The wonderful wallcrawling adventure from Gameloft gets a major update!

Spider-Man Unlimited,” everyone’s favorite spider-themed mobile runner, has some cool new content set to hit the web very soon. We talked to Gameloft Product Marketing Manager Sergii Gotsman, and he broke down all the spicy Spidey shenanigans the team has planned for players. It’s been a while since we’ve had an update from you guys. Mind giving us a tl;dr of all the changes you have coming for us?

Sergii Gotsman: In this update we’re adding five cool new characters, a new collection, which will be available this February only, and new rarity levels for several Spideys currently on the game’s roster.

You’ll be able to play as The Answer (from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #91), Ai Apaec (New Avengers #18), Blood Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #367), Superior Octopus (Amazing Spider-Man #1) and my personal favorite, Gwenom (Edge of Spider-Verse #2). Dang, five new characters? Are we getting all of them in one blast, or will you be releasing them over the next few weeks?

Sergii Gotsman: All characters will be available in February’s story events. We’ll release them one after the other so players can collect them all gradually, rather than having to frantically fling their webs to get them all at once. What went into crafting each of their unique looks? Did the team just draw from their comics for inspiration, or is their some Gameloft flair added to their appearances?

Sergii Gotsman: It is one of the Gameloft’s promises to Spider-Man fans that every character in the game has been painstakingly recreated to match their original comic book appearance as much as possible. But game development is a complex process, and we usually find room to show off our artistic skills – particularly as we convert a character from a 2D piece of art to an animated 3D model. I heard that a few characters are getting updates. Mind digging into their upgrades for us?

Sergii Gotsman: Sure! First off, players will now be able to get Titan rarity versions of Silk (Cindy Moon), Unmasked Spider-Woman (May Parker) and Unmasked Spider-Gwen. In addition, each of these characters will receive a new set of bonuses corresponding to their new rarity level. Also, we have some new chances to get pieces of Nick Fury’s Infinite card right?

Sergii Gotsman: Infinite characters are currently the strongest in game, but they take dedication to unlock. To get Infinite Nick Fury you’ll have to collect all the pieces of his Infinite card in Symbiote World. It’s a dangerous place, but the prize is certainly worth the effort! There’s a lot for players to sink their teeth into here. Is there anything the team is most excited to roll out to players?

Sergii Gotsman: Definitely. I’m excited to see how players react to Gwenom – she’ll be available in the first event, which should start in a few days.

Also, we’ve just finished the SMU roadmap for 2018 and I want to say this year is gonna be huge for Spider-Man. There’s not much I can disclose now, but if you’re a fan of web slinging heroes from the Spider-Verse, stay tuned.  A lot of cool stuff is coming, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more new stuff in “Spider-Man Unlimited”!

Pick up “Spider Man Unlimited” on Google Play and iTunes and stay tuned to for more news and interviews.

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How Spider-Man, Silk and Spider-Gwen got bold new depictions in both statue and print form.

First unveiled at New York Comic Con last year, Sideshow Collectibles’ Mark Brooks Spider-Verse collection – consisting of new statues of Spider-Man, Silk and Spider-Gwen — were quickly highly-coveted by fans. Since then, a limited edition Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Fine Art Print was announced as well, depicting the three characters in the same poses seen in the statues. spoke to Mark about the project recently, alongside Sideshow’s Art Director, David Igo, and the Head of Sideshow’s Print Program, Gracie Bifulco.  What were your first discussions like with Sideshow about this project? How does tackling something like this first begin?

Mark Brooks: I’ve known David and the Sideshow team for almost a decade now. We had bounced a few ideas around in the past, and collaborated on a few different designs, but nothing had been released at that stage. I was at San Diego Comic-Con sharing a booth with Marvel concept artist and illustrator Adi Granov, and David came over to hang out.

David Igo: Adi rocks! We work with him a lot. He’s a rad artist and a good friend.

Mark Brooks: We all got chatting and David and I started daydreaming about a few of the ideas we’d bounced around back in the day.

Gracie Bifulco: I actually bought a convention sketch from Mark at the same show! I love Mark’s art and I’ve been a fan for a long time. I knew I wanted to work with him on a print at some point.  It was just a matter of finding the right project.

Mark Brooks: Sideshow wanted to bring out a new comic book inspired line of statues. David and I had so many deep-dive nerd conversations over the years, just geeking out about different characters and what we could do. But, we started narrowing that list down, and I had a few ideas that I pitched them to David.

David Igo: Right away we had three killer concepts, all based around people within the Spider-Verse, and I started thinking about a whole Artist Series line with Mark, but we kept coming back to one character in particular…

Mark Brooks: Yeah, I really wanted to design a Spider-Gwen! She was the catalyst behind the idea of a series. We got thinking about Silk, and Spider-Man and the potential there. It’s such a great [trio], you know.

David Igo: That trilogy is such a strong place to start. It’s an awesome line up!

Gracie Bifulco: It was at that point that we suggested a print too. It was still early on, but once that trilogy idea took hold, we really wanted a companion print of those characters all together. I knew they’d look awesome!

Mark Brooks: It’s funny, but knowing in the back of my mind that there was going to be accompanying artwork in print form became very much a part of my design process. I always had that in the back of my mind. It helped me to think of these characters all together. What’s it like seeing your art brought into three dimensions with these Sideshow statues?

Mark Brooks: It’s so crazy! Like I said earlier, I’ve known the Sideshow team for years now. But things have changed so much since we first started talking about collaborating on some work. My style has evolved a lot, and the work that Sideshow is producing is getting better and better.

David Igo: We’ve leveled up for sure. We’re always trying to bring our ‘A’ game in every way; art, sculpt, paint, materials, manufacturing, everything. There’s just so much more you can do now!

Mark Brooks: Exactly! This series wouldn’t have been possible 7 or 8 years ago. I wasn’t there yet, and neither were Sideshow. This is the perfect time to make it happen. What were your discussions like with Mark about how the characters should be depicted here?

David Igo: We had a lot of faith in Mark’s abilities as a designer, and in his understanding of the process. We could connect him directly with our art team and let them riff off each other. Spider-Gwen, for example, had design input from JP Mavinga, as well as a whole team of kickass sculptors — Steve “Schu” Schumacher, Matt Black, Steve Lord, and Alfred Paredes — who were all able to work with Mark and translate Mark’s art to 3D.

Mark Brooks: I think it’s great that Sideshow give their artists so much credit on these pieces. I love what I do, but I know my limitations too. I wanted to push the boundaries on this character and really play with what was possible, but they embraced every challenge and actually did it, they brought her to life!

David Igo: As an Art Director, it was a blast. I love it when this happens. Mark had a vision, and I was like “Heck yeah!!!” He had so many suggestions regarding the contrasting textures and tones, so many little touches, and our artists love that.

Mark Brooks: Spider-Gwen was the starting point for my texture obsession! I must’ve driven the artists crazy! So much blood, sweat, and tears went into getting her just right. I wanted contrasts, coarse and smooth, matte and glossy, then light and dark. Nothing is flat. Nothing is simple. I wanted her to have a certain richness, not only as a visual thing, but as a tactile thing too.

David Igo: Mark sent us so much reference for paint handling. So many ideas! It became all about communication as well as teamwork. It was a challenge, but it was a fun one. And I think the piece came out great! She set the bar for the whole series. So, do you have a favorite character among this trio?

Mark Brooks: I love Spider-Man because he ties them together, as a character and as part of a series of statues. The more I talked with David about the way in which statues are displayed as well as designed, I became fixated on “skylines” and how these characters could flow together. I really became married to the silhouettes of these figures, and their poses really reflect that. At its simplest, Spider-Man is the lynch pin, Silk and Spider-Gwen bookend him, but it got a lot deeper than that…

David Igo: We like to talk about how these statues can flow together in a collection, we’re always thinking about that collector experience. One of the most interesting conversations we had was about levels. Spidey is always up high! We wanted to explore a Spider-Man at street level.

Mark Brooks: My first design after that discussion actually had him crouched on a chunk of New York city street. It was kind of cool. But as we explored that webbing for the figure bases, we thought it would be cool to use webbing to almost literally tie them together.

David Igo: The base designs are so much fun! You really have to see them “in the flesh” to appreciate them.

Mark Brooks: I love the paint application on the street signs. They are so realistic! You know, the worst thing about this project is waiting! We’ve been working on these statues for two years now. It’s excruciating! I want my statues!

David Igo: It’s like a movie. Waiting, keeping it secret. It’s tough, but it’s worth it to see the audience reaction.  Some people may first think of the figures and statues for Sideshow, but the beautiful prints the company creates are getting more and more attention. Is that gratifying to see?

Gracie Bifulco: The print program has grown really quickly, and that’s totally down to the enthusiasm of the collectors. Like Dave said earlier, we’re always thinking about that all-round collector experience. The idea that you can have this super limited edition luxury fine art print to accompany the statues is so great. It adds another level to a display, and it gives you another way of connecting with the art and the artist. We have the pleasure of working with some of the best artists from comics, illustration, concept art, and the movie industry, and it’s the perfect excuse to commission even more awesome art and share it with our fellow collectors. I’m so happy that people like what we are doing, it’s been incredibly rewarding.

Mark Brooks: The whole thing together, statues and art, is really something special. It was such a fun experience. There are plenty of other Spider-Verse characters. Anyone else you’d love to tackle for a project like this if the opportunity arose?

Mark Brooks: Black Cat for sure! Maybe, Mary Jane. She’d be fun! Oh, I’d love to do a really crazy Doc Ock! Just go super dark and push the tragedy of that character.

David Igo: I loved the Spider-Man / Doctor Octopus Year One stuff.

Mark Brooks: Those comics were amazing! Yes!!

David Igo: Anyone else? What about Aunt May?

Mark Brooks: I’d love to design an Aunt May statue! We could make the base a corner of her kitchen, make it really simple and sweet at first glance, and then just go nuts filling it with Easter eggs from Spider-Man lore. Just go completely crazy with details.

David Igo: That’s actually kind of amazing…

Gracie Bifulco: Yes!!!

The Sideshow Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Collection, can be pre-ordered now at

Mark Brooks is on Twitter as @markbrooksart.

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Miles Morales and the Superior Spider-Man make their Avengers Alliance debuts alongside Electro and Karn!

Coming soon in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance,” take a break from the affairs of the Worthy because S.H.I.E.L.D. has an arachnid problem, as Spider-Verse comes to the hit Facebook game in part one of an epic Spec Op adventure!

Not only will Miles Morales and the Superior Spider-Man make their highly-requested “Avengers Alliance” debuts alongside new villains Electro and Karn, players will get to experience in-depth storytelling in the first ever multi-chapter Spec Op. We caught up with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill for more info! Spider-Verse is definitely a bit of a change of pace from the ongoing storylines in “Avengers Alliance”—where did the idea come from?

Tony Sherrill: We are all big fans of Marvel in our studio. As fans we love to retell our favorite Marvel stories and recreate our favorite Marvel heroes. Of course some of us know more [than] others and our design team is among the top contenders when it comes to Marvel lore. Sometime late last year they started working on list of all the storylines and characters they’d like to see in our game, with Spider-Verse being one of the most desired. How long has this been in the works, with the comic version of Spider-Verse still fairly fresh in our minds?

Tony Sherrill: The initial idea came about late last year, but actual production started earlier this year. So it’s fair to say that we’ve had this on our mind for a solid five months now. How do both the Inheritors and the Sinister Six figure into this Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: The Sinister Six have possession of a powerful, Spider-fueled machine that’s capable of altering the universe. Karn is just being Karn and hunts Spiders, because that’s what the Inheritors do, but also in hope of earning a place back into his family. Fortunately for both the Sinister Six and Karn, alternate versions of Spider-Man from multiple dimensions are gathering on Earth, hoping to gain strength in numbers and stay one step ahead of their pursuer Karn. What kind of threat does Electro pose as a new villain? The same for Karn as the Group Boss?

Tony Sherrill: Electro will share a passive called “High Voltage” with other members of the Sinister Six, which grants them a chance to gain an extra turn. Anyone that attacks Electro will gain an application of Static Charge, which will trigger anytime Electro attacks, since all his attacks are some sort of electric or energy attack. Karn on the other hand has a buff called “Inheritors Power” which boosts all of his status and increases his chance to Counter-attack; this can be removed by Webbing attacks. He’s immune to debuffs which prevent the use of actions and applications of buffs and debuffs, takes reduced damage from damage over time effects, and deals increased damage to any Spider people. How much fun is it having Superior Spider-Man around?

Tony Sherrill: Superior Spider-Man makes it clear that he simply tolerates the heroes around him. He knows he is superior to the others, and likes to let them know it.

In combat they play well together; as a Spider, he’ll have access to the Webbing chain of debuffs, which will play well with other Spiders, but more specific to Superior, his Superior passive, in which he has a chance to lecture attackers and apply demoralizing debuffs—the man likes to talk—and his Cunning Plan passive, which gives him a counter with a critical strike each turn. Superior Spider-Man has the status called “Open Wounds” which is applied when he attacks with his retractable arms. Open Wounds has a chance to apply 1-3 applications of Bleeding. He then has the option to use his fourth attack, called Dr. Arachnid, which is an area attack that has the Hemorrhaging effect that causes all applications of Bleeding to trigger. Miles Morales is one of the most requested characters for Alliance-what went in to bringing him to the game?

Tony Sherrill: Once we knew we’d be doing a Spider-Verse Spec Op, one of the first characters to come to mind was Miles Morales. We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to create a Miles Morales of our own. Miles and his Ultimate Spider-Sense have a 20% chance to cloak, avoiding attacks and then countering them with his Venom Sting attack. Venom Sting is a stealthy attack that applies Envenomed, Incapacitate, and Straining. Just like our Spider-Man, Miles has a chance to protect an ally from an oncoming attack he can even protect all allies from area attacks.

Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and play the latest Spec Op soon!

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The breakout character of the year jumps out of Spider-Verse and into her own series in these preview pages!

This February, Marvel’s newest, sensational spider-woman is coming back to comic shops in the highly anticipated SPIDER-GWEN #1!

Spinning directly out of the pages of SPIDER-VERSE and the red-hot, sold-out EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 is a new ongoing series that already has the whole comic industry buzzing! Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi all return to chronicle the adventures of the breakout character of 2014! 

She’s Gwen Stacy. She’s smart, tough, and charming. She drums in a punk rock band and goes to high school just like you. Only she can lift a car and has spider powers! Just don’t tell her father, NYPD Police Chief George Stacy! But you knew all that already! What you don’t know is Gwen is back home following the events of Spider-Verse and you won’t believe what she’s got waiting for her! 

“It’s a rare character that gets the public outcry that Spider-Gwen got,” says Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “From the sell-out of Gwen’s first appearance to the groundswell on Twitter we’re excited to bring more Spider-Gwen into the world with the creators who started it all!” 

Now is your chance to get on board with the breakout character of the year as she makes her bombastic debut into her very own ongoing series. Don’t miss out when Gwen Stacy swings in to comic shops this February in SPIDER-GWEN #1!

SPIDER-GWEN #1 (DEC140832)
Variant Covers by ADAM HUGHES (DEC140835), SKOTTIE YOUNG (DEC140834)
& KRIS ANKA (DEC140833)
Blank Variant Also Available
FOC – 02/02/15, On Sale – 02/25/15

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The newest heroine of the Marvel Universe patrols New York City in these preview pages by Stacey Lee!

This February, straight from the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and Spider-Verse comes a brand new ongoing series starring the newest heroine of the Marvel Universe. Marvel is proud to present SILK #1, kicking off a new series by writer Robbie Thompson and artist Stacey Lee!

Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker and into the Marvel Universe in the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and she never looked back. Bit by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers on that fateful day, she’s spent her years locked away in a bunker, safe from the threat of Morlun and the Inheritors. Since then, she’s saved Peter Parker’s life (more than once), fought alongside Spider-Woman, braved the Spider-Verse and more!

“Cindy fascinates me,” says series writer Robbie Thompson, in an interview with “She gave up 10 years of her life and the world moved on without her. What does that do to a person?”

Now, Cindy is back in New York City, patrolling it’s rooftops as SILK! And she’s going to make up for lost time. Searching for her past, defining her own future, and webbing wrong-doers along the way. Now is your chance to hop on board one of the slickest new launches of 2015 as SILK #1 swings in to comic shops this February!

SILK #1 (DEC140837)
Variant Covers by STACEY LEE (DEC140838)
On Sale – 02/18/15

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While Spider-Man owns the title of the most iconic web-slinger the world has ever seen, a whole host of up-and-comers have arisen to challenge for the crown.

Spider-Verse charges ahead in full swing and the counterparts to Peter Parker continue to forge their own identities, many of them not Spider-Men at all.

Check out a few of the most notable female wallcrawlers making a splash and carving their own web of destiny.


Cindy Moon gained her abilities the same day as Spidey himself via her own radioactive spider bite—a method we don’t recommend. Freed from captivity following the death of Morlun, she now operates as Silk, possessing the same powers as the original web-head, plus a heightened spider-sense and ability to generate organic webbing.


An assassin turned private investigator, Jessica Drew has lived a life of ups and downs. Her sordid past of bad luck and infamy ultimately led to her embrace of her true calling: a full-fledged super hero. With powers including super strength, wall crawling, and concentrated “venom blasts,” Drew continues to make a name for herself as the original female arachnid-themed crime fighter.

Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

Madame Web

Julia Carpenter ran the gamut of spider monikers. She served as Spider-Woman, Arachne, and finally Madame Web. Injected with a mixture of spider venom and exotic plant extracts, Carpenter gained a host of flashy abilities mimicking arachnids. She’s been in cahoots with everyone from the West Coast Avengers to Omega Flight, and remains a benchmark for butt-kicking ladies everywhere.

Spider-Girl (May Parker)

Not to be confused with Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl gets both her surname and heroic-identity from her infamous father—Peter Parker. Gifted with genetic powers, “Mayday,” named for Parker’s aunt May, took to fighting bad guys like a fish takes to swimming; or in this case, like a spider to a web. It’s comforting knowing the Spider-Man legacy rests in her more-than-capable hands.

Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon)

A one time hunter for the Spider Society, Anya Corazon got a little help from sorcery to unlock the abilities that lived inside her. Like most taking a spider-themed identity, she’s ultra dexterous, super strong, and climbs walls with the best of them. She also possesses the gifts of organic web creation and “shadow camouflage,” allowing her stealth beyond reproach.


Unlike the tragic Earth-616 Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman—or Spider-Gwen—continues to leave a path of breathtaking heroics in her wake. Created much like the Spider-Man we know, Gwen received her “gift” from a radioactive spider bite. When not squaring off against the world’s worst villains, she’s also the drummer for the Mary Janes. Word on the street: they rock pretty hard.

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With Takuya Yamashiro and Leopardon making their way into Amazing Spider-Man #12, relive two of their greatest adventures!

This week in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #12, Peter Parker recruited the ultimate cavalry to battle the Inheritors as part of Spider-Verse, bringing Takuya Yamashiro and his giant robot, Leopardon, into the fold.

Confused? We’ll let Spider-scribe Dan Slott elaborate:

“If you’ve never seen an episode of the Japanese, live action Spider-Man show from the 70’s, then you are in for a treat! He is like no Spidey you’ve ever seen before! Sure, he’s got spider-sense, can climb walls, and swing on a web…but he’s also got the Spider-Machine GP7, a flying, missile-launching race car– and a leopard-headed spaceship, Marveller,  that transforms into his giant robot, LEOPARDON!!!

“And no, it’s not a Power Ranger-style robot. Leopardon came FIRST. So all those Power Ranger/Sentai shows? THEY had a Leopardon-style robot. Deal with it.

“When I was growing up, the only way to see these were on grainy VHS tapes with no subtitles. Luckily for you, the fine folks at Marvel have subtitled these classic episodes for you. So you’ll be able to see, first hand, that in Japan, he’s NOT your ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”, but rather “an emissary of Hell.’ That’s way more intimidating, right?

“And if you want, you can even sing along with his catchy theme tune–and his dangerous rock & roll hit, ‘Spider-Man Boogie.'”

Without further ado, proudly presents the pilot episode and seminal “Fearful Hit Tune! Song Dancing Murder Rock” installments of TOEI’s live action Spider-Man series from Japan!

“The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!” The first episode of the TOEI-produced Japanese “Spiderman” TV series sees motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro gain the powers of Spider-Man! With his new powers and the help of Marveller, he transforms into Leopardon in order to defeat Professor Monster and his evil Iron Cross Army.

“Fearful Hit Tune! Song Dancing Murder Rock” Spider-Man protects two scientists working to make a weapon that can target the Iron Cross Army, while Professor Monster models cyborgs out of a popular Japanese rock band!

For more on Spider-Verse, visit our official event page!

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Jessica Drew receives a new look and new focus in her comic book series and the 'Spider-Man Unlimited' mobile game!

Jessica Drew has already seen her profile raised in recent months as a key player in the Spider-Verse saga, but spinning out of the event, SPIDER-WOMAN will see its leading lady couple her new attitude with a fresh look—one already in display right now in the “Spider-Man Unlimited” mobile game from Gameloft!

“We started planning this last May or so,” unpacks SPIDER-WOMAN editor Nick Lowe of the metamorphosis just now beginning to unfold. “[Series writer] Dennis [Hopeless] and I were hatching what the book would be and one of the first things I wanted to do was change her costume [both] because I don’t love that costume and she hasn’t really had an alternative to it! At least not for any long stretch of time.”

So why the wait?

Spider-Woman design by Kris Anka

Spider-Woman design by Kris Anka

“I met with Kris Anka on the show floor at San Diego Comic-Con [in July] to get him going on the redesign, but the trick was that we didn’t want Jess in this new costume during Spider-Verse,” Lowe continues. “There were so many other Spider characters and we needed her to be recognizable.”

While Jessica’s Anka-designed outfit won’t debut in comics until March with SPIDER-WOMAN #5, fans can check it out immediately and enter an addictive gaming experience with “Spider-Man Unlimited.”

“It was a really great process, made smoother by the fact that Marvel and Gameloft have been so well-synched since the start of our work on Spider-Verse,” says Gameloft Product Manager Tatiana Nahai of the coordination to include Spider-Woman’s update in “Spider-Man Unlimited,” which already boasts synergy with the comics in the form of storyline tie-ins as well as recently introduced characters like Spider-Gwen. “Marvel had reached out to us about the new Spider-Woman and we were immediately excited to introduce her in the game, especially as we consider it a top priority to showcase exciting and engaging comics content in ‘Spider-Man Unlimited.’”

Spider-Woman in 'Spider-Man Unlimited'

Spider-Woman in ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’

The tangled web being built across platforms will not end with Jessica Drew as Gameloft plans to continue tying their ongoing upgrades in with the twists and turns of the Spider-Man comics.

“I think it’s a really exciting thing for fans to see new characters created in the comics come to life in 3D, especially so quickly after [their] creation,” Nahai says. “It’s a great way to pay tribute to the constantly amazing stories and characters Marvel Publishing is building. In our current Spider-Verse update, we are consistently releasing new storylines, Spider-Men, and villains from Spider-Verse, but there’s even more engaging Spider-Verse content planned after this update, as we’re developing some major fan-focused materials for 2015.”

Back in the universe of Marvel Comics, Lowe promises a “back-to-basics post-Spider-Verse status quo” for SPIDER-WOMAN and sings the praises of incoming artist Javier Rodriguez, fresh off AXIS: HOBGBOLIN.

“Javier has shown through his work on DAREDEVIL and SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN that he is a storytelling master and his work just fit where Dennis and I wanted the book to go perfectly,” says Lowe. “The new direction is street level and Javier’s style that brings [Frank] Miller, [Klaus] Janson, and [David] Mazzuchelli all to mind makes me giggle with delight.”

Follow Jessica Drew’s adventures in Spider-Verse right now with SPIDER-WOMAN and play as her in the new costume immediately by downloading “Spider-Man Unlimited”!

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The epic Spider-Verse event comes to the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game this week!

Published by Gameloft in collaboration with Marvel, Spider-Verse in “Spider-Man Unlimited” represents the first time game content will be synced with new comic content in a unique, playable experience. The update will push the boundaries of endless Spider-Man content by bringing actual storylines and characters that are living and breathing through the comics to the game.

“Spider-Man Unlimited” was selected by Apple® among the best games of 2014, has been downloaded over 30 million times, and was featured in the Editor’s Choice section of the Apple® App Storeâ„  upon its release.

This second update to “Spider-Man Unlimited” promises to completely renew players’ game experiences with a unique Spider-Verse storyline pulled directly from the latest Marvel comics. Plunged into an epic adventure structured through a new feature – progressive narrative-focused events – players will have to survive what is called “The Great Hunt.” Within “The Great Hunt,” players battle the Inheritors – a new breed of villain – who seek to destroy all dimensional Spider-Men. The battle against the Inheritors offers a unique angle for players: the personal preservation of Spider-Man and his allies.

In keeping with the game’s commitment to consistently release new Spider-Men, eight Spider-Men featured in the Spider-Verse comics will be added to the players’ growing army of 26 playable Spider-Men, including Ultimate Spider-Man, Silk, and Spider-UK. Players will get the chance to take on Morlun and Karn’s wrath as they run, swing, and fight in the new dimensional environment, Earth 2099 – home of Spider-Man 2099.

The latest update to “Spider-Man Unlimited” will be available this Thursday as a free download on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android™, and Windows Phone®, and offers In-App Purchases!

Play “Spider-Man Unlimited” now!

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Meet the men, women, pigs, and more looking to protect the multiverse from Morlun and his family!

With the multiverse under assault and every Spider Totem across various worlds in deadly danger, every Spider-Man—and Woman—ever must band together in Spider-Verse!

As the saga unfolds, you’ll be meeting a variety of arachnid warriors, some familiar, others not so much. Here at, we’ll provide a weekly guide to the players, with information and additional resources, including digital comic spotlights available on Marvel Unlimited!

UPDATED with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2014) #10 and SPIDER-WOMAN (2014) #1

Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #1

Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #1

  • Published: April 30, 2014
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: October 27, 2014
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Dan Slott
  • Cover Artist: Humberto Ramos
What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-MAN (Peter Parker) (Earth-616)
The Spidey we know and love, Peter Parker became a hero after being bitten by a radioactive spider and then learning the lesson that “with great power comes great responsibility.” He has endured through triumphs and tragedy, most recently reclaiming his body and mind from longtime foe Doctor Octopus
Digital Spotlight:

Bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker, Cindy Moon has lived in seclusion most of her life, sheltered by the mysterious Ezekiel who had his own agenda for opposing Morlun. Recently freed by Spidey and taking on the costumed identity of Silk, Cindy has begun using her powers and training in earnest.
Digital Spotlight:

Spider-Woman: Origin (2005) #1

Spider-Woman: Origin (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-WOMAN (Jessica Drew) (Earth-616)
Experimented on by her father as a child, Jessica Drew would develop unique powers and later gain supplemental skills as an agent of both HYDRA and later S.H.I.E.L.D. Eventually putting her dark early years behind her, Jessica became a private investigator and later part of the Avengers as Spider-Woman.
Digital Spotlight:

Spider-Girl (2010) #1

Spider-Girl (2010) #1

  • Published: November 17, 2010
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 08, 2013
  • Writer: Paul Tobin
  • Penciller: Clayton Henry
What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-GIRL (Anya Corazon) (Earth-616)
A mystic order called the Spider Society recruited young Anya Corazon as their avatar, Arana, imbuing her with powers so she could fight in their war against the Sisterhood of the Wasp. After encountering Spider-Man and gaining former Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter as a mentor, Anya took up the mantel of Spider-Girl.
Digital Spotlight:
SPIDER-GIRL (2010) #1

Spider-Man 2099 (2014) #1

Spider-Man 2099 (2014) #1

  • Published: July 09, 2014
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: January 12, 2015
  • Rating: Rated T
  • Writer: Peter David
  • Cover Artist: Simone Bianchi
What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-MAN 2099 (Earth-616)
In the year 2099, scientist Miguel O’Hara underwent a dangerous procedure that mutated him in order to safeguard it from his corporate employer, Alchemax. Recently, Spider-Man 2099 traveled back in time to save the life of his own grandfather and ended up stranded in our present.
Digital Spotlight:
SPIDER-MAN 2099 (1992) #1

SPIDER-UK (Earth-833)
Recruited by the Captain Britain Corps to serve his world, Billy Braddock mixes two heroic legacies and has begun recruiting allies across the Omniverse in the wake of the Inheritors’ murder spree.
Digital Spotlight:

Spider-Girl (1998)

Spider-Girl (1998)

  • Published: October 05, 1998
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Writer: Tom Defalco
  • Penciller: Ron Lim
What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-GIRL (May Parker) (Earth-982)
The teenage daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker, May “Mayday” Parker inherited her father’s powers and followed in his footsteps as Spider-Girl, one of Earth’s foremost heroes. After Daemos killed her parents, May saved her infant brother, Ben, and escaped her dimension with Spider-UK.
Digital Spotlight:
SPIDER-GIRL (1998) #0

Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special (2010) #1

Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special (2010) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-HAM (Earth-25)
Originally an ordinary spider on a world of talking animals, Peter’s life changed forever when scientist May Porker irradiated herself with nuclear power and bit him, transforming the arachnid into a super-powered pig. Taking May’s last name, Peter became the adventurer Spider-Ham and has recently been recruited by his other-dimensional counterparts to battle the Inheritors.
Digital Spotlight:

Scarlet Spider (2011) #1

Scarlet Spider (2011) #1

  • Published: January 11, 2012
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: February 23, 2013
  • Writer: Chris Yost
What is Marvel Unlimited?

SCARLET SPIDER (Kaine) (Earth-616)
A flawed clone of Peter Parker, Kaine has long lashed out to escape the shadow of his “brother,” but ultimately sought to do the right thing. Adopting the Scarlet Spider name and costume in tribute to another Parker clone, Ben Reilly, Kaine became the hero of Houston for a time and has now joined the New Warriors.
Digital Spotlight:

Bullet Points (2006) #4

Bullet Points (2006) #4

What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-MAN (Bruce Banner) (Earth-70105)
After a gamma bomb of his creation led to Peter Parker becoming The Hulk, Bruce Banner obsessively searched for a cure, and in the process gets bitten by a radioactive spider, becoming the Spider-Man of his world.
Digital Spotlight:

Little has been revealed as of yet about the enigmatic “Old Man Spider.”

Edge of Spider-Verse (2014) #2

Edge of Spider-Verse (2014) #2

What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-WOMAN (Gwen Stacy) (Earth-65)
Teenager Gwen Stacy, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, names herself Spider-Woman and becomes a costumed vigilante against the wishes of her police captain father. When Peter Parker becomes The Lizard and then dies in battle, Gwen redoubles her efforts; later, Spider-UK recruits her to his cause.
Digital Spotlight:

SPIDER-MAN (Ben Reilly) (Earth-94)
Apparently a clone of Peter Parker who has taken up his role of Spider-Man as he did on our world, this alternate Ben Reilly has a further back story yet to be told.

A version of Peter Parker who never gave up the powers of Captain Universe, this Spider-Man has provided a safe haven for his counterparts, as the Inheritors fear battling him on his home world.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #1

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #1

  • Published: September 14, 2011
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 02, 2012
  • Rating: T+
What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-MAN (Miles Morales) (Earth-1610)
Following the death of Peter Parker on his world, young Miles Morales discovered that he possessed similar powers and stepped into the role of Spider-Man. Despite the deaths of his uncle and mother, as well as estrangement from his father, Miles has continued his noble path with the help of Peter’s friends and family, and encountered the Spider-Man of our world.
Digital Spotlight:

All-New Ultimates (2014) #2

All-New Ultimates (2014) #2

  • Published: May 14, 2014
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 10, 2014
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Cover Artist: David Nakayama
What is Marvel Unlimited?

BLACK WIDOW (Jessica Drew) (Earth-1610)
Cloned from the Peter Parker of her Earth, the young woman who would take the name Jessica Drew originally also took up the identity of Spider-Woman, but after serving with the Ultimates became the latest Black Widow.
Digital Spotlight:

Spider-Man Noir (2008) #1

Spider-Man Noir (2008) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-MAN NOIR (Earth-90214)
During the Great Depression, a horde of spiders from an ancient statues attacks Peter Parker, with one biting him and providing a bizarre vision and equally strange abilities. Donning a mask as The Spider, Peter works to take down the criminals and corruption rampant in society before being hunted by the Inheritors.
Digital Spotlight:

Designing a serum meant to “cure” him of his spider powers, Peter Parker instead grows four extra arms, becoming even more of a “Spider-Man.”

Spider-Man: Legend of Spider Clan (2002) #1

Spider-Man: Legend of Spider Clan (2002) #1

  • Published: December 01, 2002
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: March 08, 2010
What is Marvel Unlimited?

The last surviving member of the Spider-Clan ninjas, Peter Parker trained in secret to avenge the murder of his sensei, Uncle Ben, at the hands of Venom, who acted on the orders of The Kingpin. Later reconciling with Venom following the death of his Aunt May, Peter returned to the home of the Spider-Clan to be recruited into the events of Spider-Verse. 

A scientist with an advanced grasp of technology and frustration over her role in society due to gender living in 1895 New York City, Lady May Reilly developed a technological apparatus duplicating arachnid abilities and allowing her to combat emerging “techno-freaks” like the Six Men of Sinestry as Lady Spider.

Young Penelope Parker had enough social anxiety to deal with before getting bitten by a radioactive spider, but luckily her Aunt May has encouraged her to push past her fears and use her new abilities for heroic ends.

Superior Spider-Man (2013) #14

Superior Spider-Man (2013) #14

  • Published: July 24, 2013
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: January 20, 2014
  • Rating: Rated T
  • Writer: Dan Slott
  • Cover Artist: Humberto Ramos
What is Marvel Unlimited?

“SUPERIOR” SPIDER-MAN (“Peter Parker”) (Earth-616)
As part of a master plan, longtime villain Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, implanted his own mind into Peter Parker’s body, allowing himself to become Spider-Man. Over the subsequent months, despite using questionable methods, Octavius would attempt to become a hero and a “Superior” Spider-Man. Before his tenure as the webslinger ultimately came to an end, he would be transported to the year 2099, during which time he would become entrenched in the events of Spider-Verse.
Digital Spotlight: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1

What If? Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine (2008) #1

What If? Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine (2008) #1

  • Published: January 30, 2008
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: December 29, 2008
What is Marvel Unlimited?

ASSASIN SPIDER-MAN (Peter Parker) (Earth-8351)
After traumatic events, Peter Parker elects to curtail his activites as a super hero and become a spy and assassin, working alonside Wolverine and new lover Alex. “Superior” Spider-Man recruited this Spider-Man for his army after saving him from the Inheritors.

SPIDER-PUNK (Earth-138)
Little has been revealed about this quirky adventurer, save for a unique appearance, brusque manner, and loyalty to “Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel Apes: Amazing Spider-Monkey (2009) #1

Marvel Apes: Amazing Spider-Monkey (2009) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

SPIDER-MONKEY (Earth-8101)
On an Earth where apes have become the dominant species, this Peter Parker shares many qualities with his counterparts, but has looser morals when it comes to murder in keeping with his genetic make-up. He has been recruited into “Superior” Spider-Man’s army as part of Spider-Verse.

Spider-Woman (Ashley Barton) by Steve McNiven

Spider-Woman (Ashley Barton) by Steve McNiven

SPIDER-WOMAN (Ashley Barton) (Earth-807128)
Granddaughter of Peter Parker and daughter of Hawkeye, Ashley Barton inherited the family powers to become Spider-Woman and go up against her world’s version of The Kingpin. However, after killing Kingpin, Ashley filled his position herself, taking over his criminal territory. During Spider-Verse, she has become one of the top lieutenants to “Superior” Spider-Man
Digital Spotlight: WOLVERINE (2003) #68

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