In theaters May 4.

There was an idea…

The first official trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” has finally arrived. We began our Marvel Cinematic Universe journey together back in 2008. All roads lead to Thanos next year. Get your first official look at “Avengers: Infinity War” right here on above.

Following the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” the Avengers as we know it no longer exists. Lines were drawn; sides were chosen. The Avengers is nothing more than a team name without any team members. Can Earth’s Mightiest Heroes put aside their differences and unite once more? Do they even stand a chance against the Mad Titan who delights in their failure and desperation? Can they stop his thirst for power and chaos as he begins to collect the Infinity Stones?

The trailer packs as many super heroes as it can in a mere 2 minutes and 30 seconds: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Vision (Paul Bettany), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), and so much more.

“You can fight it. You can run from it. But destiny still arrives.” We know the trailer brought a smile to your face as much as pain and suffering put one on Thanos’ face. Now excuse us while we watch the trailer a thousand more times!

See the culmination of the last decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when “Avengers: Infinity War” opens in theaters on May 4, 2018. Stay tuned to, follow @Avengers on Twitter, and Like “The Avengers” on Facebook for the latest on the Avengers and the rest of the MCU as it develops!


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A look back at Wanda's checkered past.


Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place or object that made waves this week.

We bet Wanda Maximoff would feel a bit green if she looked back at her first appearance in 1964’s X-MEN #4 and not just because she was mis-colored on the cover! 

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #4

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #4

  • Published: March 10, 1964
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Rating: T+
  • Penciller: Jack Kirby
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Earlier that year, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced the merry mutants starring in the series as well as their number one enemy, Magneto. By this issue, he’d surrounded himself with a group calling themselves the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Consisting of all-new characters Toad, Mastermind and the sister-brother combo of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, the group seemed as focused on giving each other trouble as they were the X-Men.

In fact, Pietro and Wanda almost left, but then Magneto recounted their shared history which saw Magneto saving her from a mob of angry villagers. She pledged her loyalty to him right there and was soon joined by her brother.

By sticking around, the super powered siblings played a part in Magneto’s plot to use a stolen battleship to take over the small nation of Santo Marco. Though not a fan of Magneto’s fear-mongering, Wanda did take on the X-Men, specifically Angel with her mysterious hex powers.

The X-Men gained the upper hand and the villains made their escape, but before doing so, Quicksilver ran back to stop a bomb Magneto left behind. After several more missions with Magneto, the siblings’ distaste for Magneto and his methods outweighed their loyalty to him and the broke out on their own after the Stranger took their one-time leader in X-MEN #11

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #11

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #11

  • Published: May 10, 1965
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Rating: T+
  • Penciller: Jack Kirby
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Not long after, the Avengers found themselves at a crossroads. The team of Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp and Captain America had been getting along pretty well, but other concerns lead to a massive roster change. Pietro read about their acceptance of former villain Hawkeye to the squad in the newspaper and told Wanda. Before long, the two traveled to New York City to see about joining up.

By the end of that same issue – 1965’s AVENGERS #16 to be exact – all of the original members left, leaving Captain America to lead three former criminals on the world’s most renowned super team! Wanda soon proved herself and became an integral part of many Avengers line-ups. She’s also known as one of the team’s biggest threats, having played a part in destroying the team, creating the House of M universe and diminishing the mutant population severely. 

Avengers (1963) #16

Avengers (1963) #16

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Back in good standing now, she returned to fight alongside her teammates in the pages of UNCANNY AVENGERS #26 after being controlled by the demon Chthon during Secret Empire, which ended with #10 this week.

Flash Forward

For a more detailed account of Wanda and Pietro’s past, check out AVENGERS ORIGINS: SCARLET WITCH AND QUICKSILVER by Sean McKeever and Mirco Pierfederici. In this OGN we see the siblings trying to make their way alone in the world until Magneto appeared to help them. We then see the Maximoffs join up with the Brotherhood, even though they don’t exactly see eye to eye with its leader, who we know is actually their father! The issue shows some of the parent-child moments behind-the-scenes even if the participants didn’t know it!

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Vanesa Del Rey returns for Wanda’s duel with a hell-born demon!

Leave it to a mystical book like SCARLET WITCH to play with a little collaborative magic. Since launch, James Robinson and the book’s editors planned to not use one specific artist per story, but to instead mix things up on a regular basis.

With that in mind, Vanesa Del Rey launched the series, but other artists like Marco Rudy, Steve Dillon, Marguerite Sauvage, Annie Wu, and many others have added to the ongoing adventures of Wanda Maximoff.

Now, after saving witchcraft, Wanda needs to figure out what to do with the rest of her life, which gets all the more complicated when a demon attacks! We talked with Del Rey—who returns for issue #15 on February 22—about the unique challenges of this book, working with Robinson, and dreaming up demons! After launching this series, how is it coming back to Wanda and seeing where she’s at as a character?

Vanesa Del Rey: It’s great! I love drawing Scarlet Witch. I haven’t read all the books since the first issue came out. I don’t have a lot of time these days, but I’ve been loving the different styles of work for all the issues! And of course, the David Aja covers. This project has featured a different artist on nearly each issue. Does this set-up change how you approach an issue as opposed to something you’ve been drawing all the way through?

Vanesa Del Rey: This set-up doesn’t really affect the way I approach a script. When I’m working on a whole series, versus a single issue, I have to think more about the whole world the story is going to develop in. I have to focus on the atmosphere as a whole and then I approach each issue on its own. Each issue also has their own atmosphere, and when I say atmosphere I’m including the pace of the story, the media I use or technique, the character design. There are a lot of things to think about when working on any story, really.

Naturally the most notable difference between working on a single issue versus a whole series is I get more familiar with the characters and their world, thus wonderful things happen and I get to experiment and play with said atmosphere. The characters develop, and the reader gets a wonderful experience. James Robinson is the constant in all this. How has it been working with him throughout this project?

Vanesa Del Rey: James has been great for these two books I have done. His scripts are very clear, he includes many references for me to use, lots of visuals, fun action scenes with hexes and magic. Sweet metro architecture. There is very little exchange between us, we mainly let each other do the thing we do. Turns out alright! SCARLET WITCH #15 features Wanda trying to figure out her life and facing off against a demon. Do you enjoy balancing the every-day with the fantastic like that?

Vanesa Del Rey: Yes, I love it! I enjoy drawing fantasy quite a bit. It’s satisfying when I can make the fantastic seem realistic or more part of the real world. Add a little bit of a dark atmosphere and I’m set. When it came to designing the demon, what was the process like? Was it described fully in the script or did you have freedom to dream it up?

Vanesa Del Rey: The demon happened in my head as I read the script. There was a visual reference for me in the script and parting from that I created my own idea of what this demon should look like. Keeping in mind the over-all look and feel of the world in the book.

James Robinson welcomes Vanesa Del Rey back for SCARLET WITCH #15, coming your way February 22!

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Mark Waid and Barry Kitson discuss an Avengers story of epic proportions!

As we see the present-day Avengers – complete with a refreshed line-up – battle Kang once more, the story of a long-past Avengers team also unfolds before us. Captain America leads a trio of reformed criminals – Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver – to take on continued threats to Earth while his fellow founding members break from the team.

Writer Mark Waid teams with penciller Barry Kitson to tell an Avengers story of old that will intertwine with the adventures of the current team. We grabbed the two of them for a chat to see what we could learn about this new and unique series. How did the idea come about to run these parallel stories of an early Avengers team alongside the current team battling Kang?

Mark Waid: I’ve been itching to tell this story for a long time. I love, as I did with Captain America: Man Out of Time, to be able to tell flashback stories within continuity, and I’ve forever been fascinated by whatever untold story lay behind how the world came to accept Cap’s Kookie Quartet as a viable replacement for Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp and Thor. A still-recently-thawed Captain America is joined by three heroes who have their origins as villains. What prompts this particular group to come together? What threats are they teaming up to face?

Mark Waid: The original Avengers, as per established continuity, were all facing personal issues that demanded a break from the team, so Iron Man put out the call for new members–and these are the ones who showed up…at first. But not the ONLY ones, as we’ll soon see.  As for menaces, the Frightful Four and the Stranger are two–and that’s only the beginning of the list! What about working with the Marvel universe of the past has been most exciting for you? Has working in this time period something you’ve wanted to do for a while, or a wholly new opportunity?

Barry Kitson: For me this encapsulates a childhood dream becoming fully realized. This was the era of Marvel that I first began reading and lead me to fall in love with US comics rather than the very cartoonish British fare I had been used to. I was reading these stories when I was five or six years old and already dreaming of drawing these characters for a living – so for me it is the perfect realization of that dream – despite all the time that has passed I feel like that little kid again getting to work with the characters I most loved in the incarnations that first drew me to them. I’m sure Mark will bear witness that when he approached me about doing this series – I had agreed before he had managed to get beyond saying it would focus on Cap’s cookie quartet… I may also have threatened terrible retribution on him if he let any other artist get anywhere near this particular series!

Not only does the series feature the Avengers line-up that I feel most personally connected to, but also a whole cast of characters from the era that I have always longed to draw – I’m not sure how much I can give away but there are guest stars and villains aplenty that I think anyone who loves this era in Marvel history will thoroughly enjoy! (As you have probably gathered I could ramble on about how excited I am for some time!) You two have worked together on other comics, but this is your first time combining your talents in the Marvel universe. What’s the process like?

Mark Waid: Seamless. We’ve been working together for so long that we bring out the best in one another. Barry gets a plot and as much freedom as he needs to tell the story visually, and then I’ll go back and add dialogue to match his storytelling. We trust one another!

Barry Kitson: It’s pretty much our standard operating procedure, I think. Mark and I have developed a process over the years where we trust each other to bounce ideas back and forth perhaps more than many writer/artist teams – possibly purely because we have done so much work together. We work pretty close to the classic ‘Marvel method’ whereby Mark will provide the plot (although sometimes much more than a plot for certain scenes when it can be almost full script) and I will break the pages down into panels – after that will bounce things back and forth to make sure we’re both happy – then I’ll draw up the pages and Mark will dialogue from the finished pencils – usually added great touches that I sometimes don’t even know about until the comic sees print – which is always one of the most fun parts of working with him for me! Barry, you’ve been away from Marvel for a few years, how has returning to these characters and this world been for you?

Barry Kitson: I guess most of my long and rambling response to the earlier question applies here also. I really can’t overstate what a joy it is for me to be working on these particular characters especially in this setting and with Mark as writer – I might quite possibly be the happiest penciller in the business right now! The .1 numbering implies that the adventures of this team will be connected in some way to the present-day Avengers. Can you let us in on anything about that? Kang is known for his time-traveling ways, after all.

Mark Waid: And yet, it’s not really Kang-related. What we’ll be seeing is the origin of a menace that will come back to threaten the modern-day Avengers.

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Steve Rogers can only watch as the world falls apart around Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Every day we celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary by looking deep into the Marvel Unlimited archives and going through some of Steve Rogers’ most thrilling adventures. Happy diamond anniversary Sentinel of Liberty!

Captain America saw one of his darkest days when the Masters of Evil nearly succeeded in destroying the Avengers. The events of Avengers Disassembled, however, overshadow that attack by leaps and bounds.

Presented by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch in AVENGERS #500 through #503 from 2004, these four issues—appropriately titled “Chaos”—pummel the team with death and destruction. The presumed dead Jack of Hearts reappears to blow up Scott Lang and the mansion, Tony Stark appears drunk in front of the United Nations even though he’s sober, Vision inadvertently launches an Ultron attack on his teammates, She-Hulk tears Vision’s body apart, and Hawkeye dies attacking invading Kree forces. 

Worse than all that, though? The revelation that Scarlet Witch secretly caused it all after remembering the children she previously conjured up back in the VISION AND SCARLET WITCH series. Dr. Strange appears in astral form to explain that, as a mutant, she attained powers she didn’t actually earn. That ability to control reality eventually took their toll, driving her mad in the process.

Avengers (1998) #500

Avengers (1998) #500

What is Marvel Unlimited?

When the Avengers finally show up at Wanda’s place, they find her living a Norman Rockwell-esque life with ghostly facsimiles of her kids, Agatha Harkness, Vision, and Wonder Man. Unhappy with her teammates’ presence, the Witch launches one last attack before entering supernatural combat with Strange. Beaten, unconscious, and supposedly devoid of her former self, Wanda’s taken away by her father, Magneto. Not long after she regains herself, creates the House of M reality and then decimates the mutant population, but blame eventually falls on an invasive supernatural entity as explained in AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE

AVENGERS #503 ends with the team going their separate ways, but AVENGERS FINALE truly concludes that classic version of the team when Tony Stark reveals that the attacks left him unable to further support the organization. Thanks to an awesome series of pages from artists like Neal Adams, George Perez, Alex Maleev, and many more, the members take us on a trip down memory lane through the group’s greatest moments. Captain America himself starts the toast to their fallen comrades before heading outside to join the legions of mourners.

Cap Declassified

Avengers Disassembled carried through not just AVENGERS, but also some of the members’ ongoing series like CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE FALCON #57 and CAPTAIN AMERICA #2932. The former, by Priest and Joe Bennett, continues that book’s story of the two heroes trying to figure out what’s up with the Navy’s version of Captain America while Scarlet Witch shows up to start a romantic relationship with Cap; though that last part may have been another manifestation of Wanda’s mental collapse.

In CAPTAIN AMERICA, Robert Kirkman and Scot Eaton pit Cap against Red Skull and the Serpent Society with a potentially compromised Diamondback and corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel. The arc ends that volume leading right into Ed Brubaker’s epic run not long after.

Next, Captain America lends a hand to the Man Without Fear when he faces off against Nuke in DAREDEVIL #233.

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See what critics are saying about 'Captain America: Civil War' and see the film in theaters Friday!

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” hits theaters Friday and critics love the impressive action and intense emotional conflicts between beloved characters! See what critics have to say about the film below and buy tickets now to see the film in theaters Friday.

“Captain America: Civil War” finds Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability. Learn more below!

Buy tickets now to see “Captain America: Civil War” in theaters Friday! Follow @CaptainAmerica on Twitter and like “Captain America: Civil War” on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

“’Captain America: Civil War’ marks a watershed moment in the vaunted annals of comic book cinema: Finally, a big budget super hero sequel that manages to be both effortlessly entertaining and utterly sobering, instead of just one of those things.”

The Daily Beast


Governments demand accountability from the Avengers in Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

Governments demand accountability from the Avengers in Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in theaters May 6!

“’Captain America: Civil War’ is a tight action thriller that works on its own, but when taken as the latest chapter in an unprecedented experiment in longform storytelling, it’s a brilliant chapter, one that makes everything that went before seem better if only because it was all leading to this pinnacle.”



“’Civil War’ is effective thanks to a focus on character, with the film’s extended roster serving to explore and underline absorbing ideas about family, friendship, and the use of power. As big as this movie is, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ thrives on a smaller, human scale. Striking and consistently engaging, the Russos deftly craft compelling blockbuster entertainment out of a moral and emotional conflict, and that’s more impressive than any overblown display of loud and vulgar power.”

The Playlist


“’Captain America: Civil War’ is an example of how these films are more than just simple good guy/bad guy power fantasies, but only if you treat the characters and the audience with equal respect.”


“Previous movies have had issues balancing the youthful banter and scientific confidence of the comic book Wall-Crawler, but [Tom] Holland nails the role in every aspect.”

USA Today

“…’Civil War’ generously gives everyone in the cast just the right amount to do, whether it’s showcasing their gee-whiz smashy-smashy gifts during one bravura battle royal set at the Leipzig airport, or allowing them to have a slower beat of character development that one assumes is the main reason for serious actors to sign on to these CGI behemoths…”

Entertainment Weekly

“’Captain America: Civil War’ feels like a pinnacle for Marvel…This is the best Marvel movie so far. This is not hyperbole… This is as close as things come to ‘super hero movie perfection.’”



“…proves as remarkable for its dramatic coherence and thematic unity as for its dizzyingly inventive action sequences; viewers who have grown weary of seeing cities blow up ad nauseam will scarcely believe their luck at the relative restraint and ingenuity on display.”


“[Robert] Downey [Jr.], whose ace timing and effortless snark make him the movie’s chief comic relief, also provides pivotal emotional chords.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“[Chris] Evans, meanwhile, further hones a role he’s effortlessly owned for five movies now, pushing Steve to impressive new depths and reminding us that his straight arrow still has a dangerous edge.”


T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) stands tall in Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) stands tall in Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in theaters May 6!

“At the center of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is a fight scene so thrilling that it must be seen to be believed. We like to think that we have already perfected the super hero genre, or at least that we’ve got it down to a theoretical science, but we sometimes forget that there a lot of things that comic books can do that movies can’t. Or at least that they couldn’t do until very recently.”

Crave Online

“…it can be said with confidence that the three [Captain America] movies come together to create the greatest super hero trilogy of all time. The new movie is equally thrilling, fun, engaging, emotional, smart, and thought-provoking, and really everything you want from summer entertainment.”


“Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson can be relied upon for laugh-out-loud one-liners whenever he’s on screen, the Vision’s [Paul Bettany] stylish new wardrobe is comedy gold and Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is huge fun in a relatively brief appearance – utterly enamoured by Steve Rogers and overjoyed just to have been invited along.”

Games Radar

“’Civil War’ strikes that admirable balance: serious-minded action that never forgets to indulge in serious fun.”

The Wrap

“It’s crazily surreal, engaging and funny in the best Marvel tradition, building to a whiplash-twist reveal that sports with the ever-present idea of duplicity and betrayal within the Avengers’ ranks themselves.”

The Guardian

“…this is Marvel at their best: a pacey, intelligent super-sized blockbuster and a roaringly fun night out.”

Time Out London

“…’Civil War’ also introduces the latest big-screen version of Spider-Man in advance of his stand-alone reboot (due in 2017), and as perfectly depicted with youthful vigor by newcomer Tom Holland (‘The Impossible’), he virtually swings off with the whole movie.”

Access Hollywood

Ideals collide in Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

Ideals collide in Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in theaters May 6!

“The action is incredibly impressive, the cinematography is frenetic and visceral, and each of the heroes gets to shine in his or her own way—even the ones who aren’t in it that much. But the biggest achievement of directors Joe and Anthony Russo and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely is that they made sure that the story is contingent on characters almost exclusively.”


“…thanks to the extraordinary engineering work of screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directors Anthony and Joe Russo, this film keeps moving, never losing its sense of purpose.”


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Plus see Cap recruit and deploy some new allies in 'Captain America: Civil War,' hitting theaters May 6!

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes argue about their privilege to decide the right thing to do in a new clip from Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”! See the debate in the clip above and watch Cap deploy the newest Avengers while also recruiting some potential new powerhouses. Buy tickets now to see “Captain America: Civil War” when it lands in theaters May 6!

When governments around the world demand the Avengers take responsibility for their collateral damage, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and the rest of the super heroes debate their moral dilemma. Stark wants to heroes to side with the government, while Rogers believes the power to save the day should remain with them! See the team debate their tough decision in the clip above.

The roster of the Avengers has changed over the years, but all members have possessed the desire to save the day! Steve shows off his leadership with a new set of team members, and that leadership and heroism takes its toll on a potential new hero. See the new recruits in the clips below!

Purchase tickets now to see “Captain America: Civil War” in theaters May 6! Make sure to follow @CaptainAmerica on Twitter and like “Captain America: Civil War” on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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See heroes square off in new images from 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

The battle begins to take its toll on our heroes in new images from Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”! Check out the images above and get your tickets now to see the film in theaters May 6.

When governments around the globe demand super heroes be held accountable for their actions, former allies take sides against one another! While Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) believes in regulations and accountability, Captain America (Chris Evans) believes in doing the right thing, without government interference. See what happens when heroes collide in new photos above!

Buy your tickets now to see “Captain America: Civil War” when it lands in theaters May 6! Make sure to follow @CaptainAmerica on Twitter and like “Captain America: Civil War” on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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Plus check out a new poster for 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

Tensions mount to destructive levels in a new trailer for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”! Check out the trailer above and an all-new poster below. Buy tickets now to see “Captain America: Civil War” when it lands in theaters May 6!

When global governments demand that the Avengers be held accountable for collateral damage, heroes divide and friendships diminish! Captain America (Chris Evans) struggles with the taking orders while Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) embraces accountability, resulting in a conflict amongst comrades. See what happens when these heroes collide in the trailer above!

Buy tickets now to see “Captain America: Civil War” in theaters May 6! Make sure to follow @CaptainAmerica on Twitter and like “Captain America: Civil War” on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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The stars explore real-world parallels in the upcoming 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

The stars of Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” speak about changes within the Avengers, political agendas, and much more in an all-new interview! Learn the agendas of Team Cap in the interview below and see “Captain America: Civil War” in theaters May 6.

Despite the incredible cast of characters that surrounds him in “Captain America: Civil War,” the famous patriotic hero’s still the “anchor” of the upcoming film, insists the actor who portrays him, Chris Evans.

“He’s still on the search for Bucky,” he explains of where Cap’s at when we see him next. “There’s no clear bad guy [in the film], and I think that’s far more parallel to the struggles we go through in our current political state. There’s logic to both sides, and where do you bend? Where’s the compromise? What’s the goal?

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in theaters May 6!

“I think Cap’s struggling because every time he has fallen in line and has been a soldier and has taken orders and leaned on the structure of society, it’s kinda turned on him. And I think he ultimately feels the safest hands are his own, because at least he can trust them. That’s not gonna work for the masses. So it’s the first time he really doesn’t know what the right answer is.”

Captain America’s arguably most useful when there’s a conflict of some sort, but Evans muses over whether or not the man enjoys being in the middle of it.

“I think he handles it well because he is so selfless,” he says. “I think this is the one time there’s a conflict where his compass doesn’t know which way to point. I think this is one of the first times he doesn’t know. And I think when you’re kind of aimless, I think that’s terrifying. Whether rooted in conflict or not, he just doesn’t know what the right move is.”

The film’s conflict seems to stem, at least in part, from the Winter Soldier, Cap’s former World War II sidekick Bucky, and the relationship between the two men.

“This is a huge piece of his history,” Evans notes. “It’s a huge piece of his struggle, not just to have someone that he can connect to on a friendship level, but just the guilt that he must have. ‘I let you go. I’m sorry.’ Just the survivor’s guilt element. So there’s plenty to play with. [We] certainly do explore it.”

“Where we find [Bucky] is really where he’s at at the end of ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’,” explains actor Sebastian Stan. “It’s very much a big struggle, figuring out what his life has been about and what he’s really been up to. That’s what I think the similarity between [him and Cap] is. They’re men out of time, struggling to embrace this new life, and how they do it.

“I’m just trying to tie in to what we know in the comic books. I think it’s going to be a mix of different things. He’s not gonna go back and be the guy he used to be. There’s just no way that would happen. He’s probably affected for life. It’s sort of learning about how you live with who you are now. Learning how to tame that wild beast that is a part of you at this point.”

With Captain America dealing with fallout over his friend in public, he also must take into consideration the outlook of a new team of Avengers he’s training. Luckily for him, the other heroes sympathize with his current plight.

“Cap’s done nothing but give himself to this group, so I think they understand the value of what it means to me to find [Bucky], says Evans. “And especially after Hawkeye’s been brainwashed and Black Widow’s been misled, we’ve all had our share of being taken advantage of, so I don’t think they hold him completely responsible for some of his actions.”

The aforementioned Hawkeye returns, in the form of Jeremy Renner, of course, but the Avengers’ ranks grow in the new film with the addition of, among others, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon.

Elizabeth Olsen stars as Scarlet Witch in Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

Elizabeth Olsen stars as Scarlet Witch in Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in theaters May 6!

“We left Scarlet Witch without a home, without a family, and she ends up creating a surrogate family within the Avengers and making a decision to be a part of the team,” notes Olsen. “I think a lot of that has to do with what Jeremy’s character’s attitude towards her and the speech he gives her at the end of the film. So we pick up with her having started a new life, but still trying to figure out what her abilities are and if using them causes greater good or greater damage.”

In Hawkeye’s case, it’s not finding a new life, but perhaps hanging on to the one he knows and loves.

“I think that’ll always be there for Barton, right?” Renner ponders. “You have real life, and then you have fight life. And that’s the character that I love now – discovering that in him makes him a very sort of accessible Avenger. That’ll always be there, I’m sure. And it certainly plays in this one.”

Olsen refers to the plot of “Captain America: Civil War” as basically “trying to get from Point A to Point B without getting in someone’s way,” but hints at much greater and lasting looks into the interactions between her character and the large group of heroes in the film.

“I think her relationships with people become really clear, and I think they all make tons of sense,” she says.

She also notes a “unified” look in the Avengers’ costumes, and Renner teases some upgrades overall to Hawkeye’s togs and gear.

“Yeah, there’s always something different,” he explains.

Anthony Mackie says that the film is “very specific about the Falcon’s storyline and how he feels about Steve and the rest of the Avengers.”

“The idea of him becoming an Avenger is pretty cool,” he enthuses. “He’s pretty excited about it. We definitely get an element of that in the film.

Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers and T'Challa in Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers and T’Challa in Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in theaters May 6!

“With being an Avenger, there’s not really a hierarchy. Everybody gets to make decisions, everybody’s put in a position to save the day, as opposed to standing there while one person flies in and saves the day and you’re like, ‘Good job!’ The Avengers is really a team effort.”

There are also the more specific relationships Falcon continues to nurture with both his friend Captain America, and with associate Tony Stark.

“There’s definitely a confidence and respect between [Sam and Steve], he says. “You get to see more of that. I think our relationship is more mano a mano as opposed to mano and friend. It’s not so much that it’s challenged, just made stronger.

“And Tony Stark. I don’t know why everybody thinks Tony’s cool, and Tony thinks he’s really cool, but Falcon just thinks he’s a nerd. And not like a cool, millennium nerd.”

Overall, “Captain America: Civil War” promises not only all the hallmarks of the Marvel Studios productions, but also concepts and scenes that the audience can relate to. Chris Evans credits his directors, the Russo Brothers, with that.

Stars Sebastian Stan & Chris Evans with the directors on the set of Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6!

Stars Sebastian Stan & Chris Evans with the directors on the set of Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ in theaters May 6!

“Instead of making super hero movies with grounded elements, they make grounded movies with super hero elements,” he notes. “The Russos keep everything in a very real environment.”

That very real environment, though, is about to become littered with casualties of the Civil War.

“It’s very sort of boots on the ground kinda thing,” Jeremy Renner explains. “It’s much more… I guess ‘gritty’ is the word. But it has a different tone [from other Marvel movies]. We’re not flying around in different universes – it’s a bit earthier.”

“I think it’s no secret that what happens is there’s a world around [the heroes] that expects a little bit more responsibility for their actions,” Evans says. “The Avengers have been operating independent of any government restriction, so there’s plenty of people that that makes nervous. I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying what happens is certain governments expect a bit of a change.”

“That’s why it’s kinda cool, since it parallels a lot of the things we’re dealing with now,” Sebastian Stan adds. “Thinking about all the recent stuff about the government being able to look into your phone, to see what you’re texting or who you’re calling.”

“Don’t look into my phone,” Evans insists. “Career over.”

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