Everything you need to know about Marvel Games, this week!

True Believers, every Tuesday, make your way over to Marvel.com for a rundown of all this week’s Marvel Games news, from console game releases to character drops to mobile event updates, and more! 

Thanos isn’t only terrorizing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on-screen with the April 27 release of Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War.” Starting this week, the Mad Titan will have our heroes scrambling to assemble across seven titles in Marvel Games roster. Now let’s get on to what cataclysmic events we can expect to see this week and what we can tease for the remaining participating titles!


Are you ready to earn the rare title of “Infinity Warrior”? Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman and Spider-Man’s Tom Holland will be kicking off their Champion Challenge tomorrow, Thursday, April 19, and run to May 17, to get you trained for the Contest’s upcoming Infinity War event!

Beginning on Wednesday, April 25, you can expect to find four new events in-game with the latest build update, including the “Infinity Nightmare” story quest, a daily “Infinity Trials” quest,” the solo “Vanquishing Blows” challenge, and “Infinity Dungeons,” which features social co-op quests.

  • TRIALS OF THE MAD TITAN (April 25 – June 6)
    The powers of the Battlerealm’s Infinity Stones have spread throughout the Contest, leaving pockets of their condensed energies ripe for the picking. Cut your teeth on foes infused with the power of the Stones each day, and then collect Boosts that will temporarily give you access to the unique powers offered by each Stone! Combine these boosts on the final day each week to take on power enemies in the Trial of Omniscience, where the greatest rewards and most dangerous enemies lie.
  • INFINITY DUNGEONS (Available for a limited time only!)
    Team up with another Summoner to battle through an endless series of Rooms. Even better, they don’t have to be in your alliance! Strategize with them while in the Dungeon with the new Quick Chat feature. Each Dungeon has a unique theme depending on the day you play, including randomized Buffs on Nodes that are different every time you play.The further you go, the harder it becomes, and the better the rewards. Once you completed a Room, you must decide whether to push on to the next and more difficult Room, or conclude the Dungeon and collect the points and rewards you’ve earned so far. Points earn you a new currency called Dark Artifacts. Use these vessels of dark power to purchase new Infinity Dungeon Crystals containing Champions.

Cosmic warrior Proxima Midnight entered the Battlerealm last week, but she is never too far from her other half. Expect the arrival of Corvus Glaive and others invading the Battlerealm rolling out over the next few weeks!


Right out the gate, on Thursday, April 19, Captain America (Infinity War) brings his A-game, doing what’s right and saving the world one clandestine mission at a time. Pick up Captain America (Infinity War) here.

The good-all-around playable character is perfect for use in teams where you want to shut down problematic enemy powers. Harness the Super-Soldier’s powers during the “Come and Get Me Event,” running April 19 to April 22!

  • Rope-a-Dope allows Cap to distract the enemy with a false advance, misleading them and leaving their backline vulnerable
  • Coup de Grace lets Cap summon all his strength to land a finishing blow
  • Man Without Country means our hero can still protect the innocent with covert tactics
  • Lastly, Captain America can reach down and lift up his fallen ally and give a boost of health with On Your Feet, Soldier!

We gave you a taste of Supports early this month, you can expect plenty of Infinity War tie-in items and bonuses to help your heroes throughout the Event, kicking off starting on April 24!


Never one to walk away from a challenge, the new action-RPG mobile game, available on iOS and Android, will have “Avengers: Infinity War” characters Thanos, Vision, Star-Lord, Loki, and Doctor Strange, assembling. You can expect Thanos timed raids and the Thanos legendary event kicking off Thursday, April 19!


You can absolutely expect a new level and “Avengers: Infinity War” characters debuting in the new event soon!


All we can say is — you better prepare for the first huge update inspired by “Avengers: Infinity War”!

Also, we can tease that Marvel Future Fight is also celebrating their 3 Year Anniversary this month. We wonder what surprises will be in store!


Get ready for next week’s release of the Spider-Man (Iron Spider) playable character and a brand new Boss Battle against Thanos!


We’ve been teasing for over two years now, and the destiny has finally arrived in the form of Thanos descending upon the Avengers Academy and our heroes. Keep it on Marvel.com to learn about the heroes and villains across the universe who will need to team up to stop him.



Game Informer continues their month-long coverage of all things Spidey! Pre-order the game and catch up on GI’s exclusive stories you may have missed this past week:

Thanks to Marvel, Insomniac Games and Titan Books, to get you ready for Marvel’s Spider-Man’s September 7 release, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover” will give you an early look at what kicks off the events in the game. The prequel book, written by David Liss and available on August 21, will feature some of Spidey’s most famous friends and foes, including the Shocker, Echo, J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane Watson, and the Kingpin.

Don’t miss out on “Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game,” written by Paul Davies, which will follow on September 11, for never-before-seen images of Spider-Man, his costume and equipment, the Marvel version of his hometown New York, and the deadly villains he battles, fans will get a behind the scenes look at the game from initial designs, blueprints, and the breathtaking final concepts!

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more Marvel Games news and interviews.

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Everything you need to know about Marvel Games, this week!

True Believers, every Tuesday, make your way over to Marvel.com for a rundown of all this week’s Marvel Games news, from console game releases to character drops to mobile event updates, and more! 

To kick off our inaugural This Week in Marvel Games feature, what’s better than delighting your Spidey senses with everything we can share about Marvel’s Spider-Man (so far)!


Insomniac Games and Marvel Games are kicking off a whole month of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” coverage with Game Informer!

Today, they revealed “Marvel’s Spider-Man” is the May cover, featuring art from the famed Alex Ross:

May Cover Revealed – Spider-Man https://buff.ly/2q3ffuX

Posted by Game Informer on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Be sure to head to pick up the physical Game Informer issue this coming Friday, featuring exclusive info, art and more, from their Insomniac Games visit. And all month long, check-in on Game Informer Spider-Man Hub for additional looks and details!


There is no shortage of mutants rolling out across your favorite mobile games, and the folks over at D3 Go! aren’t skimping! The young, effervescent Jubilee makes her way into Marvel Puzzle Quest this Thursday, dealing damage while changing the state of the board by unleashing Heart of the Team, Light Show, and Roman Candle.

Team her up with other characters that create Charged titles like Thor, Goddess of Thunder; Lockjaw; and Blackbolt. Pick up Jubilee here and test her out during the her Release debuts “The X-Men vs. Apocalypse” this April 5 to 8, and “S.H.I.E.L.D. Training” between April 5 to 12. Her stores, “S.H.I.E.L.D. Training Heroes for Hire,” will be available April 5 to 12, and “Jubilee & Friends,” April 8 to 14. Her featured event “Unstable Iso-8” runs April 8 to 13, and finally, her Versus Tournament “Here to Chew Bubblegum” starts on April 8 and ends April 11.


MARVEL Strike Forceavailable on iOS and Android, is now recruiting heroes to help Fury assemble a squad to take on Ultimus and his Kree army. Read our exclusive interview with the team, watch the exclusive gameplay trailer, and learn some handy tips and tricks as you embark on the latest S.T.R.I.K.E. mission here.

MARVEL Strike Force

Spider-Man Unlimited: Venom Inc. wreaks havoc across “Spider-Man Unlimited” in the latest symbiote update. Pick up the mobile game on Google Play and iTunes.

Marvel Contest of Champions: Logan’s fiercest foe, Sabretooth, finds his way into Battlerealm!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: truTV’s Chris Gethard stops by Marvel Let’s Play to challenge Ryan aka AgentM!

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The wallcrawling adventure from Gameloft unleashes a symbiote update!

All-new characters swing their way into Marvel’s “Spider-Man Unlimited” from the symbiote-loaded “Venom Inc.” comic event. Players will get a crack at Agent Anti-Venom, Maniac, and more, along with an event and some new items. We talked to Gameloft Product Marketing Manager Sergii Gotsman to get the lowdown on everything coming to “Spider-Man Unlimited.”

Marvel.com: When have more symbiotes ever been a good thing for Spider-Man? I have a feeling things are going to get tricky for our heroes with this many baddies on parade.

Sergii Gotsman: It’s definitely worrisome, but as we’ve already seen in the comics (for example in “Venomverse,” “Poison-X” or “Maximum Carnage”), when faced with a greater threat, symbiotes can find a bit of common ground with the good guys and work with them. And with all the interdimensional menaces that threaten the Spider-Verse in “Spider-Man Unlimited,” I’m sure the Spideys and symbiotes can put their rivalry aside—at least for a moment.

Marvel.com: What can players expect from this update? We’ve got some new characters, some new items—and did I hear something about a new event?

Sergii Gotsman: Yes, we’re bringing in nine new characters, two new collectables and new limited-time events. Most, but not all, of this is tied to the recently concluded VENOM INC. comic books. You’ll be able to play as Agent Anti-Venom, Maniac (Lee Price), and Inkling versions of Black Cat, Hammerhead, and Mac Gargan, and take part in new Venom Inc.-themed events.

But it’s not only about “Venom Inc.— we’re also bringing some other heroes from the Spider-Verse into the fray, like Alistair Smythe, Ezekiel, Venom Angelo Fortunato, and Venom Zombie.

Marvel.com: The team is releasing nine new characters with the event? Holy moly, that’s a lot! Do you have a favorite? Anyone you want to take running?

Sergii Gotsman: In terms of my personal preferences, I really like Agent Anti-Venom—his 3D model looks really awesome and I like the idea that Eugene “Flash” Thompson is the new Anti-Venom of Earth-616. But I’m betting that Venom Zombie will become the community favorite from this update—Marvel Zombies has a pretty huge fan base and our players have asked about this character for a while.

Marvel.com: Can you tell us a little more about the items and event coming down the pipe?

Sergii Gotsman: As I mentioned, story-wise it’s tied to Venom Inc. In addition to running, fighting and web-swinging, players will have to collect Symbiote Samples and Astrobiological Serums—which are drawn from an important plot device in the original Venom Inc. story. You see, when Lee Price absorbed Mania’s symbiote and became Maniac, he developed a new ability—the power to infect people with pieces of the symbiote, giving him control over them. That’s where Astrobiological Serums come in handy—in small doses, they regulates the hormonal output of the symbiote and may help to get rid of Maniac’s influence.

The Venom Inc. events are scheduled to run until the end of April, and those who will have managed to collect all the new characters from them will also be rewarded with Rank Up cards and vials.

Marvel.com: What are you all most excited for players to get their hands on with this update?

Sergii Gotsman: I really like that we’re able to offer events tied to a recent Spider-Man story. I mean, we’ve just read VENOM INC. and now we get to enjoy it a bit more in the game. The whole “Spider-Man Unlimited team is eager to see how the community will react to it.

Marvel.com: Anything else that we need to know?

Sergii Gotsman: Be sure to keep up with all the latest news about the game on Facebook and YouTube—we’re constantly sharing art and videos from the game with our community there. And stay tuned, the next update—which we’re currently working on—will feature some crazy, titanic-sized stuff!

Pick up “Spider Man Unlimited” on Google Play and iTunes and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more news and interviews.

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Morlun vs. Morbius!

Heroes of the Spider-Verse will fight Morlun and an inter-dimensional Sinister Six with a helping hand from Morbius, the Living Vampire in the latest update of “Spider-Man Unlimited,” available now on iOS and Android!

The latest update includes new rarity-based collections and a revamped Spider-Tiers system. In addition to the bloodthirsty Morbius, meet the devastatingly strong Mattie Franklin in her battle costume from Spider-Woman #9!


  • CLASH OF VAMPIRES: Morlun, the Inheritor is no pushover, so fight this vampiric villian with a fanged friend of your own and add Morbius to your team of Spider-Verse heroes!
  • NEW RARITY-BASED COLLECTIONS: Collect and level up your characters to receive great new abilities.
  • REACH NEW SPIDEY TIERS: Unlock Ultimate Spidey Tiers by collecting and leveling up characters.
  • TITAN RARITY SPIDEYS: Electro-Proof Spider-Man, Bullet-Points Spider-Man,
  • Ends of the Earth Spider-Man, Big Time Spider-Man (Sonic), Battle-Damaged Spider-Man and Spider-Armor are now available in Titan Rarity!
  • COLLECT INFINITE CARD PIECES: Unlock Agent Venom in the Symbiote World event!
  • UI IMPROVEMENTS: Enjoy the long-awaited Inbox filter.


Pick up “Spider Man Unlimited” on Google Play and iTunes and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more news and interviews.

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The wonderful wallcrawling adventure from Gameloft gets a major update!

Spider-Man Unlimited,” everyone’s favorite spider-themed mobile runner, has some cool new content set to hit the web very soon. We talked to Gameloft Product Marketing Manager Sergii Gotsman, and he broke down all the spicy Spidey shenanigans the team has planned for players.

Marvel.com: It’s been a while since we’ve had an update from you guys. Mind giving us a tl;dr of all the changes you have coming for us?

Sergii Gotsman: In this update we’re adding five cool new characters, a new collection, which will be available this February only, and new rarity levels for several Spideys currently on the game’s roster.

You’ll be able to play as The Answer (from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #91), Ai Apaec (New Avengers #18), Blood Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #367), Superior Octopus (Amazing Spider-Man #1) and my personal favorite, Gwenom (Edge of Spider-Verse #2).

Marvel.com: Dang, five new characters? Are we getting all of them in one blast, or will you be releasing them over the next few weeks?

Sergii Gotsman: All characters will be available in February’s story events. We’ll release them one after the other so players can collect them all gradually, rather than having to frantically fling their webs to get them all at once.

Marvel.com: What went into crafting each of their unique looks? Did the team just draw from their comics for inspiration, or is their some Gameloft flair added to their appearances?

Sergii Gotsman: It is one of the Gameloft’s promises to Spider-Man fans that every character in the game has been painstakingly recreated to match their original comic book appearance as much as possible. But game development is a complex process, and we usually find room to show off our artistic skills – particularly as we convert a character from a 2D piece of art to an animated 3D model.

Marvel.com: I heard that a few characters are getting updates. Mind digging into their upgrades for us?

Sergii Gotsman: Sure! First off, players will now be able to get Titan rarity versions of Silk (Cindy Moon), Unmasked Spider-Woman (May Parker) and Unmasked Spider-Gwen. In addition, each of these characters will receive a new set of bonuses corresponding to their new rarity level.

Marvel.com: Also, we have some new chances to get pieces of Nick Fury’s Infinite card right?

Sergii Gotsman: Infinite characters are currently the strongest in game, but they take dedication to unlock. To get Infinite Nick Fury you’ll have to collect all the pieces of his Infinite card in Symbiote World. It’s a dangerous place, but the prize is certainly worth the effort!

Marvel.com: There’s a lot for players to sink their teeth into here. Is there anything the team is most excited to roll out to players?

Sergii Gotsman: Definitely. I’m excited to see how players react to Gwenom – she’ll be available in the first event, which should start in a few days.

Also, we’ve just finished the SMU roadmap for 2018 and I want to say this year is gonna be huge for Spider-Man. There’s not much I can disclose now, but if you’re a fan of web slinging heroes from the Spider-Verse, stay tuned.  A lot of cool stuff is coming, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more new stuff in “Spider-Man Unlimited”!

Pick up “Spider Man Unlimited” on Google Play and iTunes and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more news and interviews.

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Web up as the wondrous wall-crawler across Marvel mobile gaming!

“Spider-Man Homecoming” swings into theaters next Friday, July 7, but we’re starting the party this week with a slew of new updates to your favorite Marvel Games! You’ll see a ton of fresh Spidey content over the course of this week and next as we celebrate the film’s release.

To make things easy for all you fans of the web-head, we’ve gathered all the info on these updates in one place.

“Marvel Contest of Champions”

Spidey dons a new Stark Tech suit and leaps back into the fight! Meanwhile, a new Event Quest and a set of new Assignments from Tony Stark himself round out the new content for the fabulous mobile fighting game from Kabam!

Newly released into the Battlerealm, a Stark-enhanced Peter Parker gets swept up in the nefarious machinations of the Black ISO Mafia. As the villains begin to amass a mysterious power source with the help of The Vulture, this new Spider-Man sets off to foil their plans, against the urging of his mentor, Iron Man. With the help of the Summoner, Parker fights to prove his worth to the Avengers and make the Battlerealm safer for everyone.

Tony Stark takes a breather from saving the world to help mentor the next generation of Super Heroes. He’s got his sights set on Peter Parker and has given him the gift of a Stark-Tech modified suit. Tony’s got some rapid-fire scenarios set up to test Peter’s Spidey-Sense and the new features of his suit, but he needs your help to test them out first! Participate in Stark Assignments: quick, challenging Quests that appear at irregular intervals throughout the day. Complete as many as you can throughout the month, and collect valuable rewards, including rare Spider-Verse characters! Follow @MarvelChampions on Twitter to get notified when each Stark Assignment starts!

Download “Marvel Contest of Champions”

“Marvel Future Fight”

Our friends at Netmarble have put together a bunch of original content starring the web-slinger and his most fearsome foes! Spider-Man goes back to basics with his new uniform—modeled after Peter’s homemade suit first seen in “Captain America: Civil War”—and The Vulture joins the party, donning a new suit based on his “Spider-Man: Homecoming” gear. Alongside these new looks, players can recruit six familiar Spidey villains for their team, but not before battling them in the game’s latest sinister event quest. Take on the likes of Sandman, Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Rhino, Mysterio, and Vulture himself to bring them to your side in the interdimensional battle!

“With the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ film coming up, we thought it was fitting to introduce six new characters that are closely related to Spider-Man,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global officer at Netmarble Games. “Now players will be able to play as or against Spider-Man, and take part in a quest where the hero battles it out with his while earning a new quest pack.”

Download “Marvel Future Fight”

“Spider-Man Unlimited”

The wall-crawler hits the ground running in the latest update for “Spider-Man Unlimited”! Players have two new suits in which to deck out Peter Parker—both his homemade one and the new, advanced Stark Tech look. And he’ll need every advancement that gift from Tony Stark will bring as The Vulture threatens New York in the game’s latest boss battle!

Download “Spider-Man Unlimited

“Marvel Puzzle Quest”

The Sinister Six storm “Marvel Puzzle Quest” in hopes of finally stopping Spider-Man. There will be two Boss missions, featuring three members of the Six, and each comes with its own set of Supporting Character missions. Gather your alliance and work together to progress through each round and earn new rewards! These missions will run on July 6 and again on July 24.

Of course, who better to lead the charge against the Sinister Six than Spider-Man himself? Recruit Spidey to your team starting on July 6! If you prefer more villainous teammates, Vulture will be more than happy to join up starting on July 13.

Grab both new heroes and jump into the latest PVP Tournament: Junkyard Wars! Vulture will headline this tournament starting on July 20.

Download “Marvel Puzzle Quest”

“Marvel Avengers Academy”

It’s a veritable Spider-Party at the Academy this month! Spider-Man swings back to campus just in time for the Midtown School of Science and Technology’s Homecoming dance, but the villainous Vulture has other ideas. The almost-hero found himself spurned by both Midtown Sci-Tech and Avengers Academy amidst accusations that he stole tech and ideas from other students to further his own goals. Believing the schools and the world at large to be conspiring against him, Vulture attacks both the Academy and Spidey’s Midtown stomping grounds. To aid in the battle, Peter calls on other spider-heroes from across the multiverse! Recruit a batch of new heroes alongside some familiar faces from Spidey’s first appearance at Avengers Academy.

Download “Marvel Avengers Academy”

For all the latest on Marvel gaming, stay tuned to Marvel.com and follow us on Twitter @MarvelGames!

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Travel to the Symbiote homeworld and more with the Spider-Man mobile game!

Spidey and his friends have gotten themselves into a super sticky interstellar situation in “Spider-Man Unlimited.” Players will get to check out all-new scenery on the Klyntar homeworld and a host of other new features.

We talked with Gameloft Product Marketing Manager Vitaliy Gladiyenko about the upcoming update and all the fun ahead in the hit mobile runner!

Marvel.com: We have a big “Spider-Man Unlimited” update coming down the pipeline. Can we get a tl;dr of some of the big changes to expect?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: The biggest and the most awaited feature of this update is a new level: Symbiote World. As far as I know, the symbiote homeworld has never been featured in any game before, which makes “Spider-Man Unlimited” the first game that allows all Spidey fans to visit the [birthplace] of one of Spidey’s greatest nemeses: Venom.

Marvel.com: We’re headed to the Klyntar homeworld? I can’t imagine that’s a very hospitable place for Spider-Men and Women—or anyone really.

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Indeed, the planet isn’t rolling out the welcome mat for our heroes. If you dare to travel there, make sure you’re ready to face local symbiotic baddies. The most common symbiotes have a giant red spike protrusion while others have big shields and can only be taken down with a slide. There are some symbiotes packing bio-weapons that fire gooey projectiles and even a creepy flying fiend.

Players should also keep an eye on the local flora because it’s not even flora in the truest sense of the word. A tree behind the corner may want to take a chunk out of you!

But let’s not forget, that not all symbiotes—or Klyntar—are bad. Actually, none of them were bad originally. I suggest our readers get themselves a copy of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23, which tells a story about the Klyntar origin, which, by the way, was our main reference for the symbiote world location.

Marvel.com: Dang, so we’re facing a host of new symbiote baddies and if I’m seeing this correctly, a trio of psychotic symbiote bosses?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Venom, Carnage, and Scream were here for a while already, but we made one small improvement to their behavior: now they swing around like any other Spider-Man does! Try to catch them now!

Marvel.com: Players will also get a shot at a couple new characters right?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Yes, we’re releasing a bunch of characters with this update. Most of them are updated versions of the old Spideys, like Bulletproof Spider-Armor suit, Aracnido Jr., and few others. But there are two totally new guests to [the] “Spider-Man Unlimited” universe: Prowler, who was also featured in the recent Clone Conspiracy story arc, and one more Spidey, which we’ll talk about just in just a moment.

Marvel.com: For players that brave the alien landscape and defeat all the biological threats the planet has to offer, what kind of rewards are they picking up?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Besides some generic stuff like portals, hard and soft currency, all players will be able to win our second new character, someone you might not expect to see in “Spider-Man Unlimited” so soon. A small hint: this guy also played an important role in the Clone Conspiracy story, his identity was a big surprise to Spidey fans, and now he’s back with his own comic book! Can you guess who?

Marvel.com: I heard that the game was also getting some UX improvements?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Yes, besides the new location, we’ve also updated the main menu and a few other important sections of the game, like the pre-run and result screens, plus the Shop. We’ve been improving the player’s flow for a couple updates already and plan to do so in future.

Marvel.com: Do you have anything else you want to tell players before we sign off?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Make sure you tune in for more “Spider-Man Unlimited” soon!

Pick up “Spider Man Unlimited” on Google Play and iTunes and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more news and interviews.

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The wonderful wallcrawling adventure from Gameloft gets a major update!

Get ready for new and improved rooftop running and web swinging, with “Spider-Man Unlimited” getting another big update courtesy of the fine folks over at Gameloft. Product Marketing Manager Vitaliy Gladiyenko dropped by to give us the lowdown on all the changes coming down the pipeline.

Marvel.com: “Spider-Man Unlimited” is dropping another exciting update for players coming in early March. Can we get a tl;dr of some of the changes to expect?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: The whole update is aimed to make player’s experience even more smooth. First of all, we added a new daily login bonus system, which offers bigger rewards each next day you log in. In-game time-limited events, where all new Spideys are being released, got an upgrade too: now each event can be of a certain genome type—this is our local name for character classes. If the player uses characters of the same genome type as the event, he will receive a bonus to his score.

Also we did a whole bunch of UX improvements across the board: duplicate filter in the team section, character filter before the run, more intuitive flow in the reward sections of events and leaderboards where players can explore the content of portals. We also moved some UI elements around for better, more intuitive navigation.

Marvel.com: Just when Spidey thinks he’s seen the last of the symbiotes, a whole new mess of slimy baddies come tearing out of the woodwork. Let’s talk a little about Poison and Raze. Why should players add these two new characters to their roster?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: They’re both just darn cool characters! Poison has an interesting story. Basically, it is our good ol’ Parker, bonded with the bad ol’ Venom, but on a way deeper level. After nearly dying in battle against the interdimensional spider-totem hunter, Morlun, Peter Parker retreated into a cocoon state beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Sensing his weakness, the Venom symbiote escaped its prison and permanently bonded with Parker. Peter was driven to share his symbiote with Aunt May and Mary Jane, but both refused. Would you accept such a gift?

Raze aka Claire Dixon was an FBI agent, who was involved in the anti-Carnage ops. After several attempts to capture Carnage she was imprisoned herself and used as a test subject for Carnage’s spawn symbiote, Raze. I haven’t seen Raze in any [other] Spider-Man game. “Spider-Man Unlimited” becomes bigger and bigger with each update and now includes really rare characters!

Marvel.com: And can we go a little more in-depth with the daily bonus update? What exactly can players earn just by playing the game every day?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Basically, everything: ISO-8, vials, portals with characters, boosts, genome samples, Spidey energy. We will review the whole set up after a while and see if the rewards are well balanced and tweak some of them to keep them up to date with the game economy. Also, the reward isn’t reset if you don’t log into the game one day; if after three consecutive logins you miss a day or two and visit the game on the fifth day, you will receive fourth reward and the loop continues where you left off.

Marvel.com: Let’s talk about the genome System update. Would you mind breaking that down for us a little?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Once you see a genome icon over event banner in the game, head over to the briefing screen. We made a small icon that indicates how big your bonus score multiplier [is]. If you have all four characters of the same genome, and the same as the event, you will receive 50%–12.5% per character—more points after the run. This new addition to the whole class system that I mentioned above is only the first step towards something bigger.

Marvel.com: It seems like having a diverse roster of characters will really benefit players going forward, especially with all those buffs for same-genome heroes. Is that fair to say?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Yes, exactly. Since each character has a different set of abilities, you will need to pick a perfect match both for the event objective and for the genome-based bonus, if you want it. This might seem a bit complicated for newbies, but after a short one-time tutorial, you will get used to it!

Marvel.com: Anything else we need to know about the big update?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Players who liked us on Facebook and are subscribed to our YouTube channel have already seen our recent video teaser of the new location—stay tuned for more of them soon! We’re working on a huge new set of levels, which are actually a symbiote home planet. Have you ever seen symbiote homeworld in any game before? Indeed, take your time to recall any title.

The main reference for us is the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23 comic book, where Flash Thompson becomes a renewed and empowered Space Knight. This new location will include new enemies, new obstacles, environment, sound and visual effects—a whole lot of work!

You can also expect some cool synergies with comic books later this year, which include [the] new Scarlet Spider [series], new techy Spidey’s outfit from [SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL] and something even bigger!

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more “Spider-Man Unlimited” news and interviews. Download the game on iTunes and Google Play.

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Venom, Carnage, and many more run wild and it's up to you and Spidey to stop them!

The villainous Green Goblin, after failing to corner the world’s supply of ISO-8 with the help of alternate universe versions of the Sinister Six, turns to Venom and a new roster of multiverse allies. An onslaught of symbiotes and hosts, both familiar and brand new, come barging into the world of “Spider-Man Unlimited” and it falls to Peter Parker to stop them all from gaining a foothold here in this universe.

We spoke with Gameloft’s Vitaliy Gladiyenko about these new arrivals and what they mean for your ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ experience!

Marvel.com: Symbiotes are about to rain down on earth and cause some serious—and surprising—problems. What can you tell us about the impending invasion?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko:
As you may know, the portal to our dimension was opened by the Sinister Six some time ago to summon more versions of themselves to help collect each bit of ISO-8 on our planet. After the plan didn’t have great success, Goblin and [company] decided to go further and pull in more backup from the alternate universes. At the same time Madame Web was in coma and had a vision of something deadly coming. After she awakened, Nick Fury paid her a visit and she told him everything, and that Peter Parker was at the center of the upcoming events. That was a reason for Fury to recall Peter from his current mission and send a few other agents for a recon pass through hot spots to get more data about what’s going on, because some agents reported they spotted unusual activity around few abandoned city facilities. That’s how it begins!

Marvel.com: Mary Jane hasn’t been seen in action with a symbiote suit; what inspired her design in “Spider-Man Unlimited?”

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Yes, you won’t find her in any comic book. However, there’s a variant cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #678, where she appears as a host body of the Venom symbiote. This variant cover was our only reference for this character.

Marvel.com: And she’s sure to be a heavy hitter for anyone’s team. What abilities will she show off?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Pretty good ones: 40% bonus to score from defeating a boss and +2 to combo counter from attacks. A great addition to your roster!

Marvel.com: Can you clue us in to what other Spidey heroes and symbiote villains we might see in this story?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Sure! Besides some of the symbiotes, that have been released by now, you’ll be able to play as five brothers and sisters: Scream, Lasher, Agony, Phage, and Riot. There will be also some exclusive additions to the roster, like Kingpin Venom, Eddie Brock as Toxin, Venom X, Mayhem, Mania, Scorn, and some others. As you can see, it’s really raining symbiotes!

Marvel.com: Alongside the incoming symbiotes, a new Collections feature has been added, allowing players to track the heroes and villains on their roster and earn rewards. How will all of that work?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Yes, we really wanted to organize the whole variety of characters that the game has. Players will be able to access new sections in the game, where they’ll see a bunch of “collections” which are just groups of characters, pooled together by different characteristics: the same story they were in, origin, gender etc. Once you have all characters from a certain collection, you can claim the reward for completing it. This way we encourage players to recruit all [the] Spideys the game has, learn about them.

Marvel.com: Anything else you can tell us about what’s coming up in “Spider-Man Unlimited”?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Well, I can tease something: we’re planning a new story arc after symbiotes, which will start in January and this story will be a nice intro for our next big feature. This story will be about evil Spideys and classic villains like Scorpion, Kraven and others. This list might be a clue for the next feature.

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more “Spider-Man Unlimited” news and interviews! Download the game now on Google Play and iTunes!

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Gameloft provides a ticket to the far-flung future!

Ready to dip, dodge, run, and swing across the roofs of 2099 Nueva York? Gameloft Product Marketing Manager Vitaliy Gladiyenko dropped by to help guide players past the Alchemax goons and give us the skinny on all the awesome stuff they have coming down the pipeline in “Spider-Man Unlimited.”

Marvel.com: You guys just hit players with a tarantula-sized update chock full of futuristic fun. Can we get a quick tl;dr of what to expect?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: In this 2099 themed update players will be given a whole new story to play. In terms of mechanics it’s something like story mode with time-limited events: a new segment on the mission map with its own bosses and progression rewards, including a new Spidey character as a grand reward. This mode consists of two parts, each one is almost a month long–yes, it’s time-limited—and has different events and characters involved. This all of course includes descriptions and dialogues, which reveal our own story about [Spider-Man 2099, aka Miguel O’Hara] being imprisoned by someone still unknown.

Marvel.com: I’ve always been a big fan of Miguel and Spidey 2099! Who hasn’t wanted to head to Nueva York and go head-to-head with Alchemax?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Well, there’s actually at least one guy around, who’d rather stay in New York [than] travel through time: Jonah Jameson. I bet he would [rather] send someone from his Spidey list rather than doing something by himself. However we have him—his Spider-Island monster version—as a playable character.

Marvel.com: We’ve seen the Spider-Man 2099 universe a couple of times in other games, namely “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions” and “Spider-Man: Edge of Time.” Did the way those games showed off Miguel’s home time period inform the design in “Unlimited”?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Yes, “Shattered Dimensions” definitely inspired our 2099 world even though we [are] a mobile runner. The overall feel is the same—dark blue and black colors, neon lights, flying cars, Alchemax buildings; everything you can expect from the future.

Marvel.com: And now that Miguel O’Hara’s back he’s looking better than ever! Why do players want the time-displaced Spidey on their team?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Miguel [has been] in “Spider-Man Unlimited” for some time already, but now we have added him as a top rarity character with really strong abilities. But that’s not all! Besides Spider-Man 2099 there are few other iconic characters who call 2099 home: Flipside, an android, awakened from stasis and now mimicking Miguel’s abilities; Venom—Kron Stone—Miguel’s half-brother, a bully even at the best of times; and of course we’ve got an all-new outfit for Miguel O’Hara at the highest rarity.

Marvel.com: The game isn’t just getting some cosmetic upgrades right? You’re rolling out the red carpet for a few 2099 villains. Who’s darkening the Spider’s doorstep this time?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: The mastermind behind this 2099 debacle was a pretty obvious choice; Green Goblin is Spidey’s most famous and dogged nemesis in our time so it’d make sense someone else with the Goblin moniker would hold that title at the turn of the century. But adding just the Goblin would be too easy for our Spider-Men and Spider-Women, so we thought it’s about time the Inheritors made another appearance. This time they’re in cahoots with the Goblin, which spells disaster no matter how you look at it.

Marvel.com: And aside from the 2099 fun there’s also a new Superior Spider-Man event coming up. Doc Ock up to his old tricks again?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Exactly. The Superior Spider-Man story arc is really really awesome and we all enjoyed it for sure. And because it was never represented in our game before, it was decided to make things happen and implement a series of events in the game. “Spider-Man Unlimited” will allow you to play the story, not just read. Almost all key characters and events from the original comic books are here. Even Pete’s—or should I say Otto’s?—new love: Anna Maria Marconi!

Marvel.com: Anything else we need to know about the what’s coming in “Spider-Man: Unlimited”?

Vitaliy Gladiyenko: Oh, this is my favorite: there’s a lot you should know! Almost every single symbiote [from] the Spider-Man comic books are about to join the fray: Venom, Carnage, Spider-Carnage, Toxin, Anti-Venom, Scream, and a whole bunch of others, including even an exclusive MJ-Venom from a rare variant cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #678! We also have a huge list of characters to add after symbiotes and we’re still wondering who’s going to be first. Maybe it’s time for the dark side of the Spider-Verse to reveal its “heroes”?

And also a few words about the features we plan to release this and early next year: symbiote homeworld as a new level environment, card collections, and a new game mode: run as a villain and try to get away from a Spider-Man chasing you! It’s going to be really fun.

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more “Spider-Man Unlimited” news and interviews! Download the game now on Google Play and iTunes!

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