Welcome Marvel Legacy to the mobile gaming adventure!

Don a suit of armor as Punisher. Soar the skies with Falcon’s new wings. Incinerate your foes in style with Satana. Witness true power with the Savior of Worlds, Adam Warlock. Marvel Legacy has arrived in “Marvel Future Fight” as of today!

To get the full rundown on all things Marvel Legacy brings to “Marvel Future Fight” this month, we grabbed a few minutes with Netmarble Monster’s lead game designer Minkyun Kim, content designer Hyunseok Kim, skill designer Jongho Park, and system designer Youjung Kim.

Marvel.com: Can you tell us about the latest Marvel Legacy update? What can fans expect?

Minkyun Kim: For the first update of 2018, we wanted to continue with what makes “Marvel Future Fight” great, while making things feel fresh. Marvel Legacy, the current event that is reenergizing Marvel’s comic book line with new costumes and stories, seemed to correspond well with the direction that we wanted to take. Existing characters return with new directions and new costumes as well. We hope that players will enjoy these new characters and the brand-new event stage we’ve cooked up for this update.

Marvel.com: Will our heroes sport new uniforms?

Hyunseok Kim: We selected heroes from the Marvel Legacy event whose looks change drastically and impactfully. Falcon is one of the key characters, because he has re-embraced his classic identity as he now fights alongside the Avengers. We decided to release his new uniform first. The same goes for the Punisher. You can find the all-new War Machine armor clad Punisher in this update! Don’t forget to thank Nick Fury while you’re at it since he helped spruce the Punisher up a bit. Lastly, you can also find a striking uniform for Satana, featuring her new look from the SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE series.

Marvel.com: X-23 and Adam Warlock finally make their debut in ‘Marvel Future Fight.’ What role will they play?

Jongho Park: X-23 and Adam Warlock are characters that the Dev team have been itching to add to the world of Future Fight. For X-23, we thought a lot about how to best portray her in a similar way to Wolverine while keeping her unique. In Adam Warlock’s case, we thought long and hard about how to express his powerful energy attacks. As these two characters are very important, we cut down the number of new characters in the update and we spent a lot of time and effort to create them. You’ll be able to meet these characters and glimpse their powerful and showy skills.

Marvel.com: Can you share any fun moments or something you were proud of while preparing for this Marvel Legacy event?

Jongho Park: What comes to mind are the things we talked about while developing the character of Adam Warlock. Inspired by his “battle mage” era from the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series, we talked a lot of about what kind of magical energy attacks we would create for him, as well as what color his bursts should take on. In the process of discussion, we even talked about the shape of his fingers! The hand and fingers take on a variety of shapes when someone uses magic. As we talked very seriously about which stance looked stronger and better suited to a wizard, we realized that everyone was standing with their hands and fingers in different positions.

Marvel.com: What improvements have been made for the players?

Youjung Kim: We improved the elements that prevented players from playing with ease. We made sure to improve the way to check if Comic Cards are registered in a collection, and added a function where you can check the current Rank of all the characters a player possesses. We’ve also added a refresh function that makes it possible for you to check for newly-created Dimension Rifts.

Marvel.com: What can players look forward to and expect?

Minkyun Kim: We are always striving to have differently themed updates to give players a fresh experience. Since this update is themed in celebration of the newest event from Marvel’s comic books, MARVEL LEGACY, we hope that players will enjoy the refreshed characters. This year, a lot of updates will focus around not only the comics, but the new movies as well. Stay tuned!

Marvel Future Fight is available worldwide on the App Store® and Google Play™. For all the latest on “Marvel Future Fight,” stay tuned to Marvel.com and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

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Look back on the history of the Devil’s Daughter!

Every day this month, a new supernatural character or story from the Marvel Universe gets a spooky spotlight leading up to Halloween!

Last week, an all-new supernatural squad debuted in the pages of SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE #1. The gang included Blade, Ghost Rider, Daimon Hellstrom, and Satana!

Satana Hellstrom—sister of Daimon—made her first appearance 44 years ago in VAMPIRE TALES #2. The Roy Thomas and John Romita story showed a man following a woman down a dark alley—and there, before he knew what happened, she consumed his soul. Only at the end the story did the reader come to know this character as Satana, the Devil’s Daughter.

Vampire Tales (1973) #2

Vampire Tales (1973) #2

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In the following issue, by writer Gerry Conway and artist Esteban Maroto, Satana relocated to Los Angeles where she found herself hounded by a greedy priest named Harry Gotham. In response, as you might guess, Gotham got a fiery end to his story.

After that, Satana occasionally appeared in books such as MARVEL SPOTLIGHT and HAUNT OF HORROR. She even shared center stage with her brother in his 1990s series HELLSTROM: PRINCE OF LIES. She also plays important roles in SUPERNATURALS and WITCHES.

In 2007, the Devil’s Daughter starred in her own LEGION OF MONSTERS one-shot by writer Robin Furth and artist Kalman Andrasofszky. In this tale, Satana mentioned that one of every ten souls she consumes gets sent to get father in Hell. Later, a character named Jen Silence captured Satana in a pentacle and revealed that her twin brother, Jason Silence, received the unlucky trip to the Devil.

The young woman made Satana take a blood oath to find her brother in exchange for freedom from the pentacle. In response, Satana escaped, chained Jen to a dying man, and journeyed to Hell to retrieve Jason. There, in search of the soul, she battled a demon called The Scorpion Queen.

Legion of Monsters: Satana (2007) #1

Legion of Monsters: Satana (2007) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Following an epic battle, Satana defeated the Queen and made off with Jason. Back in her house again, she reunited the Silence twins, but demanded that Jen sign the contract, clearing Satana of further duty. Upon doing so, Jen gave Jason a hug…but he disappeared!

“You said I had to bring him back alive and unharmed,” Satana mentioned coolly, “You didn’t say he had to stay that way.”

Fright Fact

Though not exactly a team player, Satana has joined up with other groups on several occasions. In addition to SUPERNATURALS and WITCHES, she also became a major player in THUNDERBOLTS.

In THUNDERBOLTS #155, Dr. Strange and Man-Thing helped team leader Luke Cage find Satana in the Valley of Shandor-Rah. His bosses wanted a magic expert on the squad, so they fought through her defenses and used some trickery to put a magically enhanced collar on her, bringing her on board. The Daughter of the Devil appreciated their deception, but then admitted she would have come along freely of she knew Man-Thing wanted her on the crew!

Next week, return to the Man-Thing with a review of the original 1974 series!

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Creative Director Bill Rosemann gets you caught up on all the updates about the Doctor Strange and Halloween events!

Marvel.com’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For over two decades Bill Rosemann has a part of the Marvel family, from his time as a freelance writer for Marvel Age magazine, to marketing copywriter, to “Your Man @ Marvel” blogger, to writer of the Deadline limited series, to editor of dozens of comic series including Nova, Black Panther, Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy. Bill also helped launch the Disney Kingdom imprint and was part of the team that co-created the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy. Bill is now Creative Director for Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and passion for the House of Ideas to collaborate with partners around the world on hit titles for console, PC and mobile devices.

Every few weeks, Bill and talented members of the Marvel Games team join us to share their stories as well as exclusive news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

Marvel.com: Bill, can you share with us the exciting new events going on in Games right now?
Bill Rosemann:
I would love to. Last week, Marvel games team was lucky enough to get invited to the Hollywood red carpet premiere of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange.” The team was so excited to attend that and see all the great actors and actresses there. And part of the reason we were so excited is because we’ve been working months and months and months on delivering our next big Marvel games event, which is focused on Doctor Strange. We announced at New York Comic Con this would be happening and showed some art, but now that the event’s here we can talk about it more – Doctor Strange content started rolling out throughout Marvel games last week.

Marvel.com: This is great for fans just to get their hands on it before the film comes out November 4th.
Bill Rosemann:
That’s right. This event is like past events we’ve done. We’ve done events inspired by the different Marvel movies. The first one we did was Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Then we did one for Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” one for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” and we’ve even done events inspired by comic events in publishing, such as Marvel’s Women of Power. In July, we joined the celebration of Captain America’s 75th anniversary by introducing new versions of Captain America across our portfolio in games. So here we are and it’s time to do something very similar. We reached out to all of our partners and said, “Hey, if we gave you reference from the film would you be interested in introducing characters, costumes, and missions in your game that your players would really love?” Our partners were all very excited to participate.

Marvel.com: That’s awesome. What can our fans expect?
Bill Rosemann:
What’s fun is we no longer try to do direct game adaptations of films, which can be very difficult to do because you’re creating the content at the same time that they’re making the film. As a result, reference can be limited and you never get the same experience in a game that you might get when watching a film. Instead of trying to cram that in, we offer all of our partners the freedom to create the content that has the most meaning for their game and for their players because each game is different and each game’s players want something different.

Marvel.com: Right, so most of the games will have some of the same key players but they will tell a different story depending on how it fits inside their universe?
Bill Rosemann:
Exactly! Our games have their own story. All of our games are based on and inspired by existing Marvel continuity—whether that’s from Publishing, from TV, or from Marvel Studios. We work with them to tell their own story.

What’s happening in Marvel Contest of Champions – you know, with the Collector and the Grandmaster – is very different than, for example, what’s happening in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Or when you think about Marvel Avengers Academy, they have a very different set up with the school and the younger versions of the heroes. So, again, we really allow all of our partners to tell their own stories but we focused on a lot of the same characters and then let them decide who they thought would have the greatest impact in their game.

Marvel.com: Across the games, can we find Stephen Strange at different points in his life? For example, he’s probably a student on Avengers Academy?
Bill Rosemann:
Exactly. We can go through them one by one, but we really worked with each team to think about where Stephen Strange would be in his journey in each game. We also thought about what he would look like, what his powers would be, and what would have the most meaning for each game’s story and situation.

Marvel.com: Let’s start with Marvel Contest of Champions.
Bill Rosemann:
Created by our friends at Kabam, Contest of Champions is our big mobile fighting game. We’ve revealed that we’re introducing not one, but two new characters. Doctor Strange is gathering together all the game’s mystical characters in a new quest called the Sorcerer’s Conclave. He’s bringing together Scarlet Witch, Guillotine, and Magik from the X-Men. As for the two new characters, we’re introducing Mordo, largely inspired by how he looks in “Doctor Strange,” and Brother Voodoo, inspired from his current comic look UNCANNY AVENGERS. Be on the lookout for them. There’s new key art, and an awesome new app icon as well.

Marvel.com: Will they be allies with Stephen in Marvel Contest of Champions?
Bill Rosemann:
We shall see, we shall see. Anytime you get people with immense power in a group you can hope that they will go along with the fight but you never know when you have people like Mordo, and even Guillotine or Magik, they may have their own motivation and goals. You’ll have to play the game to see where the characters’ quest will take them.

Marvel.com: Up next, Marvel Future Fight.
Bill Rosemann:
Marvel Future Fight is our action RPG mobile game created with Netmarble. We revealed at New York Comic Con that we are adding some all-new characters and new costumes as well. Some are inspired by the film, and some you’ll see inspired by their classic comic book version. Five of the all-new characters include Doctor Strange, Mordo, The Ancient One, Kaecilius, and Wong, who all have looks inspired by how they appear in the film.

Marvel.com: Can you tell us about some of the different costume styles?
Bill Rosemann:
As far as costumes, Strange, Mordo, The Ancient One, Kaecilius, and Wong will also be getting comic book-inspired costumes. We’re also introducing comic book versions of Clea, who was a long-time student and partner of Doctor Strange, Daimon Hellstrom and Satana in the game. Again, they have a great mission quest cooked up and you’ll see these amazing characters all combined together. With Marvel Future Fight, it’s just so impressive – all the effort that they put into what they introduce. There will be a new app icon, new key art and all these new characters and costumes, it should be an amazing new addition for the game.

Marvel.com: What can you share about Marvel Puzzle Quest?
Bill Rosemann:
For our match-3 puzzle game made with our friends D3Go, Marvel Puzzle Quest, we’ve revealed that that there will be a movie-inspired Doctor Strange introduced to the game. At NYCC, they were celebrating their 3rd anniversary and had a booth with a big banner showcasing the new Doctor Strange. There are additional things that I can’t mention right now, but all will be made clear as we get closer to the release date of their content.

Marvel.com: What can we talk about next?
Bill Rosemann:
Jumping over to PC, we have Marvel Heroes 2016, made along with our friends at Gazillion. We revealed at NYCC that there will be movie-inspired Doctor Strange content added to the game. Like our other games, there will be some additional features that I can’t quite mention now. Word will be coming out soon, but again, I’m really impressed with Marvel Heroes 2016. Recently, we’ve been able to work very closely with them and release content related to their inspiration’s release date. For example, we released the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider and Quake on the very same day that “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 4 debuted. We also introduced Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, inspired by their Netflix shows, on the very same day that “Marvel’s Luke Cage” hit.

It’s pretty cool that you can turn on your TV and watch the characters, and then you can say, “You know what, now I want to play them,” and then you can go play them. You want to actually be them or play them, and you can do that on Marvel Heroes; that’s the same thing we expect to happen here with “Doctor Strange.”

Marvel.com: What do you have cooking for the world of Avengers Academy?
Bill Rosemann:
 Marvel Avengers Academy is doing something really fun – they are our simulation builder that we make with our friends at TinyCo – they will be doing a whole Doctor Strange event. We’ve revealed the Avengers Academy version of Doctor Strange; as with the rest of the characters in the game, he is a younger version. He appears to be a student, so maybe he’s not quite the Master of Mystic Arts just yet. Maybe he’s studying.

Avengers Academy is great with their ability to release multiple amounts of characters and buildings, and of course, a great story. I always give a tip of the Cloak of Levitation to writer Allen Warner and artist David Nakayama – they do just an awesome job of rethinking and reinterpreting our characters in a new and younger setting. You can bet they’ll deliver plenty of surprises with their Doctor Strange event.

Marvel.com: Lastly…
Bill Rosemann:
And last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Marvel Tsum Tsum. This is another match-3 game that we made with our friends at Disney Japan, mixi, and NHN. Together they created this awesome game that has really surprised people with the amount of characters and how deep we’re going in the bench – the Marvel bench.

What’s really fun is part of the need for the game and what the players want, which sometimes are characters based on color. You’re doing matches – match and erase and so sometimes they’ll need specific colors. This allows us to go really deep and deliver characters that you wouldn’t expect in the game yet. They’re able to introduce characters to the game that have only recently been introduced in Publishing. We were able to release Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” characters. You’ll see the Tsum version of Doctor Strange in-game right now during their Doctor Strange event. A lot more characters are jumping to mind, but I can’t reveal them yet. A lot more characters are jumping to mind, but I can’t reveal them yet.

Marvel.com: What new challenges are we going to see that’s not in the regular game play?
Bill Rosemann:
The story in Marvel Tsum Tsum is that all the Tsums are in this room in a toy store that’s decorated like New York City, and all the Tsums think it is the real New York City. The heroes think that they are the actual heroes and the villains think they’re the actual villains. Hanging above them are these mobiles of these different worlds; that’s how you’re able to go to all of these different worlds in the Marvel Universe. I could imagine perhaps that there will be some sort of Doctor Strange-inspired world hanging over them that you’ll be able to travel to with magic.

It’s great how all of our partners go all out. They don’t want to introduce just one character – they want to introduce multiple characters, multiple costumes, worlds, mission, and events. They redo their app icon, and they even create new art. It’s a lot of fun; they get very excited and they love seeing all the great Doctor Strange stuff before the movie comes out. It’s a case of “with great power comes great responsibility” – the power is they get to see all this great stuff and the responsibility then is to create all this great content for their games. We’re excited once again to have a big Marvel event so you as a Marvel games fan, whatever kind of game you want, whether it’s a match-3, a simulation builder, a RPG, or a fighting game across our whole portfolio of mobile and PC, we have something for you. If you’re a Doctor Strange fan, you can just play one, or if you want to experience it all, there are all these different games to play.

Marvel.com: You get to see the whole universe, not only the theatrical, but also the comics.
Bill Rosemann:
You get to learn! I think people who are seeing the film are then going online and reading a lot of articles that Marvel.com puts up explaining, well, who is the Ancient One, and where did she or he come from? What inspired them? Who is Mordo? Through the games, we introduce these characters. Fans may wonder who’s Clea, who’s Mordo, or who’s Brother Voodoo. Hopefully this will be a gateway for them to go to Marvel.com, or go to Marvel Unlimited and read all the adventures that have inspired these characters.

Marvel.com: That’s awesome. Doctor Strange is not the only event we have going on right now?
Bill Rosemann:
That’s right! It is the season of Halloween here – we are deep in the month of October. You have all this Doctor Strange content hitting Games last week, all of which are very supernatural and spooky in nature, so we wanted to keep the fun going! We’ve worked closely again across our portfolio of partners to have some additional Halloween content.

Let’s see, Blade the Vampire Hunter will be coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest. He’s already in the game, but this is going to be an updated version of him based on his most recent appearance in comics. Marvel Puzzle Quest wants to show the fans that the content and characters in their game are closely inspired by what’s happening in Publishing. Also, the classic Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze is coming to Contest of Champions. I mentioned earlier that the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider is appearing in Marvel Heroes 2016, and he’s also appearing in Avengers Academy.

Marvel.com: A burning skeleton head is perfect for Halloween.
Bill Rosemann:
You know you can’t beat it. They don’t have a Ghost Rider yet in the game so Marvel Contest of Champions wanted to start with Johnny – he’s going to come roaring in on his demonic motorcycle and bring the vengeance. Hopefully one day we will see Robbie Reyes speed into the game as well. But for right now, we’re going to start with Johnny Blaze.

We also have a big event happening right now in Marvel Avengers Academy for Halloween. And our friends at TinyCo are going all out. They’re not content just to introduce one character – they’re introducing many characters! The Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider has been introduced to the game. We’ve also revealed that Misty Knight, who has appeared recently in “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” is in Avengers Academy. Moon Knight, who guards travelers in the dark of night, I can see him out there protecting trick or treaters. He will also be in the game. Satana, the daughter of the devil, who we talked about earlier appearing in Marvel Future Fight, will also be in Marvel Avengers Academy. There will be additional characters and costumes appearing in the game. A lot of the Marvel characters will also be dressing up in…

Marvel.com: As each other?!
Bill Rosemann:
Loki is wearing a Thor costume, Wasp is dressed as a pirate, Hulk is kind of going as Bruce Banner – he’s going as a mad scientist – and there’s a zombie version of Taskmaster… and oh! Ms. Marvel is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood! Given how powerful Kamala is, any wolves out there better watch out. In fact, Cap Wolf is in the game, Cap Wolf better watch out because this Little Red Riding Hood is going to knock him out.

So there we go! From Doctor Strange to Halloween… all of our partners in Marvel Games and the Marvel Games team itself are all rallying together to release all this great content. I want to give a shout out to all the Marvel Games people that made it happen: you have Isabel Hsu, our Creative Assistant who makes sure all of our partners have the reference that they need, and she helps review all the content that’s created. Becka McIntosh makes sure everything happens on time and she works behind the scenes just making sure all the T’s are crossed and it all happens when it should happen. And then you have our two producers: Danny Koo, who is the senior producer of Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Tsum Tsum and Marvel Heroes 2016, and then you have Tim Hernandez, who is the senior producer of Avengers Academy, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Contest of Champions. They work with these partners every day making sure that all the content is as authentically Marvel it can be, and that the content, stories, and gameplay are awesome. They’re the people who are behind-the-scenes making this all happen because the want to make sure that all of our players and gamers have awesome content every single day.

Marvel.com: You’re all doing incredible work! Any last things you want to share?
Bill Rosemann:
The games are happening right now! All these games that I mentioned are free-to-download and free-to-play but of course you can make in-game purchases if you wish. It’s great that everyone can experience these games; and if you see the “Doctor Strange” movie and have a good time, and want to experience it more and expand upon that, you can fire up one of these games and have a great time.

Marvel.com: Perfect, well, thank you.
Bill Rosemann:
Thank you! And thank you all the Marvel games fans out there – you’re magic.

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The demon lord rears his ugly head for Halloween, bringing new heroes to the game!

Halloween rapidly approaches, and while the students of “Marvel Avengers Academy” prepare their costumes and plan their parties, the demon Mephisto assembles his minions for a celebration of his own.

Mephisto will soon cross over from his hellscape to the Academy’s plane of existence, hungry for new souls and servants. With the villain flanked by Dracula, Satana, and an army of Fire Demons, the Avengers have their work cut out for them if they hope to put an end to his invasion.

We sat down with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to get the low-down on Mephisto and his motivations, along with what Halloween celebrations we’ll see at the Academy.

Marvel.com: What brings Mephisto to our plane?

Allen Warner: We learned at the end of the Daredevil event that Kingpin had struck a deal with Mephisto to help him enter our dimension, and was working with the Hand to use their occult magic to open a dimensional rift. Of course, with those three factions, there was and will continue to be plenty of double and triple-crossing, as each one tries to use the others to get what they want. The Avengers Academy students and the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen managed to stop Kingpin and the Hand before they could open the portal, but the Hand still weakened the area enough for Mephisto to finish the job as the Halloween season further blurred the boundary between the physical and supernatural worlds.

Mephisto collects souls and thrives on fear and subservience, so he sees this new dimension and campus filled with superhuman and supernatural heroes as an untouched realm for him to conquer that will expand his kingdom and take his already incredible powers to the next level.  Part of the evil joy he gets out of collecting souls is forcing people to give them up voluntarily, so he uses his charms, his minions, and his talents for emotional manipulation to trick and torment the students rather than immediately launching a full-scale assault. He wants to humiliate his adversaries as much as he wants to collect their souls, and we’ll learn over the course of the event that he’s really after one person in particular.  Only one soul has ever challenged him in his own dimension and escape unscathed,  and he can’t rest until he gets his revenge.

Marvel.com: While Mephisto is the big-bad here, what other threats does he bring with him?

Allen Warner: He’s working with a couple of other shady, self-interested characters who are perfect for Halloween in Dracula and Satana. Dracula actually has sort of “good” intentions, trying to turn the Avengers Academy students into vampires as a means of rebuilding his vampire nation, which has fallen on hard times and is nearly extinct. The demoness Satana simply wants to feed on souls. She’s always hungry for more, and Avengers Academy seems like the perfect place to sink her teeth into. We see very quickly that she doesn’t like to take orders from anyone, and she doesn’t share Mephisto’s love for drawn out mind games, so there’s a lot of friction there that will eventually result in her setting her eyes on a much bigger prize. Along with these two powerful helpers, Mephisto is also bringing a legion of Fire Demons from his home dimension that come in all shapes and sizes, and will try to drag anyone they battle back to Hell.

Marvel.com: What new heroes will be brought into the fold in order to help dispatch their new supernatural foes?

Allen Warner: A really exciting lineup: Misty Knight, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and Blade.  Each one brings something completely different to the table, and comes with awesome abilities and a great backstory. If players can defeat Dracula and Satana, they’ll also be able to recruit them to the Academy to help in the battle with Mephisto. There will also be one more surprise character who will be revealed further into the event. It’s someone I don’t think many players will be expecting, but a character who couldn’t be better suited for Halloween.

Marvel.com: Ghost Rider comes to the game hot on the heels of his TV debut in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” while Misty Knight just made her live-action debut in “Marvel’s Luke Cage” today on Netflix. What actions and abilities do these heroes bring to the Academy and the fight against Mephisto?

Allen Warner: Yeah, the timing is amazing. To be honest, we planned this out so long ago that we had no idea either one of these characters would be debuting in different TV shows at the same time the event is launching, but we obviously couldn’t be [happier]. It’s always great when we can support Marvel characters in different media and vice versa, and both of these characters are so awesome that I’m glad to see them getting introduced to a new audience.

Ghost Rider is someone we connected to a potential Halloween event way back at the beginning of development. Like [“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”], we’re also using the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider to include even more diversity in the game, and support the more modern approach to the character. It’s great because he’s one of those characters like Ms. Marvel or Miles Morales that already have this youthful approach and energy, and they can walk right off of the comic page into our game without some extensive reimagining that we do for other characters.  We love that aspect of our game, but it’s also cool and exciting when a traditionally young character enters the game and interacts with characters like Black Widow and Captain America who aren’t usually in their age range. Ghost Rider will use all of his awesome abilities from wrapping bad guys in his flaming chains to hopping inside of his fiery car to take off and do donuts.

Misty Knight might seem like a strange fit for Halloween at first because she doesn’t have the obvious supernatural connection the rest of these characters do, but she might play the most critical role in the whole event. I always like to connect all of our events together narratively, and there were a few mentions in the Daredevil event of Misty investigating exactly what Kingpin and the Hand were planning. We focus on her great detective skills, and I like the idea of a “normal” character being in an event filled with supernatural characters because she can be the voice and viewpoint of the player, and comment on all of the weirdness like we would. She’ll have actions relating to her awesome skills and abilities from martial arts, detective work, and using her bionic arm to not only punch, but to use its cryogenic blast for an amazing animation.

Marvel.com: Blade and Moon Knight round out the additions; what new, unique actions will players see these two tackling?

Allen Warner: Blade is the ultimate vampire hunter and the Daywalker, having all of the vampire strengths without any of their weaknesses. We had some fun with those ideas in his actions and animations, along with playing to his traditionally stoic persona. He’s a no-nonsense guy in a campus filled with nonsense, so it’s fun to see how he bounces off of the other students.  He was another character we mentioned from the very beginning as being part of a potential Halloween event, so it’s great to see him finally entering the game, and embodying everything that makes him so cool in the comics and movies.

Moon Knight is such a unique character that you can approach in so many different ways. We wanted to address him being embodied by an Egyptian god. The split personalities. The fact that he’s literally come back from the dead. Not to mention that he has a huge collection of awesome moon-themed gadgets and vehicles. He has some really fun animations, some awesome combat animations, and some great decorations related to his backstory and tools of the trade.

Marvel.com: The Academy students will be fending off Mephisto and his subordinates, but what other activities will players be able to participate in during this event?

Allen Warner: There are a lot of fun new things to do in this event. The main event building is Haunted Avengers Mansion. It’s the iconic Avengers HQ decked out in creepy, authentic Halloween decorations for Wasp’s big Halloween party. We’re also adding a Halloween themed park, and a bunch of characters will use both places for brand-new actions and animations.  You’ll also be able to send characters through Mephisto’s portals for some extra-dimensional trick-or-treating, bringing back materials to defeat him and his minions. Last but not least, we’re introducing a feature that lets players pair up characters, using a bunch of fun dual actions and animations. Completing these actions gives you access to outfits and other prizes that you can’t get anywhere else. The students have to strengthen their relationships with each other to combat Mephisto’s manipulative powers, culminating in an iconic multi-character animation that I think people are going to love.

Marvel.com: This new threat arises during a Halloween party, so our heroes must be rocking costumes. What will players see their favorite characters dressing up as?

Allen Warner: This is one of the most exciting parts of the entire event. We’re adding new Halloween costumes for every main story character in the game to this point, from Iron Man to Hulk. We usually only give new event outfits to the earliest characters since some people may have just started playing the game, but Halloween seemed like too good of an opportunity to not give everyone at least one outfit. If you just started, and it will still be awhile before you reach characters like Ant-Man or Maria Hill, you can still acquire the outfits, and the outfit and related quests will unlock as soon as you’ve recruited that character. For our longtime players, it will be the first time we’ve offered alternate outfits for characters like Ms. Marvel, Enchantress, and Taskmaster. Since most of the new characters in this event are pretty serious people, we decided to go with the opposite approach for the costumes. Even if you’re a lifelong Marvel fan, I guarantee you’ve never seen a lot of these characters look anything close to what they’ll look like in some of these Halloween costumes.

It was a ton of fun brainstorming and creating the different looks, and we owe a big thanks to our fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for suggesting and voting on outfits they wanted to see.  The winner was Cap-Wolf, which looks great with some amazing animations, but we also used quite a few of the other suggestions we received: Loki dressed as Thor, Black Widow wearing a “This is my Halloween Costume” T-shirt in classic unimpressed Black Widow fashion, and more.  My personal favorite is Falcon dressed like a Penguin.  I don’t want to spoil everything just yet, but I really feel like people are going to get so many smiles and laughs from the awesome designs and animations created by our always amazing art and animation teams, and the great ideas suggested by our creative and passionate fans.

Marvel.com: How will the event district play into Mephisto’s siege?

Allen Warner:
The event district is Mephisto’s hellscape. It’s a massive area of fire and brimstone where Mephisto watches everything from his throne. This is where the recruitable heroes will be trapped in Mephisto’s magic, along with the portals used for extra-dimensional trick-or-treating. There’s a large open area in front of Mephisto’s throne because when it’s time to finally battle the big boss, the students will have to bond together, and perform an iconic Halloween activity to infuriate the demon, and distract him with synchronized hilarity before taking him down for good.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to defeat him and close the dimensional rift once and for all, but if not, they may have to seek out the assistance of a certain sorcerer who’s no stranger to dimensional travel…

Play “Marvel Avengers Academy” today and stay tuned for further updates and events!

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