These mutant-hunting robots enter the Battlerealm this week!

A fleet of Sentinels make their way to “Marvel Contest of Champions” this week, fueled by ISO-8 energy and on a mission to bring mayhem to the arena. Big, bad, and ready to reduce players to their component parts, the Sentinels came to blast first and ask questions never. We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Game Designer Erich Kohlweg and got the breakdown of all of Sentinel’s awesome abilities. It was only a matter of time before the mutant-hunting Sentinels made it to Battlerealm. But they’re not just chasing down mutants right?

Gabriel Frizzera: There’s a bit of a twist on this version of the Sentinels. They actually come from the future of The Contest, where a corrupt mutant elite are the ones imprisoning everyone else in prison camps, including their own kind. The Sentinels were their army… But the robots rebelled against their masters, and after dominating their own timeline, they have breached the other territories of the Battlerealm to exterminate all forms of life, be them mutant or not. What makes these Sentinels different than what our heroes have dealt with in the past?

Gabriel Frizzera: They are a new experiment for us. We wanted to create a new, more powerful kind of “grunt” to replace the Symbioids, which we love, but were getting a bit overused. So we created a different version of the Sentinel for every class in the game (which worked well in the story since Sentinels can adapt to various kinds of foes), and they’ll be populating all our game modes. But we had an extra character release slot in March, so we decided to have a special playable version, so the Summoners can add giant killer robots to their team! How did the team trick out these Sentinels for Contest of Champions? They look pretty similar to the metal monstrosities we know and love but I’m sure you all did something to set them apart.

Gabriel Frizzera: The Sentinels are one of the characters that is always changing. There are many versions of them and it’s very hard to pick a favorite. So, starting from the classic model from the original “Days of Future Past” storyline (the inspiration for this month’s event), we designed our own version. We call this one the “Mark-ISO”, since they have evolved to use ISO-8 as a power source. Their design is analogous to what Marvel has done to Iron Man in the last decade: from simple and “Super Hero-like”, Iron Man’s armor evolved to take cues from vehicle and industrial design. We did the same with the Sentinels, adding machine-shaped curves and panels but still paying homage to the original. Also, he’s BIG! Sentinels are supposed to be large, and although we can’t make them 30 feet tall without compromising gameplay, we made them our largest character to date. And does their enhanced weaponry match their new and improved sense of style? What makes them tick?

Erich Kohlweg: Sentinel is as a tanky Champion that builds up increased defensive and offensive abilities throughout the fight. Sentinel’s core ability, Target Analysis, allows it to analyze the target’s actions through their movements and attacks. Each time the target performs a consecutive action, Sentinel’s Attack, Armor, and Critical Resistance increases leading to the target becoming fully analyzed. Once fully analyzed, the duration of Debuffs that Sentinel inflicts with his abilities are all doubled! Sentinel is a Champion that can easily get out of control if not dealt with quickly. Overall they seem like a fairly straightforward addition to the roster, while being very difficult to bring down.

Erich Kohlweg: Sentinel has strong defense but even if they are broken, there’s still more to deal with. Sentinel’s Signature Ability provides valuable utility by reducing the effectiveness of target’s Power depletion abilities such as Power Burn. This is particularly good when combined with another of Sentinel’s abilities, Special Attack cost reduction as Sentinel analyzes a target. And teammates? Do any of their directives have them playing nice with any other champs?

Erich Kohlweg: Sentinel is a machine and has no “teammates” as it is only concerned with its own objectives. Pairing with a wide variety of Champions from almost every Class, Sentinel assimilates powerful abilities to overcome the exact Classes matching those that provided the ability. When Sentinel is paired with Ant-Man, Sentinel gains the ability to reduce Debuffs when facing Science Champions. This same structure applies with The Hood, Iceman, Kingpin, Green Goblin, and a quite few more! When can we grab Sentinel for ourselves?

Erich Kohlweg: As of today, March 1!  Make sure to keep an eye out for the in-game message and you’ll be able to get your hands on Sentinel.

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Take a look at the new Marvel Minimates from Diamond Select Toys chosen by the fans!

This summer, Marvel fans were asked to vote in a special poll designed to determine the fate of six Minimates mini-figures! Four of these Minimates would make up a new box set, available exclusively at select Toys”R”Us stores and online at; the other two would go on to an unknown fate. Now, Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce the results!

Space Suit Captain America minimate from Diamond Select Toys

Space Suit Captain America minimate from Diamond Select Toys

The Infinity Box Set will be available exclusively at Toys”R”Us starting this month and will include Space Suit Captain America, Armored Hulk, Thane and Thanos all based on their appearances in Marvel’s 2013 Infinity crossover. Each figure stands approximately two inches tall and features interchangeable parts. Also included in the set are four clear display bases, as well as hairpiece, glove and shield accessories for Captain America.

For those who voted for Mark 38 Armor Iron Man or Ronan the Accuser, have no fear! Both of these figures will be available as part of a Marvel Minimates two-pack exclusively at Toys”R”Us! As part of Series 19, Ronan will come with Iron Man in his new-fangled space armor. Additionally, Anti-Sinister Six Spider-Man will come with Mysterio, Payback Wolverine will come with a Sentinel and Quicksilver will come with The Vision!

Look for both the box set and two-packs to hit Toys“R”Us shelves and before the end of the year but the box set is already up for pre-order here. And last but not least, take a look at the gallery below for all things Minimates!

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Take a look at your favorite All-New X-Men Characters in Minimate form!

The All-New X-Men are no longer all-new to comics, with over 30 issues of the hit series available to read, and the first hardcover collection hitting comic shops today. But one thing they are all-new to is toys! Diamond Select Toys is unleashing their 59th assortment of Marvel Minimates on comic shops and specialty stores this week, and it includes the first-ever toys based on the All-New X-Men team in their all-new costumes!
Cyclops All-New X-Men Minimate

Cyclops All-New X-Men Minimate

s everyone knows, the All-New X-Men are the five original X-Men, brought from the past to the present day in their teenage years, and one of the first orders of business (after confronting the grown-up Cyclops about his extreme behavior) is new costumes! This assortment of Minimates features the new, color-coded looks in four two-packs: Cyclops with Marvel Girl, Beast with Angel, Iceman with a Sentinel and a rare, short-packed Bobby Drake with a Sentinel. Build the entire original team in one fell swoop!

Each Minimate mini-figure stands approximately two inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including alternate heads and hair for Beast, Cyclops and Marvel Girl; flight stands for Jean Grey and Angel; an optic blast for Cyclops; an ice blast and an ice slide for Iceman; and an ice blast and ice block for Bobby Drake! Plus, the modern Sentinel has a blast base, detachable tendrils that can grab the X-Men and removable shoulder pads to become a classic Sentinel!
Whether you’re a fan of the characters, the book, or the new costumes, it’s a great week to swing by your local comic shop and pick up some mini-mutants! Check out the photos of the figures in action, then find your local retailer at!
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All who resist it must be destroyed!

From Marvel Comics, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the Sentinel Maquette.

A symbol of mankind’s fear and hatred of mutants, Sentinels have remained a persistent threat for the X-Men since the 1960’s. Programmed to hunt and destroy, the immense robot is powered up with technologically advanced weapons, boasting his iconic blue and purple color scheme and brilliant light-up features. Swap-out head sculpts represent the villain’s classic and modern appearances and the Sentinel’s head can be repositioned to search for targets in every direction, allowing collectors to create the optimal mutant-hunting display. Standing a staggering 32″ tall, the Sentinel Maquette is a stunning addition for any Marvel or X-men collection.

To pre-order, click here.

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