A classic X-Men story is turned into a new collectible.

A classic story in the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN found Rogue fending for herself in the Savage Land, and now the new Marvel Gallery Savage Land Rogue PVC Diorama from Diamond Select Toys recreates this memorable part of the mutant super hero’s life.

Savage Land Rogue PVC Diorama from Diamond Select Toys.

A Diamond Select Toys Release! She’ll steal your powers, and your heart! This 9-inch sculpture of the X-Men’s Rogue is based on her famous Savage Land storyline, in which the power-absorbing mutant found herself stranded with Magneto in the Antarctic paradise. Based on Jim Lee’s artwork, this 9-inch PVC diorama shows Rogue in her distinctive outfit from the story, and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira!

PVC Diorama            SRP: $45.00

Look for pre-sales to begin next week with comic shops and online retailers.

Savage Land Rogue PVC Diorama from Diamond Select Toys.

The storyline with Rogue trapped in the Savage Land began in UNCANNY X-MEN #269 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, and then continued in in UNCANNY X-MEN #274 and #275 (both also by Claremont and Lee).You can read all of the issues via Marvel Unlimited!

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #274

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #274

  • Published: March 10, 1991
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: September 17, 2008
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Chris Claremont
  • Penciller: Jim Lee
  • Cover Artist: Jim Lee
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Rogue isn’t the only Marvel PVC Diorama on its way from Diamond Select Toys. Check out the gallery below to see the upcoming releases for Captain America, Black Widow, Punisher, X-23, Black Panther and Killmonger!

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Kelly Thompson studies one of Marvel’s greatest relationships!

Few comic book couples have captured readers’ hearts like Rogue and Gambit.

The two mutants might seem perfect for each other, though over the years, a range of obstacles have pulled them apart. On January 3, however, writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez will unite the duo once again in ROGUE & GAMBIT #1! The five issue limited series sends Anna Marie and Remy LeBeau on a top secret mission, forcing them to dig deep into their shared past like never before.

We spoke with Thompson about pitching the series, examining the relationship, and filling in a few moments we’ve never seen!

Marvel.com: What do you remember being your first exposure to Rogue and Gambit as a couple? Do you recall what you thought of them at the time?

Kelly Thompson: Like a lot of fans of a certain age, my first exposure to Rogue and Gambit—and the X-Men—was “X-Men: The Animated Series.” I was immediately smitten with them as both individuals and as a sexy, but tragic couple. I think it’s fair to say they proved to be my biggest motivator in searching out comics, and I quickly fell in love with those too.

Marvel.com: Did you look back at their relationship in preparation for this book? Did any moments surprise you?

Kelly Thompson: I did a massive read and reread as I prepared the pitch. And I’ve continued rereading as I write. Part of the concept of our limited series does delve into Rogue and Gambit’s past, but in a really accessible continuity-light way. It was fun rediscovering things I loved—and some I’d forgotten from their past.

Definitely one of the most exciting things will be getting to show a few big “between the panels” flashback moments, including the first time Rogue and Gambit ever met—which if you can believe it, has never been seen before. As a super fan—and writer—it felt pretty incredible to be given that honor (and responsibility).

I had the idea to take on such a task, so if I don’t deliver it will be a little bit like I dug my own grave. Woo!

Marvel.com: What do you think makes Rogue and Gambit one of the most interesting couples in comics?

Kelly Thompson: I think, initially, a lot of the appeal of Rogue and Gambit—for good or ill—was the “will they/won’t they” tension of their relationship. And that’s a razor’s edge to dance on; it’s almost impossible to maintain that kind of tension and, as a result, I think they’ve suffered some particularly rough roads. But no matter what they have endured, they have undeniable chemistry on the page together…it’s palpable.

And of course they’re also extremely hot. That never hurts!

Marvel.com: What can you tell us about their undercover mission? How might it help rekindle things or drive them apart?

Kelly Thompson: The very nature of their mission demands that they face a lot of their old issues head-on, which brings out both love and resentment in them. I can’t really go into detail about the plot and how it functions, but if we’re successful, I think it really clears the field for them as a couple and gives them a chance for a fresh start…but we’ll have to see if they opt to take that chance.

Marvel.com: It sounds like issue #2 will feature an in-depth look at Gambit and Rogue’s history. How did it feel to compile and compress all of that emotion?

Kelly Thompson: Our story really functions on two levels, to my mind—on one hand it’s a pretty simple action-adventure story high on fun with some romance thrown in. And it’s very accessible for new or lapsed readers, despite all that history, thanks to some of the functions of the plot. But there’s also a separate, more esoteric layer for people interested in that kind of thing that I think has more to say about who they are (and have always been) as a couple and what that means for them. For their past and their future. In this way, I hope there’s something here for everyone.

Kick off the limited series with ROGUE & GAMBIT #1, by Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez, on January 3!

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Pere Perez reunites the mutant heroes and sends them undercover!

Seeing an ex out in the world usually leads to an awkward encounter. There’s so much in the way of unresolved emotion and old feelings bubbling up to the surface. Now, imagine all that with a fellow super hero you still occasionally have to work with.

That’s where our title characters find themselves as the five-issue limited series ROGUE & GAMBIT kicks off on January 3 thanks to writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez. Kitty Pryde sends the star-crossed duo out on an undercover mission that promises to bring up all kinds of feelings between the two.

We talked with Perez about reuniting these former flames, looking back at their history, and working with Thompson!

Marvel.com: These two characters have mountains of history between them. How much of that did you look into after signing on for this book?

Pere Perez: The script Kelly gave me has a lot of information, both written and in images, about the history of those guys, so almost everything I need is there. Luckily, [many] of the things we’ll see referenced in the book come from the 90s version of those characters, and I’ve read most of that stuff. When I was in high school, I was buying pretty much all the [X-Men] titles, so it’s just a matter of refreshing what I read years ago.

Marvel.com: Given their past, how do Gambit and Rogue initially react to one another and how does that play out on the page?

Pere Perez: We start our story at a point where their relationship is not at its best. So, it’s a matter of seeing how they deal with all that emotional baggage while trying to work as a team. That will act as sort of a healing process through the story. My challenge here is trying to reflect all that evolution with their expressions and body language, as well as the page layout.

Marvel.com: In this story, our heroes get sent on an undercover mission to find missing mutants. Do you enjoy playing with the tension that comes from this spy-like situation?

Pere Perez: Indeed! It has that kind of James Bond vibe to it, and I think the readers will have a good time trying to solve the mystery. It has a very calculated balance between action, suspense, romance, horror, and some humor. What else can you ask for?

Marvel.com: Was there any discussion about which costume or costumes Rogue and Gambit would wear when they need them? Do you have a favorite from their wardrobes?

Pere Perez: Yes, mostly with Gambit. I did a round of possible re-designs for the suit, but we ended up sticking with a pre-existing one which is pretty close to his classic suit. And let’s say we’ll not only be seeing one costume for each of them throughout the book. Also, Kelly had a very clear vision of how she wanted to see the guys while not in costume and she gave me a lot of fashion references to begin working on their looks.

Marvel.com: It sounds like you and Kelly are working well together on this book so far.

Pere Perez: It feels very organic. Her scripts are powerful and meticulously written. She has a very clear vision on how those two should act and I feel that I have all the necessary information in her scripts, so I can draw from there all I need to make them look alive. Also, she is very nice and always willing to help, so working with her is a real pleasure.

See how these two former lovebirds get along in ROGUE & GAMBIT #1, coming from Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez on January 3!

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Kelly Thompson brings the mutants back together this January!

Prepare for a new chapter in one of the Marvel Universe’s great ongoing stories.

This January, writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez reunite ROGUE & GAMBIT for a brand new team-up series! The star-crossed lovers need to discover the source of mutant kidnappings across the world—and the answer won’t come easily.

But perhaps the bigger question lies in whether or not they’ll be able to stand each other’s company long enough to finish the job.

We caught up with Thompson to whet the appetites of Rogue and Gambit fans everywhere.

Marvel.com: Describe the difference between writing this series and your previous work on HAWKEYE or CAPTAIN PHASMA.

Kelly Thompson: You end up using slightly different muscles. I’ve done a lot of “solo” stuff and a ton of “ensemble” stuff, but this has been my first time writing a team-up book…except for GENERATIONS: THE ARCHERS, and of course the forthcoming Marvel Legacy arc in HAWKEYE. But I think it’s safe to say that Gambit and Rogue act pretty different than Kate and Clint do.

The trick, for me, has always just been about finding the voice for each character and then pinpointing what changes in each when you put them together—for both good and ill.

Marvel.com: What kind of chemistry or dynamic did you want to highlight between these two characters? 

Kelly Thompson: I think we all know that a Gambit and Rogue book can actually be a very tricky thing. Fans want a lot of things from the characters—and they’re not always the same things. We obviously can’t please everyone, but for me, the important thing about finding the right chemistry for these characters, and for our story, was to address the rich history Gambit and Rogue have—while also forging ahead and cutting new paths for them. So instead of shying away from that history, I built the story around it and we’re leaning into it—in what I hope reads as a creative way—that will be rewarding to longtime fans, but also accessible for those who might be new to the characters and curious to find out what’s so great about them and why fans both love and hate seeing them together.

I think as readers and fans (and I am both!) we often feel like we’ve already seen everything we could possibly see with Gambit and Rogue when it comes to their dynamic together. My greatest hope has been that we’re doing something new and different here—something a little outside the box—that still respects what came before. Gambit and Rogue are the comic book characters I have loved the longest in my life—they literally brought me into comics. Writing them has been a dream come true, but also, the pressure feels very on to do justice to them and to bring their many fans something they can really love. To write a story that will stand the test of time and carve a path for their future.

Marvel.com: How did you and Pere Perez approach these characters visually?

Kelly Thompson: Pere does such a great job. To be honest, this has been a very complicated book visually—it requires a lot of reference, research, and detail in the scripts—and of course that only makes things more complex for the artist. I can’t expand on that too much without giving some things away. It’s one of those things where you write a page and just hope that the artist can handle the demands (because you know they’re a lot) and then you see their version of the page and it’s better than you could have imagined. That is such an awesome moment on any book.

Marvel.com: What can you tease about how this story begins?

Kelly Thompson: We’ve got an all-new big bad that will be a lot of fun. I can’t reveal motives, but suffice to say they’ve got them in spades (no pun, I swear). Gambit and Rogue get assigned to the mission by Kitty, in part due to their long history together.

And while sometimes it may seem like their baggage might sink them on this assignment…I think we’ll see it’s what helps them survive. Even if that’s not how it feels in the heat of the moment.

ROGUE & GAMBIT, by Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez, arrives in January!

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The southern belle strikes at the heart of the hit mobile game!

Rogue hits “Marvel Puzzle Quest” at supersonic speeds, bringing her power draining abilities, mean right hook, and boundless determination to a team near you! Want to take out bad guys and look great doing it? Well we talked to D3 Go! Senior Producer Josh Austin about the southern belle’s powers, the future of mutants in “MPQ,” and the game’s impending anniversary. Read on!

Marvel.com: It’s been a while since we’ve seen anyone with an X-Gene join the roster. Can you talk a little about why mutants are back on the menu?

Josh Austin:
I know, right? Keeping the secret that we are bringing back the mutants was so hard! Players have been asking for a long time and Rogue is just the start. We will be releasing a few more, plus some mutant-themed events that should bring a lot of excitement to the game.

Marvel.com: Super happy to see Rogue making the cut too! Why was she the right mutant for the job?

Josh Austin: Rogue has been one of the top requested characters for so long. Every time I would send out a preview character with the community one of the top automatic responses seemed to be Rogue, so we wanted to start with her. She’s a 4-star character and will be tough to beat with her power siphoning and damage reduction. Players are going to have fun using her and dread facing her. The designers did a great job translating her powers to “Marvel Puzzle Quest” and she’s going to be a great addition to any roster!

Marvel.com: Rogue’s been in her fair share of video games in the past. What does the team have in store for us in “Marvel Puzzle Quest”?

Josh Austin: Since we did not want to disappoint on such a highly requested character, we definitely went with her familiar power set of draining powers, flying head on into combat with a devastating punch and even leading her team in the attack, all done in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” fashion.

Marvel.com: And what can she do in “MPQ” fashion?

Josh Austin: What the above overview translates into is Rogue’s first ability, Gloves Off, which costs five Green AP. This power then becomes Power Siphon. Power Siphon is a Passive ability that has Rogue absorbing enemy powers but risks damaging herself with continued exposure. What this means in terms of gameplay is enemy matches in this ability’s color generates no AP and [deal] no damage while friendly matches generate double AP and deal double damage! At the start of the turn, spend 14 AP in this ability’s color to deal damage to the target and deal about half that amount of damage to Rogue. This power then becomes Gloves Off again.

Rogue’s Second ability is called Sugah, You’re Goin’ Down and costs 12 Red AP. It’s a headfirst flying charge punch that sends the enemy reeling. It deals damage and destroys a block of tiles dealing damage but not generating AP.

Rogue’s final ability is called Leading the Charge and it’s a Yellow Passive. When Rogue is in front, enemy matches deal less damage for each teammate still in the fight. Whenever the enemy makes a Green, Red or Yellow match, Rogue is sent to the front automatically.

Marvel.com: Let’s talk a little about Gloves Off. Because of the potential damage Rogue risks, is this something she needs to use sparingly or do the benefits outweigh the risks.

Josh Austin: The risk is only if the player gets the 14 AP to set off Power Siphon’s damage function. The moment the player collects 14 AP in the chosen color, Rogue damages the enemy and receives damage. If you have someone that can use up the AP, so you’re just doing double damage on matches, Rogue will be totally fine.

Marvel.com: How about teammates? Who does she play well with?

Josh Austin: Because of Rogue’s ability to gain double AP with Power Siphon and the damage reduction with Leading the Charge, she works well with many characters and she will be a great ally or really difficult opponent! She is strong with characters that create Charged tiles like Black Bolt, Silver Surfer, The Hulk (Totally Awesome), Thor (Goddess of Thunder), Mordo, and Lockjaw.

Marvel.com: Is there anything else we need to know?

Josh Austin: Rogue is coming to “Marvel Puzzle Quest” on September 28. She will be in placement rewards for Hearts of Darkness, which starts the same day. Players will also have a chance to get her through tokens awarded in S.H.I.E.L.D. Training. Her featured event will be Webbed Wonder that starts October 1 and players can snatch her up as a progression reward. Her Versus Tournament, Close Contact, starts on October 1.

Rogue will also be the first character released in a mini-gauntlet at the same time as her debut event, which will reward players tokens to the debut event store and a cover of Rogue. We will have more information on the details of this change in the D3 forums closer to Rogue’s release!

Marvel.com: And I heard you have some other fun bits of news to tease for October?

Josh Austin: Yes! We are getting close to our four-year Anniversary of “Marvel Puzzle Quest” so players should stay tuned next week as we introduce details of what is coming to the game for the Anniversary. We are looking forward to the celebration and sharing more details about a couple of other X-Men characters coming to the game. You may have heard of them—Gambit and Nightcrawler! I can’t say anything more than that but stay tuned next week for more info about their release and a special in-game X-Men themed event.

Play with Rogue’s mutant powers here and stay tuned to Marvel.com and @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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Pepe Larraz shares his sketchbook, featuring Hank Pym, Ultron, Rogue, Gambit, and more!

It’s not often that old friends come together and just pick up where they left off. Oftentimes, events of the past pop up to make things weird. That might be the case when Hank Pym returns to Earth in UNCANNY AVENGERS #9 on June 1 wearing his creation and one-time murderous robot Ultron as armor.

Series writer Gerry Duggan and guest artist Pepe Larraz will team up to tell the tale while also bringing together a pair of beloved characters: Rogue and Gambit. While Hank deals with a team wondering his motives—and who’s really driving the bus—the two former lovers see where they stand these days.

We talked with Larraz about working with Duggan, drawing Hank Pym, and his affinity for the two star crossed mutants.

Marvel.com: The team in UNCANNY AVENGERS is incredibly unique and diverse when it comes to looks and costumes. Is it challenging making them look like parts of a whole instead of individuals fighting alongside each other?

Pepe Larraz: That’s a very good question. When it comes to the characters, I try to understand what their conflict is. I learn about their past in case I don’t know it yet and think about which one is my vision of them. I think the Avengers are a group of very different people with a common purpose. That makes every one of them valuable because of their differences, but also part of a whole thing, even if they aren’t really fond of all the rest.

About this particular team, I think we have two big leaders, Cable and Steve Rogers, and my aim is to be able to tell their different ways of leadership apart. Rogue behaves here like a lieutenant; she has initiative but she isn’t a leader of the team. The soldiers could be Voodoo, Torch, Quicksilver, and Synapse. Maybe we just need time to develop their characters more, but by now they carry less of the weight of the story than the other three. Oh, and then, there is Deadpool.

Marvel.com: “The Man Who Fell to Earth” revolves around this combined version of Hank Pym and Ultron. How was it working on this new version of such a classic villain?

Pepe Larraz: Well, it made sense that the suit was the same which was designed by Jerome Opeña at the end of RAGE OF ULTRON; Jerome’s design is so good, so I used that. Hank Pym’s face is well known, so in the end I didn’t have to design too much! I prefer to use what I think makes sense for the story rather than leave my touch on everything I do, just for it to be recognizable as my work.

I focused on his facial expressions; the way he looks like a very excessively mellow mood guy, this “more-human-than-human” feeling, so warm that it makes you feel cold and suspicious. I wanted to transmit the feeling that he can instantly change his mood, becoming cocky or even dangerous. He’s not a safe guy and the tension is big. I think Gerry wrote very good scenes, slow paced, but with tension growing every second.

Marvel.com: Hank’s been one of the most complicated heroes in the Marvel Universe for decades now. Do you enjoy playing off of that on the page?

Pepe Larraz: He is, indeed. Yes I think Gerry and I wanted to transmit that not everything is going well inside him; that the pieces are still adjusting—literally—and also the fear and caution of the people around him, waiting for him to explode any second. Hank has suffered a lot of conflicts in the Marvel Universe and I always saw him as a rather dark character. Maybe my vision is influenced by his ULTIMATES version. In the opposite direction, coming back from the dead, I wanted to present him as an “everything-is-cool” guy.

Marvel.com: You also get to draw Gambit and Rogue reuniting in this issue. What can you tell us about that meeting?

Pepe Larraz: I grew up with the Gambit and Rogue love story. I started reading X-Men books when I was a kid, so having them again on the same page was great. I think things became so intense between those two; they’ve been through a lot, and they are not as close as they used to be, but I wanted to give them some warm touches. That’s why I made the cartoony panel on page 3, to make readers smile tenderly watching them, as I was smiling drawing them. Both of them deserve it.

Marvel.com: It sounds like you and Gerry were on the same wavelength with a lot of the story elements. How is it working with him on this script?

Pepe Larraz: Great, actually. I knew little of Gerry’s work before this series, but, you know, that’s because I spend so much time making comics that I don’t have time to read them! I like the way Gerry writes dialog, builds the scenes and the fact that he’s not scared to make almost a whole issue of people talking on a super hero book, because the talk is worthy. He’s very open to suggestions, as well as the rest of the team, [editors] Tom [Brevoort], Alanna [Smith], and Daniel [Ketchum].

Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz bring Hank Pym and Ultron back to Earth while also reuniting Rogue and Gambit in the pages of UNCANNY AVENGERS #9 on June 1!

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Tentacled villain Omega Red debuts in this 90's classic!

It’s time to face facts, true believers — the 90’s were awesome. The pouches were plentiful, the costumes were impractical, and Marvel Universe dentists made a fortune correcting damages caused by perpetually gritted teeth. Thanks to the power of nostalgia, though, what would once be considered extremely embarrassing can now be called extremely awesome!

With that in mind, we’ve pulled a Marvel comic from the not-so-modern era and broken it down, one choice fact at a time! This week we’re singling out X-MEN #4 by Jim Lee and John Byrne. Here’s “The Resurrection and the Flesh” by the numbers!

X-Men (1991) #4

X-Men (1991) #4

What is Marvel Unlimited?

63 visible segments on Omega Red’s right tentacle

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

20 hands laid on Omega Red’s body

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

7 pouches on Cyclops’ belt

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

5 tech-heavy Hand ninjas

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

4 X-Men playing basketball

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

3 shots that get nothing but net

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

X-Men embarking on a soon-to-be-sabotaged date

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

1 slam dunk

Art from X-Men #4

Art from X-Men #4

The 90’s continue in the all-new X-MEN ’92 Infinite Comic!

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The Uncanny Avengers return on January 28!

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See one of the most popular X-Men in action as part of the Marvel MMO!

An incredibly unique hero in “Marvel Heroes 2015,” Rogue’s abilities allow her to steal powers from super villains or heroes alike! Her power tree can be customized accordingly based on what powers she has absorbed. Rogue also possesses Ms. Marvel’s super strength and flight abilities, allowing her to deal big melee damage with amazing brawling prowess!

Visit the official web site for “Marvel Heroes 2015” to get more info!

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See which heroes from the Marvel Universe made their mark with us during this crucial decade!

As we continue to celebrate Marvel’s 75th anniversary all year long on Marvel.com, we move into the 1980’s, and “Marvel’s Main Event,” where established characters exploded, often times spinning off in new directions and encountering exciting new friends and foes while attempting to survive tumultuous events.

This week, we count down our top 10 Marvel heroes to debut during the 1980’s. Have your own thoughts? Let us know on Twitter using the hash tag #Marvel75!

Excalibur by Alan Davis

Excalibur by Alan Davis

Why They’re #10: “For comic fans outside of the United States it’s often exciting to see their own country represented in their favorite books—even when they’re not always represented very accurately! As a Brit I was always thrilled to read the adventures of Captain Britain, but I was also a big X-Men fan, so when those two worlds collided in Excalibur, the United Kingdom-based team created to replace the feared-dead X-Men, it felt like a comic made just for me. Kitty, Kurt, Brian, Meggan, Rachel and Lockheed were all such great characters that any of them could easily be my favorite, and together this oddball family went on some of the wildest adventures I’d ever read. Creators Chris Claremont and Alan Davis did some of their all-time best work on Excalibur—and because they were both born in the UK, their version of Britain was actually recognizable!” – Andrew Wheeler 
Digital Comics Spotlight: EXCALIBUR (1988) #1

Dazzler (1981) #1

Dazzler (1981) #1

  • Published: March 10, 1981
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: September 17, 2008
  • Writer: Tom Defalco
  • Penciler: John Romita
What is Marvel Unlimited?

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #130
Why She’s #9: “Whit Stilman chronicled the torrid early 1980’s in his 1998 film ‘The Last Days of Disco.’ It was into that time of transition and dusky rhinestones that Alison Blaire first brandished a microphone. Originally envisioned at the height of disco’s popularity in the mid-70’s, Dazzler didn’t see her first single and series of duets hit the charts until February of 1980. Pitched as a multi-media tie-in meant to coincide with a flesh-and-blood songstress, the character transcended her origins and original purpose with a level of staying power none could have predicted. As a member of the X-Men, Excalibur, and even S.H.I.E.L.D., the ever adaptable pop sensation provides her own pyrotechnics with the mutant ability to reprise sonic vibrations as light emissions. The last scion of disco, once pegged as a potential one-hit wonder, outshone all her critics and continues to serve as the mutant ambassador in the world of glamour and celebrity.” – Paul Montgomery
Digital Comics Spotlight:
DAZZLER (1981) #1

New Mutants (1983) #21

New Mutants (1983) #21

What is Marvel Unlimited?

First Appearance: MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #4
Why They’re #8: “The first ever X-Men spin-off series featured characters from all over the world as Professor Xavier continued his mission to help mutantkind by welcoming a new batch of students. The five original New Mutants—the Brazilian Sunspot, Vietnamese Karma, Dani Moonstar of the Cheyenne Nation, the Scottish Wolfsbane, and Cannonball from Kentucky—constitute one of the most diverse mutant teams ever. As their ranks grew to include a number of fan favorite female characters—Magma and Magik—as well as the dynamic duo of Cypher and Warlock, the teenagers experienced a dramatic shift when Magneto assumed headmaster duties from Xavier. Their education continued through triumph and tragedy, and they eventually struck out on their own, only to find a new purpose with the militaristic Cable. By learning from three drastically different mentors, the no longer new mutants possess diverse skill sets that now benefit such teams as X-Factor, the X-Men, and the Avengers.” – Brett White
Digital Comics Spotlight: NEW MUTANTS (1983) #1

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #171

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #171

What is Marvel Unlimited?

First Appearance: AVENGERS ANNUAL #10
Why She’s #7: “The enigmatic Rogue made first contact as a villainous pawn of Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in November of 1981. Like the streak of white coursing through her russet mane, she sent a violent shockwave through the mutant community, robbing opponents of their minds and talents with the slightest touch. At the behest of the Brotherhood, she attacked Carol Danvers, and in the process permanently assumed her traits of resilient skin, augmented strength, and flight. In time, she fell under the wing of the Xavier School, where, over the course of many years, she learned to control the abilities that left her a pariah from an early age. Rogue remains a quintessential example of the mutant metaphor, overcoming the stigma of fear others attached to her uniqueness. Now this irrepressible Mississippi firebrand removes her gloves with her teeth, unashamed and eager to put her skill to good use, to contribute to the cause of her adopted family.” – Paul Montgomery
Digital Comics Spotlight:

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #129
Why She’s #6: “Revealed yet guarded, cold but passionate, seemingly a pawn but always the master—few mutants revel in contradictions the way that Emma Frost does. Frost made her debut as the White Queen of the power hungry Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, a villainess holding her own in the most patriarchal mutant group in the Marvel Universe. She subverted expectations with her revealing wardrobe and manipulated both her ‘superiors’ in the Club and her adversaries in the X-Men, usually without the aid of her telepathy. Even as one of the X-Men’s fiercest opponents, Emma still shared common ideology with the mutant heroes: the belief that young mutants should be protected, educated, and empowered to live their best lives. This shared belief eventually brought Emma to the X-Men as she became the team’s leading educator and, eventually, one of their most passionate and prominent faces.” – Brett White
Digital Comics Spotlight: UNCANNY X-MEN #151

Cloak and Dagger (1983) #2

Cloak and Dagger (1983) #2

  • Published: November 01, 1983
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: July 14, 2009
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Why They’re #5: “Two societal concerns of the early 1980’s—drug peddling and teenage runaways—proved the perfect combination as the foundation for the origin of Cloak and Dagger. While vastly different childhoods prompt the two 17-year-olds’ arrival in New York, circumstances quickly intertwined Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen’s separate paths into one. Maggia henchmen ensnare the naive teens as test subjects for a new synthetic heroin. The normally fatal experimental drug actually triggers their powers: Johnson envelops evildoers in darkness while Bowen harnesses light as a weapon in the form of debilitating blades. While Cloak and Dagger burst into the Marvel universe within the pages of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, the vigilantes’ war on drugs grew to a limited series before long. The bond between Tyrone and Tandy runs deeper than their respective symbolic opposite powers, as Cloak finds himself constantly hungry to feed his dark powers with Dagger able to temporarily satiate him with her light. Indeed over time Dagger also convinced Cloak to lighten their vigilante approach to a more acceptable pursuit of justice. While born in the 1980’s, this duo still fights evil, winning new fans with every victory.” – Tim O’Shea
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Fantastic Four (1961) #275

Fantastic Four (1961) #275

  • Published: February 10, 1985
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: February 19, 2010
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First Appearance: SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1
Why She’s #4: “By placing herself in harm’s way while going head to head with the mob in a court battle, lawyer Jennifer Walters ended up with a bullet in her side. A blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner—the Incredible Hulk—saved her life and gave her powers, but she already possessed a hero’s heart and determination. Unlike her gamma-irradiated cousin, Jen quickly learned how to control her transformations and utilized that knowledge to become the person she always aspired to be. Confident, inspiring, compassionate—you’ll be hard pressed to find a super hero more loved by her peers than She-Hulk. She never backs down from a fight, she’s always the last to leave any party, and she spends her time away from the Avengers fighting for justice in a courtroom. Just as the Hulk represents the danger of male repression, She-Hulk represents the strength and confidence that can be found in unrestrained femininity.” – Brett White
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Daredevil (1964) #179

Daredevil (1964) #179

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First Appearance: DAREDEVIL #168
Why She’s #3: “The flash of red, the whisper of steel, and she arrived. In 1981, Elektra Natchios slipped silently and lethally into the annals of Marvel history in the pages of DAREDEVIL. Despite her talents for stealth, she quickly asserted herself as the sort of character who could not be ignored, an antagonist as complex as the book’s titular hero. In less than a year, she became an icon of Marvel publishing, helped contribute to the dramatic reinvention of the Man Without Fear, and participated in one of the most brutal, tragic fights in the House of Ideas’ history. Then she would return some five years later, starring in ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN. A dose of surreal, mind altering storytelling, it remains one of the best second acts in Marvel Comics history. Importance must be measured in impact, not just ubiquity, and Elektra’s brief moments in the spotlight in the 80’s hit hard and left a mark for years to come.” – Tim Stevens
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Thor (1966) #339

Thor (1966) #339

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First Appearance: THOR #337
Why He’s #2: “Created by the legendary Walt Simonson, Beta Ray Bill is so heroic and selfless that he’s one of the very few people in the universe worthy enough to wield the enchanted uru hammer Mjolnir and take on the powers of Thor. He’s so worthy that he even bested Thor in combat, and Odin gave him his own hammer, Stormbreaker, that is the equal of Mjolnir. And on top of all that—he’s a golden horse-faced alien called Beta Ray Bill! Honestly, it doesn’t get much more awesome than that. Simonson designed Bill to appear like a monster, to demonstrate that heroes don’t always look the way you expect, and that’s still a useful message to take to heart today. The character also helped establish another idea that’s still very relevant today: Mjolnir can bestow the title and power of Thor on anyone, so long as he—or she—is worthy.” – Andrew Wheeler
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THOR #338

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #168

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #168

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First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #129
Why She’s #1: “Katherine Anne Pryde developed severe headaches in adolescence, as her latent mutant abilities began flickering into being. To her own dismay, Kitty discovered she could turn immaterial long enough to ‘phase’ through solid objects like a living specter. In time she would master such abilities and slink through walls, nimbly as a ‘Sprite,’ stealthily as a ‘Shadowcat.’ But at age 13 in January of 1980, she emerged as a reluctant yet highly valued free agent in the ongoing battle between Charles Xavier’s X-Men and Emma Frost’s Hellfire Club. It played out like a fairy tale, with Frost as the imperious, predatory White Queen, and the X-Men as the young woman’s motley protectors. Kitty eventually enrolled as the youngest student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, a new role model for young readers. The character offered a more contemporary voice, overcame prejudices, and found community and family amongst the X-Men. Wolverine and Storm came to present parental figures and mentors while Colossus arrived as the love of her life.

“Young fans lived vicariously through Kitty’s misadventures and relationships, representing the ultimate fulfillment of youthful daydreams. That someone so unassuming and ordinary, from a household not so different from those we passed through every day, could take flight with our heroes and enjoy their respect and camaraderie, was tantamount to personally donning the blue and gold. So many readers grew up with Kitty, stared down the dissolution of family, wrestled with the natural—and supernatural—ebb and flow of relationships.

“In 1981, just a year after her first appearance, Kitty headlined ‘Days of Future Past,’ a landmark story line from Chris Claremont and John Byrne that practically rewrote the very DNA of the X-Men saga. It stands not only as one of the most pivotal works of the 1980’s, but continues to influence the topsy turvy timeline to this day.

“Kitty Pryde still gets headaches, though now they stem from ill-timed video calls from Star-Lord or a student’s request for an extension on their paper. Once a pawn, she now holds sway over her own allegiances, her own comings and goings, as well as the shepherding of young mutants fearful of the walls closing in on them. If she knows anything, it’s that there’s often more than one way around—or through—every obstacle and she’s keen to share that knowledge in good faith.

“Her power is intangible. Her impact is anything but.” – Paul Montgomery
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