Brian Michael Bendis breaks down the labyrinthine life of Miles Morales!

Life can be complicated for a teenager who counts being a super hero as one of his extracurricular activities. And nobody knows that better than Miles Morales.

Juggling school, friends, love interests, and parents with a life as Spider-Man might finally be too much for Miles—and on October 4, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Nico Leon test the Webbed Wonder’s limits in SPIDER-MAN #21!

As Miles feels the weight of his alter ego more than ever, we asked Brian what it must be like coming of age while living a super hero life. What are the challenges Miles faces on a daily basis?

Brian Michael Bendis: It’s never been more complicated. Like every teenager in the United States, he lives a very complicated life full of responsibilities he didn’t have just months before. The Spider-Man part of his life could easily be a stand-in for sports or arts or social responsibilities—it takes up so much time that it consumes all of the energy in his life and he has almost nothing left for anything else. After years of this, it starts to catch up with him in a gigantic way. From getting involved with Hammerhead to being arrested, Miles has had a lot to handle lately. How does Miles deal with the difficulty of being pulled in a million different directions at once? 

Brian Michael Bendis: It’s definitely illuminating the fact that something’s wrong. Something feels off. He’s not bringing his “A” game right now, but he’s looking into why and looking to make some changes. How do you approach writing Miles’ specific set of teenage problems?

Brian Michael Bendis: Most teenagers’ lives are so complicated. That’s why so many people relate to the SPIDER-MAN franchise—they know that even if they had spider powers, as cool as they are, it wouldn’t make life easier. Most people know that if they had powers, it would probably make their life more complicated and more frustrating. People read Spider-Man to have that cathartic experience. What will Miles do to address these issues and reorganize his life? 

Brian Michael Bendis: Starting with GENERATIONS: SPIDER-MAN and heading into SPIDER-MEN II and then the main title, we’re going to see one of the most exciting changes to a character. We’re going to see him take it on. We’re going to see him take life by the horns and try something that no one else in Marvel comics has tried.

Brian Michael Bendis and artist Nico Leon present SPIDER-MAN #21 on October 4!

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Diving into Marvel Legacy with Brian Michael Bendis and Oscar Bazaldua!

On November 1, Miles Morales enters the era of Marvel Legacy in SPIDER-MAN #234, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Oscar Bazaldua!

Miles’ life might be a bit complicated at the moment, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going—to the hospital. But never fear, True Believers, like all heroes, Miles heals quickly. And that’s a good thing, as a mysterious new Iron Spider plots an uprising alongside an all-new team of villainous cronies…

We spoke with Brian and Oscar to get the skinny on what’s next for the Webbed Wonder as he faces off against the brand new Sinister Six! Set the scene for uswhat’s going on in issue #234?

Brian Michael Bendis: We have Miles in one of the most interesting situations any Marvel character has ever been in. He is, by all definitions, a legacy character who now faces choices that may define his own legacy. Will there be room for Spider-Man between all that?

Meanwhile, a bunch of villains are getting together to pull off one of the biggest heists in Marvel history. Really. When people find out what they are looking to steal, they’re going to be amazed that no one’s ever tried this before. So this new group of criminals—some of whom have a history with each other—are going to come together and raise some hell. But it affects Miles in a pretty big way. It gets personal. Who counts themselves as members of the new Sinister Six? What does each character bring to the table?

Brian Michael Bendis: First, we have Bombshell. The mother of the mother-daughter criminal team Bombshells. She has come over from the Ultimate universe. She’s been in jail since Secret Wars and Lana, her struggling daughter, is one of Miles’ best friends, so having her criminal mother come back into the picture feels pretty scary.

Sandman, Electro, Hobgoblin are all outstanding career criminals with histories and relationships. All of which will be re-evaluated here.

The Spot—who I think has real potential, just off his appearance in JESSICA JONES—comes into this with a fresh perspective

But the real mystery is the Iron Spider. Who is the Iron Spider and what could their connection to Miles be? Notice I’m not saying “he” or “she”… Oscar, tell us a little bit about the art for this book. Did you draw inspiration from previous Sinister Six comics?

Oscar Bazaldua: I’m trying to mix new stuff with my style. I’ve always been inspired by the comic book greats, from the Golden Age to current talents.

I researched each one of the Six to understand the characters better. For Momma Bombshell, for example, I went with a very unscrupulous type of person. I made little changes to the Hobgoblin’s suit. For others I went for a more traditional look, like Sandman and Lady Electro. What made you decide to introduce an all-new Iron Spider and Sinister Six to Miles’ already-chaotic life?

Brian Michael Bendis: It started with the story about the Iron Spider and Bombshell and the big plan. They made a plan and we’re watching them execute it in the form of the new Six.

It’s also, in my opinion, one of those trial by fire storylines. The original Sinister Six might’ve been the scariest thing I’d ever read as a kid. Peter Parker couldn’t even defeat one of those guys without getting beaten up; how could he fight all of them? We are going to follow in that tradition and take it into a dangerous new environment. The Sinister Six and Spider-Man go back a long way, but these are new team members and a new Spider-Man…how does that change the dynamic?

Brian Michael Bendis: The only one who really knows the history of teams like this, in this story, is Sandman. He has learned the lessons of his previous incarnations. But everyone else is new, so there are a lot of variables involved.

If you’ve never read a story like this then it’s all new, but if you know your entire history of Spider-Man and Sinister Six you will be very happy with the due diligence and research we’ve done to make this thing work on different levels. What has been the hardest part of working on the new Sinister Six? The most rewarding?

Oscar Bazaldua: The hardest part is that they will be measured with very high standards, so I really had to put all my effort in as an artist. The best part is feeling like it can live up to such a big name while staying up-to-date with the times.

I really want to thank Brian and Editor Nick Lowe for making me part of this project. I have been crazy about it since day one. Being part of the Spider-Man family has been a dream come true—it feels incredible to draw the Marvel heroes I grew up idolizing! Was there a character you had the most fun working on? Which was the most difficult to portray?

Oscar Bazaldua: I have a lot of fun drawing Miles, of course. But my favorite is Iron Spider—though I also have a soft spot for Bombshell and Lady Electro.

The Sandman could be a little bit tough because there isn’t a very distinctive way to draw his features, other than his hairstyle. I tried to put a little bit of me into it! Which incarnation of the Sinister Six ranks as your personal favorite?

Brian Michael Bendis: Nothing beats the original. I’d never seen anything like it before, none of us had. Seems so obvious now—if the heroes can get together, why can’t the criminals? But it was a revelation!

I like all of the characters on this team, but I do especially like Sandman’s perspective. He’s like the worn leather shoe of the group. He’s seen it all. He’s done it all.

Oscar Bazaldua: The Doctor Octopus team. He is one of the best Spider-Man villains. But this team, with the new additions joining a couple classic characters, feels great. I really think they are amazing! What can you tell us about who’s behind the Iron Spider mask?

Brian Michael Bendis: It answers about the three questions people have been asking me most since Secret Wars.

Oscar Bazaldua: I can’t tell you who it is—I can only tell you that it’ll be revealed at the end of the book, it’s going to be very exciting, and it will make you wish you had the next issue right away! What will Miles have to do to best this new threat? What will be his biggest hurdle?

Brian Michael Bendis: The biggest hurdle will be knowing how dangerous—and how personal—this will be before it’s too late. Miles hasn’t been in the best headspace lately and he’s on a very fragile journey. Adding this obstacle to that could prove deadly. What can you tease about the issue?

Brian Michael Bendis: I think when people read GENERATIONS: THE SPIDERS they’re going to be genuinely rattled. The end of that issue starts something that will surprise a lot of people—and we pick it up right here.

What Miles is going to goes through this year will be very unique for comics. They are unique to fiction. It’s bold and scary and I am very interested in the conversation that’s going to come out of it. To be continued…

Check out SPIDER-MAN #234, by Brian Michael Bendis and Oscar Bazaldua, on November 1!

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With Miles Morales held by Hydra, check out these other heroes who have spent time behind bars.

Not every hero in the Marvel Universe stays on the right side of the law. Sometimes they go one step too far—and other times, the law works actively against them. Take Miles Morales for instance: the SPIDER-MAN star fought against the vision Ulysses gave him back in CIVIL WAR II and surrendered himself to Hydra instead of killing Captain America.

Surely the former denizen of the Ultimate Universe will find his way out of the clink—but until then, he can take solace in the fact that a few of his fellow heroes have had their own stints under lock and key.


Look at that, even the honorable Steve Rogers spent time in the pen! More than once, too! Most notably, Cap was locked up between his surrender in the last issue of CIVIL WAR and his apparent death in CAPTAIN AMERICA #25.


Carl Lucas might have become a hero without heading to jail, but he probably wouldn’t be super strong and possess his signature impervious skin. Wrongfully accused in a drug bust and sentenced to the big house, the future Avenger agreed to participate in an experiment that gave him super abilities. After his transformation, he escaped from captivity and resumed life under the name we all know him by today.


Over the years, many people have wanted to lock Frank Castle up—but no one seems capable of actually keeping him imprisoned. During the mid-‘90s, the authorities tried to send him to the electric chair—and failed. And during the most recent PUNISHER WAR ZONE, he sat in an underwater prison, but of course no walls—not even ones surrounded by water—could stop The Punisher.


At the end of Brian Michael Bendis’ epic run on DAREDEVIL, he left ol’ Matt Murdock in quite a pickle—inside a jail cell where new series writer Ed Brubaker kept the blind lawyer incarcerated for a while. Murdock eventually got out when none other than master escape artist Frank Castle was purposefully captured as part of a jailbreak plan.


Since their inception, the Thunderbolts revolved around characters who served time in one way or another. The original squad, including Songbird, was assembled by Baron Zemo and consisted of villains masquerading as heroes. After her stint in jail, the former Screaming Mimi took to the lawful side of things—and even served as a warden on the maximum security prison known as the Raft!


During CIVIL WAR, nearly every hero who sided against Tony Stark’s Superhuman Registration Act wound up incarcerated—including Iron Fist. While posing as Daredevil in an attempt to keep Hell’s Kitchen safe, Danny Rand was captured as a means to help Captain America and the other anti-registration heroes to the Negative Zone prison for a jailbreak!


Not at all unfamiliar with jail cells, Wolverine found himself imprisoned in the pages of LOGAN. Captured by the Japanese during World War II, the mutant was kept in Nagasaki before he escaped and fell in love with a local woman named Atsuko. When Atsuko was murdered, Logan followed her killer to Hiroshima, where they were caught in the atomic bombing of the city. Wolverine survived the blast, but was left scarred by the loss of his former love.


Even though he stepped up and filled in for Steve Rogers after the original Cap died, Bucky Barnes still stood trial for his crimes as his previous identity, the Winter Soldier. Declared innocent in the United States, Russia judged him differently—and locked him up on heightened charges. Thanks to help from someone familiar with Russian prisons—Black Widow—Bucky escaped and headed back to the U.S., where he then decided that his days holding the mantle of Captain America were over.


Miles Morales doesn’t lay claim as the only Spider-Man to wind up incarcerated—back in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #219, Peter Parker attempted to sneak into a jail as part of an exposé, but instead got caught and tossed in a cell! After Matt Murdock helped him get out of the predicament, Pete managed to publish his exposé—and apprehend a few escaped inmates in the process.

Go behind bars with SPIDER-MAN #20, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Oscar Bazaldua, available September 6!


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Brian Michael Bendis speaks on Miles Morales’ mom and more!

By Josh Weiss

I’ve never met a mother yet totally cool with the idea of her son swinging from the rooftops of buildings and getting involved in life-threatening battles with villains and heroes alike. If anything, these things would probably heighten the feeling of anxiety she has for her child—her own brand of Spidey Sense, let’s call it. Pair that with a secretive, hormonal teenager and it can be a recipe for disaster.

Such is the reality of Rio Morales’s relationship with her son, Miles, aka Spider-Man. As one of the co-creators and writers of this character—plus, a parent himself—Brian Michael Bendis happily gave us some profound insights into Miles’ upbringing and how the presence of his mother in his life influenced his journey as Spider-Man, compared to the backstory of Miles’ role model, Peter Parker. Unlike Peter Parker who was raised by his aunt and uncle, Miles was able to be brought up by his actual parents. How did the presence of his biological caregivers, particularly his mother, affect his journey to becoming Spider-Man and all the baggage the hero role ultimately came with?

Brian Michael Bendis: It affects it completely. This is everything. That is, in my mind, the real big difference between Peter and Miles. They were raised completely differently in different parts of the city with different relationships to everything—even different connections to morality and spirituality. That all comes from the way they were raised. That’s true with everybody. Both of these young men are representing something similar but from completely different perspectives. Did you try and model Rio Morales on Aunt May or did you want her to be something entirely different? If so, in what ways did you try to distinguish her from such an iconic character?

Brian Michael Bendis: Something entirely different. I have gone on record saying that I based [the Ultimate version of] Aunt May on my mother, but Rio was based on someone else completely. I know so many good parents. There is this [Venn] diagram of the way good parents handle a lot of things, but there are also all these interesting differences. Things that we have all handed down from our families including things that we will never do because of our families. Everyone raises their children differently. Front and center are the ideas the parent really wants to make sure the kid understands. And while Peter was learning “with great power comes great responsibility,” Miles was learning some harsher truths. Miles’ father, Jefferson Davis, is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. While Rio Morales is just an ordinary person, albeit an extraordinary mother. How does this more grounded personality play into Miles’ super powered persona?

Brian Michael Bendis: Every child is a product of their environment and when you have two strong personality parents, something I and my children know something about—it’s very interesting to see how the child processes their surroundings and develops their own personality. With Miles, we have this interesting parent dynamic, plus their dynamic with each other. Both voices take up equal space in his brain. Plus, he has these powers which have opened doors to meeting all kinds of heroes and icons. All these people will be making a giant impression on Miles as he moves and develops forward. At the end of the day Miles is still a teenager and based on experiences with my own mother, she gets worried when I forget to call and I’m 22-years-old. I can’t imagine what that worry must be like for Rio. Can you describe how she copes with it and if it causes any strain on her relationship with Miles?

Brian Michael Bendis: This is a major story point going forward. She gave him a lot of latitude in an attempt to be a cool mom to a teenager who has earned her trust but the reality is Miles’ life may be too complicated to hide from her much longer. And it might be that keeping a secret from her is the worst thing he could have ever done. How does she feel about her son’s involvement with that Spider-Gwen girl?

Brian Michael Bendis: Rio doesn’t know what Miles is up to. Very few parents really know what their teenagers are up to. I fondly remember keeping things from my mother just because I wanted that power over her. I wasn’t actually doing anything bad, I was reading comics, I just wanted my stuff. Spider-Man is Miles’s ultimate teen expression of freedom.


Follow Miles’ family drama with SPIDER-MAN #15, available April 5!

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Should Miles Morales swing into a relationship with Gwen Stacy?

Our Spidey senses have been tingling since the reveal of Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales’ new romance—unfolding in the pages of SPIDER-GWEN and SPIDER-MAN—but before we all jump on the Giles bandwagon it’s time to take a look at this young, budding relationship and determine whether or not it should blossom or wither.

What better way to do that then with a tried and true pros and cons list?

Before this nascent couple decides on their status in SPIDER-MAN #14 on March 15, here’s some key points to mull over…

-Miles and Gwen both lead the hero life and according to Morales’ best buddy Ganke, a hero needs someone who understands the pressures, responsibilities and inconveniences that come with it.
-Both of our heroes remain relatively new to the web slinging life and this new shared experience they’ve fallen into could help strengthen their relationship and teach them to rely on one another for support while they learn to navigate this new chapter together, sort of like freshman year of college.
-Gwen and Miles have the same beautifully pun-filled sense of humor and a team up would inevitably lead to some comedy gold. Why not foil villainous plans with a web of laughter, right?
-Bringing a nice girl home might get Miles’ mom and grandmother off his back and stop them from snooping around his life accusing him of using drugs…just a thought.
-And finally it would be pretty adorable for Spider-Man to find himself a nice Spider-Woman, have some Spider-Babies and maybe even get a Spider-Dog to round out their adorable little Spider-Family.

Spider-Man (2016) #12

Spider-Man (2016) #12

What is Marvel Unlimited?

-There is the slight issue of them living in different dimensions. While not the typical long distance relationship, it’s still just as, if not more, taxing on them to constantly have to pop back and forth between dimensions.
-After losing both Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, and with her father in jail, Gwen might be a tad raw at present and therefore a bit emotionally unavailable.
-While yes, young love can be a fickle thing, let’s not forget Miles’ obvious crush on Ms. Marvel since day one. Looks like Kamala isn’t the only flexible hero!
-While it’s definitely a plus to date someone who understands the hero lifestyle, if both of them constantly gallivant around town thwarting criminal schemes, there won’t be much time left to say hello let alone go on a date. Unless you count searching for Miles’ missing father as a date. Points for being out of the ordinary?
-And finally, if we look at this from a biological standpoint, this relationship ends with Spider-Gwen eating Spider-Man…that’s what most call irreconcilable differences.

Now that we have our list done it’s time for the most important step in the process: tossing the list out the window and going with your gut! Will Giles make it? Find out on March 15 in SPIDER-MAN #14.

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Brian Michael Bendis steers his young Spider-Man into Civil War II!

Some of the big decisions in a young teenager’s life often include figuring out what to wear, going with Team Android or Apple, and determining the right crowd to hand out with in public. Despite his superpowers, Miles Morales seems to live a pretty standard life—Does he put on the costume now or later and which side fits his personality best: Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Of course, many readers who experienced the joys of adolescence realize the option for black and white decisions rarely occurs; instead, we face a world of gray. And as Marvel’s Civil War II event story gets underway, head writer Brian Michael Bendis looks to underscore this hard-learned lesson with Miles Morales, a.k.a. Spider-Man! Sometimes, other options need to be considered and that can include striking out on one’s own…

We sat down to talk about the decisions facing Miles as battle lines are drawn and heroes begin to align themselves with Captain Marvel, whose side favors pro-active action, and Iron Man, who wants to protect the population from being held accountable for pre-crimes. With all of the influences in his life that might sway him one way or the other, we try to get some answers as to where Spider-Man falls as the second super hero civil war gets underway! When we last spoke, you mentioned that Civil War II sees Miles filling as equally a significant role as Peter Parker played during Civil War in 2006. But I couldn’t get you to spill the beans as to what the role could be. Now that CIVIL WAR II #2 is out, any hints or clue as to what we can expect from our teen-aged Spider-Man?

Brian Michael Bendis: Well, if you look at some of the previews of what’s to come, you’ll begin to notice that we’re really putting the spotlight on the younger generation of heroes: Kamala Khan, Sam Alexander, and of course, Miles Morales.

You see, one of the major threads running through Civil War II is this growing divide between the younger generation of heroes and the older ones. It’s different because they don’t have the day jobs or businesses to run because they’re still learning. They’ve grown up learning from and looking up to these adults, and now, they’re discovering things about them that are challenging what they learned. These are some hard lessons and there will be more up ahead for these kids.

And of course, just wait until you get into CIVIL WAR II #5. You’re going to learn a lot about Miles’ significance in the entirety of the civil war that’s taking place across the Marvel Universe! I know we have a while until that point, given that we’ve only just read about the events of issue #2, but what can you tell us about the events in that momentous issue?

Brian Michael Bendis: What I can say is that someone comes and deliberately seeks Miles out. One of the heroes from one side of the fight approaches him to let him know they want and need him. They understand there’s something to be gained by having Miles fighting alongside them, too, and that’s why they approach him. So, while there are some heroes that are not directly involved with Civil War II, that’s not really going to be an option for Miles.

And I know this image was recently released, so I can talk about it as well, but you should see the cover to CIVIL WAR II #6—the one with Miles holding onto Captain America’s shield. It’s kind of hard to have that cover and not see Miles in a rather…significant role during this event! That definitely looks like one of those “points of no return!” So, what formative moments from Miles’ life as a solo super hero would you say might lead him to choose either Captain Marvel or Iron Man’s side?

Brian Michael Bendis: Here’s the important thing we need to remember: Miles’ dad knows that he’s a super hero, unlike his mother. And it’s also important to know that Jefferson’s not especially keen about the fact his son’s a costumed hero. He has an idea of what comes with that life, and understandably, doesn’t want that for him. But there’s something else: He’s also had some bad experiences with being profiled. He knows what it’s like firsthand to match the profile to a “T” without being guilty but still being hauled into custody.

Spider-Man (2015) #6

Spider-Man (2015) #6

It’s going to create an interesting circumstance where Miles actually comes to his dad for advice. See, he’s used to having some problem drop on his head and then go about punching it as his solution and then tell his dad about it after the fact. But now, Miles has a little lead time on the problem, so he’s actually going to his dad to see what he should do about how to handle this split in the super hero community. And that would seem to indicate Miles would lean towards Tony, given the anti-profiling stance he takes.

On the other hand, Miles now serves as a member of the Avengers. Do you think his experience as a member of a team would affect his decision about whose side to take especially when given the opportunity to prevent his friends from becoming such casualties as we’ve already seen?

Brian Michael Bendis: Exactly! That’s it exactly. You see, it’s not cut and dry. Because who wants a story they can predict? Otherwise, we’re just getting super hero comfort food. I want to challenge people as they read and make them think a bit. When we look at Captain Marvel as someone who’s out there looking to save lives and protect everyone they care about and love, it’s a little harder to say “no” to that. It’s something Miles is going to have to think about when the time comes. Well, especially given how unhinged Tony is in issue #2, Carol does seem like the more responsible choice, no? After all, Tony openly admits to torturing Ulysses!

Brian Michael Bendis: Right? I mean, this is a guy who pretended to be dead for months and now he just shows up again?! It changes the way you see him, and perhaps, the way you view the issue. Now, let’s look at some of Miles’ friends. Perhaps one of the elements of Miles that immediately endeared him to readers was the cast of supporting characters, like Ganke. Are there any particular points in his relationship with his friends that would push him one way or the other?

Brian Michael Bendis: Well, it goes back to the point I made earlier about how there’s this strong conflict brewing between the two different generations. And while we’ll definitely see Ganke later, don’t forget there are other friends of his who have superpowers but aren’t directly involved in the conflict like Goldballs and Bombshell. They’re all going to have to find a way to make sense of the “new norm” that will result from the fallout of Civil War II. Having covered all of the bases between family, fellow heroes, and friends, what’s the final answer: Captain Marvel or Iron Man?

Brian Michael Bendis: [Laughs] You’ll have to read and find out!

Find out for yourself in SPIDER-MAN #6 from Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, available July 20!

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Brian Michael Bendis and Nico Leon prep Miles Morales for action!

Beginning this week, Marvel fans prepare for what promises to be one of the most exciting summer events in recent history: Civil War II! And just like the past super hero fallout, this one promises to see at least one webslinger standing in the middle of the heat!

Before the start of Civil War II, and before it reaches the pages of SPIDER-MAN #6 this July, we spoke with the event and series writer, Brian Michael Bendis, as well as the artist for the tie-in issue, Nico Leon, about what we can expect when Miles Morales finds himself in the midst of a super hero war. Brian, the last time we spoke, you were just getting ready to begin working on SPIDER-MAN. How have things been since closing down the Ultimate Universe and bringing Miles over to the All New, All Different Marvel Universe?

Brian Michael BendisIt has gone just about as amazing as one could have hoped. We have increased our readership immensely. Miles has found his way into the Marvel Universe with more grace than one would have thought possible. The conversation about the character and his place in the Marvel Universe and pop culture is as potent as ever. Every day people speak to me about Miles with such reverence that I am overwhelmed.

And Miles is a “Build a Bear” now!!! The true mark of success! Now, looking back at the death of the Ultimate Peter Parker five years ago next month, which I’ll add still hurts, we learned Nick Fury saw Spider-Man as being a future member of the Ultimates, and even leading them one day. With Miles as an Avenger today, do you see this as a sort of fulfillment of that dream? 

Brian Michael Bendis: I think Civil War II and other things happening over the next couple of years will reveal things about Miles and his potential in the Marvel Universe that people might not have even thought possible with Ultimate Peter Parker. In the spirit of reminiscing, Spider-Man stood in the center of the super hero civil war and acted as the moral compass for the two warring sides 10 years ago. Fast forward to 2016, and we find ourselves at the start of a second super hero civil war. Where do either of you see Miles in the midst of this fallout? Will he play a similar role as Peter Parker or does he have another part to play?

Brian Michael BendisWe’re very proud that the second civil war is in no way shape or form a rehash of the original story. Miles will have a part in Civil War II, and it will be a substantial one, but it is not the same as the one Peter Parker had.  I don’t want to say anymore because the spoilers but everyone at Marvel is curious to see what the reaction to all of this is.

Nico Leon: I think the things have changed a lot since the first Civil War, not only inside the Marvel Universe, but also in the world at large. Society is dealing with different problems in 2016, and our readership has expanded and changed a lot, too—for the better! Given this new context, while it is Civil War II, I think—talking as a fan—people should avoid side by side comparisons with first [event]. Readers should expect excitement and a lot of surprises for Miles, but expecting him to fill the same role that Peter Parker did in the original event would feel forced in 2016, and it would prevent Civil War II from standing on its own. What appeal is there for Miles to side with Captain Marvel? Iron Man?

Brian Michael Bendis: One of the big side stories of Civil War II is how the younger generation of heroes like Miles, Ms. Marvel, and Nova are going to be faced with making some hard choices that may fly in the face of heroes that they admire or aspire to be. It is a very familiar coming of age moment but with a very special Marvel flair. I’m actually very excited about just this possibility. Brian, what risks and dangers does Miles Morales face, knowing you’ve already filled your allowed quota for killing Spider-Men? 

Brian Michael Bendis: Quota? I have filled no quota. [Laughs] Shifting gears to an only mildly safer territory, you’re pitting Miles against the Black Cat and sticking with the original intent to keep SPIDER-MAN operating on a street level. Is this continued approach the plan for Civil War II, or do you look to shift things up?

Brian Michael Bendis: There will be a pretty big shake up for Miles coming out the other side – and not what anyone is expecting. That I can promise you. Nico, of all the characters you’ve in the Marvel toy box, is there someone in SPIDER-MAN you haven’t gotten to tackle yet that we can expect to see? 

Nico Leon: Well, I am not deep into the events of Civil War II yet—and if I were, I probably couldn’t say much [Laughs]—but what the fan in me most wants to see is the younger, inexperienced characters like Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, and Sam Alexander dealing with this huge event. Not only how they will react to the event, but also how they will respond to their heroes and mentors.

And I would love to see a Ms. Marvel, Silk, and Miles team-up! Before we wrap things up, let’s get personal for a minute. We know that CIVIL WAR II centers on a new Inhuman, Ulysses, who has the ability to see the future. Let’s say someone in our world gained the ability to see the future and opened the door for law enforcement to prevent crimes before they occur. Do you think we should arrest people for pre-crimes or no? Should a pre-criminal be remanded to the government or left free to operate on his or her own?

Nico Leon: The human mind can make decisions in less than a second, and in many scenarios, neither the victim nor the perpetrator would believe that a crime was about to happen until the instant that it does and not a moment before. So, I don’t think that arresting confused people would help law enforcement at all.

I wonder what would happen if, instead of having specialized crime prevention teams smashing down doors, there was a specialized team of “crime scene modifiers.” Instead of preventing the crimes themselves, they could modify the given situation and circumstances that lead to a crime being committed. In a shooting, for example, they could replace the real gun with an exact replica, which fires harmless paint bullets before the “future murderer” or “future victim” could notice. This team, being unnoticed, could prevent anybody from getting hurt on the scene, but still let the circumstances of the crime happen. Then, they could smash down the doors. I think that would cause fewer moral problems.

Brian Michael Bendis: My job is to present both sides of the debate. 

SPIDER-MAN #6 place Miles Morales in the hands of Brian Michael Bendis and Nico Leon for Civil War II this July!

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Take an exclusive first look at Sara Pichelli's art for Miles Morales' Marvel Universe debut!

The wait’s almost over! In February 2016, Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli bring Miles Morales to the Marvel Universe in SPIDER-MAN #1!

While we can’t tell you everything about this All-New All-Different series spinning out of the events in Secret Wars, we’ve got exclusive Pichelli art to help pass the time and you can learn more here!

Swing into the Marvel Universe with Miles Morales in SPIDER-MAN, coming February 2016 from Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli!

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Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli reunite to bring their creation to his biggest stage yet!

As the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe continues to take shape in the wake of Secret Wars, few announcements will rock the boat like this: Miles Morales will be headlining a new series called simply SPIDER-MAN.

Miles made big waves when he took over the lead as the Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man after that Earth’s Peter Parker died in the line of duty. Since that time, he quickly built a following of fans from all backgrounds in making the role his own and reinforcing the notion that anyone can be a super hero.

Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, Miles’ co-creators and the team behind SPIDER-MAN, talked to us about this exciting creative reunion!

And while news about this big push for the young hero from the Ultimate Universe broke this weekend, is the only place to hear from both writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli about their exciting new collaborative reunion! The SPIDER-MAN series is sort of a homecoming for you both, with Sara having been away from Miles’ solo series for some time now. How does it feel coming back together to work with the Ultimate Spider-Man on Marvel’s All New, All Different SPIDER-MAN?

Brian Michael Bendis: This is a very big deal to us. Miles is our baby. Sara and I had a baby! [Laughs]. And for our baby to have grown up and flat-out earned his place in the Marvel Universe, as Spider-Man, is frankly so much more than we could have hoped for when we first sat down to design him and his life. When it became clear that I was going to follow Miles into this new adventure, I was really hoping that Sara would see the value in it being both of us that do this together. I was thrilled that she agreed immediately.

Sara Pichelli: In 2011, when I worked on the very first issues of the Ultimate Spider-Man book, I couldn’t even imagine that I was helping create what quickly became an instant-classic. I feel proud and lucky at the same time that Brian and the Marvel team chose me to be part of that.

Now it’s time to tell the next story about a new milestone in Miles’ life, and I must say, it feels so natural to be working again next to Brian on this. Like I did the first time, I’ll work my ass off to draw the amazing story that Brian is writing for our Miles. Now, it’s pretty common to see phrases like “changing the status quo” and “never be the same” being bandied about in comics today. However, SECRET WARS #1 made it pretty clear the Marvel Universe would be irrevocably changed. What aspects of Miles’ life will we see in terms of his family and friends as well as his NY stomping grounds?

Brian Michael Bendis: I don’t want to spoil too much because Secret Wars is far from over and there are surprises coming both in the main series and the ULTIMATE END series. But I can promise you there will be surprises. I can promise you that the status quo for Miles will be very different. Some people already know that he is a member of the All-New All-Different Avengers.

That’s just the beginning.

Sara Pichelli: I can’t really answer to that unless you want Brian, Marvel, and readers to kill me at the very next convention [Laughs]. We certainly don’t want that!

One thing that seems to stand out about Miles is his connection to the street level; yet, we see hints that he’ll have a more significant role during the Secret Wars event. How do you see him fitting into the bigger picture playing out?

Brian Michael Bendis: Let me be quite frank. There was a time last year where I had given notice on this book. I thought that with the character moving into the [Marvel Universe] maybe that should be a time for me to bow out. What I didn’t know was that the plans for Miles were substantial: that he would be an Avenger or that he would be set up in a way because of things going on in different books to be the more traditional Spider–Man character. And by that I mean that Miles will be the Spider-Man that is trying desperately to balance his life as a high school student and his super hero career. He will be the character that is wrestling with power and responsibility in a very raw way.

Once those elements revealed themselves, I politely asked to not leave the book. Story ideas flooded over me.

That is my long way of saying that Miles will have a very interesting but familiar street-level/ Spider-Man-level view of the Marvel Universe, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to stay.

Sara Pichelli: Personally I’ve always loved Miles mostly because he is a pretty grounded character. We’ve seen him struggling with a harsh reality since the very first issue of the book. He doesn’t live an ideal life, he’s not a genius, he’s not rich, has a complicated relationship with his family, and we lived with him [during] the conflicts coming just from having super powers. Miles slowly earned the readers’ affection [as he was revealed] to be a complex and unique character, strong enough to be finally included in a bigger picture. Let’s see what happens now. Sara, this question is specifically for you. You’ve covered a lot of ground in your relatively short time working for Marvel. With this upcoming series, was there anything new Brian challenged you to do that was especially tricky or challenging?

Sara Pichelli: You all know the work of Brian.

He usually creates characters you would like to hang out with or kill with your bare hands. The dialogue is strong and he’s able to give life to every character in a page. They’re imperfect but believable and multi-faceted.

Now, do you have any idea how difficult it is to do justice to Brian’s complex characters with just images? In the upcoming series, he’s delivering these powerful character interactions that are filled with diverse emotions in a variety of ways. I have to work hard to keep up with this new level of complexity. In the same vein, what elements did you enjoy the most from the time you began reading the script Brian sent you up to the point when you finished the art for the first issue?

Sara Pichelli: As I mentioned before, there’s a whole new level of emotional complexity in this new series that we’ll see from Miles. In this new series, we can really feel that Miles has grown up. And seeing the process of growth of a character and his evolution? Well, it’s deeply exciting.

MARVEL: Brian, this one is for you. It seems there were going to be some winner and losers, so to speak, in terms of which characters from the Ultimate Universe would be carried forward into the All-New Marvel Universe. It may seem obvious to some, but can you talk about why Miles Morales was at the forefront of those choices?

Brian Michael Bendis: Though it would seem that I fought very hard to keep one of my babies from extinction during this event, what happened was that I was sitting in a room where people were discussing the future of the Marvel Universe and one of the characters that was a lock was Miles.  I didn’t even have to bring it up, let alone fight for it.  He was coming to the [Marvel Universe].  It was quite flattering.

This is a direct result of the grassroots, passionate response to the character as both an individual and what he represents to the readership.  This is a direct result of very loud voices telling Marvel what they want. Miles, a child of color, will be Spider-Man. Not Ultimate Spider-Man, not Spectacular Spider-Man, not Amazing Spider-Man—Spider-Man. Were there any aspects either of you found difficult or challenging in terms of carrying Miles’ story forward from the Ultimate Universe through Secret Wars and into this brave, All New world?

Brian Michael Bendis: Quite a few but they are all things we can work out in story through the character. Miles is trying to figure out where he belongs as I am trying to figure out where he belongs. And that is cool.

Sara Pichelli: This is mostly the hard part of the job for Brian. I just follow him, trying to figure out what’s next issue by issue. So, what sort of surprises do you both have in store for readers as this release draws ever closer?

Brian Michael Bendis: So many. A lot of people may be worried about Miles’ supporting cast, Miles continuity, Miles’ back story. Also exactly what Miles relationship is to the other characters. None of these things have been revealed and many of them will be surprising.

And most importantly, the thing I get asked about every day, is a sequel to SPIDER-MEN, the [series] we did a couple of years ago where Peter Parker met Miles. Consider the first year of this book the sequel to that series. But if you never read that, don’t worry about it. It will all make sense.

Sara Pichelli: I don’t want to spoil anything! Just get a comfortable chair and get ready!

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