Sideshow Designer and Sculptor Walter O’Neal on how Matt Murdock's beliefs played into the design.

1sSideshow Collectibles has added to their sixth scale line of Marvel figures with a terrific new Daredevil figure, depicting Matt Murdock’s alter ego in an updated costume, while also retaining the elements that make the Man Without Fear who he is. spoke to Sideshow Designer and Sculptor Walter O’Neal about the Daredevil sixth scale figure, what felt most crucial to include in the design, the influences at work, and more. What is it about Daredevil as a character you really wanted to capture in this figure?

Walter O’Neal: Since Matt Murdock’s faith is very much at the heart of who he is, we wanted to try to incorporate some elements of his religion into the suit in very subtle ways. The collar of the suit has a square cut-out in the center to give the impression of an inverted priest’s collar.

Inspired by the block-style kneepads of the 90’s armored suit, we created a metallic block-shaped design element with an implied cross-shape that we repeated throughout the suit – the idea there being that we incorporate some of the wrought iron elements of church yards and cathedrals that we generally associate with Daredevil’s environment directly into his suit. Beneath his feet, another cross shape is formed by the negative space in the tread of his boots. Finally, there’s also a spade devil tail incorporated into the design of his billy club holster that helps further the heaven/hell dynamic. Daredevil’s had a few different costumes through the years in the comics (though he always retains the horns, of course!). You give him a new costume, but he’s still recognizably Daredevil. Was it always the intention to balance classic and new elements here?

Walter O’Neal: The target was to make a comic-style Daredevil clad in his classic red. Aside from the horns, the color red, the billy clubs, and the “DD” logo on his chest, Daredevil’s costume generally doesn’t have any other signature elements that scream “Daredevil”.

We pulled elements from the Armored Daredevil suit in the 90’s, designed by Scott McDaniels, to give us some rhyme and reason as to how and where to break up the suit to incorporate the various leathers and stretch fabrics and add an extra layer of visual interest. The basic chevron shapes at the shoulders, abdomen, and thighs are pulled from that armored suit as inspiration. There are elements of the classic red costume from the comics, while also some aspects that are reminiscent of DD’s TV show uniform. Was that a conscious decision?

Walter O’Neal: Well, yes and no… The gray piping on his suit is a nod to the TV show for sure. Several of us here at the office loved the makeshift black outfit that he wore in the beginning of the Netflix series (before he got his actual suit) which featured some subtle red piping. We thought it would be neat to reverse that idea and use dark piping over the red DD suit to help break it up. So that connection was intended.

We worked on the design for our Daredevil figure in between the first and second seasons of the “Marvel’s Daredevil” TV show, so we had seen the design of the suit in the first season, but not the second. So while trying to steer away from the black armored gloves and gauntlets of the first season suit, we game up with more MMA-styled gloves with thick padding and metal knuckles on the outside for protection, but much thinner material at the palms and fingertips as to not diminish his sense of touch. The design of the suit for the second season of the show reimagined his gloves to incorporate more red and less black, and we ultimately ended up with similar solutions there. There are parts of the uniform, like the kneepads and boots, that feel so believably functional and realistic. Did you have that in mind designing the figure?

Walter O’Neal: Yes. The need to design for functionality is a big part of working in sixth scale as opposed to statues or any other non-articulated format. These figures need to move and perform, and the various features of the costume need to stretch, bend, and compress to facilitate that.

We were trying to infuse a bit of a tactical feel overall into the suit. The combat boots and integrated knee and elbow pads help push that notion. Lastly, with the knee pads, I really liked the idea of Daredevil being able to dash under things grinding/sliding on his knees across the pavement while kicking up sparks. That was some of the thought process that got us there… Daredevil’s billy club and the different ways he can use it has always made it a distinct Super Hero weapon. What was your approach to that important facet of the character?

Walter O’Neal: The goal was to really capture the adaptable nature of his signature weapons from the comics. They take multiple forms for their multiple functions and we’ve included options for them to be displayed as the standard dual billy clubs, nunchucks, a combined billy club staff, and his walking cane with the curved handle (in the exclusive version). How did you decide where exactly to use those darker portions/piping on the uniform to break up the red? I especially love the billy club holster that you mentioned.

Walter O’Neal: Aside from the dark gray piping on his torso, we aimed to keep the gray as more of an accent color limiting its use to keep the suit predominantly red with only touches of gray here and there. That dark gray was kept mostly to the metal “striking surfaces” of the suit where Daredevil was expected to make contact with his opponents – his knuckles, knees, elbows, toes, heels and the tips of his billy clubs. We tried to be very judicious overall.

The Daredevil Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles can be purchased now at

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How Spider-Man, Silk and Spider-Gwen got bold new depictions in both statue and print form.

First unveiled at New York Comic Con last year, Sideshow Collectibles’ Mark Brooks Spider-Verse collection – consisting of new statues of Spider-Man, Silk and Spider-Gwen — were quickly highly-coveted by fans. Since then, a limited edition Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Fine Art Print was announced as well, depicting the three characters in the same poses seen in the statues. spoke to Mark about the project recently, alongside Sideshow’s Art Director, David Igo, and the Head of Sideshow’s Print Program, Gracie Bifulco.  What were your first discussions like with Sideshow about this project? How does tackling something like this first begin?

Mark Brooks: I’ve known David and the Sideshow team for almost a decade now. We had bounced a few ideas around in the past, and collaborated on a few different designs, but nothing had been released at that stage. I was at San Diego Comic-Con sharing a booth with Marvel concept artist and illustrator Adi Granov, and David came over to hang out.

David Igo: Adi rocks! We work with him a lot. He’s a rad artist and a good friend.

Mark Brooks: We all got chatting and David and I started daydreaming about a few of the ideas we’d bounced around back in the day.

Gracie Bifulco: I actually bought a convention sketch from Mark at the same show! I love Mark’s art and I’ve been a fan for a long time. I knew I wanted to work with him on a print at some point.  It was just a matter of finding the right project.

Mark Brooks: Sideshow wanted to bring out a new comic book inspired line of statues. David and I had so many deep-dive nerd conversations over the years, just geeking out about different characters and what we could do. But, we started narrowing that list down, and I had a few ideas that I pitched them to David.

David Igo: Right away we had three killer concepts, all based around people within the Spider-Verse, and I started thinking about a whole Artist Series line with Mark, but we kept coming back to one character in particular…

Mark Brooks: Yeah, I really wanted to design a Spider-Gwen! She was the catalyst behind the idea of a series. We got thinking about Silk, and Spider-Man and the potential there. It’s such a great [trio], you know.

David Igo: That trilogy is such a strong place to start. It’s an awesome line up!

Gracie Bifulco: It was at that point that we suggested a print too. It was still early on, but once that trilogy idea took hold, we really wanted a companion print of those characters all together. I knew they’d look awesome!

Mark Brooks: It’s funny, but knowing in the back of my mind that there was going to be accompanying artwork in print form became very much a part of my design process. I always had that in the back of my mind. It helped me to think of these characters all together. What’s it like seeing your art brought into three dimensions with these Sideshow statues?

Mark Brooks: It’s so crazy! Like I said earlier, I’ve known the Sideshow team for years now. But things have changed so much since we first started talking about collaborating on some work. My style has evolved a lot, and the work that Sideshow is producing is getting better and better.

David Igo: We’ve leveled up for sure. We’re always trying to bring our ‘A’ game in every way; art, sculpt, paint, materials, manufacturing, everything. There’s just so much more you can do now!

Mark Brooks: Exactly! This series wouldn’t have been possible 7 or 8 years ago. I wasn’t there yet, and neither were Sideshow. This is the perfect time to make it happen. What were your discussions like with Mark about how the characters should be depicted here?

David Igo: We had a lot of faith in Mark’s abilities as a designer, and in his understanding of the process. We could connect him directly with our art team and let them riff off each other. Spider-Gwen, for example, had design input from JP Mavinga, as well as a whole team of kickass sculptors — Steve “Schu” Schumacher, Matt Black, Steve Lord, and Alfred Paredes — who were all able to work with Mark and translate Mark’s art to 3D.

Mark Brooks: I think it’s great that Sideshow give their artists so much credit on these pieces. I love what I do, but I know my limitations too. I wanted to push the boundaries on this character and really play with what was possible, but they embraced every challenge and actually did it, they brought her to life!

David Igo: As an Art Director, it was a blast. I love it when this happens. Mark had a vision, and I was like “Heck yeah!!!” He had so many suggestions regarding the contrasting textures and tones, so many little touches, and our artists love that.

Mark Brooks: Spider-Gwen was the starting point for my texture obsession! I must’ve driven the artists crazy! So much blood, sweat, and tears went into getting her just right. I wanted contrasts, coarse and smooth, matte and glossy, then light and dark. Nothing is flat. Nothing is simple. I wanted her to have a certain richness, not only as a visual thing, but as a tactile thing too.

David Igo: Mark sent us so much reference for paint handling. So many ideas! It became all about communication as well as teamwork. It was a challenge, but it was a fun one. And I think the piece came out great! She set the bar for the whole series. So, do you have a favorite character among this trio?

Mark Brooks: I love Spider-Man because he ties them together, as a character and as part of a series of statues. The more I talked with David about the way in which statues are displayed as well as designed, I became fixated on “skylines” and how these characters could flow together. I really became married to the silhouettes of these figures, and their poses really reflect that. At its simplest, Spider-Man is the lynch pin, Silk and Spider-Gwen bookend him, but it got a lot deeper than that…

David Igo: We like to talk about how these statues can flow together in a collection, we’re always thinking about that collector experience. One of the most interesting conversations we had was about levels. Spidey is always up high! We wanted to explore a Spider-Man at street level.

Mark Brooks: My first design after that discussion actually had him crouched on a chunk of New York city street. It was kind of cool. But as we explored that webbing for the figure bases, we thought it would be cool to use webbing to almost literally tie them together.

David Igo: The base designs are so much fun! You really have to see them “in the flesh” to appreciate them.

Mark Brooks: I love the paint application on the street signs. They are so realistic! You know, the worst thing about this project is waiting! We’ve been working on these statues for two years now. It’s excruciating! I want my statues!

David Igo: It’s like a movie. Waiting, keeping it secret. It’s tough, but it’s worth it to see the audience reaction.  Some people may first think of the figures and statues for Sideshow, but the beautiful prints the company creates are getting more and more attention. Is that gratifying to see?

Gracie Bifulco: The print program has grown really quickly, and that’s totally down to the enthusiasm of the collectors. Like Dave said earlier, we’re always thinking about that all-round collector experience. The idea that you can have this super limited edition luxury fine art print to accompany the statues is so great. It adds another level to a display, and it gives you another way of connecting with the art and the artist. We have the pleasure of working with some of the best artists from comics, illustration, concept art, and the movie industry, and it’s the perfect excuse to commission even more awesome art and share it with our fellow collectors. I’m so happy that people like what we are doing, it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Mark Brooks: The whole thing together, statues and art, is really something special. It was such a fun experience. There are plenty of other Spider-Verse characters. Anyone else you’d love to tackle for a project like this if the opportunity arose?

Mark Brooks: Black Cat for sure! Maybe, Mary Jane. She’d be fun! Oh, I’d love to do a really crazy Doc Ock! Just go super dark and push the tragedy of that character.

David Igo: I loved the Spider-Man / Doctor Octopus Year One stuff.

Mark Brooks: Those comics were amazing! Yes!!

David Igo: Anyone else? What about Aunt May?

Mark Brooks: I’d love to design an Aunt May statue! We could make the base a corner of her kitchen, make it really simple and sweet at first glance, and then just go nuts filling it with Easter eggs from Spider-Man lore. Just go completely crazy with details.

David Igo: That’s actually kind of amazing…

Gracie Bifulco: Yes!!!

The Sideshow Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Collection, can be pre-ordered now at

Mark Brooks is on Twitter as @markbrooksart.

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You can now pre-order this fearsome new figure of an unleashed Logan.

A new Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure is coming from Sideshow, featuring the iconic X-Men ready for battle. This polystone statue stands 20” tall, with Wolverine lunging forward atop a severed Sentinel hand base.

Wolverine has a savage portrait complete with a snarling expression and his iconic yellow and black mask. He is clad in a textured yellow and blue costume with a red X-Men insignia belt buckle and weathering from battles past.
Full to the brim with anger and Adamantium, Wolverine has unsheathed metal claws prepared to shred any other Sentinels that might stand in his way. His arms are sculpted with impressive musculature, bulging veins, and painted hair detail, attesting to his sheer strength and ferocity.

The Exclusive edition of the Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure includes an alternate unmasked portrait with his cowl drawn back, revealing Wolverine’s furious face, sporting his iconic wild hairstyle. Check out the gallery at the top of the page to see images of the figure, including the unmasked portrait.

The Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure is now available for pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles.

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Thanos comes face-to-face with his legendary creator!

Sideshow, who are famous for their high-end, luxury pop culture statues, memorabilia, and collectibles, have unveiled an all-new interpretation of Thanos.

Recently, following the red carpet premiere of “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” in Los Angeles, Sideshow’s creative team were able to share their vision of The Mad Titan with comic-book legend and Thanos creator Jim Starlin!

Jim spent a day at Sideshow HQ, hanging out with the creative team, poring through the countless concept designs and sketches, and checking out the final prototype of Thanos on his throne.

Sideshow’s Art Director, David Igo, said: “The Thanos on Throne Maquette was a labor of love that went through years of design and development. We aimed to give our fellow collectors ‘an ultimate Thanos,’ combining aspects of all of our favorite iterations of the character as he appeared in paintings, comic books, movies and more–and it looks like Jim likes him as much as we do!”

Sideshow Sculptor Will Harbottle added: “[His gesture is] an homage to the cover of INFINITY GAUNTLET #4. It’s one of my favorite moments in all of comic book history. He’s on the cover, floating in space and he’s saying, ‘Come and get me’! We wanted to reference that awesome moment.”

When asked about his first impression of Sideshow’s huge new Maquette, and that hand gesture in particular, Jim said “The first thing I saw was this finger, beckoning, and I went ‘They got it right!'”

He added: “It’s just a gorgeous looking piece of work entirely. Currently, I think this new statue [is] my favorite.”

David Igo added: “Jim is a constant source of inspiration to us, and it was our pleasure and privilege to share this moment with him. The whole experience has been a dream come true, and we’re incredibly proud to be able to work with Marvel, and to explore this amazing character.”

The Thanos on Throne Maquette was met with praise from critics and fans alike, and the super limited edition Sideshow exclusive variant sculpt–with a second, grinning portrait–sold out in minutes!

But don’t despair, a Collector Edition of the Thanos on Throne Maquette is available for pre-order now!

For a more detailed behind the scenes look at Sideshow’s Thanos on Throne Maquette, check out this behind the scenes video:

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The newest addition to the J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man collection will steal your heart- and your money!

What a tangled web love weaves! Introducing a new addition to the fan-favorite J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man collection – and Peter Parker’s love life – the Black Cat Statue!

Black Cat Polystone Statue from Sideshow Collectibles

Black Cat Polystone Statue from Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the sly, sexy and surrounded by piles of glittering jewels, Felicia Hardy collectible. The best cat-burglar in the business toys with a familiar looking ball of yarn, while she plots her next heist. Because you can be sure that when she’s not out stealing diamonds, she’s out to steal Spider-Man’s heart!

Pre-order the white-haired thief here and expand your web-tastic Spidey collection with Sideshow Collectibles! 

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Frank Castle is here to take your breath away, in an artistic manner, in this new exclusive piece!

“Remember my face! It’s the last thing you’re ever going to see…” Frank Castle has been called many things — murderer, vigilante, violent — but that’s only because he does what is needed to get the job done. For this certain mission, Sideshow Collectibles has turned The Punisher into fine art… to infiltrate your homes.

Sideshow is proud to bring you the locked and loaded Punisher, Brutal Justice Premium Art Print! This brilliant rendition of the family man turned anti-hero features the work of Marvel cover artist Ariel Olivetti and is the newest addition to Sideshow’s Premium Art line. This 18×24 hand-numbered, limited edition gallery art print features an authorized penciled artist signature, metallic skull logo, spot gloss effects, embossed seal of authenticity and is available unframed only.

Join The Punisher on his war on crime by ordering your copy of the Brutal Justice Premium Art Print here and scroll through the gallery below for more images!

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King Hulk becomes the newest addition to the Marvel fine art collection. Act fast and pre-order yours today!

Bruce Banner never thought there would be a day when the world could call the Hulk art, but here it is! Your favorite gamma filled rage monster makes his way into fine art with a little help from his friends at Sideshow Collectibles, presenting you with the King Hulk Premium Art Print by Marvel cover artist Ariel Olivetti!

The piece was inspired by the World War Hulk series in which The Hulk, fueled by rage and stronger than ever, returns home to seek vengeance and tear our beloved planet Earth to shreds. The Hulk, or the unstoppable World Breaker as he is called in the storyline, is shown in his battle-ready gladiator armor standing in a commanding pose while a beautifully lit sky overlooks in this one of a kind artistic piece.

The 18×24″ hand-numbered, limited edition gallery art print features authorized penciled artist signatures and an embossed seal of authenticity. The visually stunning piece comes unframed only and is available for pre-order today at this link. Check out the gallery below for more of King Hulk in a way you haven’t seen him before.

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Take a look at your favorite ninja telepath in a way she's never been seen before and pre-order yours today!

Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock has been many things — part of the X-Men, part of X-Force and even a model; but she has never been fine art. Well until now that is!  Behold, in all her psionic glory, the Psylocke Premium Art Print from Sideshow Collectibles.

Sideshow is proud to present Marvel’s drop-dead gorgeous ninja telepath showing off her powers in a rare and vibrant fashion. The stunning and exuberant piece of art is a collaboration from the minds of the talented artists Ian MacDonald, Kris Anka and Fabian Schlaga. It is an absolutely beautiful piece for any X-fan’s collection.

The 18×24″ hand-numbered, limited edition gallery art print features authorized penciled artist signatures and an embossed seal of authenticity. This one of a kind piece comes unframed only and is available for pre-order today at this link. Check out the gallery below for more psionic blade wielding pictures!

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Own one of the earliest armors to grace the silver screen by pre-ordering today!

Every great story has a beginning or as Tony Stark so eloquently put it in a way that only Iron Man could, “Jarvis, sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.”

Iron Man Mark II Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

Iron Man Mark II Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

Attention Shellhead fans! Sideshow Collectibles has done it again but this time with some help from Legacy Effects Studios, the FX masters behind every Iron Man film. Together they have created the ultimate screen-accurate representation of Tony’s Mark II armor! This highly detailed quarter scale maquette comes spinning out of Marvel’s Iron Man, the 2008 blockbuster sensation that helped start the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The one of a kind statue stands on an eye-catching Stark Industries base and is a must have for every Marvelite out there. The silver suit, which is destined to one day carry the “War Machine” moniker, is finished with a high gloss metallic paint application and features functioning light-up eyes, chest arc reactor and palm repulsors.

This dynamic Mark II replica statue comes ready for your Hall of Armor with a decorative nameplate and is available for pre-order now at this link!

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Get lost in this stunning museum quality Marvel art from Sideshow Collectibles' newest program!

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to announce the launch of their brand new Marvel premium art print collection. The dynamic and engaging artwork curated for this new program finds it’s genesis in the designs that inspire Sideshow Collectibles’ world-renowned statues and figures.

Spider-Woman premium art from Sideshow Collectibles

Spider-Woman premium art from Sideshow Collectibles

Over the years, Sideshow has collaborated with talented illustrators to create incredible two-dimensional representations of celebrated pop-culture icons. Marvel artists included are Kris Anka, Scott Forbes and Fabian Schlaga just to name a few.

Each prestigious print will be highly limited featuring the penciled artist signature, hand numbering and a unique emboss for authenticity. Select art prints will be further enhanced by spot gloss varnish and custom framing. Sideshow’s premium art print program includes three initial offerings, one of which will be Spider-Woman.

Stay tuned for future announcement from this line as they delve into your favorite characters and themes. To see the current prints available and to place an order, please visit this link and take a look at the gallery below for your preview of the Spider-Woman piece.

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