Marvel’s Spider-Man: Release Date, Collector’s Edition and more!’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For over two decades, Bill Rosemann has been a part of the Marvel family, from his time as a freelance writer for Marvel Age magazine, to marketing copywriter, to “Your Man @ Marvel” blogger, to writer of the Deadline limited series, to editor of dozens of comic series including Nova, Black Panther, Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy. Bill also helped launch the Disney Kingdom imprint and was part of the team that co-created the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy. Bill is now Executive Creative Director for Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and passion for the House of Ideas to collaborate with partners around the world on hit titles for console, PC and mobile devices.

Every so often, Bill and talented members of the Marvel Games team join us to share their stories as well as exclusive news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

Hello, friends! On the road to Marvel’s Spider-Man you’ve waited patiently and not so patiently – I’m looking at you @GameOverGreggy – for information on the highly anticipated blockbuster action game that Marvel Games, Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment are creating exclusively for PlayStation 4 consoles. You’ve tweeted, posted analysis and theory videos, created fan art, cosplayed and even organized into the #SpideySquad…and we’re now thrilled to announce that you can play “Marvel’s Spider-Man” on Friday, September 7, 2018! Pre-Order Now!

And feast your eyes on the final box cover art!

The strong red background and confident pose of our more experienced hero sends an immediate message to the world that this is a bold new take on everyone’s favorite Web-Slinger. To showcase the unique look of our Spider-Man in his all-new swanky Advanced Suit, his pose takes inspiration from over 50 years of classic Spider-Man comic book covers and art. Educated fans of the Wall-Crawler will see nods to the work of J. Scott Campbell, Mark Bagley, John Romita Sr., John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada and (of course) Steve Ditko, as well as many other iconic Spider-Man artists.

You’ll see this box art on the standard edition of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” when it’s available at retail and digitally for $59.99. And while many of you have requested that we show you the cover for the game, many more have asked: “Will there be a Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions of the game?” You got it  –  we’re delivering both!

The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game ($79.99) will include a copy of the game as well as new story chapters with our post-launch DLC series “The City That Never Sleeps”. That’s right, we’ll be supporting the game post-launch with three new chapters featuring new missions, characters, Spider-Man suits and villains I can’t wait to tell you about! Meanwhile, if you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition, you’ll also receive by mail this limited edition collectible FiGPiN featuring Spider-Man in the iconic pose from the box cover art.

For those mega Spider-Man fans craving even more amazing collectibles, you should check out the Collector’s Edition ($149.99), which includes all of the content from the Digital Deluxe Edition, as well as a Steelbook case featuring the iconic white spider, a Mini Artbook from our friends at Titan Books, and an awesome Marvel’s Spider-Man statue by the geniuses at Gentle Giant! You’ll notice we haven’t revealed the entire Collector’s Edition statue, just Spider-Man perched on top of something. What could he be crouched on? Stay tuned!

No matter where you buy it, or which Edition you select, if you pre-order you’ll get special items. Whether it’s a Spidey Suit Pack featuring the fan-favorite Spider-Punk suit from the Spider-Verse comics event (as well as two additional suits we will reveal this summer), the Spider-Drone gadget, a PSN Avatar, an original PS4 theme designed by renowned artist Adi Granov, or extra skill points to unlock your favorite Spider-Man talents sooner – our pre-order bonus is the total package! Check out this video of the Spider-Punk suit in action:

And if that’s not enough, we’re revealing even more details in the cover story of this month’s issue of Game Informer! The GI crew visited the Insomniac Games studio (which is conveniently just 15 minutes from the Marvel Games office), went hands-on with Marvel’s Spider-Man, talked to myself – and Insomniac Creative Director Bryan Intihar, Art Director Jacinda Chew and more members of the dev team — and will bring you the biggest look at the game yet! Plus we asked famed AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cover artist Alex Ross to create this powerful painting for the issue’s cover!

May Cover Revealed – Spider-Man

Posted by Game Informer on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Game Informer will also be posting stories and interviews with members of the Insomniac and Marvel Games team all month long, so keep an eye on their website for the latest. (Note: You must be a Game Informer subscriber to view their digital issue.)

Okay, that’s all for now, True Believers. We can’t wait to show you more of the game in the next few months. We’re especially excited for you to enjoy the game on September 7, 2018 and then share your reactions with us. In the meantime, get your pre-orders in for Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation Store or a friendly neighborhood retailer online or near you. And for all the latest from Marvel, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Thanks again…and Make Yours Marvel’s Spider-Man!

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Creative Director Bill Rosemann gets you caught up on all the updates on Marvel Future Fight’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For over two decades Bill Rosemann has a part of the Marvel family, from his time as a freelance writer for Marvel Age magazine, to marketing copywriter, to “Your Man @ Marvel” blogger, to writer of the Deadline limited series, to editor of dozens of comic series including Nova, Black Panther, Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy. Bill also helped launch the Disney Kingdom imprint and was part of the team that co-created the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy. Bill is now Creative Director for Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and passion for the House of Ideas to collaborate with partners around the world on hit titles for console, PC and mobile devices.

Every few weeks, Bill and talented members of the Marvel Games team join us to share their stories as well as exclusive news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming! In a very competitive environment, Marvel and Netmarble are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the blockbuster mobile RPG, Marvel Future Fight. How does it feel seeing this game embraced by players for this long?

Bill Rosemann: It’s awesome. Marvel Future Fight holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first games I was lucky enough to work on from launch. When I joined the Marvel Games team two and half years ago, on my first day here it was, “Okay, this game is going to launch in five months. Get to it!”

We hit the ground running and were instantly impressed with the amount of effort, imagination and passion that the Netmarble team poured into it. From the number of characters to the rich detailing of the costumes to the depth of the story and gameplay, Netmarble roared out of the gate and hasn’t taken their foot off the gas for 24 months. That’s awesome! One of the great things about Marvel Future Fight is that it’s widely available on iOS and Android. And now it’s hit 50 million downloads.

Bill Rosemann: Yeah, it’s amazing, 50 million players worldwide! As our handy infographic points out, that’s approximately six times bigger than the population of New York. It’s so cool to see True Believers around the globe having so much fun with it. Another of the cool things about it is that it’s really easy for new players and casual gamers to pick up, but there’s also so many features and layers for anyone who is a long-time player to dig into. Was accessibility a key factor in developing this game?

Bill Rosemann: Definitely. Marvel creates our games in the same way we do our comic books, TV shows and films, and that’s with an eye on accessibility. We want to share these characters with the world.

Part of achieving that is making the stories of the adventures and the characters easy to understand, relate to and jump into. You need to have a clear entry point and know who the characters are and what their goals and motivations are. In this case, we quickly laid out the mission of the heroes and what they were facing. In the beginning, it was M.O.D.O.K. and his evil alliance who were creating dimensional rifts that were causing realties and alternate versions of characters to collide. And as with all good games, on the surface it’s quick and easy to learn, but the more you play, you see how deep it can get. It’s really about learning to master the strategy and complexities. You can jump in right away, and over time, you can spend a lot of time digging deeper and then experiencing all of the new content that arrives on almost a monthly basis. Speaking of that new content, you’ve done a lot of alignments with publishing, TV and film. Currently, there’s the event inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Bill Rosemann: Part of our goal with all of our games is to keep players happy with cool new content that’s introduced in a thoughtful and impactful way. Instead of just releasing characters when we feel like it, we strategically align with our friends in Publishing, TV and Studios. We look ahead where the characters are heading in the next six to twelve months, and when we know something is going to hit – for example one of our upcoming Netflix shows like Defenders — instead of having Daredevil or Jessica Jones appear at a random time with TV-inspired costumes, we wait until when the show is going to hit and then we’ll introduce the content at the same time. As a Marvel fan, that’s really fun because you can go read a comic, watch a TV show or movie, and then in Marvel Future Fight, you can play as the characters or go on a mission that’s inspired by what you just saw. It’s more of what you love, but experienced in an awesome new way. For the second year anniversary, what else do you lined up for fans?

Bill Rosemann: In true Marvel Future Fight fashion, the gang at Netmarble is going all out to throw a huge party for all the players. To start, they’re introducing two new characters – Mantis and Agent Venom – as well as uniforms inspired by GOTG Vol 2 for Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket Raccoon. To top it off they’re unleashing the World Boss Ultimate and Alliance Quest modes.

What I also like about the second year anniversary is that it’s a chance to take a step back and look at what the team has done in the past 24 months and what players have responded to. If you look at our infographic, it’s a bit surprising to see who the most popular characters are and see which characters have meaning and impact for the game. We were really happy that our most popular female character is our all-new hero, Sharon Rogers, the Captain America we created together during our Captain America 75th Anniversary.

For those who haven’t played it yet, in our game we introduced a reality in which Steve Rogers was not frozen in ice during WW2. Instead, after he helped the Allies win the war, he and Agent Peggy Carter got married and had a daughter that they named Sharon. On her world, she has inherited her parents’ training and has inherited the mantle of her reality’s Captain America.

Another thing we’re doing with Sharon for the second year anniversary is all-new and FREE digital comic book you can read right here at It’s written by Marc Sumerak, who is now the new writer of the game, and it’s drawn by artist Andrea Di Vito, who I’ve worked with for years in Publishing on titles like Nova. It tells the story of the first meeting between Captain America Sharon Rogers and the Guardians of the Galaxy…and features a two-page sneak peek at some surprises coming your way in the game over the next year! We’ve talked about what the fans responded well to, but what are your personal favorite characters and events you guys have had in the past two years?

Bill Rosemann: Wow, it’s hard to pick just one. In fact, what I like is the variety and range of the characters introduced. From Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Spider-Verse to Marvel NOW! to Monsters Unleashed, it’s great when we can work very closely with Marvel Publishing or TV and have new characters and costumes hit in our game in the same month or even same week when they’re appearing elsewhere. You guys have what, over 120 characters to choose from? It’s a huge roster!

Bill Rosemann: That’s right! Marvel Future Fight holds the record out of all our mobile-only games for the greatest number of characters. We’re only able to do with the hard work of the Netmarble team and the cooperation of everyone in all the different divisions at Marvel. For example, my friends in editorial know that when they’re introducing a new costume or character, they will email me — even if it’s a black-and-white sketch – so we can immediately reach out to all our partners for all our games and say, “Hey! Here is this new hotness, and it’s going to hit in this month, and if we get started now, maybe we can get it in the game. Netmarble has been amazing at embracing the new content and putting it in the game month after month.

And I have to mention that the inclusion of all the new content – and the fact that the game has been a hit for two years – is also the result of the efforts of the entire Marvel Games team, especially our assistant creative manager Isabel Hsu and producers Mike Jones, Tim Hernandez and Danny Koo. It truly takes a village, and I’m proud of the efforts of everyone on the Netmarble and Marvel teams who have helped to make Marvel Future Fight the success that it is. That’s awesome! Now, as we look ahead, what can you share with us that we can expect from Marvel Future Fight?

Bill Rosemann: Hmmm…what can I reveal? I can say that we will continue to work with all our friends at Marvel to make sure that if there’s a big event — whether that’s in TV, film or the comics – we’ll bring gamers the excitement right here in our game as well. We also have the freedom to do our own themes and introduce characters that players have been asking for. I also hope to work with Netmarble again and create all-new costumes characters. When we listen to players and then do our best to deliver a character we think they will like and get behind, we’ll have more success! So look forward to that as well! That’s amazing! Happy anniversary and here’s to the next 50 million players!

Bill Rosemann: 50 million more players! And hey, two more years, why not? Say it with me: Future Fight!

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Creative Director Bill Rosemann gets you caught up on all the updates about the Doctor Strange and Halloween events!’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For over two decades Bill Rosemann has a part of the Marvel family, from his time as a freelance writer for Marvel Age magazine, to marketing copywriter, to “Your Man @ Marvel” blogger, to writer of the Deadline limited series, to editor of dozens of comic series including Nova, Black Panther, Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy. Bill also helped launch the Disney Kingdom imprint and was part of the team that co-created the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy. Bill is now Creative Director for Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and passion for the House of Ideas to collaborate with partners around the world on hit titles for console, PC and mobile devices.

Every few weeks, Bill and talented members of the Marvel Games team join us to share their stories as well as exclusive news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming! Bill, can you share with us the exciting new events going on in Games right now?
Bill Rosemann:
I would love to. Last week, Marvel games team was lucky enough to get invited to the Hollywood red carpet premiere of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange.” The team was so excited to attend that and see all the great actors and actresses there. And part of the reason we were so excited is because we’ve been working months and months and months on delivering our next big Marvel games event, which is focused on Doctor Strange. We announced at New York Comic Con this would be happening and showed some art, but now that the event’s here we can talk about it more – Doctor Strange content started rolling out throughout Marvel games last week. This is great for fans just to get their hands on it before the film comes out November 4th.
Bill Rosemann:
That’s right. This event is like past events we’ve done. We’ve done events inspired by the different Marvel movies. The first one we did was Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Then we did one for Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” one for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” and we’ve even done events inspired by comic events in publishing, such as Marvel’s Women of Power. In July, we joined the celebration of Captain America’s 75th anniversary by introducing new versions of Captain America across our portfolio in games. So here we are and it’s time to do something very similar. We reached out to all of our partners and said, “Hey, if we gave you reference from the film would you be interested in introducing characters, costumes, and missions in your game that your players would really love?” Our partners were all very excited to participate. That’s awesome. What can our fans expect?
Bill Rosemann:
What’s fun is we no longer try to do direct game adaptations of films, which can be very difficult to do because you’re creating the content at the same time that they’re making the film. As a result, reference can be limited and you never get the same experience in a game that you might get when watching a film. Instead of trying to cram that in, we offer all of our partners the freedom to create the content that has the most meaning for their game and for their players because each game is different and each game’s players want something different. Right, so most of the games will have some of the same key players but they will tell a different story depending on how it fits inside their universe?
Bill Rosemann:
Exactly! Our games have their own story. All of our games are based on and inspired by existing Marvel continuity—whether that’s from Publishing, from TV, or from Marvel Studios. We work with them to tell their own story.

What’s happening in Marvel Contest of Champions – you know, with the Collector and the Grandmaster – is very different than, for example, what’s happening in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Or when you think about Marvel Avengers Academy, they have a very different set up with the school and the younger versions of the heroes. So, again, we really allow all of our partners to tell their own stories but we focused on a lot of the same characters and then let them decide who they thought would have the greatest impact in their game. Across the games, can we find Stephen Strange at different points in his life? For example, he’s probably a student on Avengers Academy?
Bill Rosemann:
Exactly. We can go through them one by one, but we really worked with each team to think about where Stephen Strange would be in his journey in each game. We also thought about what he would look like, what his powers would be, and what would have the most meaning for each game’s story and situation. Let’s start with Marvel Contest of Champions.
Bill Rosemann:
Created by our friends at Kabam, Contest of Champions is our big mobile fighting game. We’ve revealed that we’re introducing not one, but two new characters. Doctor Strange is gathering together all the game’s mystical characters in a new quest called the Sorcerer’s Conclave. He’s bringing together Scarlet Witch, Guillotine, and Magik from the X-Men. As for the two new characters, we’re introducing Mordo, largely inspired by how he looks in “Doctor Strange,” and Brother Voodoo, inspired from his current comic look UNCANNY AVENGERS. Be on the lookout for them. There’s new key art, and an awesome new app icon as well. Will they be allies with Stephen in Marvel Contest of Champions?
Bill Rosemann:
We shall see, we shall see. Anytime you get people with immense power in a group you can hope that they will go along with the fight but you never know when you have people like Mordo, and even Guillotine or Magik, they may have their own motivation and goals. You’ll have to play the game to see where the characters’ quest will take them. Up next, Marvel Future Fight.
Bill Rosemann:
Marvel Future Fight is our action RPG mobile game created with Netmarble. We revealed at New York Comic Con that we are adding some all-new characters and new costumes as well. Some are inspired by the film, and some you’ll see inspired by their classic comic book version. Five of the all-new characters include Doctor Strange, Mordo, The Ancient One, Kaecilius, and Wong, who all have looks inspired by how they appear in the film. Can you tell us about some of the different costume styles?
Bill Rosemann:
As far as costumes, Strange, Mordo, The Ancient One, Kaecilius, and Wong will also be getting comic book-inspired costumes. We’re also introducing comic book versions of Clea, who was a long-time student and partner of Doctor Strange, Daimon Hellstrom and Satana in the game. Again, they have a great mission quest cooked up and you’ll see these amazing characters all combined together. With Marvel Future Fight, it’s just so impressive – all the effort that they put into what they introduce. There will be a new app icon, new key art and all these new characters and costumes, it should be an amazing new addition for the game. What can you share about Marvel Puzzle Quest?
Bill Rosemann:
For our match-3 puzzle game made with our friends D3Go, Marvel Puzzle Quest, we’ve revealed that that there will be a movie-inspired Doctor Strange introduced to the game. At NYCC, they were celebrating their 3rd anniversary and had a booth with a big banner showcasing the new Doctor Strange. There are additional things that I can’t mention right now, but all will be made clear as we get closer to the release date of their content. What can we talk about next?
Bill Rosemann:
Jumping over to PC, we have Marvel Heroes 2016, made along with our friends at Gazillion. We revealed at NYCC that there will be movie-inspired Doctor Strange content added to the game. Like our other games, there will be some additional features that I can’t quite mention now. Word will be coming out soon, but again, I’m really impressed with Marvel Heroes 2016. Recently, we’ve been able to work very closely with them and release content related to their inspiration’s release date. For example, we released the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider and Quake on the very same day that “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 4 debuted. We also introduced Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, inspired by their Netflix shows, on the very same day that “Marvel’s Luke Cage” hit.

It’s pretty cool that you can turn on your TV and watch the characters, and then you can say, “You know what, now I want to play them,” and then you can go play them. You want to actually be them or play them, and you can do that on Marvel Heroes; that’s the same thing we expect to happen here with “Doctor Strange.” What do you have cooking for the world of Avengers Academy?
Bill Rosemann:
 Marvel Avengers Academy is doing something really fun – they are our simulation builder that we make with our friends at TinyCo – they will be doing a whole Doctor Strange event. We’ve revealed the Avengers Academy version of Doctor Strange; as with the rest of the characters in the game, he is a younger version. He appears to be a student, so maybe he’s not quite the Master of Mystic Arts just yet. Maybe he’s studying.

Avengers Academy is great with their ability to release multiple amounts of characters and buildings, and of course, a great story. I always give a tip of the Cloak of Levitation to writer Allen Warner and artist David Nakayama – they do just an awesome job of rethinking and reinterpreting our characters in a new and younger setting. You can bet they’ll deliver plenty of surprises with their Doctor Strange event. Lastly…
Bill Rosemann:
And last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Marvel Tsum Tsum. This is another match-3 game that we made with our friends at Disney Japan, mixi, and NHN. Together they created this awesome game that has really surprised people with the amount of characters and how deep we’re going in the bench – the Marvel bench.

What’s really fun is part of the need for the game and what the players want, which sometimes are characters based on color. You’re doing matches – match and erase and so sometimes they’ll need specific colors. This allows us to go really deep and deliver characters that you wouldn’t expect in the game yet. They’re able to introduce characters to the game that have only recently been introduced in Publishing. We were able to release Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” characters. You’ll see the Tsum version of Doctor Strange in-game right now during their Doctor Strange event. A lot more characters are jumping to mind, but I can’t reveal them yet. A lot more characters are jumping to mind, but I can’t reveal them yet. What new challenges are we going to see that’s not in the regular game play?
Bill Rosemann:
The story in Marvel Tsum Tsum is that all the Tsums are in this room in a toy store that’s decorated like New York City, and all the Tsums think it is the real New York City. The heroes think that they are the actual heroes and the villains think they’re the actual villains. Hanging above them are these mobiles of these different worlds; that’s how you’re able to go to all of these different worlds in the Marvel Universe. I could imagine perhaps that there will be some sort of Doctor Strange-inspired world hanging over them that you’ll be able to travel to with magic.

It’s great how all of our partners go all out. They don’t want to introduce just one character – they want to introduce multiple characters, multiple costumes, worlds, mission, and events. They redo their app icon, and they even create new art. It’s a lot of fun; they get very excited and they love seeing all the great Doctor Strange stuff before the movie comes out. It’s a case of “with great power comes great responsibility” – the power is they get to see all this great stuff and the responsibility then is to create all this great content for their games. We’re excited once again to have a big Marvel event so you as a Marvel games fan, whatever kind of game you want, whether it’s a match-3, a simulation builder, a RPG, or a fighting game across our whole portfolio of mobile and PC, we have something for you. If you’re a Doctor Strange fan, you can just play one, or if you want to experience it all, there are all these different games to play. You get to see the whole universe, not only the theatrical, but also the comics.
Bill Rosemann:
You get to learn! I think people who are seeing the film are then going online and reading a lot of articles that puts up explaining, well, who is the Ancient One, and where did she or he come from? What inspired them? Who is Mordo? Through the games, we introduce these characters. Fans may wonder who’s Clea, who’s Mordo, or who’s Brother Voodoo. Hopefully this will be a gateway for them to go to, or go to Marvel Unlimited and read all the adventures that have inspired these characters. That’s awesome. Doctor Strange is not the only event we have going on right now?
Bill Rosemann:
That’s right! It is the season of Halloween here – we are deep in the month of October. You have all this Doctor Strange content hitting Games last week, all of which are very supernatural and spooky in nature, so we wanted to keep the fun going! We’ve worked closely again across our portfolio of partners to have some additional Halloween content.

Let’s see, Blade the Vampire Hunter will be coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest. He’s already in the game, but this is going to be an updated version of him based on his most recent appearance in comics. Marvel Puzzle Quest wants to show the fans that the content and characters in their game are closely inspired by what’s happening in Publishing. Also, the classic Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze is coming to Contest of Champions. I mentioned earlier that the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider is appearing in Marvel Heroes 2016, and he’s also appearing in Avengers Academy. A burning skeleton head is perfect for Halloween.
Bill Rosemann:
You know you can’t beat it. They don’t have a Ghost Rider yet in the game so Marvel Contest of Champions wanted to start with Johnny – he’s going to come roaring in on his demonic motorcycle and bring the vengeance. Hopefully one day we will see Robbie Reyes speed into the game as well. But for right now, we’re going to start with Johnny Blaze.

We also have a big event happening right now in Marvel Avengers Academy for Halloween. And our friends at TinyCo are going all out. They’re not content just to introduce one character – they’re introducing many characters! The Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider has been introduced to the game. We’ve also revealed that Misty Knight, who has appeared recently in “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” is in Avengers Academy. Moon Knight, who guards travelers in the dark of night, I can see him out there protecting trick or treaters. He will also be in the game. Satana, the daughter of the devil, who we talked about earlier appearing in Marvel Future Fight, will also be in Marvel Avengers Academy. There will be additional characters and costumes appearing in the game. A lot of the Marvel characters will also be dressing up in… As each other?!
Bill Rosemann:
Loki is wearing a Thor costume, Wasp is dressed as a pirate, Hulk is kind of going as Bruce Banner – he’s going as a mad scientist – and there’s a zombie version of Taskmaster… and oh! Ms. Marvel is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood! Given how powerful Kamala is, any wolves out there better watch out. In fact, Cap Wolf is in the game, Cap Wolf better watch out because this Little Red Riding Hood is going to knock him out.

So there we go! From Doctor Strange to Halloween… all of our partners in Marvel Games and the Marvel Games team itself are all rallying together to release all this great content. I want to give a shout out to all the Marvel Games people that made it happen: you have Isabel Hsu, our Creative Assistant who makes sure all of our partners have the reference that they need, and she helps review all the content that’s created. Becka McIntosh makes sure everything happens on time and she works behind the scenes just making sure all the T’s are crossed and it all happens when it should happen. And then you have our two producers: Danny Koo, who is the senior producer of Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Tsum Tsum and Marvel Heroes 2016, and then you have Tim Hernandez, who is the senior producer of Avengers Academy, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Contest of Champions. They work with these partners every day making sure that all the content is as authentically Marvel it can be, and that the content, stories, and gameplay are awesome. They’re the people who are behind-the-scenes making this all happen because the want to make sure that all of our players and gamers have awesome content every single day. You’re all doing incredible work! Any last things you want to share?
Bill Rosemann:
The games are happening right now! All these games that I mentioned are free-to-download and free-to-play but of course you can make in-game purchases if you wish. It’s great that everyone can experience these games; and if you see the “Doctor Strange” movie and have a good time, and want to experience it more and expand upon that, you can fire up one of these games and have a great time. Perfect, well, thank you.
Bill Rosemann:
Thank you! And thank you all the Marvel games fans out there – you’re magic.

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Creative Director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann gives you the latest updates from E3 about your favorite Wall-Crawler!’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For over two decades Bill Rosemann has a part of the Marvel family, from his time as a freelance writer for Marvel Age magazine, to marketing copywriter, to “Your Man @ Marvel” blogger, to writer of the Deadline limited series, to editor of dozens of comic series including Nova, Black Panther, Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy. Bill also helped launch the Disney Kingdom imprint and was part of the team that co-created the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy. Bill is now Creative Director for Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and passion for the House of Ideas to collaborate with partners around the world on hit titles for console, PC and mobile devices.

Every few weeks, Bill and talented members of the Marvel Games team join us to share their stories as well as exclusive news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming! Bill, have you recovered from E3?

Bill Rosemann: Patrick, I don’t think any of us who were present at E3 will ever recover or be the same again. Your lives are changed forever!
Bill Rosemann: It’s funny, I said to my wife the other day that this year’s E3, and specifically the PlayStation press conference, was a seminal moment for Marvel Games. A “before and after” event. Once our Spider-Man game was announced, everyone sort of looked at us in a different light and said, “Oh! You guys are for real in consoles? Okay!” “You guys can surprise us!”
Bill Rosemann: It was, to quote the comics, “Amazing and Spectacular.” And to set the scene for our readers, E3 takes place in downtown L.A., our backyard, so it’s our Super Bowl. It’s a multi-day affair where game makers from around the world gather, and it’s really a show by pros for pros, but we’re all fans, so it’s really just a bunch of game fans showing each other all of our cool stuff!

So Marvel Games, Insomniac Games and Sony knew that E3 was the right time to unveil our new Spider-Man game. We had enough cool footage to show, a hot trailer, and the perfect location in the press at the famous Shrine auditorium. If you missed the live stream, I recommend you go check out the whole press conference, which was epic from start to finish. We didn’t know exactly where in the show that our trailer was going to appear, and suddenly the great Hideo Kojima appeared along with his jaw-dropping trailer for “Death Stranding”! And so the team was in this “Kojima fog” of awe and we were looking at each other like, “Oh my gosh! What do the dead whales and the people floating in the sky mean? And–” And why is Norman Reedus there?
Bill Rosemann: Exactly! Why is he naked and has a baby and like whaaaaat? And as we’re all floored, we heard the music and we said [gasp] “Our trailer’s on!” So it was nice of Kojima to open for you.
Bill Rosemann: There’s no way you can follow or top the legendary Kojima, but he certainly electrified the audience and had all eyes on our trailer, which was created with our friends at Insomniac and Sony under the guidance of Bryan Intihar, the creative director for the game at Insomniac. Bryan is a huge Spider-Man fan, a deeply experienced game maker, and if you heard his interviews with @AgentM on the “This Week In Marvel” podcast, you know the game is in the best of hands.

So the trailer begins, and it’s a bit mysterious. You hear the Peter Parker voice-over, but he doesn’t say his name, so you don’t know who’s speaking and then you see this shot of New York City, the rooftops, and it begins to build and you see the first logo…oh, it’s a Sony game, of course, we’re at the PlayStation press conference, it makes sense. Of course!
Bill Rosemann: Then next, BOOM! Insomiac logo and the crowd went crazy! Seeing that Insomniac is making the game instantly let the fans know it’s going to be quality. For those unfamiliar, what are some of the big Insomniac titles?
Bill Rosemann:
“Ratchet and Clank,” “Resistance,” “Sunset Overdrive.” Those games clearly prove that they are great at world building and storytelling. More importantly, and this is key to Spider-Man, is Insomniac’s strong sense of a personality and fun. Even though Spider-Man is always in serious situations with high stakes and drama, he has that trademark humor that’s always present and we wanted to capitalize on that sense of humor and joy that we saw him express in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” and say, “Remember, Marvel’s not all grim and gritty…we have fun!” Next, the trailer shows the streets of New York.
Bill Rosemann: Yes, we’re down on the street and it’s busy and you see that it’s alive. We hoped to show how much effort is being poured in to this open world New York City…the traffic and the people and all the authentic details. As a New Yorker, I appreciate that there’s scaffolding, and piled up trash bags, and manhole covers with the mysterious vents on top and the steam coming …it’s New York…you can smell it! Then we see the Marvel logo….
Bill Rosemann:
And audience was like “Whaaaaat? Wow, it’s Marvel, but what character?” And then BOOM! There’s Spider-Man sticking to the wall and the crowd just lost their minds. And it wasn’t a Spider-Man we’ve seen before.
Bill Rosemann:
It’s Peter Parker, but he has a different costume. We like to think that it’s inspired by the classic design. But yet, it’s clearly different. And we know people have questions, they want to know why it’s changed. And you’re going to give them all the answers!
Bill Rosemann:
In due time, my friend! One day, when the time is right, we will go into great depth about why certain decisions were made. But one thing I can say now is that extensive thought was applied from the top of his mask to the bottom of his feet. We know how much people love Spider-Man and his costume. In my opinion, it’s the best-designed super hero costume of all-time. If you’re going to alter it, you have to understand what the original design achieved and be very thoughtful and have a reason for everything. Another thing I want to say is that Insomniac and Marvel are known as great storytellers, and there is story behind everything in the game, and as the months go on, we will dig into all of that. You took inspiration from the classic costume and I’m sure tons of questions you got were, “Is this ‘Civil War’ Spider-Man?”, “Is this Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’?” And you wanted to be unique.
Bill Rosemann:
Exactly. One of the questions we’ve been asked right away was, “Is this game set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or an adaption of a movie?” And our answer has consistently been – and this has gone back for the last two years, since Jay Ong came to Marvel Games with a mandate to great games for our great fans – is that we are going to create unique, standalone games that give our partners the freedom and time to deliver the game they want.

Marvel Games is giving Insomniac the freedom to tell their Spider-Man story. We’re here to collaborate with them and embrace their vision and help them execute that to the fullest. And by giving them that freedom, they’ll deliver something new and unexpected so you, as the player, won’t know what is going to happen next. You’re not going to think, “Well, this is set between this movie and that movie, so I know how things are going to end.” In this game, you have no idea what is going to happen next and where it’s going. So back to the trailer…
Bill Rosemann:
Okay, so by his voice and body shape, you can tell he’s not a teenager. He’s a little more experienced and again, we’ll talk about this more, maybe it’s these experiences that have led to why his suit is the way it is. We all learn and grow from our experiences and this Spider-Man has been fighting crime for a bit and he’s mastered his abilities, which you’ll experience from the very first scene. The trailer footage — which is gameplay captured on a PS4 — was specifically chosen to show the wish fulfillment of being Spider-Man, web-slinging, wall-crawling and parkouring through New York City like it’s your playground. The evolution of his traversal skills, and bringing that into combat is also a unique new element to the game. You see in the combat scenes the thinking and fun that Spider-Man puts into fighting the bad guys. You see that scene where he grabs the box and spins around and BAM! nails someone with it. And I love that scene where he comes flying in and BOOM! lands on the guy. The combat you’ll experience here is everything you want Spider-Man combat to be, and the trailer does a great job of showcasing that. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, the best advice we can give you is watch that trailer right now.
Bill Rosemann:
We can’t stress enough how happy we were with the E3 debut. We said, “Spider-Man is a hero of the people, for the people,” so let’s have everybody see it worldwide at once and feel that surprise and that shock and that thrill and that WHOA! And you remember where you were when you saw the Spider-Man trailer.

We’ve been working a long time on this. I can’t say exactly how long, but we’ve working intently every week with Insomniac and Sony. The Insomniac offices are only ten minutes away from our offices, so Executive Producer Mike Jones and I have been there every week meeting with Bryan Intihar and his team and it’s just been an intense and awesome working experience. We’re all fans and we love what everyone’s brining to the table. And the fact that people responded so positively to the trailer was gratifying and a symbol that we’re off on the right foot. And I know we’re speaking with a lot of broad strokes and vague details, but we’ll be revealing more in the months to come.
Bill Rosemann:
That’s right, we will eventually announce the release date, and talk about why it’s coming out, when it’s coming out, and we’ll talk about its title. We’ll get into a lot of behind-the-scenes details, and we’ll bring it to you here at Your Man at Marvel Games. But I’ll say in the meantime, on Twitter you should follow @Marvel, @InsomniacGames, @MarvelGames, @bryanintihar and me, @BillRosemann, and we’ll all be releasing cool stuff… like the fan art that’s already coming in! Oh yeah?
Bill Rosemann:
Yeah, people are drawing the new suit and they’re sending it in to @InsomniacGames, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s great to see the fans embrace it, get behind it and get pumped. Well, Bill, we appreciate all the time and info you’ve given us, and we’ll all stay tuned for more hotness. In Marvel we trust!

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Civil War breaks out across Marvel Games, and we've got all the info you need!’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For nearly two decades, Bill Rosemann has been part of the Marvel family, working in Publishing, Marketing and even as a comic book writer. Now he’s the Creative Director of Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and love for the House of Ideas and its illustrious history to collaborate with partners on hits like “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers,” “Disney Infinity,” and much more.

Every few weeks, Bill and the talented members of the Marvel Games team will join us to exclusively share their stories as well as the latest news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

Civil War threatens to consume the entire Marvel Games roster. Luckily for us we’ve got the men behind Marvel Games—Senior Producers Danny Koo, Tim Hernandez, and Christian Arretche—here to guide us through all the hero versus hero madness. Get ready folks, Civil War looms nigh! The last time we had a chance to chat we were talking Marvel Games and Valentine’s Day. This time around feels just a tad more…serious. Tense? Confrontational? 

Tim Hernandez: Tense indeed. It’s almost like our Marvel games are being torn apart from within, all at the same time. It’s quite the super hero showdown, with teams splintered, friends fighting friends—dare we even call it a Civil War?! Have you picked a side yet? Alright, we’ve got tons on today’s docket so let’s get cracking! “Contest of Champions,” what can you tell us about their Civil War celebration?

Tim Hernandez: Captain America has had enough. Tired of being subjected to the whims of the Collector, he forms a team and plans what equates to a Great Escape from Battlerealm. Meanwhile Iron Man feels the path to freedom is to harness the power of the Contest and turn the battle against the Collector, recruiting like-minded heroes along the way and setting the stage for the conflict.  

Players must likewise choose a faction and experience unique events and rewards, while uncovering the story from that faction’s perspective. The event will also see the release of three awesome new champions, and introduce fun new features including Solo Events and Global Leaderboards. It’s by far the biggest event we’ve seen so far in “Contest,” and expect plenty more surprises as the event unfolds! Let’s talk about “Marvel Future Fight.” They’re releasing a new character and a whole bunch of awesome new costumes right?

Danny Koo: Yes, absolutely. “Marvel Future Fight” will update in two parts. The first part of the updates focuses on Team Captain America and his nemesis Crossbones. Crossbones will debut for the first time in this game. His mercenary skill sets will be put to good use. On the other hand, Captain America, Falcon, Winter-Soldier, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man will all get new costumes and new skills inspired by the movie Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.” The second part of the update as you guess will feature Team Iron Man’s new costumes and skills as well. Second update will come soon.

Since Civil War revolves around the theme of the “Superhuman Registration Act,” in “Marvel Future Fight,” players get to decide which side they are on and embark on faction battle. The side with highest points wins in-game bonuses for their entire faction! Villains will not sit idle while we are talking about Civil War. Since we introduced Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, and Black Dwarf on previous update for the Boss Raid mode, Thanos has decided to bring his entire Black Order to further his agenda. Thanos, Ebony Maw, and Supergiant will debut in this update as well. This is a big update for the players. Also, we are celebrating “Marvel Future Fight” one year anniversary this time too! Players will get rewarded by participating in the one year anniversary event. Calling it [the] party of the year is an understatement for this exciting event! And “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” man these guys are pulling out all the stops!

Tim Hernandez: No kidding! Following the theme of Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” battle lines are drawn in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” with nearly the entire super hero roster split down the middle. Players and Alliances choose a side leading to a brand new Boss Battle with either Cap or Iron Man starting May 5, which can also be recruited as 5-Star Epic Characters for the first time. Starting this week players can recruit Winter Soldier, followed by War Machine in the next run. Players have been asking for those two characters since, well pretty much since forever so now is the perfect time to introduce them as a key part of this huge event! Who could forget about “Avengers Academy”? Definitely not us! What Civil War goodies do they have for us?

Tim Hernandez: The friendly rivalry between Steve and Tony has been simmering for a few months, but the attacks from the Leader, Ronan and a fresh assault from Hydra have forced the big men on campus to find ways to protect the Academy. No surprise they both have very unique takes on campus safety! While Cap sets up a boot camp to teach new recruits—and players—the ins and outs of combat, Tony creates a robot assembly line that allows him to focus on more important things—like video games, hanging out with friends, and parties! And what do the new students Agent 13, Black Panther, Crossbones, and Winter Soldier have in store for the Academy? And what about our newest mobile game, “Marvel Avengers Alliance 2”?

Tim Hernandez: Barely a month old, “Marvel Avengers Alliance 2” has hit the ground running for Civil War with a handful of new super heroes, and a new Spec Op inspired by the movie. Just like on the big screen our heroes will have to pick a team, and in this case the choice will mean a different story path and the difference between being rewarded Falcon for Team Cap or Winter Soldier for team Iron Man for completing the mission. How does Winter Soldier end up with Team Iron Man you might ask? You’re gonna have to play the Spec Op to find out—but choose your path wisely! Competitive players can get their fill with a new PVP tournament, with Agent 13 making her awesome debut as the reward hero. “Marvel Heroes 2016” has a couple of neat things up for grabs come Civil War time. Lots of great looking MCU costumes from what I’ve heard.

Christian Arretche: For sure! There’s going to be great, inspired costumes that players will be able to check out as well as a few other surprises! They are also launching content with two team-up heroes, as well as a quest based on the film as well. “Marvel Heroes 2016” will definitely have some amazing offerings for everyone! And last but not least, “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” and its brick-building fans get to join in on the fun too?

Christian Arretche: LEGO and Marvel fans on the Sony PlayStation already have a head start! If you pick up a copy of “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” you can go check out the “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War” inspired DLC content which is live now! Whew! That’s a ton of stuff we talked about! Anything else we need to know?

Danny Koo: Regardless of which Marvel games you play, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Marvel Games team Senior Producer Triad of Christian Arretche, Tim Hernandez and myself, with invaluable support from Creative Assistant Isabel Hsu and Coordinator Overlord—i.e. cat herder—Becka McIntosh work tirelessly and coordinated all these big contents with all our wonderful and supportive game partners to launch this massive event. You have heard it from us, we have declared Civil War!

Stay tuned to for more Marvel Games news and interviews!

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Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann talks new games and new characters coming out in time for Spring!’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For nearly two decades, Bill Rosemann has been part of the Marvel family, working as a freelance writer for Marvel Age, a comic book writer, a Marketing Manager, and an editor for such titles as Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and Avengers Academy. Now he’s the Creative Director of Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and love for the House of Ideas and its illustrious history to collaborate with partners across his division’s ever-growing console, PC and mobile portfolio.

Every few weeks, Bill and the talented members of the Marvel Games team will join us to exclusively share their stories as well as the latest news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

This time around, Bill talks about an exciting wave of new characters coming to your favorite Marvel games! Hello out there, Marvelites! We are in the middle of April, and as the classic saying goes, with April showers comes new powers.

Bill Rosemann: Exactly! New life is springing from the Earth and new characters and events are happening right now across the entire portfolio of Marvel games. So why don’t we start off with the brand new game, “Marvel Avengers Alliance 2.”

Bill Rosemann: On March 31, we teamed with our friends right across the street at Disney Interactive to launch this all-new mobile game, which is a sequel and elevation of the very popular Facebook game “Marvel Avengers Alliance,” which just celebrated its fourth year of success. MAA2 is a turn-based RPG, but in this case, everything has been updated from MAA. It’s the same type of game that you know and love, but it has these awesome 3-D graphics and the settings are new, the story is all new. There are touch points to the first game, so if you’re playing MAA you will see connections, but we wanted to make it completely accessible for new players. It focuses on the Avengers, but as the name suggests, you will form an all-star team of heroes from throughout the Marvel Universe, from Hell’s Kitchen to Spider-Man’s friendly neighborhood, to Knowhere.

Even though it only launched a few weeks ago, it has already been installed over two million times and it earned a coveted “Editor’s Pick” at Apple’s app store, so we’re really excited about its potential and we hope you enjoy it. We also hope you’ve downloaded the free custom digital comic that you can find at the Marvel comic store, which features a cool story by Fabian Nicieza and Paco Diaz and an awesome cover by Sam Wood who provides art for the game. And what’s really cool is the “Marvel’s Avengers Alliance” started on Facebook and now the sequel gets its own dedicated mobile game, which shows just how responsive Marvel Games are to fans .

Bill Rosemann: Yeah, it’s similar to how we deliver comic books to fans based on their needs: Do you want them printed as individual issues that you can pick up each week, do you want it as a collection that collects five or six issues? Do you want buy it same date and day digitally on your mobile device? We’re very nimble and responsive in publishing, and are the same way with Marvel games. We listen to the players — you’re telling us how you want to play your games and here we are responding.

PC: We talked about April showers bringing new powers, and there are some new powers coming to your favorite Marvel games. What are some of the new characters that we’ve got coming to different games?

Bill Rosemann: Let’s talk first about “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” a console game created with the good folks at Tt Games and Warner Brothers, which celebrates everything Avengers. Not only can you play through “Marvel’s The Avengers” and Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” but also all the films in between! There’s even a flashback adventure starring Agent Carter!


We also went really deep into the Marvel vault and delivered Avengers from the ‘60s up to today’s All-New All-Different series. And speaking about the characters from today that are in the game, you have Sam Wilson as Captain America, Jane Foster Thor, Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel already in the game. We wanted to keep that going so we’ve announced six different DLC packs. We’ve already released the Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” pack that includes characters such as Agent 13, Black Panther, Crossbones, Falcon, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and Winter Soldier, all inspired by the blockbuster film that the Marvel Games team was lucky enough to see at the red carpet World Premiere. Many are saying it’s the best Marvel Studios movie ever, and I’m not going to argue with that. It was awesome!


We’ve also released a Marvel’s “Ant-Man” character pack, including characters such as Ant-Man, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket.  And we’ve recently released the Captain Marvel Pack including Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, and including Wonder-Man and everyone’s favorite evil pro wrestler Pound Cakes! Finally, we’ve also released a DLC featuring the Masters of Evil led by Baron Zemo and including such foes as the original Black Knight, the Enchantress, the Executioner, the Melter, Radioactive Man, and Whiplash. Some of those villains might be too scary for some players.

Bill Rosemann: Never fear, more heroes are coming in the DLCs like Black Panther, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and Doctor Strange. But it doesn’t end there! We’ve got new characters coming to even more games, right?

Bill Rosemann: Up next is “Marvel Avengers Academy,” made with our friends over at Tiny Co, which is another free to play mobile game, which allows you to design your dream Super Hero school and manage the careers of your favorite Avengers – like Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and Ms. Marvel – who have been reimagined as students. Now we’re expanding the game’s world to reveal the other schools that exist such as Knowhere’s Cosmic Conservatory, which has crash landed on the campus, so you can unlock Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot, not to mention some baddies like Nebula and Ronan, who have followed them and are available for a limited time only.


We launched “Marvel’s Avengers Academy” back in February and it’s already been installed over six million times, so we thank the fans for that we hope they’re enjoying seeing the other schools, which we’ve just begun to introduce. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, head to the App store or Google Play store and get in there.

Bill Rosemann: Up next we have “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” the match 3 game that was launched back in 2013 by D3Go, which we like to keep fresh by constantly introducing new characters such as Captain Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Jane Foster Thor, and Amadeus Cho Hulk. And the newest addition is the one and only Howard the Duck, introduced in a new event that features the work of Chip Zdarsky, writer of the Howard the Duck comic book and art by Joe Quinones who also drew for the series. Oh boy, that sounds quacktastic. 

Bill Rosemann: Waugh! Next up is “Marvel Contest of Champions,” the fighting game created with our pals at Kabam, which has earned over 65 million installs, driven by the intro of hot new characters like Miles Morales Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Jane Foster Thor, Old Man Logan, the new Wolverine, Ms. Marvel and we’ve even created a new character together, Guillotine, who is also starring in the Contest of Champions comic book. Recently we introduced a character that I know is near and dear to the heart of our very own Agent M, I’m talking about M.O.D.O.K.! Oh, we also just participated in the Apps for Earth event, which for the week of Earth Day donated 100% of proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund. You can battle the forces of evil and protect the Earth!

PC: Very cool. And do we have any more updates?

Bill Rosemann: We do! Last, but certainly not least, you know I’ve talked a lot about how we look to the pages of our comic books to bring characters into Marvel games, but we just as actively work with all of our divisions at Marvel, like Marvel Studios and Marvel TV. In this case, “Marvel Heroes 2016” is celebrating Season 2 of “Marvel’s Daredevil,” which is now available on Netflix, by introducing three characters’ costumes that are inspired by the series! So not only do you have Daredevil, but you have Elektra and Punisher all sporting costumes inspired by the TV show. But we have even more updates from Marvel Television, don’t we?

Bill Rosemann: That is correct! We recently announced with our friends at Kabam that, as part of Marvel’s Women of Power, that Daisy Johnson, A.K.A. Quake, will be appearing in “Marvel Contest of Champions”! Chloe Bennett even stopped by the Kabam studios to announce it and she was nice enough to pose with a piece of concept art of her character Quake. She’s a big Marvel fan and she thought it was really cool how she not only was appearing in the game, but that the Marvel’s Women of Power initiative will continue throughout the entire year. We’ve already introduced more than 12 characters across our entire portfolio and we’re going to continue celebrating Marvel’s strong, cool and inspirational female heroes and villains that are appearing in all of our games. Wonderful. Well you heard it here first, folks… tons of new powers, new characters, and a whole new game available now!

Bill Rosemann: That’s right, no matter what kind of game you want to play — whether it’s console or mobile, whether it’s a match 3, a simulation builder, a turn based RPG, toys to life or a fighting game — we have a game for you, and we’re gonna keep them all fresh by constantly introducing new characters not only from Marvel’s rich history, but from what is going on right here and right now in Marvel Studios, Marvel TV and Marvel Publishing. We thank you for playing our games, we hope you love them… and hey, follow us on Twitter at @MarvelGames and let us know what you love and what you want to see more of! Absolutely. Bill, thanks for taking the time and enjoy your Spring Break.

Bill Rosemann: Hopefully as much as you, Wolfman…A-wooo!

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Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann gives the details on celebrating Women of Power month!’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For nearly two decades, Bill Rosemann has been part of the Marvel family, working in Publishing, Marketing and even as a comic book writer. Now he’s the Creative Director of Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and love for the House of Ideas and its illustrious history to collaborate with partners on hits like “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers,” “Disney Infinity,” and much more.

Every few weeks, Bill and the talented members of the Marvel Games team will join us to exclusively share their stories as well as the latest news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

This time around, Bill talks about updates to your favorite games and some brand-new games to check out! We’re here with Bill Rosemann for an all-new Your Man at Marvel! Bill, welcome, as always.

Bill Rosemann: Hello, True Believers around the real world and in the virtual world! It’s March and around the Marvel offices that means two things. For one, Bill, you’re wearing your all-green tuxedo to work every day…

Bill Rosemann: That’s right, Patrick, you know I love St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to be the day I met my lovely wife. Also, I’m told that some people wager on March Madness, and if I did (not that I do), I’d be green like the Totally Awesome Hulk, now appearing in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” and “Marvel Future Fight.” Secondly for March, can you tell me about how we celebrated International Women’s Day?

Bill Rosemann: About six months ago I was talking to Sana Amanat and Joe Taraborrelli about upcoming awesomeness, and they told me about how Marvel Publishing was going to celebrate International Women’s Day with our Women of Power event, featuring 25 all-new variant covers spotlighting our greatest female heroes. And I said, hey I want Marvel Games to be a part of this. We want to help celebrate Marvel female characters, creators, and fans.

Sr. Producers Tim Hernandez, Danny Koo and Christian Arretche then reached out to all of our partners across our portfolio of mobile, console and PC games, asking who would like to join our event. We always invite our partners to participate – never ordering them – offering them opportunities, and if it works for the game, then they join the party. In this case, we asked, “Do you have any upcoming female heroes or villains that you’d want to debut during this month and maybe even design an entire story event?” “Marvel Contest of Champions,” for example, is launching a big story focusing on Ms. Marvel, who is entering the Contest and colliding with heroes that she once admired. Meanwhile, some games – like “Marvel Puzzle Quest” – are using the new Women of Power variant covers in-game.

So it’s great to see them all participate and I can give you a very quick rundown: “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” is releasing DLC starring Captain Marvel (and everyone’s favorite villainous pro-wrestler Poundcakes), “Marvel Contest of Champions” is debuting not one but three characters , not only Ms. Marvel, but also A-Force’s She-Hulk and the all-new Wolverine, “Marvel Avengers Academy” will introduce several female heroes and keep the spotlight on the existing female characters such as Wasp, Enchantress and Black Widow. As I mentioned earlier, “Marvel Puzzle Quest” challenges you to collect virtual copies of the Women of Power variant covers that are being printed on the comics as we speak, “Marvel Future Fight” is introducing a new event focusing on Thanos’ Black Order, which includes two women from the dark side, Proxima Midnight and Super Giant, “Spider-Man Unlimited” is featuring an event focusing on their female characters such as Spider-Gwen and Silk, and “Marvel Heroes 2016” is introducing the team-up character Rescue (a.k.a. Pepper Potts) and an enhanced power costume for American Dream, who is the daughter of Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers from the MC2 Universe.

And none of this would happen without our very own Women of Power: Isabel Hsu, Expert Ref Wrangler & Asset Eyeballer, and Becka McIntosh, Warrior Queen of Project Management. Wow, this is a massive event full of so many characters, and also a testament to how many powerful amazing female characters are in the Marvel Universe, from our comics to film to TV.

Bill Rosemann: Exactly. The Women of Power event not only connects our comics and games, but also reaches over to the two TV shows hitting now: “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” which just returned to ABC, and Season 2 of “Marvel’s Daredevil,” which Netflix unleashes on March 18. How are both shows participating?

Bill Rosemann: “Marvel Future Fight” will debut uniforms for Elektra and Punisher inspired by their looks in “Marvel’s Daredevil.” Also, “Marvel Contest of Champions” is launching a Daredevil themed crystal event, and “Marvel Heroes 2016” is adding Elektra as a playable character, and is also adding TV-inspired outfits for Daredevil, Punisher, and Elektra. Cool. And for “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”?

Bill Rosemann
: “Marvel Contest of Champions” is launching an event in which actor Chloe Bennett – who plays Daisy Johnson, known to comics fans as Quake – is selecting heroes and villains to build her own team of champions and you, as a player, can actually build your squad and take her on! And then we also announced that “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” is releasing a DLC featuring characters and content inspired by “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” like Agent Melinda May. With all of these Women of Power updates, across multiple games and incorporating elements of comics and TV shows that just so happen to line up with the premieres of games content, it sounds like a massive undertaking to organize so many different companies and so many different schedules. What is that process like?

Bill Rosemann: You know, we try and be like the Wizard of Oz, staying behind the curtain, working quietly for hundreds of hours and doing everything we can to help our partners step up and debut all of this cool content and surprise the millions of fans who play our games every day.

First we gather internally and think about how we can showcase these different characters in each game. Then we reach out to the partners have multiple discussions over the phone and via email, and once a partner agrees to participate, then we begin talking what would most benefit each game and delight fans. We never want to shoehorn anything in, it’s always the partner’s choice to make the best gaming experience for the players.

And then our second discussion after that is: what’s the story? In true Marvel style, we always want to deliver the accessible and believable motivations and stakes behind the crazy character collisions.

Once we lay the story foundation, then it’s months of looking at all of the fun stuff. It might be a story outline or dialogue or art – moving from black & white sketch to full color 3D images – and after all of that’s done, then we review the marketing materials…everything from logos to taglines to new app icons. So yeah, it’s a lot of work, but at the end of the day we hope it creates a lot of smiles. That’s the goal, smiles. When players pull out their phone and say, “Oh wow, there’s new Daredevil costumes….that’s interesting, it’s happening the same time as Season 2 on Netflix.” That timing is all intentional.

Bill Rosemann: Definitely. It’s always more fun as a fan when Marvel delivers everything you want, everywhere you want, when you want it. I can binge “Marvel’s Daredevil” Season 2, then read the comics that inspired it, and then hook up my Punisher and Elektra game characters with their TV looks. The Marvel Games team is plugged right into Publishing and TV, we’re constantly sharing goodies behind the scenes to deliver the best experience to the fans. Very cool. And do you have any final thoughts? Any wisdom you’d like to impart? Something for those fans of March Madness?

Bill Rosemann: If you’re going to pick winners, always look at team names or mascots to see if there’s a correlation to Marvel. So maybe the finals will be Xavier and the Michigan Wolverines, for that sweet X-Men match-up. You heard it here first!

Bill Rosemann: Always see the Marvel in everything! Absolutely. Well, thank you, Bill, it was a pleasure as always.

Bill Rosemann: Thank you, Patrick!

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Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann tells you about updates you'll love!’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For nearly two decades, Bill Rosemann has been part of the Marvel family, working in Publishing, Marketing and even as a comic book writer. Now he’s the Creative Director of Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and love for the House of Ideas and its illustrious history to collaborate with partners on hits like “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers,” “Disney Infinity,” and much more.

Every few weeks, Bill and the talented members of the Marvel Games team will join us to exclusively share their stories as well as the latest news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

This time around, Bill talks about updates to your favorite games and some brand-new games to check out!

Ready to cozy up and get comfortable with “Spider-Man Unlimited” and “Marvel Avengers Alliance” this Valentine’s weekend? Maybe take on all comers in “Puzzle Quest” PVP, or maybe smack around baddies in “Marvel Heroes 2016”? Whatever you’re into, Marvel Games’ Creative Director Bill Rosemann wants to give you the Valentine’s Day breakdown for all your favorite games. Hey Bill, ready to put on some Cupid wings and arm yourself with bow and arrow for Valentine’s Day? I hear a host of Marvel games are getting ready to spread the love.

Bill Rosemann: Who doesn’t love playing their favorite Marvel games with the one they love? We’ve got a huge box of sweet surprises for fans of happily-ever-after couples like Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy, Scott Summers & Jean Grey, and Matt Murdock & Elektra Natchios…uh, you know, on second thought, Marvel couples sure have their fair share of drama, amiright? Can we talk about “Marvel Puzzle Quest” first? Not to be biased or anything but it’s a favorite. What’s going on with Deadpool’s Valentine PVP?

Bill Rosemann: Over the weekend, the epic match-three puzzle adventure game is presenting a special PVP event in which Deadpool becomes a Matchmaker-With-A-Mouth to spotlight a buff list of romantically involved couples from the Marvel Universe (along with their matchmaker, Deadpool, of course). And speaking of new heartbreakers, MPQ is also re-running their “Deadpool vs. Marvel Puzzle Quest” story event, which includes your chance to win Spider-Gwen, who just swung into the game from her hit comic! And “Marvel Contest of Champions” has got some cool stuff coming down the pipeline, too! Does the Collector really care about a sweet, albeit awesome, Earth holiday?

Bill Rosemann: What, you didn’t know that the Collector is secretly an old softie in the romance department? His idea of a date is to entrap you in a crystal and lock you away in his vault, but hey, to each their own!

To show you some love on Valentine’s Day, the chart-topping fighting game is giving you the opportunity to select a 3-Star Champion that you’d love to add to your roster via the Champions Poll. To participate, head to their forums and vote for which Champion you’d like to receive. The Champion with the most votes will be given to all participating players!

Also, running from February 12th until the 15th, “Marvel Contest of Champions” is inviting all Pat Benatar fans to the returning “Love is a Battlerealm” event, which will feature updated layouts and rewards. Yes, you can fill your bags with red and purple ISO-8 and stack up crystal shards while the Collector waxes poetic about his love…of battle! What other games are getting the Valentine’s Day treatment? “Spider-Man Unlimited” maybe?

Bill Rosemann:
Your Spider-Sense must have been tingling,  because the Sinister Six are seeing red and ready to ruin romance on Feb. 13th when “Spider-Man Unlimited” kicks off “Valentine Villainy”! Only you and your team can save heroic hookups as you compete against 10,000 other players to collect the most heart boxes and win awesome prizes. Peter Parker has always been unlucky in love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score big! Can you talk a little about “Marvel Avengers Academy”?

Bill Rosemann: Given how huge the story is that’s driving “Marvel Avengers Academy”, it’s hard to talk about it only a little bit, but since I’m late for a date, I’ll sum it up by saying your favorite heroes in training can go on casual dates and interact socially everywhere from the library to the dance floor! And finally, what can we expect from the recently upgraded “Marvel Heroes 2016”?

Bill Rosemann: Everyone knows that the great gang at Gazillion love to dig deep in the digital longbox, and Valentine’s Day is no exception! Leading with the starcrossed pair of the classic versions of Spider-Man and Black Cat, “Marvel Heroes 2016” is hosting a special sale on famous couple bundles including Scarlet Witch & Vision, Doctor Strange & Clea, and Invisible Woman & Mister Fantastic! There’s no doubt that Marvel’s games are offering players plenty of tasty treats for Valentine’s Day. What are you most excited about?

Bill Rosemann: I’m excited to see powerful partners like Kabam, D3Go, Gameloft, TinyCo and Gazillion embrace the Marvel tradition of the drama and electricity that are supplied by the thrillride we call romance. After all, oftentimes we root for our heroes when they’re battling in costume because we’re invested in the relationships they’ve formed when they’re out of costume. And when it comes to our own lives, the world can be a dangerous and uncertain place, so having the opportunity to share something fun and romantic like these Valentine’s Day events is an awesome thing. From all of us to all of you, whoever you choose to be your special someone, we hope your life – and games – are filled with love.

Stay tuned to for more Marvel Games news and interviews!

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Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann tells you what's new for 2016!

Additional reporting by Patrick Cavanaugh’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For nearly two decades, Bill Rosemann has been part of the Marvel family, working in Publishing, Marketing and even as a comic book writer. Now he’s the Creative Director of Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and love for the House of Ideas and its illustrious history to collaborate with partners on hits like “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers,” “Disney Infinity,” and much more.

Every few weeks, Bill and the talented members of the Marvel Games team will join us to exclusively share their stories as well as the latest news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

This time around, Bill talks about updates to your favorite games and some brand-new games to check out! We’re starting our first Your Man @ Marvel Games for 2016! Bill Rosemann, welcome back to the stage.

Bill Rosemann: Thank you for having me, Ben. And I want to say thank you to all the True Believers out there who supported our games in 2015…and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever, and we’re starting with a bang with a ton of new content in January. So, hey, should we talk about it? Let’s get to it.

Bill Rosemann: Alright! Let’s first talk about “Marvel Future Fight,” which has already had a cinematic update with Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” a television update with “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” and now they’re hitting the publishing world with their latest update, which focuses on All-New, All-Different Marvel. Do you wanna talk about it?

Bill Rosemann: This latest update is the second half of a one-two punch that brings All-New, All-Different Marvel to “Marvel Future Fight” in a huge way. The last update focused on the Spider-Verse and introduced the Miles Morales Spider-Man, the All-New, All-Different Peter Parker Spider-Man, along with rising stars Silk and Spider-Gwen. This update focuses now on the Hulk’s world, and leading the way is the Totally Awesome Hulk, a.k.a. Korean-American genius, Amadeus Cho.

Joining Amadeus are the Uncanny Inhumans version of Black Bolt, the Queen of Hel look for Angela, and the All-New, All-Different looks for Gamora, Drax and Rocket Raccoon. Oh…and continuing the gamma group is Red Hulk and World War Hulk!

What Amadeus’ intro shows is how rapidly our friends at Netmarble can respond to what’s happening in other Marvel divisions and work with us in a smart and fun way to deliver in-game characters that fans are just seeing for the first time in other mediums. In this case it’s in comics and now — Bam! – you can play the characters in the game. Let me ask you a question, a little bit about the nuts and bolts of “Marvel Future Fight” that you may or may not know the answer to, Bill. Like you said, we just got completely new characters like Miles Morales and Totally Awesome Hulk, and at the same time we’ve also got a lot of new cool All-New, All-Different costumes. So how difficult is it to create a new character as opposed to just creating a new costume?

Bill Rosemann
: It’s a totally different amount of resources, from budget to talent to time. As you can imagine, creating a character, you have to start from scratch and build the character based upon the body types that are available in the game and then design the costume fitted upon the rigging, if you will, of the character and then, of course, we have to design the skills and body language of the character.

Each game has a Senior Producer – Tim Hernandez or Christian Arretche or Danny Koo – who works with each partner on each character to look at what they do and how they act, whether it’s in the comics, TV or movies, and come up with the move set, design those moves, and then test them in the game, making sure they’re cool and accurate, while also making sure this new character and their moves brings something different to the game and fills the need that the players want. So that’s a large amount of time, usually a few months.

When it comes to creating a costume, 80% of the work has been done. The character has been designed, most of the powers are there, all the moves are there, so now it’s what they call “skinning” the character. In most cases, we keep the same body type, the frame, and you lay upon that the new costume. Now sometimes, new costumes bring with them new powers, especially if it’s a character like Iron Man, for example, where new armors deliver new abilities. But in most cases, it’s just a matter of adding a costume, which still means we need to work quickly if we want the character to debut in the same window as the launch of their first appearance. Luckily, we have awesome relationships and wide open pipelines between Games and Publishing, so my friends in editorial send me artwork months in advance, which results in you seeing a character in a comic and a game simultaneously. Very cool. If you could add one classic costume to the game that doesn’t exist now, what would you add?

Bill Rosemann
: I have to go with my man, Rich Rider Nova! Oh, there it is!

Bill Rosemann
: And in publishing, with all the great cosmic books they have going, it would be awesome to see Darkhawk rise again. Oh, you are always all about that Darkhawk.

Bill Rosemann
: I love his look, how he scratches that itch of “young Earth person in space”, a great point-of-view character, and visually a nice counter balance to all the bright cosmic characters. So we need a Rich Rider Nova and Darkhawk in “Marvel Future Fight.”

Bill Rosemann
: It’s time to for them to fly again! “Marvel Future Fight” is not the only game with new content. “Marvel Contest of Champions” by our friends at Kabam has been updating very regularly. Do you want to cover the last couple updates they’ve made?

Bill Rosemann
: Sure, what’s really fun about “Marvel Contest of Champions” is it also has a rich mix of new stars and classic characters. Leaping from Secret Wars, they just introduced Miles Morales Spider-Man and I think Miles is the 5th– The 5th Spider in the game?

Bill Rosemann
: Oh, you mean the number of Spider-Man related characters in the game? Yeah, because they announced how you can have a complete Spider line up of characters.

Bill Rosemann
: Definitely! There’s Peter Parker Spider-Man, there’s Spider-Gwen, there’s Venom, and now we have Miles. And in addition to that, I believe it’s the 5th different Marvel Game that features Miles. That’s awesome!

Bill Rosemann
: We think that’s important. The Marvel Games team believes in the power of diversity. We take steps to make sure characters like Miles and Jane Foster Thor and Luke Cage and Carol Danvers Captain Marvel and Squirrel Girl and Kamala Khan and the deep bench of characters that reflect the diversity that the Marvel Universe has embraced for decades, we want to make sure that these amazing characters are in as many games as possible so as many Marvel fans get introduced to, or are able to finally play, these characters that they love. And in addition to the new characters, an update also introduced a classic look for Cyclops?

Bill Rosemann: That’s right. Debuting on January 21st was the ‘90s version of Cyclops taken right from X-MEN #1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. It’s the Cyclops with his brown hair waving in the wind– Hair flowing…

Bill Rosemann
: And ‘90s Cyclops needs a place to store all of his different visors, so he’s chock full of pouches. Of course…

Bill Rosemann
: And God bless “Marvel Contest of Champions” writer Dom O’Grady. He’s come up with a story here where it’s not just Cyclops wearing a new costume, it’s actually Scott Summers from the ‘90s—he’s been plucked by the Collector and frozen in his crystal, so when he breaks out he’s running around saying, “Where’s Jean? And who is this Deadpool guy?” Love it, love it. Alright, let’s hop over to “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” Talk about their latest update.

Bill Rosemann
: Talk about classic costumes from the ‘90s, “Marvel Puzzle Quest” just introduced the black suit Spider-Man. This is Peter Parker when he was wearing the cloth version of the symbiote suit, which he also busted out in the “Back in Black” storyline. This is a more serious Spider-Man who’s showing his darker side, sticking to the shadows and then leaping out and punching the baddies right in the face. And the last game we have to touch base on, that’s making a big update, is “Marvel Heroes 2015.”

Bill Rosemann
: That’s right, on January 28th, “Marvel Heroes 2015” became “Marvel Heroes 2016.” Yes, only 28 days late!

Bill Rosemann
: We wanted to make sure that 2016 was going to stick, that we as a society weren’t going back in time…like, 2016, okay let’s do this. So “Marvel Heroes 2016” is a revamp with enhanced visuals, controller support, leaderboards, and a big Secret Invasion story chapter. You’ll also see new key art that reflects the All-New, All-Different characters that have and will hit the game. Over the last few months, I really have to applaud the “Marvel Heroes 2015” team’s new efforts to bring a ton of new characters taken right from the forefront of Marvel publishing, so you have everyone from Sam Wilson Captain America, to Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, to Magik’s new look, to Spider Gwen. They’re looking at what’s happening right here right now and bringing that in a big way to “Marvel Heroes 2016.” And with all the great stuff we already have out, we added another huge title this week. Like people have been demanding, it’s a console title, do you want to talk about “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers”?

Bill Rosemann
: That’s right! Finally! After months and months of build up, it finally hit on January 26. We couldn’t be more proud of our friends at Tt Games, who have outdone themselves, as they always do. This celebrates everything about Avengers, and thanks to their decades of history, there are so many characters to spotlight. “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” will not only have the greatest amount of characters from any LEGO Marvel game, this has the greatest amount of playable characters from any LEGO video game period. Wow, that’s no small task.

Bill Rosemann
: And what’s really fun about this is we were able to have an unlimited playing field when it comes to the Avengers, and by that I mean not only are we featuring all the characters from “Marvel’s The Avengers” and all the movies between that and Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” but we also just announced DLCs for “Ant-Man” and Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”! There you go! What more could you want?

Bill Rosemann
: Well, you might want additional characters from the comic books, and by golly they’re in there! That’s true, we’ve been rolling out a deep list on…

Bill Rosemann
: Yes! Firebird and Ares and Quasar…and I hope this delivers on the promise that we made to the Quasar fan club years ago when they sent a 10 pound cake to the offices asking for the return of Quasar. It’s finally happening!

Bill Rosemann
: Finally! Wendell Vaughan is here as Protector of the Universe in “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” complete with his Quantum Bands and awesome hair. And to wrap things up, by the time this column goes live, you will have attended no doubt a legendary historical bash to commemorate the launch of “Marvel Avengers Academy.”

Bill Rosemann
: Yeah, on January 27 we are rocking Hollywood with a homecoming event that is celebrating the February launch of “Marvel Avengers Academy.” Now, you may ask why are we having a homecoming event in Hollywood? Well, I’m glad you asked, Ben… Yes, I’m glad I asked…

Bill Rosemann: By the time the column hits you will hear about all the awesome celebrities who will be providing voices for the characters in the game. Oh, cool!

Bill Rosemann
: Yeah, I don’t want to spoil who they are, but, uh…after all the announcements are made, we will geek out together. Yeah, we’ll get back here and talk all about it.

Bill Rosemann
: The talent that TinyCo has reached out to are not only celebrities who you know and love, but they’re awesome voice actors who perfectly matched with the right characters. The level of talent TinyCo has assembled shows how invested they and Marvel Games are in this game. You got me excited! Thank you as always for your time, Bill. Any final words of wisdom?

Bill Rosemann: I’ll say this: the new character announcements — not just for “Marvel Avengers Academy,” but for “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” and “Marvel Heroes 2016” and “Marvel Future Fight” and “Marvel Contest of Champions” – have only just begun. Wow!

Bill Rosemann
: Each week we will announce new characters for all these games taken from our films, TV shows and the comics that are the birthplace of it all. We’re bringing you the latest and the greatest in 2016!

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Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann shares the latest and greatest!

Additional reporting by Patrick Cavanaugh’s got a man inside Marvel Games.

For nearly two decades, Bill Rosemann has been part of the Marvel family, working in Publishing, Marketing and even as a comic book writer. Now he’s the Creative Director of Marvel Games, where he uses his knowledge and love for the House of Ideas and its illustrious history to collaborate with partners on hits like “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers,” “Disney Infinity,” and much more.

Every few weeks, Bill and the talented members of the Marvel Games team will join us to exclusively share their stories as well as the latest news and scoops on what’s happening in the world of gaming!

This time around, Bill talks about what to expect from Marvel Games in 2016 and much more! We’ve had a lot of big announcements lately, but the biggest is that “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” is getting a sequel: “Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2.” Do you want to give a quick overview of the game?

Bill Rosemann: “Avengers Alliance 2,” created by our friends at Disney Interactive—who are based just across the street from Marvel Games on the swanky Disney Glendale Campus—is a turn-based, 3-on-3 RPG game. One of the Marvel Games’ motto that we share with our partners is, if we’re going to do something, we have to raise the bar or we’re not going to do it. So in this case, it’s everything you loved about “Avengers Alliance” but now in 3-D! Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first sequel that you’ve been a part of since you started at Games.

Bill Rosemann: It’s true, but we wanted this to be very accessible, we didn’t want people to think they had to play the original “Avengers Alliance” first. I was looking at the development cycle like creating a comic book; whether it’s the launch of a series or, you know, issue #12 or #27 or #47, we wanted to make sure that everything we produce is very accessible and makes sense to newcomers. But, that said, we’re going to sprinkle it with elements that will definitely be appreciated by players of the original “Avengers Alliance.” So, yes, it has a big “2” on it, it is a sequel, it continues many of the story elements of the first game, and many of the characters, both evil and good. But at the same time, we want to invite everyone who hasn’t played “Avengers Alliance” but is intrigued by the look of it to try it out. Now, besides the 3-D, which of course is huge, what are some of your favorite new aspects of the game?

Bill Rosemann: It might sound odd, but I love the backgrounds. What’s difficult with backgrounds is to create a full world—to surround the characters and the player in a world—but you don’t want to distract them from the action. You want it to feel real and feel like it’s alive. So, we have Times Square, which has taxis and some moody rain, and there’s an awesome Hydra facility where you see various weapons of mass destruction with the good old Hydra logo on them rolling along the assembly line and on trucks, ready to be deployed against S.H.I.E.L.D. and our heroes. So there are all these little elements in the background that I really appreciate. It just shows you how much the game makers understand and love the Marvel world and universe and can create this world but also, at the same time, not distract you from the 3-on-3 turn-based fighting. “Avengers Alliance” is, I would say, one of our most passionate fan bases; all the games have very passionate fan bases, but people are really die-hard for “Avengers Alliance.” What do you think it is about “Avengers Alliance” that inspires such loyalty and such interest?

Bill Rosemann: Well, number one, there’s so much content. The amount of characters is breathtaking. And, on top of that, the deep, continuous story content which leans into the vast history of Marvel comics to celebrate all the personalities, incredible powers, exotic locations, and nefarious plans cooked up by the villains, forcing you to strike quickly and stop evil in its tracks. Players appreciate the width and depth of the amount of characters and the sheer amount of ongoing storytelling through all the spec-ops and the missions.

How about you, Ben, have you played the first game and what do you enjoy about it? Oh, I love “Avengers Alliance.” I’m still playing it. I’m level +300. I think you nailed it pretty well: there’s always something new going on. Like you said, it feels like a larger world. It’s very community-based, which I think is a great aspect of the game.

Bill Rosemann: It’s true. I think everyone feels connected and it’s a true community. And they’ve been playing it for at least three years now. Disney Interactive thought that’d be a great way to reward the community and celebrate another successful year, to launch a brand new sequel. We also recently released a trailer showcasing the open world element of “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.” Want to talk about that?

Bill Rosemann: Sure! Our friends at Tt Games wanted to give people a bigger sense of just how huge the world is in “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers,” so they released an awesome trailer that showcased the Manhattan open world, which the Hulk was leaping through. But we also revealed other locations: there’s Washington DC, there’s an exterior of a S.H.I.E.L.D. base, there’s the South Africa setting from Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”—there is a lot to explore in this world. And the trailer also did a really quick and clever job of giving sneak peeks of more characters, like characters from the AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE comic book. The Bill Rosemann-edited AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE comic book!

Bill Rosemann: That too is true. I was lucky to be asked by [Marvel Senior VP – Executive Editor] Tom Brevoort to take on AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE and we rolled that into AVENGERS ACADEMY and then AVENGERS ARENA and finally AVENGERS UNDERCOVER; four different series which all asked the same question: will Marvel’s next generation become the Masters of Evil or the Avengers? And while I can’t reveal how many of those characters will be in the game, just know that those books and those characters are near and dear to my heart. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of them in the months to come. And I don’t know if it’s been said loud enough, but I just heard the other day that not only does this LEGO Marvel game have the most number of characters of any Marvel LEGO game, but the most characters of any LEGO video game period. And of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t also say we revealed some more characters for “Avengers Academy.”

Bill Rosemann: Yes! Continuing our discussion of characters, I thought the “Picture Day” trailer that our friends at TinyCo created was so clever and charming. I was able to work with TinyCo on the trailer from script to the storyboards to the animation, and the challenge was how to, in this brief amount of time, get across a story and communicate the personalities of these characters without the characters themselves speaking, but they did a great job of delivering a taste of their personalities and their powers and what makes them special just through their actions and reactions. Even though this is a new version of these characters — we’re seeing them reimagined as students — they’re instantly recognizable as the real-deal Avengers. Alright, well before we go, do you have any belated holiday wishes for anyone out there?

Bill Rosemann: I am very thankful and happy for a great year. I arrived here in California with Marvel Games last December, and I can honestly and happily say that is one of the best teams I’ve ever been lucky enough to work with. We’re a true family here, we really have each others’ backs. And I think that comes from a shared culture of loving Marvel and trying to create excellence. Everything we do is aligned on delivering the best games for Marvel fans. And I’ll leave you with this: of the three year-ending announcements of last week, two of them focused on mobile games, and for everyone out there who said, “Hey Marvel, this is awesome, but what’s the movement on the console front?” I’ll just say: We hear you. So stay tuned, True Believers!

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