Tom Taylor explores Laura Kinney's final battle with the Orphans of X!

After being forced to reckon with the legacy of the Weapon X program, Laura Kinney joins Logan, Daken, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, and Honey Badger to deal with the Orphans of X once and for all in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #30! Written by Tom Taylor with art by Juann Cabal, the group’s healing factors have been nullified by Mursmasa weaponry, so they’ll have to do more than slice their way out of this one.

Taylor joined us to discuss the end of this arc and what it’ll all mean for Laura moving forward. Tom, what are you most excited to share with readers as “Orphans of X” wraps up?

Tom Taylor: Honestly, I’m just happy to share this whole story. I’m really proud of this arc and especially of the team that created it. Juann Cabal and [colorist] Nolan Woodard have been firing on all cylinders on this one. Juann’s talent forced me to think outside the box in every script, and really pushed the storytelling across the board. It’s great when a creative team gels like this. It’s the kind of alchemy you can only get with comics. This arc kicked off as Marvel Legacy got underway, and you’ve certainly explored that concept since. How did you come to this examination of Logan’s legacy and the “family” that has sprung up around him?

Tom Taylor: This story is about the ramifications of not just Logan’s past, but of Laura’s and Daken’s. Logan hurt a lot of people in his past, and the same is true of his children. The Orphans of X are Laura’s legacy. They’re also the legacy of Logan and Daken and Sabretooth. In a way, there’s no evil here. The Orphans of X have a genuine reason for what they’re doing. They’re almost justified in their actions. The true trick has been finding a way to end this story amidst all the shades of grey. Some Wolverine stories can’t be solved with claws alone. Will Daken be more present in this series going forward, or will he go his own way once they handle the Orphans of X?

Tom Taylor: Daken will be going his own way after “Orphans of X,” but I think we’ve seen real growth in his character with the way he’s supported Laura throughout this story; his actions in our final issue confirm this. I’m glad their relationship as brother and sister has strengthened here. It means the dynamic has changed for the future. Can you tease what readers have to look forward to over the next few issues? We know that you’re exploring “Old Woman Laura” soon, but in the meantime, it seems Deadpool comes crashing into Laura and Gabby’s life…

Tom Taylor: Deadpool and Honey Badger’s unique friendship has made headlines and fans have been desperate to see them together again. I wanted to too. It’s not that Deadpool comes crashing into their lives, it’s actually that Gabby needs help—and Wade is the first person she calls. This issue is definitely one of the most fun issues of our entire run, but also has a lot of heart. My son actually read this issue earlier today and I could hear him constantly laughing from his room, which is about the best feedback you can receive. [Artist] Marco Failla and Nolan Woodard did such a perfect job with this issue, and I think a lighter story like this is good to have after our much heavier “Orphans of X” arc.

After that, we get a bit of an epilogue to “Orphans of X” with [artist] Djibril Morissette-Phan returning on art for a smaller, personal story.

And then, we head into the future as our epic “Old Woman Laura” story begins. Too often, we’ve seen a future to be afraid of, a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the worst of humanity took over and everything went wrong. With “Old Woman Laura,” I wanted to turn this on its head and show a bright future. A future where the heroes won…almost.

Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal’s ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #30 is available now!

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Tom Taylor and Ramon Rosanas tell the tale!

In the not-too-distant future, the super heroes have won. World peace has been achieved. And Laura Kinney is the Queen of Madripoor.

Yes, that Laura Kinney.

This spring, writer Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas take a peek at destiny as “Old Woman Laura” begins in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33! With the chaos and destruction of heroes and villains a thing of the past, the former Wolverine has hung up her claws and passed on her mantle. Now she happily lives out her life as the leader of the small island nation.

But when a long-simmering evil rises to threaten all that’s been achieved, Laura must leave her throne and suit up once again. On April 4, the final journey of the ALL-NEW WOLVERINE begins!

Check out the covers for issues #33 and #34 below!

“Old Woman Laura” begins with ALL NEW WOLVERINE #33, by writer Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas, on April 4!

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The creative duo responsible for Jean Grey’s new team speaks out!

The newest X-Men series explodes on the scene in fiery red, signaling danger, destruction, and a desperate drive to save everyone on the planet, human and mutant alike. X-MEN: RED, brought to you by writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar, also provides a new home, mission, and team for one of the most beloved Marvel heroes of all, the newly-resurrected Jean Grey. Tom, overall, how exciting is it to be guiding the character of Jean Grey in this book? What does she mean to you as a writer and a fan?

Tom Taylor: She’s one of the original five. She’s right there on the cover to the very first X-Men book. She’s been at the center of some of the biggest stories ever seen in comics, with some of the greatest writers and artists behind her. So, to be asked to steer her new path is huge. I think Jean has been sorely missed. It’s often said Jean Grey is the heart of the X-Men. As a fan, I’m glad that heart is returning. Well-said. We hear Jean feels the anger and anxiety of the world in X-MEN: RED—what form does that take and how does the initial sense of it impact her?

Tom Taylor: Jean’s been gone a long time. When I set out to write this, I thought about what that would actually mean, showing up in this time and place. The world has changed so much. The advances in technology, the impacts of social media, the political, racial, and social division. Jean is stepping into it for the first time, as an incredibly powerful telepath, and someone who’s uniquely empathetic. What does this world feel like to someone like her? It feels afraid and angry. And Jean, being Jean, with the added burden of what she’s been part of as the Phoenix, she wants to do what all true heroes want to do. She wants to help. She wants to make the world a better place. Nightcrawler, Gambit, Namor, “Wolverine” Laura Kinney—the new team members are incredible. What are Jean’s parameters in gathering them, or is this a case where they seek her out?

Tom Taylor: I don’t want to spoil it, but part of this team comes together in the middle of something big as will be seen in issue #1. But they don’t all come together at once. There will be more members later down the line, as Jean needs them, or as they need her. Namor in particular seems to be a fascinating choice. How’s it feel to be handling literally Marvel’s oldest character?

Tom Taylor: Namor is a character who I’ve always been pretty fascinated with. I actually found drawings I did of him when I was very little, from 1980s repeats of the old 1960s Sub-Mariner cartoon. Why he shows up will be clear in X-MEN: RED #1 and his presence will be clearer as our story progresses. Some people will be aware of “The Deep” animated series, which I’m the co-creator of. Spending so much time writing in this environment has meant I’ve wanted to bring some of the deep sea to the X-Men too. You’ll see in the first pages that the ocean has a part to play. Who or what will be the team’s greatest hurdle? Anything you can say about the villain we hear is going to turn the heat up on Jean?

Tom Taylor: Nope. We’re definitely not revealing the villain now, but I will say that Jean is attempting to upset the Status Quo. And the Status Quo…well, it gets upset. Very upset. Prepare for some shocks. Okay, let’s try this—who is this Trinary character?

Tom Taylor: I’m not sure how much I can say, but I will say she’s a young mutant from India, and a powerful technopath. It feels like the right time to introduce a new technopath to the X-Men, and a technopath working in tandem with an Omega-level telepath creates some very big possibilities for X-MEN: RED. How will Wakandan mutant Gentle figure into the story? What kind of impact will he have on the over-arching mission?

Tom Taylor: Everything happens fairly organically in this series, and his introduction won’t be immediate. But he will have a very big part to play. Nezhno Abidemi has always felt a little underused for such an interesting character. He’s a placid soul who could potentially be as strong as the Hulk. But the stronger he gets, the more pain he finds himself in, which is partially the reason he’s hiding out in Wakanda and rejecting violence. And how does it feel to be working with Mahmud Asrar on the series?

Tom Taylor: Mahmud is just fantastic. I was already a fan of his art, and I was very happy when editor Mark Paniccia first suggested him. The pages coming in are as good as I could hope for. The action is there, but it’s the emotion that’s really getting me. He lifts the book every time he lifts his pen. Great! So, let’s turn it over to Mahmud to get his take on X-MEN: RED. Mahmud, what was the single most exciting thing about the book for you when you were first approached about it?

Mahmud Asrar: Jean Grey! I have always loved the character since the Dark Phoenix Saga times, which is also one of my favorite storylines. Getting to draw a returning Jean leading a new team of X-Men that I’m designing—couldn’t pass that up! Glad you mentioned the new costume designs—why a new look here?

Mahmud Asrar:  There is a reason why the team is wearing new costumes, but I guess that should reveal itself in the story. The designs revolved around the initial look I came up with for Jean, which was inspired by her 1990s look mostly. To reflect the name of the team, I put red on her costume.

I like it when a team of super-characters have a unified look so when giving a new look to the others, I spun off from Jean’s look while retaining some of the elements of their own previous costumes or backgrounds. Laura is based quite a bit on Wolverine’s brown and orange look, while our new character Trinary, who’s from India, has a look that is inspired by the traditional sari. All the while I kept the “x” on the mid-section and gave a subtle “x” to all of the costumes. We bet the team’s new headquarters was fun to work on…

Mahmud Asrar: The new HQ’s design is mostly based on its environment and founders. It’s deep underwater and built with Atlantean technology and sensibilities. Plus, there is the brand new underwater Cerebro which Tom has dubbed the “Searebro” among ourselves. It’s going to be a unique base for our heroes that is probably one of the biggest ones ever, too, which has its reasons as well. You brought up Tom, so let’s go there: what’s he do as a writer that you as an artist love?

Mahmud Asrar: Tom is someone I truly admire for his skills as a writer and ability to weave stories. He is also a wonderfully nice person whose personality traits and world view I really appreciate. I feel that the writer that he is and the person that he is, is just a remarkable combination to tell an X-Men story. I’m very happy to be paired with him as I’ve been a lifelong X-Men fan. Finally we get to tell stories about some of our favorite characters in comics together.

The ball gets rolling this month in PHOENIX RESURRECTION: THE RETURN OF JEAN GREY, then look out for X-MEN: RED coming from Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar in 2018!

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Tom Taylor details Laura’s return to the place where it all began!

Laura Kinney has followed the Orphans of X to the Facility—the place where, as a child, she got tortured and programmed to be an assassin. And upon her arrival, she discovered her mother…alive.

Her mother—the woman Laura thought she accidentally killed years ago. On December 13, writer Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal test our hero like never before in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #28!

We spoke with Tom about what to expect from this devastating family reunion. Catch us up on what’s been going down in the “Orphans of X” storyline so far!

Tom Taylor: Daken has been blown up, taken by the mysterious Orphans of X, and then tortured for information. His arm has been found—without the rest of him attached—dangling from a bridge on Roosevelt Island. Laura and Gabby were alerted to this arm and a note attached to it brought Laura back to the Facility, where she got tortured and turned into an assassin as a child. But Laura didn’t find Daken in this place full of painful memories, she found…her mother.

But Laura’s mother, Sarah, died at Laura’s unwilling hand years ago. Now the tortured Daken, the confused Laura, and the previously thought dead Sarah Kinney have been placed on a collision course. How does artist Juann Cabal capture the complex emotional tenor of this story?

Tom Taylor: What Juann and [colorist] Nolan Woodard did with those scenes at the Facility blew me away. You see so much going on, and Juann adds to it in beautiful ways. But this can be said of the whole arc. I think, as a team, we’ve all worked to lift this story to another level, and editors Mark Paniccia and Christina Harrington are right there with us. Terry and Rachel Dodson‘s cover to issue #28 has become one of my favorites, too. How has Laura’s relationship with Daken evolved in recent times?

Tom Taylor: Laura and Daken have had a fractious and violent history, but they have grown close over the years. Logan’s death has drawn them slightly closer as well. Daken has very little respect for anyone, but he clearly respects Laura. They’ve gone from rivals to siblings. Can you tell us anything about the Orphans of X?

Tom Taylor: All I can say is they clearly hate Laura and Daken with a passion. And they have means and numbers. Issue #28 will reveal a lot more. Laura has tried so hard to put her past behind her—how does she feel about being forced to re-live it?

Tom Taylor: Laura won’t have a lot of time to think about reliving her past in this issue. Everything escalates here, and Laura and company will need to react very quickly. But this also isn’t just about Laura’s past…this is about Daken’s as well. A life of violence and death can’t simply be ignored. How does an empathetic character like Laura handle a group that has such hatred of her and her family? Will she try to reach out to them, or will this be the mission that gets her killing again?

Tom Taylor: I don’t want to spoil that just yet…but there will be a lot of challenges coming Laura’s way. And this is certainly our most violent story.

Grab ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #28, by Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal, on December 13!

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Writer Tom Taylor teases the Orphans of X as Marvel Legacy begins!

Coming up, things get more personal than ever for Laura Kinney.

Having returned from her Brood-killing mission alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, Laura has no choice but to return to the place where her journey began—to fight for the family she has left.

On October 11, writer Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal reintroduce Laura and Daken in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #25!

We caught up with Tom to hear more about the Marvel Legacy beginning of a complex new partnership for Laura and her long-lost “brother.” Catch us up on what’s been going on in the wonderful world of Wolverine!

Tom Taylor: At the moment, we’re just coming back from space—Laura, Gabby, and Jonathan have been off with the Guardians of the Galaxy. They dealt with a massive threat there and now they’re coming back to Earth in the hope of finding some normalcy in their new residence on Roosevelt Island. But—of course—we’re going to be turning their world upside-down.

Something very bad happens. Daken will be taken…but a piece of him will also be found. Oh no.

Tom Taylor: Yeah, right!? That will start Laura on a very big journey which will involve her past, her present, and her future. There will be an intensity in our Legacy arc that we haven’t seen before. By the end of the first issue of our Orphans of X run, everybody will want to pick this book up. Just to recap, it wasn’t so long ago that Daken and Laura were—literallyat each other’s throats. Where do we find their relationship now?

Tom Taylor: Daken and Laura are actually quite close. We saw it in Marjorie Liu’s run and we saw it in the recent Immune arc where Daken comes—not to help Roosevelt Island in the middle of their horrible infestation—but to help Laura. Daken doesn’t get close to a lot of people. But he does respect Laura and I think that becomes quite clear.

We are playing with them as brother and sister and I think that comes through in all of Orphans of X, but in the beginning of Orphans of X, Daken gets taken prisoner (I can’t say by who yet!) and Laura has to deal with that. But it feels quite traumatic, and this will be one of the most intense arcs we’ve ever done. It seems so cool to go back to Laura’s roots with Legacy—to see her challenged in such a personal way.

Tom Taylor: She’s a fantastic character—she has an incredibly traumatic past but she’s not a victim. Particularly after everything she went through in Enemy of the State arc, she has really come through it and become a hell of a hero—as I hope we saw on the moon with the hive…like, she just went to an alien moon, took on the Brood, and she saved an entire island of people! She kicks ass in every way. Generally speaking, what does the legacy of Marvel Comics mean to you?

Tom Taylor: I’m a fanboy and I always have been. I’m a fan of these great characters. And when Marvel calls you up and says, “Hey Tom, do you want to write Iron Man?” you absolutely lose it! You just do! It feels insane. Like, this stuff just doesn’t happen. My first gig in American comics was writing Star Wars. And it’s just like…you’re kidding me. You want me to write Luke and Han and Leia? What!? I’m a guy from Melbourne, Australia. This just doesn’t happen.

I think we were talking about something else with Marvel at one stage and then they were like, actually, would you like to do Wolverine? What person in the world would say no to that!? Of course I want to do Wolverine! I’ve been reading Wolverine comics my whole life, I have shelves of them—yes I want in on this. I love Laura, ever since I saw her in “X-Men: Evolution”!

It’s just exciting to be on all of this and—I think I can say this—I’ve just been offered a new project for Marvel and it’s exactly the same. I have a very packed schedule but I just thought, you know what, I’m going to immediately drop everything I’m doing to jump onto this and make it as good as I possibly can; it couldn’t be more exciting to do another incredible Marvel property and to try to do my best at it. That’s so exciting! So Legacy must be a treat to work on.

Tom Taylor: Yeah—and we’re seeing things like going back the Muramasa Blade here, which has been a huge part of Logan’s past and what that came to mean. And now that his children have to deal with that will be a really big thing. That’s the kind of Legacy thing that we’re seeing in this, and I have to say that the artwork by Juann Cabal and [colorist] Nolan Woodard together looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. The three of us are just jamming so well! We’re adding extra beats everywhere and it’s amazing to be working with these talented guys.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #25, by Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal, drops on October 11!

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Writer Tom Taylor previews the resurgence of the Brood!

They’re big, they’re ugly, and they’ve messed with the wrong mutant.

On September 13, Laura Kinney teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to squish the hive-minded Brood in writer Tom Taylor and artist Leonard Kirk’s ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #24!

Since these parasitic bugs have been leeching off of the Marvel Universe for the last 35 years, we decided to ask Tom to highlight his take on Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum‘s iconic insectoid creation. The Brood are a classic X-Men villain, but we usually see them attacking Earth. Are they even more of a challenge for Wolverine and company on an alien moon?

Tom Taylor: They’re definitely more of a challenge. They’re infected with a virus, which has made these rage-monsters…umm…ragier. And Laura and the Guardians of the Galaxy have a lot of people to protect.

There’s also a much bigger problem: Laura’s sister, Gabby, has been turned into a Brood Queen. What do they want with her?

Tom Taylor: Gabby Kinney serves as the new Brood Queen of this moon. And with the transferable powers of the host, the Brood now have a terrifying matriarch who can heal and possibly pass this power onto new Brood, making them unstoppable. What is the dynamic like between Laura and the Guardians? How will it inform their approach to fighting the Brood?

Tom Taylor: The dynamic is good. Gamora and Wolverine fight well together, and everyone respects Laura—especially once they’ve seen her hacking through monsters. But there are some disagreements coming, especially with Gabby in such danger. The Brood have been terrorizing the Marvel Universe for nearly four decades. What’s your favorite piece of their impressive history? 

Tom Taylor: I think the best thing about this Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum brainchild is that the Brood are just completely evil. They’re parasites. This means Wolverine’s recent “no killing” policy need not apply in our story, especially given what they’ve done so far. The claws are staying out.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #24, by Tom Taylor and artist Leonard Kirk, hits shelves on September 13!

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Laura Kinney faces a new challenge as her ongoing series ramps up!

Writer Tom Taylor’s gearing up Laura Kinney—Wolverine—for a huge role in the Marvel Universe, and to do so creates one of the biggest challenges ever for the young mutant.

When an alien space vessel crash-lands on Earth with an equally alien—and dying—child on-board that speaks Laura’s name with its dying breath, you know Wolverine’s world’s about to be turned upside-down. Add in a mysterious virus spreading like wildfire throughout an entire city and that city cordoned off by the government, and you’ll learn her life may never be the same.

We caught up with ALL-NEW WOLVERINE writer Taylor to ask him why he’s putting Laura through all this. Tom, why the big story as Laura enters ResurrXion?

Tom Taylor: It’s partly about the end of “Enemy of the State II,” and where we find Laura after that.

I won’t ruin that here, obviously, but it’s a place I’ve wanted to get her to all along. I think long-time fans of Laura Kinney will completely understand. You’ll be joined on ALL-NEW WOLVERINE by artist Leonard Kirk. What do you think he brings to the series?

Tom Taylor: Leonard is just incredible. I’m very glad [editor] Mark Paniccia brought us together for this. Every thumbnail I’ve seen, every sketch, has so much going for it. How he draws Gabby and Laura together, in particular, has had me grinning ear-to-ear. There’s so much heart and nuance to it. He’s a guy who can just do it all. He’s just as strong with action, emotion, and comedy.

His characters are alive. We’re very lucky to have Leonard for the long-haul on this one. Let’s get into the story: at first, how does the super hero community respond to the crisis?

Tom Taylor: With the entire world threatened by an alien virus, the super hero community responds very quickly. The mystery of how the virus is connected to Laura has everyone racing to her for answers. This one is big. This is an entire event in one book. I can’t remember writing something so epic for one hero before. What’s the virus like? How does it spread and impact people?

Tom Taylor: The virus is highly contagious, and very deadly. It threatens the entire world, and there’s a ticking clock over our whole story.

All-New Wolverine by Adam Kubert

All-New Wolverine by Adam Kubert What kind of support, of any kind, do the other X-Men offer Laura?

Tom Taylor: Outside the contagion zone, everyone is coming together to find a solution, and the world’s best minds, including some X-Men, are working remotely, trying to help those trapped with the virus. But Laura will be pretty alone on the ground [as she goes in]. Wow—will she be working totally alone? Is there any support structure at all in place for her going in?

Tom Taylor: Aside from the remote help, there are others inside the city working to find a solution, but they’re mostly in the same danger from the virus as the rest of the populace. They won’t be able to help for long.

Those who’ve been following the series to this point should know that it won’t all be doom and gloom though. Despite the dire situation, there will be room for entertainment, and some big surprises are coming. Okay, but what kinds of threats might we expect for her in the city, other than the virus?

Tom Taylor: The city is a powderkeg. The general populace is terrified and, of course, this leads to tensions boiling over. And it’s not just average people who live in the city. There may be a super villain or two living there too… In the end, how will this ultimately test our Wolverine?

Tom Taylor: This could be Laura’s greatest test ever. Essentially, she’s powerless in the middle of so much suffering, but many will be looking to her with questions she can’t answer, and salvation she can’t offer. Adamantium claws are useless against a contagion. You can’t stab a virus. Wolverine will need to be a different kind of hero.

Follow and our social channels for the latest on ALL-NEW WOLVERINE and the rest of ResurrXion!

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