Thanos stands triumphant at the D23 Expo Marvel Studios booth.

After a full first day of D23 Expo you’d think we couldn’t follow it up with more, but Saturday was even bigger, and much, much, badder as Josh Brolin held court at the Marvel booth.

Fresh off his surprise appearance with the cast “Avengers: Infinity War” at the Disney, Marvel Studios & Lucasfilm- Live Action panel, Josh Brolin met with fans for a signing in front of his children — the Children of Thanos! The maquettes were unveiled for his appearance and fans were excited to get an up close look at Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, and Cull Obsidian.

Brolin even had an encounter with a real life Avenger, although this one was considerably shorter and much more adorable.

On the show floor the Disney Consumer Products Pavilion showcased new and exciting home products for fans to live their best Marvel life. On display were backpacks, workout gear, and if you’re worthy enough, a Mjolnir pendant made to compliment the mightiest of outfits. Even the greatest superhero would be exhausted from all that shopping, luckily free coffee was up for grabs adorned with the face of a familiar looking webslinger.

One more day to go! Follow @marvel on twitter to get all the up to date D23 Expo news throughout the weekend! 

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Thanos artist Germán Peralta reveals the God Quarry in exclusive pages!

They say that no one’s ever returned from the God Quarry. Then again, no one like the Mad Titan has descended into the pit before!

To see exactly how this plays out, you’ll have to pick up THANOS #9 on July 26. The story, by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Germán Peralta, marks the duo’s third issue together on the title, but they seem to be hitting it off quite well as they continue to chronicle their protagonist’s solo adventures in space.

We talked with Peralta about capturing the complexity of his title character, working with Lemire, and building the God Quarry! Given Thanos’ status as a cosmic level villain, do you approach him any differently than you might a more straight-forward hero?

Germán Peralta: Thanos is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. I drew a lot of fan art about him. I like his aesthetic as much as his personality. When I found out I was going to draw him, I started to imagine how to put my “touch” on him without leaving aside the great work Mike Deodato did in the previous issues.

The approach I use to draw a villain of these characteristics is very different from a super hero. I can play a lot with his expressions without the fear of making him look funny or grotesque, either with his face or his body language. In fact, I’ve always been more interested in the villains. I believe they’re the ones who make a hero, heroic. In this case, Jeff Lemire did excellent work with Thanos’ personality, giving him a different twist to his character, but never losing sight of who he really is. Having the chance to be a part of this character’s story is a real pleasure. Thanos is such a complicated figure. From a physicality perspective, what are the key elements that really define him?

Germán Peralta: I think that the thing that makes the Mad Titan interesting is the dichotomy between his hunger for power and the emptiness inside him. It’s like he always wanted to fill that emptiness with power but it’s never enough. It’s interesting how inside him coexists the madness and the calmness, the furious strength with the absolute intelligence. He could have everything but he always wants more and he never gets it00but he’ll destroy everything in its way to get it. This issue finds Thanos heading into the God Quarry, what can you tell us about that very intriguing location?

Germán Peralta: I really enjoyed that conclusion when I read the script. This is a place of desolation, where it doesn’t matter how powerful you are, you have absolutely no chance against the power who reigns there. It doesn’t matter your size, your strength, how important you are in the history of the universe, you’re going to feel like a scared puppy in there, surrounded by those colossi who couldn’t do anything to save themselves from being trapped between those walls and from that pit. What was the design process like for the God Quarry?

Germán Peralta: I knew this was going to be an important place in the next issues but I also imagined this was an important place for Jeff too, since he created it in his mind and I didn’t want to ruin that. I consider it really important to work alongside the writer because every page is created by both of us. And the fact of knowing what Jeff had in his mind when he imagined this scenario was as important to me as what I had at the moment of doing the sketches.

Luckily, we both had a similar image in our minds; I based my design on a mine pit but without the necessary levels to go back up. It’s a hole with unknown depth because the only thing you can see are more and more petrified bodies. It was very important for me to emphasize the lack of hope against this power; that the ones who fell there, even Thanos, think, “What do I have that they didn’t to not finish as they finished?” There are some references to see the magnitude of the beings who are, or rather who were, really powerful. How has it been working with Jeff on this series so far? Since he’s an artist as well, does that change how you two might discuss a scene?

Germán Peralta: I can’t complain about the writers I [have] worked with. Jeff is a great writer and also a great artist. Saying that, he’s someone who could say something in the creative process or about the designs every time, however he gives me a lot freedom when I draw. Everything is clear in his scripts, it’s all there, but even then, he is open if I make some changes. I believe that mutual trust between the writer and the artist is essential to make a better project.

Enter the God Quarry along with the Mad Titan, Jeff Lemire, and Germán Peralta on July 26 when THANOS #9 debuts!

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Thanos comes face-to-face with his legendary creator!

Sideshow, who are famous for their high-end, luxury pop culture statues, memorabilia, and collectibles, have unveiled an all-new interpretation of Thanos.

Recently, following the red carpet premiere of “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” in Los Angeles, Sideshow’s creative team were able to share their vision of The Mad Titan with comic-book legend and Thanos creator Jim Starlin!

Jim spent a day at Sideshow HQ, hanging out with the creative team, poring through the countless concept designs and sketches, and checking out the final prototype of Thanos on his throne.

Sideshow’s Art Director, David Igo, said: “The Thanos on Throne Maquette was a labor of love that went through years of design and development. We aimed to give our fellow collectors ‘an ultimate Thanos,’ combining aspects of all of our favorite iterations of the character as he appeared in paintings, comic books, movies and more–and it looks like Jim likes him as much as we do!”

Sideshow Sculptor Will Harbottle added: “[His gesture is] an homage to the cover of INFINITY GAUNTLET #4. It’s one of my favorite moments in all of comic book history. He’s on the cover, floating in space and he’s saying, ‘Come and get me’! We wanted to reference that awesome moment.”

When asked about his first impression of Sideshow’s huge new Maquette, and that hand gesture in particular, Jim said “The first thing I saw was this finger, beckoning, and I went ‘They got it right!'”

He added: “It’s just a gorgeous looking piece of work entirely. Currently, I think this new statue [is] my favorite.”

David Igo added: “Jim is a constant source of inspiration to us, and it was our pleasure and privilege to share this moment with him. The whole experience has been a dream come true, and we’re incredibly proud to be able to work with Marvel, and to explore this amazing character.”

The Thanos on Throne Maquette was met with praise from critics and fans alike, and the super limited edition Sideshow exclusive variant sculpt–with a second, grinning portrait–sold out in minutes!

But don’t despair, a Collector Edition of the Thanos on Throne Maquette is available for pre-order now!

For a more detailed behind the scenes look at Sideshow’s Thanos on Throne Maquette, check out this behind the scenes video:

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How the new GraphicAudio production about the Mad Titan came to life!

In his quest for omnipotence of the Infinity Gems, Thanos has been defeated again by a group of heroes intent on stopping him at all costs. Stripped of his powers and granted one final chance by his only love, Mistress Death, the Mad Titan sets out once more to assert his strength and influence across the Multiverse…

Witness the story of “Thanos: Death Sentence” by Stuart Moore, in ways you’ve never seen—or heard—before: available today, March 15, as an epic GraphicAudio production! Immerse yourself in the voices, sound effects, and music that bring this tale to life. For a special sampling of the audiobook, check out a scene from GraphicAudio now!

To learn more about “Thanos: Death Sentence,” we spoke to Marvel editors Sarah Brunstad and Jeff Youngquist, GraphicAudio Vice President Anji Cornette, and GraphicAudio Director Scott McCormick about the process of transforming the novel into a cinematic audio production. So, Sarah and Jeff, as editors at Marvel, how does a project like this start? We’ve rarely seen such an in-depth story about Thanos, so what made you want to explore the legendary Mad Titan this way?

Sarah Brunstad and Jeff Youngquist: In our prose line, we’re trying to appeal to dyed-in-the-wool fans as always, but we’re also looking for something that’s going to bring in the unfamiliar reader—someone who maybe knows a character from film, or TV, or has read a comic or two and just doesn’t know where to go from there. So with the success of “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” film and all the buzz about this super powerful cosmic string-puller, we knew it was the right time for a Thanos novel.

We’d put out a Guardians novel by Dan Abnett in 2014, and had been lucky enough to snag up-and-coming author Corinne Duyvis to write a new Guardians novel to coincide with “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” film release. But we felt Thanos was a separate story—he needed room to develop on his own. He’s been around since 1973 and his history goes so much deeper than the Guardians team we’re familiar with. And one of the joys of writing—and editing!—prose is the intimacy of the story you can tell; this was an opportunity to really dig into a character whose motivations are often so abstract that they go beyond any conventional definition of “good and evil.” Thanos is so much more than “villain” or “hero,” and that makes for great story fodder. What made Stuart Moore the perfect choice to write this novel? What’s it like to work with Stuart?

Sarah Brunstad and Jeff Youngquist: Stuart has been working with us for a long time. He actually wrote our very first prose novel, “Marvel: Civil War”—an adaptation of the historic 2006 event—and he was the primary editor on several subsequent projects. It doesn’t hurt that the man knows comics inside and out; he’s been writing and editing comics for over 20 years. So there are a million reasons why he came to mind; in fact, he was almost too busy to write the book! But, lucky for us, he couldn’t resist the lure of the character. So he sent us a pitch, which we immediately loved, and from there, it was full steam ahead.

Stuart’s a consummate professional—a breeze to work with. So we knew from the get-go that we could trust him to tell an epic story. And man, does he—right from the start. The opening recalls all the best “hero vs. villain” moments from the classic INFINITY GAUNTLET storyline, but reimagines that DNA in a signature way. This is Thanos at the height of his power, larger than life—literally! What are the advantages—and challenges—of creating a prose novel versus a more traditional comic?

Sarah Brunstad and Jeff Youngquist: The biggest challenge is probably time. When you’re used to writing or editing 20-page single issues, staring down the barrel of 70,000 words is pretty daunting—and you only have about six months to do it. On the other hand, you have a lot more room to develop the story and put the pieces together. With comics, you’re writing one issue at a time, and sometimes you don’t recognize a story problem until it’s being drawn and the next script is due. Telling a Thanos story in prose really allowed us to dive into the character and use a close point of view to combine the epic scope you expect from a Marvel cosmic story with deep emotional moments that delve into Thanos’ whole oeuvre—the reasons for everything he is and does. So, now that the book’s written and is ready to enter the audio medium, what happens next? Anji, as Vice President of GraphicAudio, and Scott, as Audio Director, what about this novel made you want to pursue this project? What inspired you about this story?

Anji Cornette: Our listeners love to hear us produce Marvel stories in GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind®. We have close to two dozen Marvel titles based on prose novels and a few directly from graphic novels. We were really excited to hear Stuart Moore was writing “Thanos: Death Sentence”; Stuart is also the author of the prose novel “Marvel: Civil War,” which is one of our most popular Marvel titles. We realized that this was going to be an awesome opportunity to get to learn more about one of the biggest baddies in the Marvel Universe.

Scott McCormick: There are very few opportunities to explore the story from the point of view of the villain, which makes “Thanos: Death Sentence” such an exciting opportunity.

Thanos was rejected by his mother and family, viewed as an abomination from the time of his birth and the one person he loves, Death, won’t even speak to him. In another life and in another world, Thanos would have turned into a poet; instead he murders billions.

There is a fascination that many of us have for evil. A need to understand where it comes from, perhaps in the hopes of being able to stop it in the future. Hoping that if someone like Thanos can find happiness, perhaps it is possible for anyone. How long did this project take to complete? How many people work on this kind of production altogether?

Anji Cornette: It takes approximately six to eight months for this type of project from start to finish. Each of our productions are slightly different, so it varies depending on the project. In this case, Scott was also the Script Adapter, and he worked closely with our Sound Designer Justin Wortz. Then Scott cast the script with voice actors—sometimes there are casts of over 50 actors and sometimes there are casts of 10 or 20. The cast for “Thanos: Death Sentence” includes 41 voice actors. So, Scott, how do you cast 41 actors for this story? What were you looking for in the voices of Thanos and the other main characters?

Scott McCormick: Outside of New York or L.A., Washington D.C. [where GraphicAudio is based] has one of the richest, most talented actor pools in the country. When folks find out that we are playing super heroes and villains over here, we have no shortage of performers beating down our door to audition.

Once we have worked with an actor on several projects—we also produce westerns, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror titles—we begin to know their strengths as a performer and know where they would best serve the story we are telling.

In the case of Christopher Walker, who plays Thanos in our story, we needed an actor who would be able to play Thanos in the various incarnations in which we see him throughout Stuart Moore’s story. A combination of vocal effects and Chris’ own vocal talent allow him to play the imposing, God-like Thanos, and Chris’ natural voice allows him to play the other facets of Thanos along his journey.

I am excited to be using some new voices in the book, as well as having the return of some old Marvel Universe friends, including Richard Cutting as Tony Stark and Eric Messner as Rocket Raccoon. What’s it like directing voice actors in this kind of story?

Scott McCormick: Our actors come ready to play. As a Director, I need [to] come ready knowing what I want and be able to convey that to them in as simple a manner as possible.

Usually, I will let the actor give me a read on the line, then give them any adjustments that I might need either for timing with another actor, or sound effect, or to help clarify meaning or intent. Most of the time, the actors will nail the line in the first take, but they are willing to give me an alternative take and surprise me, which can take me in a direction which I wasn’t expecting. These “aha moments” keep you on your toes and remind you that you don’t know everything. The final product is an epic, almost cinematic adventure. How do you harmonize all the different audio elements that go into a production like this? What’s the secret for turning words on a page into this huge, immersive experience?

Scott McCormick: The easy answer is movie magic. Seriously, if you have ever seen a behind-the-scenes “making of” documentary of a big budget Hollywood film, you know that there are Sound Designers, Sound Mixers, and Foley Artists all working with the Director to create the soundscape to support the visuals of the film. If you watch the credits of a film like “Captain America: The First Avenger,” this list can run into the hundreds. Our detailed script adaptation, direction, brilliant performances, and talented sound designers creating rich soundscapes—including sound effects and music—is what makes it a GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind®.

As [Script] Adapter and Director, I turn the book into a script, which serves as a score for the engineer. Not only does the script contain lines of dialogue, but also cues for sound effects, musical suggestions, and timing for the sound designer. Changing what would otherwise be a boring single narrator audiobook into a cinematic GraphicAudio book experience.

Anji Cornette: We don’t want these prose novels to be your grandfather’s “read-to-me” [audiobooks]. These titles deserve more attention and our goal is to bring these words to life in a full blown audio entertainment production where the listener feels like they have been transported to the middle of the action.

Available today, March 15, the GraphicAudio production of “Thanos: Death Sentence” can be purchased in comic shops or ordered directly at!

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The cosmic heroes must team with the Mad Titan to fend off the Cancerverse!

Celebrate this incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s tenth anniversary while also prepping for the May 5 release of their new film with these gems from Marvel Unlimited!

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning brought their sprawling space epic to a close with THE THANOS IMPERATIVE in 2010. Up to that point they’d written the ongoing series’ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and NOVA as well as a variety of tie-in limited series and one-shots to bolster events like War of Kings and Realm of Kings. It all came to a close—mostly—in the pages of THE THANOS IMPERATIVE.

Kicking off with a one shot called THE THANOS IMPERATIVE: IGNITION, the writers worked with artist Brad Walker to set the event’s stage as the Guardians still struggled to keep a hold on the recently returned Thanos. At the same time, the Shi’Ar, Kree, Inhumans, Quasar, and even Blastaar joined forces to hold back any attacks coming from The Fault. Good thing too, because, as Nova discovered, the Cancerverse’s number one baddie revealed himself as Lord Mar-Vell.

The series then got under way with art from Miguel Sepulveda as ships burst out through The Fault with Mar-Vell sending the Revengers—evil versions of the Avengers—out to find this reality’s avatar of death in order to kill it. Their gods, the ones they serve, needed an absence of death—like the one in their reality—in order to thrive. With Thanos, the new avatar of death, the Guardians headed into the Cancerverse to figure out what they can do to stop Mar-Vell and company. Meanwhile, Galactus and the other cosmic concepts joined the fight along with Silver Surfer.

Back in the Cancerverse, Thanos and company follow Vision to the android stronghold of Titan where they discover that this version of Earth’s heroes decided to make a deal with the Many Angled Ones to save Captain Marvel’s life. They effectively killed Death which lead to the rampant growth of life on their end that required moving into a fresh new dimension.

Meanwhile, Nova put together a team of wildly powerful cosmic individuals including himself, Quasar, Beta Rey Bill, Ronan, Silver Surfer, and Gladiator to go on a quick strike mission to get back kidnapped folks like Namorita and Major Victory who had been taken by Mar-Vell to test their anomalous nature in hopes of finding the avatar. Eventually, the Guardians got Thanos to the place where he could square off against Mar-Vell, but the Mad Titan pulled a fast one and offered his own death because he never wanted to return to life in the first place.

Mar-Vell agreed, attempted to kill Thanos, and in the process brought Death to her devotee’s side. With a touch, she killed Mar-Vell, but left Thanos alive without another word. Enraged, the Titan rampaged once again. Nova had joined the fray at this point, but Star-Lord teleported his Guardians teammates away so only the two of them would face the consequences.

Three days later, The Fault had completely shut and the assembled cosmic warriors gathered on Attilan to honor the dead including Peter Quill and Richard Rider. Quasar and Rocket took a moment to talk about their departed friends, positing that even if Star-Lord and Nova survived, they’re stuck in a closed-off universe with Thanos. And with that, the Guardians of the Galaxy died…for a while.

Transmissions from Knowhere

Like many stories revolving around Thanos, this one also featured a great deal of input from Drax. As touched on when discussing Moondragon’s origins, Thanos’ dad Mentor used Arthur Douglas’ soul to create Drax the Destroyer, a wildly powerful being whose sole reason revolved around killing Thanos, who had killed Arthur in the first place. The hulking brute got a makeover in the pages of Keith Giffen and Mitch Breitweiser’s DRAX THE DESTROYER limited series. This sleeker and smarter version succeeded in his life’s mission in the pages of ANNIHILATION #4 when Drax punched a hole through Thanos’ chest and came out the other side with his heart.

Drax the Destroyer (2005) #1

Drax the Destroyer (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

So, when faced with his prey’s return in THE THANOS IMPERATIVE, Drax prepared himself by arming heavily and putting on a uniform more reminiscent of his earlier appearances. Drax even seemingly killed Thanos at the end of the third issue, but the Titan revived and returned actions in kind with Drax who did not come back from his encounter.

Next, find out what Rocket Raccoon and Groot got up to after the Guardians disbanded.

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Dig into the mind inside the son of Thanos!

The client, Thane, sometimes known as “Thane the Healer,” presents as an adult humanoid in what appears to be above average to excellent physical health. He identifies as the son of Thanos which would make him alien—specifically native to Titan—but his files also note he is an Inhuman which makes him an Earthling as well.

As a child, Thane was raised in relative isolation in an Inhuman kingdom. However, besides his lack of companionship—and thus a deficit in socialization—the client indicates that he felt largely happy and content during his development.

Following his exposure to Terrigen Mist, however, the client concedes his life has gotten considerably more complex and confusing. However, Thane insisted his reason for seeking the writer was not to discuss his past or wrestle with family system issues.

Instead, the client sought to engage this therapist’s Existential Therapy skills. He has found himself deeply concerned with issues like good and evil; when we save others do we ultimately just prolong their pain or help them commit further injustices? Does a superior person have the right to seize power regardless of the initial consequences because she or he will be better for the universe overall? And so on.

The client did confess that recent events have at least played into these questions. Having a death worshipping power mad father who immediately sought to destroy you when he learned of your existence is certainly part of it. Additionally, the advisors and mentors Thane has had over the course of his life have taught him often conflicted lessons and even when receiving their multiple insights, real world events seemed to suggest none of them were right.

Thanos (2016) #4

Thanos (2016) #4

Despite the depth of his questions and the volatility of his life recently, the client seemed almost detached in his exploration of the topics he raised. Although he stated how important these ideas were to him, he presented them with a casual coldness that seemed to suggest otherwise.

Yet, at session’s end, the client immediately requested another appointment explaining that he had found the time tremendously helpful. Despite not seeing any signs in his affect suggesting this was true, this writer agreed to see him on an ongoing basis, at least in the short-term.

In the meantime, I will be studying the client’s history as presented by Doctors Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato in the academic volume THANOS #4, available for public review on February 22.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Staff Therapist has quite enough existential horror in his life these days, thank you very much.

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Bring the Mad Titan home in time for the holidays!

This holiday season Thanos, not Santa Claus, will be delivering gifts to all the lucky “Marvel Puzzle Quest” players. And he’s bringing Death with him!

We talked to D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin about the Mad Titan’s “Puzzle Quest” landfall and everything the team has planned to keep us warm through the holidays. It’s been an awesome year for “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” there’s no doubt about that, but how are you ringing in this holiday season?

Josh Austin: This year we are ending with the mighty titan Thanos! We aren’t just bringing him in as a 5-Star character and disappearing for the holidays, we are also releasing a Thanos PVE event called Crash of the Mad Titan, a 3-Star Thanos, and we’re bringing back the popular Naughty or Nice Versus Tournament! Players have been begging for a new villain for a bit and what better way to end the year than making their wishes true with an Infinity Gauntlet bang! Thanos is another 3/5-Star split in the style of Doctor Strange. Previously the team had mentioned they were moving away from 3-Stars. What changed?

Josh Austin: We are super excited to be able to do this again, especially considering how popular it was when Doctor Strange was released a few weeks ago. Our overall focus is doing what is best for the entire community and we needed to rethink how new 3-Stars will add or take away from the player experience.

The game continues to evolve and we learn new things from both player feedback and behavior in the game. Once upon a time we wanted to progress with even stronger characters—hence the introduction of 5-Star heroes—but we have come to believe that releasing a couple of new 3-Stars each year will help the balance for players both old and new. But in all seriousness, I earned a 3-Star Doctor Strange and he is now one of my favorite characters to use in events so I am definitely a fan of us reintroducing 3-Stars. Thanos, the Mad Titan himself, finally crashes the “Puzzle Quest” party. What can you tell us about the cosmic calamity’s moveset?

Josh Austin: I can tell you Thanos is totally rad! His animations are great, one of his powers even brings out Death. I mean you do not want to mess with this guy. Both the 3-Star and 5-Star abilities go by the same name so I am going to run them by you according to the ability name starting with the 5-Star.

The first power is called Court Death and shows how Thanos’ desire to please his mistress Death can make him a terrifying threat and volatile ally. It’s a Black AP Passive that activates when Thanos downs an enemy, causing him to stun all characters except Thanos—allies and enemies—and then deals damage to all characters, a set amount to enemies and half that to his allies. The 3-Star Thanos Court Death power deals the same amount of damage to both enemies and allies.

His second ability, Infinite Power, shows everyone just how invulnerable, immortal, and nigh all-powerful Thanos is as he bends his foes to his will. This power costs 8 Purple AP and creates a 3-turn Purple Countdown tile. While the tile is on the board, Thanos deals an extra 15% match damage and no tiles may be destroyed or changed except by Thanos; tiles may still be matched away. The 3-Star Thanos version of Infinite Power gives Thanos an extra 150% match damage which is a lot higher than the 5-Star match damage, but 3-Star Thanos doesn’t get the added board control that 5-Star Thanos has.

His final power is called Come and Get Me. Thanos stands against the tide of his enemies before unleashing his wrath. This power costs 12 Green AP and places a 4-turn countdown tile that moves Thanos to the front of the team at the end of his turn. When the Countdown tile goes off, it causes damage to the entire enemy team. This ability is similar for both 3 and 5-Star variants. So on top of some awesome new characters we also have some Thanos-themed holiday fun ahead of us. What exactly can we look forward to?

Josh Austin: So much stuff for the holidays! We have the Crash of the Mad Titan event, which is a special version of Deadpool’s Daily Quest that has five pins with rewards and a Crash Pin featuring Thanos as the enemy for five days. Each day has a unique group of allowed characters including Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Villains, etc., with plenty of Thanos-themed quests. This event will include a special Thanos Vault for the duration with tons of great stuff! And ring in the New Year on January 1 with a new Thanos Versus Tournament, Behold Thanos. Is there anything else we need to know?

Josh Austin: Along with this Thanos event, there will be a 30% bonus sales for Iso-8 and Hero Points between December 20 and 26, a special holiday vault (featuring 80 items) from December 22 [to] January 1 attached to certain events, double Iso-8 rewards will be given in the upcoming Galactus Hungers (December 22), Crash of the Mad Titan (December 22), Naughty or Nice (December 22) and Unstable Iso-8 (December 25).

And finally, I want to wish Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for playing “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” We have a special free token that we are giving out in the upcoming Vault as a thank you and we can’t wait to share more MPQ news with all the readers in 2017!

Take a crack at Thanos and all the “Puzzle Quest” holiday cheer here and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews!

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The Mad Titan enters the Battlerealm!

Thanos the Mad Titan makes his Marvel NOW solo series splash in Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato’s THANOS sporting an all-new look. The new threads come courtesy of the awesome team over at Kabam and their version of Thanos in the “Marvel Contest of Champions” mobile fighting game. We talked to Mike about using Kabam’s version of the character and to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera about what it means to see their work in comics. Hey Mike, Thanos is look really good in this book. I’ve heard that the new costume comes from Kabam’s “Marvel Contest of Champions” mobile game. How’d you learn about the outfit and what about it spoke to you enough to use for the comic?

Mike Deodato: I was Google searching a good reference for Thanos when I found this amazing image created by Kabam. They really nailed it. It’s the best version I’ve ever seen of the Mad Titan. The proportions are exactly as I would draw him, a heavy, blocky type with big hands. And Gabriel, as a mobile game based on a comic universe, obviously the Kabam crew is adapting characters and costumes and events for the digital space. How does it feel to have some of your team’s work actually influence the source material?

Gabriel Frizzera: We are very proud every time that happens! We have lots of “Omega Level” Marvel geeks here at the studio, so we try to be very respectful of the source material; but at the same time we are confident we understand the language of Marvel well enough to add our own humble contributions to this gigantic creative tapestry being created by so many awesome artists and writers. Thankfully we have great partners at Marvel that support us every step of the way!

On a more personal note, I’ve been a fan of Deodato’s work since I was developing as a young artist in Brazil (I still own some of his early independent stuff!). To have a fellow Brazilian create such great work for the major publishers was always a great inspiration for me, and to have him use my own work as inspiration for his art is a great honor! And Mike to take a step back, when you’re designing new looks for characters, new costumes, where do you draw your inspiration? 

Mike Deodato: I usually go back to my early influences that include all those great artists from Metal Hurlant magazine, like Moebius, Caza, Druillet and many others. Same to you Gabriel but maybe a little deeper, what is your philosophy on translating some of Marvel’s most recognizable characters to the game? What kind of things do you think about before bringing them to Battlerealm?

Gabriel Frizzera: Our philosophy is “Always Look at the Comics.” They are the source and the purest expression of these characters. We aspire to be an extension of the Marvel Universe, not only being authentic to it, but also expanding its reach to new fans. If we do our job right, players who never read a Marvel comic before will be interested in following the stories, and when they do, the experience will be as seamless as possible. Mike the costume looks a lot more technological than the standard blue and yellow cloth-looking material we’ve seen him wear for so many years. Are there any story implications for the upgrade, or was it based purely on aesthetics?

Mike Deodato: Aesthetics alone, I was just blown away by Kabam’s design. High praise indeed! Gabriel can you talk to me a little about Thanos’ “Contest of Champions” design? What was important to keep from Thanos’ original iconic look, and how did you guys make it your own?

Gabriel Frizzera: Thanks Mike! Well we started, as always, picking a favourite version from the comics. We loved Jim Cheung’s Thanos from “Infinity”, and that was our departure point in this case. But as in any character we adapt, we try to make it our own. First I changed the proportions of the body in a very simplified concept piece. That helped us visualize how the character will look in one of our character skeletons (in this case the XL skeleton), which has a bigger torso and arms, and smaller legs and head.

Then I “blockified” some of the details like the hands, muscles and face. The Contest of Champions characters inhabit a “sweet zone” between realism and comic stylization, and for Thanos wasn’t different. Finding the character’s main shapes and details and exaggerating them to make the character even more iconic is one of the things that makes our characters so popular. I also finished out some of the details that sometimes are only implied in comic illustrations, to help the modellers know what’s going on in all angles of the body. Cheung drawings are very “3D” already, so in this case it was not so hard.

Then, our lead character artist Gene Campbell took the concept and pushed to the next level. Our team of 3D modellers are very accomplished in 3D sculpting, so every step of the way the character becomes more and more tangible. Usually at this point I let then add their own interpretation of what makes the character work in 3D, only coming in to course-correct every once in a while if necessary. They’re pretty talented, so that makes my work much easier.

Then the final model comes to life with the textures and materials. The comics can take us only so far in that regard, so we took inspiration from the movies. Thanos’ nice golds and shimmering cosmic metals look very nice in Guardians of the Galaxy, so that was our main reference. But with a twist: we like to bring it all back to comics by stylizing the colors. Every character needs to be recognizable at a glance, and Marvel characters have very iconic 2 or 3 colors schemes. We pay a lot of attention to that. Is there anything else we need to know about Thanos’ outfit or the THANOS title dropping on November 16? Mike anything you want to say to the fine folks over at Kabam?

Mike Deodato: Collaborating with Jeff Lemire has been an absolute pleasure and I think it shows in my art. Readers are going to see some of the best work of my career. As for the Kabam folks, thanks a lot for the inspiration, keep up the wonderful work guys! Gabriel, how ready are you to go pick up Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato’s new THANOS title and see the team’s outfit in action?

Gabriel Frizzera: Hell yeas! As I said, I’m a big fan of Deodato’s work, and Jeff Lemire is one of my favourite writers out there… his voice is unique and I’ve been following his independent work before I saw his Marvel stuff. His Moon Knight is one of my favorite current books. I can’t wait to see where he takes the Mad Titan! And I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to the team that helped bring Thanos to life in-game: Luke Takeuchi, Melany Hamill, Cuz Parry, Gene Campbell, and Derek Ng-Cummings! Great work gang!

Watch out for Mike and Jeff’s THANOS when it drops on November 16 and stay tuned to for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews.

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Take a look at Mike Deodato's redesigns of the Mad Titan and his very non-traditional family!

Death’s biggest fan scores his own ongoing comics title as THANOS #1 hits stands on November 16. Written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Mike Deodato, the series will see the Mad Titan attempt to rebuild his life after experiencing more than a few setbacks.

Thanos sets out to get closer to his days as the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet, but soon finds himself facing off against the most dangerous people in his life: his family. Brother Starfox, son Thane, possible granddaughter Nebula, and former lover Death all have a thing or two to bring up with the would-be destroyer of creation.

We talked to Deodato about redesigning some of those classic characters, building up Thanos’ confidence and the challenges of drawing a villain of the Mad Titan’s ilk as the star of the comic. Does drawing a villain-centric book like this offer different challenges than one starring a hero?

Mike Deodato: Heroes are easy to love and to identify with, villains are tricky because, you know, they are…villains. The challenge is to make him, his personality, so fascinating that the reader will forget he is the villain and will actually start to root for him. Some TV shows have accomplished it nicely, like “Marco Polo,” “House of Cards,” and “Breaking Bad,” but it is not an easy task. Thanos’ look has stayed pretty consistent over the years. Were you able to play with the costume a bit?

Mike Deodato: I loved the way he was portrayed in the “Marvel Contest of Champions” game so I decided to go with that look with a few changes on the helmet details. Starfox, Thane, and Nebula will also be appearing. Did you put your own spin on those characters?

Mike Deodato: For Starfox we decided to start with his original costume, only making sure he looks as badass as ever. Thane, I used his current look and Nebula I chose to make it closer to the “Guardians of The Galaxy” movie version. The one character I did big changes with was The Champion. I thought he looked too tidy so I went for a more savage, dirty approach. Death will look more playful, quirky, and human instead of solemn and serious. The star of this book has been knocked down a few pegs in recent years. Does that alter how you convey him on the page?

Mike Deodato: I want him to look like a veteran scarred warrior, the type [where] you freeze just by looking at him. Because he’s been in so many battles, he is way more experienced and therefore way more dangerous. When you talked to about this book initially, you mentioned French sci-fi influences. What sets them apart from their American counterparts for you?

Mike Deodato: They have more of an idyllic, psychedelic, dream-like feel, I guess. I want it to contrast with the sci-fi horror apocalypse that is Thanos. In that same interview, you also mentioned a desire to draw Jeff’s stories after reading OLD MAN LOGAN and MOON KNIGHT. What was it about those stories that piqued your interest?

Mike Deodato: He has an old fashioned, yet modern way of telling stories that immerse you in the reading and forget all around it, just like all good writing should be.

The Mad Titan takes center stage once again on November 16 in the pages of THANOS #1 by Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato.

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The Mad Titan heads to Manhattan in a clip from 'Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy,' airing Sunday at 8:00 AM ET!

The Guardians’ defensive maneuvers have unintended consequences in a clip from “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy”! Watch the clip above and see an all-new “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” this Sunday at 8:00 AM ET on Disney XD.

With Thanos hot on their heels, the Guardians must take evasive measures if they hope to escape his wrath! Ronan helps the heroes deter the foe, but their tactics create a dire situation for Star-Lord’s home planet. See the catastrophic consequences in the clip above!

Tune in to a brand-new “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” this Sunday at 8:00 AM ET on DIsney XD! Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates on your favorite Marvel animated series.

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