T'Challa faces the challenges of both Secret Wars and the second Super Hero Civil War!

For more than 50 years, the Black Panther has stood at the forefront on the Marvel Universe. With T’Challa appearing on the big screen again this year in both Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther”and “Avengers: Infinity War,” take a look back at over five decades worth of comic book adventures for the King of Wakanda!

The Panther explained to all assembled in NEW AVENGERS #29 that the final incursion drew nearer and the Illuminati felt stymied to stop it. Just then, Hank Pym appeared and in NEW AVENGERS #30 related his tale of discovering a group of near-omnipotent beings called the Beyonders stood behind the incursions. Together with Black Bolt of the Inhumans, T’Challa confronted Namor in AVENGERS #41 and believed he and his villainous Cabal perished.

The Black Panther and the Illuminati began to construct a lifeboat in AVENGERS #42, a way to save individuals to rebuild after the final incursion. The Galactic Council arrived at Earth in AVENGERS #43, announcing their intention to destroy the planet and halt the incursion. T’Challa met with the President of the United States in AVENGERS #44 to tell him that the Earth would be gone in six hours.

Avengers (2012) #43

Avengers (2012) #43

  • Published: April 01, 2015
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: September 21, 2015
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Jonathan Hickman
  • Cover Artist: Adam Kubert
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Reed Richards and the Panther piloted the lifeboat with their assembled braintrust aboard in SECRET WARS #1, but when they headed toward the point of collision between universes, a breach occurred that tore the craft in two. The mask of Doctor Doom appeared for a moment before them, but in an explosion of light they lost consciousness.

T’Challa awoke from stasis in SECRET WARS #3 to hear his old friend Doctor Strange explain that he and others slumbered for eight years and that Doom now ruled the world as its god-king. In SECRET WARS #4, Strange took the Panther to a battle between Doom and the Cabal, but when things turned sour, the magician teleported everyone away to save them from the god-king’s wrath.

The Panther and his old rival Namor found themselves in a land called Egyptia in SECRET WARS #5, but in SECRET WARS #6 they traveled to another area of Doom’s world to uncover a cache of powerful artifacts—including an Infinity Gauntlet—hidden from Doom by Doctor Strange.

On Doctor Doom’s artificial Battleworld, The Black Panther organized the legions of the dead in SECRET WARS #7 to go with him to fight the god-king. They arrived together in the middle of the final battle between Doom and his opponents in SECRET WARS #8, and T’Challa used an Infinity Gauntlet to attempt to take the tyrant down. Having distracted the demigod, the Panther stood back while Reed Richards confronted Doom for the last time in SECRET WARS #9.

Ultimates (2015) #1

Ultimates (2015) #1

  • Published: November 11, 2015
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: May 16, 2016
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Al Ewing
  • Cover Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
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On the newly recreated Prime Earth, T’Challa joined with a band of heroes in ULTIMATES #1 to address larger cosmic concerns, such as the threat of the world-devourer Galactus and out-of-control time travel. After aiding the world’s champions versus a celestial destructor in CIVIL WAR II #1, the Panther learned of a new Inhuman named Ulysses who possessed the power of future-visions, and the death of Tony Stark’s dearest friend James Rhodes.

The Ultimates tried to stand between the Inhumans and Iron Man in CIVIL WAR II #2 when Tony’s rage over Rhodey’s death brought him to blows with the royal family. T’Challa aided in the tracking of Stark after he kidnapped Ulysses, but when confronting Iron Man, the young Inhuman revealed a terrifying new vision of The Hulk killing all the super heroes. Hawkeye assassinated Bruce Banner shortly thereafter, and the Panther watched the archer’s trial from Ultimates headquarters in CIVIL WAR II #3.

Tony Stark threw himself into identifying the exact nature of Ulysses’ power in CIVIL WAR II #4, while The Black Panther worked with Captain Marvel in arresting a suspect from one of the Inhuman’s visions. Stark confronted the Ultimates and Marvel with his theories, but tempers soared when he and the captain angrily disagreed on the matter. Ultimately, T’Challa stood alongside Captain Marvel, the Inhumans, and the Guardians of the Galaxy in CIVIL WAR II #5 to battle Iron Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men.

Black Panther (2016) #1

Black Panther (2016) #1

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Back in Wakanda, unrest among the populace grew in BLACK PANTHER #1, and an anarchist named Tetu fomented insurrection. Furthermore, two of T’Challa’s loyal guard betrayed him and flew off to start their own resistance movement.

The Black Panther traveled to Wakanda’s border with Niganda in BLACK PANTHER #2 to confront Tetu’s associate Zenzi. There, he battled against her power to influence men’s minds, and withdrew when she amplified his guilt over his lost sister Shuri. In BLACK PANTHER #3, T’Challa faced off against Tetu himself, but the rebel leader escaped the monarch’s wrath.

In BLACK PANTHER #4, the Panther’s council announced the troubles as revolution, and after he consulted his mother Ramonda on what to do, a terrorist bombing raid on the capital city nearly killed the woman. Angered, T’Challa called in help from former Avenger Manifold in BLACK PANTHER #5, as well as sought advice from a collection of wily members of the world’s various intelligence leaders. Tetu enlisted Zeke Stane to help him in BLACK PANTHER #6, and together with the Fenris Twins, the villain captured the Panther during a raid on Tetu’s base. In BLACK PANTHER #7, T’Challa’s friends the Crew rescued him and helped him break through his enemy’s troops.

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Ennis and Braun send The Phantom Eagle on a nightmare journey!

Every day this month, a new supernatural character or story from the Marvel Universe gets a spooky spotlight leading up to Halloween!

One of the most satisfying elements of a scary story emerges when a bad guy gets his comeuppance. And writer Garth Ennis crafted an entire story from that concept when he joined artist Russell Braun for their Secret Wars: Warzones limited series WHERE MONSTERS DWELL!

The series stars a World War I pilot by the name of Karl Kaufman, A.K.A. The Phantom Eagle, who Ennis previously wrote in the MAX series WAR IS HELL: THE FIRST FLIGHT OF THE PHANTOM EAGLE. Though unlike previous incarnations of the masked aviator, Karl revealed himself as a womanizing jerk that refuses to accept the changes of the world around him—and the book actually begins as he leaves his pregnant girlfriend behind on an island for a more “exciting” life.

Where Monsters Dwell (2015) #1

Where Monsters Dwell (2015) #1

  • Published: May 27, 2015
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 30, 2015
  • Rating: Parental Advisory
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He then jumped at the chance to help a seemingly naïve woman named Clementine Franklin-Cox, who offered him a big sum to fly her to Singapore. They immediately ran into trouble, however, when a strange and massive storm transported them stranded in a world of dangerous animals and hungry dinosaurs.

After leading a T-Rex into a local village so it would eat the inhabitants and allow him to escape, Karl returned to Clementine. Her supposed naiveté, though, proved to be a front, as she quickly asserted herself and took over their mission for survival. She led them through a shark attack and a crocodile encounter—and eventually forged a path to an island nation of Amazon-like women.

Revealing her “Sapphic tendencies” to Kaufman, Franklin-Cox reveled in the idea of staying with these women, free of the shackles of society and the oppression of men. Not long after their arrival, Kaufman saw a plane wrecked in a tree and soon discovered that any man unlucky enough to come upon the island was caged and used strictly for the continuation of the local race. When he found a group of prisoners, The Phantom Eagle tried freeing them, but quickly got caught by the native women.

Where Monsters Dwell (2015) #2

Where Monsters Dwell (2015) #2

  • Published: June 24, 2015
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: December 21, 2015
  • Rating: Parental Advisory
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Facing painful punishment, Clemmie convinced the woman to exile him instead. Kaufman, now on his own, made his way to another local tribe that happened to be at war with the female clan. He convinced them to go to battle with the women, though the plan saw an early demise as the group encountered a mega shark in the bay.

Kaufman survived, though, and met up with Clementine, who revealed that her brother served alongside the pilot during the war—and that her journey to Singapore merely served as a ploy to escape the police after she murdered her husband.

Once again, the two ventured off—this time using Karl’s plane as a river raft before using the speed gathered near a waterfall to kick start its engine. Once airborne, they flew directly into the mysterious storm they saw earlier, and soon found themselves far from the dinosaur land, back in their own time and place.

Where Monsters Dwell (2015) #3

Where Monsters Dwell (2015) #3

  • Published: July 15, 2015
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: January 18, 2016
  • Rating: Parental Advisory
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In true horror fashion, though, Kaufman’s victory proved short lived as he crash landed and paddled, again, to a stranded island. This enclave turned out to be the same one he left his wife on at the start of the story.

Fright Fact

Longtime Marvel fans will recognize the title of this book—the original WHERE MONSTERS DWELL debuted in 1970 and ran for 38 issues until 1975. Each book featured reprints of classic monster stories from the pre-super hero days of Marvel. In 2005, the title made a comeback as part of the MARVEL MONSTERS series, which gave writers and artists the opportunity to revisit some of the classic behemoths from the House of Ideas.

Tomorrow, lighten up the Halloween mood with SPIDER-MAN: THE SHORT HALLOWEEN, written by Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, and Kevin Maguire!

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See how a battle with Thanos over his son irrevocably changes the Inhumans forever!

Bred by an alien race to be a warrior caste and possessing alien DNA, the Inhumans exist as humans possessed of incredible and otherworldly powers when exposed to the substance known as Terrigen. Living secretly, for the most part, among their fellow man, the Inhumans forge their own destiny as a separate society. Dig into the history of the Inhumans with these Marvel Unlimited comics in preparation for “Marvel’s Inhumans” heading to IMAX and ABC this fall!

After putting his spin on the Fantastic Four, Jonathan Hickman set his sights on the Avengers and the whole Marvel Universe beyond that. He started weaving an epic story that ultimately ended with SECRET WARS, but began in the pages of NEW AVENGERS and THE AVENGERS. Smack dab in the middle, he threatened the entire planet with one angry god: Thanos!

INFINITY ran through both Avengers books as well as its own six issue, self-titled limited series and dealt with Thanos, his Black Order and their dastardly plans. While many of the Avengers headed into outer space to fight one front, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Dr. Strange, Black Panther and others remained on Earth where the Black Order struck on Thanos’ orders.

One of Thanos’ Outriders snuck into Attilan and read Black Bolt’s mind, revealing that he and the other members of the Illuminati once held the Infinity Gems. Meanwhile, Maximus worked on finding a dimension so the king could converse and also a Terrigen Bomb, both at Blackagar’s request.

Thanos then sent Corvus Glaive to request that the Inhumans kill all of their own between the ages of 16 and 22. It didn’t take long for Black Bolt to realize that this covered the Mad Titan’s true intention, to find his long-lost son, Thane!

Black Bolt then sent the Inhumans away and met with Thanos alone on Attilan. Refusing to give quarter, Black Bolt shouted at his opposition and destroyed the city himself, but not his foe. The attack also unleashed the Terrigen Bomb which started changing anyone with Inhuman genes around the world, including Thane who developed some kind of death-granting powers.

Thanos attained the upper hand on Black Bolt, took him to Wakanda’s Necropolis and attached him to a machine to use the king as a weapon. Later, Maximus of all Inhumans actually saved the day with help from Lockjaw to kill the Black Order’s Supergiant.

Having survived the ordeal, Black Bolt and Maximus discussed the future of the Inhumans high in the Himalayas. Well, Maximus did the talking as you can imagine. Anyway, Blackagar’s brother pointed out that the Terrigen Bomb actually marked the creation of a new age for Inhumans. At the very end of the story, they realized that Black Bolt’s power had been greatly reduced and planned on keeping it a secret from everyone else.


If you haven’t readINFINITY, you might be wondering why Thanos demanded Thane’s location from Black Bolt when the offspring didn’t actually reside in Attilan. As explained in FANTASTIC FOUR #577 – another Hickman-penned entry – a long ago argument amongst Inhuman royals lead to a split wherein each one left with their own people to populate different areas. Each group developed their own brand of Terrigenesis. The group that wound up in the hidden city of Orollan, but before that encountered Thanos. One of the women returned with the Titan’s spawn growing inside her. Thane turned into an adept healer until his true nature came to the surface when Black Bolt set off the Terrigen Bomb.

Find out what happens after the Terrigent Mist start spreading across the Earth in the INHUMANITY event!

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Recapping Manifold’s earliest exploits—fighting Norman Osborn!

Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place, or object that made waves this week.

As Manifold jumped into the search for Ezra Keith’s killer this week in Ta-Nehisi Coates and Butch Guice’s BLACK PANTHER AND THE CREW #5, we decided to review where everything began for the mutant.

An Aboriginal Australian with teleportation powers, the man also known as Eden Fesi made his first appearance in 2009’s SECRET WARRIORS #4 by Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli. The series—about a team of young heroes assembled from Nick Fury’s personal files on super powered individuals—saw Fesi join the crew in the middle of Dark Reign, as Norman Osborn accumulated an immense level of power with H.A.M.M.E.R.

Nick Fury worked in the shadows to combat this new organization by recruiting his list of super humans as well as hundreds of former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who refused to shift allegiances to Osborn.

Fury sent Daisy Johnson and Sebastian Druid to remote Australia, where they found Eden alongside his mutant mentor—fellow teleporter, Gateway. Though Gateway initially refused Johnson and Druid’s advances, he eventually agreed to allow his protégé to join the battle against Osborn.

On Eden’s very first mission, he teleported alongside his team to a flying Hydra base where they saved Fury and a group of captive S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers.

Eden Fesi stuck around the Secret Warriors until the series ended with issue #28. During this run, he suffered an injury that left him in a coma—though emerged stronger, with a sincere understanding for what it takes to be a super hero.

Later, writer Jonathan Hickman had Eden join the Avengers, where his reality-bending powers proved to be a vital method for his teammates and him to jump in and out of delicate and dangerous situations. During this course of events, Eden adopted the codename Manifold.

In the wake of Secret Wars, Manifold fled to the secluded nation of Wakanda in the pages of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ other book, BLACK PANTHER.

Flash Forward

Manifold once saved all of existence from the machinations of Doctor Victor von Doom.

In SECRET WARS #1, the Ultimate Universe entered a collision course with the central 616-universe. As certain heroes assembled to fight the Incursion, others attempted to save the group of super powered beings at-large.

With all of reality at stake, T’Challa connected Eden a machine that enhanced his teleportation abilities, allowing the Australian to jump across space and rescue their heroic allies from the brink. After transporting his allies to the safety of a lifeboat vessel, Manifold eschewed the safety of the ship to continue the fight. One of those lifeboats—filled with people he just saved—untethered from reality and supplied Doom’s headquarters, Doomworld, with the combined power required to reassemble the universe to its (nearly) original state. Well done Manifold!

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Star-Lord and the Guardians try to survive Doom’s brave new world!

Celebrate this incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s tenth anniversary while also prepping for the May 5 release of the new film with these gems from Marvel Unlimited!

As Brian Michael Bendis’ first volume of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ended, a new one did not immediately appear to take its place because reality fell into chaos thanks to Jonathan Hickman and his runs on NEW AVENGERS and AVENGERS leading into Secret Wars. Like the rest of the Marvel Universe, our cosmic heroes got sucked into the craziness of the event both in the main series and in its spinoffs. In the pages of Hickman and Esad Ribic’s SECRET WARS, Star-Lord and his team fought against Ultimate Iron Man, until Peter Quill found himself teleported aboard Reed Richards’ life raft ship designed to survive the end of everything. Eight years later, Peter and the others on the craft awoke to find Doctor Strange and a new reality crafted by God Doom—formerly Doctor Doom.

Once free, Peter escaped to Manhattan where he took on the name Steve Rogers and became a singer in a club run by a fancy version of Drax as seen in STAR-LORD AND KITTY PRYDE by Sam Humphries and Alti Firmansyah. One day while crooning along, he was shocked to see his long lost love, Kitty, enter the establishment. However, unbeknownst to Quill, this version of Ms. Pryde came from Apocalypse’s realm and worked for Doom’s daughter Valeria in her efforts to clean up any scientific evidence that a world existed before the creation of Battleworld. Literally chained to one another for a time, Peter came to understand more of the hardships this Kitty had gone through while also trying not to die at the hands of Gambit the Collector. With that adventure behind them, both went their separate ways.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde (2015) #1

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde (2015) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

For Peter, that meant reuniting with his fellow heroes from the previous reality and trying to take down Doom in SECRET WARS. To his part, Peter flew two Reed Richards into the field of battle. While he repaired his ship, a Black Swan got the drop on him, but Quill unleashed his secret weapon: a tiny piece of Groot! The talking tree caused enough of a distraction—and just the right amount of destruction—to let the other good guys rush in, take care of Doom, and replace Battleworld with an approximation of the old reality!

Transmissions from Knowhere

While Peter helped save reality and ran around with Kitty, his fellow Guardians found themselves hanging out on Knowhere. In the new reality, the story followed that Doom decapitated a Celestial and left it in Earth’s orbit to prove how great he is. Bendis and Mike Deodato set their four-issue GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE here, appropriately. In the story, Rocket, Drax, Mantis, and Gamora struggled to stop first Yotat’s reign of terror and then Hala’s attacks. During their exploits, we got to see a Thor version of Angela as well as a Nova Corps consisting of Richard Rider, Moondragon, Iron Man, Venom, Adam Warlock. and Captain Marvel. Though set in a different reality, these four issues really set up the next arc of Bendis’ new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series and should definitely be read before jumping into that book.

Brian Michael Bendis and artist Valerio Schiti show Kitty picking up the Star-Lord mantle while Peter acts as Emperor of Spartax in a new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY volume.

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One of the few survivors of the Marvel Universe, T'Challa attempts to dethrone Doom!

Read through some of T’Challa’s most thrilling adventures on Marvel Unlimited to mark Black Panther’s 50th anniversary!

What happens when the reality holding all your favorite characters dies? You get a huge event mixing old and new elements from every alternate reality around!

Last year’s epic SECRET WARS by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic kicked off with a battle between the last two existing universes: the main Marvel U and the Ultimate one. Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Thor, Mr. Fantastic, and a Phoenix-possessed Cyclops survived the experience of both universes dying and Doctor Doom creating a patchwork one thanks to a high-tech life raft.

After Doom’s right hand man Stephen Strange uncovered another life raft ship with members of the Cabal inside, he returned to the one he had in storage that held Black Panther and the other heroes. After releasing them, Strange dispersed everyone to the far corners of Battle World before Doom killed him for his transgression. While the other heroes figured out their own angles to get the world back to normal, T’Challa and Namor traveled to Strange’s Hidden Isle of Agamotto where they received the Siege Courageous and gem-filled Infinity Gauntlet which T’Challa quickly took control of.

Black Panther by Esad Ribic

Black Panther by Esad Ribic

The next time we see the kingly duo, they destroy part of the Shield wall holding back the undead hordes and offer them glory and honor if they pass through the Siege Courageous and help them attack Doom. When they at last enter the final battle, T’Challa declared, “Your reign is over and it ends with us,” as he led Namor and an army of zombies into the fray. Empowered by the Infinity Gauntlet, Black Panther battled God Doom long enough for Reed Richards to reach Molecule Man and even the field of battle for the final confrontation between mortal enemies.

Secrets of Wakanda

Secret Wars spun out directly from Jonathan Hickman’s run on NEW AVENGERS and AVENGERS. As the former title launched, Black Panther re-instituted the Illuminati to figure out the deal with these alternate reality incursions. Namor abandoning the Illuminati for the evil Cabal did not sit well with T’Challa and Black Bolt who worked to trap the sea king in the Ultimate Universe prior to its imminent destruction. As you can see from SECRET WARS, that didn’t quite work out, but Namor and Black Panther got over their differences enough to work together to save reality. Before the world unraveled itself, T’Challa used the Time Gem to head back to Wakanda in a scene originally presented in the pages of 2013’s NEW AVENGERS #1! Compare the two scenes to see how his latest stint with the team changed The Black Panther.

Next, Captain Britain, Meggan, Shadowcat, Captain America and War Machine visit Wakanda in EXCALIBUR #59-60 by Scott Lobdell and Scott Kolins.

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The universe-shaking event comes to a epic conslusion!

It’s the story that has the whole world on the edge of its collective seat. The biggest Marvel event of all time. The story that destroyed the Marvel Universe. And this January, it all comes crashing down. Marvel is pleased to present  SECRET WARS #9, the cataclysmic final issue from Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic!

“Marvel fans can rest easy knowing that at long last SECRET WARS #9 is off to the printer, and will be in their hands January 13,” says Marvel SVP, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “I can say with some confidence that it’s a finale that no reader who’s been enjoying the ride so far will be disappointed in, and is in no way spoiled by any of the events that have transpired in our assorted All-New, All-Different era titles so far. Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll just have to pick up a copy for yourself and see!”

Battleworld teeters on the brink. Armies march against God Doom. What will become of this strange patchwork planet? Who lives? Who dies? One thing is for certain – nobody will come back from Battleworld the same.

Be there for the explosive conclusion and the genesis of the new Marvel Universe in SECRET WARS #9 – on sale January 13!

SECRET WARS #9 (OCT150729)
Cover by ALEX ROSS
Variant Covers by SIMONE BIANCHI (OCT150730), SKOTTIE YOUNG (SEP158740), SARA PICHELLI (OCT150731) and FRED HEMBECK (OCT150733)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (OCT150732)
On-Sale – 01/13/16

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Witness the beginning of the end with this brand new cover art by Alex Ross!

It’s the story that has the world talking. The biggest Marvel event of all time. And it’s rocketing toward it’s cataclysmic conclusion. Marvel is pleased to present Alex Ross’ stunning cover to SECRET WARS #8, the epic, penultimate issue of the blockbuster event!

Secret Wars #8 cover art by Alex Ross

Secret Wars #8 cover art by Alex Ross

Creators Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic march toward the end of their grand saga as the final battle against God Doom rages on! Battleworld teeters on the brink. The Shield has fallen. Armies march on Doomstadt. As Battleworld gives way to a new Marvel Universe… no one will come out the other side unscathed, if they come out at all. Who lives? Who dies? Find out when the penultimate chapter comes to comic shops in SECRET WARS #8!

SECRET WARS #8 (AUG150653)
Cover by ALEX ROSS
On-Sale – 12/09/15

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Artist Scott 'Rahzzah' Wilson leaps from Tumblr to Marvel!

Scott “Rahzzah” Wilson just made the Tumblr dream come true.

Thanks to a contest launched in conjunction with Marvel and Tumblr, Wilson earned the opportunity to draw a variant cover for a Marvel comic book. Editor Chris Robinson and Marvel Talent Scout CB Cebulski saw the potential in Wilson’s entry and he soon won the chance to draw a fairly complex variant for SECRET WARS: AGENTS OF ATLAS #1.

“Scott has two characteristics all editors love: receptiveness and responsiveness,” Robinson says. “‘Fairly complex’ is a bit of an understatement. We asked for a ton of elements here! But Scott rose to the occasion and never hesitated.”

“I thought I had a puncher’s chance,” says Wilson, thinking back to when he entered the contest. “If you spend any amount of time on Tumblr you see that there is no shortage of amazing illustrators out there. I honestly just hoped I could place in the top three or so. Just get on someone’s radar as someone they may want to work with down the road.”

After actually hearing he won, he adds, “I thought, ‘This is clearly some sort of clerical error.’”

From there the cover-creating process kicked off, which Wilson addressed with a great deal of enthusiasm.

“In my eagerness to not screw up, I probably spent way too much time on the concept sketches,” Wilson recalls. “Plus there were a couple times that I completely misunderstood some crystal clear directions. But I’m pretty confident that it made me come across as ‘haplessly lovable.’”

According to Robinson, Senior Editor Mark Paniccia helped make the process a smooth one for everyone involved.

“Mark had a very clear idea in mind for this cover and he’s a mad genius when it comes to pairing concepts, characters and creators,” Robinson relays. “I would say the execution of it all is the difficult part, but that’s where talented individuals like Scott come in.”

Wilson appreciates the help and guidance given to him by both editors.

“You couldn’t ask for more helpful and patient [people] to work with,” Wilson says. “Always there with a quick answer to one of my questions. Both Chris and Mark had clear ideas on the concepts they wanted to try out and knew what would work and what wouldn’t. So once we landed on the approved [cover concept], I knew exactly what I needed to do. So there was less chance of me having to tweak anything on the back-end of the image, which can be a bit of a drag. So yeah, as far as my first experience working with a Marvel editor, they set the bar pretty high. I’d be down to work with Chris and Mark any time.”

Pick up the variant cover for SECRET WARS: AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 by Scott “Rahzzah” Wilson on October 21!

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The massive event by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic expands to an additional issue in December!

It’s the story that has the whole world on the edge of its seat. The biggest Marvel event of all-time. The story that destroyed the Marvel Universe. And if you thought it couldn’t get bigger – you thought wrong. Marvel is pleased to announce the expansion of the blockbuster Secret Wars event with SECRET WARS #9, coming to comic shops later this year!

“Apparently, Secret Wars is even bigger than we thought it was,” says Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “To help Jonathan and Esad conclude this epic event as big and bombastically as it started, we are adding an extra issue. That means one more month of the suspense, action and game-changing storytelling that fans and retailers have been clamoring for since the final incursion started.”

Chartbusting creators Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic will extend their stay on Battleworld for one more epic issue. Allowing their cataclysmic story to wrap up as intended, this additional issue will bring Secret Wars to its explosive conclusion. Paving the way for the future, be there for the genesis of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.

“This extra issue will not affect any of the new launches as part of All-New, All-Different Marvel,“ says David Gabriel, Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing. “But there might be a surprise or two left over from Battleworld you weren’t expecting. In fact, like the original Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, some of those puzzle pieces will hit the Marvel Universe before the event concludes. But if you want to see how they all fit together, you don’t want to miss these last few issues.

Battleworld teeters on the brink. What will become of this strange patchwork planet? Who lives? Who dies? One thing is for certain – nobody will come back from Battleworld the same after SECRET WARS #9 this December!

Secret Wars (2015) #9 cover by Alex Ross

Secret Wars (2015) #9 cover by Alex Ross

Cover by ALEX ROSS
On Sale in December!

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