Mutant expert Cullen Bunn lends a hand in evaluating the original five!

Here are my and Doctor Bunn’s notes and observations on the mutants as requested. You received their releases in advance and we have kept copies as well should their waiving of privilege need to be proven at a later date. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to help

Jean Grey: With the knowledge of her future—or the future she would’ve had—Jean has proven to more assertive at a younger age than the Jean Grey who was not plucked from the timeline and moved forward. With this assertiveness has come some arguably problematic behaviors including overreaches in power and some manipulations.

Overall, as Dr. Bunn describes below, the main thrust of Grey’s therapy is about her feelings of responsibility for her teammates and the larger mutant community.

Dr. Bunn’s Notes: “Jean Grey has assumed a leadership role among the young X-Men, but she struggles with worry that she could be letting her teammates down. She has put her team on a potentially very dangerous path, and she feels solely responsible for their safety.

“She also shows concern over being patronized by the rest of the X-Men. She relies upon and confides in her teammate Scott Summers, who understands the struggles of leadership. Knowing that the older X-Men have faced great challenges in their lives, she hopes to prepare her team to better face the same level of threats.”

Cyclops: Summers, intriguingly, has followed an almost opposite path than Grey. Instead of the knowledge of his future making him more assertive and dedicated to assuming a leadership role, it has served to encourage him to take a step back. While supportive, he has gladly ceded the role of team leader to Grey. This stands in contrast to a Cyclops who once would literally fight teammates for the “honor” of leadership.

Knowing his future has also allowed him, it seems, to expand his attention beyond mutant concerns as demonstrated by his joining the Champions and exploring the idea of being more of a super hero and less of a mutant spokesperson/advocate.

Dr. Bunn’s Notes: “The destructive power he possesses—and the great discipline he feels he must always maintain—has contributed to Scott’s restrained, controlled, and rigid demeanor. He was the first of Professor Xavier’s X-Men, and he feels that this distinction comes with a great responsibility. Still, he is somewhat relieved that Jean has taken a leadership role for the team.”

Beast: Henry McCoy is an intriguing case to this writer. I’ve gotten to know the “adult version” as a devoted man of science so to see his teenage self beginning to dabble in more mystical pursuits has been both interesting and alarming. The client’s struggle to find a path when, of all the clients, his future seems the least fraught has certainly caught my attention, leading me to wonder if there has been some tragedy encountered by the client since he arrived that he has kept secret or that the adult McCoy has hidden or suppressed some painful memories while I worked with him.

X-Men: Blue #1 cover by Arthur Adams

Dr. Bunn’s Notes: “Hank is a man of many secrets. Since finding himself lost in our time, he has struggled to find his place in the world and his value to the team. This has led him to dabble in the mystic arts, a new interest that could prove dangerous for him.

“When cautioned about the risks inherent with the magical arts, he scoffed, saying that he has a ‘teacher’ who is guiding him in this new field of study. No record of this teacher could be found.”

Iceman: Of all the team, Bobby Drake seems to have taken the most advantage of this timeline, for lack of a better way to express it. While his confession of his sexuality was something he was rushed into by Grey’s mind-reading, he has since proven rather comfortable with both the self-knowledge of his desires and living an out life. While his adult counterpart has often seemed to vacillate between identities and responsibilities to the point that it was difficult to know if he had an authentic self, this teen seems comfortable, level-headed, and very aware of who he is.

Dr. Bunn’s Notes: “Bobby uses humor to mask his feelings of discomfort and nervousness. A great deal has changed for him since he arrived in our time. He has developed a romantic relationship with the Inhuman Romeo, and he is experiencing a wide range of emotions, as would any teenager. The fact that the young men no longer see each other as much as they once did—because of physical distance and increased responsibilities—causes Bobby a degree of uncertainty and worry. This anxiety appears to be manifesting as minor fluctuations in his powers.”

Angel: The popular conception of Warren Worthington prior to the traumatic destruction of his wings and subsequent alliance with Apocalypse was that he was a gifted and privileged adolescent who experienced little by way of adversity that was not directly associated with his wings.

This interpretation may have been true, but the teen Worthington in our timeline has shown himself to be far more complex. After being compelled to stay by Grey’s powers—as noted above, an unfortunate side effect of her increased assertiveness—Worthington has quickly shed his timeline homesickness, replaced by a sort of reckless arrogance. In some ways, he has become the least charitable assumptions about him: that he is a self-involved rich boy who only cares about his own glory. That would be concerning enough on its own, but paired with a violent streak that is unlike anything recorded about his adult counterpart’s years as Angel, it becomes something altogether worrying.

Dr. Bunn’s Notes: “At first, Warren was the most uncomfortable of the time-lost X-Men, wanting desperately to return to his point of origin. He has, however, now embraced this time period as willingly as—if not more so than—his teammates.

“With his abilities changing to be more dangerous, Warren has adopted more aggressive tactics in combat. Perhaps this has influenced a more impulsive side of his personality. Warren appears to be displaying near-narcissistic tendencies in his relationships with his teammates and others.”

This X-Men team will next meet with Doctor Cullen Bunn and his associates Doctors Jorge Molina and Matteo Buffagni on April 12 and the session notes will be found in the file labeled X-MEN: BLUE #1.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Staff Therapist who knows his teenage version is out there somewhere, just whooping it up.

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Betsy Braddock has had one weird road to being a super hero!

Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place or object that made waves this week.

Psylocke might be throwing down with Magneto in this week’s UNCANNY X-MEN #19, but she might not have been so bold back in her first appearance. In fact, as longtime X-fans will know, the woman known as Betsy Braddock has actually changed more than her appearance since she first showed up in the Marvel UK comic CAPTAIN BRITAIN #8 in 1976 by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe.

The sister of the title hero, Betsy displayed some telepathic abilities, worked with S.T.R.I.K.E., and even took over as Captain Britain for a brief adventure. She would go on to appear in other Marvel UK books like THE DAREDEVILS and SUPER SPIDER-MAN AND CAPTAIN BRITAIN before making the jump across the pond in NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #2.

In that issue, Mojo and Spiral jumped her and used her to help dazzle the children of Earth with a new animated series. Though executing the usual evil plan, Mojo did help restore Betsy’s previously lost sight and granted her the name Psylocke. After the New Mutants rescued her, she decided to attend Xavier’s school in order to get a better handle on her powers.

After serving with the X-Men for a while, an amnesiac Psylocke wound up in the Hand’s possession where they continued to brainwash her into thinking herself the assassin Lady Mandarin. The group also altered her appearance so she would more seamlessly blend in with Hong Kong. Luckily, Wolverine restored Psylocke, as seen in the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN #256258, but Betsy retained the incredible fighting skills she learned as well as her now-iconic psychic knife.

Around this same time a ninja named Kwannon also appeared with Betsy’s old face. The case of mistaken identity bounced back and forth for a while until ultimately coming to a conclusion that left Psylocke in control once again. Braddock continued fighting the good fight, even getting a power upgrade thanks to the Crimson Dawn, but she fell in the first few issues of X-TREME X-MEN; she got better in UNCANNY X-MEN #455.

Later she helped the reality-hopping Exiles save several existences in the pages of both EXILES and NEW EXILES. She also played a big part in X-MEN: SWORD OF THE BRADDOCKS and starred in her own 2010 limited series. Upon fully returning to the Marvel Universe, Psylocke has become a big part of the X-Men again, appearing in books like UNCANNY X-FORCE, X-MEN, and UNCANNY X-MEN.

Flash Forward

The most recent volume of UNCANNY X-MEN marks just one more step in the long relationship between Psylocke and Sabretooth. They first met one another in the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN #213, not long after Betsy enrolled at the school. After quickly taking out Rogue, the then-villainous ‘Tooth entered the mansion to do the same with Betsy, but she used her powers—enhanced by Cerebro—to stun him before running away. Braddock held her own pretty well, but ultimately Sabretooth got the drop on her, but not before Storm and Wolverine showed up to pick up the slack. Later in UNCANNY X-MEN #328, Psylocke stepped in to stop an enraged Boom Boom from getting herself killed in Sabretooth’s cell, an act that led to her own evisceration. While running around with the Exiles, Psylocke actually started a relationship with the Age of Apocalypse version of her enemy. Most recently, the two came together on the same team.

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Artist Ardian Syaf opens up about channeling the classics and designing evil mutants!

With INHUMANS VS. X-MEN coming to a stunning conclusion this week, it’s time to look to the future of mutantkind as ResurrXion stands ready to begin. Kicking off with X-MEN PRIME #1 on March 29, a slate of new books will launch including X-MEN GOLD by writer Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf.

Along with a new vision for the franchise comes a fresh take on many of the costumes, which Syaf handled while working on GOLD. The creative went classic-but-updated when it comes to the team consisting of Kitty Pryde, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Prestige, the newly-renamed Rachel Grey.

We talked with Syaf about taking these characters back to the old school, coming up with Prestige’s gear and mixing old and new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants members. How excited were you when you heard that Marvel not only wanted you to draw X-MEN GOLD, but also re-imagine so many classic costumes?

Ardian Syaf: It’s like a dream come true. It’s X-Men; every artist dreams of drawing it, I am sure. Actually I didn’t have much challenge about the costumes. Marc has a clear vision about them. He prefers we bring back classic costumes, which I love. Not much need to change. Of the bunch, Rachel Grey looks like she’s gone through the most visual changes. What can you say about her new look?

Ardian Syaf: Yes, Rachel Grey has a brand new costume. Marc asked that her new look shouldn’t relate with her previous one. The editors gave me very much help in the process. This first arc pits the X-Men Gold team against a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. How was it dreaming up that group and their overall design?

Ardian Syaf: I searched and found many designs before. I just took their unique elements and applied to the new version. How has it been working with Marc so far?

Ardian Syaf: Working with Marc is so nice, and makes me proud, because he’s [a] big name. The writing is very easy to understand for the artist. Marc gave emotions and mood in the scripts.

X-MEN GOLD #1, by Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf, arrives on April 5!

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A new X-Men series delivers what you've been waiting for as part of ResurrXion!

You asked for it! You got it! The hardest hitting mutants. The biggest villains. The best creators. Marvel is pleased to announce that chart-topping writer Charles Soule (DEATH OF WOLVERINE, INHUMANS VS. X-MEN) will headline the all-new ASTONISHING X-MEN. A new prestigious ongoing series from top-tier creators set to unite some of the most popular, fan-demanded characters in the X-Men mythology for an epic story that will redefine the mutant landscape in the Marvel Universe!

“If you’re going to relaunch a book called ASTONISHING X-MEN, it had better live up to the title,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.  “Charles and his soon-to-be-revealed collaborators are about to unveil a story that touches every corner of the X-Men mythology, and the first issue alone will have massive ramifications for the Children of the Atom.  We can’t wait to tell you more about this book.”

Old Man Logan, Archangel, Mystique, Rogue, Gambit, Psylocke and Fantomex. Together, they are the Astonishing X-Men. But what brings this eclectic collection of heroes together? A familiar menace has once again reared its ugly head – reborn, renewed and resurrected. To defeat one of their greatest foes and rescue one of their own, the X-Men’s greatest will assemble for a mission that will take them places you never thought they’d go!

“Other than the occasional line here and there, I haven’t written most of the characters in the Astonishing X-Men lineup before – for me, that’s a fantastic challenge,” shares Soule. “It’s been fun to get into their heads and think about what they all might have going on at this point in their lives. That said, the series is designed as a fresh starting point, so anyone jumping in with [ASTONISHING X-MEN #1] will get everything they need there to follow the story – even if it’s your first X-story.

Astonishing X-Men #1 cover by Jim Cheung

“The book is designed to tell a very focused, specific story, with a few cool main villains,I’m writing it like a puzzle box, with new layers and reveals opening up every issue. So, you’ll never know exactly where it’s going to go next – but the structure is built in such a way that almost anything from the long, incredible history of the X-Men can pop up. If you think about these characters, they’ve been present or involved for virtually every major era of X history, all the big events. That’ll play a role in a big way.”

As deadly forces await, will the Astonishing X-Men’s first mission also be their last? Find out this July, in the blockbuster ASTONISHING X-MEN #1!

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Marc Guggenheim provides a guide to his squad of mighty mutants!

Staying gold has never been a problem for the X-Men, but then no iteration of the team ever had to survive a titanic tussle with the Inhumans, as chronicled in IvX. Once past the conflict, the mutant community must reorganize and X-MEN GOLD will tell of one group to emerge from the tumult.

While the X-Men Gold squad will feature many a familiar face, readers should not expect them to be exactly as they remember. Writer Marc Guggenheim took a moment from putting gold in his chain, in his rings, to reveal the state of the lineup as the title launches on April 5.

“The new leader of the X-Men,” Guggenheim states. “The thing about Kitty is she has returned to the school like as a head teacher but never as the leader of the X-Men. So, in many ways, this is the story of the young recruit who goes on to become the general.

“She’s got a lot of good qualities to be the leader. She’s learned a whole lot by basically spending her entire life as an X-Man. I’ve enjoyed writing leadership Kitty enormously.”

“I’ve written Logan before,” points out the writer. “I love writing him; I love his voice. This is the ‘Old Man’ iteration so my goal with him is to make him even more crotchety and gruff. That’s been a real blast.”

“Nightcrawler, to me, is the heart and soul of the team,” asserts Guggenheim. “He’s the team’s conscience in many ways. I think he’s the one many look to for that moral clarity.”

“Peter is morally clear, I think, in a slightly different way,” the writer argues. “He’s less complicated than a lot of people. He tends to be the strong, silent type, but beneath that steely exterior beats the heart of a poet.

“That’s the thing that Kitty is attracted to, that Kitty is in love with. That’s not to say that he and Kitty are going to get back together, but I’m definitely enjoying playing their attraction to each other, their chemistry, their romantic history.”

“Without spoiling IvX, Storm probably has the most to atone for,” reveals Guggenheim. “She was the wartime consigliere, she was the one who led the X-Men into the fight and the consequences of that conflict really weigh on her. She basically is punishing herself for doing the thing that she believes made the state of mutant-human relations worse.”

“The codename change is really meant to encapsulate the approach I am taking to Rachel [Grey],” Guggenheim explains. “Pretty much for her history, she has been written as a legacy character. I am very interested in approaching the writing of her from the standpoint of ‘if we don’t lean into her past but rather lean into her future, what kind of stories can we tell?’

“I think it is interesting to explore a character who is trying to forge their own identity out of the shadow of their history.”

Go for X-MEN GOLD #1 by Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf, headed your way on April 5!

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Marc Guggenheim and Al Ewing offer tantalizing teases for the X-Men and Inhumans!

As the dust settles from Inhumans Vs. X-Men, writers Al Ewing and Marc Guggenheim step into the aftermath with INHUMANS PRIME and X-MEN PRIME respectively, both arriving March 29.

With the ending of IvX promising to rock the world of readers everywhere, we do not dare give it away here. However, both writers proved kind enough to provide us some non-spoiler-y teases from each title to wet your proverbial whistle.


Black Bolt
“Black Bolt is always silent,” Ewing points out. “But now there’s something he’s not saying. Could his secrets be more destructive than his voice?”

“Yesterday she was Queen of the Inhumans,” reveals the writer. “Who will she—and her people—be tomorrow?”

“Black Bolt’s mad brother makes a desperate last stand…or is it only his first move?” Ewing wonders aloud.

“Karnak knows how to fight and how to kill,” contends the writer. “But there’s one Inhuman who could still break him…even if he wins.”

Marvel Boy
“He’s not even an Inhuman,” acknowledges Ewing. “But what he knows is going to change the Inhumans forever.”


First Exposure
“This is going to be people’s first look at a lot of the different books in the ResurrXion line,” asserts Guggenheim. “It’s really your first preview of WEAPON X, X-MEN BLUE. [PRIME] sets up [X-MEN GOLD] being in New York City in Central Park. It sets up [the] X-MEN BLUE mission statement of operating separately from the rest of the X-Men. It introduces you to the membership and mission of WEAPON X.”

Kitty as Leader
“In X-MEN PRIME, we learn not only how Kitty returns to the X-Men but how she becomes [their] new leader,” he explains.

A Bit of Old, A Bit of New
“You’re going to see some familiar faces,” the writer promises, “You’re going to see some long missed faces.”

Peter and Kitty Meet Again
“[Artist] Ken Lashley is a big fan of Colossus and there is a scene [with] Peter and Kitty that he just drew absolutely beautifully,” reveals Guggenheim. “If you’re a fan of the Kitty-Peter relationship, you will really, really enjoy X-MEN PRIME.”

The Future of Xavier’s Dream
“After years of just fighting for their very survival, Kitty has returned to position the X-Men to pursue the latest iteration of Xavier’s dream,” states the writer.

Join the ResurrXion on March 29 with INHUMANS PRIME and X-MEN PRIME!

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Artist Ken Lashley provides an exclusive look at his process for ResurrXion!

The X-Men have been having a rough go of things lately. They’ve been at odds with each other, lost important leaders, and gone to war against the Inhumans. However, with the end of Inhumans Vs. X-Men, the once merry mutants will move forward with new goals.

Before fully entering ResurrXion, X-MEN PRIME #1 on March 29 will set the stage for new books like X-MEN GOLD, X-MEN BLUE, WEAPON X, and others. We sat down with artist Ken Lashley who’s working with Marc Guggenheim to preview the Gold squad and got some insight on the status quo moving forward! How does it feel to be one of the main artists presenting readers with the all-new status quo for the X-Men franchise with this issue?

Ken Lashley: X-Men was my first love in comics. l got [UNCANNY X-MEN #132] at my local variety store when I was 11 or so. I was taken back by the art and made it my mission to get as many issues as possible. It’s an honor to get the chance to work on the X-Men, I just love it. I hope I can do it justice. I will say when you get the opportunity to work on such iconic books, you have to bring you’re A-game. Hopefully l did that. It sounds like Kitty Pryde takes center stage in the story. How is she carrying herself upon returning to the X-Men?

Ken Lashley: It’s an amazing journey for the character. I remember her first appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN #129 as a young woman and to see her now taking the lead is interesting to say the least. Kitty Pryde has been through a lot and she is the perfect choice to become the center on the X-Men moving forward. l always have heard that leaders are not chosen, they emerge and I think Kitty has emerged as what the X-Men need at this time. With the new direction for the X-Men, there are also a lot of new costumes. Were there any challenges in adapting to the new looks?

Ken Lashley: Drawing new costumes is the fun part. Also, new costumes in this case are about moving forward. New, cool threads always make drawing these characters a bit more fun. I love the designs and each book has a very unique sensibility. It’s always exciting to draw the next era’s designs. I can look at an X-Men book and tell what series just by the look and it’s amazing to get my hands on them! The X-Men have just made it through a major conflict with the Inhumans. How does that carry into this issue visually?

Ken Lashley: l think that story had a very dark tone to it. I drew some very gritty stuff in the issue of that series that I drew and I think it really suited the story of the Inhumans Vs. X-Men [event], but this is something new so it has its own energy. I don’t think it will feel like a continuation but more like a fresh new beginning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to have an effect and that will be played out in the upcoming issues, but it a fresh, crazy beginning for the X-Men family. Your story follows the X-Men Gold team before they move into their new ongoing series. In what ways are they tied together visually before donning the new costumes in the series itself?

Ken Lashley: The history of the X-Men is well known and the relationships are well documented. My job is to give the readers the feel of X-Men and yet still be current and fresh. Visually it’s fun to get to have the classic characters to play with, remembering who they were and who they are today as I draw them. It is a difficult but exciting task. Kitty will not be wearing roller-skates…or will she? How was it working with Marc on this story?

Ken Lashley: Marc is truly a creative force, it’s a blessing to get to work on this with him. I have been able to work with some amazing talent and Marc is at the top of the list. The first line in the first script was a note to me personally. You don’t get that most days. The script was truly written by a creator who gets the X-Men. l love working with him. It’s so easy to pull images when he sets it up so well. One of the best artistic experiences of my career.

Look out for X-MEN PRIME #1, featuring a story by Marc Guggenheim and Ken Lashley, coming March 29!

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As the Master of Murderworld sets his sights on Gwenpool, we give details on the sadistic showman!

In UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL #12 on February 15, our heroine comes face to face with someone as crazy as her: the villainous Arcade and his deadly amusement park, Murderworld!

No doubt Arcade will have his hands full with Gwenpool, but before he faces off with one of his most outlandish challenges ever, take a look back at some of the prior highlights from a colorful career…

Secret origin?
According to Arcade himself—so consider the source—the villain came from a wealthy family, possibly from Beverly Hills. When his dad cut off his allowance, Arcade killed him so he could claim his inheritance. He then became the “world’s greatest hitman,” but grew bored with simply killing people in a normal fashion. So he came up with the idea for Murderworld instead.

With the help of Miss Locke and Mr. Chamber, Arcade would accept contracts to kill people, then kidnap them and lock them up in Murderworld, where they would have to fight their way out or die trying. Arcade always gives a sporting chance, even as his robotic deathtraps attempt to dismember his would-be victims in creative ways.

Marvel Team-Up (1972) #66

Marvel Team-Up (1972) #66

What is Marvel Unlimited?

A lovely place to die
Arcade’s amusement park of death debuted in the late 1970’s in the pages of MARVEL TEAM-UP #66, as the man dressed as a sideshow barker introduced Captain Britain and Spider-Man to the joys of Murderworld—“joys” like trapping them inside giant spheres while he played pinball with their lives. The two heroes proved more than a match for the crazed gamesman, who, no matter the outcome, always seems to enjoy himself as he watches the heroes compete against his deadly traps.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #122

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #122

What is Marvel Unlimited?

X marks the spot
Following his debut, Arcade began a long rivalry with the X-Men, who always had enemies willing to pay for their deaths—like, for instance, Black Tom and The Juggernaut. The team’s first encounter with Murderworld saw several of their friends—including Amanda Sefton and Colleen Wing—held captive while they dealt with Arcade’s deadly devices. Arcade brainwashed Colossus into “The Proletarian,” a Communist sympathizer who set his sights on killing his fellow mutants. The madman also trapped Storm in a small area filling with water, playing on her fear of enclosed spaces, and set Wolverine against robot versions of Magneto and The Hulk. The level of detail and personalization in his traps never failed to impress—even if they don’t always get the desired results Arcade hopes for.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #146

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #146

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Through the years, the X-Men always managed to thwart Arcade’s diabolical machines, and in one encounter even attempted to “save” him from Doctor Doom. UNCANNY X-MEN #145-147 features the team’s first encounter with the monarch of Latveria, as Miss Locke blackmails them into a mission to rescue her boss from the dictator. While Doom captures the regular team, Professor X calls in some old friends—a depowered Banshee, as well as Havok, Polaris, and Iceman—who head to Murderworld to rescue several of the X-Men’s loved ones by battling robot hockey players and deadly roller coasters.

On the road
While Arcade had a particular grudge against the X-Men, through the years the businessman would focus his efforts on other heroes as well. When a Ghost Rider-less Johnny Blaze starred in his own solo title in the mid-1990’s, he joined Quentin Carnival—and in BLAZE #8, a new employee signed up as well. The red-haired man with the yellow bowtie decided to take Murderworld on the road, packing his deathtrap into a semi and populating it with demons that Blaze eventually took on. The former Spirit of Vengeance seemingly trapped Arcade in his own trap and left him in the desert, but the villain would of course pop up again to plague other heroes.

Avengers Arena (2012) #1

Avengers Arena (2012) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Avengers Arena
Arcade’s most ambitious project came after a bout of depression and a stint in prison. The sinister showman and his new assistant, Miss Coriander, kidnapped 16 teenage heroes—including X-23, students from the Avengers Academy, members of the Runaways and Darkhawk—and made them fight to the death in a completely new arena. In this enhanced Murderworld, Arcade took a “hands on” approach, as inside his new domain he had all sorts of crazy new powers.

Avengers Undercover (2014) #1

Avengers Undercover (2014) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Avengers Undercover
After battling death traps, turning on each other, and ultimately escaping Avengers Arena, several of Arcade’s victims banded together to hunt him down. They tracked him to Bagalia, an island ruled by criminals, and they went undercover as villains themselves to try and get close to their tormentor. Hazmat apparently killed Arcade early in the series after which Baron Zemo, Madame Masque, and other villains try to convince the teenagers they’d be better off breaking bad. Like many times before, though, Arcade would escape death and pop up again to plague the likes of Hellcat and now Gwenpool.

Sign up for Arcade’s latest Murderworld in UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL, coming February 15!

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See the Children of the Atom combat all manner of monstrous behemoths!

The X-Men clash with giant monsters in ALL-NEW X-MEN #1.MU, out February 1, but not for the first time. The merry mutants’ history’s littered with instances of colossal creatures crashing their parties, but this latest threat might prove the most challenging.

Take a look at a few of our favorite instances of the X-Men squaring off against monstrous opponents.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #10

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #10

  • Published: March 10, 1965
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 08, 2009
  • Rating: T+
  • Penciller: Jack Kirby
  • Cover Artist: Jack Kirby
What is Marvel Unlimited?
When the young mutants traveled to the Savage Land, a tropical throwback in the middle of Antarctica, they encountered the world’s original giant monsters: dinosaurs! Cyclops and the gang avoided a phalanx of pterodactyls to rush right into the arms of the not-so-friendly Swamp Men, who in turn introduced them to a hungry tyrannosaurus. Needless to say, the X-Men made their escape to return more than once to the prehistoric playground.

Giant Size X-Men (1975) #1

Giant Size X-Men (1975) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?
When the original team disappeared, a new group of X-Men banded together to investigate. That search led them to a strange encounter with Krakoa, a literal living island mutated by atomic energy and able to walk like a man. Up against incredible odds, the new crew won the day with guts and gusto, a great beginning for a historical collection of heroes.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #96

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #96

What is Marvel Unlimited?
Cyclops’ heavy guilt over the death of teammate Thunderbird dredged up a horrifically large demon named Kierrok. The X-Men opposed the creature’s advance, but soon began to succumb to its immense powers until Professor X got wise and directed Storm to the demon’s point of origin, which she destroyed.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #181

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #181

What is Marvel Unlimited?
A gigantic dragon returned with the X-Men from the first so-called Secret Wars and immediately began to lay waste to Tokyo. The team tried their best to contain the creature, but when the damage and destruction grew too great, it fell to Kitty Pryde’s dragon companion Lockheed to sway the towering serpent away from its lethal path.

Astonishing X-Men (2004) #39

Astonishing X-Men (2004) #39

What is Marvel Unlimited?
Years later, Wolverine and Cyclops battled another dragon in and around Tokyo—a legendary one by the name of Fin Fang Foom! They learned the great beast operated under the tight mental control of the villainous Mentallo, a situation which eventually led them to Monster Island and into the waiting jaws of, yep, you guessed it: more giant monsters.

Join up with the mutant heroes as they dive into Monsters Unleashed in ALL-NEW X-MEN #1.MU on February 1!

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Chad Bowers and Chris Sims give their take on the servants of Apocalypse!

The end has come. Apocalypse has arrived and Death rides with him. And Pestilence, War, and Famine, too.

Despite X-MEN ’92 writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers preparing to close the book with December 28’s issue #10—and possibly take all of mutantkind down in the process—they took the time to talk to us about Apocalypse’s favorite tools, the Horsemen, and point out some of their favorites of all-time. Besides their own, of course.

“Every time they show, it’s a big deal,” Bowers argues. “It should be a big deal.

“I think, in a lot of ways, what’s most terrifying about the Horsemen is they’re people, but they are really concepts,” he continues, asserting their draw. “It’s hard to fight against a concept. Even if you beat the Horsemen, the power is just going to go to somebody else.”

“There’s always going to be a next one,” Sims agrees. “And the next one might be someone you know; it might be a horror movie monster. You don’t know.”

“I gotta say, Walt Simonson, good at drawing,” Sims states.

“I love it,” Bowers enthuses. “I like Angel a lot as Death especially. He’s like the first X-Man to have a real lasting change.”

“I absolutely prefer him to Angel, as Archangel,” Sims concurs. “It’s really hard to empathize with Angel’s problems because he’s a rich beautiful man who has beautiful bird wings.”

“So it makes perfect sense, when he loses them, that he gets super depressed,” Bowers continues.

“It’s metal, in a literal and metaphorical sense,” Sims jokes. “It’s the one ‘aww, it’s extreme now’ reboot of a character that everyone agrees is good.”

“That’s their friend, this giant gentle artist who can turn his body into a battering ram,” Bowers points out. “And then suddenly he’s trying to kill [them]. That’s terrifying.”

“He seems like a no-brainer,” Chad admits.

“With Wolverine it works in a way; with him there’s always this aspect that’s been building for 20 years at that point,” Sims elaborates. “That Wolverine is just constantly holding back so he doesn’t flip out and stab everybody. Apocalypse takes Wolverine and—all the hard work he’s done to control himself [Apocalypse] just pops the seal off, hands Wolverine a sword, and says, ‘Alright, you are going to kill everyone.’”

“He’s a real weird choice,” Sims confesses. “Of all the things that Gambit is, seeing him as the embodiment of Death—it makes sense with his powers because everything he touches becomes a bomb. So from there, that makes sense. But in term of character, it’s something I never would’ve expected.”

“He’s Death, but he’s not Death, you know?” agrees Bowers. “Like that’s not who Gambit is.”

“Which maybe makes it a really solid idea,” Sims reflects.

“That makes total sense,” states Sims.

Bowers concurs. “Yeah, that’s a good one.”

“What’s scarier than a Death that can read your mind and then kill you with a sword?” points out Sims.

Jeb Lee
“Good visual,” asserts Bowers. “There’s something overall creepy about that battlefield look.”

“[He taps] the magic element that makes a great Horseman,” Sims says. “Interpreting one of the aspects in a way we really haven’t seen before.”

“[He and the other UNCANNY X-FORCE Horsemen] really did feel different,” concludes Bowers. “I liked that.”

The ’92 Horsemen
“[It’s] every corner of the X-Men Universe, tied together,” Bowers explains. “You’ve got a representative of the human interests in [Senator] Kelly, you’ve got a representative from the anti-mutant militaristic Sentinel interest with Bastion, the idealist in Exodus, and then you’ve got Mystique as the mutant that kind of gave up and became a weapon or a tool.”

“If you were going to do a big Apocalypse story in 1996—you know, like they did—who would be the guys that you’d want them to pick for that,” continues Sims. “It’s like Bastion and Exodus. In the 90’s all of them looked like they were going to be the next big villains.”

“These are guy who anchored their own events,” Bowers contends. “If the X-Men had a tough time beating these guys by themselves, what happens when they team up?”

Saddle up with Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, and Alti Firmasyah one last time for X-MEN ’92 #10 on December 28!

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