Program includes animated shorts, chapter books and expanded line of merchandise debuting this Fall!

Little True Belivers, this one’s for you! Starting this Fall, we’re gearing up for the brand new school year with “Marvel Super Hero Adventures” – a multi-platform content program targeting Marvel’s youngest fans through animation and publishing. Through stories that touch upon aspirational themes of friendship, helping others, and heroism, preschool kids and young readers will have a gateway into the Marvel Universe. This new program will be supported by new offerings across comic books, graphic novels and merchandise including toys, lifestyle and apparel.

Marvel Animation will launch a season of 10 short-form episodes for the pre-school audience. The 3.5 minute animated episodes will feature Spidey in an epic team-up with other inspiring and brave Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Wasp, Ms. Marvel and more. Platforms and launch date for this short-form series will be announced at a later date.

Debuting in September will be a series of early-reader chapter books joining the existing line of popular Marvel Super Hero Adventures activity books and storybooks from Marvel Press. The first chapter book, “Deck the Malls!,” written by MacKenzie Cadenhead and Sean Ryan, illustrated by Derek Laufman, features Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen in a fully illustrated adventured with a bonus one-page comic. Three more chapter books and an expanding publishing program will continue through 2018 and beyond.

The Super Hero Adventures merchandise is led by a toy collaboration with Hasbro, featuring new character tie-ins and play experiences inspired by Marvel Animation. They’re a perfect way for preschoolers to celebrate their young passion for Marvel in their daily lives. Further merchandise rollouts include wide offerings across toys and apparel with supportive collaborations from Mad Engine, Jay Fanco, GBG, Jakks Pacific and others–all representative of the major categories for Marvel preschoolers. Additional Marvel Super Hero Adventures products will debut throughout October during Marvel Mania, Marvel’s celebratory campaign spanning marquee retailers including Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and more.

Parents and fans around the world can share the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure program with young fans as it expands even more in Spring 2018.

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Earth 65's Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy balances her hero career with family and band relationships!

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

On Earth 65, instead of a radioactive spider biting Peter Parker, the arachnid chomped down on his classmate Gwen Stacy. Granted the proportionate strength of a spider, plus enhanced reflexes and Spider Sense, she patrolled New York City as Spider-Woman!

Dubbed Spider-Gwen, she first appeared in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez and helped save existence which launched into her own series by the same crew! 

Edge of Spider-Verse (2014) #2

Edge of Spider-Verse (2014) #2

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Instead of worrying about balancing her schoolwork with super heroics, Gwen couldn’t seem to find the balance between her band The Mary Janes and the masked life. Crazier yet, when she came face to face with her father, Captain George Stacy, she unmasked and revealed her true identity to him!

Things got all the more complicated as super villains started trying to kill Captain Stacy and people began asking more questions. They even brought in Lt. Frank Castle to help take down Spider-Woman and figure the whole thing out.

Like her 616 counterpart, Gwen faced off against the likes of The Kingpin – though not in person at first – as well as The Vulture, The Rhino and even Matt Murdock, who’s an evil mob lawyer in her reality!

However, two of the most heart-wrenching foes Spider-Gwen faced came in the form of the Lizard and Green Goblin. See, after she got her powers, her pal Peter Parker became obsessed with Spider-Woman. Wanting to be special himself, he injected himself with a serum that turned him into the Lizard during prom. Gwen jumped in to stop him, but wound up seemingly killing the young man.

Meanwhile, another longtime friend, Harry Osborn, disappeared after Peter’s death. When he returned, he fully blamed Spider-Woman for Peter’s death. To get his own revenge, he created the Green Goblin suit for himself and orange-themed robots to kill her. She finally stopped his rampage – which was aided by some of Peter’s own formula – and revealed her identity to him.

Spider-Woman’s adventures continue in the pages of SPIDER-GWEN as she contines to deal with problems in her own reality as well as a few that connect to the 616.

A Tangled Web

As mentioned above, Spider-Gwen debuted during the Spider-Verse event. Ms. Stacy worked with Peter Parker and Spider-Woman from the 616 among many other spider-folks to stop Morlun and the Inheritors from destroying the web of life by killing all of the spider-folks in all realities. From there she joined up with a group in the pages of WEB WARRIORS featuring Spider-Ham, Spider-Man India, Spider-UK, Spider-Man Noir and Anya Corazon. Though she’s still based on Earth 65, Gwen has crossed over with SPIDER-WOMAN and SILK in the Spider-Women story and also started up a relationship with Miles Morales!

Next week we shine the spotlight on Miles Morales and his post-Secret Wars adventures on Earth 616!

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Should Miles Morales swing into a relationship with Gwen Stacy?

Our Spidey senses have been tingling since the reveal of Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales’ new romance—unfolding in the pages of SPIDER-GWEN and SPIDER-MAN—but before we all jump on the Giles bandwagon it’s time to take a look at this young, budding relationship and determine whether or not it should blossom or wither.

What better way to do that then with a tried and true pros and cons list?

Before this nascent couple decides on their status in SPIDER-MAN #14 on March 15, here’s some key points to mull over…

-Miles and Gwen both lead the hero life and according to Morales’ best buddy Ganke, a hero needs someone who understands the pressures, responsibilities and inconveniences that come with it.
-Both of our heroes remain relatively new to the web slinging life and this new shared experience they’ve fallen into could help strengthen their relationship and teach them to rely on one another for support while they learn to navigate this new chapter together, sort of like freshman year of college.
-Gwen and Miles have the same beautifully pun-filled sense of humor and a team up would inevitably lead to some comedy gold. Why not foil villainous plans with a web of laughter, right?
-Bringing a nice girl home might get Miles’ mom and grandmother off his back and stop them from snooping around his life accusing him of using drugs…just a thought.
-And finally it would be pretty adorable for Spider-Man to find himself a nice Spider-Woman, have some Spider-Babies and maybe even get a Spider-Dog to round out their adorable little Spider-Family.

Spider-Man (2016) #12

Spider-Man (2016) #12

What is Marvel Unlimited?

-There is the slight issue of them living in different dimensions. While not the typical long distance relationship, it’s still just as, if not more, taxing on them to constantly have to pop back and forth between dimensions.
-After losing both Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, and with her father in jail, Gwen might be a tad raw at present and therefore a bit emotionally unavailable.
-While yes, young love can be a fickle thing, let’s not forget Miles’ obvious crush on Ms. Marvel since day one. Looks like Kamala isn’t the only flexible hero!
-While it’s definitely a plus to date someone who understands the hero lifestyle, if both of them constantly gallivant around town thwarting criminal schemes, there won’t be much time left to say hello let alone go on a date. Unless you count searching for Miles’ missing father as a date. Points for being out of the ordinary?
-And finally, if we look at this from a biological standpoint, this relationship ends with Spider-Gwen eating Spider-Man…that’s what most call irreconcilable differences.

Now that we have our list done it’s time for the most important step in the process: tossing the list out the window and going with your gut! Will Giles make it? Find out on March 15 in SPIDER-MAN #14.

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See Gwen Stacy as you've never seen her before in this preview of the brand new Gwen Variants!

She’s smart, charming and she can lift a car! She’s Gwen Stacy, the Spectacular Spider-Woman and she comes to you each month in the pages of the critically acclaimed SPIDER-GWEN series! But what if Gwen Stacy had lifted Mjolnir to become Thor: Gwen of Thunder? What if she had been awarded the Eye of Agamotto, and battled the forces of the supernatural as Dr. Gwenge? Find out as she powers up for June’s can’t miss GWEN VARIANTS, as the industry’s top artist show you a side of Gwen Stacy you’ve never seen before!

“Gwenom? The InGwenible Hulk? The Mighty AGwengers? What about G.W.E.N.D.O.K.?,” asks Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “The possibilities are endless. As soon as the idea came together to portray Gwen as a variety of Marvel heroes, our artists couldn’t sign up fast enough. They’re having a ton of fun putting these together and it shows.”

“Just wait till you see Chip Zdarsky’s ‘Brian Michael Gwendis’ cover,” continued Gabriel.

Gwen Stacy Variants will be available throughout the month of June, coming to these 20 exciting titles:

· 1602 WITCH HUNTER ANGELA #1 by John Tyler Christopher

· ARMOR WARS #1 by David Lafuente

· BLACK WIDOW #19 by Dan Hipp



· FUTURE IMPERFECT #1 by Nick Bradshaw

· GROOT #1 by Giuseppe Camuncoli

· GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE #1 by Rob Guillory

· HOWARD THE DUCK #4 by Jason Latour


· MAGNETO #19 by Declan Shalvey

· OLD MAN LOGAN #3 by Chris Samnee

· S.H.I.E.L.D. #7 by Robbi Rodriguez

· SECRET WARS #3 by Nick Bradshaw

· SECRET WARS #4 by Chris Samnee

· SECRET WARS 2099 #2 by Jason Latour

· SQUADRON SINISTER #1 by Greg Smallwood

· THORS #1 by Kris Anka

· ULTIMATE END #2 by Chip Zdarsky

· X-MEN ’92 #1 by Ryan Stegman

Featuring artwork by some of the top talent in the industry, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on these hotly anticipated variant covers. No fan will want to miss the chance to see the incomparable Gwen Stacy as she transforms into some of Marvel’s biggest characters when the GWEN VARIANTS come to comic shops this June!

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