Wendy Willming on how Season 3 of the series redefined Hydra's history and purpose.

Today, we shine a spotlight on Season 3 of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” as we draw closer to the landmark 100th episode.

The next piece, shown below, in the “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Road to 100” art program comes from artist Nick Bradshaw, and helping us walk down memory lane is “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” producer Wendy Willming. Don’t miss the Season 1 piece and Season 2 piece.

Marvel.com: Bradshaw highlights several key moments from Season 3. What were the significance of these scenes and how did it impact our agents?

Wendy Willming: These moments depict some of our more iconic scenes and Bradshaw weaving a sense of evil throughout the piece is telling of the many layers that are uncovered this season.

On the far left, Fitz holds Simmons after he pulls her out of the portal from Maveth – a sunless, desert-like planet where Simmons was stranded for “4,722 Hours,” which also happens to be the title of the 5th episode in this season.

Shown on the far right, Coulson dives into the portal after Ward and Fitz. Coulson ultimately kills Ward with his prosthetic hand, finally destroying the evil that has plagued our agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for years. Unbeknownst to our team back on Earth, an ancient and parasitic Inhuman named Hive, finds Ward’s body and returns in his form until he reveals his true appearance – an octopod-like creature – that Bradshaw has depicted on the right.

In the bottom left hand corner, the art piece also features the Secret Warriors, finally together . It’s an iconic moment for our Inhuman agents – Daisy Johnson, Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodriguez, Lincoln Campbell and Joey Gutierrez.

Bradshaw also gives us Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter, our beloved bickering couple. Fans will remember the episode “Parting Shot.” Morse and Hunter choose to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. after their lives are spared with the caveat that they never work for the U.S. government again. The team takes a shot in their honor but their undeniable presence is sorely missed.

Marvel.com: Hydra breaks the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo and its tentacles looms over the entire piece. How had the Hydra revelations change the course of the season?

Wendy Willming: The revelations that unfold throughout the season give a whole new perspective and understanding of Hydra’s history in the Marvel Universe. It also ties in the thread of Inhumans. In our third season, we learn that Hive is the source of Hydra and what an ancient, parasitic Inhuman has built, lived on to become the most feared institution in history. For fans and anyone keeping track of the Marvel U thus far, it redefines Hydra’s history and purpose.


Marvel.com: As we near the 100th episode, is there anything you’d like to share with the cast, the teams behind the scenes and the fans?

Wendy Willming: I’ve had the incredible fortune of being apart of Season 3 and our current Season 5. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful group of storytellers and artists. Everyone on this team, and it takes a village and then some, has been a complete joy because they love what they do and they love the show they get to bring to life every single day. I truly believe that if you love your job, it shows on screen. And this group, shows it on screen every week. Here’s to 100 more!

Season Five will return Friday, March 2. Don’t miss the 100th episode of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” will air Friday, March 9 at 9|8c on ABC!

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See how the Inhumans have been a part 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' from the beginning!

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Throwback Thursday looks back at how the last five years of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” influenced this recent episodes. 

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has always incorporated deep references to the Marvel Universe, and the Inhumans have been prevalent throughout the series. During the Kree-Skrull War, the Kree began experimenting on humans by splicing human DNA with their own, which resulted in a powerful race of mutants who came to be known as the Inhumans. After being exposed to Terrigen Mist, the Inhumans go through Terrigenesis which gives them strange and unimaginable powers.

Season 2 introduces the Inhumans to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. After an encounter with the Inhuman Lincoln, Skye learns more about her true ancestry and that her birth name is Daisy. After being exposed to the Terrigen Mist, her powers are revealed and she becomes Quake. Season 3 is when Daisy assembles a team of Inhumans, known as Secret Warriors—Lincoln Campbell who had the ability to manipulate the electrical charge in molecules, Joey Gutierrez who could manipulate metal, and Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez—to fight against HYDRA.

Inhumans are a key part in Season 5, with the Kree playing a major role in the storyline. It revealed the return of Robin Hinton, an Inhuman we first meet as a young girl back in Season 3 finale “Accession.” It was then that Daisy handed Robin a wooden bird, carved by her father Charles Hinton—also an Inhuman—as she promised Charles she would protect his family.

Flash forward to this season (Episode 5 “Rewind”), Fitz is surprised to see the young girl once again, this time having recently undergone Terrigenesis. Now known as The Seer, Robin prophesied the Earth’s destruction. In Episode 8 “The Last Day,” Robin resurfaces once again, this time 74 years in the future as an elderly woman. Upon her deathbed, Robin reveals to May that Flint, the Inhuman, will be their savior.

Just what did Robin’s vision mean? After being exposed to Terrigen crystals in Episode 6 “Fun & Games,” Flint takes the advice of Mack, and in the end decides to use his powers to protect people. Which leads us to this week’s episode, “Past Life,” Flint is our agents last hope to return home. Can Flint’s Inhuman powers reconstruct the monolith? Tune in to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on Fridays at 9:00 PM ET on ABC!

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Matthew Rosenberg leads Quake and the Warriors down a dangerous path!

Quake has committed to going too far. And the Secret Warriors know it.

They don’t approve of her plan…but what can they do to stop it? On October 18, writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Juanan Ramirez bring Quake face to face with her mentor’s killer as her scheme comes to a head in SECRET WARRIORS #7!

We spoke with Matthew to hear more about where Quake has been, where she may be going, and why the Warriors might just have to come along for the ride.

Marvel.com: Quake has changed in the wake of Phil Coulson’s death—describe her state of mind at the beginning of issue #7.

Matthew Rosenberg: A lot of her life has been about finding people and things she can trust—and then losing them. Coulson, Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America, various teammates…all of it adds up. Now she feels really alone.

In addition to that, she’s never quite come to terms with her powers the way other heroes have. Fury used her as a weapon before she found out about her family and her Inhuman genes without any support network.

She has this thing inside her—this incredibly destructive force that she can only barely control. And she has always had a purpose and a support network to help her focus and aim her powers, but they are all gone now. So Quake has become a weapon with no target. Just rage and fear and loneliness all simmering below the surface. She can be very dangerous and maybe even a little self-destructive at this point.

Marvel.com: How do you maintain Quake’s essential characteristics as she goes through these major changes?

Matthew Rosenberg: I feel like that’s the real challenge. We need to give readers the Quake they all love: strong, independent, smart, snarky, dangerous, cool, and a little vulnerable, while still changing that stuff.

Luckily, we’ve had a few issues to establish her and watch things go from bad to worse, but now we are really accelerating toward a brick wall. The key has been making sure the real Quake shines through in the darker moments. I try to make sure she has the funny line or doesn’t get frustrated with something dumb—just those little touches where Quake pulls people back in and doesn’t let them lose sight of the fact that Daisy still exists under all the rage and pain.

Marvel.com: How does Juanan Ramirez capture Quake’s internal and external struggles? How have you crafted those moments together?

Matthew Rosenberg: Juanan has been great. He draws Quake in such a terrifyingly badass way. I love it. She really feels like she grew up under Nick Fury. But he gives her these little moments, her acting, that are the perfect chance to see her be frustrated or upset. I think she feels really human—she has these little aspects of herself that peek out when she doesn’t want them to. And Juanan captures those remarkably well. Also, he draws a badass fight scene.

Marvel.com: Does Quake even know what she wants to do with Deadpool when she catches up to him?

Matthew Rosenberg: She has a plan, for sure. When your powers allow you to level a city, killing one dude feels like an easy task. Sure, Deadpool would be pretty hard to kill, but if you bring enough stuff down on top of him or liquefy all of his organs, he’ll hopefully get the message and die.

Marvel.com: What are the rest of the Warriors feeling about Quake and her quest?

Matthew Rosenberg: The Warriors are done with Quake. She was a loose cannon at best—and a torturer and (wannabe) assassin at her worst. But this team has never been about wanting to be together, it’s always been about needing to be together. And right now, they need Quake. And that only makes it worse. It’s one thing to have to rely on someone you don’t like. It’s quite another when they’d rather be murdering someone than helping you.

Marvel.com: Does Deadpool have an awareness of the enemy he’s made?

Matthew Rosenberg: No, he has no idea. Deadpool has a lot of enemies though and he can take a lot of damage. And he’s also real crazy. So planning for stuff isn’t as important for him as it might be for other people. But yeah, he has a whole world of pain coming his way.

Marvel.com: Regardless of whether or not Quake realizes her goals, what kind of ramifications does this journey have for the team?

Matthew Rosenberg: In a lot of ways, Quake felt like the head of the team. It’s arguable that the team had three heads at time, but she stood at the forefront. And her mission now runs counter to the rest of the team’s needs.

She is on such a personal path—such a possibly self-destructive one—that it almost feels like the only real choice either standing in her way or not. If they won’t join her or get her to quit, then the team may lose another member. And at that point, can they be called a team at all?

SECRET WARRIORS #7, by Matthew Rosenberg and artist Juanan Ramirez, drops on October 18!

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Matthew Rosenberg details a team set to fracture ahead of Marvel Legacy!

The universe trends towards entropy. Or, to put it another way, everything falls apart. Everything—including the Secret Warriors.

In the aftermath of Secret Empire, the group barely qualifies as a team anymore. And to further complicate matters, Quake—once central to the Warriors—now finds herself in a haze of rage, so focused on avenging Phil Coulson’s death that she’s lost touch with her friends and allies.

On November 15, writer Matthew Rosenberg joins artists Javier Garrón and Will Robson to unleash Mister Sinister on a team at their weakest point in SECRET WARRIORS #8!

We caught up with Matthew to see what’s next for the group as Marvel Legacy begins.

Marvel.com: Describe the Secret Warriors current team dynamic.

Matthew Rosenberg: The team as a whole finds itself in sort of a disaster. They were brought together by necessity, not by choice. They don’t really get along, they don’t see eye to eye, and they’ve been stuck with each other because they had nowhere else to go. Now the team starts falling apart after Secret Empire.

So, they aren’t really together anymore. But, as often happens with these things, bad things will bring them back together. They didn’t finish what they started last time and now it’s back for them.

Marvel.com: The team has gone through a tremendous amount of turmoil in a very short amount of time. How are the Warriors reacting?

Matthew Rosenberg: Everyone deals with the fallout of Secret Empire differently. Ms. Marvel really wants to get back to her life—to being the type of hero she feels more accustomed to being. Moon Girl wants to go home. Inferno doesn’t want to play super hero right now. Quake runs out for blood. Having lost many of the things she cared most about in the world, revenge feels like her only way of processing. While the others are exhausted and beaten down, Quake becomes something else entirely. She seems a little broken.

And Karnak…who knows anything about Karnak’s state of mind, ever? He seems like his usual creepy self.

Marvel.com: We know that Quake targeting Deadpool will be a significant storyline going forward. How does the rest of the team view that mission?

Matthew Rosenberg: Quake’s revenge won’t be something anyone feels comfortable with. She’s always been willing to cross lines the others won’t. Her choices disturb the group less since the team has gone their separate ways—but our Legacy story forces them back together, so Quake’s vendettas become an issue again. The friction between Ms. Marvel and Quake will grow even more and everyone gets caught in between.

Marvel.com: What creative benefits and challenges does this storyline present?

Matthew Rosenberg: We get to have a story that increases the stakes on a personal level. Secret Empire served as big, world changing stuff—but that kind of story can overshadow some of the smaller things at times. Now we’re telling a smaller story about loss and revenge, friendship and purpose. It can be really fun to zoom in on these characters—but it’s a big challenge too. The shifting of gears can feel jarring if you do it wrong.

Also, it was tough to borrow Deadpool. [Writer] Gerry Duggan and all the DEADPOOL team have done an amazing job of telling this really long story currently reaching its culmination in Deadpool’s fall from grace. It’s beautiful, actually. So we want to play into that and be a part of it, but not get in the way of what they’re doing in the main DEADPOOL book. We want it to feel relevant and offer something to DEADPOOL readers, but not put them at a disadvantage if they aren’t reading our book.

Marvel.com: Javier Garrón will continue as the main artist for Marvel Legacy. How do his ideas and contributions add to where the book moves next?

Matthew Rosenberg: Javier is amazing. I feel like every interview I just talk about what a joy he has been to work with, but it’s true. No matter what dumb, weird thing I throw his way, he manages to make it cool and fun. And he does it all while being one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met.

It’s funny because he’s so amazing at two things that I think most artists struggle with. He can handle a lot on a page—big action, lots of panels, tons of characters. He never breaks stride and never makes it clumsy. That inspired us cramming so much into our first arc. We wanted to play to his strengths. And the other thing is acting. His characters have so much life and personality; I think that has been a big key to why people like this book. It’s really easy to relate to who they all are because Javier makes them such great characters before any lettering even touches the page.

Also, he gave the X-Men great facial hair. I want that recognized. Rictor’s mustache and Strong Guy’s beard are themselves some of the most important characters in comics today.

Marvel.com: Looking beyond the first arc, can you hint at what else readers can expect from SECRET WARRIORS?

Matthew Rosenberg: We are building to a showdown with Mister Sinister. He has been involved with the team for a while—only they didn’t necessarily know that. So this fight will be an interesting one.

Other than that, we have a pretty big addition coming to the roster. I am beyond excited to bring this new person to the team. It’s one of my favorite characters of all time and getting to see them interact with everyone else has been really Magikal.

Matthew Rosenberg and artists Javier Garrón and Will Robson launch SECRET WARRIORS #8 on November 15!

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Writer Matthew Rosenberg sends Quake on a quest for Deadpool’s head!

The events of Secret Empire have shot ripple effects across the Marvel Universe.

In one of the most heartbreaking casualties of the ordeal, Deadpool killed Phil Coulson on orders from an evil Captain America. The global situation may have been resolved, but Quake won’t let the loss of her mentor go without getting vengeance.

On September 13, writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Juanan Ramirez dish out a tale of retribution with SECRET WARRIORS #6!

We caught up with Matthew to hear what we can expect from the upcoming showdown.

Marvel.com: Quake saw Coulson as her mentor—and Deadpool killed him. How does the pain of this experience impact her choices?

Matthew Rosenberg: Quake isn’t making decisions anymore. She runs on pure hatred and anger right now. Which, if you’ve ever been on a suicidal vendetta to kill your mentor’s killer before, you’ll know it’s not the best headspace to be in. But that’s the thing about Quake—she grew up with a deep destructive energy lurking inside of her. But since a young age, she’s had people who have looked out for her and helped her deal—Fury, Cap, Coulson. They’re all gone from her life now and she’s on her own. It’s not going to be pretty.

Marvel.com: The rest of the Secret Warriors don’t agree with Quake’s decision to kill Wade Wilson. How will she be able to complete her task with the whole team working against her?

Matthew Rosenberg: Quake is a spy, trained by the greatest spies the world has ever known. The Warriors are a great team—one of the bravest heroes in the world, one of the greatest strategists, one of the smartest thinkers…and Inferno. But even with all of them against Daisy Johnson, when she doesn’t want to be found, it’s still only a 50/50 chance that they’ll stop her.

Marvel.com: Deadpool’s healing factor, of course, makes him pretty tough to kill. How does Quake plan to do it?

Matthew Rosenberg: She will use anything and everything to dispose of him. Luckily for her, she has earthquakes—which can be pretty brutal.

Marvel.com: Wade doesn’t shy away from violence, and probably wouldn’t hesitate to kill Quake to defend himself. Is Quake prepared to risk her life for her vendetta?

Matthew Rosenberg: Risking her life doesn’t even come into the equation. Quake loved Coulson as a mentor and father figure. He and S.H.I.E.L.D. were the last things holding her together. And with both of those taken from her, self-preservation isn’t her concern. Quake can only see red—and she won’t stop until either she or Deadpool is in the ground.

Marvel.com: Would you like to mention anything else?

Matthew Rosenberg: Issue #6 of SECRET WARRIORS presents a brand new start for the book and the team. We’re out of Secret Empire. The team starts basically collapsing. And Quake is on the warpath. I’d urge readers, if they were at all curious about SECRET WARRIORS, to give the book a shot with this issue. It’s about to become a really crazy ride.

On September 13, writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Juanan Ramirez launch SECRET WARRIORS #6!

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Writer Matthew Rosenberg pulls back the curtain on the new team debuting next year!

Inhumans Vs. X-Men promises to completely reimagine how the two groups get along in the world. Before the event even gets properly underway, however, we’ve gotten a bit of a look at things to come when IvX finishes up.

Though still being kept under tight wraps, SECRET WARRIORS debuts in May 2017 from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Javier Garron. Ms. Marvel, Karnak, Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Quake, and more will band together after the Royal Family leaves Earth behind, but for what purpose?

We conferred with Rosenberg about putting this team together, working with Garron, and maybe a few other secrets about his warriors.

Marvel.com: What would you say the mission statement of SECRET WARRIORS is?

Matthew Rosenberg: When we first meet them their mission statement is to survive. They come together at a crazy time and they are thrust together by necessity. There is a lot going on and they won’t always agree with what they should be doing or how to get it done. They are going to be taking up a fight that a lot of other heroes won’t or can’t. So surviving is job one, and figuring out how they can be most effective is job number #2.

Marvel.com: What kinds of threats will the team be facing in their early adventures?

Matthew Rosenberg: Death. That will be a pretty big one. Seriously though, when they start out there is a lot stacked against them. The missions they undertake wouldn’t be easy under normal circumstances, but a lot of people are going to be out hunting for them. And that is a big part of the book. Whether they can operate better striking from the shadows or leading on the front lines.

As for specific threats? There will be some familiar faces and some familiar threats, but handled in a pretty new way. I can’t really say much more than that right now.

Marvel.com: Does the lack of a Royal Family nearby change what it means to be an Inhuman in the post-IvX word?

Matthew Rosenberg: Oh totally. The Inhuman nation, their very identity, is in flux. They are a strong and proud people, but they have always had strong leadership. And now that is gone. Their departure will echo throughout the Marvel Universe in general and SECRET WARRIORS in specific for a long time to come. How our team, who are young and didn’t necessarily identify as Inhuman or grow up looking to the Royal Family for guidance, reacts as opposed to how other Inhumans deal with the change will be something we keep coming back to.

Marvel.com: What was the process like for nailing down this line-up of Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, Quake, Inferno, Karnak, and a few surprises?

Matthew Rosenberg: The process was pretty straightforward. Wil Moss, my editor, and I talked about using a bunch of the younger Inhumans in the book. He suggested some, I suggested some, and I think we stopped suggesting when we hit a point where we were really happy with the dynamic that all these characters would create together. As for individual characters, it was important that each one really adds something to the group and the story.

I have a very soft spot for Quake because my first full issue for Marvel was a Quake one shot I wrote last year. I love SECRET WAR; Brian Bendis did an amazing job of making her this very mysterious and fun force of nature. And obviously she is an important character to the original SECRET WARRIORS series, and Jonathan Hickman really further [fleshed] her character out. She is a spy, a super hero, and an Inhuman. She really is seeing sides of things that no one else will.

MS. MARVEL is hands down one of my favorite comics of the last few years simply because she is one of the best characters. I get the same feeling from her I got when I first encountered Peter Parker. G. Willow Wilson and [the book’s artists] do an amazing job of making this normal girl seem truly extraordinary and this extraordinary hero seem very relatable. It’s that balance that I love. I think a lot of people will see themselves in Ms. Marvel in this book.

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR is such a great book and she is so fun. Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder are good friends of mine, so I’ve been really rooting for that book since it was first announced, and they killed it. Having Moon Girl on the team has been a fun challenge because she isn’t as much of a traditional super hero as some of the other cast. Obviously we don’t want to change who Moon Girl is or what she does, so finding the right role for her has been a really fun challenge. She is really fun and sort of serves as the brains of the team.

And we knew we wanted someone from Charles Soule, Joe [Madureira], Ryan Stegman and company’s INHUMAN series. Inferno was the perfect choice because he is a good middle ground between Quake and Ms. Marvel. He is just an average guy with this power thrust onto him and he is still trying to find his way. He wants to do good, but he isn’t sure he wants to be out there calling himself a hero. He will have to figure out who he is and he has to do it quickly.

And Karnak’s role will be a bit of a mystery. Because he’s Karnak.

Marvel.com: We hear there will also be non-Inhumans on the team. What brings them into the fold of the Secret Warriors?

Matthew Rosenberg: Yeah, we have some team members who are still under wraps. As for what brings them on board, they aren’t just fighting Inhuman problems. In the same way that the X-Men don’t only deal with mutant issues, the Secret Warriors are a group of people forced to work together because they have a chance to do something about some problems no one else is dealing with. They will take any help they can get.

Secret Warriors by David Nakayama

Secret Warriors by David Nakayama

Marvel.com: What’s the dynamic like with this group? Many of them have been on teams before, but not together.

Matthew Rosenberg: Bad? They are all pretty young, smart and headstrong, and they kind of all came together my happenstance. The way Quake approaches a problem isn’t really going to be the way Ms. Marvel does, and without a clear leader—or clear to them—tensions will grow and grow. But they are all good at what they do and their mission is too important to let personal squabbles get in the way.

Marvel.com: You’ve got a pretty classic teen hero team set-up here. What were some of the previous Marvel teen hero books that influenced you?

Matthew Rosenberg: Wow. Okay. I love so many of the Marvel teen hero books. Obviously X-Men is a huge influence for me, the reason I write comics even. I love the X-Men in all their different permutations, but they resonate with me the most when they are still kids who are trying to figure out their place in the world. The original UNCANNY X-MEN, NEW MUTANTS, YOUNG X-MEN, WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, ALL-NEW X-MEN. All of those books.

RUNAWAYS was a complete game changer for me. It introduced new characters in the Marvel Universe and did a great job of giving them their own space to play and grow, while still making them feel really vital and relevant.

Kieron [Gillen] and Jamie [McKelvie’s] YOUNG AVENGERS was a great book. It really felt like they were doing their own thing, but it made sense. It’s fun, stylish, cool, and super weird. It has this great cast and it’s full of heart. That is a pretty big influence on me.

Both versions of Ultimate Spider-Man are amazing. I’ve said this before, but I honestly think that the Peter Parker run on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN may be the greatest super hero arc of all time. By the end of it you know Peter as well as you have ever known any character from fiction, as well as you know some of your friends. Better even, probably.

And I would be doing the book a huge disservice if I didn’t say the original SECRET WARRIORS. I know it’s not what people will think of as a “teen book,” but they are all young and in way over their heads. The teen angle is subtle, but so key to why the book works so well. It never panders, never talks down or patronizes, but it fully explores what it’s like to be exceptional kids in a world that both desperately needs you and will wholly take advantage of you. It’s a pretty dark take on the teen book, but I would definitely put it up there with the rest.

Marvel.com: How has it been working with Javier so far?

Matthew Rosenberg: It’s been amazing. His work is so fun and exciting, without ever sacrificing character. I think he can do those over the top moments we need just as well as he can do the subtle, character-driven stuff. I am incredibly lucky to get to work on this series. It pushes me to give him bigger action set pieces, better character moments, just make this really dynamic book. But in the end I feel like mostly my job here will be to give him cool stuff to draw and then get the hell out of his way.

Want more SECRET WARRIORS details? You’ll just have to keep an eye on Marvel.com and our social channels as they become fit for public consumption!

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The globetrotting Avenger celebrates his first half decade as a Marvel hero!

Eden Fesi has made quite an impact on the Marvel Universe in just a few short years, a fact that makes a lot of sense when you realize that the young man’s what you can call a “universal shaper.”

While Fesi, who has taken on the codename Manifold now that he’s a card-carrying Avenger, may appear like your run-of-the-mill teleporter, he actually bends reality to his whims and folds space-time itself to accomplish his tasks. He’s transported teams off world and moved more people than most any other teleporter in the MU. So yeah, Manifold’s a powerful guy – and he had a rather humble beginning.

Secret Warriors (2008) #4

Secret Warriors (2008) #4

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Manifold first appeared five years ago this month in SECRET WARRIORS #4 by Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli. In the issue, Daisy Johnson and Sebastian Druid – two of Nick Fury’s newest and youngest recruits – traveled to the Kata Tjuta rock formations in Australia to recruit another member. Really, though, the inexperienced pair didn’t travel to Kata Tjuta so much as crash land in Kata Tjuta. It’s a good thing their new recruit just so happened to be a universal shaper.

Art from Secret Warriors #4

Art from Secret Warriors #4

Daisy revealed that Eden Fesi started taking teleportation lessons from a fellow Aborigine mutant named Gateway. Manifold showed solid taste in mentors, as the powerful Gateway spent a long period of time working with the X-Men when the team set up shop in the Australian outback. Sebastian and Daisy then learned that you don’t find teleporters, they find you.

Art from Secret Warriors #4

Art from Secret Warriors #4

Manifold sure knew how to make an entrance. He also knew exactly why the pair of super heroes-in-training had traveled all the way to Australia.

Art from Secret Warriors #4

Art from Secret Warriors #4

No matter how much rock and roll coursed through Eden Fesi’s veins, he still had to respect his mentor’s wishes. If Gateway didn’t want him to go, then he would begrudgingly keep his diaper on. But Gateway’s been known to defy expectations…

Art from Secret Warriors #4

Art from Secret Warriors #4

With Gateway’s blessing, Manifold joined Fury’s cause. The added power came at the exact right moment, too, as Nick Fury had teamed up with the Howling Commandos in order to wage war on both H.A.M.M.E.R. and HYDRA. Eden Fesi next appeared on the last page of SECRET WARRIORS #5, in a fist pump worthy cliffhanger.

Art from Secret Warriors #4

Art from Secret Warriors #4

That wouldn’t be Manifold’s last last minute save. As a member of the Avengers, Eden Fesi has played integral parts in both saving his teammates’ lives as well as facilitating massive world-saving plans.  

For more of Manifold, check out AVENGERS WORLD!

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The kickoff artist for Infinity gets up to date with his most recent and upcoming projects!

Infinity #1 preview page by Jim Cheung

By Jim Beard

On August 14, Jim Cheung leads an all-star assemblage of artists by kicking off INFINITY #1 with writer Jonathan Hickman.

Beyond his current project, Cheung sometimes plays favorites.

After a bevy of Marvel titles on which he honed his craft throughout the 1990’s plus such high-profile series in the new millennium as NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI, he reconnected with writer Allan Heinberg on a sprawling saga that stands not only as a kind of warm-up to INFINITY, but also as one of the artist’s own high-water marks.

Cheung calls it his “favorite project to date.”

Marvel.com: Jim, what did working on AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE feel like for you at the time?

Jim Cheung: It may have taken me a very long time to get through, but it felt like coming home to the Young Avengers. They may have moved on to a new creative team now, but I still feel a personal attachment to them, and hope that they will continue to thrive in the Marvel Universe for years to come.

Marvel.com: Any aspects of it that really stand out for you?

Jim Cheung: CHILDREN’S CRUSADE allowed me to play with almost all the toys in the Marvel chest that I ever wanted to. It was a blast to deal with Doctor Doom, Magneto and all those other characters that I grew up with, so even though the cast was gigantic, it was a pleasure to draw.

Marvel.com: You reunited with Allan Heinberg on the series; what was that like?

Jim Cheung: It was very easy. There are a handful of writers I’ve worked with whose scripts are just very easy to realize because they write from a visual perspective. They understand the visuals they’re asking for and know whether it works on a page or not. Allan is one of those writers who tries to make each page hit a significant beat in the story, while at the same time trying to ensure it’s a page of art that he’d like to hang on his wall. It’s a difficult craft, but one he mastered very quickly.

Cheung’s never stopped moving since then, never stopped looking for ways to make his art better. Above all, he insists that the work be fun, and he claims INFINITY allows him to do all that and more, in addition to working with one of Marvel’s superstar writers, Jonathan Hickman.

Marvel.com: How did INFINITY come about for you? What made you say “yes” to taking on the book?

Jim Cheung: The opportunity to work with Jonathan was something I’d been looking forward to for a while, and it just so happened that he was working on this event and needed an artist to lead with. Since I had just been doing covers for a few months, I was available for interiors, so it was good timing, I guess, on my part.

Marvel.com: This isn’t the first time you’ve worked on his concepts, right?

Jim Cheung: I had previously worked on covers for Jonathan’s book, SECRET WARRIORS, and had seen his notes before, so I had an idea of the scale in which he plans things and knew it was going to be a challenge. Hopefully he won’t be too disappointed with my results, or I’ll have to face his fury the next time I see him at a con, but I am thrilled with the opportunity to kick off this event.

Marvel.com: On the whole, what’s it like working with a writer like Jonathan? What’s he doing here that inspires your creativity?

Jim Cheung: Jonathan’s scripts have been tricky at times, but that’s the same whenever I work with someone new. It usually takes a while before I understand their storytelling and pacing style enough to wrap my mind around it, and be able to interpret their vision onto paper. Since Jonathan is a great artist too, it can be tough to match that image in his head, so therein lies an added level of difficulty for me; making sure it doesn’t suck and meets Jonathan’s vision at the same time.

With INFINITY, Cheung’s smack dab in the middle of the Marvel Universe, with the chance to allow his imagination free rein and to design the scenes that promise to amaze readers.

Marvel.com: Any character designs or sequences that you’re particularly proud of so far in INFINITY?

Jim Cheung: I would say that the current scene I’m drawing in INFINITY #6 has just been the most fun. I don’t want to reveal too much just yet, since it is the last issue, but let’s just say that I’m hoping the results will have that epic feel that big blockbuster action movies can provide.

Infinity #1 preview page by Jim Cheung

Marvel.com: What’s the coordination like between you and the rest of the INFINITY team of artists and editors? What are the challenges and rewards of this rotating form on the issues?

Jim Cheung: It’s been a wonderful experience so far. It’s been a while since I worked with other artists in such a manner where we would all share our pages as they’re being finished. It’s brought out a slight competitive edge where no one wants to turn in any poor pages, which has been fun and nauseating at the same time. [Laughs] [Editor] Tom Brevoort certainly pulled a whammy on the pencilers when he decided to do that, and I think we’ve all stepped up our game as a result.

I’d say that this coordinated effort has brought out the collaborative side of me also, because I like to believe we’re all building this great story one page at a time, in ways that a lone penciler could not. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and by working this way, I believe we’ll have a much stronger product at the end of it. The proof is already visible in the recent pages I’ve seen from Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver, and hopefully the audience will agree when the books come out.

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Nick Fury's plans are revealed

SIEGE: SECRET WARRIORS #1 cover by Marko Djurdjevic

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Alessandro Vitti

Nick Fury’s plans are revealed in Siege: Secret Warriors, from the team of Jonathan Hickman and Alessandro Vitti! One-Shot/$2.99


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The next generation of heroes takes to the spotlight in SIEGE: YOUNG AVENGERS #1 and SIEGE: SECRET WARRIORS #1

By Marc Strom

The youngest among Marvel’s greatest heroes have never had the most normal childhoods. But in SIEGE: SECRET WARRIORS #1 and SIEGE: YOUNG AVENGERS #1-on sale April 14 and 28, respectively-the next generation of heroes will experience something unlike anything they’ve seen as they follow Captain America straight into the heart of Norman Osborn’s assault on Asgard.

Jonathan Hickman, who writes the Secret Warriors one-shot with art by Alessandro Vitti, compares what the group faces in Siege as opposed to their regular battles:

“[It’s] bigger. Gods flying around getting pulled apart by super men while other gods get stomped on by super villains; it’s like spring break in Jaurez, Mexico.”

When Steve Rogers put out the call to old allies for his counterstrike against Osborn, he might not have planned on getting the Warriors’ help.

SIEGE: SECRET WARRIORS #1 cover by Marko Djurdjevic

“I’d argue that the call went out to Nick and the kids are on backup vocals,” says Hickman. “Good band though.”

Siege also marks the first time Nick Fury and Steve Rogers have come together again since the latter’s rebirth, something that means a lot to Fury.

“All the Howling Commandos are essentially men out of time, soldiers from the greatest generation in the here and now,” Hickman points out. “They are the guys that we look up to from the last century. They are the ideal, and there’s only one guy they look up to. So, yeah, it’s a big deal to Fury that Cap’s back. The biggest.”

Hickman also promises that “SECRET WARRIORS #17-19 [will deal with] pretty much nothing but [Cap’s return].”

One of the major casualties of Siege so far, the death of Ares, will have particular resonance for the Warriors, since they count the god’s son, Phobos, among their members.

“[SIEGE: SECRET WARRIORS] is mainly a story about a kid whose dad just died, and that kid deciding to send a message,” Hickman says. “The God of Fear on a rip. Watch out.”

SIEGE: YOUNG AVENGERS #1 black and white preview art by Mahmud Asrar

In SIEGE: YOUNG AVENGERS #1, writer Sean McKeever and artist Mahmud Asrar stick the teenage heroes right in the thick of things, with a special story that focuses on team members Wiccan and Patriot.

“Wiccan was the easiest decision since his initial codename was Asgardian and he chose to emulate Thor, even though his powers didn’t necessarily require it,” McKeever explains. “So there’s a bit of back story introduced that explains the origin of Asgardian.

“As for Patriot, I thought it would be neat to see how he acts in a situation where someone he cares about is in grave danger and the clock is ticking.”

McKeever reveals that his one-shot takes place “near the end of SIEGE #3,” though he remained mum on the specifics.

“I can tell you that the point of this story is to show how these teenage heroes handle a crisis situation,” elaborates the writer. “Sure, they’ve been through the Secret Invasion and the Civil War and whatnot, but this is different. Again, can’t say much, but folks will see what I’m talking about soon.

“Diving into this story-which had me very excited from the get-go as I loved [Allan] Heinberg and [Jim] Cheung’s 12-issue [YOUNG AVENGERS]

SIEGE: YOUNG AVENGERS #1 black and white preview art by Mahmud Asrar

run-I took a good look at each of them individually, and then looked at their particular team dynamics, and then decided how to split the team up and which character beats and relationships to focus on.”

When the team received Captain America’s call to arms, they experienced a number of emotions as they officially stepped into the big leagues.

“It’s obviously very flattering but also intimidating,” notes McKeever. “These kids are determined and tough and rather fearless, but at the end of the day they’re still kids. There’s a real weight to this mission that we’ll see play out in this story.”


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