Tom Taylor explores Laura Kinney's final battle with the Orphans of X!

After being forced to reckon with the legacy of the Weapon X program, Laura Kinney joins Logan, Daken, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, and Honey Badger to deal with the Orphans of X once and for all in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #30! Written by Tom Taylor with art by Juann Cabal, the group’s healing factors have been nullified by Mursmasa weaponry, so they’ll have to do more than slice their way out of this one.

Taylor joined us to discuss the end of this arc and what it’ll all mean for Laura moving forward. Tom, what are you most excited to share with readers as “Orphans of X” wraps up?

Tom Taylor: Honestly, I’m just happy to share this whole story. I’m really proud of this arc and especially of the team that created it. Juann Cabal and [colorist] Nolan Woodard have been firing on all cylinders on this one. Juann’s talent forced me to think outside the box in every script, and really pushed the storytelling across the board. It’s great when a creative team gels like this. It’s the kind of alchemy you can only get with comics. This arc kicked off as Marvel Legacy got underway, and you’ve certainly explored that concept since. How did you come to this examination of Logan’s legacy and the “family” that has sprung up around him?

Tom Taylor: This story is about the ramifications of not just Logan’s past, but of Laura’s and Daken’s. Logan hurt a lot of people in his past, and the same is true of his children. The Orphans of X are Laura’s legacy. They’re also the legacy of Logan and Daken and Sabretooth. In a way, there’s no evil here. The Orphans of X have a genuine reason for what they’re doing. They’re almost justified in their actions. The true trick has been finding a way to end this story amidst all the shades of grey. Some Wolverine stories can’t be solved with claws alone. Will Daken be more present in this series going forward, or will he go his own way once they handle the Orphans of X?

Tom Taylor: Daken will be going his own way after “Orphans of X,” but I think we’ve seen real growth in his character with the way he’s supported Laura throughout this story; his actions in our final issue confirm this. I’m glad their relationship as brother and sister has strengthened here. It means the dynamic has changed for the future. Can you tease what readers have to look forward to over the next few issues? We know that you’re exploring “Old Woman Laura” soon, but in the meantime, it seems Deadpool comes crashing into Laura and Gabby’s life…

Tom Taylor: Deadpool and Honey Badger’s unique friendship has made headlines and fans have been desperate to see them together again. I wanted to too. It’s not that Deadpool comes crashing into their lives, it’s actually that Gabby needs help—and Wade is the first person she calls. This issue is definitely one of the most fun issues of our entire run, but also has a lot of heart. My son actually read this issue earlier today and I could hear him constantly laughing from his room, which is about the best feedback you can receive. [Artist] Marco Failla and Nolan Woodard did such a perfect job with this issue, and I think a lighter story like this is good to have after our much heavier “Orphans of X” arc.

After that, we get a bit of an epilogue to “Orphans of X” with [artist] Djibril Morissette-Phan returning on art for a smaller, personal story.

And then, we head into the future as our epic “Old Woman Laura” story begins. Too often, we’ve seen a future to be afraid of, a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the worst of humanity took over and everything went wrong. With “Old Woman Laura,” I wanted to turn this on its head and show a bright future. A future where the heroes won…almost.

Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal’s ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #30 is available now!

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Tom Taylor details Laura’s return to the place where it all began!

Laura Kinney has followed the Orphans of X to the Facility—the place where, as a child, she got tortured and programmed to be an assassin. And upon her arrival, she discovered her mother…alive.

Her mother—the woman Laura thought she accidentally killed years ago. On December 13, writer Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal test our hero like never before in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #28!

We spoke with Tom about what to expect from this devastating family reunion. Catch us up on what’s been going down in the “Orphans of X” storyline so far!

Tom Taylor: Daken has been blown up, taken by the mysterious Orphans of X, and then tortured for information. His arm has been found—without the rest of him attached—dangling from a bridge on Roosevelt Island. Laura and Gabby were alerted to this arm and a note attached to it brought Laura back to the Facility, where she got tortured and turned into an assassin as a child. But Laura didn’t find Daken in this place full of painful memories, she found…her mother.

But Laura’s mother, Sarah, died at Laura’s unwilling hand years ago. Now the tortured Daken, the confused Laura, and the previously thought dead Sarah Kinney have been placed on a collision course. How does artist Juann Cabal capture the complex emotional tenor of this story?

Tom Taylor: What Juann and [colorist] Nolan Woodard did with those scenes at the Facility blew me away. You see so much going on, and Juann adds to it in beautiful ways. But this can be said of the whole arc. I think, as a team, we’ve all worked to lift this story to another level, and editors Mark Paniccia and Christina Harrington are right there with us. Terry and Rachel Dodson‘s cover to issue #28 has become one of my favorites, too. How has Laura’s relationship with Daken evolved in recent times?

Tom Taylor: Laura and Daken have had a fractious and violent history, but they have grown close over the years. Logan’s death has drawn them slightly closer as well. Daken has very little respect for anyone, but he clearly respects Laura. They’ve gone from rivals to siblings. Can you tell us anything about the Orphans of X?

Tom Taylor: All I can say is they clearly hate Laura and Daken with a passion. And they have means and numbers. Issue #28 will reveal a lot more. Laura has tried so hard to put her past behind her—how does she feel about being forced to re-live it?

Tom Taylor: Laura won’t have a lot of time to think about reliving her past in this issue. Everything escalates here, and Laura and company will need to react very quickly. But this also isn’t just about Laura’s past…this is about Daken’s as well. A life of violence and death can’t simply be ignored. How does an empathetic character like Laura handle a group that has such hatred of her and her family? Will she try to reach out to them, or will this be the mission that gets her killing again?

Tom Taylor: I don’t want to spoil that just yet…but there will be a lot of challenges coming Laura’s way. And this is certainly our most violent story.

Grab ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #28, by Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal, on December 13!

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Writer Tom Taylor previews the resurgence of the Brood!

They’re big, they’re ugly, and they’ve messed with the wrong mutant.

On September 13, Laura Kinney teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to squish the hive-minded Brood in writer Tom Taylor and artist Leonard Kirk’s ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #24!

Since these parasitic bugs have been leeching off of the Marvel Universe for the last 35 years, we decided to ask Tom to highlight his take on Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum‘s iconic insectoid creation. The Brood are a classic X-Men villain, but we usually see them attacking Earth. Are they even more of a challenge for Wolverine and company on an alien moon?

Tom Taylor: They’re definitely more of a challenge. They’re infected with a virus, which has made these rage-monsters…umm…ragier. And Laura and the Guardians of the Galaxy have a lot of people to protect.

There’s also a much bigger problem: Laura’s sister, Gabby, has been turned into a Brood Queen. What do they want with her?

Tom Taylor: Gabby Kinney serves as the new Brood Queen of this moon. And with the transferable powers of the host, the Brood now have a terrifying matriarch who can heal and possibly pass this power onto new Brood, making them unstoppable. What is the dynamic like between Laura and the Guardians? How will it inform their approach to fighting the Brood?

Tom Taylor: The dynamic is good. Gamora and Wolverine fight well together, and everyone respects Laura—especially once they’ve seen her hacking through monsters. But there are some disagreements coming, especially with Gabby in such danger. The Brood have been terrorizing the Marvel Universe for nearly four decades. What’s your favorite piece of their impressive history? 

Tom Taylor: I think the best thing about this Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum brainchild is that the Brood are just completely evil. They’re parasites. This means Wolverine’s recent “no killing” policy need not apply in our story, especially given what they’ve done so far. The claws are staying out.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #24, by Tom Taylor and artist Leonard Kirk, hits shelves on September 13!

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Two Wolverines lock claws in a memorable match-up drawn by Ramon Rosanas!

Ever since DEATH OF WOLVERINE, readers have felt a Logan-sized hole in their lives. Other clawed individuals have stepped in to do some of the jobs other heroes won’t touch like Laura Kinney, who now holds the name Wolverine, and Old Man Logan, but what about the original? With the publication of GENERATIONS: WOLVERINE & ALL-NEW WOLVERINE this week by writer Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas, we’ll finally have a few answers.

We got in touch with Rosanas about reuniting the clone and her fallen mentor in an issue that celebrates the House of Ideas’ long history of legacy heroes. Ever since the “Death of Wolverine” story, people have been wondering when Logan would make his return to comics. How does it feel to be drawing this huge issue in his history?

Ramon Rosanas: Very proud! Wolverine is one of the most loved characters and to be part of his story makes me feel very happy. Laura’s gone through a good deal of changes since Logan died. What can you tell us about the emotional connection they will feel when reunited and how that comes across on the page?

Ramon Rosanas: It’s really magical. They are two strong characters. Finding them in an emotional union is a key moment in their personality. I love to draw emotions. I already did it with Deadpool and Ant-Man. I feel comfortable with these stories and this script has given me touching moments. Laura might be the All-New Wolverine, but Logan’s the classic model. How do they compare when leaping into battle in this issue?

Ramon Rosanas: They are two generations. Getting them together has been great. I love to see them in that kind of relationship formed between parents and children when you discover that your daughter surpasses you, that she has taken a few steps ahead of you but that you can still protect and teach her many things. What can you tell us about the kind of trouble Laura and Logan get up to in this issue and did it offer a lot of design opportunities for you?

Ramon Rosanas: I have enjoyed drawing ninjas and Japanese settings. I have experimented giving the scenes an aspect close to the Manga style; although that has also given me a few headaches in combining both styles of work. I have been allowed to draw Logan in his classic outfit, in civilian clothes, and in his usual T-shirt as the story progressed. And I did the same with Laura, leaving her with a T-shirt like Logan, as if he was “passing the baton.” How has it been working with Tom and the gang on this issue?

Ramon Rosanas: I have been part of a great team. I have been able to work with Mark Paniccia whom I love and admire. He was the first editor to open the doors for me in Marvel and to work with him is always really great.

Tom is a great writer. The script describes everything I need to know but at the same time Tom leaves me room to adapt it. He has done a magnificent job throughout the whole episode. I cannot wait to hear from the fans.

Slice and dice alongside Logan and Laura in GENERATIONS: WOLVERINE & ALL-NEW WOLVERINE, available this week from Tom Taylor and Ramon Rosanas!

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Roland Boschi straps Wolverine to a symbiote in exclusive sketches!

Eddie Brock returned to his symbiote roots this week in VENOM #150. That reunion will also lead to an immense Venom-ization of various characters across the Marvel Universe.

EDGE OF VENOMVERSE launches in June. Each issue focuses on a Venom-ized character with a different creative team. The first issue, by Matthew Rosenberg and Roland Boschi, will showcase X-23—aka the All-New Wolverine—and her struggles as she deals with not only escaping the Facility, but also the symbiote trying to take over her mind and body.

We talked with Boschi about combining Laura’s sharpness with the fluidity of the symbiotes, plus his experience working with Rosenberg on helping to set up this major event. This project is unique in that it’s using each issue to introduce a new character for the Venomverse story by a different creative team. How does that experience differ than some of your other work?

Roland Boschi: At first I previewed a sample of the amazing Venomverse covers when Marvel hired me on X-23. Then you realize that you’re part of a big crossover. It’s totally thrilling! The Venom version of X-23 looks like just about the most dangerous character of all time! How was it coming up with that look?

Roland Boschi: I truly enjoyed the character of Laura in the movie “Logan” recently, how versatile she can be, from the silent young girl to the savage killer. Mix that with Venom’s symbiote and there is indeed a scary character! I try to show [Laura’s] face through the dark tendrils as much as I can, especially when her humanity speaks before she unleashes the symbiote! What are the key elements of X-23’s character that will remain even given her Venom-induced transformation?

Roland Boschi: She is constantly fighting the hunger of the symbiote and it looks like she finally almost handles it. The claws, high velocity, and healing factor of X-23 remain, plus the vicious Venom skills! Symbiotes have always been very striking visually as they seem like they’re always moving. Is that something you try to convey on the page?

Roland Boschi: Absolutely; make tendrils in motion and spread them all around the page as much as possible! How was it working with Matthew on this kick-off to a big event?

Roland Boschi: I haven’t had the chance to meet Matthew so far, but it’s a true honor to be working with him. The first reading of his script was immediately exciting with the action sequences and X-23 infected by the symbiote, but I enjoyed even more the second part, focused on teenagers, living their wild life and meeting Laura.

X-23 struggles with her symbiote in the pages of EDGE OF VENOMVERSE #1, out June 28 by Matthew Rosenberg and Roland Boschi!

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Laura’s all-new outfit means it’s time for a ferocious fashion show!

In ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #20 on May 10, Laura continues to show off her brand new outfit, as Tom Taylor and Leonard Kirk unspool the epic story “Immune.”

With this change in the former X-23’s look, we take a peek back at some classic costumes worn by both Laura and Logan, the original Wolverine, over the course of their careers.

Classic Yellow

Nothing says “Wolverine” like a classic yellow-and-blue outfit, and lately Laura has honored her late father and mentor by wearing a costume similar to the one he sported for a good portion of his career. The original Wolverine debuted in the pages of INCREDIBLE HULK in 1974 with a canary-colored costume that sported shorter ears and whiskers. Over the years it would evolve based on the situation or the artist’s interpretation, from Gil Kane’s rendition on the cover of GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 to Jim Lee’s reintroduction of the suit in 1992 to “nose-less Wolverine” circa 1996 to John Cassaday’s ASTONISHING X-MEN run.

Brown and Tan

In UNCANNY X-MEN #139, John Byrne introduced a new version of Wolverine’s costume. While it retained the basic design from the mask down to the boots, Byrne opted for a different color scheme, and the yellow and blue became brown and tan. When Laura joined the ALL-NEW X-MEN series, she sported a costume that was a similar design to her teammates, but featured brown and tan accents. Perhaps that served as a small tip of the claw to Byrne’s design.


In 1977, Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum introduced Fang, a member of the Imperial Guard who had a feral black-and-tan costume lined with small teeth and skulls. During a battle with the Shi’Ar, Wolverine took down Fang, then stole his costume to help him sneak up on the rest of their adversaries. While short-lived, the costume became iconic enough that Laura, as X-23, once wore it as well.

Basic Black

When she debuted, X-23 wore a “basic black” outfit, and the color became a staple of her wardrobe over the years. A black two-piece, in fact, became arguably her most iconic outfit. No stranger to black himself, Logan wore a pitch-colored suit back when his solo ongoing series debuted in 1988, as a member of Team X, and then in 2001 when artist Frank Quitely outfitted all the X-Men in leather gear.

X-Force Grey and Black

Both Logan and Laura served as members of X-Force circa 2008, and like the rest of team, traded their regular costumes for the stealthy X-Force grey-and-black versions. Laura would continue to wear a variant of this costume even after leaving the ranks of X-Force, in the solo X-23 title.

Original X

The original X-Men started their careers in the traditional yellow-and-black outfits that became a staple of Professor X’s school. Like many other mutants who roamed those halls, both Logan and Laura have worn a version of that costume during their careers. The original Wolverine wore it most notably in the early 1990s, as drawn by Jim Lee, while his clone sported a version in NEW X-MEN with her own flair: gigantic gauntlets and armored boots!

Old Man Look

Several times we’ve seen Logan in his “old man” look—starting with the iconic “Days of Future Past” storyline, where older versions of the X-Men fought a losing battle against the Sentinels. The jacket-wearing hero met his end while facing down the robotic enemy.

In OLD MAN LOGAN, our aged hero once again faces a different set of impossible odds, and his grizzled look matches the landscape of the broken Marvel Universe he originally came from. While the former X-23 has yet to appear in her elderly form, no doubt an inevitable “Old Lady Laura” story will one day reveal what she might look like in the far future. Maybe it’ll include a brown jacket.

See Laura strut her style in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #20, available May 10 from Tom Taylor and Leonard Kirk!

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She may be Wolverine now, but Laura started off as a scared kid!

Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place or object that made waves this week.

It’s a good time to be Laura Kinney, but that hasn’t always been the case. She may be represented on the big screen in “Logan” and just kicked off a new arc with ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #19 by Tom Taylor and Leonard Kirk, but her earliest days were filled with pain and torment.

NYX (2003) #3

NYX (2003) #3

What is Marvel Unlimited?
The character of X-23 actually debuted on the animated series “X-Men: Evolution” in 2003. The next year, the nearly-silent Wolverine clone made the jump to comics with an appearance in NYX #3 by Joe Quesada and Josh Middleton. In that issue, readers met a young woman who sold herself to men that liked to be cut by her retractable claws. The rest of that series didn’t get too much into her history, but did show that this girl had more in common with Wolverine than just the claws. She could also handle herself against seemingly formidable opponents.

“X-Men: Evolution” writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost returned to the character with X-23 in 2005. The six issue limited series drawn by Billy Tan gave a full account of Laura’s creation. Way back when Wolverine escaped from the Weapon X program, a mysterious group gathered some of his DNA and wanted to recreate the experiment. The process stalled out until Dr. Sarah Kinney came along and suggested they create a female clone. The idea fell on deaf ears, so she went and did it anyway.

The result, X-23, trained from a very early age to fight ferociously, but underwent torture aimed to force the popping of her claws and development of a healing factor. Later, her claws were surgically removed, sharpened, and covered with Adamantium. Her handlers developed a “trigger scent” that would send her into a berserker rage in an instant. The organization then hired her out on various assassination missions which she easily carried out.

Dr. Kinney finally acknowledged the terrible things she’d done to this child when her niece had been kidnapped. The doc took X-23 out on a private mission to get the girl back. This set in motion events that would not only lead to X-23’s escape from the program, but also the destruction of future clones.

X-23 (2005) #1

X-23 (2005) #1

  • Published: January 12, 2005
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Rating: Marvel Psr
  • Writer: Chris Yost
  • Penciller: Billy Tan
  • Cover Artist: Billy Tan
What is Marvel Unlimited?

With her dying words, Dr. Kinney gave X-23 her real name: Laura. She finally met her “father” in the pages of X-23: TARGET X by Kyle, Yost, and Mike Choi. As you can imagine, the interaction came with plenty of rage and blood, but ultimately Wolverine suggested that Laura get involved with the X-Men.

That began a long run with various X-squads including the New X-Men, X-Force, and the All-New X-Men. These days, Laura can be found in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE, having taken up the mantle of her dad after he died. The current story finds her racing the clock to help stop a space virus from running rampant on Earth.

Flash Forward

Up above we mentioned that X-23 first appeared on the “X-Men: Evolution” animated series. The show recast many of our favorite mutants as teenagers, but Wolverine acted as an older mutant and original member of the X-Men. To bring in similar elements from that character, but age them down for the audience, Kyle and Yost went the clone route and introduced Laura in “X23,” the 11th episode of the third season. She popped up again the fourth season in an episode called “Target X.” Since then, the character has also appeared in two other cartoons: “Wolverine and the X-Men” and “The Super Hero Squad Show.”

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Laura Kinney faces a new challenge as her ongoing series ramps up!

Writer Tom Taylor’s gearing up Laura Kinney—Wolverine—for a huge role in the Marvel Universe, and to do so creates one of the biggest challenges ever for the young mutant.

When an alien space vessel crash-lands on Earth with an equally alien—and dying—child on-board that speaks Laura’s name with its dying breath, you know Wolverine’s world’s about to be turned upside-down. Add in a mysterious virus spreading like wildfire throughout an entire city and that city cordoned off by the government, and you’ll learn her life may never be the same.

We caught up with ALL-NEW WOLVERINE writer Taylor to ask him why he’s putting Laura through all this. Tom, why the big story as Laura enters ResurrXion?

Tom Taylor: It’s partly about the end of “Enemy of the State II,” and where we find Laura after that.

I won’t ruin that here, obviously, but it’s a place I’ve wanted to get her to all along. I think long-time fans of Laura Kinney will completely understand. You’ll be joined on ALL-NEW WOLVERINE by artist Leonard Kirk. What do you think he brings to the series?

Tom Taylor: Leonard is just incredible. I’m very glad [editor] Mark Paniccia brought us together for this. Every thumbnail I’ve seen, every sketch, has so much going for it. How he draws Gabby and Laura together, in particular, has had me grinning ear-to-ear. There’s so much heart and nuance to it. He’s a guy who can just do it all. He’s just as strong with action, emotion, and comedy.

His characters are alive. We’re very lucky to have Leonard for the long-haul on this one. Let’s get into the story: at first, how does the super hero community respond to the crisis?

Tom Taylor: With the entire world threatened by an alien virus, the super hero community responds very quickly. The mystery of how the virus is connected to Laura has everyone racing to her for answers. This one is big. This is an entire event in one book. I can’t remember writing something so epic for one hero before. What’s the virus like? How does it spread and impact people?

Tom Taylor: The virus is highly contagious, and very deadly. It threatens the entire world, and there’s a ticking clock over our whole story.

All-New Wolverine by Adam Kubert

All-New Wolverine by Adam Kubert What kind of support, of any kind, do the other X-Men offer Laura?

Tom Taylor: Outside the contagion zone, everyone is coming together to find a solution, and the world’s best minds, including some X-Men, are working remotely, trying to help those trapped with the virus. But Laura will be pretty alone on the ground [as she goes in]. Wow—will she be working totally alone? Is there any support structure at all in place for her going in?

Tom Taylor: Aside from the remote help, there are others inside the city working to find a solution, but they’re mostly in the same danger from the virus as the rest of the populace. They won’t be able to help for long.

Those who’ve been following the series to this point should know that it won’t all be doom and gloom though. Despite the dire situation, there will be room for entertainment, and some big surprises are coming. Okay, but what kinds of threats might we expect for her in the city, other than the virus?

Tom Taylor: The city is a powderkeg. The general populace is terrified and, of course, this leads to tensions boiling over. And it’s not just average people who live in the city. There may be a super villain or two living there too… In the end, how will this ultimately test our Wolverine?

Tom Taylor: This could be Laura’s greatest test ever. Essentially, she’s powerless in the middle of so much suffering, but many will be looking to her with questions she can’t answer, and salvation she can’t offer. Adamantium claws are useless against a contagion. You can’t stab a virus. Wolverine will need to be a different kind of hero.

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