As Kate Bishop finds a new career, we review her PI peers!

Kate Bishop loves being a super hero but knows that it cannot pay the bills. Thus, with HAWKEYE #2 on January 4, she finds herself a nice side job to line her pockets: private investigator.

In a world where good guys and bad guys battle for the fate of the universe, on the regular, Bishop recognizes that the average every day person still has problems that need solving; problems that a PI might be uniquely suited to improving.

The fact that other super powered types have reached that conclusion before her can be good news for Kate. For when times get a little rough, or when she has a question about what billing software to use to stay on top of her accounts, we put together a list of other heroes turned private dicks that she can give a jingle.

Jessica Jones
While she may have cut her teeth in the super hero game—first as Jewel, then as Knightress—Jones has always had the type of temperament a little more at home with the rough and tumble life of a PI. Alternating between run of the mill “catch my wife cheating” to the high tension “find out Captain America’s real identity” cases, Jones showed that despite self-hatred, alcohol dependence, and a general inclination away from customer service, she had private investigating in the blood.

Years later, Jones may be in a far better more stable personal place, but she has not lost her edge. Her most recent case proves that even without booze and outward turned rage, she remains one of the better frosted glass doors of the Marvel U to knock on with your problems.

Believe it or not, MacDonald “Mac” Gargan did not always hate Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson and make his bones in a bright green costume complete with tail weapon. For a time, Gargan walked the rainy streets of Manhattan charging 200 a day plus expenses.

He had a decent career going too, until he agreed to be the guinea pig in an experiment paid for by Jameson. It turns out an acute sense of amorality can serve you well when you make your money invading other people’s privacy for anyone who will pay you.

While she mostly spends her time as the more active extension of Ben Urich’s investigative reporting these days and the previous years have been marked by space travel and avenging, Jessica Drew spent several years being one of the most popular PI’s in the San Francisco phone book.

Motivated by her sense of justice—not a desire for monetary reward—Drew stepped in for those most in need who might not have convinced the average private investigator to take their case. Jessica proved so dedicated to her work that even after she lost her powers for a time, she kept the agency open and taking cases until life took her east once more.

X-Factor Investigations
Founded and headed up by Multiple Man in part to help him find his way in life, the agency boasted the likes of Wolfsbane, Siryn, Rictor, Monet, and Strong Man as operatives.

Although they took up in “Mutant Town” as their base of operations, X-Factor quickly became an international investigating force, gallivanting around the world—and eventually, through time and other dimensions—to deliver their customers the very best work they could.

Knightwing Restorations LTD
After years in the NYPD, Misty Knight lost her arm and began to experience intense depression. On top of that, she felt constrained by the job and its rules, unable to truly help those that needed it most. So, with best friend Colleen Wing’s encouragement, she quit the force and joined her pal to create Knightwing. For Wing, who had previously had her life saved by Knight when she ended up in the crossfire of a gun battle, it felt like nothing more than returning the favor.

The duo, most often known as the Daughters of the Dragon—a nickname awarded in derision but now worn like a badge—quickly gained a reputation for taking on risky and dangerous cases that set them against some truly over powering foes. Eventually, the pair transitioned to more of a bails bond focus, but both retain their highly honed undeniable talents.

Dakota North
Despite an “only the pretty survive” reputation, the fashion industry actually requires remarkable strategical thinking to prosper over the long haul. In the Marvel U, the best example of this comes from Dakota North, the model turned private investigator who made the switch without missing a beat.

The daughter of an intelligence officer, North grew up around the ideas that helped mold her into a highly successful PI. Applying her honed business acumen to it proved just the next step and, rapidly, she grew her agency to an international one with offices in Tokyo, Paris, and Rome. After a brief time staying in New York in Nelson & Murdock’s personal employ, it appears she is back out on her own, traversing the globe, and maintaining her business.

Investigate HAWKEYE #2 by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero on January 4!

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Remembering some of the worst actions of Roderick Kingsley!

In SPIDER-WOMAN #14 on December 7, our titular hero will lock proverbial horns with the manic orange garbed cackler known as Hobgoblin. After seemingly blowing up Jessica’s friend and partner Porcupine on a New York City rooftop, he has more than proven his evil in one act.

However, Hobby—Roderick Kingsley under the mask—has long demonstrated he and “decent human being” never belong in the same sentence. If you don’t believe us, well, check out the list we put together below. The worst actions of Hobgoblin will certainly persuade you to side with us.

You Wanna Be the King, Gotta Blackmail the Princes
In addition to stealing Norman Osborn’s Goblin gear, Roderick also secured several of the Green Goblin’s personal files. Using those ill-gotten gains, he sought to blackmail the likes of J. Jonah Jameson. Only Kingpin’s intervention saved Spider-Man from Hobby killing the Webhead, and making Spidey have to get help from Fisk might be even worse a crime than blackmail.

Using a Patsy
Reporter Ned Leeds—through a mix of ambition, gumption, and journalistic skill—got closer than anyone to unraveling the mystery of Hobgoblin’s identity. Unfortunately, his work did not go unnoticed by Roderick. The villain kidnapped Leeds and brainwashed the investigative journalist into believing himself to be Hobgoblin.

Disposing of a Patsy
Repeated brainwashing taking their toll left Leeds increasingly erratic, slowly destroying his career and his marriage. Sensing his tool may be at the end of its usefulness, Kingsley leaked Leeds’ identity to the underworld and sent him off to Berlin, Germany, unpowered, to meet his demise at the hands of Foreigner.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #276

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #276

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Handles Criticism Poorly
In the midst of using Leeds, Kingsley further muddied the waters of his true identity by framing Flash Thompson in the press after the #1 Spider-Man fan had the nerve to bad mouth Hobby. While not an event with a horrible fallout, that kind of thin skinned reactivity to critics cannot be anything but a really bad look for anyone, even a super villain.

Join the Dark Parade!
In general, joining with Mephisto to accomplish anything cannot not be considered anything but “bad behavior.” He may not be the devil of the Marvel Universe but he remains one of the most prominent demons, certainly. Add in that Hobgoblin joins not just with Mephisto but 98 other super villains and their mission revolves around stealing the Beyonder’s power? We’re talking really bad behavior.

Rent Your Super Suits Here
Content to let Phil Urich play the role of Hobgoblin, Kingsley decided to return to his business roots, renting out costumes and identities to various criminals, allowing even more super villain crime to occur with people far less experienced and in control perpetrating it.

Can Jessica Drew gain revenge on The Hobgoblin? Find out December 7 in SPIDER-WOMAN #14 by Dennis Hopeless and Veronica Fish!

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Barreling out of Civil War II, Jessica Drew faces down her new life!

Spider-Woman has experienced a lot of upheaval as of late.

Tossed about alternate worlds in Spider-Verse and Secret Wars. Fighting crime while pregnant and while sleep deprived with a newborn. Being stuck in the middle of Civil War II.

Unfortunately for Jessica, according to writer Dennis Hopeless, with SPIDER WOMAN #11 hitting stands this week, she can expect no break, but that’s good news for those who enjoy following her adventures. To meet Jessica where she is, she recently has been in conflict with Captain Marvel, her longtime friend, because of the maelstrom that is Civil War II. To catch readers up to the present, what is the state of that friendship now? In general, how is Jessica feeling emotionally?

Dennis Hopeless: Jess wanted nothing at all to do with the [Civil War II] conflict from the very beginning. She told Carol at much and fought hard to hold that line. Carol pressed her and pressed her and eventually Jess caved. She and Porcupine and Ben Urich accepted the job of investigating some of Ulysses’ early visions. For a hot minute there, Jess was almost convinced that Carol was right. The visions seemed to be legit and one of them even allowed Jess to save two lives.

But the moment Jess found out about Hawkeye killing Banner, she flipped hard the other way. One of her friends killed another over this crap and she’s furious about that. SPIDER-WOMAN #11 delves into the fallout but it’s safe to say Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel are on rocky ground right at the moment. I love the friendship as much as anyone, but the next time Carol and Jess meet up, things might get ugly fast. In issue #12, Spider-Woman and Porcupine are teaming up for a single issue adventure. Without giving away too much, can you tease readers about what these two are up to?

Dennis Hopeless: It’s a beach day. Roger and Jess take their children to the beach. They have popsicles and frozen candy bars.

What I will say about this issue is that it was drawn by my good friend Tigh Walker, who is damned genius. This is the perfect issue for his crazy energetic style—hint: It’s not really just a beach day—and I’m thrilled we got to work together again. People should check this one out for his art alone. It’s a fun departure from [regular artist] Veronica [Fish’s] brand of brilliance. Which, by the way, our entire art team is awesome. I can’t possibly sing their praises enough. To stay in that vein, you’ve been gifted with two talented pencilers on this book lately with Javier Rodriguez and Veronica Fish. How have those collaborations gone for all of you? How does their work help you realize your vision for the book?

Dennis Hopeless: Javier was the best thing that has ever happened to me professionally. He and I built SPIDER-WOMAN together—along with our editorial and art team—from the very beginning. The book wouldn’t have been what it is without Javier’s contribution. By the end the scripts were just suggestions and dialogue. It was an incredible collaboration and I was gutted when I found out he was moving, though I love the crap out of [his next project] DOCTOR STRANGE AND THE SORCERERS SUPREME.

Spider-Woman (2015) #11

Spider-Woman (2015) #11

What is Marvel Unlimited?

So, obviously Veronica had massive shoes to fill coming in, and yet somehow she’s the perfect artist for this next stage of the series. Her character work and acting is top notch. Her comedy always lands. Everyone feels like a real person and the action sings. I don’t know how we keep getting so lucky but I will not complain. This book has been gorgeous and visually story-rich from the beginning and it will continue that way. Returning to Jessica and Roger for a moment, how would you describe the state of their partnership now? They’ve clearly grown in trust since the start of the series, how do they view each other now?

Dennis Hopeless: Oh, they are absolutely private eye besties at this point. Jess trusts Roger completely—even though that likely seems insane to her more legit super hero friends—and has handed him a big chunk of her personal and professional responsibilities. This guy might be the best there is at what he does, but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Jess and Gerry.

This is the third series I’ve shoehorned Porcupine into. Initially it was simply because I love that costume, but Roger Gocking has wormed his way into my heart. He’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. After the beach, in issue #13, the newest storyline “Scare Tactics” begins which sees Spider-Woman facing off with a classic Spider-Man villain in Hobgoblin. What is going on in this story? How has Spider-Woman ended up in a situation where she is facing down ol’ Hobby?

Dennis Hopeless: In a way, this is a Roger story. Porcupine spent a lot of years as a street level costumed villain. He ran in those circles and has history with those people. In issue #13, some of that history pops back up to meet him. It’s a whole big mess and Hobgoblin is right at the center. Jess gets involved and then it becomes a Spider-Woman story. What, if any, feelings does she have towards the villain before their conflict starts? And vice versa, how does she view her?

Dennis Hopeless: I’m not sure either of them have many thoughts about one another, beyond general hero/villain disdain. Roger pulls the two of them together in a weird way and they all have lots of loud and elaborate thoughts by the end. But Jess is blindsided by all of this. She doesn’t see any of it coming. How does the central conflict of this storyline echo through the rest of the supporting cast?

Dennis Hopeless: There is almost no way to answer that without spoiling major plot points. I’ll just say profoundly!

Spider-Woman (2015) #12

Spider-Woman (2015) #12

What is Marvel Unlimited? Any parent will tell you that a) having kids changes everything and b) despite that, those people very much would like to retain their own identities, to integrate being a parent into being—in the case of Jessica—a super hero and however else she has defined herself in her own personal perspective. How would you describe her feelings on this juggling act now? How does the threat of Hobgoblin upend that?

Dennis Hopeless: The opening sequence of issue #13 is all about Jess’s newfound comfort in that juggling act. She never feels 100% comfortable or in control, but she has hit her stride with it. Each day is a little easier than the last and the oh-god-oh-god-my-life-is-over months are in the rearview. I’d say she’s settling in.

Gerry is never in danger. Baby in peril is a sort of unfair plot device, so we’re avoiding it completely. We made that rule at the very outset and don’t intend to break it. So, Hobgoblin can only really upend one half of Jess’s life. The question is, how does that balancing act change when work gets extremely overwhelming. The answer to that is this arc in a nutshell. Now that you have almost a year of the series behind you, how are you feeling about Jessica and the rest of the supporting cast? How has your take on them evolved?

Dennis Hopeless: I actually wrote my first SPIDER-WOMAN script in July of 2014 so I’ve been with Jess for over two years. This is my favorite thing I’ve done at Marvel and might be, in my humble opinion, the best work I’ve ever done. I love this cast. They live in my head all the time and once a month I get to let 20 pages of them out. It’s an absolute joy.

My take on Jess has been pretty consistent, we’ve just put her through hell and watched what happened. She’s obviously in a very different place than she was during Spider-Verse, but the voice in my head still sounds the same. Jess is Jess and always will be.

The others just sort of grew and filled out. Like I mentioned earlier, Roger was more or less just a costume to me when we chose him. Now he’s the most fun character to write. Carol hasn’t changed too much for me, though her relationship with Jess is about to. And Ben Urich is the Ben Urich I read in DAREDEVIL when I was 10. He just sort of says Ben Urich things when necessary. Finally, what would you say with readers who are considering jumping on the book with the start of the second year? What is one thing you think that would sell them on the series?

Dennis Hopeless: Everyone working on this book loves the crap out of making it and I think it absolutely shows. Give us a shot. I really think you’ll dig it.

Pick up the latest issue of SPIDER-WOMAN from Dennis Hopeless and Veronica Fish available now!

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Jessica Drew swings in to 'Marvel Puzzle Quest'!

Jessica Drew, the inimitable Spider-Woman, flies into action ready to crack some skulls in “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin dropped by to talk about Jess’ awesome abilities and give us the scoop on a new S.H.I.E.L.D. feature rolling out soon. Out of all the heroes I thought might be next on the “Puzzle Quest” docket I don’t think Jessica Drew even crossed my mind. What’s the thinking behind adding her to the roster?

Josh Austin: That’s the great thing about “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” we’re still able to surprise players. It was really awesome to work on Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) as our next release. Players have been asking for her for awhile! We are very excited to find out if we met their expectations with out newest 4-star character. Jessica’s been an agent of Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. while also patrolling for baddies in a spider outfit. Did any of her history inform the design choices of Ms. Drew or did the team focus more on the modern Spider-Woman?

Josh Austin: The team has been on quite a roll with the selection of some very interesting characters that allows us to have some fun with the design because of their unique abilities. I can’t wait to tell you guys about her pheromone secretion, which either infatuates or terrifies her opponents. Players will have a lot of cool options depending on what enemies they’re facing. Well that’s a perfect segue if I ever heard one. What sort of abilities does she have?

Josh Austin: Jessica’s first power is Seeking Redemption. For 9 Black AP Spider-Woman jumps headlong into battle to aid her friends, darting around and deflecting attacks. She places a 4-turn Countdown tile on the board. While active, Spider-Woman intercepts targeted attacks, resisting 10% of damage dealt. If the attack is below 584 damage, she dodges, resisting 75% of damage.

Her second power, To Love and Fear, works her patented pheromone powers into her kit. For 8 Purple AP Spider-Woman releases pheromones that bend enemies to her will, rendering her prey helplessly infatuated or mortally terrified. The player can choose either Love or Fear. If Love is chosen, she removes up to 1 enemy special tile. If Fear is chosen, she creates 3 hidden Trap tiles that deal 1047 damage if matched by the enemy.

Her last ability is called System Shock. For 14 Red AP, Spider-Woman unloads her stored bioelectricity on the enemy team, dealing 954 damage to the target, 204 damage to all other enemies, and stunning a random enemy for 1 turn. How does she fit on a team? Who does she fight well with?

Josh Austin: Jessica’s a great character to have on your team with Seeking Redemption, to help reduce damage from incoming attacks. To Love and Fear is a nice choice function for the player but I would have to say having a power that significantly reduces damage is a great addition!

A popular teammate for her is Wasp, since she can switch tiles from defensive to strike, allowing the player to change tiles to strike tiles while Jessica’s Seeking Redemption power is active. She then switches the tiles to defensive tiles whenever the player is unable to use Seeking Redemption. When do we get to try out all of her awesome abilities?

Josh Austin: Spider-Woman comes out Thursday, August 25 and the first event featuring her will be Venom Bomb and she will be a buffed character in the upcoming Howard the Duck PVP. She will also be a buffed character in the Magnetic Mayhem PVP on Sunday, August 28 and her featured event will be Oscorp: Heroic on Monday, August 29. And the team isn’t just rolling out Spider-Woman in the near future but also something called S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank? Would you mind telling us about that and when it goes live?

Josh Austin: We have an upcoming set of features called S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank and S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Level. The first part called S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank, will be released in our next R108 update (scheduled for Monday, August 29).

This first version will give players Iso-8 rewards and access to different features. Players will gain XP from everyday actions like buying packs, and improving their roster by recruiting, leveling and championing characters. All existing players will be grandfathered in starting at the very least at level 5 which grants access to all the in-game features (Versus mode, Alliances, etc). Maximum players will be grandfathered into level 65 and gain all the rewards they would have gained the day they log into R108!

We will have more info on S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Levels in the following update that will allow players to choose the rewards they want to compete for…wait I said too much! In all seriousness, we’ll definitely have more info to share once we get closer to that release at R109, so stay tuned!

Harness Spider-Woman’s venom blasts in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” here and stay tuned to for more “Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

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Dennis Hopeless discusses the surprising alignment of Jessica Drew!

If you think you know who Jessica Drew will back in the upcoming Civil War II event, think again.

While her BFF, Carol Danvers, seems like a lock to get Spider-Woman’s support, Jessica would rather stay out of the action completely—which brings tensions of its own. With the conflict crossing over into SPIDER-WOMAN #9 this July, Dennis Hopeless shares what to expect from the Marvel Universe’s newest mom during the event. Jessica’s obviously been through a whole lot since Secret Wars ended, what with the birth of her son and the most recent adventure with her Spider gal pals, Spider-Gwen and Silk. What’s her state of mind leading into Civil War II?

Dennis Hopeless: Jessica’s life is very full right now and while she’s gotten pretty great at juggling, she’s definitely stretched thin. The last thing she wants to do is add a big bunch of super hero drama. The whole idea of another hero on hero war stresses her out.  In regards to Civil War II, it seems like the exact kind of thing Spider-Woman left the Avengers to avoid. What’s her take on the conflict between Iron Man and Captain Marvel? And is there any way she wouldn’t side with her best friend?

Dennis Hopeless: Yes! This is exactly why she quit the Avengers. Jess’s new life is all about working street level and helping normal people. Civil War is the antithesis of that mission statement. Jess wants no part of it. She doesn’t want to pick a side. She doesn’t want to talk about it, and she certainly doesn’t want to argue with anyone. All of this creates some friction between Jess and Carol. Captain Marvel is very much entrenched in the conflict and Spider-Woman is very much not. How does being a new mom affect Jessica’s decisions related to Civil War II?

Dennis Hopeless: First and foremost, it sets her priorities waaay over her. She literally doesn’t have time for it. It has also increased her capacity for empathy quite a bit. She can see the humanity on both sides of the conflict. Super heroes aren’t terribly good at compromise and from Jess’s perspective the shades of gray here are obvious. There’s no easy choice, which is probably why she doesn’t want to make one. The supporting cast for Spider-Woman took a bit of a sabbatical during the Spider-Women event, but can we expect to see more of them during Civil War II?

Dennis Hopeless: Oh yeah! Ben Urich and Porcupine are all up in this story. Jess and her team spend most of the event working together as PIs. We really dig into that element of Jess’s life and let her process both sides as a detective. Roger and Ben work with Jess, so they play a huge role.  One of the fun things about Civil War II is that it allows fans— nd creators—to think about what side they fall on. So, are you Team Iron Man or Team Captain Marvel?

Dennis Hopeless: There’s a reason I’m writing a conscientious objector story. That’s pretty much my stance on war in general, but I also don’t think there is one right side in this conflict. It’s all a matter of perspective. Sitting here in my chair, several universes away, it’s difficult to choose.

SPIDER-WOMAN gets drawn into Civil War II beginning in July!

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Celebrate all the women and girls who followed in Peter Parker's steps as arachnid-themed masked protectors!

Spider-Man might be the frontrunner when it comes to arachnid-themed heroes in the Marvel Universe, but plenty of women felt the same compulsion to put on super-suits and use their amazing abilities. Three of those characters find themselves banding together in the crossover Spider-Women: Jessica Drew, Silk and Spider-Gwen (also known as Spider-Woman on her alternate Earth).

The story starts off in SPIDER-WOMEN ALPHA #1 then slings through two months’ worth of SPIDER-GWEN, SILK and SPIDER-WOMAN issues and ends with SPIDER-WOMEN EVENT OMEGA #1. In it, the dimensionally displaced heroines work with Gwen to figure out why they’re stuck on Earth-65 and what it all has to do with S.I.L.K.

With three of the Spider-Women taking center stage, it seems more than appropriate to run down their respective histories along with all the other women who have taken to slinging webs of various kinds and risking their lives in super exploits, though not all in the name of good.

Jessica Drew

Jessica Drew

Jessica Drew
Jessica Drew jumped at the chance to become the very first Spider-Woman back in 1977’s MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #32 before swinging into her own solo series. Like Spider-Man, she’s incredibly strong and agile and can stick to walls as a result of experiments performed on her mother while Jess was in utero. She also secretes pheromones and can zap her enemies silly. Though she’s worked for everyone from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra to the Avengers, she spends her time these days raising her newborn and working as a private investigator when not stranded on alternate universes.

Julia Carpenter
The second Spider-Woman didn’t have much say in her powers either. An unwitting science experiment, Julia Carpenter found herself wrapped up in the 1984 mega event SECRET WARS in which she first appeared. From there, the psi-web-spinning heroine joined teams like Avengers West Coast and Force Works and changed her name to Arachne before eventually becoming the new Madame Web after the original ended up on the wrong end of the family Kravinoff’s wraith. The defender of the Great Web’s whereabouts remain unknown up to this point in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.

Madame Web
Speaking of the original Madame Web, the character also known as Cassandra Webb first appeared in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #210 in 1980. Actually a mutant with incredible psychic abilities, Madame Web appeared from time to time to help the Wall Crawler with cases including the time he battled the Juggernaut with epic results. Cassandra’s granddaughter became a villain going by the name Spider-Woman and also passed her mutant abilities on to Julia when near death.

Madame Web

Madame Web

Charlotte Witter
Madame Web’s granddaughter didn’t exactly follow in gran’s heroic footsteps. Not content to ruin just one good name, Charlotte Witter also decided to take on the Spider-Woman monicker and become a villain as you can see in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1999) #5. Charlotte hooked up with Doc Ock who granted her powers by taking them from the existing Spider-Women. Her claim to the name ends when newcomer Mattie Franklin battles the villain and walks away with the combined spider-powers of all her predecessors.

Mattie Franklin
Granted her own spider-related powers after taking her dad’s place in Norman Osborn’s Gatherings of Five, teenager Mattie Franklin actually took over for Spider-Man when he retired for a bit in the late ’90s. Before long, she fought Charlotte Witter’s evil Spider-Woman alongside Madame Web and Jessica Drew, defeated the baddie and wound up absorbing aspects of her fellow Spider-Women’s powers for a time in the pages of her own SPIDER-WOMEN series. The young woman fell on hard times as seen in the pages of ALIAS and joined a hero team in LONERS, but eventually fell to the Kravinoff family, just like Madame Web.

Anya Corazon
Originally going by Araña, Anya Corazon fell into spider powers after getting caught in the mystic crossfire of The Spider Society and The Sisterhood of the Wasp. Since then, she’s used her abilities to help fight the good fight, taking on the name Spider-Girl in the process. Still kicking, the young lady continues to prove herself in events like Spider-Island, Spider-Verse and as a member of the Web Warriors team both during and after Secret Wars.



Cindy Moon
Remember that radioactive spider that bit high schooler Peter Parker, turning him into Spider-Man? Well, before it died, it also chomped on Cindy Moon. Unfortunately, she had trouble keeping her powers in check, so Ezekiel had little trouble convincing her folks that he could take care of her. Instead, he locked her up for 13 years. Eventually freed and displaying her own powers, Cindy became Silk and has since earned a pair of ongoing series’ written by Robbie Thompson. In SPIDER-WOMEN she finds herself stuck in Spider-Gwen’s world along with Jessica Drew and faced with the alternate reality Cindy Moon, Agent of S.I.L.K.

Gwen Stacy
Hailing from Earth-65, Gwen Stacy came to readers’ attention during Spider-Verse. Instead of biting Peter Parker, her reality’s radioactive spider gnawed on a teenage girl who likes to play drums in The Mary Janes. Wildly popular, the character dubbed Spider-Gwen proved essential during Spider-Verse and now appears in her own book as well as WEB WARRIORS. Her home world plays host to the Spider-Women crossover.



Make sure to pick up SPIDER-WOMEN ALPHA #1 on April 6! Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates on the Marvel Universe.

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Take a look at the artist's work on Jessica Drew as her pregnancy progresses!

Like many of her fellow Marvel Universe denizens, Jessica Drew finds herself with All-New, All-Different set of circumstances after Secret Wars. Sure, she’s still a red, black, and yellow-clad private investigator, but now she’s battling justice for two.

SPIDER-WOMAN comes from the team of Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez who made the decision to make their lead with child. Of course, being a dyed in the wool hero, Jessica continues to do everything she can to help people along with her compatriots Ben Urich and Porcupine.

We talked with Rodriguez about changing Jessica’s hair style, tinkering with Ben and Porcupine, and fully drawing the pregnancy into the action. What challenges does Jessica’s pregnancy offer when composing some of the more action oriented scenes?

Javier Rodriguez: Jessica is a well-shaped and fit type of super heroine, so the only inconvenience I’m facing is how to bring her growing belly into the action, naturally. But it is not a great struggle apart from being accurate to the most typical Spider-Woman signature poses. On the other hand, it is a fantastic opportunity to explore a character in a way that is more than the typical pin-up poses that we are used to. Aside from the pregnancy-related ones, were there specific ways you wanted to change Jessica’s look post-Secret Wars?

Javier Rodriguez: Well, I changed Jessica’s haircut. Slightly! And you know what? Each time I finish a book I pick up something new, and it helps me develop more about the characters for the next one, what works and what doesn’t. So there are a lot of minimal changes that aren’t visible at first sight. I challenge you to go and find them! Porcupine and Ben Urich continue to help Jessica on her adventures. Were you looking to change their visuals for the new series at all?

Javier Rodriguez: It’s interesting, the first time that I drew Porcupine I didn’t know if we would see him again. To avoid nightmares later on the process, I tried to draw each character as visually rich as possible beforehand, but always working along the narrative pace and with what works the best to tell the story right. The second issue finds Jessica in an alien hospital. What was the process like for nailing down the look of that place and its various inhabitants?

Javier Rodriguez: The hospital has some kind of organic architecture but a little bit surrealistic, something that gives me room to play on issues #3 and #4, which have plenty of crazy action. Also the aliens: I thought that a colorful alien set would be a funnier experience for the readers and easy to make the story flow as smooth as possible. How has your collaborative relationship with Dennis evolved since you started working on this book?

Javier Rodriguez: We talk through e-mails and I know that I ask him so much, but Dennis is not only a brilliant writer, but is he also a charming person and so open to discuss any details. I feel so lucky.

Read SPIDER-WOMAN #1 from Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez now and pick up issue #2 on December 23!

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Expecting something brand new with art by Javier Rodriguez!

Jessica Drew. Private investigator, sometimes Avenger, and… mom to be?! Marvel is pleased to present SPIDER-WOMAN, the new ongoing series from writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Javier Rodriguez!

It’s been eight months since the end of Secret Wars, and Spider-Woman has a whole new responsibility. She’s super heroing for two now! Ben Urich and Porcupine are still along for the ride but they aren’t making Jess’ life any easier. Half the time they won’t even let her leave the car! How’s a girl supposed to save innocent lives and keep herself out of harm’s way? Find out in the mother of all Spider-Stories this November in the all-new SPIDER-WOMAN #1!

Variant Cover by SIYA OUM (SEP150673)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (SEP150674)
Hip-Hop Variant by NATACHA BUSTOS (SEP150676)
Cosplay Variant by YASHUNTAFUN COSPLAY (SEP150675)
On-Sale – 11/18/15

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Take a look at WeLoveFine's new Spidey-Centric collection featuring the Spider-Man Knit Cardigan and Spider-Gwen Hacci Top!

Attention Web-Heads! If you like swinging around town and stopping bad guys then WeLoveFine has got a treat for you! Introducing the Marvel Spider-Verse apparel collection — featuring several of your favorite wall-crawling heroes.

If you’ve found your wardrobe to be lacking a certain spidey-feel then search no more! First up, the Spider-Man Knit Cardigan! This selection gives you the ultimate spider-fan powers without the whole being bitten by a radioactive arachnid thing. Featuring the original web-head’s classic costume look, you’ll be able to throw this on and battle Venom or even your own personal J. Jonah Jameson!

Next, your requests have been heard! For all you Spider-Gwen supporters out there comes a bevy of choices. They’ve reworked Spider-Gwen’s fan-favorite costume into a unisex pullover for the Spider-Gwen Knit Sweater! The next selection features cover art from SPIDER-GWEN #5 — the Spider-Gwen Hacci Top keeps your awesome spider-abilities hidden and disguises you as a simple fan of the masked and stylish Spider-Woman. Last in the Spider-Gwen collection is a Dolman Shrug featuring the breathable hacci fabric and two colors of overlaid lace that mimic Gwen’s iconic look without making you a target for the Vulture.

And in celebration of his new series, Miles Morales is making his WeLoveFine debut with the I Am Miles Morales Knit Sweater. Student, adventurer, vigilante — you can do it all in this comfy piece. As always, spider-powers not included but you may encounter Peter Parker in an alternate universe.

If you aren’t impressed yet, it’s time to channel your inner Cindy Moon with the I Am Silk Knit Sweater or the Silk Open Front Cardigan. Both inspired by the super heroine’s latest duds — but please note that while this garment grants superhuman style, it does not grant super spider-powers. But if that wasn’t enough Silk for you, try out the Silk Spider High Low Button Up, Silk Dolman Shrug or the I Am Silk Leggings… all made ready for action.

Lastly, a spidey-filled line wouldn’t be spidey-filled without the one and only Jessica Drew — aka Spider-Woman! Espionage never looked as good as it does in the new Spider-Woman Moto Jacket or Spider-Woman Dolman Shrug, all branded with the spider-heroine’s iconic symbol.

Satisfy your spider-sense and visit WeLoveFine to pick from the new Spider-Verse line!

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Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez swing back into action with a very pregnant Jessica Drew!

Parenting: one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Then again, being a super hero private investigator offers plenty of challenges as well. What happens when you’re both? That’s what Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez will explore in the November-launching SPIDER-WOMAN ongoing series that finds the title character “very pregnant.”

Hopeless kicked off the last SPIDER-WOMAN series with Greg Land for four installments of Spider-Verse goodness before Rodriguez hopped on with the fifth issue. When the duo joined forces, they not only brought in a new costume, but also a fresh status quo as Drew became a private investigator backed up by Ben Urich and reformed super villain Porcupine.

Coming out of Secret Wars, Jessica now has a bun in the oven, but she insists that it will not slow her down, even though Urich and Porcupine do their best to keep her out of danger.

Hopeless and Rodriguez talk about Spider-Woman’s new role as mother, her supporting cast’s attempts to help and the father’s identity. You two are no strangers to this character and her world. How is it getting back to work chronicling Jessica’s adventures?

Dennis Hopeless: Fortunately, we never really stopped. I went straight from scripting issue #10 to plotting the new #1. SPIDER-WOMAN is an absolute joy to write and Jess’ post-Secret Wars story is my favorite yet. I’ve never had more fun making comics and I’m super proud to be a part of this team.

Javier Rodriguez: I can’t believe that we’re working on a title like this; so proud to be part of this perfect team. How Dennis builds and leads characters is a pleasure for any artist. I love stories focused on character development, [so] this is a dream. I’m happy! Like most of the Marvel Universe, Jessica is coming out of Secret Wars a bit of a different person. We’ll get to the pregnancy in a second, but how has she changed since the reality warping event?

Dennis Hopeless: I dunno. She’s pretty much the same person apart from the pregnancy.

When we catch up with Jess and her team, they’re right in the middle of their next case. The way they work these new cases has changed a bit. But this is very much the second season of street level Spider-Woman. The big new development is definitely Jess’ pending motherhood.

Spider-Woman (2015) #1 cover by Javier Rodriguez

Spider-Woman (2015) #1 cover by Javier Rodriguez Is the father’s identity being kept as a secret for now?

Dennis Hopeless: I wouldn’t call it a secret, but yeah, the baby’s father doesn’t play into the first arc at all. Jess could tell us if she wanted to. She just doesn’t want to. Okay, on to the pregnancy; that’s a big deal for anyone, but adds several new wrinkles into a super hero’s life. How is Jessica balancing motherhood and heroics?

Dennis Hopeless: Jess is very pregnant in issue #1. She obviously has to be a lot more careful about putting herself in harm’s way. This isn’t a notion Jess is very familiar with. She normally throws herself head first into dangerous situation, expecting to badass her way through. She can’t do that right now and it’s infuriating. That struggle is a big part of our first arc. How do you save the world without endangering your unborn child? How does all this change the dynamic between Jessica, Ben, and Porcupine?

Dennis Hopeless: She has to lean on Ben and Porcupine a bit more. Roger has to take more of the punches for a while. Jess has to take a slightly less active role. These three have had eight more months to gel since we saw them last. They still butt heads from time to time but this is a team. Jessica had a big costume change last year. Is she still rocking the same duds in a modified form?

Dennis Hopeless: If by “modified form” you mean she wears the jacket open now, then yes. As we all saw in Secret Wars, Jess still has her old costume. She might even wear it sometimes when the world is about to end. But her primary day to day costume is still the jacket and boots.

SPIDER-WOMAN #1 will be delivered to fans in November, but you can monitor the progress of All-New, All-Different Marvel here on and via our social media channels!

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