be a Norse god with none other than the All-Father, Odin, for a dad! That’s the strange life Jane Foster found herself living as THOR #136 launched in 1967 thanks to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. At that point, Odin had finally approved of Thor’s relationship with Foster and she knew all about Don Blake’s secret identity, so the time seemed right to visit his homeland.

Upon their arrival on the Rainbow Bridge, the lovers saw the Calvary of Asgard running off to battle trolls and then one of the captured enemies brought back for interrogation. Jane met Heimdall and Odin, saw the Asgardian war room, and then received garb worthy of a god and the ability of flight from the All-Father! Foster then took off into the skies and enjoyed her new powers for just a few moments before doubting that they might remain consistent. As she plummeted, Thor flew to save her, but wondered why she lost faith in Odin so quickly.

All of this turned out to be the road to Thor and Jane marrying which would include her evolution into a goddess herself! As another test of Jane Foster, the All-Father requested the presence of The Unknown and sent Jane in after the mysterious being. Paralyzed by fear, Foster called for Thor’s help, which he quickly provided his beloved, seemingly sending the creature away. Convinced that Jane had not proved herself prepared for godhood, Odin reminded them that The Unknown fed on fear, an emotion that no immortal on Asgard could hold in their breast. Speaking for herself, Jane said that she wanted no part in godhood and left for Midgard alone!

Thor (1966) #136

Thor (1966) #136

  • Published: January 10, 1967
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: September 17, 2008
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Angered with his father, Thor lashed out, claiming that all of this had been Odin’s plan from the beginning to get Jane out of his son’s life! The accused denied these claims, put Thor in his place, and then ordered him to the Glade of Crystals to keep an eye out for the still-loose Unknown. Once there he found a Troll summoning the creature!

The Odinson soothed his inner turmoil to some extent by trying to destroy The Unknown. Heart-sick and off his game, our hero nearly fell to his foe, but regained himself thanks to the help of an unseen ally. After vanquishing the beast, Thor got a good look at the one offering assistance and recognized Sif, sister of Heimdall. As it happened, she had romantic feelings towards him dating years back and he seemed quite taken aback by her, all of which proved part of Odin’s master plan to help move his son along.

But what of Jane Foster? Of course, as we now know, Jane Foster would eventually return to Asgard, not as a potential goddess, but as Thor herself!

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An exciting assortment of new characters join the mobile hit!

When The Enchantress puts a new evil plot into motion, your team needs the aid of Asgardian heroes like Ulik, Volstagg, Fandral, and more to take her on in the latest update for “Marvel Future Fight.” Alongside all the new Asgard-centric content, players will discover new endgame activities, a new multiplayer mode, and a new level cap to climb to.

We grabbed Doo Hyun Cho, Dev Director for “Marvel Future Fight,” to get a full rundown of all the new stuff we’ll see as Enchantress makes her move.

Marvel.com: “Marvel Future Fight” is getting a plethora of Asgardian content. What new heroes and villains will players be able to recruit for their teams?

Doo Hyun Cho: As a developer of “Marvel Future Fight,” we hope that our players play all the characters. We don’t want to see any particular character go to waste, since each character has their own advantage and was created with much effort and thought. If we have to choose some favorites, I would say it’s Odin, Enchantress, and Volstagg. When it comes to game balance, Odin is definitely one of the strongest. Even though it is difficult to find and upgrade him, he is definitely one of the most satisfying to have in the long run. For Enchantress, we gave her a skill called “Fatal Illusion” to design her as close to the comics as possible. “Fatal Illusion” is a skill that is very satisfying to use because it is very versatile and befits her character as it enables her to charm and incapacitate her enemies for a short duration. We had a lot of fun with Volstagg as we wanted his animation to really fit his looks. Not only is he fun to watch, but he also has excellent skills that will surely entertain the players.

Marvel.com: What new missions will these heroes be able to participate in once they’ve joined the fight?

Doo Hyun Cho: Chapters 11 and 12 were added to the story missions and are based around Asgard and will showcase Asgard and their heroes, including Malekith—who is already in game—Ulik, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun, Hela, and many more. Also, if you clear the final chapter of the new story mission, you will be able to acquire one of the strongest characters in the game, Odin. A new lineup of big boss enemies including Ymir, Surtur, Midgard Serpent, Fenris Wolf, and more will give the players another avenue of entertainment in these new story missions.

Marvel.com: What is Enchantress hoping to accomplish amidst the interdimensional chaos?

Doo Hyun Cho: Enchantress is a greedy character who desires to take control of all things. Her goal is the destruction of the world, but to do this she manipulates the likes of Asgardian heroes such as Odin, and villains such as Ulik, and Loki, and powerful mythic giants including Ymir and Surtur. If everything goes her way, the world will be destroyed, so players must fight to stop her.

Marvel.com: Alongside the new story content, there’s also a new multiplayer mode and some new endgame activities. How did you design the new three-player raids?

Doo Hyun Cho: It’s already been about a year since “Marvel Future Fight” was launched. There’s been a lot of changes since then, and we’ve been adding a lot of ways for our long-time players to constantly find new entertainment. Looking back, we realized that the restrictions on the level caps and other restrictions prevented these users from fully enjoying the game.

The goal of the new game mode, World Boss Invasion, was to enable all players regardless of rank and level to cooperate and enjoy new content together. Players, regardless of their character’s rank or mastery can join in a World Boss Invasion and collect rewards.

By playing in World Boss Invasion, players will be able to check out what skills their characters are capable of and experience the power of their characters. We are confident that players of “Marvel Future Fight” will enjoy being able to play together.

Marvel.com: The Extreme Challenge mode seems like a great way for max-level players to work toward the new level cap. What challenges await everyone in this new game type?

Doo Hyun Cho: When Alliance Battles were first added to the game, the variation in the upgrade level of the players’ characters made it entertaining. However, the longer the game was in service and as more characters were max upgraded, it was difficult to find any variation to the existing Alliance Battles. Entertainment plateaued, and therefore we added Extreme Mode. The rewards that result from Extreme Mode will depend not only on the character’s level, but also by how well the player controls his characters. We expect that this newfound form of entertainment will encourage players to play and raise their level.

Marvel.com: What rewards will players find as they climb to the new level cap of 70?

Doo Hyun Cho: With the lifting of the S.H.I.E.L.D. level to 70, there was also a change in gear items. Now, Uru, which can be collected in the Asgard story missions, can be equipped to gear. These enchanted Urus can be equipped on all slots once you reach level 70. Also, when five Uru are equipped on one piece of gear, they can be amplified to make the character even stronger.

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Peter and Mary Jane can take cues from past super heroic parents as they guide young Annie!

When The Mole Man attacks New York City, only the Spider-Family can stop him! On December 7, join Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson Parker, and Annie Parker as they get their first real test run as a full-fledged super hero family in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #2.

Speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Parker: Between protecting New York City from crime and raising a fledgling super hero, we think Marvel’s sweethearts have done an exceptional job so far. In honor of them and their efforts, we’re sharing a roundup of five noteworthy parents from throughout the Marvel Universe.

Being a demon doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad father all the time—and Nightcrawler’s father, Azazel, proved that to be true. After discovering that the Cheyarafim had knowledge of his whereabouts and were plotting to kill him, Mystique—Nightcrawler’s mother—and their unborn baby, Azazel made the ultimate sacrifice and fled from his soon-to-be baby mama in order to keep her and his unborn son out of harm’s way.

Thor’s father, Odin forever reigns as the King of Asgard and the king of tough love—especially when it comes to dealing with his son. Stripping your kid of his powers on three separate occasions may seem a bit extreme, but in the end Odin inspired Thor to atone for his offenses and prove to his father once and for all that he possessed the nobility and bravery necessary to someday take the Asgardian throne.

Jack Murdock
Professional boxer and father to Matt Murdock, “Battlin’” Jack Murdock always wanted more for his son. He encouraged him to study hard and make something of himself. And while he didn’t always display his fatherly A game—especially when it came to leading by example—in the end, Jack meant well.

Rebecca Banner
Rebecca Banner proved just how deep a mother’s love can run when she put her life at risk—and died—to protect her son Bruce from the wrath of his monstrous father, Brian. After years of physical and mental abuse, Rebecca packed her and the future Hulk’s bags, got in the car, and attempted to run away from her husband’s rage forever. However, just as they prepared to drive away, Brian caught up with them and began physically harming Rebecca; when Bruce begged his father to let her go, it was too late.

George Stacy
Retired NYPD Captain and father to Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy—aka Spider-Woman, aka Spider-Gwen—George Stacy jeopardized his career in order to protect his daughter from getting thrown in jail for Spider-Man’s death and allows her to fight crime in his honor. Talk about world’s most understanding dad!

Swing into action with the Parker family in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #2 by Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman, coming December 7!

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Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers takes up arms against the Serpent and his Worthy!

Every day we celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary by looking deep into the Marvel Unlimited archives and going through some of Steve Rogers’ most thrilling adventures. Happy diamond anniversary Sentinel of Liberty!

Back during the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt unveiled a heart-stirring quote on the American people in his inaugural address: “Let me assert my firm [belief] that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Those words have clearly influenced the path set out on by Steve Rogers in his journey as Captain America, but they also lead to an event in the Marvel Universe built around the very concrete idea of terror taking over the population: Fear Itself.

Written by Matt Fraction with artwork by Stuart Immonen, the seven issue series from 2011 takes place after Steve’s REBORN return as Bucky continues to wield the shield. Yet, no one else more naturally takes charge than Mr. Rogers as Odin’s long-imprisoned brother the Serpent returns to power thanks to Sin’s acquisition of a mystical Norse hammer.

Seven other hammers land on Earth to be wielded by the Thing, Hulk, Grey Gargoyle, Titania, Absorbing Man, Attuma, and Juggernaut. As they wreak havoc all over the planet leading to mass hysteria, Odin plans on arming his people to raze Earth, stopping his brother once again and destroying Midgard in the process.

Thor decides to stand with the Earth heroes, but he doesn’t arrive soon enough to save Bucky from dying at the hands of Sin. By the time he does show up, Steve’s already in the costume and ready to fight gods with his bare hands. Thor battles Thing and Hulk while Cap tries to defeat Sin and Tony Stark offers his sobriety in exchange for a chance to talk to Odin and request access to his armory.

Not long after, the Serpent destroys Cap’s shield and Thor collapses after his battle. The Avengers take him to the newly established Asgard where Steve reads Odin the riot act about healing his own son. “I can’t fight and die in your war on my damn feet without Thor out there fighting with me,” he shouts at the Allfather in his own realm.

Before long, Thor returns with Odin’s sword as well as Iron Man’s tech-mystical armaments for the Avengers. Shield-less, the Star-Spangled Avenger proves his worth once again by picking up Mjolnir and jumping into the fray. They succeed, but Thor perishes in the process while also vanquishing the Serpent and fulfilling a long-held prophecy.

At the end of the series, Captain America vows to help rebuild Asgard, Manhattan, and all of the other places destroyed during the events. Sporting his classic costume, Steve also holds a reconstituted shield thanks to Tony Stark that sports a scar, but also uru-infused metals.

Cap Declassified

In the pages of FEAR ITSELF 7.1: CAPTAIN AMERICA by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice, Steve Rogers learns a disturbing, yet ultimately happy truth: Bucky didn’t really die! The issue reveals that Black Widow and Nick Fury hatched a plan to make it seem like he perished not only to give our heroes a martyr to avenge, but also get the original Captain America out on the battle field. Steve agrees to play along with the ruse, even giving a public eulogy for his partner, so that Bucky can head off and take care of a few loose ends from his Winter Soldier days. Brubaker chronicles those events in the WINTER SOLDIER ongoing from 2012 which will earn its own spotlight in the near future. 

Next, Mark Waid, Ron Garney and Dale Eaglesham bring the Star-Spangled Avenger back to the Marvel Universe in CAPTAIN AMERICA #1-7 from 1998.

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Odin and Thor stand as the last hope of defeating The Void and Norman Osborn!

Asgard hovers on the brink of collapse as Norman Osborn’s Siege comes to a close. But with the Sentry’s psyche already cracking can the former Green Goblin keep the Void in check?

DeNA Senior Producer John King stopped by to give us the lowdown on Siege’s final battle!

Marvel.com: The towers of Asgard shake under the power of the Sentry’s blows, its walls crumbling beneath the insane hero’s onslaught. Is Osborn at all worried that he’s unleashed something he can’t control?

John King: Osborn, worry? Never…ok maybe a little. The Sentry is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe and keeping control of him is a herculean task to say the least, especially when he has personality issues.  

Marvel.com: What sort of missions are we looking at as Asgard falls?

John King: You’ll be encountering heavy resistance in the form of H.A.M.M.E.R. Troops as they assault Asgard, which is now currently residing over a quaint mid-western town.  

Marvel.com: Last week we took down Bob Reynolds, but this go around he’s been consumed by The Void. That’s not good is it?

John King: Picture all the powers of The Sentry coupled with the need to destroy life as we know it, I would say that’s’ in the “not good” category. Good thing you will have some heavy firepower to back you up.

Marvel.com: How is The Void different from his heroic alter ego? What do we need to worry about while we’re slugging it out with him?

John King: The Void is using all of the Sentry’s [abilities] coupled with his own malevolent powers. Don’t get too close if you can, use Blasters to attack him from range while your Bruisers head in fist first. But whatever you do make sure you do not “Enter the Void.” It’s not the vacation destination he makes it out to be.

Marvel.com: Odin makes an appearance here along with Thor as featured event characters. No doubt we want them on our side while dealing with The Void right?

John King: With the siege of Asgard the All Father and Thor aren’t standing idly by as it falls. Odin brings his experience of thousands of years of warfare and Gungnir into battle. Alongside the All Father is his son Thor with trusty Mjolnir at the ready. They’ll have you yelling “Have at Thee” in no time.

Marvel.com: When the dust clears, for good or ill, what’s next for “Marvel Mighty Heroes”?

John King: I cannot say too much, [but] you know the Marvel Universe is constantly in flux even at “War.” Unfortunately I have to keep the next threat a “Secret,” but know this, things as we know it will change! 

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more “Marvel Mighty Heroes” news and interviews!

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Al Ewing and Lee Garbett reveal Angela's relationship to the sons of Odin, and a peek at the Tenth Realm for Original Sin!

The brotherly rivalry between Thor, God of Thunder, and Loki, God of Mischief, has ever been the stuff of epic Marvel myth. Love and resentment in equal measure have long defined their relationship. Following the death of the Watcher in Original Sin and the revelation of secrets long thought buried, that relationship will get more complicated very shortly.

Original Sin reveals that Odin has another child, one he kept hidden from our world and banished to another. That child has returned, and it’s a character readers have recently become familiar with. The significance of this secret and its epic ramifications will play out in special issues of ORIGINAL SIN this July, written by Al Ewing and Jason Aaron with art by Simone Bianchi and Lee Garbett.

We spoke to Ewing and series editor Wil Moss to find out more.

Marvel.com: The death of the Watcher brings a lot of secrets out of the woodwork, and this one is a doozy. I believe we’re alone right now, it’s just the three of us, so tell me; what’s Odin’s big secret, and what does it mean for the Marvel Universe?

Wil Moss: Odin actually has two big secrets that come to light because of Original Sin: The whole “Nine Realms” thing? Which includes Asgard and Midgard, aka Earth? Turns out there was once a Tenth Realm. But no one speaks of it, and it exists on no known maps. What happened to it? Why was it not only removed from its physical location but from all known records? Well, turns out that’s connected to Odin’s other secret: Thor and Loki have a sister—Angela.

Al Ewing: All this is revealed to Thor as part of the events of Original Sin: there’s a lost Realm and a lost sister and one is connected with the other. What would you do? You’d journey to that lost realm and try and get some answers. And if, say, the current ruler of Asgard—the All-Mother—were to prevent you, well, maybe you’d get help somewhere else. Like from your devious, disavowed half-brother, Loki.

Obviously, when these two get together it’s the team-up the Marvel Universe has been waiting for—and the Marvel Universe might not survive it! There’s some nasty stuff waiting in that realm.

Marvel.com: This revelation really establishes Angela’s place at Marvel. Has this plan been in the works for a while?

Wil Moss: Yes. Once the full story is revealed—and we might not quite learn all of it in this Original Sin story—it will be clear that all her appearances in the Marvel Universe so far—from the end of AGE OF ULTRON to her appearances in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY—have all been with this revelation, this backstory in mind.

Al Ewing: When Wil brought me fully into the loop on this I got an idea of how much planning’s gone into this—and it’s a lot. It’s been in the works for ages, probably since long before I started writing for Marvel, so it’s a bit of a responsibility for me to be telling this story. Or at least part of the story. There’s a lot of revelations coming.

Marvel.com: Is Angela going to shake up the dynamic of brotherly love and brotherly hate between Loki and Thor?

Wil Moss: Absolutely. As seen in recent issues of LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD, Thor and Loki are getting along better than they ever have. Then this bombshell—figuratively and literally—arrives. Angela makes Thor question everything he thought he knew about Asgard and his father. And Angela’s very existence really changes how Loki feels about his place in the family. Which leads to—well, let’s just say, “trouble.”

Al Ewing: Trouble is the word for it, yes. Everyone’s world gets rocked with these particular revelations – and when the dust has settled, is there going to be any room for Loki in the family dynamic? Will there even be room for Thor? Maybe this revelation is going to be the domino that starts the collapse and sends this whole dysfunctional family at each other’s throats…

Original Sin teaser by Dale Keown

Original Sin teaser by Dale Keown

Marvel.com: Can you tell us what to expect from the Tenth Realm, and what sets it apart from the nine we know?

Wil Moss: Well, we don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that it’s as different from Asgard as Svartalfheim—the Realm of the Dark Faeiries—is from Jotunheim—the Realm of the Giants. And that it is as beautiful as its people are vicious, i.e., very.

Al Ewing: To try and stay with the “not-giving-much-away” vibe, fans of strange architecture and sweeping vistas will probably love it. It’s almost tailor-made for epic moments.

In terms of culture and philosophy, it’s very different from Asgard. These realms will never get along without some serious attempts made by the Asgardians to understand the Tenth Realm’s point of view, and vice versa. So…they’ll never get along. Expect situations to deteriorate quickly.

Marvel.com: Al, what’s it like working with Jason Aaron? Are you a good match?

Al Ewing: It’s great working with Jason. We’ve got plenty in common: beards, sexy accents, the lot. He’s thrown a load of really brilliant ideas and set-pieces into this, and I’ve enjoyed putting them together with my own jigsaw pieces to create some big epic fun. And it’s nice of him to trust me with a couple of important beats that Thor fans—and Loki fans for that matter—won’t want to miss. Things are about to get a bit heavy in the halls of Asgardia.

Marvel.com: You’re fortunate to have artists Simone Bianchi and Lee Garbett on the book. What’s the scale and tone they’ll bring to this story on the page?

Al Ewing: Everyone knows by now from LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD how good Lee is at drawing Asgardians – he’s great at mixing the fantastic and the down to Earth, putting the epic struggles of the Gods on the same page as ordinary people hanging out, so he’s taking charge of the Nine Realms stuff. And space. We have some space battles for him.

For the Tenth Realm, we have Simone, who needs no introduction from me; fans have been drinking in his beautiful work for years, so we all know the kind of richness and general gorgeousness we’re in line for. It’s going to be a wonderful moment when we see the splendor and strangeness of the Tenth Realm for the first time.

Marvel.com: Will the death of the Watcher have other lasting ramifications for Thor and Loki?

Wil Moss: I’ll let Al speak for Loki, but for Thor, the Watcher’s death leads to a real curveball—one connected to Thor learning about Angela and The Tenth Realm—and it’s something that will change Thor the character and THOR: GOD OF THUNDER the series on a fundamental level.

Al Ewing: Loki’s affected by the aforementioned curveball as well, but he’ll also be coming face to face with someone as cunning, manipulative and materialistic as he is on his very worst day; and he’ll be coming face to face with some uncomfortable truths as a result. Like, what if your whole life you’d been told you were the villain, and then you found a world where you could be a hero? Where everything you’d been told was wrong was seen as right? Would you want to go back?

And let’s not forget, when you’re talking about Loki, you have to specify which one. There’s the Other Loki out there, and he’s always got his own agenda…

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A look back at this Sunday's Asgard-flavored episode with Cort Lane & Travis Willingham, the voice of Thor!

This weekend on “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble,” Odin came to Midgard to demand his son, Thor, return home, and found his scion less than willing to just go along in “All-Father’s Day.”

With Odin demanding the Avengers prove their worth to him, and thus justify Thor’s loyalty to them, the team found itself up against increasingly tougher foes, beginning with the classic Marvel monster Zzzax and the All-Father himself, and culminating with the mad Vanirian Mangog, freed from prison when Odin decided to come to Earth. Although overmatched, the Avengers rose to the occasion, continuing to become a tighter, more cohesive unit that helped Odin overcome this deadly foe.

We spent some time with the voice of Thor, Travis Willingham and Cort Lane, Supervising Producer, talking the bonds of All-Father and son, the joy of working with Frank Welker, and plenty more. So try to steal some of Hulk’s food (but beware!), hunker down behind that unbreakable barrier, and enjoy the conversation.

Odin meets Iron Man in Marvel's Avengers Assemble - All-Father's Day

Odin meets Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – All-Father’s Day

Marvel: Last episode was Captain America-centric and all about what make him tick. In a very similar way this episode is organized around what Thor is all about; specifically him having a foot in two different worlds, Asgard and Midgard. I was curious why, in composing the episode, that was the trait that was focused on when it came to chronicling Thor?

Cort Lane: I think that the secret to revealing more about our characters is to show the relationships important in their lives. For example, we have an episode coming up where we get to meet Hawkeye’s mom and that reveals a lot about him as a person.

The most important relationship in Thor’s life is really with his father [Odin]. You know, in publishing and now in film, his dad banishes him to Midgard and [Thor] realizes he likes it and wants to be Midgard’s protector and then his dad wants him back. That’s a tension for decades now and to mine that conflict really opens your eyes to who Thor is. Actually, having Odin around is a lot of fun as well.

Marvel: Within the dichotomy of who Thor is, and this is for Travis specifically, does it change your approach to how Thor speaks depending who he’s speaking to? From a viewer standpoint, I thought I saw a subtle difference between the way he speaks to his teammates versus when he speaks to his father.

Travis Willingham: Of course, yeah. Anytime you have a chance to work with the legendary, almost the all-mighty All-Father, Frank Welker [voice of Odin in this episode], it is a chance that you relish and I was glad they were able to get him for Odin.

Thor and Odin come together in Marvel's Avengers Assemble - All-Father's Day

Thor and Odin come together in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – All-Father’s Day

I think for Thor, naturally, he has that presence that comes when representing Asgard in Midgard. But when he is in front of his father, he is his father’s son. There’s still that obedience and that sense of the duty that he’s owed to his father as the Prince of Asgard.

Being in the booth when Frank Welker delivers that very regal tone, it commands a great deal of respect just with its presence alone. You almost feel like you have to meet that level of performance that Frank is bringing.

I thought it was interesting because I could even feel the difference between the way that I speak to what I consider my teammates, my comrades, my fellow warriors versus when Odin comes in. It becomes almost a slight petulant child that’s trying to fight for his father’s attention, fight for his father’s approval, fight just to make sure that he’s heard. I thought that was a real interesting face to see from Thor who’s naturally so well put together and sturdy and steadfast.

Marvel: I could definitely hear that. There was an interesting moment with Mangog when Thor proclaims that he is not scared of his father’s power and you can feel the shift in the voice there as well.

Travis Willingham: Right. There’s almost a mini-coming of age that happens within that episode because it’s certainly, within the series, the first time that Thor has to prove the worth of his team, the people he’s decided to spend his time with. He’s saying, “These are warriors, our efforts are noble, there are important things that we’re taking care of here in this realm. My time is best spent here rather than with you in Asgard where things seem to be looking pretty good.”

Marvel: The episode also did something interesting with the nature of the Thor-Odin relationship. Often when we’ve seen them in the past in comics or film, the emphasis is on how they’re different, how Thor, as you mentioned, is sort of petulant child—arrogant, quick to temper—and Odin’s more staid and more of the boss, in control, if you will. This episode though emphasized their commonalities, specifically, their trend towards pride. Why was that choice made here?

Travis Willingham: I found it fascinating. In the films we’ve often see Odin be very measured, very responsible, very wise because he’s earned all of those things. You know the battles that he’s come from.

In this episode, you see where that stubbornness, where that pride, where that arrogance comes from in Thor. He is a proud warrior descended from a line of proud warriors before him.

Odin charges into battle in Marvel's Avengers Assemble - All-Father's Day

Odin charges into battle in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – All-Father’s Day

When Odin makes up his mind, when he decides what his opinion is, he knows what’s best. It takes nothing short of all-out war and moving mountains to sway him or to influence his decision; to make him see what really is there and what these heroes represent not only for their realm but to Thor himself.

It’s nice to see Thor, with his arrogance and pride and kind of being out of touch with everything in Midgard, to see another person from Asgard come and be even more out of touch and understand even less. Now you have Thor as kind of this interpreter for the realm trying to go, “No, you have to understand this is how things are. These things are important and they matter.” Odin has to find that out the hard way.

Marvel: The rest of the Avengers tend to take more of a backseat here until the end of the episode when they have to assert not just their humanity, but their courage whereas the rest of the episode they had been kind of depicted a bit more jovial.

Cort Lane: But even more than that, they displayed their unity as a team. Much of the arc of this season is really about them coming together as individuals who don’t necessarily get along and don’t play well with each other to a unified team. And they have to do that to combat the threat of the Cabal, which the next episode is very much about. It is their journey as a team to come together and Iron Man’s journey as a leader trying to bring them together even though it’s naturally his instinct to do so.

So while the episode is about Thor it also reflects the story of the season. By the end of the episode, they are incredibly united as a team. They are so effective against Mangog even though he is so big a threat. It requires a big threat for them to really act as one.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes stand together in Marvel's Avengers Assemble - All-Father's Day

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes stand together in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – All-Father’s Day

Travis Willingham: I appreciated from [adopts a high society tone] an acting standpoint, it was nice to see that the Avengers realized when family issues abound it’s probably not wise to stick your face into somebody else’s problems, unless those problems start attacking your city. In which case, that’s got to kind of take a back seat to save innocent lives, things like that.

Cort Lane: It’s really fun to let Travis play more notes with Thor than he often gets to play. Being the petulant son was a bit of a change that we were happy to do. Travis plays a lot of characters in a lot of shows so it is nice to give him that change of rhythm, to take things in a different direction.

Marvel: Within that theme of evolution, I think the episode also highlights how Thor’s connection to the team has evolved since the beginning of the season. It seems to suggest that, obviously, he’s grown into a teammate as well as the team growing together.

Travis Willingham: Sure. You see him questioning all of them staying in Stark Tower. You see him questioning Hawkeye and his skills. He’s constantly berating Hulk, although that’s more of a love/hate relationship because he’s looking for the next good fight with [Hulk]. But he’s not necessarily convinced, at least in my opinion, in the beginning that this team is going to work or that they’re doing what they should with their time. This episode, he fully steps forward and says, “These are my teammates. We have a mission. We work best together. This is where I belong and I would forsake family so that I can protect this realm that I love and these teammates that I’ve grown very close with. Nothing is more endearing that seeing someone bond with his teammates like that, especially when it is these heroes that we know so much.

Marvel: Travis, for you, beyond this episode, what have been your favorite moments to depict Thor this season? What’s really stood out for you as moments you could really sink your teeth into?

Thor wields Mjolnir in Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Thor wields Mjolnir in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

Travis Willingham: I really enjoyed the second time that we got to see the Midgard Serpent come into play because any time Loki gets to twist his blade of mischief into Thor’s side I always find it incredibly interesting. You get to see the depth of the love Thor actually has for Loki as a brother, all those years they spent together growing up, fighting alongside each other, getting into trouble together. He’s not willing to just toss that aside.

I think the Loki-Thor dynamic is so rich and so much fun for me to play because Troy Baker, one of my best friends, plays that character as well. One of the things that really stood out to me in the movies, especially in the first Avengers film, was that tear that you see in Thor, wanting so desperately for Loki to turn to the side of good, to join his brother, to see the error of his ways, to maybe repent and to go back to a life that Thor…it seems like he misses terribly. He wants a whole family again. [Loki] just can’t do it. He just can’t come back to the light side.

I think that kind of struggle in characters that have so much power, but you can see them being so helpless for a short while is captivating and a real pleasure to play.

Marvel: For the both of you, within this episode, any moments in particular that you really enjoyed or realy stuck out for you?

Cort Lane: This episode in particular had a lot of great comedy moments in the dialogue. We have a legitimately talented writer named Jake Semahn who works with Man of Action on a fair number of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” scripts; his writing is just really funny. My favorite is when Thor shouts, “Odin’s beard!” and Odin behind him shouts, “My beard!”

Travis Willingham: Yes!

Cort Lane: I watched the episode before the interview and that one I…I giggled.

Mangog attacks in Marvel's Avengers Assemble - All-Father's Day

Mangog attacks in Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – All-Father’s Day

Travis Willingham: We all kind of did. I have to agree with that one. That one is pretty hard to top.

Again from a cartoon history perspective, when you get Frank Welker in, it’s not every day. When you really got to hear him start to bellow his Odin, you feel like you’re witnessing something pretty special so anytime he started to really let loose, we would all turn to each other and kind of giggle and wink because there’s not many people who claim to be in the room when Frank Welker is playing the All-Father.

Marvel: To pivot towards next episode, you mentioned in passing that it would be more Cabal focused. Is that accurate to say?

Cort Lane: Yeah, very much Cabal focused. We’ve had them doing this dance for a long time now. Last episode, they fought each other but it was sort of under protest. This time it is really one team against the other. They’re in a full-on battle and there’s a bit of a crisis of confidence for Tony. He really believes that following the numbers and working a plan is the way to be and he realizes that that is not enough.

Marvel: I take it his “following the numbers” is the inspiration for the episode title “By the Numbers.” Is that right?

Cort Lane: Yeah, exactly.

Travis Willingham: Nice lead in there, Cort. Wow!

Cort Lane: Thanks.

Marvel: Excellent. Before I let you all go then, is there anything that you really liked about this episode or noticed that we haven’t touched on?

Travis Willingham: I did like seeing the continued annoyance that Hawkeye affects Hulk with, such as eating [Hulk’s] popcorn while being behind an unbreakable barrier. The beginning of that episode, I really enjoyed. It’s a just a man being a glutton for punishment and I’m loving the relationship that’s budding there. It makes me so happy.

Marvel: I also appreciated the empty rolling pickle jar at the end of that scene.

Cort Lane: Yeah, the sound effects guys…yeah, great job.

Travis Willingham: Yeah, that was great.

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The Avengers face Mangog in a clip from this weekend's all-new episode of 'Marvel's Avengers Assemble'!

Odin comes to visit Thor this Sunday in “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” at 8:00 a.m. ET inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD, but Mangog has an idea or two about crashing their family reunion!

Thor’s father lands on Earth to have a few choice words with his son, a situation that can only get worse when you throw Mangog into the mix.

Watch the Avengers wrestle with the mighty Mangog directly above, but to see all the animated action yourself you’ll have to turn to Disney XD this Sunday!

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The dangerously alluring Asgardian first set her sights on Thor way back in 1964!

Thanks to co-creator Jack Kirby’s gorgeous pencils, the cunning Enchantress has lived up to her name from day one! The Asgardian femme fatale named Amora has many tricks up her green sleeve, namely her sorcerous powers and breathtaking good looks. But to get distracted by Enchantress’ stunning beauty would be to fall into another one of her traps, for few characters in the Marvel Universe have proven as skillful in mastery over the art of deception as this villain. Even the god of mischief himself, Loki, acknowledges her commendable manipulation skills – which makes sense considering he’s fallen for her charms a few times over the past five decades!

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #103

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #103

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Enchantress made her debut 50 years ago this month in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #103. Angry that his son had fallen in love with someone from the wrong side of the Bifrost, Odin allowed Loki to meddle in Thor’s love life. Knowing that Thor’s carousing past could get the better of him, Loki hired Enchantress to travel to Midgard and use her feminine wiles to break up Don Blake (Thor’s alter-ego) and Jane Foster. With Amora’s luxuriously fur-covered digs as the backdrop to this backstabbing plot, this issue could also be called “The Real Housewives of Asgard.”

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Enchantress traveled to Earth and took on the appearance of a blonde bombshell, thus allowing Jack Kirby draw more than just muscle-bound do-gooders. Enchantress then breezed into Dr. Blake’s office and began seducing him.

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

The classic “my hand itches” pick-up line – works every time!

After Thor/Blake somehow avoided Amora’s flirtatious skin allergy plan, the Enchantress traveled back to Asgard to hire more muscle. Yes, Odin hired Loki, who then hired Enchantress, who then hired Executioner. Seriously, there’s more hiring going on in this one issue than in all of America right now (topical zing!).

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

But the newly hired Executioner proved to be no match for Thor and Mjolnir’s might. As punishment, Enchantress turned Executioner’s hands and feet into wood and stone. Fingers crossed that this version of Executioner finds its way into the Marvel Super Hero Mashers toy line.

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

Art from Journey Into Mystery #103

With Thor undefeated and Executioner down for the count, Enchantress found herself on the losing end of a super hero throwdown for the first time. Like any good villain, though, she kept at it! She enlisted in the Masters of Evil and gave the Avengers a run for their money, and she’s currently aiding Lady Deathstrike in her evil exploits in X-MEN!

For more of Enchantress, check out X-MEN!

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